Hawaii Five-0 s05e23 Episode Script

Mo'o 'olelo Pu (Sharing Traditions)

No! Aah! No! No! No! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) What's after this? Well, you already tried talking me out of it, so I think we're done.
I could arrest you for ignoring a direct order.
How about that? You could.
But you won't.
You remember that time I snuck out to Maunawili Falls because you and all your friends were there? You guys were all jumping off that cliff.
I climbed all the way to the top, 'cause I wanted to jump, too.
Big shot 12-year-old.
All your friends were cheering me on.
But you didn't want me to jump.
And when I did, you didn't talk to me for a whole month.
Because if something bad would've happened to you, Uncle would've put me in the ground.
My point is I was fine then.
And I'll be fine now.
That just proves how stubborn you are.
Runs in the family.
I can't argue with that.
Requesting permission to come aboard.
Permission granted, Commander.
At ease.
Figured we'd see your fiancé out here today.
Yeah, well, Adam said he'd rather watch me come home than leave, so we said - our good-byes this morning.
- Yeah, well, I can't blame him.
We all feel the same way, Kono.
Hey, you're gonna have to come down off the ship if you want me to say good-bye.
Come on.
Hey, I got her.
Open the trunk.
- We'll throw her in.
- I'll be fine, guys! Hey, listen now.
About that weather we got coming in? You know, the storm front's moving south.
And I'm heading east to Moloka'i.
So if I leave now, the only ones getting hit by rain are you guys.
Friend of mine's got a pretty sweet storm shelter, if anyone's interested.
It's got Wi-Fi.
We'll think about it, Jerry.
Thanks for coming, Kawika.
You're making us proud today.
This craft appears to be quite sound and stalwart, Officer Kalakaua.
And if you ask my opinion, you'll have no trouble circumnavigating the islands.
I can get you the same trip for $150.
Plus they give you a bag of peanuts.
Flying is easy.
Our ancestors, they connected the islands on a wa'a like this one.
Yeah, where's your sense of adventure? "Adventure"? No, I.
I work with this guy.
I don't need any more adventure.
Thanks, though.
I have something for you, Auntie.
Love you.
I got something for you, too, sistah.
Sustenance for the sea, from the sea.
Oh You know that's gonna go bad in two hours, right? Anybody hungry? I got two garlic shrimp plates half off.
Cash only.
That's unbelievable.
You're gonna make us pay, but you're gonna give it to her for free? Who said anything about free? I was gonna have her wear my designer apparel.
Little product placement for the journey.
Kono, take it.
It's good.
In case your sail fails, you got an extra.
- Be safe.
- Thank you.
Dad? I didn't think you were coming.
You know she wouldn't have missed this for the world.
Her mother had an aneurysm a few years back.
She's beautiful, isn't she? I'm doing it, Mom.
She's very proud of you.
Malama pono.
Aloha Au Ia 'oe.
Malama pono.
His name is Brian Devlin.
He's been the head pharmacist here for 12 years.
He has a wife and two kids.
All right, what else do we know? This is the fourth drugstore robbery in three days.
First one to leave a Vic.
Witnesses said that three masked gunmen entered the store.
Opened fire on Mr.
Devlin when he tried to activate the silent alarm.
How much did they make off with? They weren't here for money.
OTC pseudoephedrine.
One box of this yields roughly three grams of meth.
- Right? - These guys are working with stock From four different pharmacies.
These ain't some kids just goofing around trying to cook meth in their father's garage.
- We're dealing with some major players here.
- All right, listen.
If we don't find them soon, a bunch of new product is gonna flood the market.
I want them for this murder.
Chin? Hey, yo, Chin? Chin, you all right, man? Yeah, yeah.
Just, uh, looks like that storm changed course.
Kono said she was going around the storm.
- She'll be fine.
- Yeah.
She's gonna be fine.
All right.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Any updates? Yeah.
So I simulated Kono's movement based on wind speed and currents.
It seems likely she beat the storm.
But, you know I can't be sure.
You can't be sure, but watching this all night's not gonna help.
I tried calling her satellite phone.
- She didn't pick up.
- Right, But she said, before she left, she was gonna save the battery.
Remember? Turn it on every other day, check in with us? Now, it's day one.
I'm sure she's on track.
She knows what she's doing.
She's fine.
HPD just sent over that footage from the pharmacy takedown.
Come on.
Now, these two birds are just the muscle.
This guy's the cook.
Knows exactly what he's looking for.
Wait, Lou.
