Hawaii Five-0 s05e03 Episode Script

Kanalu Hope Loa (The Last Break)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O Grace? What are you doing in my house? Who are you? I'm Marco Reyes.
Your brother never mentioned me to you? What is it that I can do for you? Your brother took something from me.
And you're gonna help me get it back.
When your brother disappeared, he was in possession of a significant amount of my money.
Okay, how much money? Well, I, unfortunately, don't know anything about that.
I haven't seen or spoken to my brother in three years.
Do you really think that I'm the kind of guy who doesn't get what he wants? I strongly suggest that you just get on a plane and never come back.
As soon as I get my money, that's exactly what I'll do.
I don't know where your money is.
I don't have it.
Matthew tells a very different story.
Of course people tend to say anything when they have a gun to their head.
Marco Reyes has my brother.
What are you talking about? Matt? Yeah, how do you how do you know? What did he say exactly? He said that he has him, he put a gun to his head and Did Matt tell you where that money is? No, he did not tell me where the money is.
Then how do you know Reyes wasn't bluffing, okay? Telling you he had Matt to get you to turn over that cash? Okay, uh, what if he's not? Huh? Danny, your brother's been a fugitive for three years, okay? If that money existed, he'd be using it to stay under the radar.
And if that's the case, Reyes doesn't have your brother, because he'd know where the money is.
What the hell are you talking about? What, are you trying to confuse me? I'm angry.
You want to make me more angry? What does that mean? Listen to me: My point is, if Matt stole 18 and a half million dollars, maybe Reyes is rattling your cage to see if you know where your brother is.
And if that's the case, I say, you rattle back.
For those of you who just joined us, aloha kakahiaka! Couldn't have picked a better day to see the enchanting beauty of Oahu.
The name “Oahu” means “the gathering place,” and it certainly lives up to its name.
There's so much to see and experience in just under 600 square miles.
So, on our right, is the exquisite Moana Surfrider Resort and Spa.
Opened in 1901, this legendary landmark is known as the “First Lady of Waikiki.
” Aloha.
Further down on your right, keep your eye out for one of our most popular sights on Waikiki Beach, the Duke Kahanamoku Statue.
Duke is one of the most beloved legends in Hawaiian history.
Hollywood actor, Olympic legend and the father of modern-day surfing.
So, take a picture, leave your leis, and rub Don't move.
Pull over.
I said, pull over! Now! What? Donation time.
That's right! This is a gun! It puts holes in people.
Now if you don't want to leave this island in a box, you'll do as we say.
Everyone, pass your valuables to my new friend here.
Now! Phones, wallets, cameras, jewelry-- Get 'em out! Pass everything to the aisle! Let's go! Let's go! Come on, move it! Move it! Hand it over.
Hand it over.
Let's go! Move it! Get 'em out.
Pass everything to the aisle! You, aloha shirt gone bad - get up.
- Please.
Now! Wallet, cell phone-- hand it over, come on.
Nathan! Nathan! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Where's the brains? What are you talking about? Williams.
He's the brains.
You're the brawn.
What does that make you? Me? Come on, man.
I'm the pretty face.
Danny's got some personal stuff he had to take care of.
The Reyes thing, right? Yeah.
Sounds to me like that cat has a problem taking no for an answer.
Yeah, and he doesn't know Danny.
Trust me.
If this thing's real, Reyes is gonna wish they never met.
Hi, guys.
So, we're up here.
Not exactly your picture-perfect postcard of a tropical dream vacation.
What do we know about our Vic? His name is Nathan Wagner.
He's president of a major I.
security firm specializing in encryption, network administration and some type of hi-tech firewall that I'm not even going to try to pronounce.
He was here for a tech conference.
He tried to resist, and one of the perps put a slug in his chest.
And his wife Monica caught a round in the arm.
Please just let me see my husband.
Wagner, there's nothing you can do for him now.
I just want to see him one more time.
I'm so sorry.
What about the shooters? Three women, early 20's-- a redhead, brunette and a blonde.
They were all wearing bikinis, backpacks, sunglasses and hats.
Oh, good.
That, uh, really narrows it down.
All right.
So, as soon as they got off the bus, they blended right into the crowd.
You know, these girls are pulling old-school stagecoach robberies.
It's a lot of exposure, but they're also smart.
