Hawaii Five-0 s06e09 Episode Script

Hana Keaka (Charade)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O Who you working for, Hank? HANK: Gabriel Waincroft.
STEVE: You're gonna get in contact with Gabriel, and you're gonna tell him everything went down just as you planned it, and if you do that, maybe you won't spend the rest of your life in prison.
Fair enough.
What about the software that he uploaded onto our mainframe? We're gonna use it to catch Gabriel.
Inspector Abby Dunn, this is Chin Ho Kelly.
San Francisco P.
is putting together a task force based on what we do.
You know, I really appreciate you jumping in with both feet on this one.
I was hoping this trip was gonna be more than just show and tell.
Oh, yeah? Well, what do you think so far? I like what I see.
Crime lab restored over 24 hours of deleted video footage of a potential murderer.
(laughing): Yeah, that was all me.
I'm sorry.
I'm just This is Eric Russo.
He's our new lab tech.
He's also Detective Williams' nephew.
Oh, cool.
(grunting, gunfire) (grunting, bones snapping) By me.
This doesn't change anything.
(grunts) Can I help you? Yeah, I'd like to report two murders.
You can find the bodies in the Makua Kea'au Forest Reserve.
How do you know this? Because I put them there.
(overlapping crowd chatter) (yawns) Oh, my God, who is she? Oh, my God.
(phone ringing) (marker squeaking on board) I'm Professor Jeffries, for those of you who cannot read.
I am your new teacher for Principles of Microeconomics.
(door opens loudly) Yo.
My bad.
Next time that you're late for my class, please don't bother showing up.
Okay? Have a seat.
All right, uh, so I understand, uh, you've been covering monopoly markets.
So if nobody has any questions WOMAN: I have a question.
Yes? What happened to Professor Thomas? Is he, like, not gonna come back? No, I-I don't think he will be coming back.
(pig snorting) What is that? What are you guys eating? What's got you all riled up? (snorting and squealing) (grunting) (gasps) (snorting) Oh, my God.
(snorting and squealing) Oh.
Oh, my God.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) (computer chirping) (beep, electric hiss, whooshing) (computer chirping and whirring) What's up with them? They're wiping the servers.
Nobody touches the table until they're done.
Wait a second.
What happened to the plans? HPD sent this across this morning.
Is that Hank Weber? He's looked better.
Yeah, somebody stabbed him this morning.
Well, this is obviously the work of Gabriel Waincroft.
Maybe he found out that Hank told us about the virus he put in his computer.
But how could he possibly know that? Well, my friend, that is a mystery that will only be solved when we lock up Gabriel Waincroft.
We just lost the best chance we ever had of doing that.
You see, this is a chess game to him.
He just sent us a very clear message that he is moves ahead.
Hawaii U.
Hawaii U.
Remember now, hold on to that receipt.
Gets you four percent off our half-day catamaran cruise.
MAN: Hey! Hey! Don't go anywhere until I'm finished talking to you.
Step back, honestly.
Get back.
I'm serious.
Back off.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Is there a problem? Just having a private conversation.
Brah, I don't know you.
I'm speakin' to Nahele.
You okay, or do I need to enforce my right to refuse service? Just think about what I said.
Who was that lolo? My father.
(phone buzzing) Hey, guys.
So, body's this way, at least what's left of it.
Kono, I'm surprised to see you here.
I thought you and Adam had an appointment with the prosecuting attorney's office? Yeah, we already did.
They offered him a deal-- 24 months.
him and tried to kill him.
It was self-defense.
That's not how the PA sees it.
To them, it's an opportunity to lock up the son of a Yakuza boss on a double homicide.
Yeah, self-defense or not, they can still charge him with criminal possession of a weapon.
Yeah, you know the worst part about this? Adam doesn't even seem interested in fighting this.
And so, he's thinking of taking the deal.
STEVE: Chin, what do we got? Ranch hand came out to feed the pigs, but found that they had already eaten.
