Hawaii Five-0 s06e03 Episode Script

Ua 'o'oloku Ke Anu I Na Mauna (The Chilling Storm Is on the Mountains)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O I missed you.
I missed you, too.
So after the wedding, how long are you planning on staying? How long do you want me to stay? to marry me.
Hey, buddy, that's great, huh? Hey, hey, I'm driving here! What, are you crazy? Yeah, it's good.
Got here as quick as I could.
Kono, how's Adam? He's still in surgery.
But even if he pulls through, Gabriel got away with the money that was meant to buy his freedom from the Yakuza; without it, we're both dead.
We had two Yakuzas sitting outside our house yesterday.
They're back.
Turn off the car and put your hands out the window so I can see them.
Do it now! You okay? Yeah.
Any idea who these guys were? Yakuza.
No I.
I scanned their prints, but I got no hits here or internationally.
It just means they're good.
Not go enough.
Look, if Goro Shioma's putting muscle outside your house, it means he's sending you a message.
He wants his money.
The only problem is Gabriel has it.
And he wasn't gonna let these two guys have it, either.
You think Gabriel took these guys out? Yeah, keep Shioma's focus on me and Adam, while Gabriel reestablishes himself.
All right, I'm putting HPD on your house.
We need to get word to Shioma before he retaliates.
He's got to know that you had nothing to do with this.
theme song plays) Sorry I woke you up so early.
I'm glad you did.
Yeah? Okay, go back to sleep.
'Cause I'm gonna make us some eggs.
Yes, ma'am.
Eric! Whoa! What the hell?! Just-just wake up.
What what time is it? It is time for you to buy your own personal alarm clock.
I got my own one, Uncle D.
That's funny.
Then why am I up at 5:45 in the morning? Backup.
I don't want to be Le my first day of work.
Hey, you know, I-I really appreciate you hooking me up with this job at the crime lab, you know? So I want to show you my commitment with on-time punctuality.
"On time" and "punctuality" mean the same thing, you big putz.
Did you or did you not tell me I need to crush this job or you're gonna ship my ass back to Jersey in a crate.
You're paraphrasing, but I said something like that, yeah.
So a solid first impression is key.
I keep my job.
I move out.
I get my own place.
Huh? Win-win for both of us.
You see? You were gonna be up anyways.
I can't believe we're related.
is Ben Lahinea.
He owns a coral art gallery in Waikiki.
I've actually seen some of his work.
He goes in the ocean-- mostly Rock Piles surf break-- and uncovers long lost items that have been encrusted in coral and turns them into unique art pieces.
Okay, enough with the art history lesson, please.
Hey, don't pay any attention to him, Max, okay? He's just mad that he didn't listen to me when I told him to rent a separate apartment for his nephew.
I told him three times.
Oh Are you gonna lend me the money to do that? Huh? You know? 'Cause you know I don't have it.
Go on.
I didn't mean to snap at you.
Your apology's accepted, Detective.
Go on, Max.
Oh, yes.
Uh, well, a commercial fishing boat, uh, discovered our victim.
floating in the ocean.
A GSW to the chest.
His kayak was recovered by the coast guard.
But unfortunately none of his salvage items were in it.
All right, so, uh, this guy finds something he's not supposed to find.
The killer takes it, puts a bullet in him, and drops him, uh, in the ocean.
A good theory, but highly unlikely.
The shape and depth of the entry wound suggests that the bullet was traveling at an unusually slow trajectory when entering the body.
That, coupled with the fact there was water in his lungs, would indicate he was shot underwater.
And there's also this.
Oh, and who is that? That is a John Doe murder, unsolved from six weeks ago.
His body washed up at the Ala Moana Beach.
What, you think they're connected? Undoubtedly.
The bullet that killed Ben Lahinea was a direct ballistics match to the slug that I recovered from our John Doe.
You're saying these two guys were killed with the same gun? That is correct, gentlemen.
Find the gun, and you'll solve both murders.
Put your back into it, Ani.
You get what you paid for, Jerry.
