Hawaii Five-0 s05e24 Episode Script

Luapo'i (Prey)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O Danny, what are you doing here? Uh, this is my partner, Steve McGarrett.
Steve, this is my lovely ex-wife, Rachel.
You didn't have to come here.
Yes, I did.
Thank you.
Stan only booked this trip to see if we could save our marriage.
I don't know if there's anything left to save.
Stan's coming home tomorrow night.
I have to tell him.
I'm pregnant.
I'm definitely Yes.
Okay, good.
Good, good, good.
Rachel is moving back in with Stan.
The baby's his? Turns out, uh, she's further along than she thought, so she is gonna try to make it work with Stan for the for the kid's sake.
I'm sorry, Danny.
Hello, Chin.
What do you want, Gabriel? I have something you're gonna want to see.
Only thing we found was this envelope.
X-rays show it's safe to open.
What is this? I don't know.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
I'm coming, I'm coming.
You all right? Why didn't you loop me in? I mean, I would've gone with you.
They said no chaperones.
They were pretty clear.
Well, I hope the Intel was worth the risk.
It was.
The man in these photos is Goro Shioma.
He works in Tokyo finance.
Or at least that's his day job.
According to sources in the Japanese underworld, he's also the oyabun of a major Yakuza syndicate.
He has a legitimate job.
It's possible Adam didn't know about the Yakuza connection.
I might be willing to believe that, except word is that Shioma was actually really tight with Adam's father.
In fact, after Wo Fat killed Hiro, there was a rumor going around that Shioma put a price on Wo Fat's head.
There's no way that Adam doesn't know who he really is.
Chin, we still don't know that these meetings were about anything illegal.
So I'm sure Adam is just there, uh, collecting the bounty on your behalf.
My cousin's getting married in three days, Steve.
I get that.
Listen to me.
You go ahead, you go and accuse Adam of getting back into bed with the Yakuza and you're wrong, you're gonna drive a wedge between the two of you, and Kono's gonna be caught in the middle, all right? Now, we need the facts.
We need all the facts.
Until we know what these meetings were actually about, I think you say nothing.
Running on, running on empty Running on Running blind Evening, Officer.
Relax, you're not in trouble.
Pulled you over 'cause you got an intermittent taillight.
Sorry, I had no idea.
It happens.
Probably just a loose bulb.
Tell you what, pop the trunk, we'll take a look.
Oh, no, that's okay.
Loose bulb sounds like an easy fix.
Yeah, but it could be something else.
An issue with the wiring.
Corrosion at the socket.
You know what, it's not even my car-- it's my buddy's.
I'd rather let him deal with it.
Got some bruising on your knuckles.
What happened there? I'm not sure.
Must've scraped 'em.
Sir, what do you got in the trunk? Nothing.
Okay, I'm gonna need you to hand over the keys and place your hands on the wheel.
Why? What's going on? Pass me the keys.
Hands on the wheel.
I'm not gonna ask again.
All right Hey Hey, man, what is this? Hold on! You can't do this! Wait! Do not open that trunk! Do not open it! You hear me? Don't open it! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Origi Hey.
Hey, yourself.
You want some pancakes? Mmm are we talking the macadamia nut ones from the Wailana Coffee House? Mm-mm.
We're talking about the chocolate chip ones from the kitchen.
What? Nothing.
It's just, uh it's just work.
All right.
I'm gonna go take a shower, Okay.
get those pancakes going.
I'm gonna make some coffee.
Danny! So, as you can see, arbor's here, and the procession is going to enter from over there.
Once everybody is in place, a conch shell will be blown.
That's your cue to enter.
Sounds good.
All right, let's see what else.
Final playlist, check.
Final fitting, check.
Vows? We're working on them.
You know, I never asked you: How did you and Adam meet? Oh, um work.
So common nowadays.
Oh, by the way, I'm gonna need your parents' flight info.
I want to arrange an airport pick-up.
Oh, no need-- my, uh, mom and dad, they live here.
Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed, uh Well, usually, if they live close by, the mother of the bride is super hands-on with the wedding planning, and Mine hasn't been.
Her health isn't too good.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You know, that's actually just been the hardest part of this whole process.
Not having her involved.
I just always assumed that, if and when there was a time to plan a wedding, that she would be there, doing it with me, every step of the way.
Well, she is going to be there on your wedding day, and that is the most important thing of all.
