Hawaii Five-0 s06e11 Episode Script

Kuleana (One's Personal Sense of Responsibility)

Uh, hey, dirty What? Look at that girl right there Oh She make me say, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, do what you do Yeah, hey I like the way you do that right thurr Right thurr, switch your hips when you're walkin' Let down your hurr, down your hurr I like the way you do that right thurr, right thurr Lick your lips when you're talkin', that make me stare Make me stare, I like the way you look in them pants See ya fine, fine Li'l mama a quarter piece, she far From a dime, dime, the type of girl that'll You good? Just wondering what we're walking into, you coming strapped so heavy.
I've never dealt with this guy Remy before.
You just make sure we don't get ripped off.
I'll make sure we don't get got.
REMY: Here I was, expecting to transact with some bona fide gangsters.
Instead, you fools roll in here asking for the friends and family discount? Think of it as a “get to know yo”" discount.
If your product is as good as you say it is, we'll be back for a whole lot more next time.
(chuckles) Open your ears, big man.
'Cause I'm about to educate you on a little something called supply and demand.
As in people be demanding my supply.
So why do I got to cut you one break when I got buyers lining up to pay full price? Economies of scale, bruddah.
Low margins, high volume equals more profit.
Say instead of this dope here you was sitting on some toaster ovens.
Would you bust your ass selling unit by unit? Or would you wholesale that inventory to some established retailer, kick back, watch that cash roll in? Head that big, I should've known you had one brain on you.
So we good at 20 a key? We good.
Actually, we're not.
'Cause you disrespected my boy.
And I don't do business with punks.
So, what? You just gonna walk? Nah.
We're gonna take the money and the drugs, and then we're gonna walk.
Only question is if we're gonna smoke your ass on the way out.
KAMEKONA: All right, Levi.
Be cool.
I'm sure we can work this out.
No, bro.
I don't think we can.
(door bangs open) HPD! Drop your weapons! Get down on the ground now! (handcuffs clicking) CHIN: Take 'em away, boys.
(sirens wailing, indistinct radio transmission) All right, turn around.
You did good.
Everything goes as planned, you'll be out in a couple of years.
MAN: Empty the register! Now! What's up, Levi? What's up, bro? Been thinking about you.
Heard you got out.
Wasn't sure if you was coming by, though.
(chuckles) Ah, I had to see this for myself.
Last I heard, you were working the fry station at Blimpie's, hair net and all that.
You're a legitimate tycoon now.
Guess the last 12 years have been good.
After everything went down, I decided to reevaluate.
Made some changes.
Prison gave you perspective.
What'd you end up doing, about two years? Knocked down from a nickel.
Good behavior and whatnot.
And all that time, not even a phone call, after everything we been through.
Like I said, I'm a different person now.
I'm back now.
Gonna make some moves.
In fact, I'm thinking we should probably talk.
No, Levi.
I don't think we should.
But if you need a job, I can hook you up with something.
I strike you as the hair net type? Exactly.
I'll be seeing you.
Real soon.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) DANNY: You know what your problem is? STEVE: What's my problem? Could you just leave me alone? Leave you alone? Give me the headphones.
I'll stop.
You know me.
Don't be a child.
Why would you start a movie you're not gonna finish? It drives me crazy.
Because it beats looking at the back of a headrest for the entire So why don't you read a book? There's a magazine.
Why don't you do the crossword puzzle in here? Sudoku? You like Sudoku? I don't want to do any of those things, because what they don't allow me to do is put on those headphones and tune you out.
Oh, that's nice.
That's really nice.
That's a nice thing to say to your friend, isn't it? Huh? And that's the movie you're gonna watch? This is Yeah.
Are you sure you two don't want to sit together? Absolutely not.
Ab No.
I don't want to sit next to him for a number of reasons, uh, the most important being that I am very claustrophobic.
He is.
Okay? I mean, I sit in between two people, with the arms and the hands and everything.
You touch me, I'll go completely nuts.
Plus, I don't want to have to, you know, jump over him, give him a lap dance if I got to go use the little boys' room.
