Hawaii Five-0 s05e10 Episode Script

Wawahi moe'uhane (Broken Dreams)

The American dream.
Everybody's chasing it.
Some find it.
Most don't.
And then there's the unlucky few who die trying.
This gal was one of those.
But she wasn't just anyone.
She had people who loved her, who cared for her, people who would want answers.
Please, don't.
I won't tell anyone, I promise.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Adam? And that's why PHP was heavily influenced by C language.
This is so helpful.
I really appreciate it, man.
Hey, Jer.
Morning, roomie.
Hey, what's all this? Oh, just prepping for my interview at InoTech.
Ani here is my I.
Wait a minute.
Shouldn't you be in school, little man? Why? Just to be force-fed more misinformation? It can wait.
Ani and I have more important things to worry about.
This new gig I applied for requires programming skills, and I know nothing about programming.
Well, maybe that means you're not the right man for the job.
That's the problem.
I'm not the right man for any job.
And since my mom took off to Maui, I figure I need at least 50K a year to move out of this place and get my own.
Oh, and I need a small loan.
Just 20 bucks to pay said I.
The financials that we discussed are non-negotiable, Jerry.
Don't worry.
Chin's good for it.
Or maybe I just call your parents and let them know you're ditching school.
Shrewd negotiator.
Good luck, Jerry.
Well, I got to jet anyways.
Oh, listen.
If InoTech calls, I was a coder at your company for seven years.
What company? Your global import-export business.
By the way, you're incredibly successful.
Come on, big guy.
That the best you got? Better? It's good, but your hips are telegraphing your jab.
Is that right? Mm-hmm.
Told you.
Nice hook.
Did you learn that in law school? Actually, I was club boxing champ my junior year of college.
That right hook came in handy with the boys.
Oh, yeah? Lucky me, saved by the bell.
Let's say we get some water, Mayweather? So you ever gonna give me an answer? About your friend? Yeah.
Not gonna let that go, are you? No.
No, I'm not.
No? I'm telling you, you and Jess are perfect for each other.
There's no such thing, Ellie.
Come on, her favorite movie is Guns of Navarone, she supports the Second Amendment, and she spends her weekends surfing.
Not to mention that she's drop-dead gorgeous.
Drop-dead gorgeous? Yeah.
I never saw The Guns of Navarone.
Come on, Steve, say yes.
It'll be good for you.
Look, I really appreciate what you're trying to do, okay? But right now, I-I'm just taking my time.
Excuse me.
Yeah? Oh, no, no, no, no.
I cannot let you be set up, okay? I got two words for you: Patty Fitzgerald.
Who's Patty Fitzgerald? Patty Fitzgerald is someone that my aunt set me up with when I was 19 years old, okay? I was single, I was young.
I figured why not? Big mistake? It was a colossal mistake.
What happened? Trust me, you do not want to know.
Hey, Dr.
You okay? Uh, yeah, I'm fine.
Bergman's waiting for you guys inside.
I'll be there in just a minute.
Please, I'll join you guys in a moment.
What's wrong with Dr.
Shaw? I don't know.
She appeared to be upset after we concluded the autopsy on our victim.
Did she say why? I chose not to pry, but she is still a trainee, and in our profession, seeing the worst of humanity every day can take a toll on you.
All right, what do we know about her? Our victim is Brooke Waiakea.
and she was found in a marinepod earlier this morning.
What's a marinepod? It's a unique containment system for marine aquaculture, designed for rough ocean conditions and a diversity of species.
I can take it from here, Dr.
Are you sure? Yes, thanks.
It's likely our victim was in the water for roughly six hours.
I put her time of death around midnight.
was a single gunshot wound to the head.
Looks like some powder burn around the entry point there.
Close-contact wound.
That's right.
You find any other trauma? Nothing, and no defensive wounds.
So she was executed.
Yeah, Duke, what's up? All right, thank you.
Looks like Pier 54 recovered Brooke's car.
CSU sent it over to HPD impound for processing.
All right, let us know if you find anything else.
Will do.
That's the one right there.
Hey, Five-O! Show me your hands.
Turn around slow, keep your hands up.
Morning, fellas.
Stay right there.
GPS tracker.
I can explain that.
Got a piece.
Smith & Wesson 36.
Well, I can explain that, too.
I'm all ears.
You find yourself in a room with four walls and no windows.
You've either committed a crime or know something about one.
If you're guilty, you might as well come clean, because the man will sweat it out of you.