Nervous yet? No.
No, I'm more excited.
'Cause, um it's taken us a long time to get here.
Yeah, I'm just really glad that we're finally doing this.
Wait a sec.
Wait a sec.
You do something wrong? What'd you do wrong? I don't know.
I've been thinking about it.
I'm wracking my brain.
I can't figure it out.
But Rachel's definitely upset about something.
You think it's Amber-related? Melissa.
Oh, that's official now? Well, yes, it is her name, so I think it's official.
And that's not what it is.
I don't think so, anyway.
You know? And I had to lie to her this morning.
Rachel? No, Melissa.
Wait, I'm confused.
All the text messages I'm getting all the text messages.
She asked me what was going on.
I had to lie.
Said it was about work.
Why? Why would you do that? Because it's drama with my ex-wife.
I don't want to get her spooked thinking that there's a problem with the crazy ex-wife, and then she feels like she's got to take off, you know what I mean I distinctly remember Melissa having drama with her ex and you being very understanding about the whole thing.
That's true.
I was very cool about that, wasn't I? Are you kidding me? Very cool? The guy stabbed you, almost killed you.
You almost died.
So, yeah, you were cool.
You know what you do? Here's what you do.
You call Rachel-- I'm sure it's nothing.
You call Melissa-- you just be straight with her.
I'm telling I'm telling you.
You're a therapist.
Good morning.
Well, gentlemen, it appears we have a traffic stop that escalated into a shoot-out.
Is the officer okay? Well, he took one to the chest.
The paramedics took him over to King.
He's critical but stable, which is more than I can say for the guy he pulled over-- he took one to the head.
And this is where it starts to get weird.
There's no I.
on the Vic, no weapon recovered.
He's got one hand cuffed, and, as you can see No car.
All right, So there was a passenger gets into a shoot-out with the officer.
This guy gets clipped.
Officer gets clipped.
Then the passenger slides over and takes the car.
- That would explain a lot.
- Captain Grover? Oh, good.
CSU's just pulled up the dash cam footage.
That should give us some answers.
All right, let's run that plate.
Car's unregistered.
Do not open that trunk, you hear me? Looks like there's someone in the trunk.
You're all right, sir, okay? It's gonna be okay.
Well, you're certainly in the ballpark with your passenger theory.
Lou, roll it back.
See if we can pull a frame where the killer's actually facing the camera.
No good.
Image is too blurry for facial rec.
All right, so a patrolman pulls over a guy for a broken taillight, ends up interrupting a kidnapping.
Not exactly your average traffic stop, is it? It's not exactly your average kidnapping, either.
Why do you say that? How many kidnapping victims you know shoot the person who's trying to help them? over to me once the evidence is processed.
Okay? Hey.
Everything all right? Yeah, everything's great.
What do we know? HFD got the call after 6:00 a.
Car was still burning when they got here.
All right, we definite it's the same car? Yeah, license plates match.
CSU found this in the car.
Gas can and rubber hose.
Yeah, I'm thinking our killer used 'em to siphon the fuel out of the gas tank.
It's a smart plan.
He torches the car and there goes any chance we have of recovering any prints or DNA.
HPD canvass the area? Yeah, no witnesses so far.
Yeah, no cameras, either-- traffic, ATM or private.
This area's just one giant blind spot.
Well, I think it's safe to assume he didn't chose this location at random.
Obviously, we're dealing with someone who knows how to cover their tracks.
Which means I.
'ing this guy won't be easy.
Well, hopefully Danny and Steve are having better luck with the driver.
Gentleman, you are in luck.
I ran your John Doe's prints through AFIS and found a hit.
Meet Greg Farmer.
He is a bail enforcement agent licensed out of Nevada.
He was a bounty hunter.
So the guy in the trunk must have been a skip.
Well, if that's the case, we need to find the bail bondsman Farmer was working for, see if we can figure out who he came here to grab.
Well, that's not gonna be very easy.
Most bounty hunters work freelance.
They're not, uh, exclusive to one bail bondsman.
Well, Max, you got something to contribute here, or Well, the bounty hunter Boba Fett worked for both Jabba the Hutt and Darth Vader, so I understand the point that Detective Williams was trying to make.
Moving on.
Uh, any other findings? Yes.
I found traces of fresh asphalt on the soles of the victim's shoes.
