Hawaii Five-0 s05e15 Episode Script

E 'Imi Pono (Searching for the Truth)

Oh! Yeah, I'm heading there now.
I'll see you in a few.
Hello, Julius.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) He's dead.
He is dead.
Good morning to you, too.
I swear, I think that I am gonna kill this little punk.
Who we killing? This, uh, kid in Grace's math class-- his name is 'Apane-- and he's been texting her nonstop.
Text, text, text, text, text, text.
How do you know he's been texting her? Because I bought her a new cellular phone and somehow in the family cloud share plan, whatever you call it, it got mixed up and I'm receiving all of her text messages.
So you've been spying on her.
I'm not spying on my kid.
What'd I just say? Number one.
Number two, it's called parenting, so you know.
It's also spying.
All right? Look, I didn't come here to, uh What, you What the hell is that? What are you doing? What? What do you mean, "What?" You just put butter in your coffee.
Yeah, it's grass-fed butter.
Try it.
You out of milk? You out of your mind? What's the matter with you? No, it's a, uh, it's a team guy thing.
We do it to boost energy, enhance brain function.
Hey, enhance brain function-- you should try it.
Maybe you'll think more clearly.
Oh, thank you.
I think I'll have my, uh, heart attack the old-fashioned way.
Well, suit yourself.
This kid again.
He is completely relentless.
Listen to this one.
I think you'll like it.
What is that? "Hey, G.
" Her name's Grace, first of all.
"What's your favorite kind of candy?" She says Hershey's Kisses.
He says, "Awesome.
Me, too.
" Yeah.
You know why you think it's funny? Because you don't understand subtext.
They're two kids talking about candy the day before Valentine's Day.
Romance is in the air, Danny.
Romance is in the air? Romance is in the air.
No, romance is not in the air.
You know why? Because she's 12.
There should not be any romance in her airspace, period.
Would you listen to me for a minute, please? Relax.
Just relax.
She's a great kid.
You raised her right.
You got to trust her.
I do trust her.
I trust her very much.
It's him-- this little thug-- I don't trust.
All right.
Let's take him out.
Okay, now you're talking.
We're on the way.
We got to go.
Sanitation crew came across the car this morning.
Any witnesses? Everyone was at the Chinese New Year's Parade a block over.
What do we know? Just the obvious.
The depth of the ligature marks around the victim's throat suggest the assailant was very powerful and most likely male.
All right, what about T.
? Based on this stage of rigor, I'd estimate between 10:00 p.
and midnight.
Anything on him? Cash is still here.
All right, so this definitely wasn't a robbery.
California guy.
Uh, Julius Brennan.
What do you suppose this is for? What's that on his knee? Right knee.
Some sort of grease stain.
Looks fresh.
He was looking for something on the undercarriage here.
What, like a bomb? Or a GPS device.
All right, so whatever it was, this guy thought somebody was out to get him.
Yeah, well, it looks like he was right.
As darkness falls on the embattled city of Fallujah, the fighting has only intensified.
A short while ago, we were forced to pull back and dig in here after taking heavy mortar fire from the insurgent stronghold behind me.
Brennan was an award-winning freelance journalist and documentarian.
Anybody bringing a camera to a gunfight got my respect.
You know, I got to know some of these embeds when I was downrange.
I got to tell you, they're a special breed.
I mean, they're driven and they're committed, but they're crazy.
Well, back in 2010, he was seriously wounded covering the genocide in the Congo.
Made a full recovery in the States.
All right, we know what he's been up to lately? Yeah, two years ago, he published a series of freelance pieces on the surge of violence in Detroit.
He hasn't published anything since then.
What was he doing here on the island? Don't know, but TSA has him arriving a week ago.
He purchased a one-way ticket at LAX on the day of the flight.
All right, so, last-minute trip to Oahu-- doesn't sound like he was coming here to just chill out.
I agree with you.
Chin, reach out to some of his previous employers, see if you can find out anything about him working on a story while he was here.
Well, if he was, could be the reason he was killed.
You seem upbeat today, Dr.
Oh, with very good reason.
Tomorrow's Valentine's Day, and I have planned a romantic evening with my lovely paramour Sabrina.
Man's got game.
I like it.
And may I ask what Cupid has in store for you? I have a date with my Kindle and a nice bottle of Cab.
