Hawaii Five-0 s05e02 Episode Script

Ka Makuakane (Family Man)

Sophie, wake up.
Wake up, Sophie.
Come on.
I got a surprise for you.
Come on.
Come on.
Daddy! Daddy! Hey.
Hey, kiddos! Daddy, today's my hula recital! Yeah, I can see that.
She hasn't taken it off all week.
Well, Mommy's gonna send me a video.
I can't wait to see it.
I wish you could be there.
I know you do, sweetie.
So do I.
And Davey, you being a good boy? Yes, sir.
You watch out for your mom and sister.
Remember, you're the C.
while I'm away.
Yes, sir.
I'm gonna need to talk to Mommy now.
I love you guys.
Bye, Daddy.
Love you, Dad.
Bye, Daddy.
Love you, Dad I may not be able to call for a few days.
Just don't want you to worry.
Just repeat these words.
“My husband's a badass, and all will be fine.
” I love you.
I love you, too.
Aloha, parents.
Please take your seats.
The second grade hula recital is about to begin.
Mahalo and enjoy the show.
It's so exciting.
Where's Sophie? I don't know.
Stay right here, okay? Excuse me.
Where's Sophie? Why isn't she on stage? Angela, we're trying to find her.
What do you mean “find her”? Where is she? We don't know.
Sophie? Sophie? Where are you, Sophie? Why haven't you been watching her? Angela? Angela? I found this by the back door.
It's Sophie's.
Her father gave it to her.
She would never take it off.
Where's my daughter? Oh, my God, where's my daughter? I ran you through Interpol.
Marco Reyes.
Clean record, prominent real estate developer in Colombia.
Uh, but that's all crap, right? I understand that you're upset with me for showing myself into your home.
But I really saw no other way to reach out to you.
Well, uh, you know, up here we have a device called a telephone.
Yeah, but some business should only be done face to face.
Okay, well, let's talk then.
When your brother disappeared, he was in possession of a significant amount of my money.
Okay, how much money? Wow.
That's that's a lot of money.
Well, I, unfortunately, don't know anything about that.
Uh, I haven't seen or spoken to my brother in three years.
Come here.
I love you.
It's been too long, huh? Tell 'em about the time at the zoo.
He was causing a disturbance.
You handcuffed me to the monkey cages.
I was doing my job.
Dude, you were nine! I'm sorry to hear that, because I'm here for my money.
Well, then, you've came a long way for nothing.
Detective Williams, you ran me through Interpol, so you know who I am.
Do you really think that I'm the kind of guy who doesn't get what he wants? You're not listening to me.
I don't know anything about your Well, then, you better go find it Detective.
Why is he coming after you if Matt owes him money? Well, I guess because he thinks I know where it is.
All right, copy that.
We got to go.
What about him? Book him for burglary.
Have HPD take him on a nice, slow walk through the system.
Maybe a few days in the hole will make Mr.
Reyes realize who he's dealing with.
So, the missing girl's name is Sophie Larkin, seven years old.
She was taken just before the start of her recital.
No witnesses.
What about school security? Kidnapper attacked the security guard, fractured his skull.
Sent him to the hospital in critical condition.
Wasn't able to give a statement.
School's locked down.
We have teams searching the area.
Get out a Maile Amber alert right now.
You got it.
Hey, Duke, I just sent a guy your way.
Make sure he's very uncomfortable, all right? We'll take good care of him.
Hey, Chin, we got somebody going through the security camera footage? Yeah, CSU's going through it right now.
So far, nothing.
What do we know about the family? Lives with her parents on Ford Island.
Wait a minute.
They're a military family? Yeah.
Father's a Navy SEAL, stationed overseas.
Mother's a social worker.
This is one of the most expensive schools on the island.
How can they afford this place? Sophie's here on scholarship.
Okay, well, if this is about a ransom, it's not gonna end well when the kidnapper realizes he grabbed the only girl whose parents can't pay.
Thanks so much.
All right.
Thank you.
So, the director said that all the girls were backstage before the recital.
She didn't see anyone suspicious and wasn't aware that Sophie was missing until the girls lined up for the show.
I was gonna go talk to some of the kids.
Maybe one of them saw something.
Get every parent's camera and cell phone.
Maybe one of them caught the kidnapper.
All right, done.
Okay, child predators do not, uh, come to fancy private schools, knock out security guards.
Way too many variables.
They like malls, parks, places where there's less risk.
