Hawaii Five-0 s05e22 Episode Script

Ho'amoano (Chasing Yesterday)

Hello? Hello? Hello? Oh Oh, man.
What happened to your face? Dude, somebody barbecued the side of your head.
Geez, how am I gonna explain this? Oh, Mickey, that outfit is so you.
Glad to see you're finally reigning in those man-boobs, bro.
You know what this means, though, right? I hooked up last night.
So where's the lucky girl? Well, if she hooked up with you looking like that, she's probably in therapy.
Oh, man.
No, no, no, no.
Get away, get away.
Last night must have been epic.
I don't remember anything.
Yeah, room 1710.
Coffee, black.
Two pots.
As fast as you can.
Man, I got first dibs on the shower.
You're finally gonna take a shower? I think we've seen some serious personal growth on this trip.
Eat me.
What are you doing? I'm seeing if we took any cool pics.
That's photographic evidence, dude.
You got to erase that stuff right away.
Guys! Guys, get in here! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hmm? Hmm? Who is she? Why are you looking at me? I don't know who she is.
Well, think, think.
I've never seen her before in my life.
How do you know? You don't even remember what happened last night.
Well, I think I would remember killing the girl.
I think I'd remember that, Jake.
I-I'd remember that, too.
Oh, you know what? Check her pockets, and let's see if she's got I.
I'm not touching her.
Or wait a second.
How do we even know she's dead? No, Mickey, she's sleeping, okay? She was born with the hole in her head.
This is this is insane.
We need to call the cops right now.
Oh, and tell them what? "Oh, guys, can you come pick up this dead girl that happens to be in our room?" They're gonna think we did it or had something to do with it.
Room service.
We have to answer it.
No, no, no.
He'll just leave it at the door.
Dude, they have a key.
If we don't answer, they're gonna let themselves in.
Beautiful morning.
I have that fresh coffee you ordered.
I'll take it.
I can set it up for you.
No, no, no, I got it.
It's not necessary.
Thank you very much.
Aloha and Shaka, brutha.
You got everything you need, huh? Maybe you'd like a pastry with that? Come on, come on, man.
I-I can't think without my morning coffee.
You know that.
Well, pound it.
We got a serious problem here.
Oh, no, she knows, she knows.
How does she know? Because she knows everything, man.
Send it to voice mail.
No, I can't do that.
Then she's really gonna know something's wrong.
Something is wrong.
There's a dead chick floating in our freaking beer cooler.
Good boy.
All right, all right, all right, all right.
What's the plan? Got the concept, brutha? Yeah, I pitched you the concept.
I know, but I refined it.
"Kamekona's personal guarantee.
your grinds are free.
" I think 30 minutes makes more sense.
Plus, it's the industry standard.
Everybody does But if we want to survive in this competitive market, we got to make a splash.
So ride like the wind, 'cause you've got 14 minutes.
You said 15.
You wasted 60 seconds arguing my business strategy.
And remember the company policy.
If those grinds don't get delivered on time, proceeds come straight out of your pocket.
Seriously? You said you wanted to move up the corporate ladder, I'm giving you your shot.
You know where you're going? Yeah, I got it.
Cortana, how long will it take me to get to 42352 Makaloa Street? It'll take about 12 minutes to drive to 42352 Makaloa Street.
It's about six miles away.
You and your girlfriend.
You better hurry.
Cortana, a little driving music, please.
Here's your driving playlist.
See you later, pops.
What? "Pops.
" Turn left 150 yards ahead.
No! No, I'm not getting in! No! Stop! Please stop! Let go of me! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Help! Duke, what do you got? Park ranger here noticed some suspicious activity on the property this morning, discovered these three.
Who are they? Three CPAs from Cleveland.
Claim they're here on vacation.
Yeah, what are they doing all the way out here? Take a look.
Who is she? No idea.
What are they saying? Not much.
Figured you guys could get them to talk.
Yeah, be our pleasure.
You okay, Jerry? No, I'm not okay.
I'm pretty freaked out right now.
All right, just relax and tell us what happened.