But if you're innocent and you know something they don't, well, that's a different story.
There you are.
I was starting to get lonely.
We ran your prints.
Your name's Harry Brown.
You had a hell of a career, too; highly decorated officer.
And if I might add, poker buddies with your old man.
Why didn't you just tell us who you were? I figured, under the circumstance, we'd end up here anyway.
Besides, I missed the place.
We also know you're a P.
licensed to carry.
Told you I could explain the heater.
It also explains why you were trespassing in HPD impound.
You were illegally tracking Brooke, weren't you? Also, you knew the GPS would lead back to you.
I couldn't just leave it there.
Who, uh who hired you to follow Brooke? No one.
I was doing it as a favor for her father.
An old Coast Guard buddy of mine from way back when.
He lives on Lana'i.
About six moths ago, his only daughter packed her bags and moved to Oahu, pursue big city dreams.
At first, it was copacetic.
They talked every day.
Well, as soon as the calls started to dwindle and the father asked why, you know, she got cagey.
All right, so you figured you'd do your Coast Guard buddy a favor and come out here and check it out? Well, I woke up this morning, I saw that the GPS signal was coming from the police impound.
I knew something was wrong.
And you thought you'd get the information off the GPS, locate Brooke's killer and deal with it yourself.
More or less.
But I would've left them breathing.
Okay, why did Brooke stop calling home? My guess is she was ashamed.
Of what? She got herself a job as a dancer at a local hula company.
Sounds innocent enough, except for the part that it's a front for an escort service.
Call Vice.
See if they got anything on that.
They do.
They're running a joint investigation right now with the P.
's office.
So far, they haven't been able to build a case.
All right, explain something to me, Harry.
If you knew all this was going on, why didn't you pull Brooke out? Who said I didn't try? She was a tough kid, just like her old man.
She told me she could take care of herself.
And like a jackass, I believed her.
I should've never let her out of my sight, because now I got to call her father and tell him that his baby girl was murdered on my watch.
I'm Brooke Waiakea.
I'm 22 years old, and I grew up on the beautiful island of Lanai, dreaming of becoming a hula dancer.
And now I get to share that dream with you.
So come check us out.
So what do we know about the Manoa Hula Company? Well, on the surface, everything appears to be kosher.
They hire these dancers for private events, corporate outings, graduation parties, etcetera.
But according to the P.
's office, the clients who are in the know go to the Web site, where all the dancers have a profile page just like the one we saw.
It's like a menu.
You pick the dancer you want, you call up the hula manager, she sets the whole thing up for you.
So I ran the GPS that your man Harry planted on our vic's car.
It shows that she left her place around 2:00 a.
and went to Pier 54.
Which would be impossible, since Dr.
Shaw puts T.
right around midnight.
So the killer was driving her car.
That's what I thought, too, so I had CSU do one last sweep of her car, looking for any fingerprint or DNA evidence.
They came up empty.
So I'm having them canvass all the boats in the marina and check video surveillance.
Yeah, but why dump Brooke in the marinepod when you got the whole Pacific Ocean out there? Marinepod guarantees that she'll be found.
That's what our killer wanted.
Have you gotten in touch with Brooke's father? They're extremely close.
He's going to be devastated.
Yeah, we're, uh, reaching out to him now.
Thompson, when was the last time you saw Brooke? It was last night.
We had a corporate event at The Modern.
Okay, we're going to need a list of everybody who was there.
Of course.
Do you know if Brooke, uh, took any work home with her last night? Excuse me? Ms.
Thompson, we know your company's under investigation.
That is nothing more than jealous competitors trying to slander my name.
So you're saying that your dancers, they never have relationships with clients outside of work? I did not say that.
My dancers are beautiful women.
If a client calls asking to meet one of them, I am not above making an introduction.
Yeah, of course not.
Matchmaking has been around for thousands of years, gentlemen.
It's an ancient tradition that kings and queens used to set up their children.
There's no money exchanged.
Nothing illegal about it.
But you do charge four times more than your competitors, right? Quality comes with a price.
Yeah, well, so does being an accessory to murder, okay? So you're either gonna tell us who Brooke went home with last night, or we're gonna book you right now for withholding evidence.
David Waring.
He's been a client for about a year.
After the event Brooke went out with him.
Has he ever been rough with any of your girls? No.
Okay, well, last night, it looks like he made an exception to that.
Okay, so the neighbors didn't hear or see anything.