HPD has them hitting four tour buses in the past six months, but they're switching it up every time.
Different outfits, different buses, times and stops.
But they never hurt anyone.
- Yeah, until now.
- Kono, I want traffic cam footage.
Get HPD out there shaking the trees.
Canvass every pawn shop on the island.
Let's see if they're moving the stolen merch through online sites or known fences.
Probably wouldn't hurt to compile a list of the passengers' cell phones.
Might be able to lock onto a GPS signal.
That's good.
On it.
What about the wife? She give you anything? Yeah.
Good look at the shooter after her sunglasses came off in the struggle.
After she's released from the hospital, I'll put her in front of some photos.
All right.
So our Vic puts up a fight, and ends up in the morgue.
I'm sure these girls weren't expecting resistance, but it's clear they're not gonna hesitate to pull the trigger.
With all due respect, Commander, I think Nathan Wagner was a lot more than a random victim.
If you're soliciting opinions, I mean.
Does Dr.
Bergman concur? He's back at the ranch.
Took the training wheels off, is letting me fly solo on this one.
Well! Good for you.
Welcome to the big leagues.
All right, kid, you're up.
Well I think your victim was actually the target of this robbery.
During my preliminary examination, I ran ALS over the deceased, and I discovered this.
Well, I can't imagine the perps were carrying an ALS, so, what makes you think they saw it? These UV glasses.
CSU recovered them on the top deck of the bus.
Witnesses said they saw one of our suspects wearing them.
All right, I already did.
He's the only one.
That's impressive work, Dr.
Mahalo, Commander.
So, if this guy's clothes were marked before he got on the bus, these girls had help.
All right.
Well, Wagner and his wife were both staying at the Grand Aupuni, right? Yeah.
I'll contact the hotel, put together an exact timeline of their day before they ended up here.
This guy's a successful business man, right? So, any property or cash that was taken from him could easily have been replaced.
Why put up a fight? Not to mention, the guy's with his wife.
Only reason I can even see him putting her in danger is if these girls were after something he couldn't replace.
Whatever it was cost him his life.
- Matthew Williams, hey! - Matty.
Gonna shoot me, Danny? I should shoot you, you stupid son of a bitch! Huh? Laundering money for drug dealers?! What the hell's the matter with you? I had no choice.
You did have a choice.
You had a choice.
I gave you a choice.
I said I was gonna help you.
I said I was gonna get you through this, didn't I? This ends two ways, big brother.
You either shoot me, or you say good-bye.
I know you're supposed to be good at your job, but I see you everywhere I go.
Well, it's not an accident, you know? You're wasting your time.
It'd be better spent going out and getting my money.
Your money, okay.
Well, here's the thing.
Screw you.
Screw your money.
You say you got my brother? Where is he? Matty's gonna be fine as long as I get what I want.
Yeah? Huh? You know I could.
press charges for that, Detective.
Yeah? But that would only waste more time.
My money for your brother.
You see, here's the thing, I don't believe you, okay? You are bluffing.
Do you really want to take that chance? Okay okay, then I want to talk to Matt.
When I get what I came here for.
Lo, I fly home tonight.
You have until Monday to bring my money to this address.
That's three days.
Okay, what happens if I don't bring you the money? You'll get a package with your brother's head in it.
Have a nice rest of your day, Detective.
Your suspects were wearing these wigs.
HPD found them dumped near the crime scene.
Okay, they tell you anything? I was able to recover human hair samples from all three.
Your suspects are actually two brunettes and a blonde.
Okay, tell me you have a hit in CODIS, and lunch is on me.
Sorry, their DNA wasn't in the system.
But I did find something else for you.
I've recovered a substance from the back of our vic's shirt sleeve-- likely transferred from the perp to our victim during the struggle.
It contained elements of beeswax, paraffin and pine resin.
That's surf wax.
And I think I have an idea of where our shooter catches her breaks.
I am gonna end up buying you lunch, aren't I? I found traces of sand embedded in the surf wax.
It contains a higher ratio of olivine to carbonate than most sand on the island.
And it can be found in one particular place in great abundance: right off Diamond Head.
South shore.
Fong, you're a rock star.
Pick a day-- shrimp's on me.
We ran Nathan Wagner's credit cards.
There's been no activity since before the robbery.
