Hawaii Five-0 s05e06 Episode Script

Ho'oma'ike (Unmasked)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O There's a vintage bookshop in town that's a cover for a counterfeiting operation.
Jerry, you might be on to something here, okay? But you can't be doing this.
You're a civilian.
Thomas Farrow is clean.
His business is legit.
This guy is counterfeiting money.
Thank you, sir.
I'm sure of it.
Who is he? If he knows, we're gonna have to deal with that.
There's a listening device implanted in the spine.
I just need someone to walk into that store and sell it for me.
My uncle recently passed away.
Found this in his attic.
Looks like it might be worth something.
You have yourself a deal.
Hello, Mr.
What are you doing here? Returning your book.
Did you ever read it? There's a passage in here that warns of the perils of meddling in someone else's affairs.
He who does will face retribution.
Trick or treat.
Where's the enthusiasm, kids? Better get those sugar levels up.
Is, is that blood? Oh.
I was just carving up the corpse of a man I recently murdered.
Corn syrup.
Red food coloring and just a pinch of flour.
That, children, is the secret to realistic fake blood.
Happy Halloween.
That was weird Right.
Where were we? Okay, message delivered.
I won't say a word about anything.
Just, please, stop hurting him! Such compassion.
But you see, while you were just following your natural curiosity, my associate here failed to do his job.
Which was to protect our interests from prying eyes.
Well, consider my prying eyes diverted.
Look, I get it.
You just want to run your nice friendly counterfeiting operation out of your antiquarian bookshop.
We all have hobbies.
Exactly! Ours just happen to intersect.
Excuse me one moment.
Oh, my God, you killed him! Why would you do that?! Please don't.
Now, I want to know everything you told Steve McGarrett.
Flight landed hours ago.
I swung by your place, tried calling you a bunch.
Yeah, I didn't feel like, uh, going home yet, you know? Yeah, I figured.
I figured, then I remembered you telling me about this place.
Said it was a special spot for you.
How are your folks holding up? You know, my mom's, uh, just walking around the house, um like a zombie-- she ain't put two words together.
My dad, he's uh, putting on a-a brave face.
You know.
How you doing? All right.
You know, it's not your fault, Dan.
I don't know about that.
The coroner told us Matt was dead before Marco even got to the island.
Matthew Williams! Hey! Three years ago, if I didn't let my brother get on that plane, right now, he's sitting in jail, not in the ground, right? So What are you doing? Don't do that, man.
Don't do that.
It's true Don't do that, man.
It's true.
What, are you gonna second-guess every decision you make? I did that with my old man, Danny.
I did that with Freddie, too.
The truth is I could never have saved either of them.
Don't do that to yourself.
Your kids trick-or-treating tonight? Well, Samantha's a little old for it, and after what she went through, you know, she still likes to stay close to home.
But the boy-- might as well be the Super Bowl tonight.
Been gearing up for it for weeks.
I paid $50 just for his costume alone.
He's only gonna wear it once.
All this for a pile of candy we're only gonna throw in the trash.
Come on, now, be honest.
All that candy doesn't get thrown away.
Well, the house gets its rake.
But, uh, mostly Twix.
Gentlemen, the good news is our homicide victim is well-preserved.
The bad news-- it's below zero in there.
You know what we call below zero in Chicago? April.
Henry Chun, manager of the restaurant.
Kitchen staff showed up for work and found him like this.
Uh, the safe and the register were both untouched.
The same can't be said about the victim's tongue.
Max, get that thing out of my face.
Oh, forgive me.
The clean cut suggests that the tongue was removed post-mortem.
The victim likely bled out from the multiple stab wounds to the chest and the abdomen.
I counted at least 17 of them.
All right, well, let's have CSU collect all the knives in the place, see if one of them comes back as our murder weapon.
Okay, stabbing someone 17 times.
It's possible our killer got caught up in the moment.
But cutting out the tongue, that's about sending a message.
So, maybe our Vic runs his mouth off about something and it gets him killed.
Well, we find out what that something is, we find our killer.
A motorist found him wandering the streets up in Waimanalo.
He was dehydrated and disoriented.
Said he'd talk only to Five-O.
All right Jerry, just take your time and tell us what happened.
When I got home, Farrow was waiting for me.
Wait a minute, Farrow-- Farrow the bookshop owner that you were surveilling? He put one of those Guantanamo hoods on my head.
And took me to a house somewhere and was questioning me.
Kind of like Marathon Man, but without the dental abuse.
