Hawaii Five-0 s05e05 Episode Script

Ho'oilina (Legacy)

Hey, Dad.
Spoke to Aunt Deb last week.
Looks like she's gonna give chemo a shot.
She, um she said to me, "The McGarretts are fighters.
" And Mary, Mary's good.
You wouldn't believe it, Dad, but she has, uh she's become such a strong woman.
And she's such a great mother to that little girl.
She sends me videos, like, every other day.
I'm getting to watch Joanie grow up.
It's amazing.
Kid's starting to take her first steps.
I really wish you were here for all of this.
I think you would have liked being a grandfather.
I miss you, Dad.
Hey, Mary.
Yeah, it's me.
No, no, no, I'm here now.
I just, I wanted to call you guys and just check on you, see how you're doing.
I know.
Four years.
No, it's crazy.
No, I'm right here.
Hey, Mary, listen, let me call you back, okay? Excuse me! Hi.
I'm sorry to bother you.
I-I saw you at John McGarrett's grave.
Did you know him? You're his son, aren't you? Yeah.
You have his eyes.
Ellie Clayton.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
And I-I'm still at a loss.
I'm sorry.
I can see that.
Um do you mind telling me how you knew my dad? How do you like your coffee? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) O When I was a kid, my dad owned a bar.
One night, someone came in to rob it, and he was killed.
Your father investigated.
I'm sorry.
He never found who did it, but your dad, he stayed in my life.
Every few weeks he'd check in, and on the anniversary of my father's death, he'd take me to lunch.
We'd get some shave ice and walk on this beach.
It meant a lot to me.
It made a difficult day a little bit easier.
I'll always be grateful for that.
So, now, on the anniversary of his death, I come to pay my respects, honor his memory.
When was the last time you guys spoke? It was shortly before he died, actually.
He called me to tell me he might have a new lead in the case.
Did he say what it was? No.
He followed a lot of leads over the years.
None of them ever came to much.
You know, no matter how many setbacks, your dad, he never gave up.
He was stubborn like that.
Oh, I have to run.
I'm sorry.
I have to be in court in an hour.
What, you're a lawyer? How do you know I'm not a defendant? Well, I've met a lot of defendants, they don't look like you.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Deputy Prosecutor.
Five-O Taskforce.
Good to know we're on the same side.
I'm glad I had a chance to meet you.
Your dad talked a lot about you.
He was really proud.
Well, it was nice to meet you, too, Ellie.
Hey, Ellie.
Your dad's bar, what was the name of it? The Aces High.
In Kapahulu.
That's right.
What? Nothing.
I-I remembered is all.
Well, good-bye, Steve.
Hey, whoa.
What are you guys doing? What? We're packing boxes, just like you asked.
With the newspapers? Are you crazy? There's evidence in these pages.
Of what? Several connected global conspiracies I've yet to prove.
You got 18 boxes worth of files labeled, like, "Unexplained phenomena," "Area 51.
" You hold on to old VHS tapes, along with newspapers.
You know what your problem is, brah? You're the hoarder.
Yeah, a hoarder of truth.
Jerry, compulsive hoarding is a symptom of OCD.
Have you ever been diagnosed? Oh, yeah, Dr.
Shaw? Hanging out with dead people all day could be considered borderline necrophilia.
Have you ever been diagnosed? Denial is another symptom.
What did I say? I'm gonna start packing up the kitchen.
What the hell? We're downstairs working, and you're up here listening to Pictorial onlay, fine dust jacket What are you listening to? Nothing.
Book on tape.
You mean bookshop owner on tape.
Bookshop owner-slash-counterfeiter.
I don't believe this.
Is this live? It's from a few days ago.
I was just catching up between packing boxes.
Jerry, are you aware that in the state of Hawaii, bugging someone is a felony, and carries with it a $10,000 fine and a five-year prison sentence? Are you aware of the consequences of flooding the market with counterfeit currency? This guy Farrow could crash a small economy if we don't stop him.
There is nothing to stop.
The Secret Service already cleared Farrow.
Secret Service?! What do they know?! They still believe that Oswald acted alone.
Jerry, enough.
I know for a fact that McGarrett already asked you to back off twice.
And you didn't listen.
How are we supposed to trust you now? How'd you even manage to bug this guy? Pulled a Trojan Horse move.
Hid the bug in a rare book, and I sold it to him via a third party.
But don't ask me who, 'cause I'll never tell.
