Hawaii Five-0 s05e11 Episode Script

Ua 'aihue (Stolen)

- Whoa.
- This is so awesome.
Check this place out.
I can see the whole ocean.
Oh, um, here's fine.
It's like three regular rooms put together.
Cool! Look at all these snacks.
Look at this view.
I call this bed.
Bryan, it's amazing.
Well, this trip's been a long time coming.
Figured I'd go big.
Mom, can I have these jelly beans? If she gets jelly beans, then I'm watching Hot Tub Time Machine 2.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nobody's gonna watch or eat anything.
We came to Hawaii for a nice family vacation, not to sit in a hotel room, binging on candy and pay-per-view.
They're just restless from being on planes all day.
Okay, look, tell you what.
Why don't you take them down to the pool for some lunch? I'll unpack everything, bring down the suits, we all go for a swim? Yeah? Yeah.
All right.
Whoa, come on, come on, come on.
- Let's go, let's go.
- Yeah, finally.
You're a lock for dad of the year.
Get out of here.
Gee, thanks, Dad.
You're the best.
Yeah, let's get some towels.
Oh, my God.
So we are going to play in the lazy river, and we are going to play in the foam (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) O - Kill you! Why you did that? - I'm sorry! What makes you the boss?! I love you! I'm sorry! I l No! I love you! - Aah! - I'm sorry! You son of a gun.
No! Hey, hey, hey! What the hell's going on here? Thank God you're here.
You got to talk some sense into my cousin.
What are you doing? Flippa decided to enter us into Shrimpapalooza.
Is that a real thing? Oh-oh, it's legit.
It's this shrimp cook-off that was started by one of the food blogs.
We win that, our Yelp rating will explode.
Well, that's great.
It sounds like it would be great for business, no? Yeah, except the part he forgot to mention.
We're competing against Choy.
Sam Choy? The Sam Choy, celebrity chef? And godfather of Hawaiian cuisine.
And when we lose to him, it's gonna kill our rep and my business.
Listen to me, you're losing to a local culinary legend, there's no shame in that.
Bruddah, read the sign.
No one's gonna eat second best shrimp.
Ugh, I'm gonna kill you.
Is that gonna solve gonna solve anything? Huh? It won't.
But it gonna feel real good.
Listen, I might know somebody who can help.
But do you think you can refrain from murdering Flippa while I make a call? Yeah.
Can I mess him up just a little bit? No.
No! Clear a path.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way! Vic's name is Bryan Wallace.
Just got here from Grand Rapids, Michigan.
checks in the hotel, gets shot at point-blank range.
Any witnesses? No, not yet.
His family was at the pool when the whole thing happened.
From what we can make of it, it just looks like a robbery.
Well, according to the wife, the only suitcase that's missing is the husband's carry-on.
What was in it? She doesn't know.
She says it's the only bag she didn't pack herself.
Okay, so our shooter ignores all these valuables, grabs what he came for, and then just takes off.
Clearly, he was after something that our victim brought with him, and he was willing to kill for it.
The question is-- what? We've been taking statements from anyone who was in or around the lobby at the time of the shooting.
So far, no one recalls seeing anyone suspicious.
Okay, what about security cameras? Got my best guy poring through the footage as we speak.
Officer Kai, back in the saddle.
I told Gene here I used to work this gig over at the Marriott.
He was kind enough to let me take the wheel.
Well, you still got the touch, I see.
Indeed, I do.
But, full disclosure, your window of opportunity has finally closed.
I've been in an exclusive relationship for three weeks.
Really? Hmm, well, who's the lucky girl? Her name is Brenda.
Met her at a karaoke bar.
My rendition of "Love Is a Battlefield" closed the deal.
Bold choice.
I'm sure you hit those high notes.
Check out this suitcase.
Yeah, that matches the description of our stolen bag.
Can you punch in on those tags? Sure.
Flight 27 out of Gerald Ford.
That's the same flight our victim flew in on.
Then that's our shooter.
Yeah, we still need to I.
