Hawaii Five-0 s04e22 Episode Script

O ka Pili 'Ohana ka 'Oi (Family Comes First)

Approach the door.
Open your mouth.
Have a nice day.
You, too.
Lights out.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) There he is, we got him.
Seriously? This is embarrassing.
Here we go.
Something better than a clown car? You couldn't have gotten something bigger? The guy shot our tires out, Danny.
I didn't have time to go car shopping.
So I took what was available.
You got to wait.
Oh, whoa! Hey! All right, all right! Hey! What the hell is the matter with you? Relax.
Relax? Relax! I'm gonna die in a clown car.
You got no room on the right.
Hey! This is great.
After all that now you're gonna lose him? Okay.
Can you please just keep two of the three wheels on the ground? How many times have I told you: You don't like the way I drive, you can get out of the car anytime.
I would love to get out of the car.
There are no doors.
What? Duck! Get out of the car.
Out of the car, right now.
Get on your knees.
Hands, hands up.
Do it.
Don't even think about it.
There's two ways this can go, and in both you end up dead.
You know, that doe't make any sense.
But it sounded good, right? Get on your knees.
Let's go.
Duke Lukela, meet Henry Dunbar, the serial bank robber you guys have been looking for for awhile now.
He's all yours.
Get him out of here.
We got a problem.
Wo Fat's escaped.
Oh, that's funny, you see, what I thought you said is that Wo Fat escaped, which would be impossible because he's in a supermax in Colorado and everybody knows you can't escape from those places.
Another myth bites the dust.
How? What happened? Wo Fat was taking nitroglycerine for a heart condition induced by the helo crash trauma that he suffered last year.
Well, he was actually stashing most of the doses.
Which he then cocktailed with paint thinner and fertilizer that he picked up from the prison yard to make an ANFO bomb.
Strong enough to blow a hole in his cell wall.
But I wouldn't put it past him that he had help.
Oh, Samantha.
Oh, look like you got stood up, brah.
Oh, no, she'll be here.
One thing about my daughter Samantha, she's sort of punctual.
Well, if she doesn't show, and you need a hand with the shrimp plates, my cousin Flippa, he got a lunch break coming up.
Thanks, but, uh, she'll show.
Just in case, I'll have him on standby.
Howzit? Little girl, where are you? Daddy, I'm sorry, I should have called earlier, but I can't make it to lunch.
What do you mean you can't make it? What's the matter? Everything all right? Everything's fine.
I just need to finish my history assignment and need to stay in the library a few more hours.
Don't be angry.
I'm not angry, sweetheart.
I'm glad you got your priorities straight.
Stop, I'm on the phone.
Samantha, where are you? I told you, I'm in the library.
Don't lie to me, Samantha.
Dad, I'm not lying.
Let me talk to him.
just give me a second.
Samantha, who is that? Just a friend I met in the library.
A friend you m You know, you should really learn to trust your daughter more.
Boy, I don't know who you think you're talking to Look, I'm just saying, all right? You got a good girl here.
She's awfully cute, too.
All right, who the hell is this? Really? You don't recognize my voice? I'm seriously bummed, dude.
Let me help you out.
You just need to stop this and we'll try to make a deal.
A deal? I've committed acts of treason, there won't be any deals.
Where's the other computer, Ian? Put me on that plane or 300 people are gonna die.
Let me talk to my daughter.
Oh, whatever you say, Pops.
Daddy, what's going on? Samantha, honey, I want you to listen to me very carefully.
The man that you're with is a very dangerous fugitive.
Now, he's gonna want to hurt you Daddy, I'm scared.
Now-Now I know you're scared, but I need you to be strong.
I'm gonna find you.
I promise you.
I'm gonna find you.
Now you got her all freaked out.
All right? That's not going to help this thing at all.
You little son of a bitch.
What do you want? Stay close to your phone, I'll be in touch.
And obviously, this stays between us.
Tell any of your cop buddies about this, and you'll be using your daughter's college fund to pay for a funeral.
No, please All right, all right.
Hey, Lou.
Hello? After the beep, you know what to do.
What's up? Went straight to voice mail.
I just got off the phone with the prison warden in Colorado.
Steve, you might want to sit down for this.
Why? Wo Fat only had one visitor when he was over there guess who it was? My mother.
She went to visit him twice in the last month.
