Hawaii Five-0 s04e21 Episode Script

Makani 'Olu a Holo Malie (Fair Winds and Following Seas)

Oh, man.
I'm in.
Let's play.
Might as well.
Might as well.
Let's see 'em.
Read 'em and weep, folks.
Nines over aces.
You got to be kidding me.
No, sir.
I will take the pot.
All right.
Thank you.
Not so fast Captain.
Two more ladies.
Four of a kind.
Sista got you beat.
Runner-runner quads.
What are the odds of that happening? Yeah, what are the odds? Bad beat.
My condolences.
I'll see your 20, and I raise 75.
Ah, forget it.
I'm out.
I'm in.
Bet's to you, Doc.
Your pupils are dilated.
What's your point? A person's pupils grow in size when they're lying.
I call.
Hey, um stake me.
Hmm? Stake me.
I need I need some money for a re-buy.
You rebought three times already.
Why don't you push that little stack and go all in? Hey, I got a monster hand here.
Okay? It's for charity.
It's for the HP Bereavement Fund.
Can I have some money? Well, I get that it's for charity, but it's my money going into charity.
Would you give me some money, please? Jersey, give him some money, will you? Okay.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'm in.
Here we go! What is this? What?! What the hell is this? They're Shrimp-Bucks.
- Shrimp-what? - Kammie, Kammie, no.
I'm sorry, babe.
Shrimp-Bucks-- that is not legal tender.
What?! She means cash, brah.
Yeah, I know what she means, but these babies are better than cash.
Shrimp-Bucks are good every day of the week from 2:00 to 4:00.
Although some restrictions do apply.
that's very generous.
It's a time of day when nobody on the Earth eats.
That's my bet.
Take it or leave it.
All right, we're gonna take your Confederate money.
Let's see your cards.
Kawika with a pair of Jacks.
Hello? Three of a kind.
Kamekona with two pair.
Hello? Excuse me one second.
Hey, guys, deal me out, all right? Amir? Amir?! Catherine, everything all right? I I don't know yet.
I don't know.
Damn it.
It won't go through.
Steve, we got to go.
Amir? Amir? So our vic's name is Bruce Paloma.
And according to this parking pass that HPD pulled out of his glove box, he worked at Kuakini Medical Center.
Now, the driver of their truck says it looked to him like he may have been chasing a guy on a motorcycle when he ran out into the intersection.
If he was chasing somebody, why wasn't he pursuing them in the car? Well, he could have if the keys were still in the ignition.
Instead, they were found way over there.
Okay, so maybe it's just a mugging.
Guy on the bike pulls up, sticks up our victim takes his keys, tosses them so he can't follow him in the car.
Not a mugging.
I got cash, I got cards.
What about the driver of the truck? Did he get a description of the guy on the bike? No, the only thing he said was that he was on a black sport bike with a top case on back.
There's an alert out now.
Ran plates on your vic's car.
Turns out, it's not his.
It's actually registered to Makana of Life Hawai'i.
They're one of three groups in the state that recovers organ and tissues for transplant.
We got keys? This car was being used to transport an organ.
That guy on the bike must have jacked it.
That's why Bruce Paloma went after him.
There was a life at stake.
Yeah, and Bruce gave his own trying to save it.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) What's going on, Cath? I need your help, Steve.
That call I got earlier-- it was from a man in Afghanistan named Amir Khan.
I take it he's a friend of yours? Yeah, he is, and he reached out to me because his 14-year-old son Najib was kidnapped by the Taliban.
Now, these guys-- they don't do K & R, which only means one thing.
Yeah, the kid was recruited against his will.
Or they're gonna strap an IED to him and turn him into a suicide bomber.
Either way, his life is over.
Which is why I'm going over there.
I'm gonna find him, and I'm gonna bring him home to his family.
What? Steve, I know.
I know what you're gonna say, okay? And-and I agree that it sounds crazy, but I'm going.
Okay, stop.
Just stop for a second, okay? Tell me who exactly are these people to you? Remember that mission I told you about in '07? The one that went way sideways? The recon surveillance op? Mm-hmm.
Your unit came under fire, you got separated from your group.
All right.
Here's the part I didn't tell you.
After I got separated, I, um I found myself in a field, and I was badly wounded.
I had a GSW to the leg, a broken arm, a broken vertebra.
I had no sat phone, no radio.
I was completely cut off.
And that's when they found me.
No, no, no, no! Is okay.