Can you pull every angle we have on this guy? You got it, sistah.
Just heard from the hospital.
The bullet's lodged inches away from Wallace's heart.
He's in surgery now, but it's pretty much touch and go.
Well, let's hope he pulls through.
So I had TSA send over the X-ray of our stolen bag.
It was scanned right before Wallace boarded his flight in Grand Rapids.
What do we got? Some clothes, toiletries, couple of magazines.
That's hardly anything worth shooting somebody over.
Which means there's something here that we're not seeing.
Or maybe this ain't about the bag.
You think this robbery might be a smoke screen for a hit? Yeah, it could be.
Here we are talking about a suitcase instead of asking who might want Wallace dead.
Well, maybe that's the question we need to ask.
Don't think this is a good plan, brah.
It's the only one we got.
Oh, Steve McGarrett.
How are you? Konnichi wa.
Konnichi wa, Chef Morimoto.
Konnichi wa, konnichi wa.
Uh, my friend, Chef Kamekona.
Konnichi wa.
Oh, we just got fresh Ono.
So you must stay for lunch.
I got to rain-check today, chef.
But, uh, I was kind of hoping you could do my friend Kamekona a favor.
Right, well, you see, chef, I'm competing in a shrimp cook-off and the competition is mad intense.
I'm gonna really have to bring it to have a chance.
So we figured-- who better to help me step up my game than an actual Iron Chef.
Oh, you want me to teach you how to cook? No.
I want you to teach me how to win.
Be my sensei.
Like Mr.
Myagi in Karate Kid.
The movie? Ralph Macchio? Yes, Pat Morita.
Wax on.
Wax off.
Yeah, "paint the fence," yeah.
But I'm not running cooking school.
So my answer is-- sorry, no.
Sorry, big guy.
That's okay.
Maybe he'll give me a job washing dishes when we lose to Choy.
Choy? - You said Sam Choy? - Yeah, Sam Choy, yeah.
He's, uh, he's competing in the cook-off.
Okay, Daniel-San, I will train you.
And together we will destroy him, Sam Choy.
That's awesome.
Chef, domo arigato.
Thank you.
Hey, congratulations.
I'll leave you to it.
Okay? Yeah, Lou, what do you got? Well, we looked into our Vic, Bryan Wallace.
This guy sure picked a hell of a time to go on a Hawaiian vacation.
Why? What are you talking about? Wallace lost his job as a consultant five months ago.
He hasn't collected a paycheck since.
Wait a minute.
If he's broke and out of work, what's he doing taking his family on an expensive trip? That doesn't make any sense.
Why would he keep something like that from me? The kids.
He promised them.
What did he promise them? This trip.
They've been talking about coming to Hawaii ever since they saw it on one of their TV shows.
Then last Christmas, he promised to take them.
If he had told me what had happened with work, I would have made him cancel.
I just feel so terrible that he had to keep all this to himself.
Ma'am, that's not important right now.
The most important thing is that your husband gets through this and he has you and your children to support him.
Wallace, I promise you, we're gonna do everything we can to find out who did this, okay? Thank you.
I'm gonna go check with the doctors to see if they have an update.
Of course.
Tell me something-- how do you keep your wife in the dark about something like that? Well, when the governor took my badge, I lost my job, I thought I was never gonna work again.
Now, I went home and put a brave face on for Renee and the kids, but, man when you're alone late at night and you think about the prospect of not being able to take care of your family, you know what kind of a load that is to carry? Pride, brother.
It is one of the seven deadlies.
Makes you do things you otherwise wouldn't.
All right, so if Wallace is capable of lying to his family, what else could he have been hiding? If I didn't know any better, I'd say our shooter's camera-shy.
All right, he definitely knew where all the cameras were positioned and was careful to avoid them.
That's every angle we have.
None of them caught an image of his face.
Maybe this kid did.
Hotel towel says he's probably a guest here.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
Yeah, I'm gonna need to see your phone.
I wasn't looking at those Web sites.
I swear.
My friend borrowed my cell.
That sounds like a reasonable defense.