I'm going to sit down, actually.
Were the visits recorded? No.
Apparently the sit-downs were sanctioned by someone in the DoD and they were ordered nonmonitored visits.
Let me get this straight: In the year that your mother's disappeared, she decides to go see this nut job instead of her own son.
You actually need this couch more than me.
Why don't you sit down.
This is all about Wo Fat's mother's grave in Cambodia.
Why do you say that? Two visits in the last month? That's right on the heels of our trip to Cambodia.
Doris must have found out we went there and discovered the truth.
I'm telling you, she must have found out that she killed his mother instead of his father.
And if that's true, maybe Wo Fat escaped to find him.
Hey, guys, you need to see this.
Got a positive ID on Wo Fat from four hours ago.
This was taken at a gas station near Colorado Springs.
The driver was DOA at the hospital.
State patrol has set up check points, and the local PD are conducting a hard-target search - of every residence in the area.
- It's a waste of time.
Wo Fat's not sticking around.
Plus, he's got a car.
He's getting as far away from there as possible.
Yes, Governor.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
Hey, honey.
How was lunch? It was good.
So, did you have the conversation? Well, yeah.
And? And I told her that if she didn't buckle down, she was going to end up going to summer school, and it wasn't up for negotiation.
How'd she respond? Well, how do you think she responded? She gave me the pouty face, and then I gave her the look, and believe me, she got the message.
See? You can be bad cop when you want to.
Hey, are you feeling okay? You're a little clammy.
No, I'm good.
I'm good.
Listen, sweetheart, I got to take care of something.
Let's talk later.
Okay, baby.
Well, I love you.
Love you, too.
Lou, you got a visitor.
Be there in a minute.
McGarrett? Hey.
What are you doing here? Your phone broke? That's funny, 'cause I was gonna ask you the same thing.
What are you talking about? Well, you called me, then hung up on me.
It must have just been an ass-dial.
Must happen a lot with a guy your size.
As much as I'd like to stand here and let you take shots at me, I'm kind of busy.
You okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Why are you here? Governor's put Five-O on a security detail.
I could use your help.
All right.
What kind of help? We got a government transport flying in to pick up a large amount of cash.
Need some SWAT backup.
Well, sure, I can spare some guys.
Thank you.
Why don't you go ahead and take it? I'll, uh I'll text you the particulars.
All right.
Hello? Little slow on the pick-up there, boss.
But I'm here now.
Just tell me what you want.
Okay, here's what you're gonna do.
You're gonna drive a fully-loaded SWAT van out to Kahana Bay with six SWAT uniforms-- four large, two mediums.
All right, and throw in some of that nice, shiny tac gear, too.
Weapons, extra ammo and credentials.
All right, hold on.
Now, you listen to me.
I'm not doing a thing until I talk to Samantha.
It's your daddy.
Daddy? I'm here, suge.
I want to go home.
You will, I promise.
But until then, I need you to just hang in there for me.
You hear me? I need you to be strong.
Is that good enough for you? Kahana Bay? You got one hour.
Agent Novak, what are we looking at here? One hundred million.
Who does it belong to? It's ghost money.
Confiscated assets from a drug cartel that's being repurposed to fund third world development.
Ghost money.
I don't speak spy.
What is that? There might be a lot of people who hate this country, but nobody hates our cash.
$100 million.
That's a lot of diplomacy.
All right, we got wheels down on that transport in one hour.
Where's your back-up? I got SWAT posted outside.
Brief them on the route.
In the meantime, I'll have my guys get this loaded.
Roger that.
Come on.
I got everything you wanted.
Devoted father like you, I never doubted it for a second.
All right, Ian, I did everything you asked me to do.
Now, please let Samantha go now.
Slow down, Pops.
We're not done yet.
What are you talking about? Turn around.
You see that truck coming your way? What about it? You're going to give those men inside that vehicle the uniforms, weapons and credentials.
And then what? Then you're going to help them steal $100 million.
Yeah, okay, just keep me posted.
What's up? Wo Fat is still in the wind.
Why don't you call your mom, ask her where he is? You realize that hurts me when you say that? I-I didn't mean to hurt you.
I'm sorry.
I was literally just trying to be helpful.
I mean, I know you can't even get in touch with her anyway.
She avoids you like crazy.
Stop being helpful! Okay? Okay.
