Hawaii Five-0 s05e13 Episode Script

La Po'ino (Doomsday)

Honolulu approach level at 3,000.
Tower control Transport One has just touched down.
Notify convoy.
I was surprised when you called.
I'm I'm glad you did.
Sorry we haven't talked much lately.
I've been busy.
Oh, yeah, I heard about that-- private security.
Figured you'd be living in a saddle by now.
Well, I guess the only thing the Navy didn't teach me was how to relax.
Appreciate you doing me this favor on such short notice.
So, Joe, who's the guy? Mitch Lange.
Emergency management specialist with the Air Force.
He spent the last six weeks in Manila fighting an outbreak of a new strain of bird flu classified H5N4.
The CDC says it has an 85% mortality rate.
Lange is the first American to contract it.
Lucky us, huh? Yeah.
So let's get him to Tripler, and the Loco Moco's on me.
You're gonna owe me a little more than a burger and rice for this one, Joe.
Okay, I'll buy you shave ice, too.
How's Mary? Good.
And your team-- how's your team? Good.
Got a new guy from Chicago.
And let me guess: he's good.
He's great, actually.
You know, Steve, if I didn't know better, I would swear there was something on your mind.
You want to do this with me? You want to talk circles with me, huh? You know I got questions.
And I'm not gonna duck them anymore.
You want answers-- I'm here to give you answers.
Fire away.
Did you know about my mother's relationship with Wo Fat? I knew that she took care of him after his mother was killed, until the CIA found out about it and they forced her to abandon him.
And I promised her I would never tell you that.
So why are you telling me now? Because you deserve to know the truth.
Here's the thing, Joe-- I already got the truth, and I got from the person I least expected it from.
Wo Fat? Yeah.
And I bet that pissed you off.
Well, I put a bullet in his head.
What do you think? Steve I believe that your mother always did what she thought was right.
What my mother did was self-serving, and it was all to cover up the murder of an innocent woman.
Wo Fat's mother was an innocent woman.
Doris had an assignment-- that death was collateral.
She covered it up, and that is a crime.
So I tell you where she is, and what-- what are you gonna do then? Are you gonna go arrest your own mother? Are you gonna tell me where she is? You just finished telling me you're done ducking my questions.
Joe! Joe, you all right? Don't let them take Lange! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Joe can you move? Huh? My leg is pinned.
What about the door? Oh, you you mean that thing that that used to open and close? I think we lost our rental deposit on that.
All right.
Sorry, buddy.
You're bleeding.
Not the first time.
All right.
Okay Okay.
Okay, okay, come on Okay.
This was a coordinated attack.
Steve, what's up? Joe's checking on the convoy.
Chin, our motorcade has been compromised.
A team of six guys with fully automatic weapons hijacked the transport vehicle, and are now on the move with our patient.
All right, it's a government vehicle-- it should have GPS.
You guys okay? Yeah, we're all right.
Tracking the Sprinter now.
All right, I got 'em.
They're heading north on Nimitz.
Joe, I gotta go.
Steve, sit tight and wait for EMS.
I'll get HPD on the Sprinter.
There's no time.
Heading west on Pacific, Chin.
Okay, take Pacific to Iwilei, and that should cut them off.
Got it.
Wait a minute.
They've stopped.
North King and Iwilei.
Steve! I'm here.
It's empty.
There's only one reason they'd take that patient-- the virus.
Chin, contact Homeland Security and CDC-- I think we're looking at a major national security situation here.
Hey, you know what? Why don't you get an apartment next-door, 'cause you're here so often.
Huh? How about that? I'm fine.
Thanks for asking.
Hey, Doc, make sure you punch his card, huh? You all right? Doctors, could you give us a minute, please? Thank you.
You all right? Yeah.
This time.
So, what do we know? Not much.
Uh, the traffic cams showed your guys taking Lange from the Sprinter, put him in a cargo van, no plates, last seen heading north.
HPD's trying to run a background on the patient right now to see if maybe there's, uh, some sort of MO.
I'll tell you something, that was a well-executed hit.
This wasn't personal-- I'm thinking I'm thinking this could be an act of terrorism.
If their goal is to weaponize the virus, that's a hell of a threat.
Well, look, the the whole island is on lockdown, okay? CDC's setting up screening systems at the airports, harbors-- everything is being monitored.
There is zero chance those guys are leaving with Lange.
That still leaves us with a potential exposure of a million people.
It's better than billions.
Max, we gotta get an I.
on this guy.
Let's push him up to the front of the line.
Copy that.
You okay? Don't worry.
It's gonna take more than a wrecking ball to stop Steve.
