Hawaii Five-0 s06e04 Episode Script

Ka Papahana Holo Pono (Best Laid Plans)

STEVE: Previously, on Hawaii Five-O What do you want from him! Gabriel wants me to transfer all my assets to a holding company he controls.
(gunshot) Gabriel got away with the money that was meant to buy his freedom from the Yakuza.
Without it, we're both dead.
It's not that I don't love you.
I do.
But I have to go away for a little bit.
How long? The truth is, I don't really know.
If you leave today, I can't I can't wait for you.
Not anymore.
(crying): I'll always always love you.
(sighs) It should be right off this trail.
Over here.
I think I see it.
(exhales) MAN: Holy mother lode! Take everything.
Zingiber zerumet-- it's great for hair masks and conditioners.
WOMAN (gasps): And there's Cocos nucifera-- I can use it for skin toner.
MAN: And don't forget the eye cream.
I don't believe it! Vanilla planifolia orchid.
Chanel uses it in theirs.
It retails for $350 an ounce! (laughs) We might actually make some real money this year.
Is that? Just get it! Drop the flower.
Where is it coming from? Who cares? WOMAN: Oh, my God! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Matter of fact I'll be real glad when Williams gets back on his feet again so I can drive my own damn truck.
Yeah, I'm sure he'll appreciate the sentiment and the eggplant parm.
Yeah, well, guy goes under the knife to save his kid, the least I can do is make sure he gets a decent meal.
Speaking of which, you got any plans tonight? Weird segue.
No, I don't.
Well, good.
Renee's taking the kids to the movies, so I figure you and me, we can go to Rumfire, have some beers, some pu-pu's Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop.
I know what you're doing; you don't have to do that, okay? Do what? What are you talking about? You don't have to babysit me, Lou.
Catherine left-- it sucks, I'm hurting a little bit, but it's happened before.
A, B, I'm gonna be fine, all right? Brother let me explain something to you.
There's only one way to get over a woman walking out on you, and it involves you, me and that bar.
Gonna help me get back on the horse? No.
I just figured we'd go over there and get good and drunk.
(phone ringing) Why? What'd you have in mind? Hold on.
Yeah, McGarrett.
We're on the way.
No, we're not.
I'm on the way.
I got this.
Go make sure our boy's okay.
You sure? Yeah, I'm sure.
Just don't go hogging all the credit for the eggplant parm, would you? Guess what? You get to drive your truck after all.
Congratulations! Lucky day.
Manager from a local dealership called it in.
Turns out those two were trying to buy a $90,000 sports car with counterfeit cash.
Ah, but here's where it gets interesting.
The lab says that the money came from the same batch of bills that your old friend Miko Mosley was printing in his bathroom.
Yeah, well, Miko was dropping that money all over the Island before he was killed-- guess it was just a matter of time before some of it started turning up.
Okay, well, how does it all end up with these two dimwits? L-Like we told the sergeant, we didn't know the money was fake.
We believe you.
Thank you.
But here's the problem.
The person that printed that money-- who, by the way, is dead-- was trying to use it to bankroll a drug operation, which is why we need to know how it ended up with you.
GROVER: You don't think we believe you had all that money on you from selling that crazy beatnik hand cream, do you? Okay, look, we found the money in the Makua Forest.
We can show you where.
CHIN: So not only do you two take money that doesn't belong to you, but you also decide to bury the body.
We were trying to be respectful.
Get these two idiots out of here.
What do you got, Max? No I.
on the Vic.
was a single carbon arrow through the chest.
Pierced the sternum and punctured the heart.
I estimate T.
to be between 4:00 and 6:00 a.
Murder by bow and arrow.
That's kind of a unique M.
for this century.
You know what, though? I can understand the appeal.
Arrows are quiet, untraceable, accurate from a distance.
So, we got a remote location, middle of the night.
I'm thinking maybe it could've been a money drop.
And maybe the killer, seeing right away that the money is counterfeit, just leaves it here.
Or maybe it wasn't about the money at all.
Maybe he just red our victim out here, shot him from a distance, and it was actually a carefully planned-out hit.
