Hawaii Five-0 s06e08 Episode Script

Piko Pau 'iole (The Artful Dodger)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O: Goro Shioma was my father's mentor.
I offered to buy him out, but he wouldn't accept.
He said the only way out was to leave with nothing.
Delivery, Mr.
and Mrs.
Now all you have to do is give my friend Damon here the account codes.
WOMAN: The transfer's now complete.
You had to give Gabriel the money.
If you hadn't, we'd both be dead.
We had two Yakuzas sitting outside our house yesterday.
ADAM: You know how Shioma operates.
If he sent men to hurt us, we never would have seen them, okay? He's just posturing, trying to intimidate us.
Tom Bishop, I work for Goro Shioma.
Out of respect to your late father, Mr.
Shioma wants to resolve this situation peacefully.
This is Gabriel Waincroft's most trusted soldier.
If anyone knows Gabriel's whereabouts, it's him.
I find it hard to believe you brought me here just to watch you beat the information out of him.
We're not going to question him-- you are.
He's telling the truth-- he doesn't know where Gabriel is.
Well, we tried, right? I'm afraid it's all on you now.
Shioma wants what you owe him, and he wants it soon.
(brush crunching) (heavy breathing) You don't have to do this.
I just need more time.
Shioma has given you over a month to make good on your debt-- time's up.
What about my wife? As far as I know, he has no intention of hurting her.
No, that's not good enough.
I need some assurance.
Goro Shioma is not like your father.
He's a man of honor.
This debt is yours and yours alone.
Just let me call her, man.
To say goodbye.
You know I can't do that.
(grunting) (Tom shouts in Japanese) (gunshot ricochets) (gunfire) (approaching footsteps) (grunting) (grunting) (cracking) (panting) (Tom grunting) (Tom groaning) This doesn't change anything.
(gunshots) (phone line ringing) (recording): Hey, this is Kono.
Leave a message and I'll call you back-- mahalo.
(voicemail beeps) Hey, Kono, it's me.
Call me as soon as you can.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) I, Abby Dunn, do solemnly swear to faithfully support the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America in the state of Hawaii.
And to act at all times to the best of my ability and knowledge.
And to act at all times to the best of my ability and knowledge.
"best of my ability and knowledge.
" In a manner befitting an officer of the law.
In a manner befitting "an officer of the law.
" Congratulations.
What you doing, Jer? Nothing.
(chuckles): Can you believe this? She's been in Hawaii and she's already getting sworn in.
I've been here for years.
Well, pump your brakes there, Mulder.
She's not official Five-O.
We're just swearing her in on a temporary basis 'cause she's shadowing us for a couple of weeks, that's all.
Besides, Jer, you should feel proud.
San Francisco PD's putting together a task force based on what we do.
You're a part of that.
This is for you.
Thank you.
Ah, I think I need to sit down.
Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to Inspector Abby Dunn.
Abby, this is Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.
Captain Lou Grover.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
And Jerry Special Consultant Jerry Ortega.
Oh Special Consultant Jerry Ortega.
It's nice to meet everyone.
I've heard a lot about you.
Inspector Dunn was just telling me about the task force she's heading up in San Francisco.
Yes, Inspectors Stone and Keller are two of my best.
They don't exactly do well with rules, so I'm pretty sure they're going to enjoy having immunity and means.
What about you? I'm still getting used to the idea.
Well, I'm from Chicago-- I spent 25 years trying to cut through red tape.
Believe me, it won't take long.
Chin, once the inspector checks in to her hotel, would you show her around a little bit, please? Yeah, my pleasure.
Thank you.
See you soon.
("Hawaii War Chant" plays) Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui Lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui Lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai Au we hey-ah, hey-ah Ta huala ooh-ooh Au we hey-ah, hey-ah Ta huala Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Oh, excuse me.
Hanu lipo ita paalai Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Oh, I'm sorry, sir.
Pututui Lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai Welcome to Hawaii.
Au we ta huala Au we ta huala Tahuwai la a tahuwai wai la Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui Lu a ite toe la Hanu lipo ita paalai Let me take a picture.