Well, how about I up you to 50 cents a box? Can you afford that? Relax.
I'm on the government payroll now.
Hi, Chin.
Jerry, you do know that child labor is illegal in this country? He's not working.
He's a paid intern.
What he learns from me will benefit him in the workforce one day.
I'll be right back, Jerry.
"Cable Television: How the Government Expanded Their Subversive Tool.
" Kids gonna be way more prepared for the real world than I ever was.
Uh, listen.
I just came in to check and see how your new office is coming along.
Um, got everything you need? It's coming along.
Okay, anything I can do for you? Well, since you brought it up, while I'm stoked you guys finally came to your senses and brought me into the fold, I was kind of thinking that I was gonna be upstairs, you know, with the big boys.
And girl.
Look, uh, I'm really sorry about that.
But space is actually really tight upstairs.
This is the best we can do.
Okay, cool.
Well, I'll make it work.
Ooh, here we go.
Actually, you can relax.
It's not work.
This is Chin Ho Kelly.
Yes, I appreciate you returning my call.
I have a message for Mr.
Shioma from Adam Noshimuri and Kono Kalakaua.
Are we lost? No, we're not lost.
Why? 'Cause you got a look on your face like we are lost, like you don't know where the hell we're going.
Catherine, man.
Ah, that was gonna be my next question.
What happened? Well, I overhear her on the phone this morning, all right? And you think that she's what-- Yeah.
I do.
Did she say that? No.
I mean, my Pashto's a little rusty, but there was something in her voice.
Did you ask her about it? No.
Of course you didn't.
You gotta ask her about it, Steve.
First things first.
You gotta confront her and see what's going on.
So I was listening in on your phone call and" You don't got to worry about that.
That phone call was a, uh, house casualty.
A "house casualty"? Yeah.
What is a "house casualty"? It means that it happened in your house, so it's, you know, everything's fair game.
You know what I mean? Yeah.
Like, she made a call, you just happened to overhear it.
Yeah, she's in my I'm not eavesdropping.
It's my house.
That's my point.
It's a no-fault "violation" of privacy.
You see? She can't get upset about that.
But still, if she's thinking of leaving, she must have her reasons.
Yeah, but it's a reason that I believe that she should be sharing with the guy that's potentially gonna ask her to marry him.
Well I'm not doing that anymore.
I can't ask her to marry me if she's thinking of leaving.
What am I, an idiot? Why is the glass always half empty? What do you know about that phone call? Maybe she was calling those people that she helped out to see how they're doing.
Maybe she was saying "happy birthday.
" You don't know what that call was about.
And what? You're just gonna throw everything away behind a misunderstanding? That's insane.
Uh, you make a good point, I guess.
Of course I make a good point, because I am not the type of person who freaks out at the first sign of uncertainty.
No, you no, you are not.
Maybe I am that type of person.
That's not the point.
The point is this: Figure out what's going on, put a ring on the girl's finger and that's that.
Okay? Nahele picked it up today.
That's good.
Do not abort this mission, do you understand me? Yes, sir.
Here we are, buddy.
Rock Piles.
This is where Ben Lahinea's wife said he went diving.
Why is it Rock Pi I don't see any piles, I don't see any rocks.
Seriously, who names these surf breaks anyways? We're in the middle of the ocean.
I don't see any signs.
Do you see any signs? Maybe we passed a sign, but I don't think so.
I-I mean, what's with this place? Everything's every place got to have a name? I'll tell you what.
Why don't you contemplate that for a second? I'll be right back.
All right, so how'd it go with Shioma? Did he believe you? I don't know.
But you know what? He'd be crazy to think that you killed two of his people outside your house.
All right, so what's our next move? Well, Shioma gave us a week to find Gabriel and prove that he was the one behind all this.
We've been looking for Gabriel a long time.
What's another week? Well, it's more time than we had this morning, right? Listen, Kono, we will find Gabriel.
And we will get Shioma his money back so you and Adam can finally move forward.
I promise you.
Hey, guys.
Hey, where you going? I'm going to the crime lab.