Whatever the case may be, this funny money is starting to become a magnet for dead bodies.
It's now directly or indirectly tied to three murders.
(bell dings) So, where are we going, gentlemen? You'll know when we get there.
(exhales) Little cliché, I know.
Personally, I would have preferred to meet over tea, but in this case I'm afraid it was impossible.
Tom Bishop.
I work for Goro Shioma.
You're not Japanese.
You're very perceptive.
So am I here about the money or the men who were shot outside my home? We're satisfied you had nothing to do with that hit.
As for the money out of respect to your late father, Mr.
Shioma wants to resolve the situation peacefully.
And for that I am grateful.
But it has been weeks and he's grown impatient.
I'm sure you can understand that.
Listen, I have friends looking for Gabriel Waincroft as we speak.
I'm aware of your relationship to Five-O.
In the meantime, we've been pursuing our own leads.
(speaking Japanese) This is Aaron James, one of Gabriel Waincroft's most trusted soldiers.
If anyone knows Gabriel's whereabouts, it's him.
I find it hard to believe you brought me here just to watch you beat the information out of him.
Like I said, you're very perceptive.
No, we're not gonna question him.
You are.
(exhales) (sighs) MAX: Gentlemen, unfortunately your victim is still a John Doe.
No hits on the fingerprint or DNA.
I mean, I ran a facial rec across all databases.
Unfortunately, there were no matches.
So this guy gets it with close to a million dollars in counterfeit money on him.
You would think he'd at least have some kind of rap sheet.
Or at least be in the system for something, right? Judging from his appearance and lack of any records, I'd say it's more than likely he was homeless.
Oh, quite the contrary, Lieutenant.
(sighs): Vintage Rolex, designer clothes.
All the items found on your victim's body were high-end.
My best guess would be mid-80s.
Looks to me like this guy didn't get out much.
That's an understatement.
Blood work shows there was a severe deficiency in vitamin D due to lack of sun exposure.
That's hard to pull off in Hawaii.
So, this guy, he hasn't been in the sun or bought clothes since Reagan was president.
That sounds like someone who doesn't want to be found.
How does this guy end up suddenly in the middle of nowhere with an arrow sticking out of his chest and close to a million dollars in fake money? Look, if he was off the grid for 30 years, we need to find out what he looked like back in the day.
That could give us the I.
that we're looking for.
MAX: Age progression software uses sophisticated modeling to predict visual changes in a person as they get older.
However, the software can be used to age-reverse a subject as well.
GROVER: Can it bring back my Afro? I think my old lady would dig it.
(beeping) CHIN: Hold on, stop it right there.
What, you recognize this guy? Yeah.
You know what? Call Jerry.
He's gonna love this.
CHIN: Our vic's name is Harrison Crane, and at one point, he was the richest man in Hawaii.
That is, until he pulled a Howard Hughes and dropped off the face of the planet.
Other than a few unconfirmed sightings, no one's seen or heard from the guy in over 20 years.
So one day the guy's on the cover of the society pages, and the next day he just up and vanishes? How come? That's one of the Island's great unsolved mysteries.
And as contributing author to Crane's Wikipedia page, I can tell you there are a lot of theories.
Some say he fled the country to dodge the IRS, others think it was a psychotic break, and there are some who have posited that it could have been an abduction.
And by "abduction," I mean alien abduction.
Clearly, the guy was holed up somewhere on the Island.
Well, he did have properties all over Oahu.
He was actually the sole heir to a real estate fortune worth millions-- except that when he died, there was no one left to manage any of it.
Yeah, we're talking primo properties in Kahala and Waimanalo, completely abandoned and left to fall into disrepair.
To this day, you can find homeless people squatting in vacant beachfront mansions Crane never even bothered to evict.
Which pissed off the neighbors when they saw their property values take a nosedive.
GROVER: Well, hell, that sounds like a good motive.
You take a bath on your house, the whole thing is Crane's fault-- you figure out a way to draw him out and kill him.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
I just came from the lab.
So, they matched the DNA off the arrow to a recently released ex-con named Ano Kahue.