Thank you.
Well, uh, speaking of, uh, missing persons, you talk to Catherine at all? You being genuine? Yes.
Okay, yes, I have, actually.
We texted last night.
She has a solid lead on Najib's whereabouts, and she's headed to the Hindu Kush.
Doesn't sound like she's coming back any time soon.
Probably not till she finds that boy.
I'm genuinely sorry.
I know that that is tough.
Thanks, man.
Yeah, it's tough, but, uh but I get it.
Catherine's been in the military half her life.
She's doing what she was trained to do.
She's not coming home until the job is done.
Everything okay? You've been quiet all day.
am brought up the M-word last night.
What did you say? He didn't officially propose.
Just wondering would I consider it.
And would you? I love him.
And I want to have a family with him.
I just don't know if I want it now.
You know, one of my biggest regret about Malia is that I didn't ask her to marry me sooner.
This life we live it's unpredictable.
I say, if it feels right, there's no reason to wait.
Anybody gonna tell me what the plan is? The plan is that you follow our lead and shut up.
Then maybe you and your kid get to walk away.
So just to be clear, anything happens to my daughter, I'm going to kill you.
Then I'm going to find everything you love, and I'm gonna kill that, too.
Ooh! Load up.
We got 20 minutes.
In case you get hungry.
Don't go anywhere, princess.
Bravo 158, proceed to 2383 North King Street.
Reported burglary, Sarge.
Lock down baggage claim.
Cut him off outside! Over here! It's the backpack the kid was wearing.
Notify the airport manager.
We may have a bomb threat.
All central units to Honolulu International.
Suspicious package found in Terminal 3 rear baggage area.
Airport evac and lockdown in progress.
This is SWAT, 10-4, proceeding.
ETA, approximately three minutes.
Everybody listen up.
There's been an incident in Terminal 3.
The airport is being evacuated.
We need to load that money right now before the runways are shut down.
Everybody maintain situational awareness, in case this is no coincidence.
Copy that.
Get your head right.
Your daughter's life depends on it.
- Put your weapons down! Down! Down! - Hey, hey, hey! What the hell is going on? There's no bomb threat.
That's just a diversion to get at that truck.
Story time's over.
Get their weapons.
I'm sorry, Steve.
It's got to be this way.
Where is it? What are you talking about? What am I talking about? Where's the money? I don't know.
That money didn't just disappear! So where is it! You keep asking me the same question, it's the same answer: I don't know.
The last time we saw it, it was in this truck.
Now, that's the truth.
Hey, listen, we were briefing SWAT when that money was getting loaded in that van.
Novak had plenty of time to do something shady.
- We wouldn't know about it, all right? - You're lying.
And I'm done asking! You got three seconds to tell me where that money is.
One two Man, I'm sorry-- they got my daughter.
Who has your daughter? Ian Wright.
What?! That hacker kid who disappeared six months ago? That's right.
Are you sure it's him? He sent this to me from my daughter's phone.
And that money is the only thing keeping my daughter alive! That's him.
Answer it.
I can't.
Take the call-- buy yourself some time, okay? Please? Yeah? What happened? Nothing happened.
I'm getting your money just like you asked.
Did I also tell you to kill the six guys I sent to help you? He can see us.
Look, your guys panicked! They got anxious, and things got out of hand.
Shut up! I don't care about them.
Where's my money? The money's not here.
Okay, then where is it? How would I know that, Ian? I don't know! You're seeing what I'm seeing.
There is no money in the truck! Ian.
Commander McGarrett.
So nice to hear your voice again.
Ian, let Samantha go.
You want a hostage, come take me.
That is so gallant of you.
But no, thanks, I think I'll stick to my original plan.
Besides, she's a lot cuter than you.
Ian, listen to me, the money's gone.
It's all over.
It's over when I have my money.
So I suggest you find it.
I called Novak three times; he's not picking up.
We find Novak, we find that money.
Clear! Clear! So he checked out without telling the front desk.
Yeah, what do you got? Novak rented a panel van two days ago.
He signed the paperwork using an alias from his days as a DoD operative.
Panel van? Plenty of room to stash a hundred million in a panel van.
But there's a silver lining, 'cause the rental car company has an anti-theft device on the truck, which I'm activating now.
Got it.