And instead of torturing me, he was beating on this other guy.
What, uh, what other guy? Who is he? I don't know his name, but he's in on the counterfeiting.
Or he was.
What do you mean "he was"? Farrow killed him right in front of me.
It's all my fault.
Wait, why would Farrow kill his own man? For letting me get too close.
Please don't! I want to know everything you told Steve McGarrett.
I told him everything! He didn't believe me, even told me to stop spying on you! If I had told him the truth from the beginning, that guy would still be alive.
What have I told you from the beginning, Jerry? I told you to back off.
What were you thinking? I don't know.
That I was right, and you were wrong.
Look, I only did it for a couple weeks.
Farrow must have found out, and grabbed me to see what I know.
But he slipped up.
That doesn't change anything.
That money still leaves the island tonight.
Okay, Jerry, um that doesn't make sense.
I'm sorry.
If this guy had a plan to move that money tonight, why would he, why would he just let you go? I don't know.
He's a criminal mastermind.
But you can bet he has a plan.
Look, I know it sounds crazy.
And I'm sorry I went behind your back.
But I'm telling you the truth, and I can prove it.
Jerry, tell me the, uh, the movers already came and picked up your stuff.
No, they're not coming till next week.
This was Farrow.
He took everything-- my files, my backups, my backups of my backups Well, you must have backups someplace else.
No, all my backups were here.
This was my life's work.
You had hours of recorded conversations, surveillance photos.
That's what Farrow was doing.
You know that, right? He's destroying everything you had on him.
So, you believe me? Yeah.
I, um TBD.
That's good enough for me.
Now, can we go arrest this guy? Whatever happened to "immunity and means"? Since when does Five-O need a warrant? Since you decided to conduct your own illegal surveillance operation, Jerry.
Oh, right.
Good point; at my bad.
We want to protect you, okay? If you're wrong, you could go to jail.
So, when we get in there, Copy that.
I'm sorry, I just I don't see how any judge is gonna sign off on a warrant.
"Recent and reliable information," that's the criteria.
You have the "recent," but I'm not so sure about the "reliable" part.
What are you saying? You're a self-published conspiracy theorist who was breaking the law.
Hey, I am reliable.
I helped Five-O find the Black Unicorn.
Excuse me? What'd I just say? Outside, about not talking? What'd I say about not talking? Listen, I know it's a lot to ask, Ellie, but if I had another option, I wouldn't be here.
Okay, look, it's a long shot, but I'll give it a try 'cause I owe you one.
Thanks, that's all I'm asking.
Thank you.
All right, thanks, Duke.
HPD ran our Vic, Henry Chun.
No criminal record, and, according to friends and family, he wasn't having trouble with anyone.
That they know of.
Somebody really went out of their way to kill this guy in brutal fashion.
That's a real nice costume you got there, Doc.
You know, my son's going as a Ninja Turtle.
He's 12.
Don't mind him, Max.
Look, every Halloween, Max dresses up as a character fro a Keanu Reaves movie.
Except I wouldn't say The Replacements is his strongest work.
If you were well-versed, in the Keanu oeuvre, you'd know that nine was the number worn by the character Jotah from the 1991 masterpiece, Point Break.
I'm gonna give you a tip.
If you have to explain your Halloween costume to someone, it's probably not a good costume.
Okay, uh Max, so, what do you have for us? Well, I can safely say that our murder weapon wasn't among the knives collected from the restaurant.
My autopsy shows that the stab wounds were inflicted by a uniquely curved blade.
In fact, it is of my opinion, that our murder weapon isn't a knife at all.
I believe it's a sickle.
What kind of a maniac uses a weapon like that mutilate and kill someone? I'm thinking maybe it's not a coincidence this thing happened on Halloween.
It's Eddie Quist.
Hey, give me some good news.
Sorry, struck out.
What'd the judge say? I don't know if he was more surprised by the actual warrant request, or the fact that you even asked for one.
Apparently, Five-O has a reputation for being gung ho cowboys.
His words.
It's, uh it's gross exaggerated.
Well, maybe so, but I threw every legal precedent at the guy, and he wouldn't budge.
I'm sorry I couldn't come through.
All right.
Thanks, Ellie, I appreciate it.
Well? We're good to go.
Stay put, Jer.
Really? We're good to go? I believe Jerry, that's all the probable cause I need.
Hey, Five-O.
Hey, what are you doing? On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Hands behind your head! Get on your knees! Right now, hands behind your head.