Max is working on an ID now.
STEVE: All right, remote location, middle of the night.
This wasn't an accident.
Definitely a body dump.
This is an old organized crime trick.
Pigs-- they can eat through bone.
They don't leave anything behind.
Hey, Max, how's it going in there? Well, I'm still looking for some identifying markers, such as teeth or fingers.
But I can tell you our victim is male, approximately mid to late forties.
Fortunately, his liver's intact, so, temperature suggests T.
to be between 10:00 p.
and midnight.
Was he a hot or a cold meal? Well, if you're asking whether the corpse was consumed post or antemortem, I don't have an answer to that yet.
Although Eureka! I found a thumb! Did he just say “Eureka”.
Yes, he did.
STEVE: All right, Max, we're gonna need to get that back to the lab right away and run the print though AFIS.
Way ahead of you, Commander.
(beeping) (trilling) Ah! And we have a hit! (camera shutter clicking) Our victim's name is Elliot Thomas.
Appears to be on faculty at Oahu State.
STEVE: Guy's got no record.
Not even a parking ticket.
DANNY: All right, so, how does a solid citizen end up pig food? (growling) KONO: I don't know.
But I think I'm done eating bacon.
MAN: When I heard what happened, I notified the campus police.
They discovered Professor Thomas' car had been here overnight.
They also found some of his belongings on the ground.
He was abducted right here.
Yeah, I guess that makes this our primary crime scene.
Dean Letoa, I don't see any cameras around.
We're undergoing facility improvements.
We just installed cameras in the student lots, but we haven't quite got to the faculty yet.
GROVER: Well, we're gonna need to establish a timeline, so, um, do you have any idea what the professor's schedule was last night? I know he had a lecture that ended at 8:00.
Look at this.
Touch-up paint.
Somebody key his car? Yes, uh, that happened here last month.
Professor Thomas filed a report.
Was that an isolated incident, or does he have some kind of beef going on with somebody on campus? Unfortunately, there a quite a few people who had issues with him.
CHIN: Okay, so, this Web site ranks professors based on student reviews.
Now, Professor Thomas' approval ratings were in the tank.
By far the lowest of any teacher in the whole place.
And check out some of the comments.
GROVER: “This guy's not a professor.
“He's a dictator, and his class is like a prison camp.
” Damn.
“Professor Thomas makes the dude “from Whiplash seem warm and fuzzy.
And he doesn't play cool jazz music”" (chuckles) These are some of the nicer ones.
Check this one out.
DANNY: “Thomas sucks”" I'm into the whole brevity thing, you know.
Okay, well, it's clear his students hated him.
And given he was grabbed on campus, we need to consider all of them as suspects, right? KONO: Hey.
So I just got off the phone with Duke.
Professor Thomas' house was vandalized last week.
Someone tossed a brick through the window with a note attached.
That's called a Sicilian love letter.
What did it say? Said, “Do the world a favor and die.
” GROVER: Oh, that sounds like that could be our guy.
Maybe he fired a shot across the old professor's bow before he got up close and personal with him.
Well, the lab was able to pull a print off the note, but there was no match in AFIS.
CHIN: I don't suppose we can just head down to campus and fingerprint all of his students? Maybe we can.
How? Well, it seems to me that there's now an opening for a new economics professor at OSU, and it just so happens that one of our own minored in business at Seton Hall.
How could you possibly know that? That's not even in my personnel file.
STEVE: You think I'm gonna take you on to be my partner this whole time without doing my homework? KONO: Wait.
Boss, you've been sitting on that for six years? GROVER: That means he's probably got something on all of us.
Especially you.
Let's stay on point.
We need somebody on the inside, somebody to get Intel and prints.
Danny, you make the most sense.
What do you mean, “no?” No! I'm not gonna do it.
It's ridiculous, first of all.