You want to come with me? Isn't it Eric's first day? It is.
That's why I'd like you to come, so I don't punch him in the mouth.
Pretty sweet, huh? I've only been on the gig a few hours and I'm already at the center of an epic murder investigation.
I blame Stella.
That's my sister.
All right, Eric, why don't you tell us what you have? Right.
Most of these items have a crazy amount of porolithon buildup.
It's a genus of coralline algae.
It makes up the majority of Hawaiian reef structures.
Also, it grows very quickly over hard surfaces, leaving a thin layer of coral-like crust.
Impressive, right? Yeah, it's impressive.
Um, but if I were you, I would maybe, um, ease back on the energy drinks and just bring it down a notch.
Just 'cause there's people around, you know? Right.
It grows at a rate of three millimeters a month, give or take.
So most of these items have been under the water way over a year.
However, the gun and the keys have significantly less buildup.
My calculations put them under the water the same amount of time-- about six weeks.
All right.
Our John Doe washed up on shore six weeks ago.
So whoever the killer is dumps the body, gun and the keys in the water at the same time.
And these things stay there until Ben Lahinea finds them this morning.
Lahinea's bag has a tear in it.
I mean, the gun could have slipped out and accidentally discharged.
That's a decent theory explaining Lahinea's death, but it does not tell us who killed our John Doe.
Ah I can maybe help you out with that.
You don't have to raise your hand, you can just talk.
All right.
Well, the revolver's serial number's completely scratched off.
But I could probably lift it if you give me some time.
Well, it's pretty bad.
You can do that? Sugar lips, a little hydrochloric acid and crystalline chloride, I can do anything.
Except breathe with a busted nose, okay? Do not call her "sugar lips.
" Ever.
Got it.
Less caffeine, tone down the misogyny.
I'm all over it.
Let us know if you find something, please.
All right! Look at that.
Nahele, I really appreciate you picking this up for me today, all right? 'A 'ole pilikia.
I mean, it don't seem too right to spend all that money on an allotrope of carbon.
An allotrope of carbon? Glad you haven't been ditching your science class.
I mean, look, you could spend all that money on a new truck.
Yes, I could.
But, uh, I wouldn't trade what I got for anything.
Before you go all mushy on me, I'm gonna get outta here.
You'll know what I'm talking about one day, buddy.
And here I thought you were a car guy.
Later, Commander.
Hey, all right, so we What was that you put under your arm, there? Does it Is that the thing? Is this the thing? It's a thing.
Well, you gonna let me see it? Yeah, sure.
You can see it.
All right.
Look at you.
Look at that! Catherine is gonna love this.
Too bad she's gonna have to wait to get it, though.
What are you talking about? I just got off with the crime lab.
Eric managed to get a serial number off the murder weapon.
The gun is registered to Eddie Brooks.
He manages a gun range in Koko Head.
Look, I already told you I didn't kill anyone.
We know.
Your alibi checked out.
So you're gonna let me outta here? No.
No, you see, it's amazing what we can learn by doing a simple background check.
For instance, that you bought 15 guns this year.
And I have a permit for every one of them.
There's no crime in being a collector.
That's true.
But see, then we had HPD toss your place and they didn't find one gun.
Now, don't you find that a little strange for a gun collector, Eddie? You see, Eddie, you're what we call a straw man.
You buy guns and you sell them to people who can't get them for themselves.
And one of those guns was used in a murder, which makes you an accessory.
And for that, you're going to prison, Mr.
Second Amendment.
Unless, of course, you want to cooperate with your two new best friends, here.
What do you want to know? Everything.
Who'd you sell this gun to? I don't remember.
Look, people pay cash, I don't keep a log.
That's too bad, because this gun you sold killed two men.
Now you got two choices: either you tell us who you sold that gun to, or you're going into a box.
Wait, wait.
That's the guy.
That's the guy I sold that gun to.
You sure about that? Positive.
His name's Miko Mosley.
Look at this mess.
Must be, uh, must be the maid's day off.
Check this out.
