Hawaii Five-0 s06e07 Episode Script

Na Kama Hele (Day Trippers)

Lynn, get his gun! What are you doing here? Stand down and I'll tell you.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) So you sure about this? You know who you sound like, right? Who? Danny Williams.
Listen to me.
I understand.
I get it.
Now, you want to get back on the horse.
You want to move on from Catherine.
Stop already.
Listen to me.
Ellie introduced me to Lynn.
She seemed very nice.
This is a get-to-know-you thing.
I asked her out on a date to get to know her.
Okay? That's all, that's all it is.
That's it.
And I got no argument with any of that.
But you're a Navy SEAL, right? What is the first rule of any op? Always have an exit strategy.
You go to some deserted island with this woman, and you do your snorkeling or whatever, you're done.
Whether you like her or not, you're stuck with her for the whole day.
I mean, whatever happened to just going out for coffee? That's her? Yeah.
Forget what I just said.
I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.
Go to that island.
You and her, the two of you, have a good time.
Maybe not come back.
You should stay forever; I would stay forever.
I mean, like, forever-ever.
How's it going? Pretty good.
Let me take that.
Oh, I got a feelin' Burns like the sun Inside my soul Burns like the sun in my soul I got to say, you're ambitious.
Why? Most guys would just go for coffee or Mai Tais on a first date, but not you.
Well, go big or go home, right? I guess so.
You know, I always wanted to snorkel the Northwestern Islands.
My old man, he used to threaten to take me out here when I was a kid, but, uh, you know, we never made it.
Ellie told me about your father.
Sounds like a good man.
He was.
He was a very good man.
I'm glad I mentioned doing this.
Me, too.
Mind if I take the wheel? You ever driven one of these before? Yeah.
I grew up on boats.
My father was a commercial fisherman.
Okay, you're pushing me out of the way.
Is that what's happening? Move over.
Just slide behind you here.
I might learn something now.
All right.
Ready? Yeah, I'm ready.
Good, hang on.
You say your dad was a commercial fisherman? He was, but I always said he went too slow.
He didn't die in a boating accident, did he? Trust me.
I don't even know you.
You hear that? What? Absolutely nothing.
Told you this place is good for the soul.
When's the last time you came out here? I was 15.
My grandfather used to take my brother and I out here every summer.
On the weekends, we got to choose an island, and this one was my favorite.
I can see why.
It's beautiful.
Crystal-clear water, and the visibility is sick.
It's gonna be great today.
You ready? Yeah.
After you.
After me? No, no, no.
Gonna have to play the chivalry card today.
That's cute.
Ladies first! Aah! You military guys are way too polite.
Oh, no, you're funny.
That was good.
You got me a good one.
Hey! Hey! How'd you like that? Huh? You ready? That was incredible.
I mean, I haven't even seen some of these species before.
That's 'cause no one's coming out here to put them in a tank.
You want to do some exploring? Yeah.
I want to show you something.
All right, so your undergraduate in Los Angeles, then what? Came back here, got my psych degree at UH.
Got lucky-- they hired me right out of school Department of Human Services.
Yeah, Ellie said you work with kids.
Yeah, adolescents, mainly, trying to keep them out of jail.
I specialize in hard cases.
Repeat offenders.
Kids the system's ready to give up on.
But you're not.
I don't like to give up on anyone, especially kids.
What's your batting average? Ask me in ten years.
Sounds like challenging work.
It is.
This is it.
What? This is amazing.
I told you.
This is incredible.
Steve smile.
Huh? We're gonna have to take another one.
Why are you gonna have to take another one? It kind of looks like you photo bombed a Peter Lik.
Okay, I'm ready.
All right.
You want to take a photograph? Say cheese.
How's that? Ah.
I'd say that's a keeper.
Let me see.
That's a good photo.
Here, I'll take one of you.
Now, I'm a gentleman.
I'm gonna give you time to get ready, do what you need to do.
