Hawaii Five-0 s05e14 Episode Script

Powehiwehi (Blackout)

Stop where you are! Move away from the fence! The use of deadly force is authorized.
This is your only warning.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey.
Hey, you know what today is? No.
Think back, one year ago.
I found you in that diner.
That feels like a lifetime ago.
You know, after we got home, those first few weeks were an adjustment.
Not having to look over my shoulder anymore.
But slowly, life got back to normal, and I started thinking about the future and where we'd be in a year.
I thought for certain we'd be married.
Um Hey, look, I made a promise to you.
I said you wouldn't lose me, and you haven't.
Here I am.
Everything is good, so what's the problem? Nothing.
There's no problem.
Everything is just so good right now.
I don't want it to change.
That's not it.
It's your father's company.
I'm sorry? Look, I know you've worked so hard to clean up the business but there are still a few things about it that I have a problem with.
Kono, I Adam, just Look, it still has ties to the Noshimuri clan, investors who were once connected to the Yakuza.
Up until a few months ago, Wo Fat had a stake in the company.
I had no knowledge of that.
Look, I know that.
Every day, I fight to keep our holdings legit, to make sure the business doesn't go back to what it was Okay, but still, the money that your father used to build the company, where that came from Adam, no matter what you do, it's a business that was born out of corruption.
And as long as you're tied to it You want me to sell the company.
Have I ever asked you to quit being a cop? Every second of the day, I worry about you, but have I ever asked you to give up your job? No.
But now you're asking me to give up mine.
Kono, I am fighting to change my family's legacy.
I walk away now, that will never happen.
And let's say I do sell, okay? What then? Wh-What do you expect me to do with my life? Look, I don't know, but we could figure it out.
Yeah right.
We'll figure it out.
Like it's no big deal.
Maybe you're not in a place you can hear me right now.
I should go.
So, the doctor says Dekker's gonna pull through.
Lucky, though.
Close-contact GSW to the gut.
Not to mention the one he took trying to hop the fence, on top of the beating that he took.
All told, the guy suffered heavy blood loss, a little head trauma.
And when did this guy even get out of prison? Three days ago.
Apparently, his release was under a court order.
They kept it very quiet.
All right, thanks.
Okay, so, HPD ran the car Dekker was driving-- no VIN number, plates were stolen, lab's processing it now.
All right, fine.
What about the slug from the first GSW-- we recover that? Nothing.
All right, I don't get it.
Dekker still had six years left on his sentence, now, all of a sudden, he's a free man? Well, maybe he finally snitched his way out.
I think the bigger mystery is why he was trying to get back in.
I've heard of cons who want to go back to prison, but actually attempting to break in? No precedent for that.
I think we're about to get some answers.
Hey, who is that? He's with ICE-- he worked a homicide with us a few years back.
Agent Morrison.
How's he doing? He'll live.
Has he spoken yet? No.
Maybe you could tell us what's going on here.
All right, look, Dekker's my CI.
We got him out of Halawa to help us with a major operation.
Lost contact last night, and we've been looking for him ever since.
What was the op? We're after a high-value target: Roman Zednick.
He's into everything from narcotrafficking and K&R to assassination and piracy.
This the best picture you got? This is the only picture that we got.
It was taken in Madrid three weeks ago.
Man obviously knows how to keep a low profile.
He excels at it.
Hardly anyone has ever laid eyes on Roman-- up until recently we thought maybe he was just a myth.
Turns out he's been operating in the shadows for years, mainly in Eastern Europe.
He is bold, he is smart, he is ruthless, and from what we understand, he wants to plant his flag in the U.
We'll do whatever it takes to stop him.
How did Dekker fit in? So, five days ago, we get Intel that Roman's on the Island and he wants to buy weapons.
Soon as we heard that, we knew we had an opening-- great opportunity to get someone close to Roman to I.
Right, you just need a weapons broker.
So enter J.
