Hawaii Five-0 s05e25 Episode Script

A Make Kaua (Until We Die)

We have a situation.
Plane from Erie never made it here.
Mechanical problems.
There's been a change to the flight plan.
We're going to Hawai'i.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Chin.
What are you doing here? Have a seat, Adam.
What's this about? Just sit down.
Everything okay? Who took these? You told Kono you were out.
You told me the same thing.
We both believed you.
I am out.
Then what are you doing hanging out with Goro Shioma? You know better than I do that the man is a Yakuza oyabun.
Chin, two years ago, Kono saw a photo similar to this one.
Of me and Riko Sato, also an oyabun.
And I'll tell you exactly what I told her at the time.
It's not what you think.
I really want to believe you, Adam, but you got to give me more than that.
Look, Chin, it's complicated, okay? It's a one-way plane ticket to Tokyo.
Leaves tonight.
If your relationship with Shioma is so complicated that you can't explain it, I can't let you marry my cousin tomorrow.
I'm not going anywhere, Chin.
Then you better convince me why I should let you stay.
Goro Shioma was my father's mentor.
They were as close as brothers.
When my father started his business, Goro was the one who staked him the money to get it off the ground.
He's made millions off that initial investment and continues to.
Look, you don't just walk away from someone like Goro.
It had to be done the right way: face to face.
So, what happened? I offered to buy him out, but he wouldn't accept.
Said the only way out was to leave the same way my father came into the business.
With nothing.
Adam, are you really willing to give up all of this for Kono? Yeah, Chin.
You know your cousin.
She was never one for material things, anyway.
When was this taken? Looks like Gabriel Waincroft's still on the island.
Why is this guy still here? Keep watching.
Eight minutes later, he's out the door.
That's a quick visit.
Enough time to pull a trigger, though.
The vic's name is Seth Ha'anu.
Now, HPD was looking at this guy for drug trafficking.
Max puts his time of death around the same time Waincroft's in the building.
So he's in and out in under ten minutes.
Why? Maybe, uh trying to settle an old score? I'm thinking maybe he's back in business.
He's just busy knocking off his competition.
Looking for this? Hey, sailor.
Look, I know, I should have called, and-and I wanted to, I just I didn't know what to say, so I just figured if I just came in person that it would just be Thank you.
When'd you get in? Uh, this morning.
I just came straight from the airport.
I wasn't gonna miss Kono's wedding, come on.
It's good to see you, Cath.
You, too, Steve.
Listen, uh, why don't you let me dry up, I'll throw some civvies on and, um, take you out to breakfast.
We got a lot to catch up on.
Yeah, I'd love that.
Okay, awesome, good.
Good, good, good.
Give me a second, all right? Okay.
Yeah, McGarrett.
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Don't go anywhere.
I won't.
G-5 made a unscheduled landing.
Ground crew discovered the plane this morning, pilot dead inside the cockpit.
CSU is processing the plane now.
Okay, what else do we know about the flight? Still working on that.
Captain Grover's tracing the tail numbers now.
Ah, Commander McGarrett.
Detective Williams.
Good morning.
I have a tuxedo fitting, so I'll be making this quick.
Oh, what are you doing? You doing powder blue, or, uh, crushed velvet? While both are valid choices, I will be attending Kono's wedding in a more traditional palate.
Pea soup green? Unlike you, Detective Williams, I have no insecurities when it comes to bold colors.
Insecurities? He's right-- you hate color.
I hate color? I don't hate color.
I like color very much.
What else? T.
was within the last 90 minutes.
Your victim was shot point-blank in the cranium, fracturing his left parietal bone, killing him instantly.
He was also still buckled into the captain's chair, which suggests he was murdered after the plane touched down.
So he was somebody's bus driver.
Uh, all right, listen, We need to move out of here-- everybody, we got to move back.
We got to get the hell away from this plane right now.
Lou, what the hell's going on? I just got off the phone with the Department of Defense, this plane is from Garrison, North Dakota.
the plane took off, there was an unmarked military convoy that was hijacked two miles away from the airport.
Wait, stop.
What was stolen? Nukes.
They're here.
Commander, we're picking up levels north of 100 CPM's.
What does that mean? It means the nukes were definitely on that plane.
Just relax, all right? It's a residual radiation.
You're gonna be fine.
Really? Thank you, Dr.
Kono, what are you doing here? You're getting married tomorrow.
You don't have to be here.
I said the same thing, but she didn't listen.