You ready? Mm-hmm.
Okay, good.
Okay, look at that.
Huh? What are you laughing at? Very funny.
Fine, I'll take another one.
You are done taking photos for the day.
You got to be in one photograph.
I will.
That's why God invented the selfie.
Unless, of course, you object? I do not.
Let me see that.
I can erase it if you don't like it.
Why would you erase it? It's a great photo.
It's perfect.
Okay, you know what? We should head back.
Wait, I know a shortcut to the beach.
You do? See if you can keep up.
Lead the way, hotshot.
A spot in the state championship is on the line today.
Kukui's gotten off to a rough start, down 14-nothing.
It'll be up to star quarterback Jesse Frontera to get the team back in the game.
Hut! Hut! Black 33! Hike! Frontera drops back to run the flank.
Fakes the hand-off and Ooh! He's immediately hit and sacked for an eight-yard loss.
The Kukuis' own line can't keep their QB off his back.
It's going to be a long afternoon, folks.
Yeah, man, I'm telling you.
I was right there when she drove up.
Was she hot? She was smoking hot.
Guys? Was she thumb worthy? Was she what? Oh, come on, man.
Don't tell me you never heard that expression before.
Uh, no.
Would you cut off your thumb to spend the weekend with her? What? Guys, I'm right here.
So it's like a-a scale from one to five.
You got your pinky, which is the least useful.
Going all the way down to your thumb, which is very important.
Okay, let's just get something straight right now.
First of all, I'm not cutting off none of my digits for some weekend booty.
But if I would, yeah, that girl is definitely thumb worthy.
So she was hot.
My God.
You guys are idiots, you know that, right? Second and long.
Kukui goes three wide receivers.
- Frontera in shotgun formation.
- 47 moves! 47 moves! Movement! Movement! Here we go.
Red 14! Hut! He snaps the ball.
Sets his feet, looks left, throws it downfield, and Incomplete.
Frontera had a man wide open down the middle of the field-- never looked his way.
Tough break for the QB everyone has had their eyes on this season.
And this is the kid you tell me is the next Marcus Mariota? He hasn't completed a pass the whole damn game.
You know what? He's off to a rough start, Lou.
- Give him a break.
- Yeah.
It's the Division One semis, scouts all over the stands, Jesse's just putting Head in the game.
Head in the game.
too much pressure on himself.
Please! That's all the more reason to bring your "A" game.
It's a quick huddle by Kukui, and they're back on the line.
And he drops the snap! If this kid's day isn't bad enough Cougar ball to 19-yard line.
First and ten.
In the words of Charles Barkley, "This boy is turrible.
" Like he's giving the damn game away.
Frontera storms off the field, as this dream season is quickly getting away from Kukui High.
Lou, I've watched this kid play every game this season.
- This is just not like him.
Something's not right.
Those two birds look like they're up to something.
Could just be going to the bathroom.
Yeah except the bathroom's the other way.
Something's not right.
We should've been there by now.
You don't recognize this? No.
Um, maybe you got turned around or something.
I'm sorry.
It doesn't matter.
You know what? We just turn around and come back the way we came.
What? You see that? Yeah.
What is that? It's a plane.
You all right? This thing's intact.
I mean it's pristine.
There's no way it crash-landed here.
What's it doing here? Move, move! Who is that? I don't know.
Keep moving.
Keep moving.
We gotta keep moving.
Come on! Shh-shh Let me see your phone.
Everything's gonna be okay, all right? Everything's gonna be okay.
Shh All right, listen to me.
Clearly, this guy's upset that we found his plane.
What are we gonna do? He could keep shooting at us all day.
No one's gonna hear.
First of all, you're gonna breathe in for four seconds.
Then you're gonna breathe out for four seconds.
It's called "combat breathing.
" It helps with the stress.
Now do what I'm doing: in Okay.
What's the second? Second thing is, you're gonna stay calm.