I absolutely agree.
We need to look at everybody in Sophie's life.
See if there's been any threats to the family.
I mean, this could be personal.
Where's Sophie's mom now? Grover took her home in case the kidnappers makes contact.
All right, have him make a list of anybody connected to the family that may have had reason to take Sophie.
And then check them for criminal records.
Also, check if there's been any similar abduction attempts in the area recently.
Got it.
Somebody targeted Sophie for a reason.
We need to find out why.
Please I want to see my mommy.
What's up? We hear anything? Radio silence.
I don't like it, man.
We should have heard something by now.
Well, we still don't know what this is about, Lou.
It's looking less and less like somebody close to the family.
How do you know? HPD ran background checks on everybody on the list that Angela Larkin gave me.
No red flags.
Nothing on the Larkins? Nothing.
No dirty laundry, no threats.
These are good folks.
You know, the father's overseas defending our country.
And then, something like this happens.
Man, it pisses me off.
How's the mom doing? Daughter's missing, husband's 4,000 miles away.
Do the math.
Best thing we can do for her is just keep the information flowing.
Believe me, not knowing where things stand-- that's what tears you up the most.
Ma'am, we know your husband is overseas.
Have you spoken to him? We Skyped with him this morning.
I think he was heading out on a mission.
He never tells me, but I can always sense it.
I called his C.
, but haven't heard back.
I hate the thought that he doesn't know what's going on.
Look, we're gonna do everything we can to get you in touch with him.
You know the drill, Commander.
Jeff's team is down range, his position is classified.
There's no way they're gonna be able to get a hold of him.
There has to be something I can do.
I can't just sit here and do nothing.
Actually, we need you to just stay here by the phone.
But we got the best people on this.
Larkin, you and your husband are 'ohana to me.
Okay? I'm going to do whatever it takes to find Sophie and bring her home to you.
What are you thinking? If Lieutenant Larkin is on a mission, I'm thinking whoever took her is trying to compromise the op.
Okay, it's a good theory.
How do you prove it? It's not the answer I was looking for.
I didn't say anything.
Yeah, you did.
Come on.
Now, you know I can't confirm whether Lieutenant Larkin's on a mission, Commander.
What I can tell you is, there have been no security breaches on any of our current ops.
Okay, um, sir, Lieutenant Larkin's daughter was kidnapped just two hours ago, all right? We believe that the mission that he either is or is not on could be the key to getting her back.
That may be so, but I'm telling you, it's got nothing to do with our ops.
You're just gonna have to take my word on that.
Yeah, with all due respect, sir, we've, uh we've been down this road before, you and I, and oh, you owe me.
Well, you did save my ass with that Chinese satellite.
That much is true.
You're welcome.
But, unfortunately, I've said all I can on this matter.
What about his files? Can you give us access to his files? I can do that.
If his daughter's kidnapping has anything to do with his service, there'll be a list of suspects there.
Uh, one more thing, I'm sorry-- um, Angela, his wife, uh, has been trying to get in touch with him.
Is there any way we could make that happen? That would be nice.
I'm sensitive to the situation, Detective.
Truly, I am.
And I'm sure as soon as Lieutenant Larkin is available, he'll contact his wife.
Let's go.
Thank you.
We take an oath, Danny.
I understand that.
But this is about the guy's family.
You don't think he's got a right to know? Of course he has a right to know, all right? But right now his team needs him focused and ready to lead.
You tell him about his daughter, you could put all their lives in danger and compromise the entire mission.
Well, let me tell you something that you don't know, okay? As a parent, when your child is in trouble, you can sense it.
You know about it.
Like right now, Lieutenant Larkin, he knows that.
He doesn't know why, but he knows it.
Don't you think that puts him and his team in just as much danger? Hi, Maggie.
So, I've been talking to some of the other girls from the recital.
Do you think it would be okay if I asked you some questions? So, one of the other girls said that she saw you and Sophie go to the bathroom together before the show but that you came back alone.
Now, is that true? Okay, so when did you last see Sophie? It's okay, baby.
It's okay.
I left the bathroom.
There was a man.
He was with Sophie.
Okay, you're doing great.
Can you tell me what he looked like? I only saw his back.
They were walking away.
Was he tall or short? Tall.
And what color was his hair? Like my daddy's.
Brown? He was wearing a blue baseball hat.
Mahalo, Maggie.
Hey, you're a brave girl.
We'd like to take her home now.
Is that okay? Of course.
