Hawaii Five-0 s05e04 Episode Script

Ka No'eau (The Painter)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O What are you doing in my house? Who are you? I'm Marco Reyes.
When your brother disappeared, he was in possession of a significant amount my money.
How much money? You have until Monday to bring my money to this address.
What happens if I don't bring you the money? You'll get a package with your brother's head in it.
Three years ago, Matt gets on that plane.
Not a single piece of luggage, but he's supposed to have 18-and-a-half million dollars.
If that's the case, then it's here on the island.
So, what? How you supposed to find it? About a month after he disappeared, he sent me a postcard.
Yeah? What'd it say? Did it mention the money? No, he didn't mention the money.
He just wrote, “Wish you were here.
” It was a picture of this remote area on Oahu with a rock formation and a couple of palm trees.
Danny! Hey, Danny? In here.
You were right.
Um Except for the fact that, uh, Reyes said that Matty owed him You see, this is only $13 million.
Are you sure? Yes, I am positive-- I counted it three times.
So, Matty must have taken some to help himself disappear.
And now I am, uh, five-and-a-half million dollars short.
And I have two days to come up with all of it, or, um my brother's dead.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey, I'm here to see Ko.
He doesn't like talking to cops.
I understand.
Uh, I'm not here as a cop, though.
I'll get back to you.
What is he doing here? I, uh I need a favor.
Listen, Steve told me about the money.
I figured you'd come here first.
Uh well, he turned me down.
Danny, that's a good thing.
The last thing you want in this world is to owe a man like Ko.
Well, if it meant saving my brother, I'd go for it, you know? I hear that.
But there are other ways.
Really? I'm short five-and-a-half million dollars.
I really don't see any other ways.
I may have one.
Aloha and welcome to Honolulu International Airport.
Please proceed to baggage claim to collect all checked bags.
We hope you enjoy a wonderful stay in our island paradise.
Excuse me, Mr.
Bristol? Gordon Bristol? I'm Gordon Bristol.
Sir, can you please come with us? What's going on? Have I done something wrong? Why did you come to Hawaii, Mr.
Bristol? Why does anyone come to Hawaii? See the ocean, work on my tan.
Is that a problem? Is this your bag, sir? Yes.
Bristol, we randomly search luggage for security reasons, and your bag came to our attention.
Would you like to explain why you were transporting a weapon onto the island of Oahu? There's been a mistake.
I have never seen that before in my life.
I don't even own a gun.
Bristol, illegal transportation of an unregistered firearm, as well as being in possession of a sound suppressor are felonies in the state of Hawaii, as well as being a violation of Federal statutes.
I'm afraid we're gonna be detaining you, pending Federal arrest.
If you'll please stand up, place your hands behind your back.
Was fur ein spiel.
Unglaublich, wie wir zuruckkamen, um zu gewinnen.
What a match.
I am surprised we came back to win.
All right.
Coconut shrimp.
Sweet and sour sauce? All you can dip.
From the ocean to the deep fryer, to your sophisticated palate.
I am most pleased that our midfielders played with aggression.
Surveillance suspect sounds like a robot.
That's a computer program.
The guy in the bookstore is speaking German, and I don't speak German.
It is also fortuitous that the keeper cleared the foot to prevent the equalizer from drinking.
And your robot needs to work on its English.
So, I take it there's been no chatter about the counterfeiting? No, just a bunch of talk about soccer.
But I'm convinced our guy's gonna broker a deal with the German to unload his counterfeit money any day now.
Or maybe they just like soccer.
You know, in other countries, they call it football? Doesn't seem right.
Trust me, he's just luring his buyer with a mutual affection for sports.
Just laying the groundwork for the deal.
And when he makes it, I'll be listening.
So I take it you're gonna need more shrimp.
I'll just throw it on your tab.
In my experience, the key to surveillance is patience and stamina.
Your experience? Trust me.
It's only a matter of time before he slips up and proves me right.
Got a real mess in there.
Our suspect is traveling under the name Gordon Bristol.
That's an alias.
We know that he boarded the red eye from Detroit last night.
His luggage gets flagged because of this.