I spoke with the construction manager.
The site's been down for two months since funding dried up.
These guys did their homework.
They knew what time Lange was being transported and the route they were taking.
But this is what doesn't add up.
The decision to bring Lange to Oahu was made 72 hours ago.
And it was never announced to the public.
So how'd they know Lange was being brought here? Exactly.
What's going on? Why are we here? Mrs.
Lange, my name is Joe White.
I led your husband's transport detail this morning.
Did something happen? We were supposed to meet Mitch at Tripler Army Medical Hospital, and then when we landed, they brought us here.
No one's telling us anything.
We had a situation on the way to the hospital.
What does that mean, "a situation"? Abducted by whom? We don't know.
But I promise you, we're doing everything we can to get Mitch back.
So that's why we're here? You don't want us telling anybody.
The situation is very sensitive.
I don't understand.
How could this happen? My husband was supposed to receive a serum today.
The CDC said he needed it to survive.
And we have every intention of getting it to him.
But you have to find him first.
And he doesn't have much time.
I'm gonna find your husband, Mrs.
I promise.
In the meantime, I'm gonna have to ask you and your family to stay here.
I'm very sorry.
White don't let my dad die.
Steve, yeah.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Per Lieutenant Kelly, I just finished performing what I refer to as warp speed autopsy.
I missed you, Max.
Who is he? John Doe for now.
No hits on AFIS or CODIS.
However, I did find foreign substances that he recently inhaled in his nostrils and his respiratory system.
I sent them over to the crime lab for analysis.
The results were charred burlap and pine needles.
Any idea where they came from? Could have been from a number of sources.
He could've been near a campfire or at a fireplace.
Okay, let's look into more possible sources.
Anything else? Yes.
I also performed a full CT scan on the body.
As you can see, he has a remarkable amount of shrapnel in his body.
This guy's seen battle.
If he's U.
military, his prints would be on AFIS.
All right, we need to get his photograph to Interpol and every antiterrorist agency.
Somebody has to be able to I.
this guy.
Chin, Kono, this is Dr.
Nalani Dyer.
She's the Honolulu CDC station director.
What do you have for us, Doctor? I'm afraid to say we've confirmed there was a breach of the DHS server.
Confidential e-mails were compromised.
We believe that's how your suspects obtained the transport Intel.
Do you know where the breach came from? Unfortunately, they left no digital footprint.
But DHS agrees with your assessment this is an act of terrorism.
POTUS has given us the go-ahead to raise the NTAS Alert level to Imminent Threat.
So, Doctor, what do we know about this virus? It's a mutated strain of the avian flu.
About six weeks ago, a farmer in the Davao region of the Philippines came down with it.
One week later, we reported 105 cases.
As of 7:00 a.
this morning, we have 1,400 cases, Okay, how's it transmitted? As far we know, only through direct human contact.
Once you're infected, the incubation period has been shown to be anywhere from a few hours to 21 days.
After symptoms appear, patients usually die within five days.
So I guess that flu shot I just got isn't gonna cover this.
We've been working on a serum.
Mitch Lange was due to receive it this afternoon.
If he doesn't get it soon, he'll be dead tomorrow.
Doctor, any idea how one might weaponize this virus? Well, Lange is too ill to send into a crowded area without raising suspicion.
So they'd use his blood.
Which is no easy task.
They'd need an expert to keep the virus stable and a biosafety level 4 lab to work in.
Is there one of those labs on the island? No.
There are only 15 in the United States.
Closest one to here is in Montana.
Unless they built their own.
It's possible.
But they'd need very specific equipment.
Positive pressure personnel suits, decontamination chemicals, an uninterrupted power supply, - just for starters.
- Well, that's good.
Not exactly a run-of-the-mill trip to Home Depot.
All right, we need to track down any recent purchases of this kind of equipment.
If we can find a buyer, could lead us to Lange.
I bet you're reconsidering that retirement right about now.
There's nothing else I would rather be doing.
Oh, yeah.
I figured you'd say that.
Don't worry, I won't die before I tell you what you want to know.
Look, Steve, I already reached out to my contacts.
These guys know the handlers that your mother reports to.
They'll find her.
That was fast.
Wrong guys.
Walt, appreciate you getting back to me.
No, that's Hawaiian for thank you.
You got to get out of the Beltway more, man.
What do you got? Homeland Security contact came through.
They got a hit on our John Doe.
All right.
His name is Zahir Morina.
He joined the Kosovo Liberation Army when he was old enough to carry a gun, and he served till the KLA disbanded in '99.
Well, it's good to see he's kept busy.
He's got a red notice on Interpol.
