Hawaii Five-0 s06e10 Episode Script

Ka Makau Kaa Kaua (The Sweet Science)

Previously on Hawaii Five-O Mr.
Shioma wants what you owe him and he wants it soon.
(grunting) (both speaking Japanese) GABRIEL: By me.
This doesn't change anything.
I'd like to report two murders.
You can find the bodies in the Makua Kea'au Forest Reserve.
How do you know this? Because I put them there.
Goro's men kidnapped him and tried to kill him.
It was self-defense.
To them, it's an opportunity to lock up the son of a Yakuza boss on a double homicide.
Yeah, self-defense or not, they can still charge you with criminal possession of a weapon.
Adam doesn't even seem interested in fighting this.
He's thinking of taking the deal.
Yo RADIO ANNOUNCER: If you needed another reason to hate reigning Welterweight Champion of the World, Devon Haynes, try getting around downtown Honolulu this evening.
Lane closures for tonight's weigh-in at the Blaisdell arena have traffic at a standstill in some places.
Hol' up, we Dem boyz Hol' up, we Dem boyz (crowd whooping, cheering) Hol' up, hol' up, we makin' noise Hol' up (whooping, cheering continue) Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up Hol' up, we Dem boyz Hol' up, we Dem boyz Hol' up, hol' up Hol' up, we makin' noise, hol' up Hol' up, we Dem boyz The time is here, baby! Hol' up, hol' up CHRIS TANAKA: Champ a Hawaiian-born fighter has never won a world title in that popular welterweight division.
Luke Nakano says he can take your belt and make boxing history here in Hawaii tomorrow night.
What do you say? See, back in the day, missionaries sailed these islands on whaling ships to spread peace and religion.
But I'm here on a different mission.
ENTOURAGE (in unison): Uh-huh? I'm here to bring a little pain a little suffering.
(crowd jeering) Ah, your boy talks a good game, huh? DANNY: Yeah, well, he can back it up-- Guy's an animal.
KAMEKONA: Yo, Bobby Flay, these burgers need a little bit more grill time.
What have I told you about backseat barbecuing at my house? CROWD (chanting): Luke! Luke! Here comes my boy.
Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! (cheering, whooping) We get lost in foggy fantasies Walk the line of dreams and sanity Wow.
In our eyes, we'll be fine All right.
Look at this, wow, mahalo.
Shining on until the day begins In our minds How you doing? We'll be fine Oh, come on and shout it out Sing a little bit louder now Champion of the world! One, two, three, four Twist, shake, shout Come on and let it out, twist, shake, shout Luke, good evening.
A lot of the experts predicting a quick knockout tomorrow night.
They're giving me way too much credit.
You see, I think Haynes can go the distance.
(crowd whooping) Come on and let it out Hey.
How's Kono holding up? Oh, she's hanging in there.
She's trying not to worry until they see what comes out of the hearing.
(sighs) Last offer I heard was 24 months-- is that right? Yeah, and the prosecutor's holding firm on that.
I think Adam's family ties to organized crime, along with the suspicion surrounding his brother's murder, hurt his chances of avoiding jail time altogether.
Yeah, I agree.
(knocking) Sorry I'm late.
I forgot the candles.
STEVE: Hey, Max.
I wasn't aware you were Jewish.
Oh, well, as one might imagine, I get that often.
I was adopted by a Jewish family.
Oh, cool.
KAMEKONA: Potato latke.
Shallow-fried in peanut oil.
Lightly salted.
Your ancestors would be proud of you, bruddah.
So, how does this work, brah? JERRY: The eight candles represent the eight days of Hanukkah.
That is correct, Mr.
KAMEKONA: Bruddah you're supposed to be in a house of worship for that kind of stuff.
(chuckles) Well, the lighting of the menorah is meant to be done in front of many people to celebrate the miracle that the holiday represents.
Maybe you should light one of them candles for my boy, Luke.
He's gonna need a miracle tomorrow night.
I don't think it's those kind of candles, Flippa.