Pause it right there.
What, you recognize that ink? Yeah.
That's Makai Akana.
He used to be the most prolific cook on the island.
He had a reputation for pumping out high-grade meth in a very short amount of time.
Yeah, I put him in Halawa years ago.
Looks like he made parole a week ago.
Okay that's east.
I gotta head north.
Makai Akana! Five-O! Open the door! Come out here.
It's all right.
What do you want? - Where is he? - He's not here.
And thank you for violating my civil rights! Look, we're sorry about that.
You still in school? Clear! Look, whatever my father did this time, I don't know anything about it and I don't want to know.
- Clear! - All right.
He's not here, it's clear.
You have any idea where we can find him? He dropped by a few days ago, after he got out.
I haven't heard from him since.
All right, well, what happened - when he came by? - He wanted to talk, But to tell you the truth, I wasn't in a listening mood.
All right.
Your old man got a cell phone? I have no idea.
If I give this to you, Carter, can I count on you to call me if you hear from him? If it means never seeing him again, absolutely.
Pretty sure you're not gonna make that kid's Christmas card list.
Can't say that I blame him.
That kid grew up without a mother.
Dad in and out of the joint.
You know, when I arrested Makai ten years ago, Carter there was a straight-A student in high school.
He was heading toward HSU.
That day changed his life.
They put him in the foster system and nothing was the same after that.
Hands in the water, Kono.
Eyes ahead.
Ankles together.
That's right.
Just like that.
Full extension.
Shallow strokes.
Keep your feet together.
You do that, and you can paddle forever.
Spit it out.
That's it.
Good girl.
You're okay.
You see that koa'e? Watch it fly.
The Koa'e 'ula always heads for land with long and graceful strokes.
That's how we do it, right? You ready? Yes.
I'm flying! Mom! I'm flying! That's it, Kono! Keep going! You got it! See this, Mom? I'm flying.
I'm flying, Mom.
I'm flying.
Getting a strong cell signal, three o'clock.
Fall back! Cover me! Clear! Stop what you're doing.
Get on your knees, put your hands behind your head.
- I can't do that.
- It doesn't look like You have much choice.
You don't understand.
I can't stop.
If I don't finish, my son is dead.
It's working! Mom, it's working! E ke Akua, E ke Akua, Mahalo no, Mahalo Ia 'oe, No keia 'ai, Amene.
Remember, Kono, the Earth provides sustenance for the sea so the sea can provide for us.
Who are they? I don't know their names.
You don't know their names? Why, you three have hit a lot of pharmacies in the last three days.
You expect us to believe you don't know who your partners are? They weren't my "partners.
" I was their prisoner.
That's right.
I already told you.
I had to cook.
I had no choice.
Why don't you just back up? Take it from the top.
Last week, I get out of Halawa.
I'm barely out the door when these guys jump me.
They tell me if I don't cook for them, they'll kill Carter.
These two in the photo? And their boss.
We want to believe you, Makai, but, right now, we got a dead pharmacist in the morgue and you did absolutely nothing to prevent him from being there.
My son is all I have.
All right, I get that.
But help us make sense of all this.
Tell us about your boss.
I can't.
Forget this.
I'm done.
Those two words just put you back in jail.
But you have to promise you'll protect my boy.
We will put a security detail on him once you give us a name.
Willie Moon.
Willie Moon.
Accomplishments include dropping out of high school at 16, and holding a string of dead-end jobs.
No criminal record to speak of.
I find it hard to believe that this kid is the brains behind the next major up-and-coming meth production and distribution ring.
He have any connection to Makai? None.
All right, then why does he pick Makai? The guy's been in jail for years.
There are plenty of cooks on the island.
Everybody starts somewhere.
How do we know we're not witnessing the birth of a major player? All right, well, If Moon is the real deal, the good news is we've got a chance to crack this kid before he makes his mark on the ice trade.
Find them.
You done? I'll be back tomorrow.
Kila? Paoa? Willie Moon, you're under arrest for murder, methamphetamine trafficking and about half a dozen other related charges.
Get on your knees, put your hands behind your head.
Did you find Moon? We did.
Turns out he wasn't the one that put you back in the kitchen.
Well, who-whose idea was it? No matter what he did, he was still your father.
Did he say why? He said you owed him.
That when you went to prison, you left him with nothing.
What about the other guys? They were Carter's friends.
My son made up this threat to force me to cook again? He called it his inheritance.
That, as far as he was concerned, you were dead to him.
So, what happens now? Your son's gonna go to prison.