And lock your fingers.
What the bloody hell is going on? Shut up, don't move.
Where were you this afternoon? What? Where were you this afternoon? I was here, handing out candy.
It's what you do at Halloween.
Anybody back that up? I don't know, try every kid in the neighborhood.
Look, would you mind telling me what the bloody hell is going on? Get up.
You've been accused of kidnapping and murder.
By who? Me! Yeah, this is where he held me.
And that room back there is where he shot the guy.
What? What I don't know who this man is, but he's clearly deranged.
I've never seen him before in my life.
He's lying.
Bring in the crime-lab guys, tear this place apart.
There's got to be evidence here.
Presume you have a search warrant.
Hell, yeah, we do.
Show him, McGarrett.
Turn around.
Sorry for the misunderstanding, Mr.
We'll be on our way now.
Let's go, Jerry.
Wait, we're just leaving? Let's go.
You have a lovely home.
Hey, Duke, it's McGarrett.
I need a full surveillance package.
Subject's name is Thomas Farrow.
I want a unit on him 24-7, and I want updates on any and all activity.
Wait, what's going on? Yes, what is going on, Steve? He had what looked to me like a shrapnel scar on his arm.
The type I've only ever seen in battle.
But HPD background check didn't mention anything about military service.
That's right.
I don't think Thomas Farrow is who he says he is.
Okay, first a tongue, now eyes.
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say these two murders are connected.
Which means we have a serial killer with a lot more body parts to choose from.
All right, we need to get in touch with the FBI.
See if they've got anything matching this killer's MO.
Might not be the first time.
Max, what's wrong? I know who our killer is.
Last Halloween, something terrible happened It started as a prank and ended in murder.
They thought they could bury the past but this Halloween, they're going to learn-- evil begets evil! Allow me to introduce you to our killer-- Jack Knife.
Released in 1984, it was originally panned by critics as a pale knockoff of John Carpenter's Halloween.
However, in recent years, it is enjoying a well-deserved, rabid cult following from Would you stop with the film-school lecture and just let us see the rest of it.
But pay very close attention.
The next part may look familiar.
Tad? I thought you could use an extra hand.
Tongue cut out, killed with a sickle and strung up.
It's just like our first Vic, Henry Chun.
Okay, so, we have a copycat killer who's reenacting scenes from this movie.
What's the body count in this thing, Doc? Surprisingly, only three.
However, Jack Knife took a token from each kill.
First the tongue, then his eyes; the last victim loses his ears.
"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.
" Great, now our killer's gonna be looking for someone else.
Okay, but I mean, why now? This movie's Not to mention, very difficult to get a hold of.
I had to employ my superior eBay skills to procure this bootleg VHS copy from Japan.
Okay, the fact that it's really rare might help us.
I'm gonna go check online, see if there's been any recent sales.
All right, look, I-I get the guy who sees Top Gun and wants to enlist, but what kind of lunatic sees a stupid slasher film and then identifies with a pumpkin-head killer? Oh, I can field that one.
Jack Knife is one of the first anti-heroes to emerge from the slasher film genre.
Freddy Kruger, Mike Myers, those were guys you ran away from.
But in this day and age, with all the bullying, modern audiences tend to sympathize with Jack Knife.
We are rooting for him to get his revenge.
So, our murders could be revenge killings.
If that's true, then our victims weren't chosen at random.
Well, it's also worth noting that they're both about the same age-- 48.
All right, well, then we need to find out what else they have in common.
If we can make a connection, it could help identify who our killer's targeting next.
Okay, here's who Thomas Farrow is on paper: Educated at Oxford, moved here from Britain in 2012, his business license shows that he opened his bookshop two months later.
Okay, so, in theory, uh for two years, this guy has been running his bookshop as a front to counterfeit cash.
Why has it not showed up on the radar, yet? Well, you heard McGarrett, the guy's former military.
Which means we could be dealing with a highly skilled individual.
Fluent in spycraft, capable of creating a ghost identity that can withstand any background checks.
My money's on him being an MI-6 bad-ass.
That's British Secret Intelligence Service.
I know.
I've seen James Bond.
All right.
Interpol came up empty on Farrow.
What about the Brits? I sent his photo to their Ministry of Defense.
They said they'd run it up the chain but it may take some time.
And you bought that? It's 2014, any kid with a cell phone can do a facial rec and I.
They're stalling.
Wait a minute-- if Farrow's government knows that he was, uh, counterfeiting cash on U.
soil, maybe they're not so eager to claim him.