We move as quickly as we can, we get him out of Halawa on a trumped-up legal technicality, falsify the court records, create a paper trail that goes back for months.
Soon as he's free, Dekker used his contacts to set up a one-on-one with Roman.
We went to the meet last night, but we lost visual.
We believe that Roman's people grabbed Dekker to take him to a second location to meet the man himself.
I can only assume that, at some point, Dekker was compromised and they tried to take him out.
Excuse me-- Mr.
Dekker has regained consciousness.
I want to talk to him.
I don't think that's a good idea.
The patient's a bit hostile at the moment.
I don't care-- I still want to speak with him.
Well, the thing is, Mr.
Dekker's insisting on only speaking to members of the Five-O task force, no one else.
Hey, before you even start in, straight up, I don't know what's going on, but I could tell you I did not break out of Halawa.
Just relax, all right? We know all about ICE.
ICE? What are you talking about? Look, I don't know what happened, but one minute I'm working laundry, the next I'm in here, and they tell me I got shot outside the prison.
Wait a minute, the last thing you remember is working laundry? Yeah.
So you're saying that everything that happened over the past three days-- Roman, the guns, the op-- you don't remember any of that? Three days? What the hell are you talking about? What op? Who's Roman? What the hell's going on here? The one guy who can I.
our number-one most wanted, and he says he can't remember? Steve, do you believe him? Well, the doctors told Chin and I that based on the head trauma Dekker sustained, this type of amnesia is possible.
But we're talking about J.
Dekker here.
This guy's been lying to the cops since before he could dress himself.
You're thinking this is a ploy? I'm just saying, how do we know he's not working an angle? What if he doesn't want to say what happened - because he's afraid of Roman? - I don't know.
I mean, the last time we talked to Dekker, he seemed like a changed man.
Plus, the amnesia would explain him trying to break back into Halawa.
Yeah, he's confused, disoriented.
He doesn't know why he's not locked up.
Well, here's the bad news: There is no test to determine if you really have amnesia, so we got no way of knowing if the guy's telling the truth.
- What about a polygraph? - We could try, but I'm afraid the meds in Dekker's system would skew the results.
However, there may actually be another way.
How we feeling? I've been shot.
How you think I feel? All right, look right here.
All right, I'm gonna ask you some questions.
What's the last thing you remember before you were shot? It's Adam.
Not gonna answer it? No.
Tell me your name.
You really don't know who I am, do you? Aren't you my doctor? I looked right into his eyes and he didn't recognize me.
Eight months.
Eight months I have been hunting Roman.
No one has ever gotten this close to him, and now that I have he's going back under, and probably for good.
Maybe there's a chance to catch him before that happens, all right? We work together, we retrace Dekker's steps, maybe it leads us to Roman.
I hate to throw cold water, but if we're going after this guy Roman, we got to move fast.
If Dekker did see Roman, he's gonna get the hell out of Dodge.
There's no question that Roman is already making plans to get off the Island.
We need to delay him.
How? We kill Dekker.
We put a story out there saying we found Dekker murdered, no suspects, no leads.
If Roman doesn't think he's been compromised, there's no reason for him to go underground.
He's here to do business, right? He'll do his business, and just get his guns someplace else.
Then we keep him in play long enough to find him.
That's right.
All right, I'll have HPD issue a bulletin on Dekker.
We need to clear this wing out, as well.
Even though there's security up here, there's a lot of foot traffic.
Less people that see Dekker, the better.
There's another prison ward at King's Medical.
We can have the guards transfer everyone there.
Yeah, I can get a guy down here to handle security.
Oh, that's good.
Listen, Kono, I want you to stay here, too.
Stay with Dekker, all right? Work with him.
See if you can help him remember the last 24 hours.
You and me-- we're gonna go see Dekker's boy-- the one who he reached out to to put him in contact with Roman.
That would be a gentleman by the name of Odell Martin.
All right.
You know where to find him? Yup.
What's Dekker's connection to this guy? They used to surf dawn patrol together.