Look, you guys are working, and so am I.
And by the sound of things, we're gonna need all the help we can get.
All right, here's the latest from the Department of Defense.
They say that the attack team used two vehicles and a steel cable to literally cut the convoy in half.
Payload of six W80 nuclear warheads, five recovered at the scene.
Oh, well, there's some good news.
Only one to worry about.
There's one-- you only need one.
Wait a minute.
If the attack team was intending to sell the nukes, then why go through all that trouble and take only one of them? Unless that's not their endgame.
All right, look-- whoever's behind this had to know we would track that plane back to Garrison and learn about the stolen nuke.
Okay, so, either they don't care about getting caught or they're not planning on sticking around very long.
If their goal is to sell this thing, I'm pretty sure they're not gonna have a hard time finding a buyer.
Okay, I'll try to gather some Intel, see if there's been any chatter about transportation or sale of a nuclear weapon.
As soon as I hear something, I'll let you guys know.
All right, roger that.
Thank you.
Nice to hear your voice, Catherine.
You too, Danny.
So, how long's she staying? We, uh, didn't discuss that.
Was her suitcase big or-or was it small? It was medium.
" She staying with you or is she staying at a hotel while she's here? We didn't discuss that, either.
Anything else? Look, I-I like Catherine very much, okay? And I'm just not too happy about the way that she left things.
And now she comes back, not so much as a phone call I think that, for you, it be good to find out, uh, what her plans are, so she doesn't, uh, you know, rip your heart out again, that's all.
Well, she didn't rip my heart out, Danny.
She went to, uh, do what she thought was right.
Right, she left you for a, for a bunch of strangers.
She went to help people in need, but like I said before, Danny, I don't expect you to understand.
Oh, 'cause I don't help people in need? That's what I do for a living.
I do it every day.
I just wouldn't walk over my family members to do it.
That's a little overdramatic, even for you.
Really? 'Cause I was gonna say something a lot worse, I just didn't want to hurt your feelings.
Hey, hold on, hold on.
I just had an idea.
Why don't we talk about your relationship? You lied to your girlfriend, right? Huh? When are you gonna talk to her about that? Wow, okay, well, I-I suppose I will talk to her when the time is right.
There you go! Now that's what I'm gonna do.
I'm gonna talk to Catherine when the time is right.
Hey, so we caught a break.
CSU lifted multiple prints from the plane and we got a hit back on one of them.
Okay, who is he? Guy's name is Josh Bennett from Coshocton, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and two kids and he manages a local hardware store.
According to DHS, he's not on any terrorist watch lists, and he's got no arrest record.
So, what's he doing in the system? Well, after 9/11, he tried to enlist in the Marines, but he psyched out.
Military jacket cites Borderline Personality Disorder.
Guy's a nut job; could explain why he left his prints behind.
Right, just the kind of guy you want running - around the island with a nuke.
Hold on a second.
This guy, he's a nine-to-fiver.
He's a family man.
What's he want with a WMD? Military rejected him.
Maybe he's still pissed off about it.
See, the thing is that happened 14 years ago.
If he was really that angry, why would he wait until now to do something about it? All right, we need to take every scenario into consideration.
Chin, do me a favor-- reach out to all the military bases on the island and tell them they may be potential targets.
Hold on, here's Catherine.
Yeah, Cath, you're on speaker-- go.
I think I found a buyer.
I just sent you a file.
Sameer Hadad-- who is that? This guy's a high-ranking lieutenant in Al-Qaeda.
He's also on the FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List.
Yeah, and six months ago, he tried to purchase a nuke from a group of Chechen rebels.
CIA was all over it.
They sent in a SEAL team.
We recovered the warhead, but Hadad got away.
And now Bennett's gonna sell him one.
Looks like it.
Credible sources confirm chatter that puts Hadad on Oahu.
How the hell's a guy like this get on the island? I got my guys looking into that.
There may be a connection with a local shipping company.
Listen, this is the real deal, guys.
Hadad made threats against the U.
, Israel, Europe, Jordan-- we cannot let him get off the island.
If he gets his hands on that nuke, you can bet he's gonna use it.
I guess we're in the right place.
Moving! Clear! Took Hadad three weeks to cross the Pacific in this thing.
He's got enough food and water for another three weeks.
Must be how he's planning to get the nuke off the island.
Yo, McGarrett! This one's still breathing.
Hey, come on, buddy, let's go! Come on, up here, let's go! What are, what are you doing? What am I doing? It's your lucky day, buddy.