Everything from murder and extortion to armed robbery.
So either he's joined up with a new terrorist group, or the KLA just made a hell of a comeback.
DHS classifies the KLA as an inactive terrorist organization, so if they were in a rebuilding mode, we'd have heard something.
I just got off the phone with Oahu State University.
One of their professors, a Dr.
Howard Rennick, head of virology, purchased $30,000 worth of lab equipment in the past 72 hours, all materials needed to build your very own level 4 lab.
Is there any chance he needed that stuff for work? The university didn't authorize it if he did.
And apparently Rennick hasn't shown up for class in three days.
Maybe because he's busy weaponizing a virus.
Either we're right about our virus doctor, or this guy really doesn't like company.
We need to find another way in.
Cover me! Moving! What the hell is he doing? Exactly what I'd do.
Well, I guess that settles it.
What? You weren't really born a crazy son of a bitch.
This is the guy that taught you.
Clear! Who are these guys? Beside from being pro gun, no idea.
So where's Rennick? On me.
Rennick? Yes.
Where's your husband? They took him.
Who? Who took him? I don't know.
Was this one of the guys? Yeah, that was one of them.
How is she? She's uh, she's pretty shaken up, but I think she's gonna be all right.
Said six armed gunmen stormed the house three days ago.
What the hell is Th They threatened to kill her if Dr.
Rennick didn't go with them.
She just I.
'd Zahir Morina as one of the crew.
So the same crew that grabbed Mitch Lange also took Dr.
Rennick and used his credit card and medical license to acquire the lab equipment.
Right, and his wife is the leverage to make sure he does exactly what they want.
Now, the fact that she's still alive says to me Rennick has not finished weaponizing the virus.
We need confirmation that Rennick is capable of doing the job, otherwise they're gonna kill him and get somebody else who is.
Guys take a look at this.
Did facial rec on our two dead shooters.
Both got flagged by Interpol.
Who are they? Leka Bogdani, Remzi Kostin.
Bogdani is ex-Albanian armed forces and Kostin-- ex-Russian ground forces.
Which can only mean one thing-- they're mercenaries.
All right, we need to find out who put this all-star team of scumbags together.
Is there any connection between these two? I might have found one.
Back in the 90s they were all CIA assets.
And their handler was an ex-field operative named Michael Carson.
Michael Carson.
What, you know him, Joe? I met him years ago.
Carson was part of a CIA recon team in the early years of the Afghan war.
He turned that conflict into his own personal ATM, until things went sideways and they put him away for trying to smuggle gold back into the States.
That was 15 years ago.
It says here he was released from Allenwood over a year ago, and there's no record of anything he's been up to since.
Well, we know what he's up to-- he's putting a team of old contacts together to steal a bioweapon.
All right, we need to find out who hired Carson to weaponize this virus.
And hope they haven't paid him to release it, too.
You know, that might be the play.
Before he joined the agency, he was part of a counterterrorism op.
He used to oversee a think tank of scientists who were running these biowarfare scenarios.
Everything from anthrax in the mail to sarin gas in the subways.
Pretty much the worst kind of stuff you can think of.
Maybe one of those scenarios could be Carson's next move.
Rennick isn't just a colleague.
He's been a mentor to me.
He's also the best virologist I know.
All right, um this is a silly question, but, uh, is he capable of, uh, weaponizing H5N4? Honestly? Yes.
If anyone can pull it off, it's him.
Okay, so how would he do that? Theoretically, he could use a process called lyophilization.
I'm gonna stop you right there, 'cause It's essentially freeze-drying.
Like when they make astronaut food? Exactly.
It extends the shelf life of vaccines, but it can also be used on viruses.
Turns them into a fine white powder which can be inhaled, ingested or otherwise transmitted.
All you need is a delivery system and you got yourself a biological weapon.
And how long would it take, uh, to turn the avian flu into something like that? Hard to say for sure.
If I had to guess no more than 12 hours.
But this is all theoretical, right? Mm.
You do understand that if there's a widespread outbreak of this virus, we'd be looking at a slate wiper.
Slate wiper? From all the projections we've done, a weaponized H5N4 would decimate the population.
Of Oahu? The world.
Do you want to call Grace? And tell her what, exactly? Hey, honey, there's this nut job out there and he's trying to wipe out the entire population just to, uh, make some money.
What's the point? If that doctor's right, the virus is already being weaponized-- what difference does it make? Okay, then we're gonna have to find out how it's being distributed, 'cause that's the only way we're gonna stop it.
Impressive resume, Mr.
I think you'll fit in nicely around here.
If you wouldn't mind waiting a minute, I'll get somebody from senior management to show you around.