Before that, Odell was a player back in New York.
Bookmaking, cigarettes, weed.
Comes out here ten years ago to go legit.
Dekker says he's still got his ear to the ground, knows a lot of underworld types.
Thanks, bro.
Take care.
Odell Martin? He is me.
Agent Morrison.
I'm with ICE.
Commander McGarrett, Five-O.
We need a word.
It's gonna have to be a quick one.
Breaks just hit four feet overhead.
Anything over two, I close up for the day.
I'm pretty sure you can spare us a couple of minutes.
Ocean's not going anywhere.
What can I do for you two fine public servants? We want to ask you about J.
Dekker? I don't know no J.
Well, that's a strong reaction for a guy you don't know.
Odell, we Odell? What just happened? I was saying a prayer to Kanaloa.
God of the ocean.
What happened? That's what we want to find out.
We think Roman Zednick is involved.
Yeah, see, we know that Dekker wanted to sell Roman some weapons, and we also know that you made an introduction, so, we're kind of hoping you can tell us where he is.
Get in the chair.
Excuse me? Can't have people looking in here thinking I'm a snitch.
You sit in the chair, you get a trim, you look like a customer.
Don't worry.
I got lots of experience.
Yeah, I bet.
Hey, don't touch my sideburns.
Of course not.
I'm serious.
Okay, look, I don't know how to get to Roman, all right? I'm connected, but I ain't that connected.
And Roman, you know, you don't reach out to him.
He reaches out to you.
Well, then, how did you put Dekker in business with him? You guys know Sidney Ames? No, I don't.
You know him? No.
Okay, how do I explain this? Think of him like a concierge for criminals, right? You're a bad guy, you come to town, Ames can hook you up with whatever you need-- weapons, muscle, safe house, body disposal.
Man's got the island wired.
He's the go-to guy for all your illicit needs.
So, word is, Roman's using Ames to help him to do business while he's on Oahu.
All right, so you tell Ames you got this guy Dekker who's looking to move a little hardware.
Right, and Ames said he just happened to have a client who was in the market for a little firepower, so I told Ames where to find Dekks, and that was that.
Where do we find Ames? Wait a couple of weeks, he'll be sitting in this very chair.
Comes in once a month for a cut and a shave.
Likes the number-four clippers, a little Brylcreem.
Old school.
What if we don't have a couple of weeks? Can't help you out then.
I don't keep no Rolodex, Ames only pays with cash, so If it's gonna help you find out who killed Dekks, I'll ask around.
That'll be ten bucks.
This is a legitimate transaction.
You understand? Ten bucks.
Keep up appearances.
Getting fleeced here.
Yeah, should arrest you for that.
Here you go.
Keep the change, huh? I just ran Ames.
He's a slippery son of a bitch.
The guy's been arrested three times, never charged.
Current whereabouts, unknown.
Last known address we had for the guy turned out to be a vacant house.
What about financials? Nothing.
His last known associates-- hopefully, one of 'em will be able to tell us where to find this guy.
In the meantime, have Kono show Dekker a picture of Ames.
All right? Maybe we can help jog his memory.
You said his name was Ames? We think he facilitated your introduction to Roman.
You want to meet Roman, get in.
I understand you have some weapons to sell.
Man's voice was definitely not from around here.
Mainland? Europe.
What about his face? Trying to picture him.
Trying to, but it's just bits and pieces.
You think I wouldn't find out?! You played us! It's all I remember.
Okay, so, a faceless man with a foreign accent in a big house by the water.
It's a start, right? So, you said earlier, you've been after Roman for the last eight months.
You spend that whole time overseas? Yeah, most of it.
Can't have been easy.
But certainly harder on my wife.
Wrangling two kids by herself.
It was almost like she was a single parent.
Speaking of single parents, I haven't seen Detective Williams at all.
Oh, yeah, Danny's on a plane to Newark at the moment.
An old case he worked came up for appeal, he had to go back and testify.