I'm sending you home.
What?! Sending you home, pal.
This container should make it back in about three weeks.
You'll probably bleed out by then.
Wait! But at least you'll be buried in the homeland.
Hey! You can't do this! All right, everybody, we're done here! Let's go! Wait! Let me out, please! Oh, you want to get out of here? Yes! Please! Let me out! You tell us where Hadad is! Okay, just open it! I'll tell you everything I know! Moving.
Moving! Get up! It's over, Bennett! Get up! Boss! We got a problem.
There's no sign of Hadad or the nuke.
Where is he? Where's Hadad? "Hadad"? I'm afraid you're too late.
We already made the deal.
He's gone.
Yo! What's up? You ready? Catherine spoke to Naval Intel.
There's been radio silence on Hadad.
Yeah, well, look, we pinged his cell phone.
Last signal we got was three miles out.
That was yesterday.
Navy did a grid search.
The guy is-is, is gone, Steve.
We locked this island down, okay? We locked this entire island down.
How did he get out? How did he get past us? I-I-I don't know, I don't know.
But every intelligence agency on the planet of Earth is looking for this guy.
Okay? And when they find him, we will have our moment with him, all right? Yeah.
Can we just, can we just take this-this time right now, to be happy about something? The fact that we got Bennett and his crew.
Can we take that win? Yeah.
Let's take the win.
Yeah? Okay, good.
I'm gonna go get Grace.
Uh, she's getting ready over at Rachel's.
I'll see you at the wedding.
Hey, listen, if things are weird with you and Rachel, let me go get Grace.
It's not a problem.
No, no, no.
Nothing, uh, nothing's weird.
It's fine.
You're lying.
Yes, I'm lying to you, okay? She lied to me and didn't tell me I had a son.
I-I don't think that I will be forgiving her anytime soon.
But I got Grace to worry about, and don't want her to see us arguing; she went through that before we got divorced, and I don't want to put her through it again.
Hey, listen speaking of your son-- how is Charlie? How's he doing? What are the doctors saying? Uh, I'm-I'm the better match for the bone marrow.
You know, procedure's gonna next week.
And, uh, the doctors are saying good things.
They're optimistic.
Well, that's great news, Dan.
Yeah, I'm making Rachel tell him that I'm his father.
Sticking to that.
I'm proud of you, Danny.
Proud of me? I'm not doing anything.
Look, I got the easy part.
I go in there, I'm in and out in a couple hours.
This kid's got, uh, some kind of recovery, you know? Trade places with him in two seconds.
So, you approve? Yeah, no, I think, I think what, uh, my ape-like friend meant to say is that you look, uh, fantastic, right? Wow.
He said it again.
All right.
Well, I'm gonna let you two talk.
And maybe he'll come up with more than one syllable.
I'll see you both at the wedding? See you.
Wow, you, you look very, very handsome.
Thank you.
You, uh you look beautiful.
Thank you.
So, after the wedding how long you planning on staying? I don't know.
How long do you want me to stay? Saved by the bell.
Where? Two surfers made the discovery about 20 minutes ago.
Well, now we know how Hadad got off the island.
It appears our shooter attempted to weigh him down, but was unsuccessful.
Where'd this come from? It was in the vic's jacket pocket.
Okay, well, now we know why his last cell phone signal came three miles off shore.
He took this into the water with him.
What about T.
? Taking into account his current condition and liver temp, I'd estimate between That means he was dead before we had Bennett in custody.
It also means the nuke is still on the island.
Where is it? Where is it? I have no idea where Hadad was going.
No, that's not true.
You thought that he was going to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, but he just washed up on shore.
So, now what? Hmm? This was never about money, was it? You were always gonna set that nuke off, but you brokered the deal with Hadad so everybody would think he was behind it.
It's always good to put a face to your enemy, right, Commander? Thanks to me, Hadad will be more famous than Bin Laden.
No, no, no.
This thing goes off, everybody in the world will know that you were behind it.
You really think our government will blame this on an American? I've given them a scapegoat and they'll take it.
Where's the nuke? I just asked you a question.
I'm gonna ask you one more time: where's the nuke? All right What'd I say? What did I say? You can't do this! I can do anything I want.
You look at me.
It's called rendition, but it's happening in here, in this room.
in a four-foot-thick cinder block box, so you can scream all you want, but nobody's going to hear you.
Now answer my question.
Where is that nuke? You remember where you were when 9/11 happened? Remember what followed? Cause and effect, Commander.