It was Kamekona.
I'll give you points for creativity.
But you got to get the book back.
And you got to shut this thing down.
Crap, it's McGarrett.
Please don't say anything.
You gonna get the book back? Fine.
All right.
Commander! Dude, I thought you couldn't make it.
Sorry, buddy, I'm not here for the packing party.
I need a word with Chin.
You got a sec? Yeah.
What's up? Hey, listen.
Did my dad ever talk about a cold case back in '95? It was robbery-homicide.
Victim's last name was Clayton.
Yeah, that case haunted him.
I found this in his toolbox.
I never understood why.
Then this morning I met Clayton's daughter and it started to make some sense.
Apparently, my dad kept in touch with her.
What happened? Well, there had been a string of robberie in the neighborhood.
And Clayton was closing up this place when the killer came in and shot him in cold blood.
Grabbed the cash box and took off.
Meanwhile, the daughter was upstairs in the apartment that they shared when the whole thing happened.
Poor kid heard the shot.
What about suspects? They ever have any suspects? Yeah, for a minute.
Homeless guy.
Uh Ned Burrows.
HPD found him during the canvass.
Lab tested a sweatshirt he was wearing, and it came back with traces of GSR.
He claimed that he found the sweatshirt in a Dumpster a couple blocks from the crime scene.
Of course, no one believed him at first.
But then he alibied out.
But after they let him go, your dad became convinced that Burrows knew more than he said.
So, he went back into that neighborhood every night for a month, looking for the guy, but never found him.
And over the years, he kept up the search.
The guy was a ghost.
What? A couple of days before my dad was killed, he called Paul Clayton's daughter, and told her he might have a new lead.
Maybe he finally tracked him down.
Do me a favor-- go to my house, go through my dad's stuff-- tapes, journals.
See if you can find anything on Burrows.
In the meantime, I'm gonna call the property clerk at HPD and have them pull up all the evidence.
You want to reopen this case? Obviously this meant a lot to my dad.
I owe it to him to try to solve it.
Would the Rhodes Scholar like another Shirley Temple? No, thanks.
It's only a report card, Dad.
Hey, don't be so modest.
You got straight A's.
Your mom would've been proud.
You need to take a break.
I'm good.
You work too hard.
You're gonna burn yourself out.
Come on.
Get up.
It's getting late.
What do you say we call it a night? All right, you head upstairs, get ready.
I'll finish up down here.
I'll be up soon.
Good night, Dad.
Ellie? I didn't even think to call for help.
I just ran downstairs, but by the time I got there, my father was barely breathing.
I just held his hand.
I kept saying, "Daddy, please don't leave me.
" Ellie? I'm, uh I'm Sergeant McGarrett.
You can call me John, if you like.
I need to ask you some questions if that's okay.
Uh Hey.
Listen you're gonna survive this, you know? It won't be easy.
But you can do it.
I've, uh I've got a daughter about your age.
When things get tough, I say to her you need to be strong.
You need to be brave.
And if you can do that, then you're gonna be okay.
Shh Hey.
That lead your father mentioned? Do you think you might know what he was talking about? I have a hunch, but even if I'm right I know.
It could end up being nothing.
It's one thing you discover early on, as a prosecutor, is just how often even the most promising leads fail to pan out.
Whatever happens, thank you.
You're welcome.
Hey, so we looked at all the physical evidence in the case.
And it turns out there wasn't much.
There were no prints at the scene, and no usable DNA profiles on the sweatshirt.
What about ballistics? Well, there was only one bullet fired, no shell casing found, so more than likely the murder weapon was a revolver.
Now, CSU did recover some bullet fragments.
But ballistics testing at the time was inconclusive.
All right, have the lab test those fragments again.
Technology's come a long way in the last 20 years.
Maybe we'll get something this time.
Yeah, Chin? What do you got? Looks like you were right about that lead.
What? My dad was closing in on Ned Burrows.
Turns out that shortly before your father passed, Hawaii launched a program to issue state I.
's to the homeless, so they could apply for jobs and services.
Your dad checked and found out Burrows got one of those I.
's, which put him in the system.
And once that happened, he started leaving a trail.
Right, but my father never got the chance to follow it.
You're right.
But now we can.
All right.
Here's the deal.
Uh, that sweatshirt wasn't the only thing I fished out of the Dumpster.
What do you mean? There was, uh, a metal box had about $350 cash in it along with a pretty nice watch.