What about in here? Take a look.
Looks like Brooke was going somewhere.
Okay, so maybe she knew she was in danger - and decided to leave town.
- Hey! This is my apartment.
I want to know what's going on.
Why are the police here? What happened? Excuse me.
Why won't you tell me anything? Who are you? I'm Annie, Brooke's roommate.
What's going on? Where is she? I left the party before Brooke.
Stayed out all night.
When I got up this morning, I saw some missed calls from her, but I didn't think anything was wrong.
We know that Brooke left the party with a man named David Waring.
Do you know him? No.
We know all about the company you work for.
It's important for you to cooperate with us.
You need to tell us what you know.
It's not what people think.
We don't have to do anything we don't want to.
Rich men just like to buy us gifts, trips, dinners Rich men like David Waring? And in return, you sleep with them.
It's not just about sex.
Some are just lonely and they want company.
And Brooke never slept with any of them.
I know how it sounds, but Brooke wasn't like that.
She just went out with the clients to keep her job.
If things started moving too fast, she'd just back off.
Well, maybe Waring didn't think he was getting his money's worth.
I've been out with David.
He's not the aggressive type.
But I know who is.
A man named Cory Kaniaupio.
He and Brooke dated for a few years.
He even asked her to marry him, but she said no.
She didn't want to settle before she had a chance to live out her dreams.
That's why she moved to Oahu to be a dancer.
I suppose Cory didn't take that well.
He showed up a few days ago from Lanai.
He just kept calling Brooke and leaving messages and texts, and he came over the other night and he was really pissed.
He kept telling Brooke that she had to leave with him and Brooke said she was gonna call the police, so he left.
That's the last time I saw him.
Do you think he heard her and backed off? I think he wasn't gonna take no for an answer.
Chin, what's up? You talk to Waring yet? No, we're, uh we're just about to pull up to his house now.
Why? 'Cause he might not be our guy.
Brooke's ex-boyfriend Cory showed up from Lanai a few days ago.
Yeah, we think he was following her last night.
He tried to get her to leave town with him, but when she refused, he killed her.
Hey, this ex-boyfriend-- he about six feet tall, brown hair, surfer-type? Yeah, how'd you know? Uh, 'cause he just walked out of Waring's house.
Hey, Cory! Show us your hands.
Show me your hands right now! Hands.
What did you do, Cory? Huh? What did you do? Where's David? Huh? Danny, stay with him.
All right, get on your knees.
David Waring! David Waring? David.
Steve, you find him? Is he in there? Sorta.
Do this job long enough, you come to understand that there are a lot of reasons someone gets zipped up in one of those nifty black bags.
And at the top of that list is good old-fashioned love.
When Cupid gets it wrong, good-byes tend to be messy.
How could you think I'd hurt Brooke? I loved her.
Yeah, you loved her enough to make sure nobody else could have her.
No, you're wrong.
Who are you anyway? You're not wearing a badge.
Yeah, well, not having one just means I don't have to worry about losing it.
Trust me, all right? You don't want to piss this guy off.
Just tell us what happened.
Look, I'm not trying to lie to you.
I was following Brooke.
I saw her leave the party with some guy and go back to his house.
I got so angry, I didn't know what I was gonna do.
Figured I'd lost her forever.
So I got as far away from that place as I could.
Ducked into a bar in Chinatown-- O'Toole's on Nu'uanu.
Drank until the place closed.
Passed out in my car.
Yeah, well, that's a nice story, kid.
Only, you left out the part where my new friend here found you with Waring's blood on your hands.
We know David Waring's family owns the marinepod, which is why you dumped Brooke's body there.
To humiliate David, right? The way he humiliated you.
But that wasn't enough for you, was it? You had to kill him.
I swear, I didn't touch any of them.
I was at the guy's house this morning just to tell him to stay away from Brooke.
But when he didn't answer I went inside.
Found him on the floor.
He was already dead.
You know what? I believe you, kid.
Look into a man's eyes, and they'll tell you the truth, even if he doesn't want them to.
Cory was no murderer.
He was just a lovelorn kid with a busted heart.
CSU still hasn't recovered Brooke's cell phone.
We're pulling her records right now.
But we did find Cory's.
Now, the battery was dead, and when we recharged it, there was a voice mail from Brooke that he hadn't heard yet.
Cory, it's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
I need you.
She sounds scared, but not of Cory.