When the cops went to pick him up, he immediately confessed.
He said that he was out hunting and he saw what he thought was a boar moving through the brush.
When he discovered he'd killed Crane, he panicked and fled the scene.
And he left all that money there? Yeah, when I asked him about that, he said that killing Crane was an accident but taking the money would have been stealing.
Ex-con with a moral compass.
KONO: He also offered to take a polygraph, so I'm inclined to believe him.
Okay, so our murder was actually a hunting accident.
Still doesn't explain what Crane was doing in the middle of nowhere with a million in counterfeit cash.
Uh, turns out there is someone we know that might actually have some answers.
The lab found some prints on a bunch of the bills.
(beeping) Remember this weasel? Gerard Hirsch.
Shady art appraiser.
And, if I recall correctly, he was quite smitten with you.
Uh, sure, until he realized I was a cop and he either had to cooperate or go to jail.
Yeah, well, either way, looks like this bird hasn't learned his lesson yet.
No, HPD busted him with a bunch of forgeries.
He just got out of Halawa last month.
All right, how do we find him now? MAN: Well, Jordan, you are a man of many varied interests.
You know something, buddy? This one's on the house today.
How about that, huh? Huh? You like that? Thank you.
Thanks for visiting our island.
Officer Kalakaua, I see you're displaying your badge today.
You know, when your P.
said you'd be here, we expected to find you sipping Moet by the pool.
Not this.
What can I say? Times are tough.
The particulars of my parole forbid me from participating in any art transactions.
KONO: Isn't this technically an art transaction? Really? You're gonna write me up for selling caricatures for 30 bucks a pop.
$30?! I should.
Right now.
No, we got you on something much bigger.
Let's go.
WOMAN: Doesn't make sense.
In the 15 years I've worked here, (camera shutter clicking) Mr.
Crane never once left the property.
When was the last time you saw him? A few months ago, maybe.
I leave his meals and laundry by the door to his quarters.
If he needs something, he just leaves me a note.
CHIN: So you're saying you've never been inside? As far as I know, no one other than Mr.
Crane has ever stepped foot beyond that door.
Yeah? Well, that's about to change.
Well, Crane obviously didn't keep up with the latest decorating trends, but, uh, the man was quite tidy.
This place is like a time capsule.
(clicking) If I pass out take over filming for me.
Jerry, you do know that the crime lab is gonna take pictures of everything, right? Oh, these are for my personal collection.
GROVER: I'll tell you, man, I've seen some crazy in my day, but what kind of guy just up and decides he wants to live like this? Someone with a severe case of OCD.
Take a look.
Book, comb, glasses, pen and watch.
Random items yet they're arranged alphabetically.
Yeah, and look at these cans.
It looks like a grocery store in here, all the labels facing out.
JERRY: This is a person who is obsessed with getting things in order.
GROVER: Oh, that goes a long way to explain why he was so terrified of the outside world.
Yeah? You notice what's different about these pictures here? They're the only ones that aren't ancient.
Everything else is from before Crane went full recluse.
This guy has no family, and up until a day ago he never even left the house.
Why is he holding on to this girl's picture? CHIN: I don't know.
But these photos do look like they were taken recently, so if we can find her, maybe we can get some answers.
Who's the homeless dead guy? All right, don't insult us.
You know it's Harrison Crane.
And we know the two of you have been in contact with each other.
I believe you're mistaken.
In fact, I'm quite sure that no one has been in contact with Crane for quite some time.
That guy made J.
Salinger look like a social butterfly.
You done? Okay, good.
Maybe you can explain to us how your prints got on almost $900,000 worth of counterfeit cash that he had on his person when he died.
Hold up.
Counterfeit? That little weasel.
Sorry? A few weeks ago I sold some paintings to this gangster wannabe named Miko Mosley.
Yes, I've been dealing art again.
Put me in solitary.
Anyway, Mosley paid me in cash, cash that I in turn gave to Crane.
But I had no idea that money was fake.
Okay, wait.
So you can identify phony artwork but not currency? My dear, spotting a bogus van Gogh is one thing; a bogus Benjamin is a different skill set.