I figure whoever killed the bar guy stashed the loot and was gonna come back for it later.
All right, when they picked you up, you had the sweatshirt.
What'd you do with everything else? I partied.
I spent most of the money on meth.
And then I put the rest back with the watch and I hid the box in this old building behind Leonard's Bakery.
I figured I'd pawn the watch down the road.
But after the cops let me go, I figured it was safer to just forget about it.
See? There it is.
What is that? I'm not sure.
All right, we'll get it back to the lab, see if we can pull some prints off of it.
You guys can take him home now.
I told you.
I didn't have nothing to do with that murder.
This doesn't add up.
It doesn't add up.
The night of the murder, that neighborhood was a ghost town, all right? The HPD response time was seven minutes.
Which means the killer had plenty of time to take the loot and disappear without anybody seeing him and long before the cops show up.
Right, so why stash it and risk it being found? 'Cause I don't think it had anything to do with the money.
I think the killer took this to throw the HPD off and make them think it was robbery.
If you're right, then Paul Clayton's murder was pre-meditated.
This was a hit.
Ellie, there's, uh, there's something I want to talk to you about.
We followed up on the lead that my dad had mentioned.
And based on what we found, we no longer think that your dad's murder was connected to the robbery.
We actually think he was targeted.
You're saying someone went there intending to kill him? Ellie, I need you to think back.
Did anything usual happen in the days before the murder? Did your dad do anything out of character? Was there any strange behavior? There was this one incident.
It was maybe a week before the murder.
I saw my dad arguing with this boy.
Jordan who? You remember his last name? Lewis, I think-- he was a neighborhood kid-- he was 15, maybe 16.
They were arguing behind the bar, and it was, it was intense.
I asked my dad what it was about.
But he wouldn't tell me.
He said it was just a small misunderstanding.
Looking back and knowing what I know now, it could've been more than that.
I need a lawyer here? No.
We're just having a conversation.
Had a cop say that to me once.
Same way, too.
All casual.
Conversation ended with me in handcuffs.
Paul Clayton.
You remember that name? He owned a bar called Aces High in your old neighborhood.
Yeah, I I remember him.
Got killed in a robbery.
Well, that's the thing.
That was the theory back then, but now we think it might have been premeditated.
Yeah, see, a week before the murder, he had a big blow-out with Paul Clayton.
Yeah, I see where this is going.
But you're way off base.
All right, then, set us straight.
You tell us how you selling meth outside of Aces High didn't put you in conflict with Paul Clayton.
It did.
But Mr.
Clayton, man, he was he was trying to help me get out.
He wanted me to quit dealing.
He said, if I did, he would he would hook me up with a job.
But I I told him it wasn't so easy.
It's not like I was dealing because I wanted to.
My mom was a junkie.
She she was in debt to a local dealer named Sykes.
I was working off what she owed.
But Mr.
Clayton, man, he he didn't get it.
He he thought there was another way.
He didn't get how things worked.
That's what we were arguing about, okay? Man was trying to save my life.
I didn't I didn't kill him.
And if you don't believe me check my medical records right? I got this surfing Yoks.
I was at Kuakini getting stitched up the night he got murdered.
All right, we'll check it out.
I liked Mr.
I hope you find the guy that killed him.
Hey, Danny, it's me again.
Um, I'm just checking on you, man.
I just want to see how you're doing, and see how the family's holding up.
Look, give me a call if you get a second, all right? I'm thinking about you, buddy.
Just got off the phone with the lab.
No usable prints on the cash box.
They also ran ballistics again, but came back with the same result.
Said that if we had more fragments to test, they might have better luck.
Your dad really went at this one hard, didn't he? Definitely ran down every lead.
Yeah, he really wanted to get justice for Ellie.
You know, I think that's why he looked after her the way he did, because he never could.
Actually, Steve I think it was a little more than that.
You know, she's lucky to have you looking out for her.
She's just a kid.
She needs people in her life, people she can lean on.
You spoken to Steve lately? Been a while.
Your dad had some regrets.
But you know what I think his biggest one was? Sending you and Mary away when you thought your mother had been killed.
I mean he had to, he did that for our safety.
Yeah, he did.
But I think he came to believe it would have been better for you if he hadn't.
That he should have kept you close, been in your lives every day.
Hey, so get this.