Second of all, even if I did do it, uh, nobody's gonna buy me as a stuffy economics professor.
GROVER: Oh, no.
I don't know.
Oh, you don't? I don't know.
You got a little, uh, quick temper, kind of curmudgeonly.
(laughter) Yeah, and you have an opinion about everything.
You're the grumpiest person I know.
All right, good.
All right, so let's say that this stupid idea is something that we can do.
Maybe I can get prints, but Intel? I'm not gonna be able These kids are not gonna open up to me.
STEVE: He's right.
They're not.
We need somebody else in there with you, somebody who these kids can relate to, who looks like 'em, who acts like them.
So let me get this straight.
You want me to leave this lab to go undercover as a college student at the biggest party school in the state? Yes.
It was his idea, not mine.
All right.
If I'm gonna sell this, though, I got to go all in.
Don't do anything stupid.
Oh Got swagger like Jagger, big French palace Damn, that's tight Clean like McQueen, two pinky rings Damn, that's bright Moves like Brown, buys every round What you having tonight? Got a car like Bond, ladies on the arm Get ready for the wild life, yeah, been a long time comin' Old-school Chevy with my windows down Spent a long time running Black shades on and my radio loud Yeah, damn, it feels so good rollin' through my old hood How's that sound? Sound like what? Okay now So you ready for tonight? Yeah The flashing lights? Yeah You gonna lose your mind? Yeah I already lost mine Whoo So you ready for tonight? You look totally different, Uncle D.
That's a great disguise.
Yeah? Thank you.
You, too, with the, uh, college idiot persona.
You are a natural.
Okay, so, we're gonna have eyes and ears on you at all times.
So, hypothetically speaking, if I were to find myself in a compromising position with one of these coeds and maintaining my cover requires me to satisfy her sexually, that's cool, right? This has “epic fail”, written all over it.
You know that, right? Okay, Eric, you need to focus on memorizing the names and faces of these students.
Okay, you're gonna have to get in with these kids, you know, embed yourself, and find out who may have had it in for Professor Thomas.
I can foc Holy smoke show.
Check it out, Uncle D.
That girl's a legit ten.
Hell, if we were back in Jersey, she'd be a 12.
I'm gonna be real honest here, if she killed the professor, I wouldn't care.
I'd still marry her.
Can I smack him? Do me a favor, please, just try and act professional.
That's all.
Guys, chillax, all right? I'm just getting into character.
Tiffany Russo.
It's got a nice ring to it though, don't it? Oh, boy.
All right, uh, so I understand, uh, you've been covering monopoly markets.
So if nobody has any questions I have a question.
What happened to Professor Thomas? Is he, like, not gonna come back? No, I-I don't think he will be coming back.
(gasping, laughter, chatter) ERIC: Oh, hey.
Awesome news.
Uh, look, I need to gauge where you people are.
So there's gonna be a-a pop quiz right now.
Yeah, (groaning) I know.
It's terrible.
But the good news is Here, look, there's good news.
When you're done with the test, you can go directly to your homes or wherever it is that you choose to go.
Just, uh, please hand the test to me, okay? Yeah? Right when you finish.
I'll be right there waiting.
Okay? It's gonna be fun, everybody.
(waves crashing) Hey.
How you doing? Kamekona said you had a visitor yesterday.
Then I guess he told you about my father.
You want to talk about it? There's not much to say.
He wants custody? I haven't seen him since I was eight.
He thinks 'cause he writes a couple of letters from prison and says he's sorry that still makes him my father.
And now I got to live with this guy.
This is a court hearing.
You know that, right? Nothing's been decided yet.
I'd rather be back on the streets than be with him.
No chance he's changed? No.
Thank you, Mr.
Thank you, Ms.
Thank you, Ms.
Le-her? Ler-er? Lehrer.
That's nice.
What is that, French? So, will you be keeping the same office hours as Professor Thomas? 'Cause I could really use some extra help.