We had a chance to neutralize the threat, but we took our boot from off of their throats and now we don't feel safe anywhere.
Airplanes movie theaters, shopping malls How are we supposed to raise our children in a country when they're constantly - looking over their shoulder? - So what are you gonna do? Kill thousands of innocent people to make that point? It's a small price to pay to ensure the future of this country.
Think of all the lives that were lost before Roosevelt finally got us into World War II.
And that all started right here, on this island, at Pearl Harbor.
What's done is done.
By this time tomorrow, we'll be dropping bombs all over the Middle East.
Only this time, we're not gonna stop until we turn that place into a parking lot.
You know what? The military was right.
You are insane.
Okay? You're insane.
That's been said about a lot of great patriots who had the courage to stand up for what they believe in.
You're going to tell me, right now, where that nuclear warhead is.
Go ahead, Commander.
Pull the trigger.
You want to know what I did a couple days ago? I got up, I made myself a cup of coffee, I watched the sun rise over my backyard.
And then I went back inside and I kissed my sleeping children and my wife before I left the house.
So you can kill me.
I've already said good-bye to my family.
I suggest you say good-bye to yours.
- Kono - Save it.
There's no wedding if you guys aren't there.
Guys, there may not even be an island in two hours.
I just got off the phone with Los Alamos National Lab.
The W80 warhead that we're looking for is a Model 1 with a dial-a-yield setting of between five and 150 kilotons.
Okay which means what, exactly? It means that if Bennett turns it up to its maximum yield, the blast radius will be 2.
9 miles.
Everything within the first mile will be completely destroyed.
Also, according to Los Alamos, the center of Waikiki is the prime location for mass casualties.
We're talking 100,000 people in a single blast.
Hold on a sec.
Guys, um, I've been going through a bunch of Bennett's computer files the DoD sent over.
In the past few months, he's been researching Oahu.
One of the Web searches I came across was for the Waikiki shopping trolley and it didn't make any sense until now.
Wait a minute-- you think Bennett put that nuke on the trolley? The Pink Line goes straight down Kalakaua Avenue, right into the heart of Waikiki.
If Bennett wanted to make a statement, it would be there.
Guys, just spoke with Waikiki Trolley.
One of their drivers was found dead this morning.
But according to Dispatch, his trolley left the station on the Pink Line Tour ten minutes ago.
That line runs straight down Kalakaua, right into the heart of Waikiki.
Where is it now? Should be heading south on Kalia Road toward Saratoga.
Well, we're a block over-- hang on.
Right there.
Show me your hands, right now! Everyone out! Everybody off! Off the trolley! Everyone get out.
Come to the back, here.
Off, quickly! Danny Right here.
Okay All right, how do we stop it? Can you stop it? I don't know.
Just hold on for a second.
The wire, if you just cut cut a wire.
There's no wires, Danny, Just hang on a sec.
There's always a wire, there's always a wire: If you just cut the wire What's the matter? Huh? Huh? Bennett has disabled the nuke's Permissive Action Link.
I don't know what that means.
It means there's no way to stop it.
Max-- looking good.
White on black tux.
Very Tony Montana.
Well, I was actually going for Tony Manero, but thank you.
"Jerry Ortega.
" That's me.
Moment of truth.
Sweet, table 13.
A Fibonacci number.
That's always good luck.
I'm table 13, as well.
Lucky us.
Now I guess we just gotta wait for the rest of the Lucky us.
Scooby Gang to arrive, and see who else is with us.
Where are those guys, anyways? Probably still dealing with the dead terrorist and the missing nuclear weapon.
You're kidding, right? Uh, excuse me.
I have a an announcement to make.
Uh, I just got off the phone with Kono.
Uh, there's been an emergency.
But she's asked that we all remain here, together, until we hear back from her.
Thank you.
This is ridiculous.
You know there's a military team standing by to diffuse this thing, right? Yeah.
Pearl Harbor is 30 minutes away, all right? By the time we get there, that thing will have gone off.
She's ready to go, bruddah.
Still like to know why you need my bird.
Is that a W80 nuke.
I was gonna say bomb, but that's even worse.
Oh, no.
You're not gonna put that on my chopper, man.
It's bad for business.
You're not gonna have a business if we don't put this thing on your chopper, okay? What?! Be careful, man.
Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! All right, we're airborne.
How far offshore do we need to be? Well, according to Los Alamos, you gotta dump that thing at a depth of 2,000 feet to neutralize any threat of radiation.