Stay on Pu'uhale, take a left on Auiki, then take a sharp left onto Sand Island Access Road.
Make a left.
Make a left.
The vehicle is stationary.
Address is 1610.
Kono, we got Novak's van.
Come on.
It's not over.
It's not? You see any money in there? Because I don't! And without that money, my daughter is just as od as dead! Aw! Oh, God, she's just a baby.
I'm-I'm so sorry, Samantha.
Listen to me.
A few years ago, uh, this guy that I thought I knew, he took my daughter.
And, uh you know, I remember back then thinking I got two choices now.
I can, uh, I can shut down, start mourning my daughter, or I could do anything and everything it took to run over whatever stood in my way to get my daughter back.
I can't stop thinking about her.
I can't stop thinking about what she must be going through.
Right now you need to put that on hold.
If you want to see Samantha, you stay focused on ending this son of a bitch.
You understand? Yeah.
Let's go get this guy.
Come on.
Yeah, let's get him.
Let's go.
Here we go.
This is every traffic cam in the area that we found Novak's van.
All right, let's rewind them.
Novak had to have moved that pallet of money into another truck-- let's see if we can find it.
All right, I just spoke to Novak's supervisor at the Pentagon-- he hasn't checked in since he landed on the island.
He's too busy stealing all that cash.
I had his bank accounts frozen, and his family's under watch.
So, how does a lone DoD bureaucrat from the mainland physically move a hundred million dollars? He had to have help.
Sorry, Commander.
He said you were expecting him.
You son of a bitch, come here.
Where the hell is my daughter? Are you asking me if she's alive, or where she is? Because you know I'm not gonna tell you that.
Hey, hey, hey.
Samantha's alive, Lou.
She's the only leverage he's got.
That's why you're the boss.
Get up.
You still got it.
What are you doing here? You guys like the Beatles? I do.
My dad turned me on to them.
Kind of primitive for my generation, but they got some good tunes.
What's that got to do with anything? John, Paul, George, Ringo.
Arguably the best rock band in rock and roll history.
Kind of like you guys, right? You're, like, the best cops in the world.
But with the Beatles, there was this guy, the power behind the throne, Brian Epstein, who, by all accounts, was the fifth Beatle.
That's who I am today.
I'm your Brian Epstein.
You better start making sense, or I'm putting a hole in you.
- All right, I know where my money is.
- Where is it? - The Makuakane Family has it.
- How do you know that? Well, when I realized Novak used you as a diversion, I ran his name in a key search, got back a series of encrypted e-mail exchanges between him and members of the Makuakane Family.
- Who are these guys? - Local Samoan cartel run by Inoke Makuakane.
Heavy in the ice trade.
Everyone in his crew gets his wings in California, which is the equivalent of SEAL training for gangbangers.
That's got to be how Novak's getting himself and the money off the island-- using their smuggling infrastructure.
Yeah, the problem is, these guys have been on the radar for years, and no one's been able to touch them.
Which is why I suggest you use all the collective brain power in this room to figure it out.
Because the clock is ticking.
Oh, and by the way, I already jammed all the surveillance cameras in the area, so if you try to follow me some other way, you'll never find your daughter.
This is from the latest satellite pass over the Makuakane 'ohana compound.
There are ten-foot walls around the entire perimeter, armed guards, CCTV-- it's a fortress.
All right, do we know how many people are in there? Several families, at least.
That's a lot of collateral.
Well, how do we get in there? Without making a lot of noise, we don't.
We can't get a warrant without probable cause.
Besides, it would expose the kidnapping - and put Samantha in a bad spot.
- Yeah.
I've had run-ins with this family before, and if we go in hot, it's gonna get bloody.
I get it, it's risky.
Look none of you have to do this.
It's not your problem, it's my problem, it's my daughter.
I don't have any expectations of anybody here.
And if I have to, I'll just go in there alone.
No, are you kidding me? He loves this stuff.
He lives for it.
The only way we do this is together.
This is private property.
Yeah, I can see that.
What do you want? I need to speak to Inoke.
Not gonna happen.
My bad, brah.
I forgot to say please.
Let's go.
Hold it right there.
Let him go.
That's far enough.
Stop right there.
I just want to talk to Inoke.
You got any guns on you? No guns.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's a bomb! Come here.
You asked me if I had any guns.
Get them out of here.