Look, I'm only interested in the photos that you took earlier in the lobby.
So, please, hand it over.
I'll tell you what.
I'll trade you.
For what? My homeboys are gonna flip when I send them this.
Okay, I ever see that photo online, you're spending the rest of your puberty behind bars.
Kono, what do you got? An I.
on our shooter.
He's a Belgian national named Lukas Janssen.
Interpol has him connected to a string of high-end robberies throughout Europe.
Well, how did our Vic get mixed up with a guy like that? He didn't.
He just shared a connecting flight with him.
Janssen was coming in from Antwerp and he just happened to be seated next to the entire Wallace family.
But this is where it gets really interesting, though: While the plane's in the air, TSA gets word that Lukas is smuggling stolen artwork into Hawaii.
But when he lands, they don't find anything.
So they let him go.
And then, less than an hour later, Janssen shoots Bryan Wallace in his hotel room and takes only one thing: a carry-on suitcase that was stored in the airplane's cabin-- a suitcase that he had access to throughout the entire flight.
All right, Janssen must have suspected they were gonna search him when he landed.
So Janssen slips whatever he's smuggling into Wallace's bag, tracks the guy down at his hotel, shoots him, and then gets his bag back.
Well, it looks like Wallace's luck just went from bad to worse.
Nicole Booth? Yes.
Steve McGarrett.
This is Captain Lou Grover.
I understand you called TSA with the tip about Lukas Janssen.
That's right.
My firm chartered a flight as soon as we heard that he was en route.
Wait a minute.
You're an insurance agent? Recovery specialist.
And if you don't mind, I'd like to see Janssen right now.
That's going to be a little difficult.
We don't have him.
What do you mean? Janssen got past TSA by hiding whatever he was smuggling in another passenger's bag.
Now that passenger's in surgery, fighting for his life.
Unfortunately, this isn't just about a piece of stolen art.
We're investigating an attempted murder.
Look, I'm sorry to hear that, but with all due respect, I'm working a case, too.
And if I don't recover that piece, it's going to cost my firm $55 million.
What did this guy steal? Vincent van Gogh's Vase with Irises.
It was stolen from the Bremen museum in 2012.
Bishop & Copley Insurance holds the policy and is on the hook for the full value.
All right, well, according to Interpol, Janssen was investigated for the heist, but never charged.
This guy is meticulous in both planning and in execution.
I mean, short of catching him in the act, your only chance to nail him is when he surfaces to unload the artwork.
Which is exactly why Janssen's here.
Okay, wait a minute.
If this was stolen three years ago, why's he only moving it now? The hardest part in trafficking art isn't just stealing a painting; it's converting it into cash.
Especially when you're dealing with a Van Gogh.
I mean, there's only a handful of potential buyers for a piece like that.
But it just so happens that the wealthiest collectors in the world are gathered here in Hawaii this week.
The Pacific Art Forum.
It's a big international art event they hold in Honolulu every year.
And where the legitimate art world gathers, there's a black market that travels with it.
So Janssen's just following the money.
All right.
How does he go about finding a buyer? Very carefully.
These transactions occur in the shadows.
Buyers and sellers communicate through back channels, often using a middleman to broker the deal.
So we find the middleman, we find Janssen.
Why don't I get a list of attendees at the convention and run it against the FBI's art crime database? Why bother? The guy that we want isn't in any criminal database.
Gerard Hirsch.
See, on paper he's clean.
A respected art appraiser.
But to insiders, he's a black market facilitator, dealing in stolen art and high-end forgeries.
He's also a notorious perv.
We'll be able to get some leverage on him.
We just need some bait.
Oh, no.
Lot 16 from 1888 I must say, you two clean up nicely.
The Bentley was a nice touch, as well.
Asset forfeiture, my dear.
They make the best loaners.
3 million.
Thank you.
At $2.
3 million now.
Lloyd's bid at $2.
3 million.
Not yours, Mr.
At $2,300,000.
It's brilliant, isn't it? It perfectly embodies the ideals of Neo-Spatialism, while simultaneously critiquing the commercialization of the movement.