Okay, today we don't care about counterfeit cash, we don't care about parole violations-- we want to know about Crane and what the money was for.
A painting.
Crane called me late last night.
He was trying to unload this very lovely Edward Hopper that I actually had sold him back when I was first starting out.
He offered to sell it to me cheap, like way below what he could get for it at auction.
I thought he was kidding, but sure enough, I showed up with the cash, and I left his house with the painting.
Okay, wait.
There's plenty legitimate art dealers out there, so why come to you? Well, he said he needed the money right away.
And it had to be in cash.
For others, that was a deal breaker.
(phone ringing) He was desperate.
I see, uh, someone put a ring on that.
Yeah, beat you to it.
Unlucky you.
STEVE (over radio): Chin, what do you got? Well, looks like Crane may not have been as cut off from the outside world as we thought.
We found several recent photographs of a young woman at his place-- facial rec I.
'd her as Laura Ioane, 30 years old, local.
Okay, what's Crane's connection to Laura? I'm not sure, because we can't seem to find her.
Her cell phone's turned off and her boss says she didn't turn up to work this morning.
That McGarrett? Yeah.
All right, check this out.
Crane has a landline here and it hadn't been used in years, until last night he gets a phone call from a burner cell.
Right after that, he calls this Laura six times in a row-- all the calls went unanswered.
Hold on a minute.
We got six frantic phone calls to a woman that we can't find? That's right-- followed by our Vic headed out to this secluded spot with a bag full of money.
The whole thing adds up to just one thing.
Crane was on his way to a ransom drop.
This is a kidnapping.
Jimmy, keep him on ice for me.
You got it, Commander.
All right.
Let me know.
All right, so the burner the kidnapper used had been turned off.
CSU will track it if it powers back up.
Our biggest problem right now is the media-- we cannot let the news of Crane's death get leaked, okay? If the kidnapper finds out Crane's body's in the morgue, he's gonna cut his losses and kill Laura.
It's been hours since Crane missed the ransom drop-- our kidnapper's gonna know something went wrong.
Yeah, the kidnapper also knows that he chose an unpredictable, eccentric target.
My guess, he's gonna practice patience, eventually he's gonna call back.
In the meantime, we need to figure out what the connection between Laura and Crane is.
Her name is Laura Ioane.
You know her? Did something happen? KONO: She was kidnapped.
Your client was called to pay the ransom, but he was killed before he could deliver it.
Counselor, I'm sorry that we have to be the ones to deliver this information, sir, but we need to know about the connection between your your client and Laura.
Laura's mother Peggy was a waitress at a coffee shop in Waipahu Harrison used to frequent back in the '70s.
They became romantically involved.
It didn't last long.
Once Harrison's issues started getting in the way, he ended it.
But Peggy was always his one true love, and after she died, Harrison took it upon himself to provide for her daughter.
Laura's father was a deadbeat, and so Harrison directed me to set up a trust in her name.
At the time, he did this solely out of his love for Peggy, but as the years went by, he grew quite fond of Laura.
And then the two stayed in touch, trading letters.
Who else knows about this? I honestly couldn't say.
Harrison didn't speak to very many people, (chuckles): especially in recent years.
And, uh, of course, I was barred from ever mentioning Laura to anyone.
What about Laura? Was there anything to stop her from discussing her connection to Crane? Well, it's no secret Harrison guarded his privacy, so I imagine Laura would have respected that-- but to answer your question, no, she could have told whomever she wanted.
You know, not long ago I was in the same predicament you are.
So I know what's going through your mind.
Stall for time.
Right now that's what it's all about.
I'm not stalling.
I've told you everything.
You've given me some light background on Gabriel's organization.
That's trivial.
What I need is Gabriel's present location.
Not where he was last week or where he's gonna be in a month.
I don't know how many different ways I can say it, but I can't give you information that I don't have.
I don't believe you.
More importantly, those men out there-- they don't believe you.
If you want to get out of here alive and in one piece, you'll tell me what I want to know.
If you don't, they'll kill you.
You're getting nowhere.
You want to break this guy, it's gonna take more than words.