(chuckles) Well, in that case, I think I'll skip my second Chardonnay.
You're not skipping anything.
If you need to use the restroom, I will gladly get up and let you pass by.
And I'm sorry we've been so disruptive.
We've been disruptive? No, we haven't been disruptive.
Yeah, “we”" I'm sitting here trying to watch Pitch Perfect 2, and you're telling me I ain't doing it right.
Okay? You know, you would think that having a human being sitting between us would-would serve as a buffer for the constant criticism, but, no, he keeps going and going and going and going.
He, uh he gets he gets very irritable, very kind of volatile when we travel together.
DANNY: Yeah.
He's-he's antsy because he's not flying the plane.
Well, I can tell this is going to be the longest of my life.
I'm Steve, by the way.
And the bundle of joy to your right is Danny.
That's a nice name.
Nice to meet you, Alissa.
How you doing? So, uh so, Alissa, what takes you to Maui today? Just visiting some friends.
That's nice.
You guys? Well, it's a funny story.
Danny and I are attending a three-day workshop to focus on our relationship.
Our work relationship.
We are officers of the law.
Yeah, see, the state of Hawaii mandates that we do 24 hours of therapy every working year, and so we packed it into one weekend and we're gonna make a, uh a brocation out of it.
Brocation? Brocation.
You like that? That's so cute.
DANNY: Don't-don't encourage him, all right? If he and I make it through this weekend without killing each other, it's a win, so Well, if the first ten minutes of this flight are any indication, I'm not loving your chances.
ADAM: It doesn't make sense.
Why would Gabriel cut a deal with Shioma just to turn around and kill him? Because it was all a power play.
He was just biding his time, earning the Yakuza's trust until he could make his move.
But he wasn't stopping there.
What do you mean? He tried to take out the heads of the Triads and the Makauakane family at the title fight last week.
Thankfully, we stopped him.
Gabriel just took a big swing and missed.
He's got no one left to align himself with.
What do you think his next move is? I don't know.
But right now I'm more interested in you.
How are you holding up? I'm fine, Kono.
I'm fine.
Nothing about this is fine.
Yeah, you're right.
Yeah, I just keep reminding myself what's waiting for me on the other side.
I miss you.
GROVER: So, what, no Abby today? CHIN: No.
She had to go back to San Francisco for a few days.
So what do we got? Got a John Doe.
Couple cliff divers found him here this morning.
Looks to be a botched dump job.
Care to bring Lieutenant Kelly up to speed? Gladly.
Our victim was killed execution-style, courtesy of a single gunshot to the back of the head.
is roughly 12 hours ago.
And prior to that, he was badly beaten, as evidenced by the numerous lacerations and contusions on the body and face.
You any closer to getting an I.
on him? Unfortunately not.
The dermis absorbed too much water to run prints, so I'll have to take him back to the lab.
Wait a minute, I know this guy.
That's Antone Remiel.
Went by the name Remy.
This guy was supplying drugs to half the dealers on the island, including Kamekona and his partner Levi back in the day.
KAMEKONA: Yeah, that's him all right.
Levi came by last night.
I thought he might have put together that it was me who rolled on him.
Yeah, instead Remy ends up dead.
I'm guessing Levi blamed him for the sting.
Makes sense.
Remy set the time and location of the buy.
Made us come to him.
And Levi, he never cared for him much.
Well, that's because once he got out of prison, Remy turned his life around.
Did you know he was coaching basketball at a community center? He also got a girlfriend with a kid on the way.
Oh, man.
Should have been me.
Look, if we don't put Levi away and soon, more people are gonna die.
And we don't have any hard evidence linking him to the murder.
If we're gonna make this case, we need some help.
You asking what I think you're asking? I need you undercover again.
It's the only way to get to Levi.
I'm in.
(sizzling) Kamekona.
You can't be late for school again.
I know, I know.
But baby brother needs his breakfast.
And you, too, Moms.
Go, before you miss the bus.
Genuine koa wood war clubs, hand-carved by the great Polynesian warriors of our tribe.
Start selling, Flippa.