I got it for both of you.
Ehu hene la a pili koo lua la Pututui Lu a ite toe la Do you like that? Yeah? Oh, that's great.
Thank you.
(man singing in Hawaiian, vocalizing lively melody) (song continues over radio) (chuckling) Au we hey-ah, hay-ah Ta huala oh-oh Au we hey-ah, hey-ah Ta huala.
(laughing) Money Burns a hole in my pocket How I wish I had millions of dollars And nothing to do But just buy Pretty presents for you Money Burns a hole in my pocket How I wish I had oil wells in Texas To keep me supplied with money (indistinct order) While I sit by your side Every day of the week We would visit the stores Oh, yes.
Oh, God, yes.
(panting) Oh, you're so hot.
What the hell is going on?! Oh, my God.
That's my husband.
Get out of here! I'm so sorry! (laughing) All right, kid, let's see what we got.
We've got keys and a phone, ring Oh, baby.
Oh, you're so hot.
Oh, I knew I shouldn't have left you alone.
Oh, my God, that's my husband! Oh! Oh! Bow.
(door opens) Oh, my God, that's my (silenced gunshots) (man, woman grunting) Are you sure I can't help you with those? I got it.
I think I'm gonna like this Aloha spirit.
Excuse me.
So, where you staying? Moana Surfrider.
Oh, nice.
Right by the beach.
- Yes.
Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold it.
Oh Whew! Chin.
New lady.
Uh, basement, Jer? You mean my clandestine Five-O office? Yes, please.
So, San Francisco, huh? Yes, born and bred.
You know, more than one person escaped from Alcatraz.
Uh, I did not know that.
(elevator dings) Yes, um, well, I'll see you around, Jerry.
Special Consultant Ortega.
Yes, sorry.
You're new.
Mistakes are gonna happen.
We haven't house-trained him yet.
HANK: I was down at the beach.
I came back up to the hotel room to see if Katie wanted lunch.
And that's when I found her (sobs) It's okay.
So I called the police.
Yeah, we, uh, we ran your partner's prints-- Katie Dawson.
She must've been busy lately.
She was arrested for petty theft.
She's also a person of interest in a life insurance scam in California.
Did you know about that? According to the Palm Springs Police Department she had a partner named Albert Keating, who matches your description perfectly.
But they disappeared before the police could question them.
Well, I'm-I'm not Al Keating.
Uh, my name is Hank Webber.
I've never even been to Palm Springs.
Oh, okay.
He's good.
That's pretty, pretty solid, That's a pretty solid performance.
Yeah, very good.
What are you talking about? It says here, "Albert Keating.
"President, Sunset Investment, Palm Springs.
'You're never too old to start saving.
'" Maybe it's his twin brother.
You got a twin? Okay, all right, uh, all right.
All right, all right, you got me.
You got me, okay? Full disclosure-- Katie and I? We came to Hawai'i to work the tourists, you know? We wanted to leave Palm Springs, fresh start.
Simplify, change it up a little bit.
So we went with the Badger game.
It's where you target married men.
And you catch them with their pants down literally.
They run out.
We take their stuff.
But this? This is this is crazy.
Well, it's lucky you weren't in the room, huh? If you think that I had anything to do with his, you're wrong.
I'm wrong? Okay, Katie was more than a protégé to me.
We we had something.
Okay, stop, please, okay? Hank, you are a con man, all right? Therefore, we do not buy what you are selling.
You understand? Save the Steppenwolf for the tourist.
Duke? Do me a favor-- take our friend here over to the Palace and make sure he finds a seat in rendition.
Put some handcuffs on him, too Whoa, whoa, whoa, okay, timeout, hold on.
Am I is-is this? Am I under arrest? You're not under arrest, not yet.
I'm just want to make sure you don't steal my buddy's wallet on the way out.
Ow, ow.
Nice and tight, nice and tight.
Let's go.
What do you think? I think he probably pissed off enough people and karma caught up with him.