What time she leave that message? And we know she was killed around midnight, right? What are you thinking? Cory just told us he was drinking at O'Toole's, in Chinatown.
Now, if we can place him there in that two-hour window, that means he's telling the truth and our killer is still out there.
Waring was murdered between 9:00 and 10:00 p.
appears to be blunt force trauma.
I didn't find any defensive wounds, which suggests the poor guy never saw it coming.
Between 9:00 and 10:00? Are you sure about that? Yeah.
Why? Well, uh, 'cause that's two hours before Brooke was killed.
All right? So maybe this guy was the target and, uh, she was just collateral.
CSU find a murder weapon? Not yet.
I'm still analyzing the skull fracture.
But once I'm finished, I may be able to determine what it was.
Well, let me know.
Will do.
All right, nice work.
Thank you.
Uh, it's, uh, nice to see that you're feeling better.
Yeah, thanks.
Bit of a "my bad" situation this morning.
No, look, uh it's understandable.
I mean, working that close with Max would bring anybody to tears.
See? Look at that.
That's a very nice smile.
That's much better.
Bit of an odd one, isn't he? Yeah, he is, but that's, uh that's why we love him.
Or at least like him a lot, you know? Okay, uh, do you mind, uh, if I ask you who Brooke reminded you of? How did you know that? Know Well, I, uh I've had this job for, uh, way too long, I think.
Susan Landon.
Met on the first day of freshman year.
You know, one of those people you just you just click with right away? That was us.
A few days before graduation, we were out celebrating and I left this club early because, you know, that's me, but Susan never came home.
Next morning, they found her in a river near campus.
Police said she drowned, but the coroner never found any water in her lungs.
They ever, uh they ever find out who did it? No.
Most days, I-I I don't let it bother me.
But today I did.
Look, uh you know, that's the tough part about this job.
You know, somebody dies, that's when we go to work, hmm? So how do you deal with it? Well, I, um I got a I got a daughter.
You know, a little girl.
And when I, uh when I hang out with her, I'm-I'm able to just put everything off to the side.
Everything else, you know? Surfing.
They say surfing is good.
You should try that maybe.
I mean, I don't understand it personally.
Uh, it's not for me.
Some sort of an escape.
That's what you need, I think.
Thank you, Detective Williams.
Yeah, sure.
This guy Waring's got no criminal record to speak of.
But he wasn't exactly gonna win any popularity contests, either.
He was a defendant in multiple lawsuits involving bad real estate deals.
The guy's been engaged I don't know how many times over the last three years.
The latest prize winner is the lovely Ms.
Erica Young.
Okay, we need to find her.
Maybe she can tell us something about last night.
Well, Cory's alibi checks out.
He was at O'Toole's all night.
I also went through Brooke's cell phone records.
The last call she made was to a cab company, who told me that they picked her up from Waring's house at 10:15 and drove her home.
That means she was there when Waring was murdered.
So, either the killer didn't know she was in the house You know, Brooke could be the killer.
No, I don't think so.
When she left that voice mail for Cory, she was whispering; she sounded like she was afraid somebody would hear her.
That could've been Waring's killer.
Cory, it's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
I need you.
Wait a minute.
You hear that? There's something in the background.
Cory, it's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
You hear that? I need you.
Yeah, Chin, can you isolate that? Yeah.
Cory, it's me.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
I need you.
Right there.
You got it.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
It sounds like water dripping.
Call me back as soon as you get this.
This is where Brooke made the call.
She witnessed the murder.
Yeah, and she was killed to cover it up.
That's, uh that's nice, Gallagher.
Oh, I don't think she, uh I don't think she knows who Gallagher is.
Did he work here? No, no.
He was a comedian in the '80s; he used to, uh, smash watermelons with a sledgehammer.
And people thought that was funny? It was the '80s.
What's with him? He is a little experiment I conducted.
Now, David Waring was struck three times in the parietal bone with a rounded object.
Unfortunately, no fragments were found in the wound to tell us what the murder weapon was.
But I was able to determine one thing about our killer.
Their height.
The ladder give it away, I think.
Nice detective work, Detective.
Now, our killer is under six feet.
First blow to Waring was fatal, which means his attacker would've had to come down with a significant amount of force and from a high angle.
Like this.
What is it-- She's killing that ball.
Imagine what that could do to your head.
What? I just can't believe this.
We just had lunch with him yesterday afternoon.
He can't be dead.
Okay, uh, do you know anybody who would want to do something like this to him? No.