You know, one-on-one? Right.
Well, look, if you have any, um, questions that, uh, pertain to the the material, the-the work stuff that we're doing, then you my door's open.
(chuckles) Okay.
Totally get what you're saying.
ERIC: All right.
Later, blood.
Dude, I may have bombed this quiz, but I am straight-up murdering this undercover thing.
Bad choice of words.
But I'm already piped into the scene.
I got so much stuff going on.
I got coffee with Sienna, Ultimate Frisbee in the quad, study group tonight, kegger after that.
Okay, all right.
Slow down, please.
Don't be too eager.
If you're too eager, it's gonna be suspicious, you understand? Copy that.
Maybe I'll blow off Good.
study group, see if I can track down Tiffany.
The, uh the Jersey 12? That's stalking.
Don't stalk, 'cause that's illegal.
Hey, hey, hey.
You did not see the look she gave me, all right? We have something real going on here.
All right, look, Jump Street, do me a favor, all right? I-I can't believe that I'm actually gonna say this, but your priority needs to be that keg party tonight, okay? It's a high concentration of students.
Blood alcohol level is up, guard is down.
You dig? Got it.
Get 'em plastered, make 'em spill on Professor Thomas.
That's right.
Oh, um, Dean Letoa is, uh, about to call an assembly for, uh, Professor Thomas' students, to tell 'em that he has passed on.
I want you to be there, observe and report.
Will do.
Okay, good.
Hey, by the way, Yeah.
great class.
Thank you.
MAX: Inspector Dunn, I apologize we weren't properly introduced at the crime scene.
No worries.
You were elbow-deep in human entrails.
I get it.
Speaking of which, I was able to assemble what's left of your victim.
After cleaning off the remains, I was able to discover a single GSW to the chest.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any exit wound, but, based on the trajectory, I would assume Professor Thomas was shot in the heart.
Unfortunately, the heart was eaten.
So you're saying the pigs the pigs ate the bullet? Correct.
Now, thankfully, after digestion, we will be able to excavate the evidence.
So we have to wait for the pigs to poop the slug? Yes.
And you will have to monitor them closely, because, given the opportunity, swines will consume their own excrement.
Ugh, I'm glad I'm a vegetarian.
Well, I can tell you right now that we won't be babysitting the pigs.
Jerry, hey.
What are you doing? Hey, sorry, Jer, I know it's not the most glamorous gig.
Are you kidding me? I'm searching for the magic bullet.
You guys trust me.
This is real cop work.
All right, well, remember, when the bullet comes out I know.
Don't touch it.
Call CSU.
Got it.
Good luck.
(pigs snorting) (chuckles) What? Nothing.
It's just You know the last time somebody opened a door for me? It was never.
Oh, come on.
Not even on a date? No.
All right, well, I guess I was just raised to be a gentleman.
It's a good thing.
One of the things I always admired about my dad was his sense of chivalry.
I thought that had died out with his generation.
It's nice to see I was wrong.
(phone rings) Hey, Danny.
What's up? Hey.
Where are you on the prints that I sent over? Hmm, we're about halfway done.
Okay, do me a favor.
Uh, pull up Brandon Aquino.
Run him next if you haven't already.
Run Brandon Aquino right away.
Eric just called.
Apparently he ran out of the assembly the second he heard that Professor Thomas was murdered, so Who is this kid? Starting point guard for the basketball team, who was failing Professor Thomas' class, which makes him ineligible.
Well, there's a motive.
(beeping) Yeah, we got a match.
He's our guy.
Where is he now? Yo.
He's, uh, in there with the coach.
AQUINO: What did you do? Sounds pretty ugly.
I don't know what you're talking about! You need to calm down! Calm down? STEVE: Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Both of you, shut your mouth! Hey! Brandon Aquino, we need to talk to you about the murder of Professor Thomas.
Whoa, you got the wrong guy.
Coach did it.