I just feel bad for the mark.
Okay, yeah, but it doesn't make any sense to me.
Who kills somebody over a wedding ring and some cash? Hey, what do we got? Um, so, Hank and Kate checked in the hotel this morning under the names Marshall and April Carter.
Yeah, they paid cash for the room and the reservation was for one night only.
But their return flight isn't until the end of the week.
Okay, they got to have another room someplace else.
Yeah, why would they do that? To cover themselves.
Hank's not a moron.
He's smart enough to know you don't sleep where you steal.
What, you read that on a T-shirt or something? Oh, this guy can't read-- what are you talking about? Okay, Danny and I are gonna try to find this other hotel room, wherever it may be.
You guys, talk to security here, please.
Okay, Hank said that Katie was seducing married men in the bar.
Okay, they got to have CCTV in there.
Let's try to I.
those guys.
One of them could be our shooter.
ADAM: Hey, Kono, it's me.
Call me as soon as you can.
What's the matter? You all right? Everything all right? Uh, I don't know.
You go ahead.
I-I'll be right there.
(line ringing) ADAM: Hey.
Are you okay? I got your message.
I'm fine.
No big deal.
I was just wondering if you knew when you'd be home.
I thought we could go out, grab dinner? Oh, that sounds like fun.
Um, but I'm gonna be working late.
All right, we'll play it by ear then.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Charming place.
McGarrett brought the concept of rendition over from the military.
Have a seat.
Our interrogation tactics, however unorthodox, do yield immediate results.
ABBY: Huh, where's the interrogator sit? We don't.
And that's to our advantage.
We sit, we get comfortable.
Which means they get comfortable.
And we never want them to get comfortable.
Good, yeah.
I've got a question.
Um, what the hell is this drain for? Use your imagination.
Yeah, I'd rather not.
Well, I'm impressed.
Thank you.
I can think of a few cases where having a room like this would've been helpful.
(cell phone ringing) Excuse me.
Lieutenant Kelly.
I'll be right there.
Well, looks like we caught a new case.
Come on, I could use a hand.
When were they discovered? About an hour ago.
Ship's captain found the bodies, called Port Authority.
(indistinct radio transmission) CHIN: This was an execution.
They're all part of the same crew.
What do we know about the ship they came in on? Arrived a couple hours ago.
Originated from Shanghai.
We checked the manifest-- four containers are missing.
How'd they get past security? They didn't.
I got my guys checking the port for them now.
What kind of cargo were they bringing in? According to the captain, it was mostly kid's toys.
This was a smuggling op.
Shanghai to the mainland with inventory clearance at a low volume port of entry.
Mostly likely narcotics.
Enough weight to justify killing five men over.
Now I'm impressed.
(locks click) All right, where is it? Whoa, Starsky & Hutch, it's a little vague.
DANNY: We just went to your other hotel room and it's completely tossed.
STEVE: All right, so whoever killed your partner went there looking for something.
Probably what you stole from them.
DANNY: So, what could be so valuable that you took that's worth killing for? I don't know.
Okay, try again.
No, I'm telling you I don't know.
Uh, we-we just took wallets off the guys from the hotel.
We grabbed the cash.
We tossed the rest.
Could somebody please tell me what the hell this drain is for? All right, listen to me.
The two married guys that you scammed? They alibied out, okay? Which means you took more stuff from more people.
So, you either gonna tell us about that, or I'm gonna show you what that drain's for.
(chuckles) Okay, uh, maybe we took a few small items from the airport when we landed.
Just a few? Fine, maybe more than a few, but it was just normal stuff.
It was luggage, cell phones, watches.
Normal stuff-- nothing worth killing a person over.
Okay, well, clearly the person who killed your partner felt differently about that.
Yeah, well, you know, whatever it is they were looking for, they're not gonna find it.
Why's that? Because Katie pawned everything right after the score.
So, whatever they're looking for, it's gone.
I want the name of the pawn shop.
Yeah, I don't know that.
It was Katie's contact.
You know, I let her sell the merch.