And it might be interesting to note that CSU found traces of similar asphalt mixture in the trunk of the car that was recovered.
Most likely a transfer from the killer's shoes.
So this guy and the guy from the trunk both stepped on fresh pavement somewhere.
Yeah, well, if we could figure out which street it was, maybe it could lead to our shooter's I.
So I checked in with the Honolulu transportation department.
They told me there was only one resurfacing project on the entire island last night.
It's in Pearl City, it's a residential neighborhood and the crew was done about 2:00 a.
this morning.
All right, what do we know about the residents on the street? I ran background on all of 'em, and they all checked out except one guy: David Sutter.
He moved into a house about a year ago.
He's the only renter on the block, and his landlord said that when he rented the place, he paid six months in advance, in cash.
Well, that does sound a little suspicious.
That ain't the half of it.
Turns out David Sutter showed the landlord a Hawai'i drivers license when he rented the place, so I run it through DMV-- no record of him.
And there's also no employment, tax, or credit history on the guy.
Fake I.
's, lots of cash, aliases.
Sounds like somebody on the run to me.
I'm gonna send his address information to you on your GPS right now.
All right.
Thanks, Lou.
So, uh, you bringing a date to the to the wedding? No, no I mean, I hadn't planned on it.
Well, I mean, you're just gonna be sitting at the singles table with, uh, Kamekona, Jerry and Flippa.
I'll be fine.
Well, you'll be hungry, is what you're gonna be.
Why don't you bring Ellie? No, no.
Ellie's, uh, you know, she's my buddy.
I don't want to I don't want to ruin that, ask her to the wedding, make her believe Yeah, yeah, no, I get it.
You know, Melissa has a friend No.
I'm No.
But she's very cute.
What no? No.
No, because no.
Steve, you got to move on at some point, okay? It's been a year.
All right, I was with Catherine for a long time.
Okay? I'm good at the moment.
I'm fine.
I'm not ready to jump into something with somebody else, that's all.
I appreciate I appreciate it.
It's a simple question.
All right.
Can Melissa's friend send a picture? That's all.
What is What is that? That's a wall of silence.
I just put up a wall of silence.
Oh, is that what that is? Mm-hmm.
'Cause that's gonna shut me up.
Gonna make you change the subject.
Nothing can shut you up.
So that's a "no" on the picture? Send the Pict You know what? You have the brain of a five-year-old.
So much as twitch, I empty your heads on the carpet.
You're not him.
But if he ever shows, I own his ass.
I was here first.
Another bounty hunter.
All right, buddy, just take it easy, we're cops, all right? Okay.
And I'm the Dalai Lama.
Now drop the hardware.
Do it slow.
Well, you see, those two actions, they don't really go together.
He's right, you can't It's impossible to drop something slowly.
Okay, how's this: gently place your weapons on the floor.
No problem.
That I can do.
No-No problem at all.
Come on, man.
Hands behind your back.
Seriously? We're all in the same fraternity here.
Huh? I told you we're cops.
New York.
You're a long way from home.
Hey, Danny, I want you to meet Richie Malloy.
Hi, Richie.
What do you got? I got a lot of stuff.
I got a stash piece, I got a stun gun and, uh, some mace.
He's like a walking armory.
Yeah, well Pelham's one dangerous dude.
Pelham? That's his real name? Yeah, Andrew Pelham.
You boys are a few steps behind, aren't you? Apparently, so why don't you catch us up? Who's Pelham? All right, for starters, he's one of you.
What do you mean, "one of us"? The killer we're looking for, he's a cop.
P-E-L-H-A-M? H-A-M.
Got him, charged with three different homicides, all on Long Island.
Yeah, two years ago.
Vics were all women in their early 20s.
It says here, he broke into their houses, tortured them and then killed them.
A real credit to your profession, huh? Explain something to me: how does this guy ever make bail? 'Cause the original case against him was crap.
The first Vic, she was a college student, Jennifer Leddy.
Went missing over Christmas break.
Well, the cops investigated, and they found Pelham's DNA in her apartment, but that was it, so, all they had him on was a B and E.
A month after he makes bail, they found Leddy's body.
Then they found two more.
Trace evidence on one linked to Pelham.
So cops had him dead to rights, he splits town, been hiding out here ever since.
Kept out of trouble.
Even got himself a job as a dog-walker.
