Hawaii Five-0 s05e01 Episode Script

A'ohe kahi e pe'e ai (Nowhere to Hide)

So, uh, we have, uh, been together for, um, three years.
See, this is, uh, specifically what I am talking about.
I'm just correcting you.
Uh, four years.
It was three years, You done? Detective Williams asked you a question.
When? He asked if you were going to allow him to finish his thought.
I'm-I'm Whose side are you on? I don't take sides, Commander.
I'm an objective observer.
As you know, the governor asked me to oversee the annual psychological audit of personnel, and I was concerned by what Detective Williams had to say.
Thank you.
Yeah, fine.
So, we, uh, we don't we don't agree on a few things, but I don't see why that's such a big deal.
Um, I'm gonna I'm gonna go ahead and stop.
"A few things.
" What? A few things? We don't agree on anything.
Okay, name one.
Um, I never get to drive my own automobile.
And I don't understand why you're angry about that.
I mean, I'd think you'd be grateful for being driven around.
He gets driven around all day, every day.
Who am I? Miss Daisy? Sometimes I like to drive my own car.
Sometimes you do drive.
Sometimes? Are you saying that with a straight face in front of this woman? I Do I Do you never drive your own car? I don't always drive your car.
I get to drive my own car when you're not in it.
When I'm alone, I get to drive my own car.
That's sometimes.
Okay, you know what? Okay, fine.
You want to know why you spend so much time in the passenger seat? Do you want to know? This should be fanta Yes, of course I want to know.
I get carsick if I don't drive.
And he laughs.
And he laughs-- first time I've told him that.
'Cause it's ridiculous.
'Cause it's ridiculous, okay? He's a control freak.
He's a gigantic control freak.
It has nothing to do with motion, trust me, please.
Well, Detective Williams.
Commander McGarrett is sharing something very personal with you.
Perhaps you could show him a little respect.
But he's lying.
I'm not lying.
He's a Navy SEAL.
So what? What does that got to do with it? Okay, okay.
What does that got to do with it? Please stop.
I don't really want to be here, respectfully.
I'm sure he doesn't either.
But if you're not gonna be honest, I'm gonna leave.
I'm being honest.
- Gentlemen.
- Yes.
This is a mandated review.
So let's continue, shall we? Fine with me.
It's good.
Why don't we shift gears a bit.
All right.
Describe how you two first met.
Hands up! Don't move! Who are you? Who are you? I am Detective Danny Williams.
Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett.
This my father's house.
Put your weapon down right now.
No, you put your weapon down and show me your I.
! You show me your I.
, right now! I'm not putting my gun down.
Neither am I.
Four years ago Governor Jameson asked me to start a, uh, major crimes task force.
And Danno I'm gonna stop You see, he knows that I don't like that.
You're right.
Excuse me, Sir Daniel.
Th-This is going right off the rails Okay, okay.
Come on, come on.
I'm teasing, all right? Right after I started the task force, Detective Danny Williams was my first hire.
You got no choice, Detective.
Governor gave me jurisdiction on making you my partner.
We're gonna get along great.
I personally wouldn't call it, um, a "hire.
" It was more like a kidnapping.
A ransom.
It's the kind of thing, I didn't have a choice.
I liked his sense of humor.
You know, his personality.
You're right.
I don't like you.
When you're getting shot at, it is nice to reflect on what a nut job this guy is.
Tell me about the others.
Well, after Danny signed on, we recruited Chin Ho Kelly.
I can't be a cop anymore.
I'm the last person the department wants to see wearing a badge.
He was fired from the HPD at the time.
That's right, but we straightened that out.
Yeah, and then, uh, Kono Kalakaua-- that's Chin's cousin-- she was next.
I'm told she wasn't even a police officer at the time.
So your cousin tells us you're graduating from the police academy next week.
How'd you like to earn a little extra credit before you do? Yeah, she was a few weeks away from graduating from the academy.
But, uh, we needed a female, you see? And she fit the bill.