Genuine war clubs, everybody.
Folks, these one-of-a-kind beauties won't last long.
How much? For you? Only ten dollars.
Genuine war clubs.
Genuine, bro.
Hey, kid.
Got some muscle in you.
What's your name? Kamekona.
I'm Levi.
If you're ever interested in making some real money, we should talk.
Used to think I had people on the outside.
Then I get out and I realize that most of them aren't my people anymore.
How about you-- how's the family? Moms passed a few years back.
Kanoa moved to the mainland when I went away.
Haven't spoken to him since.
But Flippa's still around.
Yeah? He still look like a dolphin? Bruddah only working for me because SeaWorld's not hiring.
(laughs) Make a left over here.
You gonna tell me where we going? Oh, you'll know when you see it.
Look, I said I'd help you.
And I will.
Just as long as it doesn't end up with us paying a visit to Remy.
No, brah.
I don't got to see Remy.
Well, not exactly a confession.
All right, this place is crazy.
I mean, they got everything.
Three pools, two spas, they got a meditation garden.
They got they got a pillow menu and a soap concierge on call.
Soap concierge.
Soap concierge.
You know, I know how to use soap.
I've been using it for 39 years.
I-I don't think I need any help.
These are handmade artisanal soaps, Danny.
They-they formulate them to your to your specific skin type.
You don't just pass something like that up.
I wish your SEAL buddies could hear you right now.
All right, I got the whole day planned for us today.
We're gonna start with nine holes of golf, a little stand-up paddleboarding, then dinner at the steakhouse, then you, me, uh, Alissa and a buddy are gonna go for some drinks afterwards.
Alissa from the plane? Yeah.
Been texting.
Wow, I didn't even see you do that.
That's very nice.
Well, you were watching Pitch Perfect 2.
You were busy, you know.
Well, you know, I-I have a girlfriend, so I don't think I'm gonna be much use.
Why don't you relax? Just figured we'd have a couple drinks, hang out.
It'd be nice.
No, no, no, you figured that you'd have a better chance of getting right if you had a wingman.
That's what you're thinking.
Oh, yeah, thanks.
Okay, Goose.
Like I need a wingman.
See that? You see that? Very nice.
How's this place? It's good.
You know, I'm pretty sure that this isn't spring break, though.
I mean, we probably have to attend these classes or whatever.
We're gonna put a little face time in, then we'll slip out the back door as soon as we can.
How hard can it be? Hey.
Are you gentlemen here for the relationship workshop? Yes, we sure are.
I'm Steve.
This is my partner, Danny.
I'm the therapist, Loraine.
Hi, Loraine.
How's it going? Great.
I'll just ask you to sign in Yeah.
and to kindly place your cell phones in the box you see right there.
I'm sorry? It's this rule I have.
We're about to take a deep spiritual journey into the inner world that you two share, and we can't have any distractions.
Let's see.
What-what what is this, Loraine? Oh, that's an itinerary for the subjects we'll be covering this week.
'Cause it says “overcoming sexual incompatibility.
” Mm.
Sex is a vital component for a loving relationship.
You, uh, you signed us up for couples therapy.
You're an idiot.
You know that, right? Hey, uh This is fine.
We can work with this.
This is fine.
It's gonna be great.
Right here.
(chuckles) Here we are.
Just like the old days.
Can I help you with something, Big Boy? This is from Levi.
You still in? Rent's due, and we both know your mom can't cover it herself.
Zeke's been holding onto something for me for the last few years.
I'd go in and get it myself, but if I'm even seen in a place like this, my P.
will be all over my ass.
And here I thought I was just giving you a ride.
(both chuckle) Help you with something? I'm here to see Zeke.
Hold up.
I got to check you first.
If they find that wire, he's dead.
You done yet? Why-- you hiding something? Chin, we got to get him out of there right now.
He's right, Chin.
Wait, wait.
Not yet.
KAMEKONA: Bruddah, you gettin' too liberal with your hands.
I ain't packing.
And I don't need a piece to put you down, brah.
ZEKE: He's good.