Yeah, as soon as he stops shooting, I promise.
You just made a joke.
That's great.
If you're making jokes, we're making progress.
Trust me, we are not making progress.
Listen to me.
I'm not going to let anything happen to you.
Okay? Okay.
Okay? What's your plan? This guy's got a gun; we don't have a gun, okay? So we need to find our boat and get the hell off this island.
That's my plan.
That boat was our only way off the island.
Fallback! I was giving them the benefit of the doubt till now.
Keep an eye on them, will you? Yeah.
Copy that.
Hey, you okay? Mr.
Now's not a good time.
Hey, come on, Jesse.
You know me.
What's going on? I can't talk to you right now.
Yes, you can.
Tell us who those two guys were that just walked out of here.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Two goons.
Bad clothes.
Listen, kid, quit fooling around and tell us what the hell's going on here, and I mean right now.
I can't! Yes, you can.
And now you don't have a choice.
Because I'm not just here as a friend.
Son, you need to understand something.
Whatever you do out there on that football field today is going to affect you for the rest of your life.
He's right.
You willing to risk everything that you worked so hard for? I watched you play every single game.
I know exactly what you're capable of.
You shattered all of my records by your junior year.
crawling all over this place.
You really got a shot at going the distance.
But you know the only thing you showed me today? If I talk, Okay.
Tell us who.
He said he had my dad.
That they took him.
Did he identify himself? No.
my dad would never come home again.
And you're sure they have your father? Yeah.
He was dealing a big card game last night and never came home.
Which game? That's big stakes Texas hold 'em.
A lot of high rollers.
Any one of them could have money on this game.
And they send these two meatheads in here to make sure the kid gets the message.
They said I better find a way to get back in the game.
And that's exactly what you're gonna do, except you're not gonna throw it, all right? I'll talk to the coach and I'll get you back in there.
What about my dad? We'll find him.
You got any sign of 'em? No, nothing.
Well, they didn't just swim back to Oahu.
So we gotta move.
Back to the plane.
There could be a weapon there or a radio or at least something that tells us who these people are and gives us an advantage.
Okay? You want to go back to the plane? Yeah.
It's the last place these guys are gonna look.
Unless you got a better idea.
Sorry, I'm so terrified I can't think.
Yes, we will go with your logic.
Okay, good.
Let's move.
What? I know a better way.
Is this you pitching another shortcut? 'Cause the last one didn't work out so good.
Come on.
Where's this shortcut? Right up there.
But we have to cross directly over the falls.
Those falls? Yeah.
You've done that before? No.
But my grandfather said he did.
He said he did? Was he the type to, maybe, exaggerate a story? I don't know.
He did say he caught a thousand-pound bluefin tuna once.
I'm just kidding.
No, he he did cross the falls.
I think.
I don't know.
It doesn't matter.
We have to do it, right? Right.
This seat taken? Kukui calls a time out.
They're trying anything to slow down the Kaiser Dolphins.
I tell you, boy, I love popcorn.
Problem is, I'm gettin' old.
I can't digest it like I used to, you know? But they say they're making them little kernels now, so they go down easier.
Mmm! Walk away, big man.
Let me tell you how this is gonna go.
'Cause I can tell you two birds are thinking about going for those guns in your waistband.
That's a bad move.
See, then I gotta put a couple of holes in the both of you in front of all these nice people.
Let's just say one of you gets the drop on me.
Well, you see that girl up there? Go ahead, take a look.
Yeah, her.
She's an excellent shot.
Do you know, that little girl can hit a pimple on an elephant's ass from 100 yards away? Oh, yeah.
So here's the smart play.
I'm gonna take your guns Come on.
We're gonna get up, we're gonna take a little walk and then we're gonna have a nice conversation somewhere, like gentlemen.
Hmm? You know, I completely misjudged you.
You okay? Well, it's not great, but I know.
I'm sorry, but it's gonna save us a lot of time.