That card that was in Paul Clayton's cash box, Yeah.
the one with the weird symbol on it? Well, I checked with the HPD symbol images database, and I got a hit.
Turns out it was a membership card to an underground card parlor called the Paradise Den.
Looks like our Vic was into gambling, maybe he got in too deep.
I remember hearing about this place.
Had a reputation for showing no mercy when it came to people who couldn't pay up.
We know who ran the operation? Guy by the name of Dominic Alonzo.
But you won't be talking to him, because he's been dead eight years.
That's helpful.
All right, let's find somebody who worked for Dominic, see if they can remember anything about Paul Clayton owing money to the house.
I went past your office, they, uh, told me you left early.
I figured you might come down here.
Can never bring myself to sell this place.
Even when I was trying to find money for law school.
How's the investigation coming? I want to show you something.
Okay? Do you know what that is? No.
We found that card in the cash box that we recovered.
That gave your father access to an underground game room.
Ellie, we think it's possible that your father's murder could have been related to illegal gambling.
No, there's no way.
I know it's hard to hear.
We all want to think the best of our fathers.
No, it's not that.
Look, my dad used to gamble.
A lot.
When he was in his 20s, he was a rounder.
That's how he scraped together enough cash to buy this place.
But I know for a fact that he quit playing before I was born.
He might have had that card, but I don't believe he ever used it.
Maybe business was slow.
You know, maybe he needed cash.
Listen, w-we're still looking into it, okay? But in the meantime, there's something else I want to try.
All right? With your permission I'd like to exhume your father's body, and have our M.
perform a second autopsy.
Why? The bullet that killed your dad, it was shattered, okay? And at the time, they only recovered some of the fragments.
Which means pieces were either mishandled, or they were still in your dad's body, and they simply missed them during that first autopsy.
Now, if we can get those other pieces, our lab is gonna have a much better chance at matching ballistics.
Look, I can't imagine how hard this is for you, asking you to relive everything, having to grieve all over again.
And, Ellie, if you want to say no, say no.
That's okay.
As painful as this is, I want to catch the man that took my father away from me.
Do what you have to do.
Doctrina DE Homine.
Doctrina DE Homine.
Doctrina DE Homine.
Okay, let's go over the plan one more time.
No need, brah.
I know the plan.
Don't get caught wearing a wire.
Don't worry.
I got this.
Can I help you with anything? Yeah, my cousin was in here recently.
Uh big guy, looks like me.
Only not as handsome.
He sold you a copy of Lecanto's Doctrina DE Homine.
Oh, yes.
Of course.
Wonderful copy, splendid condition.
Yeah, I need it back.
Pardon? That book has been in our family for generations.
My cousin had no right to sell it.
He only did it to support his drug habit.
Oh, I see.
Give you $500 for it.
I'm awfully sorry, sir.
But, you see, that book was sold yesterday.
You crime fighters are in luck.
I put a picture of your Vic in front of some card dealers who worked the Paradise Den back in '95.
Turns out one of 'em actually remembered the brother.
So, Paul Clayton, was he a regular there? No, just stopped in once.
And your friend remembers him? It was a memorable visit.
According to my friend, there was an incident.
He was hazy with the details, but apparently your Vic got into it with some card players one night.
And these guys were some serious trouble.
My friend don't remember names, but at least two of them was SVL.
SVL? What's that? It's a Samoan street gang.
They had a big presence on the island till the mid-'90s.
They were pretty vicious.
And definitely not the kind of folks you want to antagonize.
Thanks, buddy.
Okay, so we know Paul Clayton was a card shark.
Maybe he was hustling some of these SVL guys and they got wise to him.
All right, so the bullet that killed Paul Clayton was matched to a gun that was used in an attempted homicide five months before Paul's murder.
There were no arrests were made, but the primary suspect in the case was one Tony Malua.
What do we know about him? Well, today, he's a legit businessman who builds and sells koa furniture.
But in a previous life, he was a known SVL member who served time for aggravated assault.
Malua's name came up in some old HPD vice reports as someone who frequented many of Oahu's illegal gaming rooms, including Paradise Den.
I think we may have found our killer.
Let's go.
Hey! What the hell's this all about? Why don't you take a look? Who's that? Oh, you don't recognize him, huh? Sit down.
You turned this man's daughter into an orphan.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I don't know that haole.
You and that haole got into it at the Paradise Den.
Jog your memory? And now it all comes back.
Okay, look.
- That wasn't me.