Actually, this holiday's about celebrating the the triumph of faith and courage over might, so it might be a little help.
GROVER: The Lord works in mysterious ways, huh? Well, that's technically a different deity, but your sentiment is correct, Captain Grover.
Baruch atah adonai eloheinu.
MAX: Shalom, shalom.
Not for you.
ANNOUNCER: Here we are with local hero Luke Nakano, standing face-to-face with reigning champion and bad boy of the boxing world, Devon Haynes.
We are less than 24 hours away from what many experts are calling a tune-up fight for Haynes on his way to next year's mega fight against the number one contender in the division, the undefeated Manny Garcia.
If Luke is intimidated, he's doing a great job of hiding it with that million-dollar smile.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, I got a good idea.
How about we get a picture of my man Luke here in one those little grass skirts.
(laughter) MAN: You know what, kolohe? Kolohe! (laughter) You talk a lot of stink.
Hope you can back it up.
OTHERS: Ooh! Not now, Ben.
Knock it off, Benny.
It's not worth it.
You must be the big brother ex-con junkie.
Why don't you stop fronting in front of your mokes, come over here and let me teach you something about respect.
(laughter) Tell you what, Tiny Bubbles How about you meet me in the parking lot tomorrow night after the fight? After I'm done wiping the canvas with your baby brother.
You know what? Bring your whole tribe.
Bring your mama, bring your sister, and I'll kick all y'all loco moco-eatin' asses.
(clamoring) Let him go, let him go, man! Let him go! I got enough power level for everybody! (grunts) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hey.
How'd it go? Prosecutor's last and final offer was 18 months.
We accepted it.
KONO: It's the best our lawyers could do.
If I took it to trial and lost, I was looking at a minimum of five years.
When do you have to surrender? Tomorrow morning.
(softly): Hey.
It's just 18 months, okay? Then we'll be able to start our lives together without my past getting in the way.
I just can't believe this is happening to us.
Now, you concentrate on taking care of yourself, all right? I'll take care of her.
ADAM: Thanks, man.
(indistinct police radio chatter) DANNY: It's a stupid conversation in the first place.
STEVE: Yeah, it is.
Boxing is better than MMA in all ways.
You're crazy.
You don't know what you're talking about.
- I'm not crazy.
Let me explain something to you, okay? Boxing is civilized.
Which is probably why you don't like it that much, okay? Uh-huh.
It's a technical sport.
It requires something that you do not have.
Patience, all right? Uh-huh.
It's called the sweet science for a reason.
How about I give you some sweet math, all right? Three minutes, 19 seconds, to be exact.
I don't know what that means.
What does that mean? Oh, well, I'll tell you what it means.
Three minutes, 19 seconds is the time that it took Randy Couture to take out James Toney in The Octagon in 2010.
Okay? James Toney? He-he hit his peak in the '70s! What are you talking about? James Toney.
Lou, let me ask you a question-- it's a very, very serious question.
Boxing or MMA? Boxing.
No question.
Thank you.
That's one opinion.
No, it's actually one, two opinions.
Okay? Should we keep asking people? No, no.
Why don't you shut up, Uh-huh.
we'll let him speak, how about that? You should get your money back from that therapist.
Our vic's name is Ben Nakano.
It's Luke's brother.
Wait a minute, last time we saw him, he was throwing punches at the champ on live TV.
That's right.
Well, nobody ever accused that kid of being a genius.
Matter of fact, he was a pretty good boxer himself before he got mixed up with drugs a couple of years ago.
He's been in and out of jail ever since.
But nine months ago, he got paroled.
He's working with his brother.
He's been on the straight and narrow.
This surf pro up here was coming back here to get a few boards for a lesson, and he found him like this.
What's up, Max? Gentlemen.
appears to be blunt force trauma.
And estimated T.
is about 10:00 p.
last night.
Looks like a body dump.
That is correct, Detective Williams.
Lividity pattern on the body suggests that he was transported here at least a few hours after the murder.