Beretta 92FS, with an extra 15-round clip and a cobra sound suppressor.
That's not exactly a sportsman's gun.
Where is this guy Bristol now? What happened? Oh, he escaped.
But not before he took down five guys in the TSA holding room.
Five guys? Took down five guys by himself? With his bare hands.
All right, Lou, listen to me: Contact Detroit PD.
Let's get them prints, surveillance photos, whatever we can of this guy, see if they can tell us who he really is.
All right, you got it.
Gas must be cheap these days, 'cause this is the second time that you've come out here for nothing.
I'm not here about my problem with IA.
Because if you were, you'd be on your knees, begging me to tell them you didn't take my bribe.
Well, if the truth still matters, I've got nothing to worry about.
Good luck with that.
Looks like you've been having trouble making friends in here.
I got enough friends on the outside.
So do I.
I'm here about one of them.
Let me guess.
This pal of yours is in trouble.
Needs some sort of financial assistance.
This isn't for me.
And there's a clock on this.
He's almost out of options.
How much help does your friend need? Five-and-a-half million dollars' worth.
Oh, is that all? And if the money isn't there? My friend's brother dies.
Tell your friend I'll give him We're done here.
Guy's real name is Stegner, first name Joseph.
No known employment history outside the construction business.
He owns a house in West Bloomfield, Michigan-- tony little suburb outside of Detroit.
This guy lives pretty high on the hog for somebody who supposedly spent his whole life swinging a hammer.
Got a criminal record? Well, according to Detroit PD, Stegner's name's been connected to a few beat-downs and a couple homicides, the first being a gunned-down union boss, and the second a juror who was killed in a hit and run.
Now, Stegner has been brought in a few times for questioning on both these murders.
Never charged.
Okay, so organized crime is alive and well up in the Motor City.
Yes, sir.
And according to his jacket, Stegner is supposed to have close ties with the Bagosa family.
And what do we know about them? The Bagosa family is one of the 24 original crime families.
Now, most people, when they think of Detroit, they think about either cars or being the murder capitol of the country.
The Bagosa family is one of the most active crime syndicates in the country.
And that is because of this guy.
Albert Bagosa, third-generation crime boss.
Rules with an iron fist.
The guy simply will not tolerate dissent.
Okay, so Bagosa sends Stegner down here to do a job, with his tools.
He gets snagged by a random bag check, is detained and then escapes, right? Right.
The question is, who is the target, and is Stegner still planning on taking them out? Hey, security cameras at the Ward Center just picked up our suspect.
Well you gotta give the guy some credit.
He ain't scared of too much.
Well, he left the airport in a hurry.
He's probably trying to drain all of his accounts before they get shut down.
All right, that ATM is in the center of the mall.
Kono, use those security cameras to track him out of there.
And call HPD, tell them to secure the perimeter.
Every street.
We're on our way.
Kono, you got him? He's heading east, past the movie theaters.
HPD has the perimeter locked down.
Hey, I got him.
I got him.
Easy, easy.
A lot of collateral.
We've been compromised.
Kono, don't lose him.
He's headed for Ala Moana.
Hold it right there! Hold it right there! Don't move! Get down on the ground! On your knees, put your hands behind your head.
Okay, okay I don't have him.
Does this make any sense to you? A contract killer comes into town to do a piece of work, and then he's the one who gets taken out.
Could be the intended target finds out about Stegner, decides to get preemptive and gets the jump on him.
If that's the case, our man is no ordinary mark.
He took out a major bad-ass from 100 yards away and then escaped a police cordon.
So we traded up.
Commander, HPD just found the suspect's vehicle abandoned at George Street.
Detective Williams is already on the way.
Go, go ahead.
I got this.
You find anything? Blood.
Look like you hit him.
Hey, Pua? Have CSU process this vehicle and get officers searching every hospital on the island.
All right? Yes, Commander.
You really think this is the kind of guy that's going to go to the hospital? Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll drop dead before it's a consideration.
I'm starving.
What did you end up getting? Same as always.
Can't go wrong.
You try the spicy? Take it to go.
Still no word from Chin? No.
You know what, partner? We can get on a plane right now and settle this.