Let's go! Come on! Let's get them inside! Okay, you got my attention.
What do you want? I want that money that he stole that you're smuggling off the island.
I've never seen this guy before in my life.
How'd you know to come here? It's got nothing to do with you.
My daughter got snatched this morning.
I need that cash to buy her back.
And you're willing to kill yourself if I don't give it to you? She's my kid.
And she's gonna die if I don't bring that money back, so if I walk out of here without it, my life's over anyway.
It's your cash.
It's your call.
Even if you give it back to him, I get my ten percent no matter what.
He's lying.
You think I'd come in here and drop a story like that on you and not be for real? I think I know a bluff when I see one.
This ain't no bluff, partner.
Then come on.
Do it.
Take us out.
You don't think I'll do it?! Then turn us all into puzzle pieces.
Do it.
It's a fake.
I told you.
Make him disappear.
You may want to rethink that.
Wait Drop your weapons! You set us up.
Just doing what I had to do.
I got a long memory, my friend.
That's good.
We can hook up when you get out of jail.
Now drop your weapons before I have my friends ventilate your ass.
Let's go get that money.
I got the cash.
Show me.
Hikina Ranch.
The old grass airstrip.
I'll give you 30 minutes.
Once I take delivery and I feel safe, you'll get a call and I'll tell you where your daughter is.
I need proof of life.
Say hello to your daddy, princess! Hey.
Talk to your father.
He went through a lot of trouble for you.
Daddy, I want to go home.
Sweetheart, it's gonna be over soon, Please, I want to go home.
all right? I promise.
Now you listen, you little son of a bitch, Hikina Ranch.
30 minutes.
I'll be there with the money.
Of course you will.
See you soon.
No hard feelings? My dad is gonna find you, and he's going to kill you.
You know that, right? I like you.
Go to hell.
One day.
But right now I've got some serious cash to burn through.
It's hard to believe this guy's just running late.
he'll show.
What? Say again? And you're sure? Yeah, I got it.
Samantha just walked into an HPD precinct.
And she said that Ian Wright is dead.
I got you.
You're all right.
You're all right.
You're all right now.
I told you Daddy always keeps his promises.
All right, look now.
I need you to be a big girl.
Tell me now, what happened to Ian? A man shot him.
It's all right.
All right, baby.
What man? I don't know.
Can I help you? What do you want? Did he say anything to you? He wanted me to give you a message.
He said that you and he need to have a talk.
He's coming after you.
Then let him.
This is Grover.
Yes, sir, Governor.
Right away.
I'm, uh, being called to the principal's office.
All right.
I'm going with you.
I can't let you do that.
This is on me.
Well, listen, whatever happens in there, listen, man, I just want to say thank you for having my back.
All of you.
All right, little mama, let's go.
Way to rock those lime green shorts.
You guys playing through or you just, uh, fashion patrolling? Oh, that's crazy, man.
You really look like you should be on a can of corn.
Ho ho ho.
Hey, you got a sec? Man, I ain't got nothing but time.
Hey, how's Samantha doing? Well, she's up and down, you know.
She took some time off from school.
We're keeping her close.
She needs she needs to be with her family right now.
How's forced retirement? Well, the governor said that my actions were a gross abuse of power by a sworn officer of the law and my misuse of HPD resources was unprecedented.
So basically nothing I wouldn't have done under the same circumstances.
You did what you had to do to get your daughter back and that's that.
Damn right.
That's what I told the governor.
All right, so what's next? Well, I'm gonna smoke this cigar and, um I don't know.
Maybe I'll play another 18.
Another 18.
Look, man, I love golf, but every day? I'm a cop.
I've been a cop for the last 30 years.
I don't know how to do nothing else.
Well, that's good 'cause you don't need to.
What are you talking about? Oh, come on.
We want you to join Five-O.
Wow, man, I really appreciate that.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart, but let's be real.
I'm a disgraced cop.
I've been fired.
Nobody's gonna let me wear a badge again.
That won't be an obstacle.
Trust me.
Just say yes.
He's not gonna take no for an answer.
It's not a handout, Lou.
We need you.
Well, I suppose if you insist.
How's that look? Good? - Like it was meant to be.
- Looks like it found a good home.
Welcome to the family.
Aw, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Good to have you, bruddah.
I don't know what to say, man.
Hope you like getting shot at.

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