We're not enemy.
They were Pashtun.
It's okay.
And for reasons I didn't understand at the time, Amir offered me his help.
And I accepted.
Thank you.
A few days later, they saved my life again.
Okay, you sure you've never played this before? Go outside.
What? What-what is it? Taliban are coming.
Next day, I left the village, flagged down a U.
convoy and made it back to base.
And for their own safety, I never mentioned Amir or his family to anybody, 'cause if word would have gotten out what they had done for me, the Taliban would have killed them.
They risked everything to help me, Steve, which is why I have to.
I have to go back and help them.
I understand wanting to help.
I really do.
But this-- it's not the way to do it.
Catherine, you got to call the military.
You got to let them handle this.
No, no.
Steve, come on.
I'm telling you.
Steve, before they do anything, they're gonna have to verify everything Amir said to me, which could take days or weeks.
Meanwhile, I can be on the ground by dawn.
How can you do that? I mean, last I checked, you're not active duty anymore.
You can't just hop a flight to Kabul.
This is where you come in.
Actually, this is where Joe White comes in.
I need you to talk to him.
I need him to get me into Afghanistan under the radar.
This is crazy, Catherine! Steve, listen to me.
This is not up for discussion, okay? This is happening.
Whether you like it or not, this is happening.
Now, either you can go talk to Joe White and help me, or I can make my own arrangements.
I'll call Joe.
Thank you.
Final boarding call for Flight 421.
All passengers, please proceed to Gate 34-A.
Stubborn! That's right, you.
Hold that flight.
Well, you didn't think I was gonna let you go alone, did you? I got the window.
Hey, what the Leon Chase, right? Five-O.
Let's talk.
You boys are way off.
I may have done some dumb-ass things in my life, but ripping off a human liver isn't on the list.
Really? Well, that's funny, 'cause we just spoke to a old business associate of yours up in Halawa, and he said that you are the only organ trafficker left on Oahu.
So we're gonna ask you again-- where's the liver? And I'm gonna tell you again-- I don't know.
I was home alone last night.
Okay, well, let's put aside what you don't have, which is an alibi-- now let's talk about what you do have-- a Kawasaki Z-1000, which is a high-performance sports bike, right? - What does that matter? - Well, that matters because the person who stole the liver fled the scene on a sport bike.
But I suppose that's just coincidence, too, yeah? It's Kono.
Kono, what do you got? I just got off the phone with HPD.
They swung by Leon's house to check the tires on his bike.
Unfortunately, the wear patterns don't match the ones that we found at our crime scene.
Maybe he borrowed somebody's bike.
What about that? Maybe, but I also dumped his phone, and it turns out he was putting in an order for takeout the same time the liver was being stolen.
So it's possible that he used a different bike.
It's also possible he is great at multitasking.
But if you ask me Yeah, Leon Chase isn't our guy.
That's a lot of blood.
Amir, hey.
Hey, come on.
Amir, hey.
Hey, hey.
Come on, Amir.
You came.
It's okay.
You'll be all right.
Amir, listen to me.
Did the men who took your boy, did they do this to you? I try to rescue Najib.
Too too many.
Too many.
Listen, listen.
We're here now.
We're gonna get him back.
We're gonna get him back, I promise.
So, check this out.
CSU processed the car that Bruce Paloma was in, and they found a GPS tracker hidden underneath.
All right, well, that's pretty smart.
I mean, with a tracking device like this, Paloma can be tailed at a safe distance.
CSU also managed to pull a print off the battery inside.
They're running it through databases now.
Hopefully, we'll get a hit.
We better, because that organ has an 18-hour shelf life, and our recipient, Jason Helani, is running out of time.
Thank you.
No, I'm good.
Thank you.
What? This ball.
What about it? This is what brought Amir, Najib and I together.
I thought battlefield trauma brought you three together.
The first time I met Amir and Najib, I was part of a special Navy unit that went from village to village speaking to Afghan women-- it was part outreach program, part intelligence gathering.
If you step on one, boom.
Big boom.
Hey, it's Catherine.
Listen, I need a favor.
They found me near that same field almost a year later.
I was so out of it, I didn't even remember who they were.
I had no idea until they brought me back here and I saw this.
So, let me get this straight.
Uh you spent thousands of the taxpayers' dollars To get a ball back.
All right, don't move.
Don't move.
No, don't move.
Najib We're gonna find him, I promise.