Threats mean nothing to a man like this.
And by the way, don't think for a second that if he walks out of here he's not gonna come after you, because he will.
He'll come after you and everyone you care about.
Starting with that lovely wife of yours.
That supposed to scare me? The Ivy League boy who gave up everything for some piece of ass is gonna get rough? Please.
Where is Gabriel? Where is he?! You can keep doing this until your hand breaks and you're gonna keep getting the same answer.
Let's find out.
All right, thanks.
Okay, so a search of Laura's apartment came up empty.
No signs of a break-in or struggle.
Okay, clearly, the abduction happened elsewhere.
Let's get location data from her cell carrier, all right? That's gonna give us a list of places that Laura went to frequently.
Chances are she got picked up from one of them.
Copy that.
HPD's also looking into Laura's friends and relatives, cross-referencing for any criminal records.
Okay, good.
Jerry You all right? KONO: What's the matter? Take a look.
Details are sketchy, but we can confirm the body of reclusive real estate magnate Harrison Crane was found in Makua Forest early this morning.
A police investigation is underway and we're hearing reports that this may have been a hunting accident.
However, there's no official statement from the Honolulu Police Department.
She's probably dead already, isn't she? Mr.
Crane had no known family and hadn't been seen or heard from in more than 20 years.
One silk handkerchief, one fountain pen, one set of keys, one cell phone.
Sign here.
And this thing has been ringing like crazy.
(phone rings) Go for Gerard.
KIDNAPPER: You should really answer your phone, Mr.
Who is this? Shut up and listen to me very carefully.
KONO: So he wants the painting? Yes, and he threatened to kill this Laura Ioane woman and come after me if I don't hand it over.
That's a pretty desperate play.
My question is how did he even know about the Hopper? Well, he probably had Crane under surveillance from the moment he put this thing in motion.
If that's the case, last night when you went to Crane's house he would have you leave with the painting.
Well, he said he would call back with a time and place for the drop.
Well, that's perfect.
When he does, you keep him talking, we'll run a trace.
What we have to do, though, is get the painting back.
So where is it now? Actually, I don't have it anymore.
I flipped it to a collector this morning.
Then get it back.
That might prove difficult.
This particular collector is not what I would call a friend of law enforcement.
In fact, he's a Russian crime lord.
Alexander Kozlov.
I never heard of him.
Well, if you had, he wouldn't be doing his job very well.
Well, crime lord or not, we need to get that painting.
We could try appealing to his better angels, but I think that's a nonstarter.
Or we could just take it back.
That's a much better plan.
Assuming the painting is still on the island.
What? Why wouldn't it be? Because there's a good chance that Kozlov's people were planning to smuggle it out today.
I forgot to mention this earlier, but the Hopper actually fell off the back of a truck It's a stolen piece.
Anything else? Look, if this painting disappears, then our girl dies.
(horn blares) Is your foot even on the gas? There's a reason we always take Danny's car, okay? KONO: I see why.
(speaks Russian) Uh, they wouldn't just toss a $3 million painting out the window.
Hold on.
Out of the car! KONO: There it is, center lane! (horn blaring) Go over there.
Careful! Steve! All right, get him in here.
Hirsch, let's go.
You're up.
This it? Well STEVE: Is this the Hopper? Yep, that's it.
Good as new.
So I guess my work is done here, right? Not quite.
This is hideous.
Put it on.
You don't have a choice.
If you're gonna make a shirt with a built-in wire, why can't it be practical and stylish? This shirt just might save your life.
If it doesn't, don't let me get buried in it.
Okay, how does it look? Honestly? You look fine.
Okay, so, look, we'll be listening in and have eyes on you the whole time.
First sign of trouble, we move in.
Can I at least wear a bulletproof vest? Why? If they shoot you, it'll be in the head.
Oh, terrific.
Well what if I say no to all this-- what then? Then Laura dies and you go to jail for a very long time.
But if you pull this off, I will personally make sure that all the outstanding charges against you disappear.
You know, you're the reason I'm in all this mess to begin with.
If you hadn't honeypotted me, I never would have fallen for that sting.