Thank you.
So, have security go through the tapes and see if they can find anyone that matches the description Maggie gave us.
And then get it out to the media.
Got it.
So, all the doors in this school require a keycard for entry or exit, right? I had security compile a list of all the card swipes from this morning.
Six feet, brown hair; that matches the description I just got.
Who is he? Guy's name is Ben Sutor.
He's a substitute teacher here, but he wasn't scheduled to work today.
His card was swiped, though, started and then again minutes after Sophie disappeared.
I got blood.
He's alive.
All right, so the kidnapper targets the teacher, uses his card to hit the school and grab Sophie.
I don't get it.
You don't go through all this trouble unless you have an end game, right? So why hasn't the kidnapper made contact? Hello? Mr.
Porter, I have your daughter.
I want $1.
6 million.
I'll call back in 30 minutes with more instructions.
You call the police, she dies.
What's wrong? Maggie? You did the right thing, calling us.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
This is Detective Williams.
What's going on? Your daughter and Sophie, they went into the bathroom together.
They had the same outfit on, same hairstyle.
Sophie wasn't their target.
Maggie was.
They took the wrong girl.
The owner is extremely motivated.
This house will not be on the market long.
You hear that? No, I don't hear anything.
I hear it, too.
It's coming from right over here.
Oh, that.
That must be the air conditioning, and those repairs can be factored right into the closing costs.
You guys hear that? Jerry.
We've talked about this.
You're not supposed to be here when I'm showing.
At first, I thought it might be the pipes, but there's no running water, so it can't be that.
Okay, I assure you that there is nothing wrong with the plumbing.
What is that thing? This is an EMF reader.
Measures telekinetic activity.
You know ghosts.
Please! Let me explain.
Sorry it didn't work out! So, your mom finally did it, huh? Yeah, Moneypenny wasn't bluffing.
Bought a place on Maui.
Said she wants to be closer to her family.
How am I supposed to take that? Well, there comes a time when moms finally leave the nest, Jer.
Yeah, but things were going so well.
Then she pulls this.
Right when I'm on to something huge.
Oh, right, Steve and Danny told me about the, uh, bookstore.
Not a bookstore, Chin.
It's a front for a counterfeiting operation.
It's only a matter of time before I prove it.
But, uh, listen, that's not why I'm here.
I need your help, Jerry.
A little girl was abducted this morning from a hula recital.
Yeah, whatever I can do.
Of course, my expertise in abduction is more of the extraterrestrial variety, but, uh, hit me.
Well, we confiscated all the cell phones and the camcorders from the parents, hoping we'd get an image of the kidnapper, but now we've got hours and hours of footage to go through, and I've got every available HPD on the ground looking for the kid.
So you want me to comb through the footage.
You got the time? Yeah, the agent's not showing the place again till tomorrow.
Act normal.
Someone may be watching.
Now sign for the package.
Bring it straight to Steve McGarrett.
Now thank me and head back inside.
Thank you.
So, have you received any threats recently? No.
What about work? Any trouble at work? Commander, we make children's products-- strollers, car seats, highchairs, that sort of thing.
Everyone in our company is like family.
I mean, the only thing we argue about is where to go for lunch.
She said to give you this.
Thank you.
All right.
Here's what happens next.
When the kidnapper calls back, we're gonna run a trace.
Now, he spoke to you last time, Eric, so you're gonna talk to him; you need to keep him on the line as long as possible, okay? What am I supposed to say? He's gonna ask you if you have his money.
You're gonna tell him you're in the process of getting it, but before you can go any further, you need proof of life.
Angela Larkin is on her way over right now to verify Sophie's voice.
All right, once she confirms it's Sophie, you go along with what he says, tell him you're gonna give him the money.
All right, call's in a couple of minutes.
You okay? Not really.
Hey, look, um, I have a daughter.
All right? Her name is Grace.
She's just a little bit older than Maggie.
Um, if you're anything like me, I know there's nothing you wouldn't do to protect your kid, right? Yeah, but what if I screw up or you know, say the wrong thing or You're not gonna screw up.
Okay? Look, I know that you are scared, but I'm telling you, if this was your daughter, you would put all that fear aside and do whatever you had to do to protect her, right? So it's easy.
You just stick to the script.
We got your back.
We're right here.
It's gonna be fine, all right? Okay.
All right, good.
All right, Eric, Eric.
You ready? Yeah.
Hello? Do you have the money, Mr.