It's kind of like honor among thieves.
Okay, you realize whoever bought all that merchandise could be the next target, right? I mean, the shooter's not gonna stop until he finds what he's looking for.
All right, what are you doing? I'm undoing this man's cuffs, Danny.
I see that.
Why are you doing that? Because we need him.
Ha! You need me.
Oh, God help us.
Wow, this is a nice office.
This is Pretty windows.
Yeah, listen to me-- keep your hands where I can see them.
You steal anything, I'm gonna shoot you.
Yeah, I will not.
Uh, you know, I don't, I don't know-- sorry.
I don't know the laws here on the islands.
But isn't that a little extreme for larceny? Oh, that's funny.
You think I'm kidding.
No, sir.
In fact, I think that happy-go-lucky got beaten into submission by ornery and forceful while you were still in the womb.
(snickering) Yeah? Where are we with the trace on the pawn shop, Kono? All right, I pinged Katie's cell phone.
And it registered at two cell towers this morning.
One in Waikiki near their hotel.
The other one in Chinatown, about a half-hour after they checked in.
Problem is there's about a dozen pawn shops in that area.
It's gonna take a minute before we can figure out which one she went into.
Well, why don't you just track the GPS from the rental car? What rental car? The one we boosted from the airport.
Didn't I--? Did I mention that? No, you didn't mention that, Hank.
Where is it? It's valeted at the hotel where we were, we were conducting our business.
KONO: Okay, I'll head over, check the car's GPS.
See if I can get us an address of the pawn shop.
Thank you.
Um, can I can get a cup of coffee? I'm having a little trouble adjusting to the time change.
STEVE: All right, we need to pull the manifest from Hank's flight.
And every other flight that landed in Honolulu around the same time.
You, you're gonna pick out all the people that you and Katie stole from.
One of them could be our shooter.
Okay, but I'm just telling you, I'm useless without caffeine.
GROVER: How do you take it? Black? Couple cubes of shut the hell up? (laughs) Yeah.
Two, two cubes and then some cream.
That be awesome.
And then, of course, your wallet.
Sorry, you-you're probably gonna want that.
I took it.
Oh, hell no.
You know what, you can get your own dam.
What did I tell you? What did I tell you, huh? I know, it's Put your hands on the desk.
It's a-- Keep them there.
I can't help myself.
Close your mouth.
(indistinct chatter) (speaking Japanese) (speaking Japanese) Heard you had a rough morning.
You don't want to talk about it? That's fine with me.
You could at least say thank you.
We both know you didn't do this for me.
I'm a businessman.
I don't want a war.
This man has no honor.
He attacked my wife, stole my money, executed two of your men.
Goro, we wouldn't be here if he hadn't intervened.
He's made amends for that.
(scoffs) How much did he pay you on top of the debt? Enough.
And still you sent your men to kill me.
I had some other business to conduct this morning.
Otherwise, I would have made the deal with Goro sooner.
And you wouldn't have had to kill those two men.
SHIOMA: Our business is concluded.
You are free to go.
I killed two men for nothing? HANK: Uh, him.
Not her, not him.
Her, that woman who looks like she was born to knit.
That kid.
The kid? Yeah, I took a pair of Beats off him.
Look, Richie Rich was sitting in first class.
Did you ever fly first class when you were a kid? Yeah, no.
I mean, I guarantee you that his parents are gonna buy him a brand-new set of headphones as soon as they get to the hotel.
GROVER: That's the last of the passengers.
That's everybody.
DANNY: All right, got 12 potential suspects, not including the kid.
All right, let's, uh, let's put TSA alerts out on all of them.
I don't want anybody leaving the island until we have a chance to talk to them.
(cell phone rings) Yeah, Kono, you locate that rental car? KONO: I did, and I was able to get an address off the GPS.
Tracked back to Waiwai Nui Pawn Shop in Chinatown.
Okay, great.
Send it through to me, okay? Good work.
You, you're coming with us-- you're gonna pick out all the items you stole.
Let's go.