You're gonna walk away from this with your parole intact, no more prison time.
Doesn't really matter.
When I was in Halawa, there was only one reason to get out.
That second chance kept me going.
And now I've got nothing.
Makai, I know what it's like to have your family turn their back on you.
Let me give you a little bit of advice.
Keep moving forward, because you still have a shot at redemption.
If not for your son, then for yourself.
I'll get you out of here.
Hey! Over here! Hey! Over here! Come back! Come back You want some help? No, thank you.
I got it.
You're getting really good, Kono.
A year from now, you'll be paddling out at Pipeline.
You think so? I do.
What is that? It's a Pu kani.
The sound of a conch shell.
Someone is marking the beginning of a journey.
See it? It's a wa' kaulua.
Our ancestors sailed canoes just like that.
They used the stars to navigate all the way from Tahiti.
We wouldn't be here without them, Kono.
They pulled Hawaii out of the sea.
Pulling Hawaii out of the sea.
E ke Akua, E ke Akua, Mahalo no, Mahalo Ia 'oe, No keia 'ai, Amene.
What happened, you get evicted from your house or something? You going home? I'm good; I'll go in a minute.
Just gonna check these, uh, satellite weather reports one more time.
I hear there might be some more bad weather building east.
You're a good cousin.
You know that? Get out of here; I'll see you tomorrow.
Yeah, you will.
Kono? Kono? Chin, I need help! Kono, I can barely hear you.
Chin? Chin, I got caught in Kono! Kono! Steve, I just heard from Kono.
She sounds bad; something is wrong.
All right, I'll call the Coast Guard.
No, no, no! Wow.
You don't like the weather in Hawaii, wait ten minutes.
Are you sure about this, Mom? I've never been more sure.
Even marrying your father took some persuading.
I mean it.
The weather's been bad this season.
No matter what time of year I go, Kono, hiki Mai ka malie, a hiki Mai no ka 'ino.
"Good weather comes, bad weather comes, too.
" That's true.
You have a saying for everything, don't you? Not me.
Our people.
I'm going to be all right.
Ever since I was a keiki, I've wanted to take this journey.
You know that, Kono.
It's my destiny.
And I'm finally ready for it.
What happened? Your mother had an aneurysm.
Is she gonna be all right? Sir, we're observing storm-force winds.
gusting to 60.
Swells at 30 feet and building.
Reported lightning strikes in the vicinity of the airfield.
Kono's outrigger doesn't stand a chance in those conditions.
Launch the alert cutter, station Honolulu.
Notify the B-6 unit to get underway as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
We'll have four boats in the water within a half hour.
Okay, that's four boats.
What are you doing about air support? I understand your frustration, Lieutenant, but we cannot utilize aircraft in these conditions.
Captain, all due respect, that's our friend out there floating around on a 20-foot piece of driftwood.
I'm well aware of that.
And when the front passes, we'll have a window to launch our SAR Birds.
Until then, it's a surface search only.
If the safety of your men is your main concern, let me fly.
I have experience piloting HH-65s in conditions worse than this many times over.
I can't authorize that, and you know it.
So, what? We just wait until the storm lets up? I'm sorry.
This is Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett, requesting naval support.
One of our own, Kono Kalakaua, is lost at sea.
Last radio contact was 14 hours ago.
Commander, weather's passing, helos are spinning up.
All right, let's move.
Hey, hey, I see something.
I-I see wreckage, but no Kono.
All right, what about the paddleboard? Do you see that? No, negative.
She's alive, Chin We're gonna find her.
Where are you? Where are you, Hawaii? Kono? You should be in bed, sweetheart.
What are you doing? I'm learning from the sky, Kono.
When I set sail someday, everything I need to know will be right up there.
'Iwa Keli'i.
Ten, North of Piko o Wakea.
I remember Moloka'i, of Piko o Wakea.
Right on track, Mom.
This is Coast Guard Rescue 6578, returning to base.
No, we can't go back in We got to do one more pass.
It's a 20-minute trip, we're at bingo fuel.
I'm sorry, but we need to return to base now.
This is Coast Guard Rescue 6578, inbound.
Returning home to refuel.
Hey Mom? This way, Kono.
This way, Kono, this way.
Mom? Wait.
Come on, Kono.
Mom! Wait.
Mom? No! No! Hello.
Where? Thank you.
Thank you.
You did good, ku'uipo.
I fell.
You're going to get knocked off your board many times, Kono.
The only thing that matters is that you get back up.

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