I take it this isn't just a hobby for you? What gave me away? Gerard Hirsch.
Naomi Lin.
5 million.
How about two-six? $2.
6 million? $2,650,000? Thank you.
Now, there's a man who knows what he wants.
Tell me about it.
He's my boss.
Oh, your boss has excellent taste.
Well, perhaps.
But, um, to him, art is just a commodity.
Something you buy high and sell higher.
Shame not to be appreciative of what you have.
Actually, you know, if you wouldn't mind, there is, uh, something I'd love to get your eyes on.
Look at her.
She's reeling him right in.
At $3 million What do you mean, I'm not on the list? Who is that guy? Of course I'm on the list.
Give me that.
See? I'm right there.
You gotta be kidding me.
1 million.
Hey, Kono What are you doing here? Uh, researching my book on the CIA's use of art sales to covertly fund a moon colonization project.
Why? What are you doing here? I'm working a case.
Oh, I see, undercover.
Looking good, Commander.
Nicole, this is Jerry.
Nicole Booth.
Bishop & Copley Insurance.
Really, Bishop & Copley? Wow, oh, you must have worked the Pordenone case.
Yes, I did.
Well, if you have time later, I'd love to interview you for my book.
Yeah, maybe.
Lock your bidder at $3,350,000.
Oh, looks like he took the bait.
It's the pressure.
It's affecting my game.
Problem is, you are cooking from here.
You should be cooking from here.
To be your best, you must search within yourself.
Rediscover your passion.
That's heavy.
Tell me-- who did you train under? Trigger Mike.
I'm not familiar with Chef Trigger Mike.
I should hope not.
He ran the mess up at Halawa Correctional.
Gave me my first job in a kitchen.
I became pretty good at it, too.
My butter shrimp were so famous, the night guards used to sneak in the fresh catch.
I used to grill 'em up in my cell on a hot plate that ran off a car battery.
Some of the best meals I ever cooked.
Show me that.
This is how you will beat Choy.
Now we just work on your technique.
I picked it up in San Miguel last week.
The seller clearly underestimated its collectability.
You can tell more about a painting's provenance by looking at its back.
Gallery labels, the patina of the frame, even the nails used to secure the canvas they all tell a story.
And what story does this tell you? Unfortunately, that this piece is a forgery.
Albeit a very good one.
I spent $80,000 of company money on this piece.
You're telling me it's worthless? I'm sorry.
You could go after the seller, but I'm guessing he demanded payment in cash.
If that's the case, then he's long gone.
My boss is going to fire me.
If he doesn't kill me first.
I may have a solution to your problem.
I'll do anything.
I could write up an appraisal, vouching for the piece's authenticity.
That way, you can unload it at auction.
And your problem becomes well, someone else's problem.
I am so glad that you said that.
Five-O! Gerard Hirsch, get your hands where I can see 'em! What is this? Your problem.
And it's a big one.
We got you on conspiracy to commit fraud.
And once the FBI starts looking into every sale you've ever touched, who knows how many more counts you'll be facing? The only way to help yourself now is by helping us.
Meet Tom Emery.
According to Hirsch, he's one of the biggest buyers of stolen art in the world.
And he's holding a private party today at his Kahala mansion to show off his collection.
And add to it.
Apparently, this party is known among insiders to be the place to buy and sell stolen artwork.
A stolen art swap meet? Seems like a good place to unload a hot Van Gogh.
Janssen will be there, guaranteed.
All right, I want us inside that party when Janssen shows up.
Security's gonna be tight.
No one's gonna be allowed in there without being vetted first.
But thankfully, Hirsch is on the guest list, and he's willing to vouch for Chin and me.
All right, that's good.
Grover and I are gonna lead the entry team.
As soon as you guys give us word that Janssen is on site, we'll move in.
I'll notify SWAT.
I'll find something to wear.
Hey, Jerry.
Don't say my name.
Just be cool and meet me in the hallway.