- Yeah, Chin, what do you got? - The lab just finished processing the car that Dekker was in.
They found fresh dirt on the tires with traces of arsenic, lead and methyl chloride.
And, apparently, there's only one place that has those specific toxins in the soil, and that's the old municipal ash dump on Sand Island.
So that was the last place Dekker was - before he showed up at Halawa? - That's right.
Considering how remote that location is, there's only one reason why they'd be out there.
They took him out there to kill him.
My guys did a grid search.
Turned up a couple of shell casings, but this was the real discovery.
Guess we can stop looking for Sidney Ames.
All right, so, looks like he was shot at close range.
Defensive wounds on the hands, two sets of footprints.
I'm guessing Ames brought Dekker here to kill him.
Dekker flipped the script, they struggled.
Still got shot, but he managed to get the gun away, and then, Dekker-- he turns around and kills Ames.
Dekker fell on these rocks.
That would explain his head trauma.
Listen, Duke, we're gonna need to keep this quiet, what happened here.
He's right.
Word gets out that Ames is dead, Roman's gonna assume that Dekker got away.
Well, we got another problem now, though.
This was the only guy who could lead us to Roman.
Unless Here we go.
We can have the service provider pull CSLI on the phone's location history.
Once we do that, we can get a fix on the house where Dekker met Roman.
We know who lives here? No one.
It's a rental that goes for 60K a month.
According to the company who manages it, the people inside booked it for a week and paid cash upfront.
Okay, guys, we're live.
I count five heat signatures in the house-- two on the ground floor.
Looks like we're about to get a peek at one of them.
All right, let's move.
I got next game.
Keep your hands where we can see 'em, get on the floor.
Do it slowly.
Got three tangos down.
Find the other two.
Please help me.
Chin, call EMS.
This is Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.
I need an ambulance at 2121 Kahaleo Avenue.
What's your name? What are you doing here? Danielle.
Nicolai invited me.
Lindsey, my girlfriend and I-- we met him last night in Chinatown in a club.
Where's Lindsey now? She-she she left.
She she had a plane to catch.
Am I going to be okay? You're gonna be fine.
You're gonna be you're gonna be fine.
Your gun and radio.
Eyes forward.
There is no way out of here.
Oh, I disagree.
You are going to get me out, Agent Morrison.
How do you know my name? You've been after me for some time.
You think I don't make it a priority to know who's after me? Now, here's how this will go.
You're going to get on this radio and tell your colleagues that you saw me running towards the water.
And that's not gonna happen.
And if you shoot me, they are gonna hear it, and they'll come after you.
It will happen.
Because if you don't do as I say, your wife and two children are dead.
Don't believe me? You live at 2476 Kalawao Street.
At this moment, I have a man outside your house with eyes on your family.
Call in the report and save them.
I have visual on an armed man heading to the beach.
- All right, I got this.
- I think it's Roman.
Well done Agent Morrison.
This is Captain Grover.
I need a full protection unit at 2476 Kalawao Street.
All notification is to go through either me or Commander McGarrett.
Listen, your wife and your kids are fine; they're safe.
They weren't even at home.
Roman was bluffing.
Yeah, but we're gonna have HPD sit on your house until this thing's over.
Hey you played this thing exactly the way you should've.
Um, that's Nicolai, Nicolai Krause.
And the other two were Vicktor and Julian.
But I didn't get their last names.
All right, what about the fourth guy in the house, the one who got away? Gatsby.
Gatsby? That's what he called himself? No, that's what Lindsey called him.
They never told us his name.
She just called him Gatsby because he stayed out of sight while we all partied.
Well, you never saw him? No.
Uh, except for a few moments last night.
I went for a quick swim.
And when I got out, there he was.
Did you see his face? Yeah, I guess.
We're gonna transfer you to a secure wing in the hospital, then I'm gonna set you up with a sketch artist there.
Is that okay? All right, good.
We should also have TSA track down that friend of hers.
Give Kono a heads up.