According to the last receipt, he spent breakfast at the hotel restaurant just prior to boarding the tour bus.
Okay, well, if he didn't leave the hotel before he got on that bus, somebody must've marked him there.
Which means someone at the hotel is working with these girls-- whoever that was, they did recon on Nathan Wagner, I.
'd him as a whale, and marked him before he left the hotel this morning.
You wanted a smoking gun? Well, chew on this.
Not that one chews on a gun.
I'm kind of mixing metaphors there, but you get the point.
Also, hi.
How's it going? Hey, Lou, give us a minute? I got a feeling you're gonna need more than one.
Jerry, this has got to stop.
I know I said I'd back off, but I couldn't help myself-- curiosity got the best of me.
Okay, what you call curiosity, the law calls stalking, Jer.
But this guy is counterfeiting money.
I'm sure of it.
Look, the shop gets regular deliveries on Monday and Thursday.
Rare books from the mainland-- we know that's how he's sourcing his paper for the counterfeit bills.
Nope, we don't know that.
Stay with me.
Because last Friday there was a break in the pattern.
Random delivery-- definitely not books.
So I did a little Dumpster diving, and Hey, and surprise, you found some garbage.
Not garbage; a delivery slip.
The guy is now the proud owner of a brand-new inkjet printer using optimized DPI.
Dots Per Inch.
Trust me, it's important.
Okay, so what you're saying is, uh, the only thing this printer can be used for is making counterfeit money.
Well, no, of course not, but 60% of all counterfeit bills recovered in the past year were made on printers just like this one.
Jerry Steve, the guy's got a stockpile of old paper and a badass printer.
All he needs is the right kind of ink and he's printing Benjamins.
Yeah, except HPD's got nothing on this guy.
Thomas Farrow is clean.
His business is legit.
There's no evidence at all of any counterfeiting.
No evidence? What do you think you're looking at? Nothing.
Nothing, Jerry.
You're gonna get yourself into trouble.
I see.
Listen, listen to me.
Hey, I'm trying to protect you, all right? Just 'cause you want to believe something doesn't make it true.
I understand.
Have a wonderful afternoon Commander.
You're joking.
Hey, don't look at me-- this is McGarrett's idea.
Huh? I'm not wearing this.
These girls are surfers; we know where they hang out.
The only way we're gonna find them is if they don't see us coming.
What's the problem? Okay, then it falls on me? Well, you're the surfer, ain't ya? Yeah.
Plus, you're the only one who can walk down on that beach without broadcasting "cop"" Hey, listen, we need eyes out there, okay? Somebody on that beach must know who these girls are, plus, the alternative is Grover in a Speedo.
Couple of years ago, I could've pulled it off, but, well, you know.
But I pick the suit.
That'll be five dollars.
Okay, thank you very much.
Hey, what's up? That was the Grand Aupuni, where our Vic was staying.
According to the hotel manager, Wagner was staying there alone.
Alone? What about his wife? Well according to this, she died five months ago, from cancer.
Then who the hell was the woman on the bus? Mrs.
I-I'm, uh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
How can I help you? Um, I'm trying to make arrangements to have my husband's body sent home.
Lieutenant Kelly told me I should come down here.
Yeah, of course.
Uh, please, uh, have a seat.
So it turns out our Mrs.
Wagner is actually an ex-con by the name of Vanessa Hansen.
She's worn bracelets in multiple states.
Grand larceny, forgery, fraud-- mostly white-collar stuff.
Never did any significant time.
It's possible she's working with our girls.
Yeah, but why stick around the crime scene pretending to be Wagner's wife? I mean, she had to know we'd find out who she was.
Right? Why take a chance? Yeah.
Shaw, slow down, slow down.
What happened? I was not expecting to see the wife.
She came in, I gave her a moment alone, and after she left, I started my examination and I found this.
Wasn't here when he was brought in.
She took his thumbprint.
Wait a minute, that's why Vanessa Hansen stuck around the crime scene and pretended to be his wife-- she needed that print.
Our Vic owns an I.
security firm.
He's got clients on the Fortune 500 list.
No telling what that print would get her access to.
Okay, wait a minute.
What are the odds? All right, Hansen targets Nathan Wagner on that tour bus, but right before she can get what she wants, there's a stickup.
Got a better chance of getting struck by lightning.
