Hawaii Five-0 s06e02 Episode Script

Lehu a Lehu (Ashes to Ashes)

Okay, Sammy, let's introduce ourselves.
Earplugs, boys.
Fire in the hole! Arming.
Three, two, one.
Device neutralized.
SERGEANT: It's empty.
No explosive device found.
Confirmed: no device.
OFFICER: All clear.
That's an all clear.
Take the reins, Jimmy.
Good work, Sergeant.
Thank you.
Sorry, Greg.
Looks like you're a little overdressed for this dance.
Hey, at least it's a nice day.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) (man sighs) KONO: All right.
You're doing great.
Keep going.
Come on, keep going.
(grunts) Okay, I think that's enough for today.
No, no, I just need a minute.
I'm good.
Let's keep going.
Babe, you're being stubborn.
That's crazy.
No, I'm good.
I'm good, I'm good.
(groans) I just want to get out of this place.
The doctor said that you could be discharged today, remember? Yeah, well, what does she know? That's what she said yesterday.
I'm sorry.
There was nothing else you could have done.
You had to give Gabriel the money.
If you hadn't, we'd both be dead.
But we have everybody on this now.
We're gonna find him and your money, and we'll get the Yakuza off our backs for good.
(chuckles) This is one hell of a honeymoon, huh? We have the rest of our lives for a honeymoon.
I'm here with you.
And there's no place I'd rather be.
Besides, where else can a girl get a different flavor of Jell-O every night with her dinner? STEVE: Lou, what do we know? We get an anonymous call, comes into 911 with a bomb threat.
Call came from a pay phone not even two blocks from here.
Guy was using one of those, uh one of those voice scramblers.
Yeah, yeah.
So he tells dispatch there's a bomb in a briefcase in the lobby of the Monroe building.
Turns out that was just a decoy, 'cause there was a secondary device in the trunk of this car here, right at the edge of the frozen zone.
DANNY: Basically, whoever did this was deliberately targeting first responders.
GROVER: It also means that he was familiar with HPD evacuation and frozen zone protocol.
Okay, whoever did this had to have been watching to know when to detonate the device, right? So we need to canvass every story on every building that had an eye line to this scene, including all the rooftops.
Well, the ball's already rolling on that, chief.
Matter of fact, the bomb squad swept the entire perimeter with dogs before HPD set up the command post.
It's a petroleum-based IED.
Dogs could have missed this easily in a car.
All right, so what? Happy accident or well-thought-out plan? Yeah, but why? What is this about? Is anybody taking credit for it? No, not yet.
Probably just waiting to get to a safe place.
Well, maybe they're not done yet.
MAN: Camera two, frame it tighter.
Okay, let's go, people.
Last looks.
We're on in two.
You got it.
"A short time ago, HPD bomb squad" (clears throat) "A short time ago, HPD bomb squad, "along with firefighters and emergency medical personnel, "responded to the 300 block of King Street after a tip that an explosive device" Okay, come on, let's get those graphics loaded, all right? ANCHOR: "had been planted inside a briefcase.
"The building and the surrounding area "were immediately evacuated by first responders.
"The bomb squad quickly determined the briefcase "did not contain any explosive device, but just moments later" Stop what you're doing! Everyone out of the station! Clear it now! Go, go, go! MAN: Arming.
On three, two, one.
Fire in the hole! STEVE: It's empty.
Let's take a look inside.
STEVE: What's that on the left? DANNY: What is that? That's Jason Duclair.
Those are all the fires he set.
What the hell's going on? We locked him up.
DISTORTED MALE VOICE: Ladybug, Ladybug, fly away home.
Your house is on fire, and your children all burn.
Except for Duclair who sits in despair, weaving his laces as fast as he can.
Release him from prison, or more will be damned.
weaving his laces as fast as he can.
DISTORTED MALE VOICE: Except for Duclair who sits in despair, weaving his laces as fast as he can.
Release him from prison, or more will be damned.
Well, I'm flattered I have a fan, but I have no idea who that might be.
See, I think you know exactly who that is.
Come on, Duclair, who's the poet? I'm not sure, but maybe if I could see some crime scene photos, I might recognize a signature.
What do you think? (phone beeps) A decoy.
Hold on.
Secondary device.
So he was targeting first responders? STEVE: That's right.
It's beautiful work.
That "beautiful work" buried the father of two little girls.
Do you have any photos of any of the victims? All right, listen to me.
Hey, you sick son of a bitch.
What's your friend's name? I don't have any friends.
STEVE: All right, I got Duclair's prison records.