Ah, how wonderfully pathetic.
What's pathetic is a made-up commercial holiday dedicated to the patron saint of not only love, but of epilepsy, fainting and the plague.
Well, romantics, such as myself, view Valentine's Day as a perfect opportunity to express our true feelings for the one we love.
Saint Valentine was brutally murdered by a Roman emperor.
Where's the love in that? Max? You ever seen anything like this before? Never.
Max, what are we looking at here? What is this, some kind of message from the killer? More like a message from our Vic.
The angle of the handwriting indicates Mr.
Brennan wrote on himself.
It's called hypergraphia.
It's a behavioral condition characterized by an intense desire to write.
It's a symptom associated with temporal lobe epilepsy and can be triggered by high-stress life events.
He's had plenty of those.
Yeah, or maybe the stress of thinking somebody's out to kill you.
Looks like a code.
That was my first assumption as well, until I took a closer look.
The words are backwards.
"Isolated, desolate, "solitary, trepidation, dismay, consternation.
infinity" What does this mean? Do you guys understand this? It actually makes sense that it doesn't make sense.
Think of it as nervous doodling, a frenzied firing of neurons in the brain.
Some people who suffer from hypergraphia write in a coherent and logical manner.
Others, like Mr.
Brennan, have a more jumbled style.
Yeah, Kono? We tracked down the motel room that our Vic was staying in.
You're not gonna believe what I'm looking at.
Actually, I bet I can.
I really hope that Brennan left a credit card for the incidentals.
Well, HPD found the place tossed when they arrived, but whoever let themselves in-- they did a number on his camera and his laptop.
They took the memory card and the hard drive.
And probably anything else that could tell us what he was up to.
Well, they didn't take his words.
Maybe there's something in all of this that can help clue us in to what got him killed.
Look, I'm not naive.
I knew that eventually this was gonna happen.
You know, it was inevitable my daughter's gonna start talking to boys.
I get it, she's 12.
But, uh, I did not think that I would have a, um, a front-row seat to the, uh, prepubescent pillow talk.
You know? And the emojis-- forget about it.
I mean, I can't tell you how much time I spent trying to decipher what, uh, birthday cake, puppy dog, thumbs-up means, you know? So I'm sorry, sir.
What is this about? What is it about? Are you are you listening to me? I-I don't want my daughter's text messages to come on my phone anymore.
Unfortunately, this is customer service.
I'll have to transfer you to technical support.
Please hold.
Can? You know, therapy is an option.
You know that, right? Call the governor, get you back in.
You know, when I was a kid, if I liked a girl, I had to go up and talk to her, right, like, with my mouth, a human being.
Now, any kid with thumbs, a family share plan, gets to walk around thinking they're the mack.
The mack? You say "the mack?" The mack, yeah.
I don't know.
It's the smooth jazz, baby.
It's got me thinking about the '90s, you know? Listen to me, would you? You're doing the right thing.
Giving Grace some space is good.
Please continue to hold.
Your expected wait time is 38 minutes.
I'm gonna kill myself.
Grace isn't gonna have a father.
I can't.
I guess, uh, doing the right thing is gonna have to wait, right? Special friend, or secret admirer? Oh.
Actually, I bought them for myself.
I know.
It's pathetic, right? The popular conspiracy theory is that Valentine's Day was created by the candy, floral and greeting card industries to inflate sales.
Yeah, I've heard that one.
I think it's cynical.
People go through their lives, rarely taking time to say "I love you," so what's one day a year when you're forced to be nice to each other and acknowledge those who are important to us? Wow, Jerry, that's it's a really beautiful sentiment.
Well, I can go deep every once in a while.
Give it to someone you care about.
I will.
Max is expecting you.
Ah, Mr.
Ortega, what brings you to my room of post-mortal wonder? I came for the photos of the writing on the victim's body.
I've been asked to use my considerable skills to mine the words for possible clues.
I could have saved you a trip by e-mailing you those files.
Right, pictures of a dead body sent to my e-mail address over the Internet.
No, thank you.
I assure you, our network is secure.
You do realize we're all naked, living with millions of strangers from all over the world, in a giant glass house called the "Internet.
" I prefer to keep my clothes on.
I prefer that, as well.