That's smart-- low profile, cash business.
All right, how'd you figure out that Pelham was on Oahu? Uh I didn't.
Another bounty hunter tracked him down.
But I got a mole inside this other guy's operation, and she gyve me the heads up that her boss was coming out, gave me all the Intel they have on Pelham, so got my ass on a plane.
Uh, let me ask you a question, that, uh, other bounty hunter's named Greg Farmer? How'd you know? Farmer's dead.
What?! Last night, he grabbed Pelham, bagged him up, put him in the truck of a car.
An officer pulled him over for a broken taillight, checks his trunk, Pelham makes his move, shoots the officer, executes Farmer.
There was no love lost between Farmer and me, but I never wanted the hump to get dead.
Anyway given what's happened, I got no problem backing off, letting you guys go after Pelham without me cramping your style.
I appreciate that.
Uh, unless you need my help.
No, I think we're, uh, I think we got it.
You know what, I-I'm just gonna float this.
Pelham is worth 40 grand.
You let me take him back to New York, I kick back a portion of that to your local widows and orphans fund.
No? All right, well, I guess it was worth a shot.
Well, seeing as how I done nothing wrong, I think I'm free to go.
So if you could just uncuff me, and, uh, hand me Nora, I'll be on my way.
Happy hunting, gentlemen.
Thank you.
All right, we got to get CSU out here to process this place, see if they can turn up anything that's gonna help us figure out what Pelham's next move is.
Oh, boy.
Is that Rachel? Yep.
"At the park now.
"Really need to see you.
It's important.
" I should go.
Go, go.
Thanks for coming.
I remember this-- having a panic attack every time Grace got to the top of the monkey bars.
So, what's up? It's Charlie.
He's sick, Danny.
What do you mean, sick? He has something called HLH.
It's a disease that effects his immune system.
It's it's rare.
Well, how, uh how serious is it? It could kill him.
Rachel The good news is, there is treatment.
His best option is a bone marrow transplant, but the problem is finding a match, and usually, siblings are the best ones.
So, what, you want my permission for Grace, or-or what? We've tested Grace.
She's not a match.
But every parent is called a half-match.
It's not their first choice, but doctors can use that bone marrow.
The point is, one parent is usually a better half-match than the other.
Why are you telling me this? That's my kid? How long have you known this, Rachel? You've always known.
Danny, I Why would keep something like this from me? Because your life and the chances that you take.
The chances I take? See, if anything ever happened to you, I didn't want two kids growing up without a father.
You had no right to do that.
You understand that? You had no right to keep that from me, that I got a son.
I know that you hate me right now, and I don't blame you for hating me, but I am telling you now.
We have a son, and there is something wrong with him, something that could kill him.
He needs our help.
Okay, so what? So, what happens now? You need to take a blood test.
It won't take long, a few minutes.
and then the doctors can decide how to proceed from there.
And then, they set everything up then? Yes.
What about Stan? What does he know? He knows now.
Mommy, I'm hungry.
Well, okay, sweetheart.
We'll get you something to eat.
Oh, Charlie, you remember, um You remember me, buddy.
I'm, uh, Grace's Grace's dad.
Yeah, that's right.
Oh, he doesn't like being called No, no, no, no, you can call me Danno whenever you want.
It's okay.
What, did your sister teach you that? Un-huh.
Yeah? That's good.
It's good to see you again, huh? All right.
All right.
My name is Malcolm Leddy.
Three months ago, my only daughter Jennifer, was the victim of a heinous crime.
This unspeakable act was committed by one individual.
Andrew Pelham.
Jenny was a kind and decent girl.
After her mom passed away, it was just the two of us.
When she was looking at colleges, Jenny would only consider schools that were close to home.
She said she didn't want to move too far away because she was afraid that her dad would get lonely.
Andrew Pelham went on the run six weeks ago.
If anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, please come forward.
Make him see the inside of a courtroom.
Let justice be done.
That's the father of the first victim.
So, should we reach out? Let him know that Pelham's been spotted on the island? Well, Steve doesn't want to go public yet.
He thinks we stand a better chance of catching Pelham if, uh, he doesn't know we're onto him.
Got something? Yeah.
CSU just finished searching Pelham's place.
They found several phony passports and driver's licenses.
All told, this guy has seven different aliases.
All right, well, let's run all of 'em.
With any luck, he'll try and use one of 'em to get off the island.