So I'm at this light, and I see this crazy guy pull up, grab a girl off the street, shove her in his car.
I had to do something, so I tail him for a couple blocks, lose him for about a minute, then, boom, I round the corner, and I find this.
I thought you said the guy abducted the girl.
Yeah, that's right.
So where is she? You know how many dead bodies I saw before I started hanging out with Five-O? That would be none.
And the fun doesn't stop there.
I mean, let's not forget being accused of robbery, being abducted, having my life's work stolen, and, oh, yeah, then there's that Chinese spy who broke into my house and tried to off me.
Yeah, we appreciate everything you've done for us, Jer.
So where's the love? The aloha? A badge would be nice.
All right, so, uh, HPD canvassed the area.
No sign of the girl.
I don't get it.
If it was self-defense, why would she run? Well, this might be why.
Here's our Vic, William Malo, 30.
He's local.
HPD responded to multiple domestic disputes at his house in the last year, but no charges were filed.
Okay, so maybe it's a husband-and-wife thing that went to the next level.
That's what I'm thinking.
So this is his wife.
Is that the woman you saw, Jerry? No, that's not her.
Well, if she's not the wife, then who is she? I don't know who she is, and I don't know how she got in that tub.
But I do know we didn't kill her.
Oh, you do know that, do you? 'Cause you just told me you don't remember anything from last night.
Well, yeah, Th-that's true, but But-but-but what? All right, well, maybe I did say that.
So you're saying it's possible you did kill that girl.
No, look I don't know, okay? I just don't know.
We came over here for a boys' weekend, all right? You got to believe me, man, we're good guys.
"Good guys"? Good guys? You're a bunch of married, 40-year-old guys come all the way to Hawaii for spring break to hit on college girls.
I mean, you must have very understanding wives.
Babe, I miss you, too.
Relax, all right? We'll be careful.
It's not our first time hunting together.
Uh, I already told you-- wild boar.
Yeah, that's what they hunt here in Hawaii.
They're all over the place.
Yeah, the, uh the-the little the little piggies with the tusks.
Look, you're probably married, right? So, you know how it is.
No! I don't.
We were getting stale.
Just crunching numbers.
And-and sitting in a cubicle watching our lives pass us by.
In Cleveland! And-and-and Jake said that we needed to do something.
You know, something crazy to get our mojo back.
Oh! Boom! Oh, oh! Ah! Ooh! Ooh! Mm, all right.
Say good-bye! Good-bye! All right, guys, come on, huh? Huh? To good times! All right.
Oh, and to lots of sex with women who are not our wives.
Jake said if we flashed a little cash, you know, scoring with these college chicks would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
Shoot? Or-or it ended up being shooting a girl in the head in the bathtub.
Okay, I get it.
Bad choice of words.
Listen, Dopey.
Uh, we found guns in your room.
It was part of the ruse for the wives, okay? They never came out of the case.
Well, somebody in that room fired that shot! Why would we kill a girl that we don't even know?! Why would a girl you don't even know have your hotel key in her pocket? And how many room keys will you be needing? Mm-hmm.
It's a numbers game.
The more lines you throw out in the water, the better chance you have of catching a fish.
Everyone knows that.
Okay, here's what I think.
Um, I think that one of you guys brought the girl to your room and, uh, it didn't go the way you wanted it go, feelings got hurt, and she ended up shot.
That's-that's what I think.
No way! That's not what happened! No! You guys need to work on your alibi.
All right? You're gonna kill somebody, you need an alibi.
You literally just told me you were too drunk to remember anything from last night.
What if you don't remember killing that girl? No.
I I would remember that! All right, explain something to me-- if you are innocent, then why is it that you went all the way up to the crater to try to dispose of this body? Why didn't you just call the police? We were scared! Of losing our jobs.
Getting caught by our wives! Look, man you got to believe me, all right? I'd give anything to remember what happened last night.
Clearly, the broken nails indicate your victim struggled with her attacker before she died.
She also has defensive bruising along the forearms.
I tell you, Doc, I don't get it.
I never could understand this spring break thing.