Jerry, what's this? When I got home, I checked my research and I realized I made a mistake.
A mistake about what? Bishop & Copley.
The insurance company Nicole claims to work for.
It turns out they did not handle the Pordenone case.
Well, then why didn't she correct you when you said they did? Maybe because she's not who she says she is.
Just hang on a minute, and I can explain.
What's there to explain? I know who you are.
You're a bounty hunter who tracks down lost and stolen pieces of art for massive rewards.
And based on the warrants out for your arrest in Athens and Budapest, it's clear you don't have a problem bending the law.
Look, this isn't just a payday for me, all right? I track these pieces down, and I return them to their rightful owners.
So what if I have to bend the rules sometimes? Hey, Bryan Wallace is laying in a hospital room right now fighting for his life.
And while I've been out there trying to catch the guy who put him there, you've been lying to me.
The really crazy part is I still need your help.
There's dozens of artworks and buyers who need to be I.
See, here's the deal.
We get Janssen.
You get to return the Van Gogh and collect the reward.
The whole $1.
5 million of it.
Girl's got to eat, right? Yeah, well, flying private can't be cheap, either.
Look, thank you, really.
I promise I'll be up front moving forward, and help any way I can, really.
All right, good.
You're not gonna be working alone, either.
You should know that.
You mad at me for outing you? No, I'm just enjoying the pungent aroma of those chips you're eating.
Mango habanero.
Got to stay fueled up on these long stakeouts.
Oh, by the way, if nature calls, I got you covered.
Put that away.
That's disgusting.
All right, guys.
All right, heads up.
Our guys just landed.
Thank you.
I ordered some spyglasses off the back of a comic book once.
Not as cool as these.
Hirsch? Mr.
Park, Ms.
Thank you.
Enjoy the event.
Entry team, stand by.
Players on set.
Running facial rec.
Should have a guest list for you shortly.
Chin, you got any sign of the subject? Negative.
Guys, none of these paintings are coming up as stolen.
Something ain't right here.
Here comes our host now.
This is Mr.
I hear you had quite the haul today.
Did you bid on the Richter? Unsuccessfully, I'm afraid.
Frozen out at $7 million.
There's always that one that gets away.
I suppose I'll have to find a way to spend my money here today.
Well, then, why don't I show you where we keep the good stuff? Holy mother lode.
Oh, my God.
Those paintings were stolen from the Himerman in '72.
And that piece is from the Doscher heist.
I'm told it's human nature to want what you cannot have.
Thankfully, I wouldn't know.
This is quite the collection.
I'd ask how you put it together, but I'm guessing you'd rather not say.
Discretion is key.
But what's the point in owning something so rare and expensive if you cannot show it off to your friends? If you'll excuse me, I have some business to attend to.
We got eyes on the subject.
Janssen is here.
All right, move, move! All right, entry team, get ready to roll! Inner perimeter is set.
Hit team ready.
CP standing by.
We have high ground cover with our sniper teams.
Be advised.
Subject is on the move.
Emery's taking Janssen into the office.
Looks like they're about to make a deal for the Chin, say again your last.
Chin? Kono? Jerry? Jerry, we lost Chin and Kono.
What's going on? I don't know.
But I suddenly lost cell service.
Yeah, me, too.
Someone's using a signal jammer.
Move! Inner perimeter is set.
Hit team ready.
We are set and ready.
On the floor right now! Down! Down! On the floor! On the floor! Everybody down! If it wasn't already obvious, this is a robbery.
SWAT's established a perimeter.
Every entry point in the house is locked down.
Got to be a way to breach.
Not without calling a lot of attention to yourself, and that endangers the hostages.
You guys see what's happening here, right? Janssen's trading up.
The Van Gogh was just his way in the door so that he could boost Emery's collection.
Yeah, and judging from the gunfire, he's got at least four or five accomplices with him all armed with automatic weapons.
I don't get it.
We had eyes on the place.
Every guest was checked going in.
How did he get a bunch of guys in there with guns? Better question is: How is he planning on getting out? After that alarm went off, this place became as impenetrable as the Dreadfort.