Allow me to retrieve the photos.
So, uh, when you, uh, cut 'em open and, uh, rip out the insides, what do you do with the brains? Well, sometimes, we place them into the body cavity before they're closed up.
On occasion, we send them over to research or diagnostic testing.
So, it is possible? Hmm? What's possible? Walt Disney, Marilyn Monroe, Andy Kaufman, Jim Morrison-- their brains could be out there somewhere cryogenically frozen, waiting for modern science to figure out a way to implant them into a new body.
Urban legend, my friend.
You keep telling yourself that.
What's the matter? Nothing.
Between a predator texting my daughter and this animal putting grass-fed butter in his coffee, everything's fantastic.
Really? I read somewhere that that boosts energy and enhances brain function.
Did you? Okay, Chin, we find anything? Take a look at this.
Ran Julius's financials, and got a hit on a credit card receipt from a restaurant he was at last night.
Looks like he was dining with someone.
All right, but his buddy goes the other direction.
I find it hard to believe that he doubles back and beats Brennan to his car.
Well, maybe Maybe this guy's job was to lure Brennan into the restaurant and keep him there while somebody else got in the car.
All right.
Well, let's see if his friend pops up in our system.
Ben Hamilton, U.
Department of State.
Looks likes his last assignment was the U.
Embassy in the Congo.
through 2011.
Okay, Brennan was on assignment there the same time.
So, it's safe to assume they knew each other.
Doesn't mean they liked each other.
Yeah, of course I know Julius.
We were friends.
I just had dinner with the guy last night.
What the hell happened? We were hoping you could tell us.
How did you two know each other? We met in the Congo a few years back.
I was assigned to the U.
Embassy as a cultural attaché.
He was in country covering the civil war.
Julius was committed to showing the world what was going on over there.
So, you were there when he was wounded? Spring of 2010.
A rebel militia advanced to within a few miles of Kinshasa.
They were slaughtering anyone who got in their way.
Women, children, it didn't matter.
The State Department called for the evacuation of all press and embassy personnel, but Julius Julius-- he wouldn't go.
He was there to get a story, and nothing was gonna stop him.
Until he caught a sniper round in the chest.
Almost died.
He was lucky.
Ended up with a collapsed lung, a few broken ribs, but that bullet missed his heart by a fraction of an inch.
You know what he was doing here on Oahu? Said he was here on vacation.
Called me up out of the blue, invited me to dinner.
I hadn't even talked to the guy in a year or two.
What did you two talk about? Caught up a bit, did some reminiscing about Africa.
But I got to be honest.
The guy sitting across the table from me last night is not the Julius I knew.
It was strange.
He was distracted, paranoid.
He kept looking around.
Tried to talk to him about it, to ask him what was going on, but he just changed the subject.
I got to say, when I left, I was a little worried about the guy.
He talk about seeing anyone else while he was here? No, he didn't.
If anything, I was afraid that Julius might be headed for some kind of a breakdown.
I never thought he'd be murdered.
So, Julius Brennan had a lot on his mind.
That explains the hypergraphia.
Yeah, and I don't believe he was here on vacation, either.
So, why didn't he tell Hamilton exactly why he was really on Oahu? Well, maybe he didn't trust him.
He checked the undercarriage of his car after their meeting.
And the handshake on that video doesn't exactly look like two old friends saying good-bye to each other.
And come on.
Cultural attaché.
I bet the CIA has to give a class on how to say that with a straight face.
All right, I'll ask McGarrett to reach out to his contacts.
See what else they can tell us about our Mr.
Hey, Jerry, what do you got? I'm not exactly sure, but I kept noticing this recurring symbol in the writing on Brennan's body.
The arrow of Sagittarius.
Oh, like the constellation? I didn't know you were a fellow astronomy buff.
We should get up to Diamond Head one night and do some stargazing.
Pass, but thanks for the invite.
Well, anyway, uh, in this case, uh, the arrow is referring to the Zodiac symbol of ancient Babylonian origin representing the soldier.
And then we found these two names recurring in a few of the spirals on the walls of the hotel room.
Any idea who they are? Not "they.
" "He.
" You know, at first, I thought they were two different people, 'cause they never appear together.
There was always words in between them.
Then I ran the two names together, and this is what I found.
Patrice Thomas, Congolese National.