And just recently, we recruited a former HPD SWAT commander named Lou Grover, from Chicago.
We want you to join Five-O.
So five people make up the Five-O task force? Yeah, but we're, uh we're more than a task force, you see.
W-We're 'ohana.
Why the look, Detective Williams? Oh, no, n-no look.
Um, I guess I was just, uh, agreeing with him for the first time.
I think we're good.
You're doing great, honey.
Keep going.
Keep going.
I can't.
Come on, just a few more steps.
The view it's fantastic.
Hey, now.
You haven't turned around once.
Well, what can I say? I've got the best scenery right here.
Well, this "scenery" is gonna need an afternoon at the spa after this.
Now hustle; we're almost there.
Trust me, you're gonna love what you see.
Race ya? You're on.
What is that? Aren't you gonna rinse off? I'd rather watch you.
Get over here.
You take such good care of me.
Have you thought any more about what we talked about? Ugh, I'm sorry.
Hey, it's okay.
You got to take it, right? Yeah.
Hello? Yeah.
Yeah, I got it.
I'm on my way.
Adam Hey don't ever apologize for doing your job, okay? Go.
I'll take the boards home.
All right.
I'll see you later.
I'm heading to a crime scene.
Diamond Head trail.
In case you lose me.
What do we got, Lou? Two dead.
Name of Todd Sands and Tracy Powell.
Both schoolteachers on the mainland.
I found this on the male Vic.
Apparently, he was looking for a romantic spot to pop the question.
Any witnesses? Just the birds.
These are 7.
62 rounds.
This is military issue.
Mahalo, Commander McGarrett.
You saved me a trip to ballistics.
You're welcome, Max.
What do we got on the victims? They appear to have been shot in close proximity.
How close? Dr.
Shaw, care to opine? Well, based on several identifiers, including multiple through-and-throughs, I'd estimate ten to 15 feet, with a trajectory of approximately 45 degrees.
All right, who's your friend, Max? This is Dr.
She's a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University.
I will be mentoring her in the medical arts.
Well, lucky you.
You must be Detective Williams.
I have given her the full heads up.
You gave her the heads up on what? It's all true.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
Welcome aboard, Dr.
Nice to be aboard.
Okay, I don't get it.
So, if they were attacked at close range, what are we looking at here? Very fit mugger with a serious automatic weapon? Well, that would be a sound theory, except for I found both wallets, rental car keys and jewelry in their backpacks.
Maybe it was personal.
Perp knew they were climbing, was waiting for them at the top.
What do you got there, Danny? Think we found our shooter.
You ever see anything like that before? It's a UCAV.
A combat drone.
So what are you saying? A machine did this? Not on its own.
Someone, somewhere, pulled the trigger.
What are you guys doing here? You first.
I'm on surveillance.
How'd you find me? Your mother's car has an anti-theft device.
Technology's not my friend.
Get in before you blow my cover.
No, no.
I got it.
That's very 1988.
Okay, Jerry, I know I'm gonna regret asking this, but what is it that you are surveilling? What you two should be keeping an eye on.
Ah, good point.
Girls in spandex.
Next door over.
Vintage books.
What about it? Two weeks ago, the owner came back from a trip to Dusseldorf, where he purchased the entire inventory of a library that was closing down.
Get out of here.
Well, let's go arrest this guy.
What are we doing? Not so fast, McGruff.
He hasn't committed a crime yet, but he's gonna-- trust me.
Okay, how do you know that? That library in Dusseldorf was ancient.
And the books inside it were period.
The paper in those books-- You know what that means? I do.
It makes for good counterfeiting stock.
You, sir, are going to the head of the class.
Just 'cause he bought the books, it doesn't mean he's gonna recycle the paper and start printing bills, all right? What else is he gonna do with them? I don't know, maybe the vintage bookshop owner is-is gonna sell them.
No one reads hard-copy books anymore-- even I know that.
Jerry, you might be onto something here, okay? But you can't be doing this.