This is all the correspondence since he got there.
We're gonna need full background ckecks on anybody Duclair has had any contact with since he got to Halawa, plus any known associates on the outside, as far back as we can go.
Wow, okay, it looks like you're gonna need, uh, a free consultant to help with that.
Are you, uh, volunteering? Yes, I am.
Thank you very much.
That'd be very helpful.
You're very welcome.
What is this? What are we looking at? CHIN: Well, the lab's still trying to unscramble the voice on the audio, but apparently the poem, "Ladybug Ladybug," has several different versions dating all the way back to 1744.
Now, the rhyme was inspired by a technique of smoking insects out of gardens.
In the poem, the ladybug can fly away from the smoke and fire, but her children burning is actually a reference to the larvae left behind on the plant, still trapped in their pupal cases.
GROVER: Remember, trapping people inside his fires was Duclair's signature.
And weaving his laces refers to an insect that manages to undo its pupal case and escape, which seems like a clear reference to Duclair escaping from prison.
We're checking libraries on the Island for books with that poem in it that may have been checked out.
We'll, uh, cross-reference all those names against Duclair's associates.
All right.
Well, whatever the case may be, I'm thinking the identity of the poet is probably inside this box.
(door alarm chirps) Thanks for the lift, Jer.
No worries.
Oh, and I want you to know there are no strings attached here.
This is just a personal favor that is in no way meant to influence any pending decision about possible employment opportunities with Five-O.
KONO: It never crossed my mind.
Well, maybe I'm being a little paranoid here, but these are delicate times.
Decisions are being made, and I really want to get out of the shrimp business.
Tell you the truth, I don't even like shrimp.
They're the ocean's vacuum cleaner.
And, unless they're butterflied correctly, you're eating their poop chute.
Jerry, you know what? You've been a big help to Five-O.
I'm sure McGarrett will do right by you.
Fingers crossed.
Sorry about the smell.
KONO (clears throat): Yeah, uh, I'm not sure these, uh, garlic shrimp air fresheners are helping.
I tried to tell the boss, but he thinks freebies draw customers.
And flies.
Tell me about it.
It's like riding around in a shrimp burrito all day.
But it pays the bills.
Sort of.
Actually, not really.
Anyways, I got to scoot.
Catch you later.
And put in a good word with the boss, if you can.
Will do.
Thanks again, Jerry.
Ready? Yeah.
(engine starts) Welcome home.
Whoa, whoa.
(laughs): Whoa, easy, easy.
What are you doing? Oh, you get a pass on the honeymoon, but you're carrying me over the threshold this time, Mr.
(chuckles softly) All right, then buckle up.
ADAM (exhales): Watch your feet.
I love you.
I love you, too.
(vehicle approaches) What is it? What is it? Kono, wait, wait.
ADAM: Hey! (beep) (tires squeal in distance) Duke, it's me.
I need you to run a plate.
GROVER: Most of this junk is from a bunch of twisted women.
They all want to marry Duclair and have conjugal visits and make little pyromaniac babies.
Well, is there anybody who Duclair had any regular correspondence with? One guy.
He trades letters with a former cellie of his from Halawa.
The name is Tim Richards.
Did a stretch for commercial arson, and has some priors with HPD for grand larceny and forgery.
And the letters that he wrote to Duclair, they trace back to a P.
box in Honolulu rented to Richards.
See, that's a little suspect.
Why wouldn't he send them from his own place? Yeah.
And what makes it even more odd is that the letters are just small talk-- like news, weather, sports stuff.
DANNY: Yeah, but I guarantee you there's a hidden message inside the text.
That's what I was thinking, but Actually, it's not about what's inside those envelopes; it's about what's on them.
Now, when the lab was processing all those letters and envelopes recovered from Duclair's cell, one of the techs noticed that the stamp on this envelope didn't quite line up with the postmark.
And when she peeled it back she found this.
Wila writing.
Easy to conceal, hard to detect.
Wila writing is how convicts secretly communicate with each other inside and outside of jail.
GROVER: Yeah, but not every convict can do it.
It's kind of an art form.
Maybe if you had priors for, say, forgery, then you'd probably be good at it.
And the notes on the back of these stamps read like a series of love letters.
Clearly, Richards idolizes Duclair.
He gushes about his skills and technique as an arsonist.
He wants to carry the torch and continue his work.
"Carry the torch"? Richards' words, not mine.
GROVER: Yeah, but there's nothing in here about some direct plan to bust Duclair out of jail, is there? Right, but hold on a second-- we don't have Duclair's letters to Richards going out of Halawa, right? We only have one side of the conversation.