He killed Professor Thomas! STEVE: You threw a brick through the professor's window.
It had a note on it with your prints all over the note.
You wanted him dead.
Now he's dead.
I threw the brick.
I was pissed.
I worked my ass off in that class, and no matter what I did, it wasn't good enough.
But I wouldn't kill him.
That's a hell of an accusation to have thrown at you, Coach.
Why would I kill Professor Thomas? AQUINO: Coach Diggs blew up when he found out I was failing.
He based his whole team around me.
We haven't won a championship in over 30 years, and this season was our best shot.
He said not to worry about it and he'd take care of it.
DIGGS: I went to ask him to cut Brandon some slack.
But he wasn't interested in having that conversation.
I bet that pissed you off.
It did.
So I talked to the board of trustees, made them see the big picture: with Thomas gone, Brandon can play.
If Brandon plays, the team wins and so does the whole school.
So you had him fired.
It was supposed to be his last semester.
So you see? The guy was out.
I had no reason to kill him.
I am just so broken up about it, Professor Jeffries.
I mean, I can call you that, right? No.
I mean, life is just so fleeting.
You really have to make the most of every opportunity.
That's, uh that's true.
It's a very interesting thought and probably something All this you should discuss with your grief counselor.
Yeah, but, I mean, you seem so approachable.
I'm not.
You are.
That's crazy, 'cause I'm not.
I'm not approachable at all.
My friends think (phone ringing) That's I got to get this phone call immediately.
You don't even know who it is.
I know exactly who it is.
I-I Wait.
Seriously? Yeah, I'm sorry.
It's just, um, I got to take this.
Uh Please, come on.
I'll see you in class.
See you later, Ben.
(sighs) Please tell me that Brandon did it so I can go home.
STEVE: Brandon and Coach Diggs both alibied out.
I'm sorry, buddy.
So I'm gonna be a teacher for the rest of my life.
The good news is that Grace will get a free education.
Look, we know Professor Thomas was grabbed on campus.
And Brandon Aquino wasn't the only kid who hated him.
His killer is someone at that school, I'm telling you.
Oh, good.
Well, then I better get back to class.
Go get 'em, Professor Plum.
It's Jeffries.
Thank you.
Now, let's shift gears from one cycle to another.
We've already talked about PLC, so we'll get back to basics Now, the peak is what we refer to as the last month in the cycle before Recovery unpredictable.
fickle economic roller Although the term “cycle” would infer a notion of predictability or certainty, these fluctuations Anyone has any questions, I'll be in my office.
Thanks for coming in.
Oh, that's very nice.
Thank you very much.
See you.
(indistinct conversation) KONO: Okay, so check this out.
I was looking to Professor Thomas' financials and I found something interesting.
Three months ago he re-mortgaged his house to purchase a nail salon.
Maybe he found out he was getting fired and was looking for another source of income.
Yeah, well, if that's the case, it turned out to be a great investment, because not only was he able to pay back the mortgage, he was collecting a $3,500 weekly salary.
That's a hell of a lot of manicures.
And get this-- our previous owner was foreclosed on, so our economics professor must've been one hell of a business genius to turn this place around in record time.
$3,500 a week for buffing and polishing? Nobody's that smart.
All right, Steve, listen to me.
I've spoken to 48 students, I even spoke to the guy who sells poke in the middle of the courtyard.
This plan of yours is a complete disaster, it's not working.
Well, maybe there's a problem with the execution.
How's E-Train doing? Oh, E's fantastic.
You should see the way he plays Frisbee now, it's really great.
And he's going to a keg party later tonight and if he doesn't get completely hammered, maybe he'll give us some information.
Sounds like the Williams family has it all under control.
Professor Jeffries, great lecture.
Thanks, buddy.
You hear that? Despite this ill-conceived plan of yours, I am still making a positive difference in young people's lives.
Oh, yeah, give it time, Danny, I'm sure by tomorrow you'll be making their lives as miserable as you make mine.