Well, if it ain't Big Boy himself.
So what brings you back after all these years? There's got to be 50 K in there, easy.
Enough to keep you on your feet until you figure out your next play.
Brah, I owe some bad dudes a lot of money.
This ain't even a drop in the bucket.
(zips up bag) How bad? I don't come up with 300 large in the next 24 hours, lights out.
Can you help me? KAMEKONA: He's lying.
There is no debt.
He just wants to use me to put together some quick cash for some drug buy.
That's what Levi does-- gets people to do his dirt.
Well, now, you're probably right.
But that doesn't change our objective here, so let's just take a breath and figure this out.
KONO: All right, so we just heard from HPD.
They've been piecing together Levi's whereabouts for the past Multiple witnesses have him on the opposite side of the island at T.
Which alibis him out for Remy's murder.
That changes things some.
Not necessarily.
Think about this.
Remy was totally out of the game for a decade, right? But then, within just 48 hours of Levi's release, he suddenly turns up dead.
So if he didn't pull the trigger, he definitely ordered the hit.
You said yourself that Levi's M.
is to get other people to do his dirty work for him.
So help him put the money together.
Gain his trust.
And that way, even if he never cops to the murder, we nail him on a drug charge.
Either way, he spends the rest of his life in jail.
I don't know.
I've-I've been out of the game for a long time.
Kamekona, no one knows better than you the damage that he's capable of.
Let's put him away before he can hurt anyone else.
In for a penny, in for a pound, right? STEVE: Well, um, I guess what happened was I read the, uh, course description incorrectly and, like, misread it.
And long story short, Danny and I ended up, uh, registered in here with you guys in couples therapy.
Question: Why are you still here? That's a good question.
I don't know.
That's a good question.
(chuckles) LORAINE: While it's true this workshop is geared toward couples, many of the principles covered here-- such as communication, trust and teamwork-- apply to all relationships.
Including working partnerships.
So given that Steve and Danny traveled all this way, I've agreed to sign off on their therapy hours once they've completed the course.
I should also tell you that I've spoken with Steve and Danny about their partnership, and it is fraught with some very serious problems.
So I think it would be both cruel and irresponsible for us to abandon them in this time of crisis.
WOMAN: Really? I don't.
Because they're not a couple.
So what, Keren? They're stuck in a relationship they can't get out of, they fight all the time, and they don't have sex.
It sounds a lot like our marriage to me.
(laughs) LORAINE: Okay, settle down.
We have a lot of work to do, and I don't want to waste any more time, so I'll ask everyone to hold hands as we get things started with some daily affirmations.
(inhales deeply) (exhales) I come from the loving space of my heart, and I know that love opens new possibilities.
I come from the loving space (whispers): This is great for us.
of my heart, I hate you.
and I know that love CHIN: Kamekona's still working on getting the details on that drug buy.
Once he gets us a time and a location, we can set up a sting and be in a position to make the bust.
Okay, if you think that's best.
I take it you don't.
That's not it.
I worked with plenty CIs in my day.
Some were pretty good, pretty solid.
Couple of 'em even helped me close a case.
See, the problem is those are the ones that are so good, you forget that the guy you're working with isn't a cop.
I hear you, but I'm gonna tell you what John McGarrett told me the first time I brought in a CI.
He said, “Once they're yours, they're yours for life.
” So I'm telling you that Kamekona's more than just a CI to me.
He's 'ohana.
And I've also seen what Levi is capable of.
So, believe me when I tell you that no one wants to see him put away more than Kamekona.
KONO: Thanks to our undercover op, we're now up on Levi's burner phone.
Call logs confirm that Levi was nowhere near the crime scene at the time of Remy's murder, but check this out.
Shortly after T.
, Levi receives a call from a prepaid phone less than a mile from where the body was discovered.
Oh, that's the shooter.
That's the guy that Levi hired for the hit.
He's calling to tell him Remy's dead.
Right, so if we can track this guy down and get him to roll on Levi, then we can pull Kamekona out of there before the buy even goes down.
LORAINE: Imagine the outside legs represent the two individuals in the relationship, while the middle leg represents your union as a couple.