That's his wallet and keys.
Well, clearly, this wasn't a robbery.
DANNY: Tuned him up pretty good-- this, uh, looks like it was maybe personal.
Maybe some leftover hard feelings from the weigh-in? Haynes said he was here to spread some pain and suffering, right? Maybe he got started early.
Watch me slip the jab.
(grunts) Back.
And double jab.
Pop, pop.
Right uppercut, left hook.
MAN: Looking good, kid! One, two.
One, two.
Pop, pop.
Hold on, champ.
Yo, man, I thought I told you no reporters, man.
Get those vultures out of here.
Those aren't reporters.
That's Five-O, Buddy.
Hey, guys.
Listen, uh, we need a word with your fighter.
It's about Ben, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
I warned you.
Yeah, what'd he get arrested for now? He didn't get arrested.
Benny was Luke's trainer all through his amateur career.
Then he found something that he liked more than boxing-- cocaine.
My brother had his share of problems, but he wasn't a bad guy.
I wouldn't be where I am without him.
I was just starting to trust him again, you know? He was in my corner, helping Buddy out.
What happened when the cameras were turned off at the weigh-in? After everyone cleared out, I laid into Ben for letting Haynes rile him up.
He was pretty pissed off when he left.
I said some things I shouldn't have said.
Luke, I got to ask you a question.
Um, do you know where Ben might have gone after he left the arena? No.
He was supposed to be in here in the morning at the gym with us, you know? But when he didn't show, I just figured he was still mad.
Yeah, all right, listen, uh, we're very, very sorry for your loss.
We'll leave you to it, all right? Take care, kid.
See you, Nick.
Benny, Nicky.
You're not fighting tonight.
Not after this.
I'm gonna cancel it.
No, you're not.
Unless he's in handcuffs, I'm getting in that ring with him.
Think about this.
That's all I've been doing the last few months.
This is my shot, Nicky.
It may never come along again.
This is what I've been working my whole life for.
All right, my brother had his faults, but I loved him more than anyone on this Earth.
We talked about bringing home that belt.
He wanted this for me.
You know what he said? He said the only person that could stop me is myself.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
He wouldn't want me to.
Okay, it's RattPack till my pulse flat We keep it real, no false rap I got four cards and they all black Got four broads and they all that We call that ballin' Doing this is my callin', flow is so appallin' Hello.
It's good to be king, man.
Fall back 'cause I'm coming through With my whole team, they coming, too I'm ballin', ballin' I made a promise to my mama I'm-a turn these zeros into tens and commas I'm ballin', ballin' Gentlemen, if you're here to talk to me about that bad boy nonsense that happened at the weigh-in (chuckles) talk to my manager.
Yeah, actually, we're here to talk to you about what happened afterwards.
Ben Nakano was murdered last night.
That's terrible.
What happened? I'm gonna show you right now.
Hold on, wait, you don't think I had anything to do with that, do you? I don't know.
I mean, you know, after what we saw on TV, it doesn't look like the two of you'll be exchanging Christmas gifts, you know? All that stuff? That's just business.
The bling, the arrogance, the bad boy nonsense? I mean, it's just a show.
It's what sells.
People like a villain.
I play a good villain.
I mean, pay-per-view sales went up 18% the first half hour after the weigh-in.
Okay, so you're saying there was no hard feelings afterwards? I'm not saying that.
But when we left that arena, any feelings that I had-- they stayed there.
DANNY: What about, uh, the rest of your folks? Can you account for them? You're wasting your time.
Look, nobody on my team would let some thin-skinned ex-con or his wide-eyed little brother get in the way of a $50 million payout against Manny Garcia next year.
We're way too smart for that.
You're acting like the kid doesn't stand a chance.
He doesn't.
That isn't a act.
It's a fact.
Oh, Lieutenant Kelly, Inspector Dunn.
Chag sameach, Max.
Oh, happy holidays to you as well.