You see, that is why I love you, buddy.
You're always willing to risk both of our lives at any given moment, huh? Listen, man, I'll go through the door first if it makes you feel better.
Oh, you would? What's up? Danny, I'm sorry.
Look, you're just gonna have to set new terms.
Go down there in a couple of days, give Reyes half the money, and then tell him he'll get the other half when Matty's released.
That's great.
That's great.
What happens when he finds out I do not have the other half? That I am five and a half million dollars short? And what does he do? He comes here, and he takes Grace? I can't do that.
Okay, this thing ends, and that son of a bitch gets every penny, okay? Thank you for trying.
So I ran that blood you guys found in your gunman's car and got a hit.
Meet Nick Mercer.
Michigan authorities say he is a highly skilled and proficient contract killer for the Bagosa family.
That's the same crime family Stegner worked for.
Okay, so we got one hit man killing another hit man.
What are we looking at here? Family feud? Personal vendetta? Maybe Stegner offended Bagosa in some way, or there's an internal power struggle amongst the help.
Or maybe Mercer wanted a contract that was given to Stegner.
If you're right, then we need to identify who the target is.
Unless the job's already been done.
Man you're looking for is a ruthless, stone-cold contract killer.
I've worked organized crime all over the country-- New York, Chicago, Miami.
Never seen anything like Mercer.
He's a world-class house painter whose expertise is the “White Death,” that is, making people disappear.
Mostly jurors, witnesses, cops trying to do their job, anyone who can potentially hurt the Bagosa family.
He's rumored to have over 100 kills, and we've never been able to touch him.
He's that good.
You just know he's been there because his victims are never seen or heard from again.
On the street, they call him “Valentine.
” - Oh, that's cute.
- Why Valentine? Because people who know him say he doesn't have a heart.
he has a lot of enemies.
Killing Stegner must have just put the Bagosa family at the top of that list.
Unless the hit was sanctioned, Valentine's going to have to pay for it.
All right, Agent Chapman, what have you got on this man's personal life? Not much.
A surveillance package was assigned to him, but the judge wouldn't renew the request after it yielded no suspicious activity.
We do know he spent some time at a hospital recently, following a car accident, but we can't get the medical records.
Bagosa brought in his own team of doctors to perform the surgery.
You said the accident was recent? Yeah, two years ago.
After that, Valentine dropped off the grid, then presumably returned back to work, never skipping a beat.
And here's what you need to know: This man's efficient.
He doesn't linger, he doesn't collect trophies.
There's no ego involved in what he does.
And if he's still on your island, you can expect some more bodies.
There's too much blood.
I can't even see the bullet, let alone assess the damage.
If it hit an artery, and I extract it, you could bleed out.
Let us give you something for the pain.
Do I look like someone who cares about pain? She's trying to help.
Donna, stabilize this.
You want to tell me who shot you? Maybe where it happened? Anyone you want us to contact? Look, I can't get to the slug without a CAT scan or an X-ray.
Let us take you to the hospital.
Straub Clinic is only a few miles down the road.
We can be there in ten minutes.
Dumb move, slick.
We found him.
He's on the move.
HPD received a 911 call, and they got a lock on the ambulance he stole.
I got him.
Hold on.
Oh, no.
I was hoping he wouldn't do that.
Punch it! He's getting away! I got my foot on the floor here.
Seriously? Seriously! All right, you know what? Let's get something straight here, Chicago.
I don't like it when Danny criticizes my driving, the same goes for you.
You got it? Would you relax your giggle hole? My what? Listen.
It's not a criticism.
I think you drive fine.
I'm just saying I think the Camaro would come in handy right about now.
You don't say.
He's slowing down! What the hell's he doing? Hands! Let me see your hands! Moving.
Get out of the vehicle right now! He's lost a lot of blood.
Call an ambulance.
Isn't this ironic? How you doing? I'm Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, Five-O.
This is Lieutenant Kelly, Captain Grover.
Now we know who you are, Valentine.
And we also know that you work for Albert Bagosa.
See, the thing we can't figure out is, uh, is why you would kill your, your associate Joseph Stegner.
Was it business or was it personal? A little of both.