Couple paintings here by, um well, some artist I can't pronounce.
These things are worth You believe it? Miko's got expensive taste.
I'll run 'em through HPD Burglary and Theft and NCIC.
See what we get.
I don't get it.
This guy, he's living like a homeless person, but he's rolling like Mayweather.
Well, you know what they say-- better to look good than to live good.
Who says that? Me.
else out there? Yeah.
More evidence of money this man doesn't have.
Hey, Lou, come here for a minute.
his own ATM machine.
I mean, he's printing money.
He's bleaching the ink off ones, and he's turning them into hundreds.
He was playing a part.
He bought all these expensive clothes, a bunch of artwork, got himself a gun.
I think Miko Mosley was trying to impress somebody.
Well, maybe that somebody didn't buy into his ruse and put a bullet in his head.
Hey, Danny.
Thanks for coming out to meet me.
No problem.
Good to see you.
You, too.
Is everything all right? Yeah, everything's good.
I just thought we should have a conversation.
Uh Nice view.
Oh, come on, bring it.
Just bring it.
Steve has been very happy since you've been back.
Me, too.
That's good, 'cause I think that that's what he likes, when you are happy here, you know? I am.
Then don't leave again.
Where did that come from? I Does Steve know that you're here right now? No, he does not, and he would kill me if he did, so please don't tell him.
Catherine, I'm just looking out for my boy, all right? When you left last time, he was hurt, pretty bad.
Okay? He walked around trying to pretend like he wasn't, but I could see it.
He was suffering.
You know, you don't walk away from the kind of relationship that the two of you had.
The relationship that you have.
Look, I didn't mean to hurt him, Danny.
Steve understood why I had to stay behind in Afghanistan.
He knew that that was really important to me.
I know he understood it.
That does not mean that it didn't wreck him, you know? Yeah.
Look, I-I have no idea what he was like before I met him, but I can tell you now that he is the best version of himself when you are around.
You're a good friend, Danny.
Well, if it wasn't me standing here, it'd be Chin, it'd be Lou, it'd be Kono.
Look, the point is this, all right? Last couple years, he's been through a lot, and I just, I just think he deserves to be happy.
I know, I know.
So that's why I'm here.
That's why I'm asking-- are you gonna stick around for good? There is nothing that I want more.
That is fantastic news.
Come on.
So Chin's got everyone working on finding Gabriel, all right? So trust me, Adam.
It's a small island-- he'll resurface.
Oh, uh, I got to go, so I'll see you tonight? Okay.
Love you.
Ball and chain, huh? Um It's cool, we don't got to talk about it.
Me, I'm not getting married till I'm 50.
You know, Clooney style.
Slay 'em when I'm young, I'll settle down when I'm old.
Right, yeah, 'cause you and Clooney have so much in common.
Uh, anyway, I, uh, did a comparison on those keys that were dumped in the ocean, and I was able to figure out the types.
Padlock, boat key, house key.
Okay, great.
Miko washed up on shore, so the killer could have used a boat to dump the body, and somehow the keys ended up in the water.
Yeah, if that's the case, though, how'd your killer get back to shore? He could have had a spare set.
Either way, let's focus on the boat key.
See if you can find a make and a model.
Uh, actually, Officer Kalakaua, there's another reason I called you down here.
Yeah, what is it? Uh, one of the items in Ben Lahinea's bag was a GoPro.
Now, judging by the coral and the degradation, this thing's been in the ocean more than a year, but I was able to recover some footage.
Now, my uncle says you're a surfer, so I was kind of hoping maybe you can help me I.
this guy.
Oh, you know him.
Yeah, his name is Eli Hoku.
We used to surf Pipeline together.
Last year he was chasing a south swell, and, uh, he drowned near a break called Rock Piles.
I'm sorry.
This must have been taken the day he died.
Uh, do me a favor-- make me a copy of this? Yeah, you got it.
Good job.
check on Miko came back clean, although he did have some serious debt.
Yeah, we ran his credit cards.