Steve! I'm okay.
I'm good.
Good work.
What's next? Through there, it's just another half mile to the plane.
Get down! Lynn, get his gun! What are you doing here? You stand down and I'll tell you.
Lynn! Hey.
You're bleeding.
Yeah, no, I'm okay.
Who is that guy? I think he did jail time, though.
That cross? It looks like something from the inside.
All right.
Let me see it.
Just I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, but we got to keep pressure on it, okay? Okay, I got it.
He's got to be dead, right? Let's not celebrate just yet.
He's only half our problem.
His partner's still out there.
Keep a lookout.
Cuffs? Yeah, cuffs.
This plane was a prisoner transport.
So, the people who are after us are escaped criminals.
Well, there's only one set.
So I'm thinking the guy we sent over the falls, he was the cargo.
These things weren't opened forcefully.
He either had the key or the people who were guarding him let him go.
All right.
Gonna fly us out of here, are you? Not today.
Good, because that would be way too impressive for a first date.
Okay, this thing departed from Manila They had 20,000 pounds of fuel.
ETA was 19:00 hours.
Oh, that makes sense.
There's a state penitentiary there-- Terminal Island.
Manila 2011 Four years ago, uh, a fugitive Boston Mob boss by the name of-of Dennis Logan, he was picked up in the Philippines.
I remember that guy.
He was always on TV wearing the fancy suits.
That's right, same guy.
FBI picked him up in the Philippines.
Then they were transporting him to prison, and presumably the plane went down north of the Hawaiian islands.
All right, this transponder right here? It's been turned off manually.
To the outside world, it looked like this plane crashed.
Yeah, but wouldn't the FBI still come looking for them? Well, yeah, sure, but they hid the plane.
I mean, we barely saw it and we were standing right next to it.
all the other people in the plane? I don't see any signs of a struggle.
So I'm thinking they must've been in on it.
Logan had money, he had lots and lots of money.
Go and see if you can find anything useful on board.
I'm gonna look in the storage bay.
Steve? This looks like something.
That's an ELT.
What? Uh, it's an Emergency Locator Transmitter.
a satellite grabs it, forwards the data to-to rescue authorities.
I like the sound of that.
Yeah, if this thing works, phones are gonna start ringing in relay stations all across the country.
That's a good sign.
That's not good.
That sucks.
Logan and his partner-- they had radios, right? Which means they got access to a power source.
If we can get to that power source, we can get this ELT working.
Jesse's dad-- where is he? Never seen him before.
Look, nobody's dead yet.
Nobody's even hurt.
You can still walk away from this a free man.
We just need to know where Jesse's father is.
I think I'll stop talking now.
Our turn.
Your name is Sean Roberts.
Street knows you as Giraffe.
You did a four-year stint in Folsom for armed robbery, for assault.
Extortion and kidnapping are a big step up for you.
Let's not forget about carrying a piece in public.
So, with the right judge, you're looking at about ten years plus.
It's got you thinking, right? Look, with a little help here, you could walk instead of doing time.
Where is Kai Frontera? Kai who? Look, Chin, these guys are pros.
They got encrypted phones.
The crime lab's trying to break them now.
All right, well, the clock is ticking.
There's probably not enough time to pull all the data as it is.
Let's get the other one in here.
Lynn, stop, wait.
You're bleeding again.
We got to keep moving.
No, wait, wait, wait.
Let me see that.
It's fine, you got more of that shirt? Just make me a new bandage.
Just let me see it.
Okay, this thing needs more than another bandage.
Okay, I'm gonna clean the wound with this.
With coconut water? Yeah, coconut water.
Don't knock it.
You know, in World War II, they used coconut water in the I.
solutions when they ran out of glucose.
Did you know that? All right.
All right.
Thank you.
You are very welcome.
Steve, did you hear that? We got to move.
Look who's back from the dead.
Where are they? I don't know.
We better find them! Now! We need to get that boat.