- Stop! We got the bullet, all right? And it came from your gun.
All right, fine.
I don't deny it, - but I didn't pull that trigger.
- Really? We must've made a mistake.
I swear! On my life.
It was my man Sykes who shot that guy.
I just gave him the piece.
Hang on.
Sykes? Yeah.
It was him who got into it with the haole, not me.
They was arguing over some corner boy.
Start at the beginning.
The haole came into the Paradise with five large.
Told Sykes he'd play heads-up poker with him for the kid's freedom, so they did.
And then the guy took Sykes down.
Humiliated him in front of everybody.
Sykes got pissed.
Right as it was about to get physical, the pit boss threw the haole out for his own safety.
But Sykes he just got angrier.
Couldn't let it go.
All right, so here's what I have on Sykes, first name Jimmy.
He's a former ice pusher, owns a club in Chinatown.
Okay, well, given what Jordan told us, I think we all believe that Malua's telling the truth, right? I think we got a problem.
All we got is Malua's word.
Short of finding the murder weapon with Sykes's prints on it, how do we prove this guy's our killer? I got an idea.
- What do you guys want now? - You said you hoped we'd catch Paul Clayton's killer.
How'd you like to help us do it? Doors open at 9:00, bro.
I came here to see Jimmy.
He expecting you? Just tell him, uh Jordan Lewis came to say hello.
I don't care.
All right? You tell him whatever you're gonna tell him.
I don't care.
All right? Just don't bother me anymore.
Wow, this I had to see.
What's up, J? Look at you.
You were a scrawny little kid last time I saw you.
Now you're all shredded.
But I guess there ain't much to do inside but hit the iron.
Yeah, man, it's all there is.
So when'd you get out? Couple days ago.
So what brings you here? I was looking for work.
You know, thought maybe you could, uh Hook you up with a job.
And why would I do that? Because you know me, man.
You can trust me.
You know that.
I could trust you when you were a little kid.
'Cause I owned your mom.
But that was then.
Look, I'll-I'll take anything, man.
Right? I'll do whatever you want.
Yeah, but what can you do? You spent half your adult life inside.
What skills have you got that have any value in the real world? Why would I help you? 'Cause you owe me.
I owe you? For what? Keeping my mouth shut all these years.
Slow down, kid.
You're gonna spook him.
I don't know what talking about.
Talking about Paul Clayton.
Remember him? Hmm? Guy you killed for no reason? Oh, you think I didn't know about that? Huh? No, I knew that was you all along, yet said nothing.
"No reason"? Guy was messing with my business.
I did what had to be done.
In fact, if you think about it, you're the reason that he's dead.
You got him killed.
So, what, now you think that your silence is worth something? Like a job? I don't know.
Maybe you could sweep up the place Let's go! Go, go, go! That man was the only person that ever gave a damn about me! You son of a bitch.
He saw something good in me.
Thought I could do better! He had a little girl! Sit down.
Sit! I got him.
Get down on the ground! Get down.
On the floor! On the floor! Got it! We need a paramedic.
Somebody get me a paramedic.
Call a paramedic.
I'm sorry.
Couldn't help myself.
Hey, Steve You hand me that wrench? Thanks, buddy.
Ah All right.
Okay Hey, I'm gonna hold that one See that? All right.
Nice work.
You need a hand? Hey! Hey.
I was just on my way to the hospital to see Jordan, but I wanted to stop by first and say thank you.
In person.
You're welcome.
You, uh, having some trouble with your differential? Yes, I am, actually.
I just put new gaskets and seals in, but she's still running rough.
Try new bearings and thrust washers, that should fix it.
You know something about cars? No, not really.
I know a few things about this car, though.
Actually, I rode in it a couple of times.
Your dad loved to talk about this car.
Yeah, he certainly did.
He did.
Hey, I appreciate the tip.
Oh, happy to help.
Let me ask you a question: Do you know how to fix the intake manifold leak? Because that one has been stumping me for years.
I wish I did.
That's okay.
I'll figure it out one of these days.
I should really get going.
Yeah, yeah, sure.
Of course.
Uh, am I gonna see you at the National Memorial next year? Yeah.
I'll be there.
All right.
Hope it won't be that long before we see each other again, though.
Me, too.
Hello, Mr.
What are you doing here? Returning your book.
Did you ever read it? No? There's a passage in here that warns of the perils of meddling in someone else's affairs.
"He who does will face retribution.
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