Yeah, or winning the lottery.
Plus, there's no evidence that she's working with our little all-girl wild bunch.
All right, we treat this as two separate crimes.
Good to see you, little sistah.
Howzit, Mamo? Long time no.
You know, I sit out here every day watching these young kids, and not one of them, not one can shred those waves like you.
I was all right.
That was a long time ago, Mamo.
All right? You were the best.
So, what brings you to my beach? Come to show these clowns how it's done? Well, unfortunately, I'm not here for the surf; I'm on the job.
I'm looking for three girls-- late teens, early 20s.
Two brunettes and one blonde.
Look around.
You got your pick out here.
Yeah, well, they're most likely Kama'aina.
Probably surf here all the time.
The swells were coming in from the west this morning.
But the wind shifted.
Now the best breaks are coming in from the south.
If they're true kanaka maoli that's where they'll be.
It's good to see you, Mamo.
Anytime, sistah.
You be careful.
Malama aku no.
Go show 'em how it's done! Alert's out on Vanessa Hansen.
HPD's sitting on her house now.
Believe me, she knows we're onto her.
So I doubt she's going home.
Now, where are we with Wagner's thumbprint? Well, I spoke to one of the partners at his firm.
He uses it as a biometric key.
It allows him to access files that contain highly sensitive information about his clients.
Well, information like that on blue-chip companies could be very valuable to someone who knows how to leverage it.
You better believe it.
That's what Vanessa Hansen's after.
That's my guess.
Company's notifying its clients of a potential breach.
All right, we get any word from Kono on our surfer girls? Nothing yet.
HPD's still running background on any hotel employee that might have had access to the vic's room.
Whoever marked Wagner should lead us to our crew.
- It's DC.
- Oh, that's for me.
I put a call in to the Secret Service for Jerry.
You guys give me a second, please? Sure.
Agent Keane.
Thanks for getting back to me.
No good waves? Surf report said it was firing out here this morning.
Do we know you? No.
Just making friendly conversation.
Well, take your friendly conversation someplace else.
You got a problem, sistah? No, it's all good.
Everything's cool.
That's just some nasty bruise you got there.
Where do you think you're going? Let go of me.
That was the most fun I had on a board in a long time.
Don't look at me like that.
I just did you a huge favor.
First one in gets the deal.
All you have to do is tell me who your friends are and where I can find 'em.
I want a lawyer.
You're gonna need one.
'Cause we found the wigs that you dumped after the robbery.
And there's still strands of your hair inside.
So when I compare your DNA to that hair sample, we both know you're going down for this.
Lea, Lea.
I know exactly who you are.
You never finished high school.
You'd rather chase the waves than get a real job, so you just knock off some, uh, unsuspecting haoles to make ends meet.
Is this the part where you tell me you used to be like me? That we're not all that different? No, this is the part where I tell you I know your cousin works as a bellhop at the Grand Aupuni.
The same hotel where the man you and your friends murdered was staying.
'Cause that's how you've been doing this.
He picks out the big fish, lets you know when they book a bus tour.
He gets into their room, marks their clothes and you Hey, Five-O! and your friends do the rest.
Didn't your mother tell you to look both ways? Come on.
Let's go to jail.
It's over, Lea.
This is the most important decision of your life.
If you ever want to surf a break again, tell me where your friends are.
Go to hell.
Hey, you got a sec? Not getting anywhere.
Doesn't matter-- we don't need her.
The cousin just flipped on the other two girls.
We got an address.
Let's go.
Five-O! Freeze! Steve! I got movement! Vanessa Hansen! Freeze! Go, go, go! No, Vanessa Hansen didn't just stop by for a friendly visit.
She was looking for something.
Well, gotta be something them girls took off Nathan Wagner.
Wallet maybe his phone Oh, yeah.
His phone.
She needed his thumbprint to access his phone.
Well, whatever's on that thing, Hansen's willing to kill for it.
And she's not gonna stop until she gets it.
We find those girls, we find Vanessa Hansen.
All right! When was this caught? This morning.
Any fresher you'd be eating it underwater.
Sure about that? Choose your next words carefully, bruddah.
It's okay.
I'm not hungry anyway.
I'm here for a favor.
You are Five-O.
What's going on, man? There's a, uh, vintage bookshop in town that's a cover for a counterfeiting operation.