Well, you could've whacked Stegner back in Detroit, saved yourself the airfare.
Why fly all the way out here to do it? Have you ever been to Detroit in the wintertime? Yeah.
Walked right into that one.
All right, how many more people on your list? I'm not here to kill anyone.
I'm here to protect people.
What people? The ones Bagosa hid me to take out.
That doesn't make any sense.
So you expect us to believe that you didn't fulfill those contracts? If you wanted the truth, that's it.
All right.
Why the change of heart? Sometimes things happen that change a person's perspective on life.
Well, that's that's some deep and soulful stuff for a man who's killed over a hundred people.
Two years ago middle of a thunderstorm, I got into a head-on with a moving van with bad brakes.
Doctors said I suffered a traumatic ventricular failure.
That there was a 100% certainty I would die if I didn't get a new heart.
Okay, how'd you get to the top of the list? You gentlemen forget who I work for.
Man like Albert Bagosa doesn't get wait-listed.
I needed a new heart.
He got me one.
Not that he had any great affection for me.
He just needed me to get back to work.
I was told that my heart belonged to a very special young man.
He taught at about the worst school in the city.
Served meals at the local soup kitchen.
Built houses for the homeless during his summer break.
Then one day, this solid citizen, this man who lived to make a difference, got hit by a drunk driver while crossing the street.
And it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.
'Cause I got a piece of him.
After that, things changed.
Went about my business the way I always done it.
But when it came to the moment of truth, couldn't go through with it.
Just couldn't pull the trigger.
And it kept happening contract after contract.
Something happened when I got that new heart.
I began thinking of the people I was asked to kill.
Their loved ones.
Their families.
What did they do to deserve me? Okay.
Well, if your story's true, that can't have made Mr.
Bagosa happy.
I never told Bagosa.
Every contract I got, I pretended to fill it.
So, what about all the people you're supposed to kill? What happened to them? I found a safe place to hide them.
You created your own witness protection program.
That's right.
An entire community made up of people that didn't deserve to die.
But somehow Bagosa found out.
Then how is it that you're still walking around? I'm that good.
That's why Bagosa sent Stegner to Hawaii, huh? To kill those people that you've been hiding? Those people are innocent.
I couldn't let Stegner end their lives.
- You think I'm lying? - I think you just told a really great campfire story.
The only things missing are the marshmallows.
The only way we can know if you're telling the truth is if you tell us where you stashed those people.
So where are they? If I tell you, I put those people at risk.
That's just not gonna happen.
Boy, I have heard some fairy tales in 30 years as a cop, but this one beats all of 'em.
It's out there.
But I give him points for originality.
If he made it up, it was well-rehearsed.
Come on you're not buying this, are you? Every gun-for-hire has an exit strategy, in case he gets pinched.
This guy's story is probably just something to distract us from what he's really here to do.
Yeah, or it's real and he's telling the truth.
We gotta dig into this.
We gotta dig into this.
Let's see if Detroit can corroborate.
Lieutenant Kelly.
I've been thinking about your friend's situation.
And? Maybe we can do a little quid pro quo.
That is, if my welfare means anything to you.
It doesn't.
Just keep talking.
Turns out some of the guys in general pop don't like the fact that I'm related to Five-O.
Well, maybe you should have thought of that before you killed my father.
Look, what's done is done.
Nothing can change that.
But what can change is your friend's situation.
Tell me what you want.
Immediate transfer to the special holding unit at the high security facility.
There I'll get a private cell and private rec time, and for that, I am willing to pay five and a half million dollars.
So I was able to track down paperwork from a surgical supply company verifying Valentine's heart transplant.
It was all paid for by Bagosa.
But there's not much more post-surgery.
Valentine said he stashed those people somewhere, which means he could've bought land.
The problem with Valentine is that he's in a cash business.
Right? Right.
So it's unlikely he's the kind of guy that's gonna use his real name on anything, so there's no financials, no way to trace any real estate transactions.
Then where the hell is Valentine hiding all these people he was supposed to kill? My assistant said you rang.
Yeah, your mom didn't sound too happy when I called.
Is everything all right? - Eh, she's got seller's remorse.