I got to go, buddy.
I'll talk to you soon.
Kaili Huikala? Yeah.
I'm Steve McGarrett.
Been meaning to reach out to you.
Heard you've been looking out for my son.
I appreciate that.
He's a great kid.
Yeah, he is.
But I'm guessing you didn't come down here to tell me that.
Well, you're right.
I wanted to talk to you about Nahele's well-being, actually.
I know you think this custody case is the best thing for him but with all due respect, I think you're wrong.
I appreciate your concern, but Nahele's my son.
And he doesn't want to be with you right now, Kaili.
When I went away he was just a little boy.
I let him down.
I know he's mad at me for that.
I don't blame him.
But I want to make things right.
I get that, but you come at him too hard, you're gonna push him away.
And that trust is gonna take time to earn.
I already lost out on eight years with him.
That was all my fault.
I'm the one who committed those robberies.
But I'm a different man now.
And all I want to do is prove that to him.
That boy's all the family I got.
“'But it's unfair', cried Fern.
“'The pig couldn't help being born small, could it? “'If I had been very small at birth, would you have killed me? (squealing) I know.
It gets me every time, too.
Oh, that's what you meant.
My pig Latin isn't as good it used to be.
Get it? (squeals) Yeah, that was bad.
Anyway, you just go ahead and defecate and I'll just, uh, hang here and give you some privacy.
(whistles) Excellent work, my friend.
Take that, Warren Commission.
How'd it go with Nahele's father? Well, I mean, he's uh well, he's saying all the right things.
He got himself a job.
He seems determined to turn his life around.
He wants Nahele to be a part of it.
CHIN: Okay.
You don't sound so convinced.
When I talk to Nahele, I just I got this feeling he's not telling me something.
That's all.
But maybe I'm being overprotective.
You know? I just want to do right by this kid.
So where are we at with Kono and Grover? Any, uh Uh, yeah, well, they checked out the nail salon, they said it was a ghost town.
Yeah, they also spoke to a couple other business owners in the area.
According to them, it's always quiet like that.
Yeah, but the tax records, however, show that the place has been raking it in.
Okay, so clearly it's a front.
That's what we're thinking.
According to payroll, one of the professor's students was actually listed as an employee.
Kid's name is Alfie Tucker.
We got his schedule from the school registrar.
His last class of the day was two hours ago.
We're tracking him down now.
10:00 on a Friday night.
I think I know where he might be.
(whooping, cheering) Ooh, you made it! How are you? You are way behind.
Let me tell you something, sweet Tiffany, nobody plays catch-up better than me, huh? Mmm.
Mmm, oh, yeah.
Do that again.
Thank you.
(laughs) Where have you been all semester? (chuckles) Nowhere.
Maybe you're not looking hard enough.
So what, you just show up to class whenever you want? Uh or when I got a reason to.
(chuckles) Uh pretty awful about that professor, huh? No.
Thank God he died.
Whoa, that's a little harsh.
You're right.
I do feel bad for the guy, but at least we got a shot at passing his class now.
(chuckles) Yeah, yeah.
Have you seen Professor Jeffries? Adding him to my to-do list.
(coughs) What, are you kidding me? The guy's so old he went to Bon Jovi's first concert back in '84.
Okay, how would you even know that? Facebook-stalked him.
(phone rings) Go for E.
DANNY: Hey, can you talk? Oh, yeah, Ma.
She-she worries about me.
(all whooping, cheering) Okay, what's up? I'm sending you a photo right now.
Let me know you got it.
Got it.
You recognize that kid? Sure, yeah, that's One Buck Tuck.
What does that mean? What's One Buck Tuck? Well, his last name's Tucker.
He sells one blunt for one dollar during happy hour, ergo One Buck Tuck.
He's the pot dealer on campus.
Why, you think this is our guy? Maybe.