So what do you have for us? Well, thanks to the magic of infrared photography, I discovered some subdermal bruising on the victim's wrists and biceps, inflicted around the time of death, which would be consistent with the fact that he was restrained while being assaulted.
So we're talking multiple attackers? It appears so.
ABBY: Hmm.
Both the orbital bones are completely shattered.
Yes, the damage is quite profound.
However, it's the small fracture on the back of the skull that yielded the most interesting clue.
I found these shards embedded in a laceration on the scalp.
So someone smashed him in the back of the head with a bottle.
ABBY: Bright orange-- that's a pretty distinctive color.
It is.
I rushed the samples to the lab, and they were able to detect trace elements on the shards that made up of ingredients to the Pala'ai Ale, a local and seasonal pumpkin microbrew.
Its unique selling point is the bright orange bottle.
Crime lab says it's not sold in stores at this time, however there was a limited distribution to a few taverns.
One is right here in this town.
A place called The Coral Point.
I know that place.
It's only a couple blocks from where they found his body.
WOMAN: I knew him pretty well.
He's a regular here.
And he's not the criminal he looks like in that picture.
He was actually a really sweet guy.
That's him right there with his brother.
They grew up a few miles from here.
He was doing so well.
He was off the drugs.
Said he was helping his brother train for the big fight.
So what happened? Well, we were hoping you could tell us.
There were two guys with him last night.
One was a Samoan, over six foot, 300 pounds.
Did Ben come in with them? No, he came in alone around 8:00.
He was drinking for a while.
The two guys came later and joined him.
But they definitely knew each other? Yeah, for sure.
Ben seemed happy to see 'em.
The big guy bought a round of shots for the whole place, like he was celebrating something.
And he paid with a $100 bill.
Is there any chance it's still here? Yeah, last night's take is in the safe.
We're gonna need that bill.
We may be able to pull some prints off of it.
Do you know what time Ben left? They all left together around 10:00.
It was odd, though.
They said they were going out into the alley to have a cigarette.
They left through that door and never came back.
Looks like we've found our primary crime scene.
This is definitely the same glass that Max found lodged in the victim's scalp.
I'll call CSU.
So, Ben's hanging out with two of his drinking buddies, one of whom is rolling in crisp $100 bills.
Everything's hunky-dory till they step outside for a smoke.
Then the bromance sours, escalates, and they end up beating him to death.
Yeah, if it was one assailant, I'd buy that it was personal, but two? I'm thinking it was business.
The Law teaches the vanity of this body.
If I must bear all venom, pain and spite, I will advance in my practices with energetic spirit until the end, and I will rue none of it.
(sighs) (sighs) Hey.
You remember when I told you about my grandparents? How much I admired their love for one another? Yeah? Yeah.
Well, what I didn't tell you was how things started out between them.
The day after their wedding, my grandfather was drafted into the Japanese navy and spent the next three years on a ship while my grandmother waited without any word from him.
And neither of them ever stopped believing they would be together.
And you know the rest.
They were married for 60 years, had five children, plenty of grandchildren.
I want the same for us, Kono.
You just have to believe.
I do.
CHIN: Hey.
So CSU finished processing the $100 bill we recovered from the bar.
No usable prints or DNA, but the serial number came back to money stolen in an armored car heist two days ago.
Three guys in ski masks hit a truck outside a supermarket.
Got away with $150K in cash.
DANNY: All right, so maybe Ben got tired of carrying his brother's water, found a way to make some more money.
Yeah, except when it was time to split the cash, they decided he wasn't part of the equation.
(grunts) GROVER: CSU was able to trace the print on the bottle back to this guy.
Juru Katsu.
He's a Halawa graduate.
He was in there for extortion, robbery, assault.
The usual.
The bartender at The Coral Point bar said that she I.
'd him as being there last night.
He was one of the guys who left with Ben, but that's not the most interesting thing about him.
FBI database has him as a known associate of our old and dear friend Gabriel Waincroft.
He and Mr.
Waincroft were both indicted, along with 12 other people, on a RICO case in 2005.