Do you know which faction took your boy? It was a splinter group, under the command of Omar Hassan.
Hassan? Mm-hmm.
Amir, that's not possible.
Omar Hassan was killed in a drone strike two years ago.
He was a high-value target.
It was it was a major operation.
He's alive.
And his men take my son.
We got a hit on the print we pulled off the tracker.
Meet Jamie Kamaka.
He has priors for assault and armed robbery, and according to DMV records, he also has a motorcycle license.
All right, let's go get him.
What's up, little man? Where you going? Look what I found in the kitchen.
Is that what I think it is? Yeah.
Looks okay, too-- seal hasn't been broken.
I'll get that to Kuakini right away.
Okay, Jamie, explain something to me, please, okay? You know that that thing's got a shelf life of 18 hours.
Right? So that means, what, we got 45 minutes till it's no good? Why is it still sitting there? Couldn't find a buyer? What? Right now, all I care about is a lawyer.
Get him out of here.
Chin, go see if there's anything else to connect this guy to the theft.
I'm gonna call Makana of Life, let them know they can get Jason Helani ready for surgery, all right? What's up? We got the whole crime on tape.
If that's not a smoking gun, I don't know what is.
So, this is who Kamaka uploaded the footage to, a company called Attis Chemical.
A chemical company? Yeah, apparently the file went to their top two execs.
That doesn't make any sense.
How would these guys be connected to organ trafficking? I have no idea.
All right, let's see what else we got.
Okay, well, it looks like they've been getting some bad press lately-- allegations that their weed-killer contaminated the drinking water in Waialua, causing a number of residents to develop cancer.
It's a big class action lawsuit over that.
That's about it though.
Wait, hold on.
Check out who the plaintiffs' attorney is.
Jason Helani? Uh-huh, our organ recipient.
Says right here that he was the only lawyer willing to take the case.
Maybe we've been looking at this thing all wrong.
What if this was never about organ trafficking? What if Attis Chemical actually arranged for that liver to be stolen so that their opposing counsel would die of natural causes? Because without him, there'd be no lawsuit.
It's a very clever way of killing someone.
And it's safer than pulling a trigger.
Those two.
Excuse me, this is a private board meeting.
What do you think you're doing? Who's taking the minutes here? Good.
Make sure you get this.
At 5:33 p.
, your CEO and CFO were both arrested.
On what charge? Conspiracy to commit murder.
We found the wire transfer you made to Jamie Kamaka.
Huh? Take a look at this.
This village, it's about 12 klicks away.
Tell me what you see.
Two pickups, one canvas-topped truck.
Wait a minute.
Amir said Hassan's men were in two pickups, right? This has got to be them.
Yeah, they must've gone into this village to get supplies.
What about Najib? Well, my guess is, if they have him, they probably got him stowed away somewhere in that truck.
This village looks fortified, Cat; I don't think we can take them there.
No, I think our best option would be to engage them somewhere along this road here.
What makes you think they're gonna take that road when they move out? Because Amir also said that there were rumors of a Taliban camp at this valley to the south.
Now, that's got to be where they're headed.
And this road is the only way to get there.
No? Go! Go! Steve! Get the kids! Hey.
What are you smiling about? Well, taking down a couple corporate scumbags-- perfect way to end the day, right? Yes, sir.
How's, uh, Mr.
Helani doing? He's still in surgery, but they're optimistic.
We got there just in time.
Good, good.
He's got a family that needs him.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Danny.
Catherine, is that you? I can barely hear you.
Danny, are you there? Yeah, what's going on? Where's Steve? They've got him.
What do you mean? What are you talking about? The Taliban-- they've captured him.
What's going on? Okay, Danny, listen to me, I need you to get ahold of Joe White.
Tell him Umar Hassan is alive.
Tell him there's a Taliban compound in the Panjshir Valley.
I'm pretty sure that's where they're gonna take Steve.
You got a pen? Yeah, yeah.
I got one right now.
Go ahead.
All right, the coordinates of the compound are three-four, two-eight, niner North, seven-zero, two-two, Uh-huh.
three-one East.
I got it.
34-28-9 North, What about you? Are you safe? Yeah, yeah, I'm all right.
Danny, I got to go.
You just get ahold of Joe, okay? All right.
I'm on it.
We got to go.
Thank you.
What is your name? The woman.
Where is she? Where did she take the children? American Navy Seal.
You're him, aren't you? The policeman that took down Brother Nazaria's soldiers in Hawaii.