So I'm guessing that Duclair was calling the shots on his own escape.
I'm with him.
Let's get a warrant for Richards' place, see if we can find those letters.
STEVE: It's just an office, Danny, it's an office.
That's that's like your girlfriend saying, "It's just a toothbrush.
" Next thing you know, you're out closet space, okay? And all your stuff's been moved to the attic-- including your sports memorabilia-- and your garage is turned into an arts-and-crafts studio.
How did Rachel ever say yes to you? Wow.
Huh? Okay, this is all I am saying, all right? If you encourage Jerry, he is going to expect something.
What? A badge.
He's not getting a badge.
He's just getting an office.
Well, an office creates He's not getting a badge.
expectation for a badge.
Then he's gonna be disappointed.
Isn't he? Yeah, he'll be disappointed.
He'll be disappointed for about five minutes, until he pouts and then you cave, because you are spineless, and you give him a badge.
I'm not gonna cave.
Speaking of caving, what happened? What, you-you just bailed on the proposal? No, I didn't bail.
I've been planning the op.
The op? Yeah.
I secured a ring.
I reconned a location.
Now I just got to execute.
I mean, it just, it sounds so romantic the way you say it, you know? I mean, I could see it now-- you and Catherine in matching camouflage cargo pants on some very exotic shooting range, and you get down on one knee, and you say, "Babe, I want you to join my unit for a lifelong mission.
" I mean, it's every girl's fairy tale.
Oh, yeah, you want to hear a secret? Yeah.
You do? Mm-hmm.
Sometimes when you speak, when your mouth opens and you speak, all I hear is "wa-wa-wa-wa"" It's like I'm in a Charlie Brown cartoon, only you're Linus, with better hair.
Why do I got to be Linus? That's your take-away? Really? That's your take-away from that? Oh.
What? of the strip mall.
Richards' P.
said he was delivering barbecue for a local joint.
That's him.
(siren wailing) STEVE: Get out of the car! (horn honks) (horns honking) (siren stops) STEVE: Let me see your hands.
Show me your hands right now! Don't do anything stupid, all right? Get out of the car.
Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
On your knees, on your knees.
What the hell? Take it easy! Hands behind your head.
Hands behind your head! RICHARDS: I didn't do anything! STEVE: Why'd you run? 'Cause you cut me off and started chasing me, man! Is he searching my trunk? You can't do that, man! Okay, shut up.
All right, the car looks clean.
I'll get CSU to take it to the garage and look it over properly.
Get up.
(grunts) (panting): I'll make it simple for you, all right? We found the wila letters that you sent Duclair.
Now, if there's another device out there, you need to tell us about it right now.
I'm not saying another word without a lawyer.
You want a lawyer? Okay, well, we're executing a search warrant on your house right now.
Look, I don't know how many more ways to say I don't know anything about any bombs planted in my house.
Okay, I don't think you understand the gravity of the situation.
Two police officers are dead, okay? Three more are in the hospital fighting for their lives.
Now, there's no lawyer.
You don't get a phone call.
No one's coming.
All right? And you and me, we're not leaving this room until I get answers.
And this is the last time I ask you nicely.
I wrote the letters for someone else.
It's the truth.
(scoffs) Before I got out, Duclair came at me.
He heard from guys on the block that I did wila for people inside.
He said I could make some easy money if I met with a friend of his when I got it.
What's Duclair's friend's name? I didn't ask, 'cause What's his name? I didn't want to know.
I met him at a coffee shop downtown for five minutes.
He needed some letters transcribed into wila.
He gave me a key to a P.
box near the mall.
He'd leave the letters inside, I'd pick them up once a week, transcribe them, take them back the next day.
There was always cash waiting for me.
All right, I'm gonna show you some photos, and you're gonna you're gonna point out Duclair's friend, all right? He wore sunglasses and a baseball cap.
Looked like a thousand other guys.
Look, you're wasting your time with me.
Whoever planted those bombs is still out there.
(indistinct radio transmission) (electronic chirp) You transcribed those letters for Duclair, which means you knew he was planning an escape.
That makes you an accessory, and that gives me the right to send you back to Halawa.
(door opens) Give me a minute, Lou.
This can't wait.
Okay, we're not done, all right? I'll be right back.
You need to listen to this.
DUCLAIR: I think the barking dog might be a problem with the neighbors.
I know you're attached to him, but he needs to be put down.
MAN: Consider it done.
Duclair made this phone call right after you and Danny left him from up at Halawa this morning.