But eventually the government's case fell apart when the main witness was found murdered.
All right, well, it's no coincidence that Gabriel's name is popping up now.
I don't think so, either.
I think he's probably got his fingers in that armored car heist.
$150,000 split four ways is-is beneath Gabriel Waincroft.
STEVE: No, I agree with Danny.
This isn't about money.
Gabriel's got lots of other plays.
I say we ask Juru what those are.
(muffled, guttural gurgling) (groaning) So is this how you interpret “Immunity and Means”? No, no, no, no, no.
That's Steve, not me.
I don't do this kind of stuff.
I don't approve of it.
You know, he's very impatient when it comes to getting information from people.
(guttural gurgling and groaning) DANNY: You know, two weeks after I met him, he hung a guy off of a building by his ankles.
Yeah? This is actually this is mild in comparison.
Don't you think? I guess.
I wouldn't, uh I wouldn't bring any of these techniques back to San Francisco with you.
(laughs) Yeah, I agree.
(gurgling) Okay, okay.
(gurgling water) You say something? I'll talk! I'll talk! I'll tell you what you want to know! Gabriel had nothing to do with the armored car heist.
And neither did Ben.
Okay, so how do you know Ben? We spent some time together in Halawa.
Gabriel found out about it and sent some guys to find me.
Relax, Juru.
No one's gonna hurt you.
I need a favor.
A very important favor.
He wanted me to find Ben, offer him $50K for his security access pass to the fight tonight.
Why? What's he planning? (chuckles) When Gabriel Waincroft asks you to do something, you don't ask questions.
DANNY: Okay.
Well, $50,000 for a VIP pass-- it seems like a pretty good deal.
How does this guy end up dead? He wasn't down with it.
He was even a little insulted that I asked.
Said he wouldn't let anyone do anything that would jeopardize his brother's shot at a title.
All right, so what? So you beat him to death? That that wasn't the plan.
Gabriel gave me two choices.
Pay him for the pass or kill him for it.
Coming back without it wasn't an option.
How do we find Gabriel? If I knew where he was, I'd tell you.
Because the minute he finds out I'm out here talking to you, I'm a dead man.
All right, Ben was killed so Gabriel could get special access to the fight and bypass security without going through the magnetometers.
DANNY: We don't know what they're bringing in.
It could be guns, it could be explosives.
Well, whatever he's got planned, it's gonna be big.
This event is attracting major attention from all over the world.
Speaking of which, fight's about to start.
Yeah, which means Gabriel's probably already inside.
ANNOUNCER: The first round of this scheduled has clearly gone to Haynes.
And if Luke Nakano doesn't find a way to solve the left jab of Devon Haynes, it's gonna be a quick and painful night for the hometown hero.
He's looked completely overmatched since the opening bell.
(crowd cheering) Haynes backs Nakano up.
Haynes with a devastating right, and it looks like (siren wailing) it may have hurt Nakano.
JERRY: Okay, I've been in touch with arena security.
Ben's pass was used ten minutes ago to access an employee entrance.
DANNY: All right, Jerry, do we have a visual on who used it? Yeah, three male subjects dressed in arena staff uniforms, carrying a large duffle bag.
Looks like it's pretty heavy.
Also got hits in facial rec.
All three of these guys are in the system.
Sending the info now.
(phone beeps) Tomas Rojas, Jose Delarosa and Mica Barello.
Local and federal Intel sources show them listed as soldiers in the Culiacan Cartel.
All right, they're definitely part of Gabriel's crew.
All right, he's targeting somebody on the inside.
Keep HPD away, Jerry, and have arena security stand down.
All right? We don't want to spook Gabriel, and we can't risk any collateral damage.
This has to be a surgical strike.
Will do.
I have a list of VIPs and dignitaries in attendance.
Looks like the governor, the mayor, a couple state senators.
Those are the only people in that place with a security detail.
And besides, it's not Gabriel's style to kill politicians.
It's bad for business.