Okay, I like where this is going.
How do you suggest we do that? You're gonna steal it.
I already told you guys I don't know no Kai.
And we'd believe you.
Well, that is if you weren't such a world-class scumbag.
Excuse me? What are you deaf, scumbag? You even know who you're talking to? I know exactly what I'm talking to, Diaz.
A violent predicate felon working on his second strike.
And you know what? For a scumbag like yourself, a kidnap charge is gonna mean 25 to life.
If that kidnapping gets bumped up to murder-- Well, then you're just done.
Then a great day for you is gonna mean extra Jell-O.
It's got to be halftime.
Last chance, Armando.
Or what? What are you gonna do to me? Let me give you some friendly advice.
Make sure Kukui loses that game.
You're a cop, man! You can't do this! Oh, you're absolutely right-- I can't.
And you can't kidnap a guy and force his son to throw a football game.
So maybe neither you or I are the best judges of what's right and what's wrong! Oh, you son of a bitch.
You broke my jaw.
I hope to hell I did, because you know what? Otherwise it would mean that your blood is all over me for nothing! Hey, hey! Take it easy! Hey, come on! We don't do that.
You're lucky he's here.
Come on.
Oh, relax.
I'm not gonna hit you.
I'm not gonna hit you.
I'm just an old man.
Now maybe I should give you a little friendly advice, hmm? You need to tell us who you're working for.
No? Okay.
I'm not a gambling man like yourself.
Um, I usually only bet on sure things.
Like he's gonna keep right on hitting you.
I'll tell you what though-- just, just, just for fun.
Let's see how much I got-- one, I got two, I got, I got 300.
I can't bet anymore.
I got a wife.
I got $300 that says you're gonna tell us where Jesse's father is and then the kid's gonna go out, and he's gonna win his football game.
And then your boss is going to either jail, the hospital or the morgue today.
You know what? I dare you to take that bet.
Three hundred.
I didn't think so.
All right, it looks like the coach just put Jesse back in the game.
He just connected on a 40-yard pass.
So Kukui's down ten with a little bit more than Ah, damn.
Gutsy kid.
Let's hope he's got the focus to finish the game.
Finally, okay, DEA just downloaded the information on our kidnapper.
His name is Oliver Zelenko.
He had an import/export business out of Los Angeles that was just recently shut down.
The Feds think that it was a it was a front for running heroin from Turkey.
Looks like he's also a degenerate gambler.
He had a big house in Ka'a'awa, and now it's under foreclosure.
I'm guessing he put down a big bet against Kukui to get himself healthy again.
Hey, how much further? Shoot-- 30 miles.
We got some timeouts and delays, brutha I don't think we gonna make it.
We'll make it.
Kona, please tell me you're there.
We're here.
What about you? We broke one of the guys-- literally.
He said that they're holding Jesse's father in Ka'a'awa.
We're halfway there.
Kid looks kind of shaky.
What do I tell him? Nothing.
Keep your men positioned all around the field.
If anyone so much as looks at Jesse the wrong way, take him down.
Copy that.
So what's the plan? Nothing changes.
We find him, we kill him get the hell off the Island.
And go where? Can't stay here, Vick-- we've been compromised.
Lookit, there are hundreds of these little islands in the chain.
No one's ever gonna find us.
That's what you said about this place.
Over there! There he is.
Hey, hey, hey.
Where's the girl? You stay on him.
You know something? It almost worked.
Hey, McGarrett! I got your girl! You show yourself or I will kill her! Steve! You don't think I'll do it? Let her go.
I said let her go.
All right, you've had a good run; now it's over.
You are in no position to give orders.
I'm sorry, Dennis.
You hear that, pal, huh? I'm taking Vickie back to Oahu with me.
I don't believe you.
There's no way you're gonna go and leave your girlfriend behind.
I just met her.
What do I care? Keep moving.
You better pray to God he didn't take my boat.