It turns out he tried to rent in Kahala six weeks ago using an online rental service, but his card was declined.
So we contacted the owner, a guy named Philip Kanae.
Now, Kanae agrees to rent him the house for cash.
Place went for $5,000 a week.
Okay, but Miko's broke.
So he goes and prints some money to pay for it.
What if Kanae found out? and then put some distance between himself and the murder weapon.
Airline tickets show he left Hawaii last month.
Just got back a few days ago.
How do we find him? All right, I got two addresses for him.
We got the rental property in Kahala, and we got a permanent address in Diamond Head.
see if we can find Kanae, have a little chat.
You guys go to the rental property, see if you can find anything that links Kanae to the murder of Miko Mosley.
Philip Kanae.
take a look at this.
Look at that-- Perv TV.
Hey, Steve.
Hey, Chin.
Now look up.
No, place is empty.
You? Listen, contact HPD, have 'em put an APB out on this guy, okay? Think you can forget that APB.
That Kanae? Yeah.
Your victim has a fractured skull and broken kneecaps, All right, so he was beaten to death, thrown in the pool.
What about TOD? Hey, guys.
Somebody Tony Soprano-ed the hell out of this guy, huh? Eric.
It means, "Congratulations.
" I totally knew that.
Thanks, Max I think.
What the hell is he talking about? It doesn't matter.
All right, so I've been going through the files, and it turns out Kanae has been recording all of his renters.
Now, I'm talking everything, and I mean everything.
Everything, huh? Yeah.
Except someone recently went through all the files and deleted a day's worth of footage from six weeks ago.
Six weeks ago, that's when Miko was renting the place.
Right, so Kanae witnesses Miko's murder, the killer finds out, Eric.
What? Too graphic? I mean, it's inappropriate.
You see, he's right there, all right? I got it; you're right, I got it, all right? The question still stands-- why kill him now? Because he just got back into town.
Can you do that? Right.
Does Kim Kardashian sleep on her stomach? Okay.
Danny, you got to help him.
Buddy, you're an HR nightmare, okay? Stop.
Sorry, Uncle D.
And don't call me "Uncle," don't call me "D.
" Not in public, okay? Okay, you got it.
Don't bow to me, don't do any Just relax.
All right, lunch is served.
My newest culinary achievement about to debut on my new menu-- shrimp pot pie.
What the heck is this place? Pretty nice, huh? You gave up a cush gig working at my shrimp truck with ocean and other views for this dungeon.
Well, first of all, I didn't give up my gig working for you.
I just scaled it back to part-time.
And secondly, don't let appearances deceive you.
Five-O values my input.
I smell bleach.
Yeah, I think it used to be a janitor's closet.
And no windows.
You could lose track of time down here, bruddah.
Like Caesars Palace on the ninth island.
I was thinking more like Batcave, but whatever.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by and bringing me lunch.
Uh, it's very thoughtful of you.
Well, you owe me $6.
50, Batman.
You're charging me? But I still work for you.
Half the time, half the price.
And you know I only accept cash.
to get to work, Jer.
What's up, Chin? Oh, howzit? I was just leaving anyway.
This place got me feeling claustrophobic and a little unsettled.
What's the case, boss? So, crime lab restored over 24 hours of deleted video footage of a potential murder Yeah, it was all me.
I'm sorry, I'm This is Eric Russo; he's our new lab tech.
He's also Detective Williams' nephew.
Oh, cool.
Well, I need the two of you to work together and comb through that footage and see if there's any connection to our murder.
Can do.
All right.
Hey, how you doing? Who are you exactly? Jerry Ortega, special consultant, Five-O.
God, that feels good to say.
Hey, so the boat key that you found in Lahinea's bag traced back to a 2002 Strike 35 fishing boat.
Seven are registered on Oahu, I cleared six of the owners.
What about the seventh? It's registered to a questionable shell corporation.
The owner is Aaron James.
He was arrested for drug trafficking, but the charges were dropped last year.
All right, so this is the one.
It doesn't fit.
Sorry, Steve.
Must not be the right one.