Porter? Yeah, I'm getting it, but first I need to know that Maggie's okay.
Let me speak to her.
Say hello.
Mommy? Mommy, I want to come home.
She's okay for now.
Where's the money? I'm getting it, but it-it's gonna take a couple hours to raise that amount in cash.
So please, please don't hurt her.
Two hours.
Not a minute more.
Once you have the money, I'll give you the location where to bring it.
Don't test my resolve, Mr.
I will kill her.
Do you understand? Yes.
Did it work? He's using a burner phone, so it's impossible to get an exact address.
We got nothing on voice recognition.
Okay, uh, $1.
6 million is a very specific number.
Does that mean anything to you guys? No.
No, not to me.
That's a lot of money, uh, to get in a couple hours.
Even with the governor's help.
We We'll get you the money.
I just need to make some calls.
Thank you, both.
So much.
Hang in there, okay? We're gonna get Sophie back.
What is it? Okay, the Porters are worth $50 million, right? The kidnapper thinks that he has their only kid and he asks for $1.
6 million.
Why? Why so little? Hey, brah, get over here.
What, did you find something? You know it.
This was taken outside the school before the recital started.
Behind the hula girl.
Silver Beemer.
Check him out.
Blue baseball cap.
Matches the witness description.
Mm! I am like a rabbit's foot, aren't I? You are definitely a good luck charm.
Now slide over.
Facial recognition.
Total violation of our First Amendment rights.
Ooh, I also got a partial license plate.
All right, well, that along with the make and a color ought to be enough to get us a match.
Let's see.
And there it is.
Reported stolen this morning.
HPD already found it abandoned in Chinatown.
Hey, there we go.
Assault, burglary, weapons possession.
Just paroled out of Halawa six months ago.
Michael Wiley, get out of the vehicle.
Keep your hands where we can see them.
Out of the car.
Right now, let's go.
Nice and slow.
He's dead.
Come on.
Sophie? Sophie? Sophie? Sophie? Sophie? Sophie? Danny She was here.
All right, this doesn't make sense.
Wiley was expecting a pay day.
There's no way he'd let Sophie out of his sight before he cashed in.
Unless he realized he had the wrong girl and decided to cut his losses.
I just got off the phone with the Porters.
I sent them a photo of Wiley.
- They don't recognize him.
- Keep digging.
There's got to be a connection.
He's definitely the one calling them, though.
CSU recovered his burner phone.
And on that phone, over the past few hours, there are two outgoing calls to the Porters, as well as multiple calls going in and out to a second burner phone.
CSU's still looking for that phone, but it was turned off.
Aha, all right.
So Wiley's got a partner.
Whoever that is has Sophie.
The kidnapper's gonna call back in half an hour with the location of the drop.
I'm thinking, since Wiley did not have Sophie with him, he was headed to pick up that money.
Which means his partner was the one who was gonna make that call.
Well, and as far as the partner's concerned, everything is still a go.
If Wiley's partner tries to get in touch with him, he's going to know that something's wrong.
He's liable to panic and then kill Sophie.
That's why we keep what happened here quiet.
Thanks, Jerry.
Look, I appreciate your help, but you really didn't have to stick around.
Are you kidding? Research is my super power.
Oh, by the way, I'm pretty sure I broke Captain America's printer.
Also pretty sure he never used it.
Found it under a plant.
Captain America? Yeah.
That's my little nickname for McGarrett.
I like it.
Okay, so did you find anything? You said we were looking for a connection between the Porters and the ransom demand.
Well, here is a $1.
6 million severance package paid by the Porters' company to an employee named Alan Pollard.
Let me look at that.
Pollard was the lead engineer at the Porters' company up until two years ago.
He designed an energy-absorbing foam which revolutionized car seat safety, put the Porters on the map.
A month before the IPO, he just suddenly left the company.
It doesn't say here why.
And that's because Pollard signed a confidentiality agreement.
Which, in my experience, tells me that he was paid to keep quiet.
What experience? It doesn't matter.
Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm great.
Look, I'm just saying that this was a corporate cover-up.
Trust me.
All right, so Pollard's forced out before the company hits it big.
Which means he missed out on a huge pay day.
Looks like he found a way to make up for his losses.
What-what if we do it the other way? What if I Alan Pollard! Drop the cell phone, put your hands on your head! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Shut your mouth, turn around, interlock your fingers! Turn around! Go ahead, I got him.