Uh, apparently he and Thomas were partners, uh, and they had a-a nail salon that they were using as a front to launder money.
Now I have an idea where the money was coming from.
So maybe the professor's murder didn't have to do with him being a hard-ass to his students? Maybe not.
Maybe this was just a disagreement between partners.
(knocking) If you're looking for Tuck, he's not here.
Just come back for your medicinal needs later.
(loud bang) I heard him say to come in right in.
I heard him say it, too.
Where is he? I don't know.
I just got back and he wasn't here.
I'm gonna search all his stuff now.
You got a problem with that? No.
Uh, go right ahead, I, actually, uh, I have to go study.
You got to study? (laughing) Anxious little dude.
Ah, college dorm life: where personal hygiene and ramen noodles go to die.
Look at that.
An old, worn-out poster stuck to the ceiling.
That's not weird.
Got 20 pounds of weed up here.
That's that's a lot of smoke.
Yeah, there's something else, too Oh, grow lamp.
Looks like Alfie and the professor weren't just selling.
You know, if there really is you know how many plants that would take? Yeah.
Like a hundred.
And a big space.
A lot of power.
That's well-hidden, right? Yeah.
I think I know where the place is.
(clattering) Alfie, Alfie, Alfie! Don't do it.
Close the lighter.
Put the lighter back in your pocket.
Turn around.
Get on your knees, put your hands behind your head.
Hands behind your head.
(buzzing, door unlocks) (door opens, closes) Professor Jeffries? No, I am Detective Williams.
So you're not really a teacher? No, I'm-I'm not really a teacher.
I definitely was not this stupid when I was in college.
Yeah, Don't Do Drugs just got a new mascot.
Hey, that weed wasn't mine.
I was just burning it for a friend.
Okay, first of all, I don't believe that.
But more importantly, we do not care about the weed, okay? You don't? No.
We don't.
We just want to know why is it that you killed your partner.
What?! You mean Professor Thomas? No way.
I had nothing to do with that.
Well, then why were you trying to burn your crop? Because I didn't want to be next.
Next for what? What do you mean? Look all I wanted to do was sell to my friends.
It was never really about money with me.
But I was an idiot.
Did a handoff in the parking lot one day and Professor Thomas saw me.
I was pretty sure he was gonna have me expelled.
But he had this big idea.
He said I wasn't taking advantage of my position in the marketplace, that he could help me double my cash flow.
So what, he was, uh, he was, like, your advisor? More like business partner.
Professor Thomas knew he was getting fired.
He said he never wanted to teach again, that this could be his retirement.
So he helped me expand the business.
And that didn't go over so well with some of our competitors.
Okay, if you are saying that one of them potentially killed him, we need a name.
Not happening.
I'm not gonna end up like Professor Thomas.
You think burning your inventory's gonna prove you're out of the game? Because the people we're talking about, they're gonna make sure you never grow anything ever again.
They're gonna kill you.
If I give you a name you have to protect me.
Sit down! Sit down! Have a seat! I never met no Professor Thomas.
Or this Alfie.
What kind of name is that, anyways? Sounds like a couple of haoles.
Yeah, it was a couple of haoles.
Now there's only one haole, 'cause you killed the other one.
Why would I do that? Because they started growing their own product, and it was your territory-- you couldn't have that, right? Grow? You talkin' pakalolo? Braddah, kush is about to be legal.
Why waste time with that when this whole island's a garden? (door buzzes) DANNY: Hey.
How'd it go in there? He denied all knowledge of Alfie and the professor.
His crew said the same thing.
HPD did a sweep of their hang.
Found a few weapons, but no drugs.
What? I believe him.
I'm just saying, it's my gut-- I don't think he had anything to do with this murder.
Hey, so that was Chin.
Ballistics came back on the slug that Jerry recovered.
Got a hit back to a Beretta nine-millimeter registered to the Honolulu Firearms & Range on Queen.