You're a civilian.
I'm a seeker of truth.
You are also a, uh, conspiracy theorist, who still lives with his mother and has yet to file a tax return.
Listen to me, call the HPD; they can handle this.
I did call the HPD.
They treated me like I was some sort of nut job.
That's shocking.
Jerry, I'll help you dig into this, I promise, all right? But right now, we need your help.
Take a look at this.
Whoa, not here.
We're too exposed.
What is that? Where was this taken? Here, on Oahu.
This thing was used in an attack this morning.
Left two people dead.
I've seen drones before, but I've never seen anything like that.
I reached out to my military contacts, but they wouldn't disclose much information due to operational security.
So I figured maybe you could help.
Okay, I'm pretty sure what we're looking at is a prototype domestic surveillance drone.
Minus the evil aftermarket weaponized payload, of course.
The government has been denying use of domestic drones for a very long time, all right? That's why you hit a brick wall with the military.
Think they're gonna admit to violating your right to privacy? Better chance of getting a backstage pass at Area 51.
Okay, what about a manufacturer? Any ideas? I seem to recall some chatter about a drone coming out of a super-secret advanced development program-- a branch of a local military contractor named VenPax Systems.
It could be your manufacturer.
Obviously, you didn't get that from me.
I'd like to help you guys out, but the truth is I can neither confirm nor deny that this particular UAV belongs to us.
You can't? No.
Okay, well, maybe you can, uh, "confirm or deny" that these people are dead.
Did you know them? No.
Todd Sands and Tracy Powell-- they were here on vacation.
They got here on Monday, they went to a luau, and they did a tour of Waimea Falls Park.
And now they're dead, and I want to know why.
Look, you have to understand that this project is a matter of national security, so I can't just answer your questions without compromising what we're doing here.
And you have to understand, if you don't answer our questions, the only thing you're gonna be compromising is your freedom.
Commander, we're under contract by the military.
That means that we operate under their level of security.
So threatening me isn't gonna work.
Book him, Danno.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Did you hear what I just said? Yeah, loud and clear.
Put your hands behind your back.
You're under arrest for obstruction, withholding information, and impeding a murder investigation.
None of that's gonna stick, and you know it.
But how many more government contracts do you think you're gonna get after a background check shows an arrest on your record? Let's go.
All right, this is QV-901.
It's a surveillance drone with no other payload, which means it flies unarmed.
Three weeks ago, while it was on a routine test flight, it was hijacked, never recovered.
How do you hijack a drone? GPS spoofing.
Somebody jammed VenPax's control signal to the UAV, fed it false GPS data, and made it land wherever the hijacker wanted it.
Okay, so what are we looking at here? Inside job? Security breach? We don't know yet.
Uh, VenPax gave us a list of all their current and ex-employees that had clearance on the project, so we should run their names against the victims, see if we come up with a connection.
Right, and if we find one, that might explain motive.
I'll tell you something, takes a special kind of brilliance to hijack a drone, arm it and reprogram it.
We are dealing with one very smart, very sick son of a bitch.
Same drone that attacked our hikers this morning.
Witnesses say that it flew in, hovered, gathering a crowd, and then bang, opens fire.
Ten seconds later, we got five dead, 19 wounded.
Chin Ho and Kono are running I.
's right now to see if they can make any connection between the victims of both attacks.
One of my guys got a few shots off at the drone, trying to bring it down.
Bystander caught it on video.
That's good shooting.
If he had missed, more people would've been dead.
We can't find any correlation between the Kuhio Beach and the Diamond Head victims.
Which means the targets could be random.
All right, we need to start looking at this as an act of terrorism.
Except for the fact that no group or individual has claimed responsibility.
Well, maybe they're not done yet.
Oh, good.
I'm glad you're all here.
I got some more Intel on that drone you're looking for.
But first, a disclaimer.
Whatever I share with you today is in no way connected to me, my family or anyone I know.