Fled to the U.
in late 2009 after he was granted refugee status.
And he settled in Oahu a little over a year ago.
Another guy from the Congo.
Brennan had to know him.
We got to find him.
Kid was a good employee.
His boss said it wasn't like him not to call, so he came over to check on him when he was a no-show for his valet parking job.
Landlord lets him in, they find him like this.
Duke's busy checking on whether he's got any next of kin on the island.
Liver temp puts time of death at roughly 12 hours ago.
And take a look at this.
Absence of bruising tells me He was struck in the face right before he died.
He's been doing this a while.
All right, this is very strange.
Uh, dope fiends do not usually keep such a tidy apartment.
They certainly do not alphabetize their bookshelves, all right? Kid's got no track marks on him, either.
What's this? It's the arrow of Sagittarius.
Scar tissue is deep and well-defined.
This mark must have been here for a few years.
If I didn't know any better, I'd say this guy's been branded.
All right, so somebody comes in here, try to make this thing look like an overdose.
I'm assuming whoever did this did not want us to tie this kid to Julius Brennan.
Yeah, well Well, that scar just did.
They came at night when we were sleeping.
We woke to the screams of our parents.
We ran to their room.
There were men.
They had machetes.
They stood ov They stood over the bodies of my parents.
Blood dripping from their blades.
Wesley started to wail.
I tried to keep him quiet, but I couldn't.
One of the soldiers got angry, raised the machete over his head, but before he could strike, I yelled at him to stop.
I pleaded with him.
Told him if he spared my brother's life I would join Makoni's army.
You're a special guy, Patrice.
You survived in Roko Makoni's army for four years.
But then you escaped and and found your little brother again.
Where will you go now? What will you do if you can't make it to America? We would rather die than stay here.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
And I promise you, I'm gonna tell your story, and we will show the world who Roko Makoni is and all the horrible things that he has done.
The interview was part of the documentary that Brennan was making before he was injured in the Congo.
Uh, we got it from a film editor he was working with.
Who the hell is this Roko Makoni guy? A Congolese warlord.
They call him the Chief.
At one time, he was the most wanted man in the world.
What do you mean, "was"? Makoni was killed in a bombing by the Congolese Air Force back in 2011.
Smart money says the air strike was orchestrated by the CIA.
Apparently, Makoni co-opted the arrow of Sagittarius as a brand to mark his army of kidnapped child soldiers.
So Patrice escapes Makoni's army, comes to America where he thinks he'll be safe, and is murdered.
Probably by the same people who killed Julius Brennan.
But who would want both of these guys dead? I may have the answer to that.
Patrice's phone records show that he and Brennan were in contact with each other beginning a week ago.
He also sent encrypted photos to Brennan's cell phone, photos that the crime lab just sent over.
But if Brennan came to see Patrice, why wouldn't he tell Hamilton that? I think the better question is: Why didn't Hamilton tell us? He's got to figure into this somehow.
That's the hotel where Patrice worked.
Okay, I don't get it.
An empty cab.
Chin, do me a favor.
Pull up that license plate.
Guys, that's Makoni.
No, that's impossible.
Roko Makoni was confirmed K.
in an air strike.
Confirmed by the government.
Looks like reports of his death were greatly exaggerated.
All right, my team, bring it in.
Bring it in.
Let's go.
The target is Roko Makoni.
He's a highly skilled, battle-tested soldier.
This man is a major threat.
He has no conscience.
So stay focused and maintain situational awareness at all times.
Okay, my team.
This is our target.
His name is Ben Hamilton.
We're assuming he's a retired CIA case officer.
He is intelligent, he is well-trained, and he's not gonna go down without a fight.
He's also the guy that reported putting eyes on Makoni's corpse, verified that in 2011 Makoni was killed in an air strike.
Now, we believe that Hamilton faked Makoni's death, provided him safe passage to the U.
in exchange for Makoni's cache of blood diamonds.
All right, everybody.
These two threats have everything to lose.
So execute good target I.
and muzzle discipline.
Any questions? All right, good.
Let's go to work.
Hands up.
Do it now! I think we all know that's not gonna happen.
It's over, Hamilton! You're out of options.
I knew this day would come.
A man like Makoni could never outrun his past.
You aided and abetted an international war criminal.