These parents send their kids off on their own dime to drink and use drugs and possibly end up like this young lady.
Well, you do understand it is a time-honored tradition among most American college students.
Including myself.
Well all due respect, Doc, you don't seem like the kind of guy that's gonna end up sucking Jell-O shots off some girl's belly.
That is correct.
However, there was an incident in Cancún, spring of '94, that involved a bottle of absinthe, a regrettable tattoo and Yeah.
I don't think I want to know any details.
Nor would I care to elaborate.
Yeah, let's just, uh, move on.
So, can you tell me anything else about this young lady? T.
was between midnight and 2:00 a.
Ballistic evidence recovered from her body had no matches in IBIS.
However, I did discover traces of glitter in her hair and on both of her shoes.
Well, she could've picked that up anywhere.
A bar or a party or something? Or perhaps neither.
Tox screen suggested there was no signs of alcohol or drugs in her system.
However, the same test on our three suspects told a very different story.
In addition to the copious amounts of alcohol, our three gentlemen showed high dosages of ketamine-- more commonly known as Special K-- in their system.
With that high of a dosage, it is quite plausible that they had no recollection of the entire night as well as the moments prior to taking those drugs.
Well, then I guess maybe Curly, Larry and Moe are telling the truth.
The nose is a little flatter and wider.
Okay, yeah.
And, uh, the cheekbones are more pronounced.
You did it.
That's her.
All right, thanks, Chen.
We'll take it from here.
Let's run it through facial rec.
Right there! That's her! Natalie Morris-- wanted by the FBI for kidnapping and sex trafficking charges.
Yeah, it looks like her thing is luring young girls over from Latin America with the promise of lucrative modeling contracts.
Once they enter the country using temporary work visas, they disappear.
Okay, now I get why she'd run.
But why would William Malo-- a guy with no criminal record-- just try to grab her off the street in broad daylight? Where the hell are you? I called your room ten times! Pick up the damn phone, you selfish son of a bitch! I knew I shouldn't have let you go.
Wild boar, my ass! Enjoy yourself, jackass.
Because this will be the last trip you ever take! You hear me?! I swear to God you are so on the couch when you get home! Really seems, uh, like a catch, this lady.
Uh, six messages just like that all from this morning.
Is that normal? What do you mean? Why you asking me? Well, you're divorced.
Oh, I see.
You're comparing this to, uh me and Rachel.
I hope your plane crashes on the way back, you hairless, ball-less loser! Never mind.
It's good.
So, I just hung up with ballistics.
Our suspects' rifles were no match for the slug pulled out of the Vic.
Okay, uh, they still could've dumped the murder weapon before they dumped the body.
Yeah, but this girl was executed.
One shot to the head.
According to Max's tox screen, these boys were so polluted they'd have to empty a whole clip just to hit the side of a barn.
All right, let's just say for a minute they didn't do it, all right? The Vic still had their room key in her pocket, which means at some point during the night their paths had to have crossed, right? Well, the last thing they remember is going to some club called the Sand Fiddler at 9:00 p.
Max puts the time of death between midnight and 2:00 a.
All right.
Well, we need to retrace their steps, try to figure out what happened in between.
We've been here for three minutes-- I've already seen six felonies.
Promise me one thing, buddy.
Just promise me Gracie will get her college degree online.
Why would you even bring up her name here? Hello.
How's it going? Hi.
I'm guessing you guys aren't here for the Beer Pong, Panty Jam this afternoon.
The Beer No, no.
I don't know if I want to know what that is.
No, you probably don't.
Were you, uh were you working here last night? I haven't left since Tuesday.
What can I do for you? I was wondering if you could, uh, tell us, please you see these guys hanging around at all? No.
I don't remember seeing any parents here last night.
That's Okay.
What about her? She's dead.
Yeah, she is.
I'm sorry to have to show you this, but do you remember seeing her here last night? I'm sorry.
You sure you didn't see her? Take a look around.
After a while, they all start to look the same.
Sorry I couldn't help you.