Do you know how many times that I've dropped Grace off? You know how many times I've picked her up, and that kid's been sitting in the room? Rachel, too, sitting there? Danny, no matter how misguided this was Please, don't.
Do not say anything that sticks up for this woman, okay? What she did is unforgiveable, and that is the bottom line.
And because of what she did, I missed out three years of this kid's life.
Huh? What about that? So what happens now? Now.
Now, I-I take care of the kid.
But Rachel-- I don't know what I'm gonna do.
No way I get past this.
You're right, man.
I know I'm right.
Thank you.
Do me a favor-- listen to me for a second, all right? These feelings that you're having, this anger-- you got to put it aside, that's all I'm saying.
How many decisions are you guys gonna have to make, from here on in? And you and Rachel-- you got to make the decisions together.
Danny, it's not gonna do Charlie any good having his parents fighting.
That's all I'm trying to say.
I know that.
You're right.
All right? Yeah, Chin, what's up? So we ran all of Pelham's aliases, turns out he used one to purchase a plane ticket online, just a few minutes ago.
Well, did you trace the IP? Yeah, it's an apartment downtown.
We think the owner of the place is one of Pelham's dog-walking clients.
Yeah, it looks like he could be using the apartment as a safe house.
Andrew Pelham! Let me see your hands right now! Poor man's GPS.
This is how he found us.
Malloy probably planted that while we were still at Pelham's place.
Yeah, we underestimated him.
Clearly, he's not as dumb as he looks.
Well, let's look at the bright side, at least Pelham's in custody, right? Pelham already killed a bounty hunter while he was in custody.
Until he's in our custody, I'm not gonna rest easy.
What is that? Little something to help you relax.
Got to deliver you alive and intact, or I don't get paid.
I got money, you know.
Could pay you a lot more than what that bail bondsman will give you.
You think I can be bought? So I tried pinging Malloy's cell, but it's been turned off.
And, uh we're tracking his credit cards, but I can't imagine he'll be using them.
What about his car? Well, HPD plate readers are scanning every car on the road-- so far, nothing.
Well, after Malloy grabbed Pelham, he probably threw on some new plates.
Either that or he had a switch-car nearby.
All right, here's the problem.
We are working at a major disadvantage.
We're trying to find somebody who finds people who don't want to be found for a living.
I mean, he's got tricks, he's hip to stuff that we don't know.
Danny's right-- we want to find Malloy, we're gonna need some help.
Hey, Dog.
McGarrett, Williams-- long time, no see.
What's up, buddy, you got a minute? Yeah, let me book this lolo, I'll be right back, all right? Uh, we can handle it.
Officers, do me a favor, take this guy in, process him and get a body receipt, please? All right, thank you.
Boy, this must be pretty important with that kind of service.
Yeah, it is.
We're, uh, we're actually looking for a fellow bounty hunter, his name's Malloy.
He has a dangerous fugitive with him.
He's trying to get off the island right now.
Under no circumstances can we let that happen.
So you want to know what this cat's next move is, right? Yeah, yeah, I mean, if it was you, what would you do? How would you get him back to the mainland? Yeah, we need some trade secrets, Dog, some insider info-- can you help us out? So this is on the DL, right? There is a way off this rock that only people in my line of work know about.
You ever heard of Transair? Yeah, I have.
It's a cargo plane for deliveries.
Yep, for cash up front, they'll ferry the bounty hunter and his prey to and from the mainland, no questions asked, no paperwork, all under the radar.
Dog told us that there's a Transair flight that lands at midnight, midnight every night, in Los Angeles-- you understand what that means.
It's gonna take off any second.
I did the math.
So you understand that we're gonna be late.
The only way this vehicle is gonna go any faster is if you throw yourself out of it.
- Chin, what do you got? - We may have a problem.
Kono and I have been monitoring Malloy's financials, and we came across a six-figure wire transfer from an offshore account.
Transaction happened less than an hour ago.
What six figures? Uh, Malloy was getting $40,000, he said.
Yeah, so we're thinking this money came from Pelham.
He paid Malloy to let him go.
Fueling the bird right now.
Should be wheels down by 12:00 a.
But I might be delayed.
Malloy, man, I got - You're a piece of work, buddy.
- Hey, listen, I can understand if you're a little upset about getting punked back there.
Uncalled for.