Hands over your head.
Whatever you do, don't underestimate the Chief.
- Even the devil's afraid of him.
- Enough! Last time! Hands over your head! Gun! Moving! Clear! Stop it.
Stop it.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out! Whoa! Get out! All right, once he turns off of Kuhio toward the Ala Wai, the cameras don't pick him up again.
He had to have ditched the car - somewhere in the neighborhood.
- He did.
HPD just found the car abandoned near Beretania Park.
They're canvassing house to house.
Okay, well, Makoni's place is compromised, his picture's all over the TV, Hamilton is dead.
Where does he go from here? Well, it's not in his DNA to surrender.
And he's not gonna allow himself to be captured.
He'd rather die.
Makoni's a soldier.
I mean, he's a field general.
He's gotta have an extraction plan.
Trust me, he's imagined this scenario at least 1,000 times, and whatever he's got planned, we'll never see coming.
Only thing we can be certain of is he knows he's not getting off this island without some sort of leverage.
Royal Hawaiian Center, please.
If we don't get to him before he has that leverage, we're not gonna have to look too hard to find him.
Um Excuse me.
I, uh I think we're going the wrong way.
Sir? Hey.
What are you doing? - Open this door! - No! No, Mom! Dad! What'd he do to you? Emergency.
What is the problem? My name is Roko Makoni.
I'd like to speak to Commander Steve McGarrett.
All units be advised, hostage situation on the corner of Kapuni and Cleghorn.
Commander McGarrett has tactical lead.
Police are evacuating the scene.
Bomb squad is en route.
Understand me, Commander McGarrett.
If these people die, it's on you.
You know what I want.
The helicopter is being fueled as we speak, and everything you've asked for is in motion.
All right, now, I need to know how the man in the backseat is doing.
If I were you, I'd be more worried about the C-4 in my trunk.
I am worried.
Okay? I am worried.
But I also want to send a doctor out there to check on that man's wounds.
So you understand what I'm saying to you? In a few minutes, he won't matter.
He's got nothing to do with this.
He does not need to die.
All right.
You care so much, you come.
I'm not a doctor.
Today, you will have to be.
Steve? Hey.
You sure this is a good idea? That's a stupid question.
Be careful.
Oh, no, that's that's not in his vocabulary.
He doesn't know that one.
Oh, man I need to open the back door, please.
Okay? Can I open the door? I'm watching you.
It's gonna be okay.
It's gonna be all right.
I need to get this man out of here right now.
You still have two hostages.
Close the door.
Close the door.
Get on your knees.
Do it! Please, please, don't! Easy.
You think I'm a monster, don't you? That makes it simple for you.
Monsters aren't real.
You are.
You see, I wasn't born into the privilege of your country.
I was born in a place where there is no living.
You survive or you die.
I gave those children a purpose.
A cause.
Something to believe in.
"A cause"? That's what you call kidnapping and rape? Murder? "A cause"? Our enemies are swayed more by fear than reverence.
You put guns and machetes in the hands of children and turn them into killers.
I turned them into soldiers! Do you know why you're here? Huh? 'Cause I wanted you here.
I wanted to look into your eyes and hear you say you agree to my demands.
Okay, well, I've done everything you asked.
I have seen many men cower under the shadow of a blade or the barrel of a gun.
Your actions may be that of a brave man, Commander.
But your eyes tell me you are a liar! Do it.
Good work, Kono.
Not too many people in this world can make that shot the way that you can.
So, the question is: Why is he still breathing? Because a bullet to the head would've been way too easy for him.
All right! The bomb squad has the crime scene! I need all nonessential personnel to clear this area right now! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Patch that shoulder up.
He's got a long flight to the Hague.
You and I will see each other again.
I hope so.
Let's go! Get them out of there right now! Come on! Go! Clear! Clear! Clear! Let's go! Back! Could've killed you.
To be honest, I wasn't really thinking abut that.
Oh, no? Oh, that's funny.
We did good today, buddy.
Yeah, we did.
Well, what now? Wha-what happened? He offer to carry her books? No, no, no, no.
He's, uh Huh? He's taking her for an ice cream.
"An ice cream"? Yeah.
Oh! Would you listen to me? You got to stop this.
It's ice cream.
You're making yourself crazy over nothing.