Hello? Five-O, anybody here? Looks like, uh somebody likes cats.
(baby voice): Who doesn't? Huh? Who doesn't? Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Put the cat down.
STEVE: Hey, back door's open.
STEVE: Looks like he's got an apartment upstairs.
Door's been forced open.
Either of you guys read Stephen King? I mean, I-I don't think we should go up these stairs.
Keep your voice down and stay close.
HANK: No, I'm good, I'm gonna stay right here.
Let's go, please.
STEVE: Five-O! After you.
DANNY: Clear.
I got blood.
Is he dead? No, Hank, he's, uh, he's just taking a nap.
We're gonna defrost him though, just to double-check, you know? That's Is that That's Is that Are you joking? Hey.
All right, so Max said the C.
was a single gunshot wound to the chest.
Uh, CSU found, uh, a shell casing-- .
22 caliber.
Same as our other vics.
How about time of death? We're not sure.
The fridge was turned all the way up.
It affected the body temp.
doesn't find what he's looking for, goes over to Hank's other hotel room.
Uh, strikes out there as well.
Somehow, he figures out that all roads led to the pawnshop.
HANK: Oh, this piece here.
We swiped using "oops, sorry" routine.
The execution-- flawless.
People work hard for this stuff.
And you just take it? Don't you feel the least bit guilty about it? Aw, that's sweet.
Don't go changing.
Everything accounted for? Uh, well, I remember swiping a digital camera that is not here.
Okay, maybe that's what our shooter was after.
Would you recognize the guy you took that camera from? Yeah, sure, we did the "bump and grab.
" But I'm gonna tell you something.
It wasn't one of those fancy top-of-the-line cameras.
Just a little, like, cheap-o 20-meg deal.
Not worth more than maybe a hundred bucks.
It's not the camera they were looking for, it's what's on it.
Hey, Lou.
You, uh, you get anywhere with the passengers Hank picked out? We cleared 11 of the 12 suspects.
Nine of them had solid alibis at the time of the murder.
The other two were on connecting flights to other islands at the time.
Which leaves only one guy we haven't been able to reach.
His name is Andy Kaelani.
He's kama'aina.
Lives over in Pearl City.
He's got an assault charge stemming Well, he's got a violent side-- he could be our shooter.
Send me through the picture-- I'll show it to Hank.
All right, sent it your way, boss.
Is that the guy you grabbed the camera from? Yeah.
Yeah, that's him.
All right.
Looks like we got two sets of tire tracks.
A deal went down here.
s just came in on our dead crew members.
Turns out, they all had red notices on Interpol.
CHIN: Ex-Chinese military.
Anyone going after that much firepower is either gonna sell it or looking to start a war.
Thanks, Duke.
HANK: When you really think about it, Commander, you pulled the perfect "velociraptor con" on Detective Williams.
I mean, you took his car before he even knew it was happening.
Furthermore, you're not giving it back.
Which, according to the laws of this great country, is technically stealing.
Detective Williams drives his car home every night, okay? You know, buddy, if I've offended you in any way, I take it all back-- you're good with me.
We're good? Yeah.
Yeah? You want to bro it up? No, I don't want That's-that's too much? A little bit.
(clears throat) Okay, you-- stay.
You don't move.
(stammers) That is fine by me.
After seeing the pawnshop guy stuffed in the 'frigerator, I'm happy to stay right here.
Shut up, okay? Don't move.
STEVE: Fi-O! Clear.
(gun fires) DANNY: Gun! STEVE: Hank, Hank.
Give me the gun, Hank.
Give me the gun.
What the hell happened? He came out of there, he had a gun in his hand, he was heading for the house, I had to do something.
(breathing heavily) Okay, take it easy.
I think you just saved our lives, Hank.
I guess you guys are rubbing off on me, huh? Kaelani's gun was a .
Same as the other shooters.
DANNY: You all right? Uh, no.
It took a lot of courage to do what you did, Hank.
I mean, if this guy had got a shot off, it would have been one of us they'd be taking pictures of right now.