Sophie! Sophie! - Where's Sophie? - Can you hear me? Sophie! Where's Sophie? I don't know what you're talking about.
No? Boat's clear.
No sign of the girl.
Let's talk.
Yeah, roger that.
We're on the way.
No, no, no, Duke, please, you did everything you could and I appreciate it, all right? All right.
Thanks, buddy.
Marco Reyes? Yeah.
His lawyer showed up, arranged for bail.
So he'll be out in a couple of days.
What are you going to do? I am gonna give him a ride to the airport.
What did Chin say? Sophie wasn't on Pollard's boat.
Doesn't mean he's not involved.
Chin and Grover are pressing him now.
We need to do the same with the Porters, when Angela is not around.
I'm telling you, there's no way Alan could be involved.
Why didn't you tell us about him when you heard the amount? I mean, you had to know your company paid him $1.
6 million when he left.
Alan was with us from the very beginning.
When he decided to leave, we cashed out his shares.
That was two years ago.
We didn't remember the amount.
And you made him sign a confidentiality agreement.
Why? It was a standard non-compete clause.
Our attorney insists everyone leaving the company sign one.
Look, we wouldn't deliberately withhold information from you.
We have nothing to hide.
Like I said, I got my problems with the Porters, but I would never kidnap their daughter.
You mean the problem where they bought you out for $1.
6 million, but the company ended up going public a month later, costing you twice as much? No, man.
My issues with the Porters are more, uh, spiritual than financial.
Well, if you feel like confessing something, now would be the time.
We got a little girl's life at stake.
Two years ago, we crash tested a new car seat.
That's when I discovered a defect in my design.
There was an incident where a latch strap came loose from the anchor during a high-impact collision demo.
It only happened once in 100 tests.
But I wrote a memo detailing my findings.
Recommended we hold off on releasing the first order of 50,000 seats until we figured out what happened.
I take it the Porters didn't respond too well to that memo.
I was told my findings didn't warrant such drastic measures.
That, uh, pushing the delivery date would cost the company millions and they'd have to lay off a bunch of employees.
They had a deal in place with a major chain.
And if we didn't meet our delivery date, they'd take their business elsewhere.
Since the test only happened once, the company deemed the defect was human error.
And you shipped those car seats anyway, didn't you? They convinced me it was possible they were right and I was wrong.
All I could do was fix the problem moving forward and hope to God nothing happened.
Something did happen, didn't it? There was an accident.
A driver lost control.
Crashed on the 93.
His two-year-old daughter was in the back seat.
She was killed on impact.
Eric keep it simple.
You got the money, you're ready to make a trade.
Okay, you good? - Okay.
- All right.
Hello? I told you no cops, Mr.
You didn't listen.
I have your money.
Just tell me where to meet you.
Shut up! We're done talking.
Now hand the phone over to the cops.
There are no cops here.
Tell them to get on the phone right now or I kill her.
This is McGarrett with Five-O.
Where is Michael Wiley? I don't know anything about him.
You're lying.
He was supposed to be here for the call and he never showed up.
He wouldn't walk away from this, which means you have him.
The Porters have done everything you asked.
We have your money.
We just want their daughter back.
Let's stick to the plan.
I have a new plan.
Porter's gonna deliver the money.
And if I even sense the police are nearby There's no way we're gonna let Mrs.
Porter go in alone, okay? I will deliver the money.
You're not listening to me.
Send the wife or this ends now.
Manana Trail.
Once I have the money, I'll give you the girl's location.
No, no, no.
We're not handing over the money unless Maggie is there.
You don't have a choice.
All right, so it's just like we talked about.
You drop the duffle bag off at the location, get back in your car, come back home.
That's it.
Look, we-we all want to get Sophie back, but I-I can't let my wife do this.
It's not safe, sending her out there alone.
Eric, there's no other way.
I'm going to be fine.
Eric, she's not going to be alone, okay? We're gonna be watching her on a surveillance satellite the entire time.
That means eyes on the drop location.
As soon as the kidnapper gets the cash, he's gonna lead us to Sophie.
I'll be fine.
After the accident, investigators said the little girl died because the father failed to properly install her car seat, but he swore he fastened it correctly.
You knew he was telling the truth! The parents of the little girl sued, but there was no evidence the seat was faulty.
Yeah, the Porters made sure of that by paying you off, didn't they? I wanted to come forward, but the crash test data, along with my memo, were destroyed.
The company's lawyers told me if I said anything, they would deny that I warned them about the defect.