Hey, can you guys manage here without me? No.
Well, you're gonna have to.
I have a British source.
He's kind of my one-stop-shop for all Brit-related Intel.
We also watch Doctor Who together.
Okay, look, I-I, I-I love the guy.
I do.
I think he's fantastic.
And I'd like to believe him, but we have nothing.
We have no body, we have no counterfeit money.
Now, look, Jerry's eccentric, Danny, but he's not crazy.
I mean, why would Farrow even be interested in Jerry if he didn't think he was on to something? By that same rationale, why would he let him go if he was moving that money tonight? Unless that's his plan.
He knew Jerry would come back and tell us everything, right? Maybe he's waiting to see how we would react.
So, what, we just wait-- sit back and wait and see what happens? Hold on.
All right, put a unit on him, we're on the way.
Right on cue.
Farrow loaded up the van, he's headed to the airport.
Step away from the vehicle.
Step forward, and get on your knees.
On your knees right now, put your hands behind your head.
That's right, and lock your fingers.
Hands behind your back, let's go.
Keep 'em there.
Steve, we got nothing but old books here.
He played us.
All right, here she is, in all of her mint, first-edition glory.
Bought her off a collector in Texas a few months back.
Had to throw in a 5.
1 Dune laser disk to close the deal.
Which was cool, 'cause, I mean, I have, like, six of them.
Where were you this afternoon? Uh, here.
Halloween's one of my busiest days of the year.
Why? You rent that movie out to anybody lately? Does this look like Blockbuster to you? No, it doesn't, because those don't exist.
All my items are pay-to-play.
Although, I do hold free monthly screenings.
Jack Knife kicked off my Halloween Slash-a-thon two weeks ago.
It was a big hit.
Sold a bunch of T-shirts and replica masks.
Okay, we're gonna need to have the names of everyone who attended this screening.
Good luck.
I don't even know who was there.
I just blasted an invite to everyone on our mailing list.
It's over a thousand e-mail addresses.
Yeah, well, go back there and blast us out a copy of it there, Blockbuster.
I'll see what I can do.
All right, our suspect pool just exploded.
Yeah, but the timing does seem right.
This screening a couple weeks ago-- now we got bodies dropping.
Someone left that screening just a little too inspired.
What is the appeal? I don't, I don't get the appeal to-to horror movies.
What is that? What? Nothin'.
Oh, not nothin'.
You got something to say-- why don't you just say it? Look, you're a big, strong guy, and you're afraid of horror movies.
That's no judgment, no judgment.
I don't watch 'em, because they insult my intelligence.
All these stupid people and they do stupid stuff and go in stupid rooms, and then they end up getting killed in the worst possible way imaginable? Let's say I hear a noise in my garage.
I get my pistol.
End of movie.
All right, here are those e-mails.
Okay, great.
Found something else in the back, too.
This is for you, big guy.
Take one home to your kids.
Wait, stop.
You don't want this? Keep walking.
Blast from the past.
What you doing with these, brah? I have two homicide victims, and it turns out you went to high school with both of them.
They were a couple years ahead of you-- uh, Henry Chun and Mark Lerner.
Damn! Sure, I remember those guys.
What happened? We're still trying to figure that out.
What can you tell me about them? Were they friends? They were tight-- they used to go surfing together all the time.
They had a rep for being tough guys-- as much as that means in high school.
You saying they were bullies? Mm-hmm.
Strong preying on the weak.
But they knew better-- they never liked to mess with me.
All right, who did they mess with? Anyone stand out? Maybe somebody that they targeted more than the others? The way I remember it they were equal-opportunity haters.
And Chun and Lerner, they wasn't even the worst of the bunch.
This kid they ran with, Brad Weiss, he was the ringleader, he was the vicious one.
Brother, you think Weiss did those murders? No, I think he's our next victim.
Weiss, this is the Honolulu Police Department.
You have to call us back right away.
Help! Help! Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me! GPS on Weiss's phone shows he's at his house, but Dispatch can't get ahold of him-- I'm on my way.
Kono and I are right behind you.
I want this perimeter locked down! Nobody in or out! Guys! Out back! I'll check the perimeter.
I got a pulse.
I need EMT's at the back of the house! Damn it.
He's gone.
Where's the money? Payment for those books was made weeks ago.
I was just delivering them to the buyer.
Let me ask you a question: Do you enjoy this game you're playing? Obviously not.