That's no joke.
My cousin Bobo used a home printer and bleach to turn fives into 50.
Now he's doing 20 up in Halawa.
Let me guess-- he forgot to change Lincoln to Grant? You tell McGarrett about this? Of course, but he's convinced there's nothing going on in there.
Which is why I need some hard evidence.
I don't read.
I'm more of a visual guy.
It's not for you.
It's my way to get ears inside the operation.
There's a listening device implanted in the spine.
I just need someone to walk into that store and sell it for me.
How do you know they're even gonna want to buy this thing? It's not even in English.
It's Latin, it's rare, it's worth a grand, easy.
So if you let it go for a couple hundred bucks, they're not gonna say no.
You got legs.
I can't do it.
I'm too close to this thing.
I need an op with undercover experience.
Chin told me you helped Five-O with a situation a few years back.
Yeah, and I almost ended up worm food.
So with all due respect to my existence, my various thriving enterprises, I'm gonna have to pass.
Sorry, brah.
W-Wait, wait, wait.
Just hear me out.
Have you ever been sure of something? Something you knew to be true, but no one believed you? Starting my own business.
Going legit.
You should have seen the looks that I got.
And I'm not just talking about my friends.
Now I got a truck, shave ice stand, helicopter, and a few other tricks up my sleeve.
There, you see? I mean, at least you had a chance to prove everyone wrong.
My dad was a brilliant engineer.
All he ever wanted to do was build things better.
When the company he was working for started to take shortcuts and put people at risk, he went to his boss.
Nothing happened.
Two months later, he went to the division supervisor.
Same response.
Four months later, he went to the president of the company.
And two days after that, they promoted him.
They paid him to shut up? My father lived the rest of his life with the regret of not having done the right thing.
I watched how it ate away at him.
How weak it made him feel.
Compromising his integrity instead of doing what was right.
I loved my father, but that's not gonna be me.
I'm not gonna shut up and I'm not gonna walk away from this.
I'm in.
Gonna do this.
Thank you.
I don't think you understand, Lea.
If those people find Keilani and Alana before we do, they're as good as dead.
Okay, look, you stole a cell phone from the guy who was killed on the bus this morning, all right? Some very dangerous people are trying to find it.
Is that right? Lea you recognize this place? That guy was tearing apart your house.
And he wasn't the type to surrender, okay? Now, if your two friends had shown up instead of us, it would've been them in that photo.
These people will not hesitate to kill to get what they're after, so if you know where your friends are, you need to tell us.
Keilani's tutu has a house up in Waimanalo.
We always said if things went bad, that's where we'd go.
Would you please sit down.
You're stressing me out.
Pardon me for being human.
I killed a guy today.
It was his idea to play hero.
It was either him or you.
Doesn't matter.
Dead is dead.
And the cops know who we are.
So yeah, I'm a little stressed.
We're gonna be fine.
They got Lea.
She's not gonna tell the cops anything.
Sit down.
I said sit down! Good.
Now that I have your attention I want the stuff you stole this morning.
Where's the rest of it? Huh? I don't know Gun! Second story! Got it.
Stay down! Take another step and she dies.
From the looks of that wound, she's already got one foot in the grave.
The way she's leaking blood, I give her about ten minutes before it's both.
I will put a bullet in her head right now.
Go ahead.
We don't give a damn about her.
Or you.
I'll tell you what, when she's done bleeding out, why don't you come out front and we'll talk, all right? I got her.
I'm going inside.
Central, this is Captain Grover, Five-O.
I have a shooting victim, heavy bleeder, conscious.
I need a medevac.
Put a rush on it.
So it turns out that one of Nathan Wagner's clients was Union Liberty Bank.
He managed the data transfer codes, which he kept stored on his phone.
What?! Well, that doesn't seem like a very savvy way to secure valuable information, especially for a tech guy.
Yeah, but this wasn't just any phone-- it was equipped with a state-of-the-art firewall that made it resistant to hacking.
The only way in was his thumbprint.
Vanessa Hansen was gonna use those codes to drain millions from the bank.
Well, that would explain why Wagner put up a fight.
So she said she followed him from the hotel to the bus put a gun in his side, said "We're gonna get off in a few stops," where there was a car waiting with a laptop inside to do a wire transfer to an offshore account.