- Hey, congrats on selling your house.
Not my house.
It's my mom's.
Which means I'm in the market for a new basement, if any of you are looking for a friendly nonsmoker willing to trade light housework for room and board.
Well, if you hear of anything then.
How can I help? So, listen, if somebody wanted to live off the grid, Jerry, and I'm talking like Big Brother-fearing, income tax-avoiding, way, way off the grid, - where would they go? - We're talking no phone service, no nosey tourists, no contact with the outside world.
What they're trying to say is where do your like-minded friends all live? How many people we looking at? Maybe a dozen, possibly more.
And it'd need to be a place that has the resources to sustain a community like that for a long period of time.
So you're saying, like, if Amelia Earhart had come to Hawaii to fake her death instead of Howland Island? Ye Sure, Jerry.
Well, that's easy.
Two places: west coast of Molokai or the Lanai rainforest.
If you wanted to disappear, either place would work.
Special Agent Chapman.
Any progress on your end? I'm afraid we have a new development, Commander.
What's that? One of my most reliable C.
s just told me a plane chartered by one of Bagosa's front companies left Detroit four hours ago headed west with a manifest of six.
And they just lost contact with the plane.
We're pretty sure they're avoiding radar contact.
You got trouble headed your way.
Six guys, a lot of muscle.
They're not just coming for Valentine.
They're coming for the people he's hiding, too.
We gotta move.
Listen to me very carefully-- if you care about those people that you're hiding, you need to tell us where they are right now.
What's going on? There's a plane in the air, with six guys on it-- they're coming here to finish the job your pal Stegner couldn't.
All right, so I'm gonna say it one more time: if they mean anything to you, anything at all, you need to give us their location, you understand? How do I know you're not lying? You tell us where they are, you can help us save them.
They're five miles from here.
In an abandoned summer camp.
I made a map for you.
All right, thanks.
It's all there, just like we agreed on.
Let's go.
Spread out.
Generator is running out of fuel.
Somebody's gonna have to go into town for supplies.
I can do that tomorrow morning before it gets too busy.
I'll tell the others, get them to make their lists.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure we're running low on some of the essentials.
We're gonna need some more batteries, and I think we're pretty low on fishing line.
It worked.
Told you.
Hey, how about a little love for the maestro? Good work, Jerry.
Thanks, sistah.
I got movement, Jerry.
One diversion, coming right up.
Hey, have you seen my pocket knife? Did you lose it again? Maybe one of the kids took it.
I don't believe it-- toaster's broken again.
Little help, here.
Freeze! Hello, boss.
Do you have any idea what you're doing, Valentine? Asking you politely to put down your gun.
You know me better than anyone.
I'll blow your damn head off right here.
Take him away.
My pleasure.
I saved your life.
In ways you'll never know.
All right, you want to step this way, sir? Got a nice little cage for you.
Thank you.
Let's go.
All right, it's all here-- five-and-a-half million.
You're gonna maybe tell me where, uh, where it came from? Anonymous donor.
That donor wouldn't happen to, uh, be somebody who's related to you, would it? He was, once.
He means nothing to me now.
This is gonna cost you in ways that you could not possibly predict.
You know that, right? Why don't you let me worry about that.
You just worry about getting your brother back.
Thank you.
Thank you, brother.
I mean it.
You made it with an hour to spare.
You brought a little friend, too-- that's nice.
Look, it's-it's all there, okay? Just, uh, let me see my brother now.
You're right.
Deal's a deal.
Matty! Matty! It's Danny.
I'm here! Do you want to take him with you or would you prefer that we ship him? Danny Danny! Get up get up! Okay, all right.
Okay, all right.
All right.
Listen to me.
Do yourself a favor and kill me now, 'cause I promise you-- I promise you, I'm gonna put you in the ground the first chance I get.
No, you listen to me: Take some advice: go home.
And if you love your daughter, you won't ever come back to Colombia again, do you understand? Yeah.
Fernando! What'd I just tell you, huh? What'd I say? Huh? What'd I tell you? Huh? Huh? What'd I say? Okay.
Look at me.
You look at me, look at me, look at me.
That's it.

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