Hey, you let that monster go.
you're lucky we don't put a bullet in your ass.
You aided and abetted.
All right, you want to stay out of prison? You give us something, right now, that helps us find Pelham right now.
Well, you're wrong.
I didn't let him go.
I delivered him to Malcolm Leddy.
He came to me a few months ago, offered me 300 thou, his entire life savings.
All I had to do was deliver the man that murdered his daughter.
So what happened after you handed Pelham over? I don't know.
Me and Leddy traded cars, I took off.
All right, you think Leddy killed him right there? No.
I think he wants to take his time.
How do we find him? I don't know-- he didn't exactly share his plans with me.
Well, you must have his cell phone number.
You guys kept in touch, no? Hey, Daddy, just wanted to wish the sweetest, kindest, most handsome dad a happy Father's Day.
I love you so, so much.
And I'm just so thankful to be your daughter.
Have an awesome day, buddy.
Hey, Daddy, just wanted to wish the sweetest, kindest, most handsome dad a happy Father's Day.
I love you so Hello, Mr.
What is this? Karma.
I know you.
You're the guy, the one who went on television.
Jenny's dad.
Don't Don't you dare say her name.
What do you know about me, Mr.
Pelham? Anything? Nothing? Well, let me fill you in.
I went to med school, but I dropped out during my first year of residency.
I quit because my wife passed away very suddenly.
Our daughter was only a year at the time.
But I remember everything they taught me.
I know how much pain a person can endure before passing out.
I know how long it takes to recover.
I know how to keep a person alive, even when letting them die would be more humane.
When this is all over, you will beg me to kill you.
What is it? This is Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
Starting the trace.
Leddy, are you there? I'm here.
It's not a good time.
Sir, please listen to me.
I know why you came here.
I know what you came here to do.
And I'm begging you not to go through with this.
It's not gonna accomplish anything, sir.
It won't Bring back my daughter? Bring me peace? You want me to just turn this all over to the criminal justice system, is that it? Yes.
Yeah, they've done such a bang-up job so far.
Sir, please.
I understand wanting vengeance.
I swear to you, I do-- but killing Pelham, it'll feel good for a moment, but that's it.
Now, we got enough evidence to put this bastard away.
I want him in a prison cell, sir, not you.
What makes you think I'm going to prison? When you get here, you're gonna find two bodies.
Think about Jenny.
Would she really want this? You're not a killer.
You don't know me.
And you didn't know her.
Guys, we got him.
He's in Waimanalo.
I want him to suffer.
I want him to suffer the way she suffered.
He's a cop, okay? He's a cop, and I'm gonna put him in prison.
You think he's gonna have an easy time in there? He will suffer, you have my word, he will suffer.
Malcolm, wherever you are, please, I'm begging you, please walk away.
I'm begging you.
Can't do it.
Malcolm Malcolm.
The medical examiner thought you might have started with her fingers.
Is that right? Who can remember? Going to voice mail.
Try it again.
Next, you cut off her scalp didn't you? I'm sorry, Jenny.
Not so easy in the moment, is it? It's funny.
How you could think about nothing else.
Work it over in your mind, gaming it out.
All the ways it could go down.
Everything that could go wrong.
Until it's happening you don't really know if you can go through with it.
That's right.
Call the police.
Have them do what you can't.
Danny, call EMS.
Part of me really wants you to try.
Hey, guys hold on for a second.
I'm gonna put that man away, and he's never gonna get out, all right? And that's the way it should be.
Thank you.
You're gonna be all right, okay? I'm gonna call Ellie.
I mean, there's got to be some kind of deal we can make, help reduce Malcolm's charges.
What's going on? You all right? Yeah, I'm just thinking about what this poor guy's been through.
I mean, losing a kid, there's, uh there's nothing that could be worse, you know? Yeah.
They're running about five minutes behind.
Okay, so can I, um, sign something or anything or? They'll take care of the paperwork when they call you.
Hey, buddy.
What do you got there, huh? Is that a rescue truck? Rescue truck.
Yeah, I used to have one just like this one, same thing.
Can I see it? Yeah? Mm-hmm.
How does this thing work? Does it light up? Of course it lights up, what a stupid question.
I know it lights up.
There's a button right there.
Oh, there it goes.
You know what? You like fire trucks, I like fire trucks.
I think we're gonna be good friends.
Yeah, right?
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