Who else you got on that list? Bunch of celebrities.
No, forget that.
You know what? Jerry, cross-reference all the other VIPs on that list with criminal records.
(computer chirping) What, you think this is a power move? All right, so listen, ever since Gabriel landed back on Oahu, he's been rebuilding his business.
Assassinating a key player in front of millions of people-- that sends a very clear message to the rest of his rivals that says nobody's untouchable.
(siren wailing, engine revving) ANNOUNCER: Haynes keeps coming and continuing to pound Nakano at the center of the ring.
This kid's got to find a way to slow Haynes down.
JERRY: Okay, I got some candidates.
Who? Goro Shioma, head of the Yakuza.
(grunting, crowd cheering) DANNY: Well, normally, I'd say yes, but he just aligned himself with Shioma.
STEVE: Doesn't matter.
Gabriel's only loyalty is to himself.
If there's a benefit to killing Shioma, I'm telling you, he will do it.
Who else? Akela Makuakane, acting boss of the Makuakane family.
And the acting boss of the Triads, Wong Yu.
DANNY: All right, we got the heads of three of the most powerful crime families in Oahu, all in the same place, unarmed, completely in the open.
Which one is he after? We got to assume it's all three.
ANNOUNCER: Nakano is in trouble! Haynes lands a big left, followed by a right.
He backs up Nakano with a solid combination to the body.
Use the jab, Luke! You got to use the jab, baby! ANNOUNCER: Nakano's corner is pleading with him to fight back.
Go to your corner.
ANNOUNCER: And as the third round ends, Luke is barely hanging on.
Yo, champ, come here.
ANNOUNCER: The first three rounds have been a walk in the park for Devon Haynes.
Not so for Luke Nakano, who has taken a beating up to this point.
Luke, listen, baby, you're not paying attention.
Yeah, it's all about the angles.
You got to turn him to your left and come up with the uppercut.
It's there.
You got to take it.
Look at me.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
You got to stay focused, you understand? This is for your brother.
You want to honor your brother? Then get out there and fight.
(crowd cheering) (bell clangs) ANNOUNCER: The fighters charge into the center of the ring, as we begin the fourth round.
One thing is for certain: Luke Nakano has shown tremendous heart.
There is no quit in this kid.
But heart alone doesn't win fights.
All right, Abby, I need you to find the control room, get up on the cameras, see if you can get eyes on Gabriel's people.
Chin, I need you up top, all right? If there was a long gun in that bag they carried in here, they're gonna be looking for a sniper's perch, and we need to find it.
Danny, you, me and Lou are gonna secure the potential targets.
Now, Gabriel's men are gonna be watching, so we need to move fast, all right? ANNOUNCER: A devastating left hook! Down goes Nakano! This could be it! Go to your corner! CROWD (chanting): Luke! Luke! Luke! Luke! ANNOUNCER: Nakano is staying down on one knee.
One! (chanting continues) The ref starts the count.
This is not looking good Three! for local boy Luke Nakano.
BUDDY: Luke?! Luke! Hey, get up already! You hear me? Get up! (distorted): Luke? Luke, come on, baby.
This is for the championship.
Get up, baby.
You can do it.
REFEREE: Four! ANNOUNCER: Devon Haynes is mocking the crowd with his version of the hula dance.
REFEREE: Five! It's this type of brazen behavior that fans here were hoping Luke Nakano would put to an end tonight.
Six! Nakano is back up on his feet! (crowd cheering) The referee checks him to see if he wants to continue.
He does.
All right, you ready? ANNOUNCER: You have to wonder, how much longer will his corner allow him to take this pounding.
Fight! (bell clangs) Nakano charges forward, lands a solid combination.
Haynes counters, missing with a right and then a left.
Nakano comes upstairs, connects with a solid left hand.
And for the first time in this fight, the challenger looks like he might belong in the ring with the champ.
Yeah! (bell clangs) ANNOUNCER: The bell sounds, ending the fourth round.
We may have a fight on our hands.