No, of course not.
You ever seen this woman before? You recognize her? Who is she? Her name is Brooke Waiakea.
She was killed yesterday.
And we have reason to believe that her and David's murders are linked.
I don't understand.
Okay, look, there's no easy way to put this.
Um we believe that Brooke might've been an escort and that David was one of her clients.
I know that he had been with escorts in the past.
Erica, what were you thinking? He told me that he had stopped, Dad.
I I knew what kind of man he was.
I thought he had changed.
Okay, um I'm sorry to have to ask you this, but, uh, where were you last night between 9:00 and 2:00 a.
? She was having dinner with my wife and I.
She stayed at our house last night.
Dad, don't.
I was home all night.
Okay, was anybody with you? No.
David had a business dinner.
When he didn't show up to my place after that, I assumed that it ran late and he slept at his place.
Listen, I had nothing to do with this.
David wasn't perfect, but I loved him.
I guess I made myself believe he loved me, too.
Can I help you? Yeah, I hope so.
I was just passing by and I saw your boat.
I think I've seen it before over by Pier 54.
She's not for sale, partner.
I didn't say I was here to buy.
Then what do you want? I was down by the harbor last night.
I could swear I saw you launch her, what was it, about 2:00 a.
? I think you got me confused with somebody else.
Now, why don't you get the hell out of here? No.
I think I got the right guy.
Give me your arm, scumbag.
Thanks for that.
It's been a long time.
Son of a bitch.
Guy's name is Richard Sheridan.
He's a stock broker that works out of his home.
We're still running him through the system.
How the hell did you find him? There were tread marks at the entry slip at Pier 54, so I took an imprint.
Matched a Dodge 1500.
Turns out there are only five Dodges with a permit to launch at the pier.
The wear patterns on the treads matched the one that belongs to Sheridan.
Wow, we should give this guy a job.
Yeah, no thanks.
After this is over with, I'm going back to retirement.
Well, you'll finish one for one.
CSU found traces of blood on the blanket onboard that boat.
DNA matches Brooke's.
I want to file a complaint.
This crazy bastard assaulted me.
I've been called worse.
Listen to me.
We found Brooke Waiakea's blood on your boat, Richard.
You're going away for murder, you understand? I didn't kill anybody.
I was home all night.
Somebody must've jacked my rig, used my boat.
Jacked your? You're saying someone stole your boat? That's what you're going with? That's the truth, pal.
All right.
I suppose you got somebody to verify that alibi, too? I do.
My wife.
She was home with me all night.
He's lying.
Give me five minutes with this son of a bitch.
I'm done talking.
I want my lawyer.
All right, tell me we got something on this guy.
No connection to our victims, no criminal record.
He had some recent money troubles, bad investments, but he seems to have recovered from it.
There's got to be something connecting this guy to our victims that we're not seeing.
You know what? David Waring was a client of the Manoa Hula company.
All right? Maybe Sheridan was, too.
So, maybe he had a thing for Brooke.
Wasn't willing to share her.
We got to get ahold of Kiana Thompson's client list.
Look, Steve.
There is nothing I would love more than to see Kiana Thompson indicted, but she's got the best defense attorneys in town covering her ass.
I understand that.
All I need is her client list.
Well, if it was that easy, don't you think I'd have it already? I have a feeling there are some pretty powerful people on it that don't want their names getting out.
Okay, listen, Sheridan is a prime suspect in two homicides, right? Brooke Waiakea was a dancer at the Manoa Hula Company, and David Waring was a client.
That's got to be enough for a judge to sign off on a warrant.
Do you have proof Waring was a client? Yeah, Kiana Thompson gave us his name.
And Brooke's roommate, she verified their relationship.
Well, I'm gonna need cooperation from the roommate.
You'll get it.
Okay, wait here.
I'll call the judge.
Steve, CSU found a hair follicle on the blanket that was used to transport Brooke's body.
Now, crime lab analyzed it, and based on its degradation, they think it was transferred within the last 24 hours.
It's a male, and it doesn't belong to Sheridan.
All right, we get any hits in CODIS? No, but I'm guessing that Sheridan wasn't alone on that boat last night.
That's why he's not talking.
He's protecting somebody.
Whoever else was on that boat is our killer.
Gentlemen, you can't go in there.
Trust me, your boss knows we're coming.
I always loved this part-- dropping the hammer on someone who thinks they got away with murder.