Thank you.
Also, we found this inside.
That's the camera.
All right, let's go see what's on it.
What? Okay, this doesn't make any sense.
They're all vacation pics.
None of them are even remotely suspicious.
Why go through all that trouble to get 'em back? Because he's not after the photos.
Wait a minute.
Lou's right.
There's got to be something embedded on this.
That would explain a lot.
I'll get it to Jerry.
So what now? Well, ballistics were a match on the .
22 that Kaelani had on him, so as far as we're concerned, we got our shooter, right? So that just leaves me.
STEVE: I guess so.
Given your cooperation in this murder investigation, and your heroics, we'll talk to the P.
's office, get your charges reduced.
You'll do a couple of months, tops.
(scoffs) A couple of months? Really? I thought you guys had juice.
DANNY: No, no, no, he's right.
Let's, uh, let's skip calling the P.
's office.
He could probably use the solid full rehabilitation time.
That's good idea.
No, no, no, no.
(chuckles) We're good.
I'm good, yeah.
So I appreciate that and thank you, and I'm glad that I was able to help you guys out.
And if there's anything you need in the future, you don't hesitate to ask.
You know where I'll be.
I got one.
Maybe you try a different profession when you get out.
(laughs) You mean like a-a real job? (chuckles) Yeah, no.
How about I just wait until I'm out of your jurisdiction? I'm kidding, I'm kidding, I'm kidding.
Okay, look, why don't you take Hank back to his hotel, get his things, take him over to HPD for processing.
Be my pleasure.
Hey, you're not, you're not still mad at me about stealing your wallet, are you? What do you think? 'Cause, uh, you're gonna hate me now.
(laughing): I did it again.
GROVER: That's funny.
Maybe we'll stop at the hospital on the way.
Okay, well, good-bye, fellas.
It's been a slice.
STEVE: Bye, Hank.
I'm good.
I'm good.
You know, I never thought I'd meet anybody more frustrating than you.
Oh, that's nice.
You just compared me to Hank? On irritation level, yes, you two are very similar.
Is that right? Mm-hmm.
Where you going? I'm going to get coffee wit somebody.
Is that all right? Who you going to get coffee with? None of your business.
How's it your business? Is it that girl you hung out with last week? Is that her right now? 'Cause if it is, let me talk to her.
I'll set her straight.
No, no, you won't talk to her.
You're never even gonna meet her.
It's Max, by the way.
Hold on, what? You sure about that? Okay, thanks.
What? Max just said the pawn shop owner died four hours before Katie Dawson.
Doesn't make sense.
If Kaelani already had the camera, why would he go back and kill Katie? He didn't.
He didn't.
We've been played.
(buzzer blaring) Guys, look, look, I know I pissed Lou off, but to have him bring me back here? This-ts is just cruel.
Cruel? Well, kind of like shooting your partner.
(chuckles) Excuse me? That-That's cruel.
You tried to scam us.
You went for the long con, and you were this close to making it work.
This right here, this is what it was all about, right? Uploading this memory card onto our system.
You see, this is a virus, isn't it, Hank? And this virus allows you to spy on our mainframe.
Oh, man.
I love you two like brothers.
I really do.
So please don't be offended when I say this, but, uh, I think I need to talk to my lawyer.
Hank, you know how it works down here.
You don't get a lawyer unless we say you get a lawyer.
(scoffs) Detective Williams, come on, buddy.
Help me out here.
I mean, I don't know where he got these ideas from, but he's wrong.
No, I don't think he's wrong.
Pawn shop owner's time of death is what gave you away.
The refrigerator was a great idea.
You cool the body down, you're gonna delay the TOD.
You knew we were gonna find out eventually.
See, you got sloppy, buddy.
(chuckles) Everything else was brilliant.
Driving the rental c to the pawn shop, make it look like Katie drove there, perfect.
We get to the hotel room, you made it look like somebody beat us to it, fantastic.
Then you went and killed your partner.
Oh, my God! DANNY: It was good.
I mean, the only thing left was to frame the shooter, Kaelani.