I'm sorry-- honey-what? You used your feminine charms to entrap me.
I was just doing my job.
Maybe so.
But you can't deny there's something between us.
(phone ringing) It's him.
Okay, you're on.
Hello? KIDNAPPER: Do you have the painting? Yes.
Take the 22 bus to Waikiki beach.
Get off at Ohua.
And make sure you come alone.
Wait, um how do I find you? Keep your phone on.
Uh (click) Okay.
Let's go.
Got him.
Okay, be advised, Hirsch just landed.
I got eyes on him.
Yeah, same here.
CHIN: Facial rec is up and running.
We're live scanning the crowd right now.
Nobody moves until the drop is done and the kidnapper has the package in hand.
KONO: Where is this guy? (phone rings) Hello? KIDNAPPER: Cross the street.
STEVE: Okay, Hirsch is on the move.
Copy that.
He's crossing Kalakaua at Ohua.
Kidnapper's got a signal bouncer on his phone.
We can't trace it.
KIDNAPPER: The restaurant at the corner.
Head inside.
GROVER: Hey, we're about to lose visual.
All right, everybody hold your positions, all right? Do not blow cover.
Do not blow cover.
Okay, I'm here.
KIDNAPPER: Give your name to the hostess-- she's expecting you.
(hangs up) He hung up.
Gerard Hirsch.
That was fast.
Your friend just called to say you'd be picking it up.
Must have fallen out of his pocket at the bar.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
(phone rings) KIDNAPPER: Well done.
Now dump the phone you came in with and head to the gift shop.
You're gonna buy some new clothes.
Guys, what's going on here? CHIN: Hirsch should still be in there.
GPS on his phone show he hasn't moved.
If this deal goes down inside, we're gonna lose this guy.
We lost audio.
His wire's down.
Kono, move in.
KONO: Copy that.
STEVE: Lou, back her up.
You got it.
What do you got? Guys, I'm not seeing him.
STEVE: Keep looking.
KIDNAPPER: That's good.
Keep walking straight.
When you get to the corner, you're gonna turn right.
Now keep moving until you get to the park bench facing the ocean.
I see it.
The guy feeding the pigeons-- sit down next to him.
What now? Leave the bag and walk away.
When I know I'm not being followed, we'll release the girl.
GROVER: Guys, I got Hirsch.
He just passed Uluniu and he's headed south.
He changed his clothes.
He's over there! He's over there! Kidnapper's on the move.
He's headed right to you.
We're moving in.
Move! Hey! Stop right there! Five-O! Hey! (horn honking) (tires screeching) (panting) He's dead.
Laura's not here.
Got his phone.
Already checked him for I.
Got nothing.
No registration papers either.
It's because it was stolen.
It was called in this morning.
Let's get CSU out here.
See if we can get an I.
on this guy.
If we can get an I.
, maybe we can get an address, find where he's holding Laura GROVER: Gotta see this.
maybe find an accomplice he's been partnered with.
He does have a partner.
KONO: How do you know? He told me.
He said once he knows he's not being followed, "we'll release the girl.
" Okay, so the partner is sitting on Laura, waiting to hear that the drop went down.
Look at this.
The last ten calls made from this phone went to the same number.
CHIN: "Mom"? GROVER: What kind of kidnapper loves his mother that much? Let's find out.
(line ringing) WOMAN: Did you get it? Mikey, are you there? You recognize that voice? (line clicks) (sirens wailing) (indistinct police transmission) Don't move! Where is he? Where's my son? Where's Laura? Tell us now.
Grover, stay on her.
Chin, Kono, follow me.
We're gonna search every inch of this place.
She's got to be here somewhere.
Turn around.
That man trusted you.
And you betrayed him.
He shut the whole world out but let you in.
What, did you find out about Laura? Saw an opportunity to get yourself a little payday? All about the money.
I just wanted to help my son.
You don't understand.
My Mikey had it rough his whole life.
Always deserved better.
I just wanted to give him a chance.
We were never gonna hurt her.
Chin! Kono! We need to move this.