Let's go.
There's no way.
It's been here the whole time.
Oh, it has, has it? Yes.
We're gonna need to see a record of anybody who has used it in the last 48 hours.
I'll go print you a list right now.
Off you go.
Actually, we're gonna hang on to that for a minute.
Hey, uh, Steve.
Anybody look familiar up there? ALFIE: You mean Professor Thomas? No way.
I had nothing to do with that.
DANNY: All right, so this is obviously you right there, you see? And then that little nubby thing right there, that is a nine-millimeter Beretta.
So what? So what? I shoot that gun at the range all the time.
Took it home by accident; I returned it the next morning.
That doesn't prove I killed the professor.
Actually, Alfie, you're wrong.
Ballistics proves that that gun was the gun that killed the professor.
And T.
-- that's “time of death”-- matches exactly the window where you accidentally borrowed it.
DANNY: I like how you used the gun range as a library.
That's nice-- you take the murder weapon out, you return it the next day.
That's good.
You know, I seem to remember you saying this was never about the money.
My guess is, once you tasted some real cash you changed your view on that, right? All of a sudden the idea of splitting the take 50-50 wasn't so appealing.
You're a smart kid, Alfie.
I see what the professor saw in you, but you made a mistake-- you left out one small detail.
Pigs can't digest metal.
Or, in this case, lead bullets.
ERIC: What do you mean Alfie confessed? DANNY: It means that he, uh, admitted to it, he said, “I did it,” okay? He confessed.
And that's it? I mean, you believe him? He's lied to you about everything and now you trust him? Okay, listen, I apologize, but the fun is over, okay? The case is closed.
That's that.
No, Uncle D, you're killing me! Call me Uncle D one more time and see what happens, okay? Sorry.
I'm an idiot.
Yes, you-you are an idiot.
But, um you did a you did a very good job.
I'm-I'm proud of you, okay? Wow.
Compliment? Thanks.
Don't get used to it.
Get your ass back to the crime lab, all right? Hey, you! Why the long face? (sighs) Whew, Tiff, I got to tell you something.
What are you still doing here? Uh, I was just working on my daily report.
SFPD brass wants to make sure I'm actually working here and not lounging at the beach or taking surf lessons.
Well, you know, you might be more comfortable in an office.
You're welcome to use mine if you'd like.
Are you sure? I mean, you already opened the door for me today-- that's a lot for a girl like me to take in.
Mm-hmm, very funny.
Make yourself at home.
What? Did I say it wrong? No, you nailed it.
I really appreciate this.
CHIN: You're welcome.
Good night, Abby.
Good night, Chin.
(car horns honking in distance) WOMAN: I've gone over Mr.
Huikala's testimony, as well as the social worker's evaluation.
I also have affidavits here from Mr.
Huikala's employer and parole officer.
At this point I feel I have enough information to render a decision.
The state of Hawaii prides itself in reconnecting families, and after careful consideration, I believe that is what we should do here today.
This court feels that it is in Nahele's best interest to be reunited with his father.
The petition for custody is hereby granted.
(door slams open) (door squeaks open) (sighs) I thought I might find you here.
Look, Nahele, I know things didn't go down the way you wanted them to, but I-I don't care what I don't care what that judge said.
They can't make me live with him.
Actually, they can.
There's something you're not telling me, isn't there? And I want to help you, but if you don't let me in, I can't.
Look at me.
I will always protect you, all right? All right? KAILI: Keiki, I promised shave ice.
Just need to make a pit stop first.
Okay? (car door bell dinging) Stay in the car, Nahele.
We'll be back soon.
Read one of your comic books, all right? (gunshot) (birds squawking) (birds singing) (keys jingling) Keiki, your seat belt.
Come on, let's go get that shave ice.
(garbled radio transmission, distant siren) (camera shutter clicking) Call Duke.
Get him over to Nahele's father's place.
Tell him I'll meet him.

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