He was, he's the perfect target, you know? Local guy, works out of his garage, had a shady background.
It was a perfect fit, right? Somewhere in all this, you managed to get over to his house, plant the gun and camera.
Then when we got to his place, you made sure we went inside while you took care of the rest.
(gunshot) (whimpering) Hank, Hank.
(clicks tongue) You got it.
(chuckles) You got it.
If my hands weren't cuffed, I would applaud.
I knew I liked you guys.
And I got no room in my heart for chumps, you know? But you two, you guys are smart.
Well, here's the thing.
You are not going to prison for just a couple of months.
You're gonna spend the rest of your life there.
I don't think so.
All right, I want to know who you were working for and why they wanted access to our computers? I will do you one better, Commander.
I will testify against them, and I will help you put them away for immunity.
Who is it, Hank? Gabriel Waincroft.
Where is he? I don't know.
Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying to you.
I've never met him face-to-face.
Okay, then how did you meet him? An associate put us in contact.
Who? Who? Uh, it was a guy named Porter, but you're not gonna find him.
He shot himself two weeks ago.
He shot himself? You know, for a con man, you're pretty gullible.
All right, tell us how it went down with Gabriel.
Uh, well, he wired me a half a million dollars, uh, to start.
Said he was gonna pay me five million when the job was done.
I knew I was gonna spend a little bit of time inside, but when I got out, I was gonna go back to LA a very rich man.
Today's your lucky day.
Because we're not gonna charge you for those murders.
You're gonna be booked for theft, then you're gonna get in contact with Gabriel.
You're gonna tell him everything went down just as you planned it.
If you do that, if you do that, maybe you won't spend the rest of your life in prison.
(buzzer blares) (sighs) I-I know what you're thinking, all right? But this is our only play.
We arrest this guy for murder, Gabriel knows we're on to him.
Okay, I understand all that, but what about the software that he uploaded onto our mainframe? We're gonna use it.
We're gonna use it to catch Gabriel.
How are we gonna do that? We're gonna bait him.
Oh, like, uh, misinformation? Exactly, right.
When he bites, we hook him.
Then we come back and we charge Hank with four murders.
I like it-- the long con.
It's the only chance we got.
CHIN: I'll reach out to a few CIs and see if they've heard anything about a local arms deal.
I have a friend at the FBI who owes me a favor.
I'll ask him to put together a list of all known buyers.
Anyone who has enough cash to make a shipment that big.
A'ole pilkia.
(chuckles) A'ole pilikia.
(laughter) It was a six-hour flight from San Fran.
I got through most of the travel guide.
You know, I really appreciate you jumping in with both feet on this one.
I was hoping this trip was gonna be more than just show-and-tell.
Oh, yeah? What do you think so far? I like what I see.
(chuckles) I'm sorry.
That came out sounding weird.
(chuckles) No, no.
Uh, no worries.
(tires squealing) (horn honks) (guns clicking) Get out of the car, Chin.
Who is it? You can put your gun down.
I'll handle this.
You can stop looking for the stolen guns.
They're already off the island.
I should've known it was you.
I was really just the middle man.
The Chinese were greedy.
So I just took the guns.
I sold them to very motivated buyers.
Made so much on the deal I even paid off your cousin's debt.
You're lying.
Even you're not stupid enough to show your face in front of Shioma.
He's got a price on your head.
Not as big as what I paid him.
Besides, it'd be bad form for Go to kill someone he just got into business with.
See, unfortunately for you, I now have the Yakuza backing my every move.
Didn't have to be this way, Chin.
I came to you.
I offered you a chance to be a part of this.
You should've taken it.
I should've done a lot of things.
(chuckles) I'm going to wipe that grin off your face soon enough.
Promises, promises.
(engine starts) Hey.
I got your message.
Thanks for coming.
Uh, what's going on? (sighs) Can I help you? I'd like to report two murders.
You can find the bodies in the Makua Kea'au Forest Reserve.
How do you know this? 'Cause I put them there.

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