I'm strictly here on a tour of the palace, nothing more.
Any attempt to associate me with the information I'm about to share will be vehemently denied by myself and the attorney I will retain.
Are we understood? D-Do we Should we sign something, everybody? Or just, "Get on with it," will that suffice, Jerry? You're so naive about how this world really works.
Jerry, we get it.
Get on with it.
What do you got? As far as drones go, they may be state-of-the-art, but the technology is still incredibly immature.
They are severely limited by a whole heap of engineering issues, such as an unprotected frequency band.
There's just not enough spectrum to go around.
What does that mean in the language the rest of us speak? It means that you can buy all the equipment you need to hijack a drone at your local hardware store.
You can? Oh, good.
Well, then, um Go ahead.
That should cover it.
Go ahead.
Okay, not so fast, Donald Trump.
I can jack this thing from your shooter.
Only problem is, got to be within 200 yards from the drone to tap into the frequency.
Okay, so what you're saying is there's nothing we can do until it attacks again.
we have to be there when it attacks again.
Sarge, some guy just called claiming he's responsible for the drone attacks.
How do we know it's real? He knew details we haven't released to the public.
Said he's gonna call back in ten minutes and wants to speak to someone in charge.
Patch him through to McGarrett.
Chin, run a trace.
We're on it.
Almost there.
Come on, Chin.
Come on, come on, Chin.
Come on, come on.
Almost there, almost there.
Almost there, almost there.
All right, go.
This is Steve McGarrett.
Who am I talking to? You're going to have to do much better than that, Steve.
Oh, you think this is funny? Seven people are dead, and there's a lot more in the hospital.
On the contrary, I think it's a tragedy.
But it's nothing compared to the hundreds killed by your drone attacks in the Middle East.
You're comparing sworn enemies of the United States to innocent civilians.
There were plenty of innocents killed in those attacks, too, Commander McGarrett.
You of all people should know that.
So that's what this is about for you? Revenge? Is that right? Justice.
Justice? You want our government to apologize for keeping us safe? No.
We are way past apologies.
America needs to be reminded what it's like to be terrorized.
To be afraid to step outside.
So you're saying this isn't over? Not by a long shot.
Okay, hold on.
Just hold on a second.
Expect more blood in two hours.
Tell me you got that.
He must have bounced that call off a dozen different relay stations and satellites.
Lou, call the HPD.
Tell them the island is under siege.
We need to get everybody off the streets right now.
The governor is asking everyone to remain indoors, away from windows and do not venture outside until further notice.
Now let's go through what we know right now.
A weaponized drone opened attack in Waikiki Let's go, let's go, everyone! Let's go! We got to get indoors! Keep your keikis close! Everyone get indoors! Let's go, let's go, everyone! Keep your keikis close! Danno, what's going on? Doesn't matter what's going on, all right? Go inside, listen to your coaches, do as they say, and I will call you as soon as I can, all right? All right, I love you.
Love you, too.
We need everyone off the beach right now.
We need everyone inside.
Guys, check this out.
I broke down the drone pilot's call with a wave modulator and I unscrambled his voice.
America needs to be reminded what it's like to be terrorized.
To be afraid to step outside.
Our mystery voice belongs to a Jonathan Redmond, an ex-VenPax employee.
He was fired three years ago for stealing company hardware.
VenPax had his voice print on file after Redmond made numerous harassing phone calls.
All right, did VenPax ever press charges? No, they were worried that the company secrets would get out during a trial.
Yeah, well, no wonder they didn't mention Redmond to us.
A cancer like that could kill a billion-dollar contract.
But, lucky for us, Redmond continued his thieving ways and was arrested by HPD two years ago for several burglaries.
He served 18 months, then was paroled a few weeks ago.
All right, where do we find this punk? Clear.
Maybe he's operating it from a remote location.
Danny, call Chin; have him run background on Redmond's family, friends, anybody who might know where he is.
You find Redmond? No, he's keeping a low profile.