Danny She lied to me.
She lied to me.
She told me she was going over to a friend's to study.
So she is now lying.
All right, this, uh, this ends now.
Let's go.
Try it again, okay? You can't mess up, okay? Ready? This way.
One, two, three Okay, let's try it again.
Okay, let's try it again.
Two, three, slap.
One Under! Okay, ready? Okay, try it again.
Okay, can't mess up this time, okay? Okay.
One Oh, my goodness.
Okay, one more time.
One more time.
I wouldn't be standing here if it weren't for my brother's courage.
We were just boys when they took him.
For four years, he survived that hell.
He didn't even know what he was fighting for.
Every night, I'd pray that he'll find a his way out.
And one day I opened up my eyes.
And he's there.
Standing over me with that with that big, silly smile.
We never stopped living in fear of the Chief.
Even after Mr.
Brennan helped us escape to America.
We heard of Makoni's death.
But with no body, we never quite believed he was dead.
Patrice and Julius Brennan died trying to bring Makoni to justice.
There's nothing more noble than that.
Your brother was a hero.
He's with my parents now.
I'm sure they're very proud.
Raising kids is a lot like grilling burgers.
You can't poke them and prod them too much.
All you can do is just watch them closely and be there when the flames jump up.
That's it! There you go.
That's fantastic.
Steve? Yeah? You got to hear this.
Grover is comparing, uh, raising children to, uh, making hamburgers.
I like it.
You like it? I like it.
'Cause the analogy is free, like, uh, the-the booze is free.
The beers are free.
Everything is free.
A little tip from the pro.
Oh, boy.
Rotate the patties Get them fancy, cross-hatch grill marks.
Presentation is everything, brah.
Here's a little tip for you.
How about you stick to sautéing them sea creatures, and let the guy from Chicago handle the beef? My bad, OG.
You know you're staring, right? I'm pretty sure Dr.
Shaw and I had a moment yesterday in the morgue.
Hey! If it happened in the morgue, it wasn't a moment.
Well, he does bring up a good point, Jer.
There's a wide spectrum of moments ranging from love at first sight to restraining order.
Which is it? Hey, only one way to find out, brother.
Come on, what you gonna do? I'm going in.
So am I.
Hey! What's he doing? Jerry is gonna put the moves on the good doctor over there.
I don't like it.
Eye of the tiger, Jer.
I think he gets shot down pretty quickly.
$20 say you're wrong.
All right.
I don't want to bet against my guy, but okay.
Put me down with ten large.
For me-- ten, ten.
Oh, see, now, that is a bold move.
Do your thing, big sexy.
That man has got game.
And that's why you owe me $20.
Fair enough.
He got game, man.
I'll gladly pay.
Thank you.
Very impressed.
Wait, stop.
What are you doing? Huh? What are you doing?! It is Amber.
She, uh, she got the flowers I sent her.
I am not spying on my daughter, okay? Listen to me.
You're doing the right thing.
I'm proud of you, all right? It pains me to say it, but you were right.
You were right.
Um, she is a good kid and I just need to trust her.
Not for nothing.
But, uh, it looks like the romance might be on the rocks.
Go talk to her.
Hold that, will you? Hey.
You know, you're a lot cuter when you're smiling.
What's going on? I have to tell you something, Danno.
I wasn't studying with my friend yesterday.
I was eating ice cream with a boy I like.
I lied to you.
It's okay.
I'm glad you told me.
I'm sorry.
I felt terrible lying to you.
Well, look, I'd, uh, I'd be concerned if you didn't feel terrible, okay? And I-I have a confession to make, too.
Um I, uh, I could see all your, uh, text messages.
Something goofy was going on with that phone.
So I could see, uh, I could see you were going to have ice cream with him and you weren't studying.
Um, and I went there and I saw you and you seemed, uh, you seemed like you were having a really good time.
You know, and well, Grace, you are the most important thing to me.
Okay? In the whole world.
So, um, I have to trust you.
You have to trust me.
That's-that's how it'll work.
You understand? Okay.
All right? Sorry, Danno.
I love you.
I love you, too, monkey.
Come on, give me some room.
Why don't you hurry up and get rich, and buy me one of these nice houses, huh? I'm trying.
You're trying? That's good.
Try harder maybe.

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