Sit tight.
I'll be right back.
Hey, uh I think you got a problem in here.
There's bees coming in through the vent.
Help! Open the door! Please! Help me! Help me I've been looking into biowarfare scenarios that Carson was familiar with.
Now given his training, there are several viable means of distribution.
Dirty bombs, ventilation systems, even bees.
Bees? Yeah, they're a viable distribution system.
We used to run scenarios using bees with substances like anthrax.
The powder adheres to their wings.
Once they're released, they spread the virus.
Making it airborne.
Wait a minute, hold on-- Max found charred burlap and pine needles in Morina's lungs.
Which could be used in a bee smoker.
Well, that's just great.
Why don't we just put an APB out on every bee on the island and everything'll be just fine.
Actually, that's not a bad idea.
Commerce of bees is heavily monitored on the island.
They're illegal to import and there are only a few places to buy them.
Given that Carson needs an uninterrupted power supply, I'll cross-reference any recent spikes in kilowatt-hours against addresses where bees are purchased and sold.
Automatic weapons and bees.
I think we're in the right place.
You think? Respirators on.
Janek? Janek? I got eyes on Lange.
Copy that.
Secure the lab.
Get CDC in for an immediate evac.
Let's move.
Cover me! Move in! Right there, right there.
Joe! Joe! What the hell is he doing now? Joe! Talk to me! What's going on? Carson's dead.
What are you doing? The bees are loose in the van.
Joe! I can't let them get out, Steve.
Joe, stop the van.
We'll call CDC.
There's no time.
Joe, what are you doing? Stop the van.
I can't do that, Steve.
I have to neutralize the threat.
You know that.
"The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday.
" Joe! This is Detective Danny Williams.
We need a Fire Rescue, Hazmat and CDC to Makai Pier right now.
Could you be any more dramatic? I could've held my breath for another 30 seconds, but I didn't want you getting wet.
Oh, really? Really? How'd you know I'd jump in? I trained you, son.
Swim over here.
Give me your hand.
No, you don't want to do that, Steve.
I could be contagious.
Joe, ESU and CDC's on their way, all right? Just hang tight.
You could've killed yourself, you know that? Nothing you wouldn't have done yourself.
He's right.
You would have done something equally stupid.
I guess that depends on how you define "stupid.
" Sit tight.
How's Mitch? He got the serum.
So far, his vitals are stable.
That's great news.
I can't thank you enough, Mr.
There's no need.
I'm just glad we were able to get Mitch back to you and your family.
White You can call me Joe, son.
Uh, Joe, I-I just wanted to say thank you for keeping your promise.
You said you'd bring my dad home, and you did.
You're welcome.
Beckham, you take good care of your mom and your sister, and tell your dad that I'm thinking about him.
Yes, sir.
Wow! I like what you've done with the place.
This is home for the next 21 days.
you had three weeks' vacation? Never.
I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do with myself.
Oh, you'll be fine.
You won't have to do it alone, either-- I'll come down every day and visit.
I might even set up a chessboard.
What do the doctors say? So far, no infection.
They're gonna keep sticking me with needles for the next three weeks, make sure.
Other than that, there's nothing to do but wait.
Well, it was worth it.
Why? What'd you find out? Carson's endgame-- it was DC.
He co-opted a local company-- they have agricultural clearance to ship their honeybees across the country.
His financials tied him to a new terror group out of the Middle East.
DHS got them at Dulles airport waiting for the bees to arrive.
We saved a lot of lives, Joe.
Well, that's what we're trained to do.
Tell you the truth, when I was on that pier I wasn't thinking about all the lives at stake, I was I was thinking about you.
Me? You're the closest thing I ever had to a son, Steve, and there's nothing I wouldn't do to protect you.
Most of all, I didn't want to let you down again.
You never let me down, Joe.
You just kept a whole lot of stuff from me.
Well, that stops now.
I have news of your mother.
Oh, yeah? I heard from my contacts that Doris was supposed to check in with her handlers What happened? We don't know.
It can only mean one of two things: either she's dead or she went off the grid; and knowing your mother, if she doesn't want to be found, she won't be.
Somebody tipped her off we're looking for her.
Oh, you think it was me? After all these years, you don't trust me.
You've been playing both sides of the fence, Joe.
Can you blame me? No no, I don't.
But I promise you this-- when I get out of here, you and I are gonna go find Doris together.
You've made me a lot of promises over the years, too.
I'm not going anywhere.
Trust me.
Let me hear you say it.
I trust you, Joe.
Thank you.
We on line? I thought you said you trusted him.
I lied.

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