The guys in the lab unscrambled the voice on the zip file.
The poet's voice is a direct match to the guy who picked up this call.
All right, so Richards is telling the truth.
He was the middleman, but Duclair doesn't trust him anymore.
He wants him dead.
DUCLAIR: I think the barking dog might be a problem with the neighbors.
I know you're attached to him, but he needs to be put down.
MAN: Consider it done.
Now, I'm no genius, but you don't have to be a genius to figure out who the dog is.
Duclair put the hit on you.
And your boy was willing to go along with it.
That bomb at your house was meant for you.
You're running out of friends real fast.
You want to stay ative, give us the name.
(loud body blow) You knew all along? Huh? I got an itch on the end of my nose.
Can one of you guys get it for me? Get up.
You're gonna pay for what you did to those officers, all right? I swear to God, as long as I live and breathe, you're never gonna see the light of day outside of this place.
(phone ringing) You're gonna want to take that.
POET: Hello, Commander.
Who is this? That's not important.
What's important now is that you look out the window.
(click) (phone ringing) POET: Do I have your attention now? You had my attention this morning when you murdered those two officers.
Listen to me very carefully, Commander.
You will walk out of the prison gates with Mr.
Duclair tomorrow morning at exactly 7:00 a.
You will wait there for further instructions.
If you fail to appear, you will have the blood of more innocent people on your hands.
(click) (lock buzzes) (inhales deeply) Are you still breathing, Commander? 'Cause that feels an awful lot like the light of day.
Yeah, well, enjoy it.
By the time the sun goes down, you're gonna be back inside.
There you go again, making promises you can't keep.
(phone ringing) How we looking? GROVER: GPS signal's really strong.
As long as he keeps those shoes on, we should be able to track him wherever he goes.
Danny, that burner phone that our poet used to contact Steve last night just came back online.
We should have an exact location in a few seconds.
Got a SWAT team that's ready to roll as soon as we give 'em a location.
All right, I'll stay on with you.
(beep) Danny, we got to go.
What's going on? Where is he? Right outside the palace.
Hey! No! Don't touch it! Get back! Step away from the van! Get everybody out of the palace and back everybody away from this van.
We got to evacuate.
Everybody move! Move! (phone ringing) I sense a road trip coming on.
POET: You've tracked my cell signal and heard from your men, so you know your options are limited.
What do you want? Take Mr.
Duclair from the prison grounds and drive north on Highway 3.
If you do anything other than that, 'Iolani Palace is rubble.
If your bomb squad tries to defuse the device or anyone follows you, the bomb will be remotely detonated.
There will be no second chances.
Okay, fine.
Where am I going? (click) DUCLAIR: I'll tell you.
Kono, would you please just come here and sit with me? We had two Yakuza sitting outside our house yesterday.
I knew we should've taken up Chin's offer on a protection detail.
Look, if I thought we were in danger, I would have.
You know how Shioma operates.
If he sent men to hurt us, we never would have seen them.
Okay? He's just posturing, trying to intimidate us.
He needs us to get that money back from Gabriel.
And what happens when he finds out we can't? GROVER: The minute Steve makes the drop with Duclair, the bomb squad's gonna move in, they're gonna defuse the device in the van.
When that's done, we got birds standing by to move us in on Duclair's location.
And this is surveillance footage from the security camera in the front of the palace.
Got him.
CHIN: All right.
Andre Trout, manslaughter two, arson first degree.
Looks like he set some brushfires back in Northern California in 2003 when he was still a juvenile.
And one of 'em killed a firefighter.
Convicted in juvie court at age 13.
Maxed out in 2013.
DMV records have him moving to Oahu last June.
Wait, wasn't Duclair originally from California? Yeah, Southern California.
But, look, the dates don't work.
Trout was inside when Duclair was setting his fires.
All right, then.
What's the connection? GROVER: Well, why don't we go ask him? You're gonna stop right up here on the right.
Take these off.
(chuckles) Don't make it any harder than it is.
Just do it.
Well, gentlemen, it's been fun.
I'm afraid this is where we have to say good-bye.
Yeah, for now.
This must be so hard for you guys.
(engine starts) This does not feel right.
We'll get him back.
And the poet, too.
Just trust the plan.
The plan? Yeah.
You know what Mike Tyson said about plans? "Everybody's got one till they get punched in the mouth.
" Well, well, well.
Hey, I got something.
STEVE: What do you got, Lou? Found the latest verse from our poet.
What does it say? It says, "Who killed Duclair? "'I,' said the sparrow, 'with my bow and arrow.