I'm tied to a chair in a windowless room with no cameras, and I haven't the faintest idea why.
Yeah, you do.
Sure you do.
You know exactly why.
No, I don't.
You went to my home with no warrant, you make fictitious claims of kidnapping and murder, and then you arrest me for conducting legitimate business.
That's harassment.
You have nothing to hold me on.
Actually, we do-- you failed to fill out form 7501, authorizing the exportation of commercial goods.
A technicality usually handled by U.
Right, but they're swamped right now, so we're gonna hold the shipment and we're gonna hold you until they can send somebody down to straighten that out-- it's probably gonna take a little while.
Meanwhile, your men are busy searching my home and place of business to find evidence of a crime I didn't commit.
I've read my fair share of detective novels.
Well, that's good-- 'cause you know how this ends.
Sad, really.
Smart man like yourself willing to risk his entire career to indulge the ramblings of a crazy person.
That's a nasty scar.
How'd you get it? Automobile accident.
German book buyer is legit.
He's been in business for over 20 years.
So that whole exchange was a setup.
He was just testing to see if we were watching him and we took the bait.
Here's the thing-- I think we might be too late.
All right, HPD went to the bookshop, tore the place apart, found nothing about counterfeit money.
Might have unloaded it already, he might have, I don't know, set it in fire.
We go after him for the murder.
I don't care how good you are, you kill somebody, you're gonna leave some evidence.
All right, well, I spoke to Fong.
CSU's processing the house now.
You know, Fong better give me something soon-- I can't hold this guy forever.
Uh, one more thing-- you have a visitor.
I hope it's not a bad time.
Detective Williams said that you weren't busy-- he insisted I wait.
Did he? Yeah, she was saying, uh, this guy was really nice and polite and that he was a gentleman-- I wanted to make sure we're talking about the same Steve McGarrett, so - Oh, that's funny.
So, twice in one day-- what, you wanted to come see where us gung-ho cowboys work? Look, about that, I'm sorry I couldn't get your warrant.
Especially after everything you did for me.
Aw, Ellie, you don't owe me anything.
Anyway, I-I thought you should know, after I requested the warrant, I got a bunch of calls.
Apparently, Thomas Farrow was active in local politics.
He's donated money to half the judges on the island.
Even worked on the governor's campaign, - and was invited to the inauguration.
- Ah.
Well, it's a good thing we didn't do anything stupid, then.
Seriously, if you're going to proceed, you should tread carefully.
Yeah, okay.
Thanks for the advice.
Guess who hit the mother lode? Jerry, hey, you remember Deputy Prosecutor Clayton? Hey.
You were saying? Uh, yeah.
Um you know Area 51? Turns out there's an Area 52.
Blows your mind, right? What did you do, Steve? Nothing you, uh, you would want to know about.
All right.
I'll show myself out.
What'd you find on Farrow? Well, first of all-- spoiler alert-- his name's not Farrow.
Weiss, we need to ask you a few questions.
Henry Chun and Mark Lerner are both dead.
Ring a bell? Yeah, they were killed by the same person who did this to you.
We think it was someone you went to high school with.
Did you happen to get a good look at your attacker's face? No.
He was wearing a mask-- but I know who it is.
Sam Cole.
This is all my fault.
When we were seniors in high school, we used to pick on Sam.
But I took it too far.
What happened? That movie came out-- Jack Knife.
I thought it'd be funny if we string Sam up like a scarecrow, you know, like in the movie.
Henry and Mark said no, but I talked them into it, and so we beat him up and took his clothes and left him there all night.
When we took him down in the morning, he was still crying, and I said we'd kill him if he told anybody, and he never did.
When was the last time you saw him? Couple of years ago.
I go to get gas, he's working the register, and we do that thing where you pretend like you don't know each other.
When he took my money, his hand was shaking.
Well, see, nobody goes through something like that without getting scars.
I was just a stupid kid.
I got an address on Cole.
Good news.
Looks like you're gonna be going home soon.
Glad you've finally come to your senses.
No apology necessary.
That's big of you.
Anyway, after we process your extradition order, we'll hand you over to the British government in a couple hours, okay? Major William Corrigan, right? Former British Special Forces, court-martialed in 2004 for excessive force in combat, never showed up for the trial; instead, you disappeared.
And, uh, here you are, living in Hawaii under a false identity, and counterfeiting money to stay afloat.
Bravo, Commander.
You're a murderer.
Five innocent Iraqis died as a direct result of your orders.
I'm a soldier.