If Danielle saw Roman's face, that's motive for him to go after her.
Good afternoon, sir.
Welcome to the Moana Surfrider, a Westin Resort and Spa.
Please have this validated.
Thank you.
Hey, Jerry.
Aloha, dude.
Thanks for meeting me here.
No trubs.
Fortunately, my schedule was light today.
What's up? Kono once mentioned you had a friend who worked at Leonard's Bakery.
Is that right? Zak.
He's practically 'ohana.
Why? They make this macadamia nut malasada that Kono loves.
I want to get her a box.
But the thing is they only make it once a year.
Do you think it's possible to get your-your friend to Do a special order? Yeah, I could probably make that happen.
Mahalo, Jerry.
You okay? Yeah.
You know Kono and I had a pretty big argument this morning, and I just Peace offering.
Enough said.
But you know you're getting off easy.
Most women would cost you a diamond bracelet, but not Kono.
Yeah, that kind of stuff doesn't matter to Kono, you know? She's she's all about the simple things.
That's what I love about her.
No, no, no, no.
Put your money away.
Just let me take that hot little number for a spin sometime.
No, not Kono.
Your Ferrari.
Of course.
Thanks, man.
He had less hair than that.
So, Danielle's sketch is now out to HPD and TSA.
This guy Roman might be smart, but he ain't gonna be able to hide in plain sight anymore.
Actually, I might have a way to make him come to us.
Ames's cell phone just got a text from an unidentified caller.
“Five-O raided house.
Need immediate exfil off the island.
” It's got to be Roman.
He doesn't know - Ames is dead.
- So why don't we have Ames text him back, set up a meet.
Look, I'm just saying, I mean, I don't know what the drama was all about, but the guy feels terrible.
And I don't really know Adam, but I could tell he's been beating himself up.
So what do you think? Could you forgive him? Well, there's nothing really to forgive.
I mean, uh, we had an argument.
Couples argue.
So you guys are cool now? Well, it's not that simple.
Well, whatever it is, I hope you guys work it out.
I think Adam's a real keeper.
You just said you didn't know the guy very well.
I know he's got big bucks, great hair, and an awesome car.
Full disclosure: I kind of have a little man crush on the guy.
I got to get to work.
Time to spin the sign.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, I heard about your new job.
How's that going? It's great.
Added a few new moves to the repertoire.
Sidearm toss.
I'm really crushing this whole human directional gig.
It's an industry term.
Well, I'm glad it's going really well for you.
One for the road? I really shouldn't.
Yeah, you should.
Well I do burn some serious calories doing what I do.
Hey, nice to meet you, dude.
You look good for a dead man.
That guy works for Five-O? What is he, your mascot? He doesn't really have a title.
Well, your boyfriend sounds like a decent guy.
How long you been with him? Three years.
Three years? And you're not hitched? We're, um you know, we're working things out.
So, three? What's the holdup? What, are we girlfriends? Look, I'm not discussing this with you.
Ah, well, he sounds crazy about you, so I'm guessing you're the problem.
You're the one who can't commit.
What's that all about? Look, there's just an issue, okay? And I'm not sure I can get past it.
Look, I'm not gonna cross-examine you.
But can I say one more thing? No.
Look, what you're doing, it ain't cool.
If you can't commit by now, you need to be fair to the guy and cut him loose.
Don't be stringing him along.
Okay, look, I'm gonna go downstairs and get a coffee.
You want one? No.
I'm gonna do another lap.
Don't overdo it.
Yes, Doctor.
I don't like this.
There's too many civilians.
Roman chose the spot.
We don't have a choice.
I got something.
East side of the park.
Gray jacket.
- It could be him.
- Yeah, I got him.
It's him.
Move out.
Roman Zednick! Freeze! Five-O! Everybody down! Move your hands out of your pockets nice and slow.
Put 'em behind your head.
Slowly! All right, so here's the I.
we took off Roman.
It looks like he's using the alias Emil Hossa.