Okay, that shouldn't be a problem, right? No, but there's a tricky part.
Based on the mass of the nuke and the rate that it sinks, you're gonna have to drop that package into the water with no less than two minutes to spare on that timer.
That might not give you enough time to get out of the blast zone.
Well, I guess the good news is that dying would be better than looking at your bald head for the rest of my life.
What are you rambling about? I got a nuke at my foot, okay? What am I rambling about? If we don't die, which is a gigantic if, I'm gonna be microwaving eggs with my finger, okay? Nobody's gonna die, Danny.
Oh, really? Look, it's, uh, it's Dr.
Strangelove-- he's back.
Aren't you the one who said that residual radiation is-is not so bad, but it's the direct contact that is? No, I didn't say that exactly.
Oh, well, you implied it.
You basically said Listen to me, just listen to me that I'm standing on the thing.
Listen to me, all right? One kid is one thing, Danny, but two kids is something else, all right? And g-guess what, you got two kids now.
You got two kids now, and one of them needs you to go home and do something really important for him, all right? So you don't get to die today, even though it would make my life a lot quieter.
Two minutes, almost two minutes.
All right, we're almost at the 50-mile mark.
Danny, you ready? Just say when.
All right, go, now.
Now, Danny, now.
Okay, go.
Go, go, g-g-g-go.
Go, go, go, go.
What happened? Maybe it's a dud, huh? Oh! Oh! Hey! You all right? Huh? You all right? We're going home, buddy.
We're going home.
Thanks, my bruddahs.
What, for saving your life, you mean? No, for destroying my business.
What are you talking about? Destroying your business? Look at that.
Thing's in perfect working condition.
Yeah, but nobody's gonna want to eat fish for the next three months.
But on the bright side, it allows me to concentrate on this.
Huh, what is that? "Fun Kine Catamaran Tours--" Oh.
Def that's definitely on the bright side.
Spread the word-- 20% off for law enforcement.
Let everybody know.
- All right, buddy.
- All right.
James Bond, my ass.
That was close.
Well, speaking of close.
Kono, you, uh, you're getting married in five minutes.
Should we go? I think we probably should.
You look ready.
Miss me? Yes.
Glad you made it, man.
You look great.
Thank you.
Where's the guest of honor? Guys Don't ask.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Now go.
You got the rest of your life to do that.
Pace yourself.
Hey, all right.
The groom.
All right.
Where were you? I was out saving the world, woman.
Oh, you forgot to take the garbage out this morning.
I'm just tellin' you Got the prettiest date here.
I can't wait to get married.
Don't ever say that ever again.
Sit down.
Missed you.
I missed you, too.
You look beautiful.
I'm gonna go sit down.
Hey, you got the rings, right? You forgot 'em? No.
I left them in the car.
It's not like you had anything else to think about today, right? Right, sorry.
I'll be back.
I'm not going anywhere.
Oh What are you doing here? Came to apologize.
I was wrong about Adam.
I never meant to hurt you, Chin.
Everything aside, we're still family.
Really? This is how you treat family? You stick a gun in their face? You try and send them to jail? It was the only way that I could get to Coughlin, get IA off your back.
And now I need you to repay the debt.
Repay the debt? You're done, Gabriel.
We got you killing Coughlin and now Seth Ha'anu.
There's no way you're getting off the island.
I've changed my mind.
No longer planning on leaving.
You know what I do and that I'm good at it.
It's only a matter of time before you and your friends get in my way again.
So I've come to offer you a deal.
Really? Everything that I make, you get half.
In exchange, you just stay out of my way.
That's not a deal, that's a bribe.
Before you say no think about it.
Everyone looks at you like you're a dirty cop.
Even your friends.
You don't know my friends.
Oh, I don't? While they were getting Detective Williams out of jail in Colombia I was the only one helping you.
You're not family to them, Chin.
Deep down, you know that's true.
Your job has an expiration date.
What you do you can only stay above ground for so long.
You know I'm right.
So why not cash in and make something of your pathetic life? As soon as you put the gun away, I'm gonna arrest you.
After everything I've done not even a thank you.
I'm really disappointed in you, Chin.
Turn around.
This is who you are now, huh? You're gonna shoot a man in the back.
Wouldn't be the first Kelly I've killed.
Well, then you better take the shot, because if you don't, there's nothing that's gonna stop me from finding you and putting you down.
Then I guess I gotta do what I gotta do.

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