(indistinct radio chatter) (men grunting) (sobbing) STEVE: Laura, it's okay.
We're Five-O.
You're gonna be all right.
(sobbing) It's okay.
We got you.
(Laura continues sobbing) STEVE: It's okay.
(indistinct radio chatter continues) It's okay.
It's okay.
(grunts) (panting) So what do you think? (panting) He's telling the truth-- he doesn't know where Gabriel is.
Well, we tried, right? Right.
(gunshot) I'm afraid it's all on you now.
We can't just wait around for Gabriel Waincroft to surface.
That day may never come.
So as of now, the clock's officially ticking.
Shioma wants what you owe him.
And he wants it soon.
How the hell does Goro expect me to come up with that kind of money? My business is gone.
I could sell everything I have, and it wouldn't be close to enough.
You'll figure it out.
And then you'll do whatever's necessary, even if it means getting your hands dirty.
I think you proved today that you're capable of that.
You got your chicken bones.
That's good.
Beautiful thing.
Yours, too.
That's good, right? Got my rifle there in case my KONO: Hey, hey.
(low, indistinct chatter) GROVER: You look nice.
Hey! Hey! CHIN: Look who's here.
JERRY: Hey, boss.
I see you spread the word.
I might have mentioned it in passing.
CHIN: Come on, Steve, we're here for you.
Yeah, man, as long as Lou's paying.
Aw, see, that's wrong.
I like the sound of that.
Yeah, I'll bet.
What's he doing here? What are you doing here? I came bearing gifts.
Look at that.
Look at that.
That's cute.
Made one for you, too.
(others laughing) KONO: Detail's amazing.
You might have gone a little overboard on the abs.
HIRSCH: I had to use my imagination a little bit.
GROVER: Excuse me, ma'am.
Excuse me, miss, can you get this gentleman a beer, please? He's got some catching up to do.
Thank you very much.
Hey, so I just got back from the hospital.
I saw Danny and little Charlie, and, uh, they're both doing really good.
The doctor said they should be out in the next couple of days.
GROVER: Great.
Good to hear.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
She's checking you out.
I had my eye on her earlier, but I'll stand down.
JERRY: Uh, no offense to Steve, but I don't think he's the one she's interested in.
Who is it? KONO: Oh, my God, that's Jerry Rice.
Oh, from Dancing with the Stars.
What the hell is the matter with you? That's Jerry Rice, the number one, greatest-of-all-time, NFL wide receiver, Three Super Bowls for the San Francisco 49ers.
Played alongside my cousin's husband Jesse Sapolu.
I don't follow baseball.
Excuse me, sir? Mr.
Rice, excuse me? I'm so sorry to bother you, sir.
Uh, a really good friend of ours-- he's, uh His son is actually in the hospital right now recovering from a bone marrow transplant.
And he's a huge fan.
I'm really sorry to bother you, but if you could spare an autograph, it would really make his day, it'd mean a lot.
Yeah, what's the kid's name? It's actually for our friend.
Uh, he's-he's the dad.
He's the donor.
Okay, what's your friend's name? His name is Danny.
All right.
I appreciate this so much.
Thank you.
Oh, no problem.
You're gonna make the guy's day.
There you go.
No problem.
Jerry, we're so super stoked that the Pro Bowl's coming back to Oahu this year.
Hey, me, too, brother.
Came here 13 times as a player.
Got to captain the winning team in 2014.
And, you know, paradise never gets old.
Mm-hmm, that's right.
That's right.
Well, we'll be rooting for your squad this year.
Yeah, I appreciate that.
Thank you.
Hey, you got time to take a quick picture with us? Sure.
GROVER: Let's go.
Bring it in.
GROVER: Let's go.
Come on, y'all.
Hirsch can take it.
If you have a minute, I could draw it.
KONO: Just take the picture, Picasso.
All right.
Everyone say "Aloha!" ALL: Aloha! (camera shutter clicking) (crickets chirping) (ice clinking) (door closes) KONO: Adam, I see you made it home from the clinic okay.
How was PT? It was good.
Yeah? Yeah.
Everything okay? Yeah, everything's great.
Best part of my day.
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