Something happened at the end of that round.
Maybe it was Haynes taunting the crowd, or maybe Luke is just tired of getting hit.
Whatever it is, Nakano looks like a different fighter than we saw down on one knee in the last round.
Haynes' corner has to be a bit concerned.
Excuse me.
Where are the guys that were sitting here? ANNOUNCER: But it looks like Luke may have found the momentum.
Round five gets under way in just a few moments.
(rhythmic alarm sounding) Chin, someone activated the alarm to the emergency staircase just ahead of you.
It leads to the top of the arena.
Almost there.
(Chin sighs) Okay, I got a busted lock.
I'm heading up.
Be careful.
ANNOUNCER: Nakano charges out of his corner.
Nakano lands a big right uppercut! That definitely got Haynes's attention.
Grover, go up aisle 17.
You should see Delarosa on your right.
I got him.
(bell clangs) (toilet flushes) (crowd cheering, punches landing) ANNOUNCER: Haynes misses with a combination.
Nakano lands a big right hook! Get your hand off that pistol.
Get your hand off that pistol and drop it right here, right now.
I'm not saying it again.
Put your hands to your side, do exactly what I tell you to do.
ANNOUNCER: A solid combination from Nakano Get going.
has the champion backing up here in the fifth round.
ANNOUNCER: Nakano with a solid right hand that backs Haynes into the corner! ABBY: Steve, you should be able to see him now.
First row on the right.
ANNOUNCER: The champ looks like he might be in trouble.
Goro Goro, listen to me.
Your life is in danger.
You need to come with me right now, okay? I'm feeling quite comfortable and safe where I'm sitting.
Okay, I don't think you understand what I'm saying.
You need to get up and come with me right now.
(grunting) Don't think about it.
Sit down.
Sit down.
Sit down.
ANNOUNCER: This is unbelievable! Haynes is hurt! Nakano backs him up, into the corner, against the ropes, working the angles! Nakano with a vicious right uppercut! There's nothing stopping this kid now! (silenced gunshot) (grunts) Don't move! (gunshots over radio) Chin? (groans) Chin? Shots fired.
Repeat, I got shots fired.
Shioma's down.
Danny, Lou, I need backup.
Southeast corner, treetops.
Go got 'em.
ANNOUNCER: The champion is in serious trouble! Nakano smells blood! (crowd cheering) ANNOUNCER: Nakano lands a crushing right-hand blow that sends Haynes reeling.
Haynes is down! Devon Haynes is down for the first time in his career! The crowd is eating it up! (distorted): One! (distorted crowd shouting) Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! (distorted crowd shouting) ANNOUNCER: Haynes tries to gather himself.
REFEREE: Seven! ANNOUNCER: This is unbelievable! Who would've thought, back in the fourth round, with Luke Nakano down Eight! on one knee, seemingly finished? Nine! Ten! (bell clangs) ANNOUNCER: It's over! It is over! (crowd cheering) The Welterweight Division has a new champion of the world, and it's Luke Nakano! You okay? Yeah.
(cheering, whistling) You did it, kid! You're champion of the world! Champion of the world! Buddy.
Congratulations, champ.
Yeah! Luke Nakano, now that you're the champ Luke! (cheering continues) Luke, can we get a statement? (chuckles): Hey! I think that's a hell of a job, gentlemen.
Three shooters down, minimal collateral damage.
Yeah, well, let's not pat ourselves on the back just yet.
This is only the beginning.
Gabriel took a swing at three families tonight and missed.
I got a gut feeling there's gonna be a lot of blood spilled between now and the end of this thing.
(siren wailing) EMT: We're en route with a male gunshot victim, approximately 60 years of age.
Vital signs are steady.
He's in serious yet stable condition at this time.
(tires screech) (automatic gunfire, glass shattering) We had a deal.
Not anymore.
(sighs) (sighs) (softly): Next time you slip it onto my finger all of this will be behind us.
Okay? I love you.
(sniffles) (sniffles)
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