Tonight on Fugitive Profiles, the FBI is asking for your help in capturing a dangerous fugitive from justice.
Her name, Natalie Morris.
This episode aired last night.
So it looks like our victim William Malo saw Natalie on TV, tried to be a hero, but she turned the tables and took him out.
I always thought these shows were scripted propaganda created by huge media conglomerates to brainwash the L.
Low-information viewers.
They scare the unwitting public into demanding more police on the street and then use it as an excuse to raise taxes to feed the beast that is Uncle Sam.
Got it.
Apparently, that is not the case.
But Natalie can't be too happy about her 15 minutes of fame.
I'll reach out to the FBI, see if she had any known associates on the island, someone she might have reached out to for help.
I remember those guys.
They tipped.
And that's-that's memorable? During spring break, it is.
And they were old.
Like, at least 40.
Okay, do you remember anything else about these guys? Just that they hit on every girl at the bar at least once.
I love your bikini.
It would look great on the floor of my crazy-expensive hotel suite.
I'm sure.
Right next to your adult diaper.
It's a numbers game! Ladies, ladies.
So, uh, which one of you has the lowest standards? 'Cause I'm here.
You know what I'm saying? I'm here.
What's going on? Wait, wait.
I can turn it up, though.
All right.
All right, we're cool.
Hey, there's a big sale back at my room.
Clothes are 100% off.
I'm serious.
I know.
Was she was one of the ladies they hit on? I don't remember seeing her here last night.
Okay, how long did these guys stick around? I closed their tab around 11:00.
They were pretty wasted, so I called them a cab.
Do you know how hard it is to get the smell of vomit out of pleather? Thankfully, I do not.
Those clowns were out of control.
Grown men acting like a bunch of drunk college kids.
All right, sir.
Where did you drop them off? A place called The FIX.
What, uh what happened after that? They ordered another round and struck out again.
Ah come on, I wanna lay ya! Free shots for the lovely ladies! Get 'em! Here we go! Ladies Come on.
Oh Hey.
They'll be back.
They'll be back.
They're just doing a boomerang.
They'll come right back.
I give them "E" for effort, but after a while, it started to get sloppy, brah.
Customers started to complain.
So I politely asked them to leave.
You guys refusing to leave, too? No.
Come on, get him out of here.
All right, we got you, we got you.
We got to call the people.
We got to call the people.
You know what? I'm not leaving.
What? No, no.
You want to get your ass kicked? We drive BMWs, right? That punk couldn't even get us coffee back at home! No, no, no, let it go.
Just let it let it go.
Come on.
Come on, let's go.
Everybody just calm down.
Jake, what are you doing? Hey, buddy, can I borrow that? Jake! Yah! Oh! Oh, no! Oh, no! Oh! Oh! Look out! Look out! Jake, take it easy! Ah! Come on, you big ape! Huh? You want some of me? Huh? Anybody hungry? Huh? No! Anybody hungry? Huh? Jake! 'Cause I'm gonna shish kabob open.
Hey Ow! Oh! Oh! Oh! Whoa, whoa, hold on Hey.
Cops, cops! Cops! Let's go, let's go, let's go! Oh, damn I chased them a few blocks, but I lost them around this corner.
They either ran down one of these alleys or ducked into a club.
Hang on a second.
Yeah, Steve.
Listen, you remember that trace that Max found on our Vic? Well, I think I got an idea where it came from.
Okay, thanks.
Slow down.
Where are we going? Who was that on the phone? FBI.
Multiple grand jury witnesses testified that Natalie Morris was actually working with an unidentified coconspirator: male, six-foot-two, dark hair, athletic build, with a scar under his left eye.
Sound familiar? Same scar.
They were partners.
And with all the recent publicity, Natalie became a liability.
So he wasn't just some Good Samaritan trying to make a citizen's arrest.
He was trying to kill his partner before she brought him down with her.
Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Flop! Whoever lost this, come and get some! Well, imagine your drunk dad hitting on college girls with some friends.
It was pretty hard to miss them.
Were the guys hitting on this girl here? Oh, my gosh.