I'm guessing that's one you haven't heard before.
No, but I'm hoping once we dig into it, we'll get some Intel on Roman's network.
Excuse me, Commander, but this guy says he needs to speak with you.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, ea Whoa, whoa.
Down, poochie.
Marcus, what's with the dog? He's cross-trained in explosives and narcotics.
And while we didn't find either on him, I suspect he may have had some pakalolo in his pocket at some point.
What? Relax.
Okay, I got him.
Thanks, Marcus.
Five-O Batcave, huh? Guys, meet, uh, Odell Martin.
Howzit, fellas? Hey.
What's going on? I hear you boys took down some big target this afternoon, huh? That right? Where'd you hear that? I got my sources.
So is that true? You guys bag Roman? We are confirming, but, yeah, it looks that way.
And let me guess, he was using the name Emil Hossa.
Hey, wait a minute.
Seriously, where are you getting your information? That's not important.
What is important is that you guys know that there's chatter going around that Roman's using a decoy.
And the decoy's name is Emil Hossa.
So you're telling us the guy we took down ain't Roman.
That's what I'm telling you.
So where the hell's the real Roman? We got a deal or not? I said I'll consider it.
I want to talk to who's in charge.
I'm sorry? I done enough deals to know that you're not the one callin' the shots.
You're not Roman.
You're right, Mr.
He's not Roman.
I am.
Afternoon, ma'am.
I'm Agent Corin with ICE.
I'm here to take you home.
She's here! Roman is here! What? She's on this floor! Get in! Get back! Get back! Your call cannot be completed as dialed.
All right.
You have to come down.
Aah! She must have crashed the entire wing.
What? The hospital's prison section has its own security system.
If a lockdown is triggered, then all the entrances and exits automatically lock.
So we're trapped? Yeah.
And now that we know who she really is, Roman's not gonna let us out of here alive.
Come on.
We got to get moving.
Let's go.
Those were the guys from the house, and according to the paper Interpol has on 'em, they're all low-level-- neither one of them could be Roman.
Okay, thanks.
That was strange.
Just got off the phone with TSA.
Danielle's friend Lindsey-- turns out no one with that name boarded any plane today.
Where's Lindsey now? She left.
She had a plane to catch.
Why would Danielle lie to us? Because this whole thing was an act.
She wasn't an innocent bystander, she is Roman.
Think about it-- a bullet comes through the wall, she gets hurt, she knows she's not going anywhere.
So she pretends to be some party girl.
Kono's not picking up her phone.
The agent we sent over there isn't responding either.
Come on.
Okay, here here There.
Oh, God.
Okay, look, I'm gonna need to leave you here, try to get word to the outside.
Phones are dead.
Your cell's useless.
What's your plan-- smoke signals? If there's an O.
on this floor, it should have its own generator and a videoconferencing system.
Hey, come on.
Look, it's on the other side, but I think I can do it.
How you gonna get past Roman? Unit charging.
Unit charging.
Unit charging.
The unit is charged.
Hey, you okay? She's back there.
No, no, here.
I got him.
So I guess you didn't need the cavalry, huh? Sister's bad-ass.
You don't have to tell us that.
I want to consider all offers.
Explore every option.
If this needs to be done piecemeal, one subsidiary at a time, I'm willing to look at that.
You're serious about this? Yes, I am.
Excuse me.
Oh, my God.
Kono, you okay? Yeah, I'm good.
I look worse than I feel.
Come here.
What happened? It doesn't matter.
What matters is I love you.
And I can't imagine my life without you.
I want to be your wife, Adam.
Really? How lucky can one guy be I kissed her and she kissed me Like the fella once said Ain't that a kick in the head? The room was completely black I hugged her and she hugged back Like the sailor said, quote “Ain't that a hole in the boat?” My head keeps Spinning I go to sleep and keep Grinning If this is just the beginning My life is gonna be Beautiful I've sunshine enough to spread It's just like the fella said Tell me quick Ain't love a kick In the head?
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