What? Game of Thrones? Anyone? Okay, I don't know what you're talking about, but I do know that this is all by design.
If the alarm went off, it's because Janssen wanted it to.
And you can be certain that he's got an exit strategy.
Well, the guy's best card is the hostages.
Maybe he's gonna play that to negotiate.
Yeah, and if he finds out that Chin and Kono are cops, they're the first ones he's gonna try to leverage.
I could reach out to my contacts at the security companies.
If we can track down the schematics, there may be a way that we could remotely override the alarm.
That's smart.
Okay, thank you, Nicole.
Even if SWAT could breach this place right now, I wouldn't make the call.
Not without knowing where the hostages were, how many shooters we got in there.
We'd just be going in there blind.
I know, I know, I know, I know.
Jerry, there's got to be someway we can reestablish communication with Chin and Kono.
Well, theoretically speaking, I suppose there is a way to crash a signal jammer.
If I could tap into the blocking frequency Jerry, Jerry, I don't, I don't care how you do it.
I just need you to do it.
Okay? Can you do it now? Copy that.
Get in there! Everybody on the floor.
Nobody move.
Be quiet.
HPD's response time was supposed to be four minutes, yet the cops already have the place surrounded.
But the only way that's possible is if they were tipped off before the alarm was triggered.
Yeah, find out how.
Holy crap! I did it! All right, Jerry, I got the feed up here.
Patch me through to their comms.
You got it.
Please hold for Steve McGarrett.
- Go ahead.
- All right, guys.
Just listen to me and don't say anything.
We don't want to draw any attention to ourselves.
Kono, nod if all the hostages are okay.
All right, Chin, I need you to show me the shooters and where they're positioned.
All right, stand by, guys.
We've got six threats all armed with Steyr machine pistols.
Three at the north end of the room watching the hostages, the other three packing up the artwork.
I'll have SWAT ready as soon as we can make entry.
All right, please tell me you got the schematics.
I did.
There's something here I need you to see.
This is the office, which doubles up as a fortified panic room when Emery needs to be holed up inside the house.
But here's where he takes his paranoia to the next level.
This is a tunnel.
As in an escape tunnel.
Wait a minute.
Janssen was in the office when the alarm was tripped.
That tunnel is how he and his boys got into this house.
And that's how he's gonna take the art out.
We have a problem.
The police took out our signal jammer.
Collect everyone's phones, and make sure they are turned off.
Already done.
I'm still showing a signal.
Only it's radio, not cellular.
And it's coming from inside the house.
We've got cops in here.
All right, this is the mouth of the tunnel-- it's about 200 yards from here.
This is where we're gonna be positioned.
All right, once we detain Janssen and his men and get them out of there, then we go back in and we secure the hostages-- copy? Guys? It's Jerry.
We got a problem.
Jerry, what's in his hand? Signal finder.
He's looking for an outgoing frequency.
Yeah, it's them.
You two Hand over your earpieces.
I'm still registering a signal.
If anyone tries coming in here, your people die first.
All right, HPD and emergency personnel are staying put to help secure the hostages.
All right, nobody moves until Janssen and his men are all in cuffs.
I'm not gonna put Chin and Kono at any more risk.
All right, gentlemen, we got six hostiles about to poke their heads out and get a nasty surprise.
Any of them tries to engage you, you light that ass up.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm afraid this is where we say good-bye.
Au revoir.
- Everybody, get back from the bag.
- Get back.
Close to the walls.
It's locked.
The gallery is hermetically sealed.
The doors only open from outside.
Oh, I know that look.
All right, what's going on? Janssen's been three steps ahead of us this whole time.
All right, he eluded TSA.
He made us think this was about a sale, when it was actually about a heist.
He even used the alarm system to his advantage by locking us out.
It ain't checkers; it's chess.
I get that, but what do you think his next move is gonna be? I don't know, but if Janssen can get his hands on those security schematics, that man is smart enough to know that we can, too.
If anyone tries coming in ere, your people die first.