Wait a minute, you know her? That's Rebecca.
What's Rebecca's last name? Um Oleana.
She's-She's a waitress here.
You think those guys did that to her? No, uh, we don't think so.
But we're trying to figure out who did.
Tori, do you know if Rebecca has any family here? Her mom, but she moved to the mainland last year and Rebecca stayed behind to finish up at U of H.
What time'd she leave last night? Well, she was done early and she she was out before last call at 2:00.
Did she leave with any of the guys that we showed you? No.
No, they-they definitely tried hitting on her.
And one of them even gave her his room key, but but they were here a while after she left.
Okay, wait a minute, is there any chance that Rebecca left early because she intended on using that room key? No.
No, never.
Though Rebecca said she had to get up early for something.
Early for what? I don't know, but whatever it was, she seemed excited, so it must have been important.
Hey, Lou.
Yeah? Got a letter here for Rebecca from a lawyer.
"Dear Rebecca Oleana: "After an exhaustive investigation, Mr.
Garvey "has good reason to believe that he "is your biological father.
"Unfortunately, his health is deteriorating rapidly.
"It is his sincerest hope that you would be "open to meeting with him in the very near future.
"Please contact this office at your earliest convenience "so the proper arrangements can be made to finally bring the two of you together.
" It's postmarked three days ago.
Well, no wonder she was so excited.
She was about to meet her father for the first time.
Three months ago my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
The last few days have been really rough.
Doctors say he can pass at any time.
I think the only thing that's kept him hanging on was his hope of meeting Rebecca.
Look, if you don't mind my asking, why were they estranged to begin with? Look, I just found this out myself.
He had an affair 20 years ago.
He didn't want it to destroy the family, so financial arrangements were made with the mother.
He said it was his biggest regret.
That he was ashamed of turning his back on his daughter.
He wanted to make it right, so I promised that I would find her before he passed.
And you did? I spoke to her on the phone.
I thought she'd be so angry, but she wasn't.
She just, you know, wanted to meet us, make up for lost time.
What about the lawyers? Did they find anything that you think might help us figure out why she was murdered? No.
By all accounts, she was a great kid.
I'm happy to put you in touch with the private investigator who found her.
Yeah, thank you.
I don't know what to tell him.
Maybe it's just better to let him hope she might still be coming.
HPD searched Malo's place.
Looks like Natalie stopped by to change, load up and grab some cash.
Means she's on the move.
Everywhere's locked down.
Big Brother's watching.
There aren't a lot of places for a fugitive to hide out.
Actually, there might be.
Malo had several legitimate business holdings, including a small company called Island Spirit Coffee.
The coffee is farmed on the island of Hawai'i.
Check this out.
Now I know what the middle of nowhere looks like.
That's the kind of place you'd go to lay low after being outed on national television.
Can I help you? We need to talk to your boss.
It's not a good time right now.
The owner of the company just passed away.
Well, tell him that's why we're here.
Put the phone down.
Don't do it! Well, we're in the right place.
Anybody in there? Stay back.
FBI said Natalie and Malo were running a sex-trafficking ring.
This is a slave-labor camp.
We're looking for this woman.
Do you recognize her? No entiendo.
¿Dónde está? No está aquí.
She's gone.
That's her! Cover me.
Hey, what do you got? So I've been looking over the footage at the bar where our victim worked.
Look at this.
Okay, so she, uh she left the club alone.
Uh-huh, that's what I thought.
But look closer.
Look at this guy.
This creep.
This guy shows up an hour before the end of Rebecca's shift, he does not speak to anybody, he does not order a drink.
Zoom in.
What, you know this guy? Oh, yeah.
Look, Raymond, here's the thing.
Your dad, he wasn't perfect.
But he had a conscience.
He wanted to do the right thing.
But you, you didn't care about that.
The only think you cared about was his bank account.
Look, $20 million is a lot of money, okay? And he as gonna give some of that to Rebecca.
I imagine you weren't too, uh, too keen on that idea, seeing as you thought you were an only child just a couple weeks before, right? I'm thinking, I'm figuring at some point, you must have gone to her and-and tried to talk her out of meeting with him.