I don't know about that.
You said this boat's Yeah.
That's a brand-new ignition.
I got blood.
So sometime during the body dump, our killer loses his keys, and he has to improvise to get back to shore.
Right, he doesn't realize it, but he has the vic's blood on him when he goes to hot-wire the engine.
Aaron James! Excuse me, sir? Mind if we have a word with you? Hey! Hey! Kono! all you want, Aaron, but we know that you dumped Miko's body and we know you killed Philip Kanae.
Like I said, I want my lawyer.
Okay, have HPD transport this guy to lockup.
What about my lawyer? I'll make sure you get a cell with a window in it, so you can call for him.
Now I don't feel so bad.
I forgot how depressing that room was compared to mine.
Jerry, I'm kind of busy.
Oh, yeah, about that-- did he tell you what happened? No, not yet.
Well, I think I can.
Check him.
Look, man it's all good.
Yeah, we'll see.
What did I tell you? No guns.
It's a precaution.
Show me the cash.
Ooh, hoo, hoo! Looks right to me.
We good? These bills aren't real.
Big mistake, pal.
And that pretty much tells the story.
So Kanae gets back into town, he checks the footage from his rental, he witnesses Aaron kill Miko.
But instead of reporting it to police, Kanae decides to blackmail him.
And we got the evidence to prove it.
We found text messages between Kanae and Aaron James.
Looks like they were setting up a time to meet at Kapiolani Park.
All right.
Somewhere, Aaron changes his mind, goes to the house in Diamond Head, kills him and erases the video.
Don't forget the cliffhanger.
What cliffhanger? Every good story has a new dilemma for its heroes, this included.
Yeah, it's me.
The buyer didn't pan out.
I took care of him.
Your cliffhanger.
Looks like Aaron's working for someone.
Right, but clearly he's scared of whoever it is.
That's why he wouldn't talk.
All right, so we'll just go have a chat with him after he gets through booking.
All right.
In the meantime, I'll pull Aaron's cell phone records.
Maybe we can get us a hit on who he was calling in that video.
God, I love this table.
What's up, Lou? That was Duke.
Somebody hit the HPD transport with Aaron aboard.
They killed two officers and extracted him.
Aaron's gone.
Who would be crazy enough to pull off a stunt like that? Guys, I got a hit on that phone.
It's a burner.
Call it.
Run a trace.
Who is this? little snippet through voice recognition.
See if we can get something.
Gabriel Waincroft.
This guy, he ain't going away any time soon.
We recovered it this morning.
I think it's from Eli's last surf.
Me ke aloha menemene.
Keahi, come here.
Yeah, Mom? This is your daddy.
I'm sorry.
You just got here.
Look, Steve, it's not that I don't love you.
I do.
But I have to go away for a little bit.
How long? The truth is, I don't really know.
This is so hard.
I need more than what a relationship can give me right now.
What do you want? To feel needed.
You are.
No, not like that.
See, when your phone rings, someone needs you.
Okay? And you can help them.
And I want to feel that.
So come back to Five-O.
Steve, Five-O is you.
It's always gonna be your thing, okay? I need to build something on my own.
So you're going back to Afghanistan? No.
That earthquake hit them hard.
I'm going to be running helidrops for the Red Cross.
Getting those supplies to people who need it the most is where I can I can make a difference.
All right, well, that's a two-month op at most.
Could be more.
You know, Catherine, if you want out of this thing, why don't you just look me in the eye and tell me you want out of this thing? If I could be at two places at the same time, I would.
Yeah, but you can't, Catherine.
And-and you're choosing the place where I'm not.
I mean Listen, if you leave today, I can't I can't wait for you.
Not anymore.
You understand? Yeah.
I understand.
Okay, I'll drive you to the airport.
I already called for a ride.
I'd rather say good-bye to you here.
Come here.
I'm so sorry.
I will always, always love you, okay? Aloha.
Are we secure? We are.
Where are you? On my way.
What about your cover? He didn't question it.
Are you sure you can do this, Lieutenant? Absolutely.

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