If he took your girlfriend, he definitely took your boat.
Move faster! Move! Now! Go on! Go! Move! Move! Where is he? Where is he? Don't move.
Drop it right now.
Drop the gun, get on your knees.
On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
Lynn if he moves, you shoot him, all right? My pleasure.
You know, I was saying you look good for somebody who died in a plane crash four years ago.
I got money.
I could pay you.
Yeah, like you paid the Feds off who were supposed to take you to prison the first time, is that right? Get up.
Everybody's got a price, McGarrett.
What's yours? This is it.
Let's go.
First down and goal, Kukui looking to tie ts game up.
Movement! Movement! Silver 4! As Jesse Frontera has led his team to an unbelievable comeback.
Frontera goes back.
He keeps the ball, takes off running, over two defen and touchdown, Frontera! Can you believe what we are seeing? Kukui lines up for the extra point.
Kukui snaps the ball.
The extra point is up and good! We're all tied at 20 with a minute and half to play.
An improbable comeback by Kukui.
You guys there yet? We got five miles left.
Five miles in 90 seconds-- it's not gonna happen.
Please tell me there's at least one timeout left.
There isn't.
Kukui lines up for the onside kick.
It's a a low line drive heading right for Kaiser.
Oh! The ball's loose! Kukui recovers! I do not believe it! Kukui will have a chance to win the game and head to the state championship for the first time in ten years.
Listen, man I appreciate what you're trying to do for this kid but I have an SUV for this kind of thing, and from now on, we're taking my SUV! and Kukui has no timeouts remaining.
Frontera snaps the ball.
Drops back, looks to his right.
He completes it to his tight end for a first down, stopping the clock with 12 seconds left in the game.
This is the problem with kids these days.
They don't do what you tell 'em.
Your son is driving his team down the field again.
It's like he wants to be an orphan.
Kukui's just out of field goal range.
Frontera will have to win this one with his arm.
and a berth in the state championship.
Silver 4! Frontera will have one final play Motion, motion to get his team in the end zone.
back, back! Kukui is lined up in the spread formation.
Frontera looks over the defense.
Red 2, Red 2 This is it, last play of the game.
Hut, hut! Frontera drops back.
He's under pressure.
Rolls right leaps over a defender.
Stays on his feet.
Frontera's got a man open in the back of the end zone! He throws! It's caught! Touchdown, Kukui! If you don't believe in miracles, you do now! Because you've just watched one hell of a second half.
The crowd is going absolutely wild, as Kukui High has completed a miraculous, unbelievable comeback.
And Jesse Frontera Your kid just cost me another half a million.
Put him on his knees.
No! No! It didn't have to be this way, you know.
All your boy had to do was lose.
No! Hold him still.
Kai Frontera? Yeah.
You all right? All right, let's get you up.
Yeah yeah And Frontera is lifted in the air by his teammates and carried off the field.
A new legend is born in the state of Hawaii, as this is one Chin? - for the history books.
- Chin, what'd you say? They're all yours, Agent Brennan.
Thanks, Commander.
Logan, you're under arrest for murder, violation of the RICO Act, and bribing Federal agents to help you fake your death.
You'll be extradited to Boston to stand trial for these most recent charges, then you'll begin serving your sentence at Terminal Island.
Think of it as trading one island for another.
Get him out of here.
I want you to know I think that went really well for a first date.
Yeah, me, too.
Me, too.
I mean, we're both still alive-- it's a great start, right? Come on, I'll take you home.
is what you sow You were pretty convincing back there.
Were you really gonna leave me behind? I heard you talking to Logan.
Yeah, well, it worked, didn't it? Yeah, what if it didn't? What was your plan B? I'll tell you next Saturday.
You asking me on a second date? Yeah, we'll go for coffee, how about that? And malasadas.
Malasadas are safe.
Malasadas and coffee-- sounds like a perfect date.
I'll just keep on searching for that island in the sun
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