Those girls had no idea what they were walking into when they got onto that bus.
For them, life as they knew it was simple.
It was waking up every day with a desire to catch a better wave than the day before.
The adrenaline you feel paddling out knowing that at any time you could get the ride of your life.
And then there's the rush of walking on water.
Only gods do that.
Everything they did was to preserve that life.
To surf is to get up every day with a desire to battle something greater than yourself.
And those girls just wanted to ride that wave as long as they could.
And now their endless summer is over.
Come in.
Heard you solved the case.
Yeah, thanks, man.
Uh, thanks for coming by, too.
Look, I, um I felt bad about the way we left things this morning, so I called in a favor.
I had my friend at Secret Service run Thomas Farrow through their counterfeiting unit.
I'm sorry, but, uh, he's clean, Jerry.
Well, I guess no one's right You bet.
Can I ask you something? Of course.
Do you think I'm a crackpot? No.
Absolutely not.
Listen, you've been right about so many things: the Medici rings, the black unicorn, my Champ Box Yeah, well, not that I'm keeping score or anything.
Yeah, but we are, Jerry.
You've become an incredible asset to this team.
I don't want you getting in trouble over something stupid like this.
You know? You're 'ohana now.
Bring it in, man.
Come on.
Thanks for this, McGruff.
Glad I could put your mind at ease.
It's on.
Good evening, sir.
Can I help you with something? My uncle passed away recently.
I found this in his attic.
Looks like it might be worth something.
Lecanto's Doctrinam DE Homine, originally published in 1590.
This looks to be an early 17th century edition with, uh, quarter vellum and speckled paper sides.
Well, your uncle had most excellent taste.
Now, how much for the book? Well, um, it's certainly a strong copy with a very pleasing provenance.
Um May I handle it? Absolutely.
Just be careful with it, brah.
I certainly will.
All those provinces good, brah? Most impressive.
Well, then, um I am prepared to offer you $300.
I'm prepared to accept no less than $400.
You drive rather a hard bargain, sir.
You have yourself a deal.
Mahalo, brother.
I tried calling you before.
You didn't pick up.
What's going on? What happened with Reyes? He gave me till Monday to-to get him his money, and, Steve, I do not think that he is he's lying.
I think that, um I think he has Matt.
Then, uh, I vote we go to Colombia and get him back.
No, that we can't do, all right? This guy Reyes is the type of guy I think he is, uh, he's gonna have an army around him.
If we go down there, Matt's dead before we get in the front door.
But, uh, I think I may have a-a another way of getting Matt back.
How's that? How? Uh, I pay him his money.
You mean the money that doesn't exist? You say it doesn't exist.
I'm starting to think that maybe it does.
In fact, I'm thinking it's right here on this island.
Now, wait, what are you talking about? Just stick with me here for a second.
Three years ago, Matt gets on that plane.
Okay? Not a single piece of luggage.
But he's supposed to have $18.
5 million.
If that's the case, then it's here on the island.
Correct? Okay.
So, say he did-- so what? How are you supposed to find it? About a month after he disappeared, he sent me a postcard-- Matt.
Yeah? What'd it say? Did it mention the money? No, he didn't mention the money.
He just wrote "Wish you were here.
" It's a picture of this remote area on Oahu.
"Wish you were here" with a rock formation and a couple of couple of palm trees.
Hold on.
I'm gonna take a picture.
Hold on.
Did you get it? "Wish you were here.
" So at first, I'm just angry, right? I mean, this is all this guy's got to say after everything that happened? "I wish you were here"? That's all I get? You know, I was confused.
I don't understand why he sent it.
Then I looked at it again today.
It started to make a little bit more sense.
Maybe he was sending me the postcard to tell me where the location of the money is.
Danny I know, I know, I know.
I'm crazy, right? But I think literally that the money could be directly at the spot on the postcard.
Okay, so wait a minute, you think this whole postcard is-is some kind of a Is a treasure map, yes.
Uh, I know.
Go ahead.
Say it.
I'm crazy.
No, I'm not gonna do that.
I appreciate that.
Hey, Danny, listen to me, I know where this place is.
I can be there in less than two hours to come help you dig it up.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Don't worry about it.
Listen I'm already here, and it might be nothing.
All right? All right, well, if you find something, give me a call.
All right, you got it.

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