Do you want to tell me what you're doing? You see that? See what? There, check out the shoes.
The shooters are all wearing patent leather shoes.
Guys, you better get back here.
For what? 'Cause Janssen's not coming out that tunnel.
He's going out the front door.
Move out! Move out! Load up! Load up! Shut it down.
Stand fast.
Repeat, stand fast.
Everyone, stay calm.
Close your eyes and cover your mouth! And stay low! - Door's open! - Move toward the door! Go! Let's go, let's go! Go, go! Come on, let's go! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Paramedics, get in here! These people need medical attention.
Come on.
All right, come on, folks.
Come on, this way.
Hey, cuff this guy.
And you, keep your nose clean.
Thanks! Freeze! Drop your weapon! Steve, cover me! Lukas Janssen! Get them up! Get your hands up.
You're under arrest for attempted murder, armed robbery and a whole bunch of other stuff.
Get up here.
What happened? "What happened?" You just caught the bad guy.
That's what happened.
Where's Nicole? I'm here.
I know I said I'd help any way I can, but I'm not suicidal.
You all right? Huh? Need an ambulance or something? Huh? Yeah, you know me.
I just got to walk it off.
Thank you for keeping your word.
I know you guys could've easily returned this yourselves.
Well, if law enforcement weren't barred from collecting cash rewards, you'd be going home empty-handed right now.
Well, it was lovely working with you.
You, too.
I'm glad we both got what we wanted.
Oh, wait.
I forgot to ask, how's Bryan Wallace doing? He's doing okay.
The doctors say he should make a full recovery.
I'm glad to hear it.
I hope his luck changes soon.
I'll tell him.
Steve, it's Chin.
I just got word from the FBI that the paintings we recovered were all fakes.
What? How's that possible? Well, according to Tom Emery, those paintings were all decoys and the real ones are stored in a vault inside his house.
Whoa, hold on.
Jerry had the security schematics.
Why didn't we know about the vault? Because Nicole conveniently omitted that one page from the file.
Well, there's only one reason she'd do that.
Like I said, girl's got to eat, right? I'll make sure the pieces get back to their rightful owners.
As for the Van Gogh, please see that the reward goes to someone deserving.
I don't understand.
What kind of person would just give us this kind of money? Somebody who figured you were due for some good luck.
I've got to say, Jerry, you've helped us out before, but you took it from, like, a four to an 11 on this one.
Thank you.
Yeah, I think hanging out with Steve is, uh, having an effect on you.
Oh, yeah, driving head-on into a suspect, vintage McGarrett.
Now that I have sustained bodily injury for you guys, you think I can get that badge? No, but to show our appreciation, lunch is on me today.
This isn't lunch.
And besides, it's free.
Right, and as for now, so are your services.
You brought your own bib? It's hardly my first rodeo.
Trust me, when the grinds start coming fast and furious, you're gonna be wishing you had one of these babies.
Watch your sauté work.
Don't get sloppy with the presentation, okay? Just want to wish you good luck and say hello to an old friend here.
Hi, Sam.
Good to see you.
So how's the family? Everything is good? Yeah, Carol and the boys are doing great.
We've actually been spending a lot more time back here since I opened the new place.
You know, after I signed the contract, I heard you were eyeing up the same spot.
I hope there's no hard feelings.
I'm just happy with your success.
Good to be catching up.
Good luck.
Hey, can't wait to taste your food.
We must crush him.
I don't think I can do this.
Of course you can.
You are a shrimp samurai.
All right yeah! All right, all right, all right.
That's right! Yeah! And the winner of the first annual Shrimpapalooza cook-off Kamekona Tupuola! Yay! - Congratulations.
- Awesome.
Chef, thank you.
Domo arigato.
I don't know what you taught him, but whatever you taught him, it helped.
What helped was my secret ingredient.
Special Japanese pepper.
Very, very spicy.
I didn't taste anything spicy at all in Kamekona's dish.
Of course not.
It was not in his dish.
It was in Choy's dish.
Cooking is combat, and I don't lose.

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