No, you're not.
You gave up that privilege when you crossed the line.
What line? Warfare's messy.
It lives in the gray.
Always has.
My team had just cleared out a village of insurgents.
As our convoy was leaving, I spotted a hatchback approaching, wrong side of the road.
I had a decision to make.
So you lit it up, huh? A mother and her four kids.
I wasn't taking any chances with my men.
You didn't even fire a warning shot.
You've led men in battle.
You know how it is-- you hesitate, they die.
Was there collateral? Sure.
But all my boys made it back that day.
You never cared about your men, Corrigan-- if you did, you wouldn't have killed this guy.
Lieutenant Colin Helms.
What, was he collateral, too? What'd you do with his body? You're nothing but a coward.
The cowards are the politicians who send us into battle, second-guess every decision we make.
It's never their blood that's spilled though, is it? What do you got? Okay, CSU found blood trace in Farrow's living room.
Corrigan's living room.
What? Farrow is Corrigan.
Corrigan is Farrow.
You know what I mean.
Just-just get to the good part.
Thank you.
Anyway, it's not blood, okay? They ran tests.
It's not blood.
It's, uh it's corn syrup, red food coloring and flour.
They faked Helms's murder.
All right, this was Corrigan's plan all along.
Right? Releasing Jerry, the deal with the German.
He wanted us to focus on him so Helms was free to move that cash.
You got to hand it to the guy.
As far as distractions go, he's right up there with Hans and Simon Gruber.
We gotta find Helms before he makes that deal.
Drop your weapon! Hands in the air.
Drop your weapon.
Where's your father, Aaron? When I came home with this, he told me the story.
I always knew he was weak.
Finally understood why.
What did you do to your father? He's where he belongs.
Aaron, what did you do? My father was smart.
He could've done something with his life.
Before they ruined it.
And mine, too.
Look around.
At school, I'm the poor kid.
The one they laugh at.
This is what those guys did to me.
Hey this is not like the movies.
If I shoot you, it won't be in the shoulder.
It'll be one shot.
Center mass.
You're dead.
Now that's how you end a horror movie.
Guys, I think I got something.
Take a look.
According to British Intel, Helms has ties to a radical IRA splinter group.
The IRA? I thought they died with the last Duran Duran album.
Well, apparently, they're making a comeback.
New faces.
Same ideology.
The IRA.
Not Duran Duran.
I got it.
This freighter has been anchored four miles offshore.
Hasn't moved in hours.
Tag numbers show it being registered out of Belfast, Ireland.
Why is a former British soldier doing business with the IRA? Corrigan thinks he was betrayed by his own government.
He's not counterfeiting for profit.
He's funding a war against his own country.
Commander McGarrett, target is five kilometers away.
You are green to engage.
Roger that.
Steve! Jerry was right.
Yes, he was.
Okay, now you can say, "I told you so.
" Do I get a badge now? No.
Come on, we got a sweet track record, you and I.
We'll see.
Eric Dickerson.
Huge fan.
Thank you.
Huge fan.
Sir, you set the all-time single season rushing record in your second year.
I mean, that's it's insane.
came pretty close two years ago though.
You must have been sweating that out.
Would've been good for the league, but-- between me and you-- Yeah.
I love my record.
That's awesome.
Hey, uh, what brings you to the island? The Ono.
I come every fall for some fishing.
All right.
I got to tell you, my buddy's a huge football fan.
He's gonna be pretty jealous when he learns that I met you.
Let's take a picture and rub it in.
Really? Yeah.
Man, this is cool.
All right.
You ready? Eric Dickerson.
You gotta be kidding me.
Nice technique.
Casting is all about finesse.
You use brute force, like you did with yours, you don't get as far.
Where'd you learn how to fish? Every summer we'd visit family in Australia.
Dad would take me down to Port Phillip Bay.
We'd throw in a line and sit there for hours, just me and him.
Ooh! Whoa.
Okay, not too fast.
You'll lose it.
Watch and learn, McGarrett.
All right! Look at that.
Just like that, huh? What? You thought I was all talk? No.
I just you know, I just, uh, figured you'd be, like, a catch-and-release-type gal.
Soft on fish violence and all that.
Well, laugh it up.
'Cause you're gonna gut it, cook it and serve that fish to me with an ice-cold beer.
Is that right? Yep.
Consider it your apology for going behind my back on that warrant.
Oh, right.
That, uh Okay.
It's a deal.
Now we're even.
All right.

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