Well, I ran his financials.
I found four wire transfers, totaling $500,000, deposited to an offshore account.
Who sent the money? I traced it back to a textile company here in town.
The CIA thinks it's a front for the SRS.
SRS is an international terrorist group made of the best former Soviet Union intelligence agents.
Redmond told us he's on a rampage for revenge and ideological reasons, but this half-a-million bucks makes me think that's just to throw us off.
Maybe this is really about money.
All right, so if these SRS guys are paying Redmond to terrorize the island, the question is: why? I mean, it makes no sense, right? I mean, if they wanted to hit us bad, they'd have far more impact on the mainland.
Guys, I don't think we're looking at the whole picture.
I think it's about something bigger.
I dug a little deeper, and I found more wire transfers to a systems analyst named Lawrence Turner.
Up until a month ago, Turner was working for a local military contractor.
The CIA discovered he'd been using his security clearance to download thousands of classified documents.
And he started selling them, piece by piece.
Let me guess-- they were bought, paid for by the same textile company that slid Redmond the 500 racks.
Where's Turner now? Well, that's what the CIA wants to know.
When they went to arrest him last month, he disappeared.
CIA thinks that Turner's still on the island.
They have their eyes on the ports and the airstrips.
And they've been monitoring the chatter ever since he fell off the radar.
They think he's never left.
Whoa, Sarah Connor, I come in peace.
Jerry, what the hell is that? It's how we're gonna stop our shooter.
Oh! Easy, boy.
Check it out-- this thing creates an electromagnetic field which will disrupt our pilot's signal.
All you got to do is get me close enough to the drone, and this puppy will do the rest.
Oh, that's all.
Well, how we gonna do that? We give our shooter a little bait.
Bait? Like, uh Oh, we're the, uh the bait? Where are you guys? Kalakaua and Saratoga.
All right, just keep circling the block.
If our guy bites, we're two minutes away.
So stupid.
This is so stupid.
Okay? It's stupid.
What? What, what? I'm chum, okay? My life has been reduced to a piece of chum.
Thank you.
It's a solid plan.
It's a solid plan? Now it's It's a solid plan hatched by a guy who believes that aliens are living amongst us.
You got a better plan? I'd like to hear it.
What, like, right this second? No, next week.
After we've enjoyed the traffic-free roads and the no wait for a table at BLT next week.
Hey, hey! I don't need the sarcasm, okay? I'm already risking my life.
I don't need the added sarcasm.
Okay, you don't like it, you can get out and walk.
How about that? What is this, high school? No, look.
Wake up.
Get up.
Wake up.
We got to get you inside, okay? You got to get indoors, all right? Go.
Steve! Get down! Get down! Hey, hey! We're taking fire on Koa and Ocean! Hang on.
Steve, you all right? Take cover.
Take cover.
Come on, get up, come on.
That thing's coming back.
We got to get out of here.
Come on.
I can't drive, Danny.
Oh, really? There's a silver lining in the face of death.
My leg will heal.
Don't get used to it.
Come on.
Let's go.
Faster, Danny.
Come on.
It's going fa This is as fast as it goes.
You know this.
You're not even redlining, okay? Look, shut up, okay? I don't know what's worse, your driving or your backseat driving.
Zip it.
Kono, go ahead.
We're a little busy.
Guys, air traffic control is reporting a small aircraft on approach.
No, no, no, no, no.
I thought we shut down the airport.
We did.
But this thing isn't landing at the airport.
It's headed for town.
Wait a minute.
We got this all wrong.
This is a this is an aircraft extraction.
The drone attack was just a diversion.
Right, they paid Redmond to clear the streets so they can land a plane and pick up Lawrence Turner.
If he gets on that plane, he'll compromise national security.
I see it.
Lou, where are you? Right behind you! All right, come on, Jerry.
It's your turn.
This thing is gonna work, isn't it? Theoretically.
No, no.
Wrong answer, Jerry.
Wrong answer.
Okay, okay.