Maybe maybe you offered her some cash, but she didn't care about the money, did she? She just wanted to meet her dad.
You know what? You guys forgot to read me my rights, so let me help you out with that.
I have the right to remain silent.
Anything I say can and will be used against me in a court of law.
I have a right to an attorney, and since I can definitely afford one, one will not have to be provided for me Listen, you idiot, you murdered your own sister, all right? With these rights in mind, I would prefer not to speak to you at this time.
Okay, uh, let me wrap it up for you, then, okay? Okay, go ahead.
She knew you were following her when she left that club.
She was scared, so she ducked into that hotel where you continued to follow her.
Please, help me, please! Please, anyone! Anyone, please! Please! Please, please.
Interesting story.
Can't wait to see you prove it.
Rebecca put up a bit of a struggle with you, didn't she? A bit of a fight? You see, uh, the medical examiner, he's a buddy of mine, and, uh I happen to know that he found DNA underneath Rebecca's fingernails.
And I'm pretty sure that it got there when she struggled with you.
I'm no scientist, but I-I'm pretty sure I know what's gonna happen when they compare it to yours.
That money was mine.
It belonged to me.
Yours? That money was yours? Well, guess what, buddy.
Now no one is gonna get that money.
Last thing I thought we'd be doing is going home with a criminal record.
Yeah, well, going home with a hindering prosecution charge is still better than bringing home an STD.
I don't even know what to do with that.
All right, listen, I got some advice for you three dimwits.
You better act like choirboys for the next three years of your probation.
Otherwise, you're gonna find yourself back here at Halawa Prison, doing the warden's taxes.
Okay, then bye.
Okay, thank you.
Hey, wait, h-hang on a second.
Hang on, hang on.
I was gonna mail them back to your brides.
But I figure you got enough trouble waiting for you on the other side, so Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Th-Thank you.
I appreciate that.
Yeah, thank you very much.
- Thank you very much.
- Hey.
Go home.
Hug your wife, kiss your kids.
And I don't give a damn if you win a sweepstakes with a free trip with all accommodations-- don't come back here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I mean ever.
Shaka, brutha.
Big day for you, Jer.
Jerry, looking sharp, babe.
I dig the suit.
You look good.
It's a rental.
Ah, come on, now.
Hey, man, don't be nervous, okay? You deserve this.
What you did was really brave.
Thanks, Kono.
Gabriel left these photographs at your house? Mm-hmm.
You talk to Kono? No, you're the only one.
Look, Chin, Gabriel's a convicted killer, all right? I mean, he's not exactly reliable.
What if he, uh what if he doctored these pictures? He could be trying to play you against your cousin's fiancée.
It's a good point, but these pictures have been authenticated.
They're real, and they were taken recently.
What about the guy with Adam? We, uh we get a positive I.
on him? No, not yet.
But if Gabriel wants me to see these, I'm guessing I'm not gonna like him.
Oh, yeah.
There he is.
Here's the hero.
Look at you, buddy.
You look great.
Congrats, Jer.
Everyone's really proud of you.
I'll take that badge now.
Ah, pump your brakes, now, Superman.
We're not that proud.
Hang in there.
Good things come to those who wait.
Hey, uh, we better get a seat over there in front of the podium.
It's starting to fill up.
Go get 'em.
You all right? Good luck, buddy.
Everything will be fine.
Hey, bro.
Thanks for coming down.
I assume there's no hard feelings.
Water over the bridge.
Actually That's mighty big of you.
After much personal reflection, I've decided to forgive the monetary debt incurred by the failed delivery, and any future transgressions of the same nature.
I really appreciate that, boss.
No problem.
I'm just going to need a small favor in return.
Honolulu is a small, close-knit community.
We care about each other.
No one typifies that type of spirit more than Mr.
Jerry Ortega.
His heroic actions directly led to the capture of two of the FBI's most wanted fugitives.
For that selfless act of courage, it is my honor to bestow upon him the Honolulu Police Department's Civilian Medal of Valor.

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