' "Who'll watch him burn? 'I,' said the tern.
"'With my little eye I'll watch him burn.
' "Who'll make his shroud? "'I,' said the beetle, 'with my thread and needle.
' "Who will be famous? "'I,' said the fish.
'It's my only wish.
'" You do realize what this means, don't you? Trout.
Trout has to be the fish.
This was never about freeing Duclair.
(footsteps approaching) Getting worried there for a second.
(groans) (grunts) We had an agreement.
You wanted their attention, I gave it to you.
(groans) Why? Why are you doing this? As the end of its life would approach, the phoenix would build a pyre nest, set it on fire and be consumed in the flames.
After three days, the birth-- or, as some legends say, the rebirth-- the phoenix would rise from the ashes.
(car engine revving) Where's Duclair? Call Cath.
Find him.
I'm going after Trout.
Hey, Catherine.
Things did not go so well.
I need a five on Duclair.
He's about 300 yards due east of the original drop spot.
And he's not moving.
Duclair's gone.
I need road closures, I want air support, all the backup I can get.
If anybody is wearing a badge, they should be looking for this guy.
(helicopter whirring) (dog barks) Okay, uh, thank you, Chin.
Listen, I-I'll get back to you once we have something, all right? Bye.
So? Bomb squad defused the device.
Palace is safe.
All right, good.
Finally, good news.
(sighs) Okay, Danny, listen.
Th chose this as the drop-off spot because they know the area, right? So that gives them an advantage.
But Duclair can't get far.
I mean, he's shot, he's leaking blood, he's got no shoes.
Here's what I don't get.
Why would Trout go through all the trouble of breaking this guy out of jail just to kill him? Jealousy.
Maybe maybe Trout wants to be more famous than Duclair.
The last line of his note said that fame was his only wish.
Tell me you got someone in custody.
Wish I could.
The search units are out.
HPD's got their birds up.
The K-9's out in full force.
CRU and SWAT are beating the bushes, but so far, there's no sign of either guy.
Listen to me.
I want their faces plastered everywhere.
Media, Internet, everywhere.
Right now.
You got it.
You're giving him exactly what he wants.
What choice do I have? Hey.
Anything? (sighs) I checked every satellite, traffic cam-- nothing.
I'm sorry.
Best thing you can do right now? Come home.
Get some rest.
I can't find Gabriel.
Now I lost Trout and Duclair? How am I supposed to sleep, knowing these guys are out there? Yeah, I knew you weren't gonna go for that.
It's who we are.
Job always comes first, right? Yep.
I'm gonna go get you some coffee, then.
Thank you.
Hey, Catherine.
Yeah? I, uh I-I was really hoping that you and I could, uh could spend some time together.
We will.
(softly): We will.
Thanks for coming home.
There is no other place that I would rather be.
(phone ringing) McGarrett.
DUCLAIR: Busy couple of days, Commander.
I'm gonna hunt you down.
You know that, right? That won't be necessary.
I'm not running.
The sommelier here at Hy's has paired a wonderful marinated rib eye with a very bold Scarecrow Cab for me.
Love for you to join.
Make sure you come alone.
(click) Talk.
Where do I start? Trout was pretending to be my protégé.
Said he wanted to continue my work on the outside.
I thought he had promise.
Turns out he was a lot more unstable than I realized.
He did his homework, though, I'll give him that.
He knew everything about my fires.
(grunts quietly) The problem is, he didn't really know anything about me.
He didn't know that burning and killing people is who I am, not what I do.
Okay, look, I didn't come here for a history lesson, all right? I want to know why Trout wants to kill you.
For the same reason he started those pathetic brush fires.
You can imagine my disappointment when I realized he wanted to kill me all along.
Why are you here? You could have stayed hidden, but you're here.
Because I'm a tortured man, Commander.
I realize now I can't escape my thoughts unless I'm locked away, alone, with no opportunity to act on them.
In a way, it's ironic.
Freedom is my prison.
Okay, I'm done with the couch session.
Where's Trout? It's the same PO box that Trout used to send me the letters.
What do I find when I get there? (laughs) Well, that would take all the fun out of it, wouldn't it? Yeah.
Yeah, I guess it would.
(sighs) Everybody up.
Everybody up.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Move! Let's go! Just, uh, get down on the floor, hands behind your back.
What, no dessert? Not tonight.
Don't give me any trouble.
(groans) All right.
(gasps) Kono? Kono, what are you Stay here.
What's going on? They're back.
Turn off the car and put your hands out the window so I can see them.
Do it now!
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