As we move into the first quarter, my projections show a 20 percent growth in the industry overall I'm so sorry, Mr.
I told them you were in a meeting.
It's okay, Stacy.
Let's take half an hour.
That was a pretty impressive little act at the tennis club earlier.
I'm not sure I follow.
You murdered Brooke Waiakea and David Waring.
What is he talking about? I'll tell you what he's talking about.
The Manoa Hula Company's client list-- your name was on it.
I hired them for a corporate event.
Tell me something, when did you find out that David Waring's name was also on the same client list? 'Cause I'm thinking it must have been pretty recently.
Because there's no way you would have let your daughter marry him once you knew what he was up to, right? Is that why you went to his place last night? To confront him? There's nothing worse than a hypocrite.
Sure, it's all right for you to cheat.
But not the man who's gonna marry your precious little girl.
It is over, you scumbag.
You are gonna call Erica, and you are gonna break it off or I will! Go ahead.
And I'll tell your wife and daughter how you're an even bigger scumbag than I am.
Get the hell out of here! Good luck proving any of this.
Luck's got nothing to do with it.
Yeah, he's right.
We got some DNA off the blanket that was used to wrap up Brooke.
My guess is it's gonna be a match to you.
Not that we needed it.
The moment we told Sheridan that we knew you were involved, he spilled.
Told us that you guys were friends since elementary school.
He told us about you bailing him out of the recent financial problems he had.
He also told us that when you called him to borrow his boat, he felt obligated.
You almost got away with murder.
But you didn't know Brooke was still there, did you? Eh, it's all right, I mean, we got a pretty good idea who tipped you off about her.
If you still have any humanity left in you, do yourself a favor and tell us.
That's what we used to call "incentive.
" I would give him a name if I was you.
You, uh, headed out? Yeah, I'm headed to a venue.
Oh, I don't think you're gonna make it.
Kiana Thompson, you're under arrest.
For what? What, your office couldn't make a case against me, so you bring your bulldogs down here to try and scare me? Actually, it's got nothing to do with our case.
Yeah, you're under arrest for conspiracy to commit murder.
I just wanted to be here to see you get taken away.
Now, you see, when Brooke witnessed David Waring's murder, she went home, and she called you.
You told her you were gonna protect her, take care of everything.
But then you called Robert Young instead.
I mean, I get it, you know.
Brooke wasn't worth losing two clients in one night.
She didn't have the heart for this work.
She was never gonna last.
Come on.
Thank you.
Hey, Jer, what are you doing? Hey, Chin, I got the job.
Well, not the job, I got a job.
I'm in advertising now.
Seems like you got a real knack for it.
I know.
It's kind of like I was born with this preternatural ability I never knew I had.
So I guess the programming gig didn't work out, huh? Apparently, they never heard of your import/export business.
And since you were my only reference, they decided to pass.
What?! And my company was so successful, too.
The upshot is Kamekona's paying me off the books, which is good because, you know, me and the old IRS don't exactly see eye-to-eye.
Plus the hours aren't bad, and I get 20% off.
Employee perk.
Jer, you realize you just admitted to tax evasion, right? Oh.
Well, I guess I could quit.
But then I'd probably have to be moving into your place permanently.
You know what, why don't you, uh, just bring us home a couple plates of coconut shrimp, huh? You got it.
Oh, and it's on me.
No, no, no, no.
Save your money.
I got this one.
How's Brooke's father doing? He lost his little girl.
He's a mess.
I'm gonna to head with him back to Lana'i.
Bring Brooke back home where she belongs.
Listen, Harry, this is, uh You can't blame yourself for this one.
Sure, I can.
Men like us, we were born to protect and serve.
When somebody dies that we could've saved, I mean, that doesn't go away.
Listen, I can't thank you enough for your help on this.
I mean it, Harry, I mean, if it wasn't for you, there's, uh there's no way we would've solved it.
I appreciate you saying so.
You know, all this modern technology-- it's really not my thing.
Hey, you could take all the modern technology you want, it's never gonna replace a gut instinct and good old-fashioned police work.
Well, it's good to know that's not gonna go out of style.
You're a good cop, kid.
You remind me a lot of myself.
Aloha, Steve.
Aloha, Harry.
No matter what they tell you, time doesn't heal all wounds.
When someone you love is ripped from your life, that scar stays with you forever.
But the one bright light in all the darkness is knowing that men like Steve McGarrett are out there, making sure the good guys always come out on top.

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