That I would be criminally liable.
They gave me a choice.
Accept the payout or go to jail.
You wanted to come forward? You realize those faulty car seats are still out there with children in them.
I fixed the defect on the next shipment.
There hasn't been another incident.
I never touched that money.
There isn't a day that goes by I don't regret what I did.
Let me ask you something.
During the litigation, did the girl's parents ever find out that you were paid off? No.
But I told the father.
Three weeks ago, I came across his wife's obituary in the Advertiser.
She died of cancer without ever knowing the truth about her daughter.
I reached out to her husband, confessed everything, even offered him the 1.
6 million the Porters gave me.
But he didn't want it.
Said it wouldn't bring back his daughter.
Listen, man.
If I ever lost my kid that way, it would haunt me for the rest of my life.
We need his name, Alan.
Jason Hollier.
This was never about the money.
This guy's looking for revenge.
Where the hell is this guy? Chin, what's up? Steve, we've got an I.
on the kidnapper.
His name is Jason Hollier.
His daughter died in a car accident on the H93 when her car seat malfunctioned, and that car seat was manufactured by the Porters.
Get this.
His wife's maiden name is Wiley.
Our dead kidnapper, Michael Wiley, that was her brother.
Call HPD.
Get them over to Hollier's house right now.
Okay, there's one more thing, Steve.
According to Pollard, Caroline Porter covered up evidence and paid him off to avoid a trial.
You didn't know.
Huh? No.
That's why they wanted Caroline to bring the money.
Yeah, this is all a setup.
They're going after her.
Caroline, you gotta get out of there.
He's coming after you.
Get in.
Now! Okay! Okay.
Okay, I got a lock on her phone signal.
Where's he taking her? They're headed north on Old Pali Road.
If Hollier wants to kill Caroline, why's he taking her hostage? He blames her for his daughter's death.
So maybe he's got a couple of things he wants to get off his chest before he kills her.
Chin said Hollier's daughter died on H93, right? That's right, why? That's where he's going.
Call Kono.
We got to know exactly where that accident happened.
We find them, we find Sophie.
That little girl you took, she's not my daughter.
I know.
My brother-in-law grabbed the wrong girl, but it didn't matter.
I knew as soon you heard you'd do whatever I said before you'd admit to killing my daughter.
You have to believe me, I never meant for that to happen.
But it did.
And you could've stopped it.
The little girl, what did you do to her? She had nothing to do with this.
I know that.
I wanted to take your girl so you could feel what it's like to lose a child.
Pull over.
Pull over here! It never leaves me.
What happened here.
I relive it every single day.
After the crash, I called out to Olivia.
Olivia! But she didn't answer.
The report said on impact, the seat came loose.
The force was so strong it broke her neck.
I am so sorry.
They said it was my fault.
That I didn't lock her in right.
You killed my daughter.
You did! I'm sorry.
Get out.
I'm not gonna ask you again.
Keep walking.
Okay! There.
Now turn around.
Please don't.
Please don't do this.
Drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon, Jason.
You got to drop that weapon right now.
We know about the accident.
We know it wasn't your fault.
You got to drop that weapon right now.
Do you have any idea how it feels to lose someone you love? To live with the guilt that it's your fault? No, I can't imagine what that must feel like.
No, you can't.
Listen, no parent should have to go through what you went through.
What do I have to live for? Listen to me, there's a family out there right now and they want to see their daughter.
I know you don't want to put them through the pain of having to bury that kid.
I know that's not what you want, right? I just want my little girl back.
I know you do, okay? And I wish I could give you that, but I can't.
Look at me, buddy, you made your point today.
Okay? What happened with Olivia, after she died, it was wrong.
Okay? But this is over now.
This has to stop.
Put down the gun.
Tell us where Sophie is.
It's the right thing to do.
Let's go.
Come on.
Good, relax.
Good news is you're all right.
Bad news is you're gonna need a lawyer.
Please tell that little girl I'm so sorry.
Where is she? Mommy! Do you have my money? Look, I strongly suggest that you just get on a plane and never come back.
As soon as I get my money, that's exactly what I'll do.
I don't have your money.
I don't know how many times I got to tell you I don't know where it is.
I don't have it.
That's the funny thing because Matthew tells a very different story.
Of course, people tend to say anything when they have a gun to their head.
Where is he? You got my brother? Where is he? Huh? Someplace you'll never find him.
Unless I get my money.

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