It's gonna work.
I think.
I got a lock on its signal! She's mine.
You got it.
All right! One nasty killing machine down for the count! Nice one.
Go, go! Stop that plane.
I got this.
Jerry, check the transmission log.
It'll tell us where the pilot's operating from.
Copy, copy.
One will suffice.
Okay, got it.
The operator's GPS coordinates are North two-one, dot, Steve, the plane's starting to move.
It's taking off! No way we're gonna stop that now.
Relax, partners.
I got this.
Jerry, what are you doing? Feeling the Force.
Just like Skywalker on the trench run.
Hang on.
Yeah! Son of a bitch.
He did it.
He really did it.
We got movement! I got Turner! On your knees! Get your hands on your head! Seven people are dead, even more injured.
For what? A payday? Isn't that why we get up in the morning? That's what I get up for.
And this.
Turner! It's over.
Lawrence Turner you're under arrest for espionage.
You know, you ought to look into whether they got some kind of a loyalty program.
Like, they'll give you a card, and every fifth bullet extraction is free.
Well, I'm certain such a program doesn't exist, Captain.
I believe he was joking, Max.
I can see how that was an attempt at humor.
Oh, keep it up, wise guy.
You might see an attempt at murder.
Lou, he wasn't being rude.
He's-he's just Max, and you'll learn that.
You know, that reminds me, Max.
It's been killing me all day.
What did you tell your new protégé about me? I beg your pardon? Well, you said you gave her a heads up.
Heads up about what? What did you say? Oh, yes.
I just explained to Dr.
Shaw that Commander McGarrett is the leader of Five-O, and that you're his deeply cynical, misanthropic, short-tempered partner.
What? You know, I think I see what you mean about him.
Now, Dr.
Shaw agreed with my assessment.
However, she did think you were cute.
Really? Uh-huh.
Well, she got a point, right? I can live with that.
What? Brother, I thought you were shot.
I was.
In my thigh.
Thigh? That don't count.
For you? No, for you, it would not.
Thought you was down for the count.
I brought you some garlic shrimp and some balloons.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Maybe next time, they can hit a vital organ.
We be back.
Your chariot awaits, brave warrior.
All right.
Thanks, Jerry.
All right.
I'll see youse.
Hey, thanks.
You're not coming? No, no, no, I'm gonna take, uh, this opportunity to have a nice drive in my car in private.
I thought your car was shot up.
Yeah, I'm gonna take the long way to the body shop.
See you guys.
Hey, Commander, you want to make a stop? You can help me out with my surveillance.
That's, uh that's tempting, Jerry.
But you know what? I think I'd like to go home.
I've had enough excitement for one day.
Okay? No, I got it.
Now where were we? Adam, there is nothing I'd like more than to be your wife.
So what's stopping you? It's just everything that we've been through.
I just want to know that we're gonna be safe.
I can't go through that again.
Thinking I'm gonna lose you.
Hey, you're not gonna lose me.
I promise.
You promise? I promise.
When I heard you were coming to see me, I asked myself why.
And then I realized, it's the two-year anniversary of my sister's murder, which means you must be here to apologize for letting it happen.
You remember the $25 million in an offshore account you tried to bribe me with? Internal Affairs has been watching me ever since you were arrested.
They think I have that money.
It's not my problem.
I want you to sign an affidavit saying that the money never changed hands.
Why would I do that? Because maybe for once in your miserable life, you'll want to do something decent.
Let me think about it.
I'll get back to you.
Thank you, sir.
Who is he? That's what we have to find out.
Because if he knows, we're gonna have to deal with that.
Grace? Grace? I believe Grace isn't due back from school for another half hour.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What are you doing in my house? Who are you? I'm Marco Reyes.
That supposed to mean something to me? Your brother never mentioned me to you? My brother No.
No, he didn't.
Well, I'm hurt.
Matt and I were so close.
What is it that I can do for you? Your brother took something from me, and you're gonna help me get it back.

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