I'm gonna do the same thing to you.
You sure? There's no beverage service on this flight.
We'll find her, you know.
And when we do, we'll kill her.
But tell me where she is, and I promise you she'll be spared.
All I want are the children.
Very well.
Know this: tonight, you'll die in this room.
But how you die is up to you.
If you confess your sins to the world, your death will be swift, merciful.
My sins? What have I done? You've invaded our holy lands.
You're guilty of countless atrocities against the righteous.
You strap bombs onto innocent children so they can go and kill more innocent civilians.
And you call yourselves righteous.
So be it.
We acted on the intel you provided.
Recon confirms multiple hostiles at the location.
But we have no idea if Commander McGarrett was taken there.
If he was, he may already be dead.
No, no, he's alive.
How can you know that? Because I know him.
Trust me, he's alive, okay? Go time.
Gentlemen, mount up.
All right, guys, let's do this.
All right, let's go.
You heard him, man.
Let's move out.
Peace be upon those who believe.
And to those who do not, know this: until you bow to his will you will never be safe.
We shall bring the fight to your shores.
Blood will be spilt in your streets.
And men like this-- they cannot protect you.
ETA to helo touchdown, six minutes.
America is full of nothing but lies and debauchery.
You are a nation without values.
A nation of infidels.
And now let this man's death be a lesson to you all.
This is what Four tangos down.
I say again, four tangos down.
Steve McGarrett? Huh? Are you Steve McGarrett? Yes.
You're gonna be okay, Commander.
Package is secure.
Way to go, boys! Yeah! Hey.
Danny? Yeah, I'm right here.
You all right? Where's Catherine? Is she all right? Relax.
I spoke to her when she called me about you, and we got disconnected.
I tried her back a couple times, it didn't go through.
Hear me? You're gonna need to step outside.
No, no, no.
I'm gonna stay right here with him.
Excuse me? I'm not a soldier; you don't have any authority over me.
So I'm gonna stay put.
Okay, I'm gonna make this real simple for you, Commander.
We know you weren't over here alone, so unless you want to spend the next ten years in prison, you need to tell me who else was involved and how you got your intel.
You know, Hassan's boys, they, uh they knocked me around pretty good.
My short-term memory's a little foggy, I'm sorry.
Let me ask you something.
Who the hell you think you are? Huh? You know, 'cause once you leave those little islands of yours, you're a civilian.
Now, I want a name and the source of your intel now.
Like I said, I'd love to help you, but I I just can't remember.
All right, listen up.
Today, you get a pass.
But these rogue ops of yours are over.
Speaking on behalf of the entire U.
military, you ever set foot in this part of the world again, you are gonna be in it up to your neck.
I don't care what you did in the service.
I will personally throw you in the brig.
We clear? Yes, sir.
Now you are gonna get your ass on a plane back to the States.
Make sure that happens, these two masters-at-arms are gonna escort you.
Nice to meet you both.
Take this out of my arm.
Whoa, what are you doing? Will you relax? I can't leave Catherine out there by herself.
Well, stop, please, okay? Listen, you heard what the guy says.
He'll put you in jail.
We don't need that.
All right? Catherine's a big girl, she can take care of herself.
Put your head down, relax.
Okay? Okay? Please? Good.
What are you looking at me like that for? I can't believe you flew all this way.
I had to make sure you were okay.
Plus, you owe me $500 from that poker game.
All right.
Glad you find that funny.
Thanks, Danny.
You're welcome.
Just cool out, we'll go home.
All right? Hello? Catherine? Hey.
Where are you? You okay? Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Hassan's men were searching the area, and I had to lay low until they were gone.
What about the kids? They're safe.
They're safe.
Was Najib with them? No.
No, but I got a lead on where he might be.
I think they might have taken him across the border.
You're gonna go after him, aren't you? Yeah.
Yeah, I am.
I have to.
And-and I can't come back until I find him.
Okay, well, that's fine.
That's fine.
I'm gonna come back, all right? I'm gonna come back.
We can do this together.
I'll help you find him.
Steve, no.
Catherine No, listen to me.
You've helped me enough, okay? It's better for me to do this alone.
I can keep a low profile that way.
It's just easier.
You know I'm right.
You understand why I need to do this, don't you? Yeah, of course I do.
You just promise me I promise you I'll be careful.
I'll be careful, okay? I love you, you know.
I love you, too.
All right.
Good luck, Cath.

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