So long as you work together, you are beautifully in sync! All right, next lap, we're taking a dive.
What are you talking about? Why? It's an evasive maneuver.
Okay, I need to get to my cell phone so I can text Alissa about tonight.
You're gonna be my distraction.
We're about to win this thing.
You want to fall now? Come on, let's just finish.
Hey, hey, hey.
Priorities, okay? Priorities, Danny.
Just fake an injury, go down, stay down.
Hang on.
It's a bad idea.
Here we go.
Here we go.
Hey! Hey! Hey! Uh, yah.
Hey, guys, we got a man down here, man down.
Everything's okay.
I'm gonna get some ice, okay? Can you make sure he stays on his back? Stays on his back till I get back? Okay.
(sighs) All right All right.
Oh, my God.
Dude, that actually looks kind of funky.
It does? You think? Thanks, Steven.
Okay, got some ice.
(groans) Okay, everyone, take note.
Because that is exactly the type of partner you want by your side in a crisis.
Note his caring, loving and gentle touch.
(waves crashing) Now, that's a sound I'll never take for granted again.
I hate to interrupt your moment of Zen, but it's time you fill me in on the details of the buy.
Keehi Small Boat Harbor, tomorrow morning.
Now I know the where and when.
Who's the buyer? Guy I hooked up with while I was on the inside.
Nobody you would know.
That's reassuring.
Look, I would tell you that you can trust the dude, but really, I shouldn't have to, because you should trust me.
I do, Levi.
And know this.
I won't make the same mistake twice, dealing with rats like Remy.
In the end, the only people you can count on are your family.
Kanoa, what's going on? They're tearing the place apart.
Check it out, big bruddah.
(indistinct chatter) Kamekona Tupuloa.
I'm Detective Chin Ho Kelly.
What you doing here? Colby Jefferson.
I don't know him.
Oh, really? I think you do.
You see, we already know that he's dealing drugs for you and your partner, Levi Sosa.
Now no one's seen the kid in over two weeks.
Look, I'm sorry, but I don't know nothing about that.
And if you could prove I was dealing drugs, I'd be locked up right now, instead of asking you to get the hell out of my mom's house.
You seem like a smart guy, Kamekona, which means you probably already figured out that Levi Sosa is a very dangerous man.
And guys in your line of work-- they only end up in two places.
Prison or dead.
So I'm asking you to look at this like an opportunity.
An opportunity to give Levi up before he drags you down with him.
Levi is 'ohana.
I don't roll on family! All right, we'll do this the hard way.
Keep on searching! Tear the place apart if you have to.
Okay, so, the suspect's phone came online less than 20 minutes ago.
It pinged to that rental house over there.
According to the owner, the place was prepaid in cash.
It's got to be Remy's shooter.
We need to move now.
(gunshots) OFFICER: Man down! I got a man down! GROVER: Take cover! GROVER: Go! Go! Go! GROVER: Clear.
OFFICER 2: Clear.
OFFICER 3: Clear.
(object clattering onto floor) Oops.
You're a former Navy SEAL.
What happened to stealth mode? (whispering): I'm sorry.
You awake? You don't have to whisper now.
No, I'm not awake.
I'm asleep, you putz.
Did you see the photos I sent you? Yeah, I-I saw the photos you sent me.
We had fun.
Yeah, you look guys look like you're having a great time.
The girls were really bummed you didn't make it.
I didn't know what to tell 'em.
You could have told them you destroyed my entire weekend.
I hope you know that.
I hope you're happy.
You know what? It's the second time this month that ankle's given out on you.
It's not the ankle, the ankle, the ankle, Danny.
We both know this trip never had a chance from the start.
Oh, yeah, what was that supposed to mean? I'm just curious.
Huh? What do I mean by that? I'm talking about your attitude.
I'm talking about this black hole of negative energy that is Detective Danny Williams, man.
I just brought us out here to try to have some fun, reconnect a little bit, get away from work for a minute, and-and you're just you're just You've been down on this thing from the start.
Well, for good reason, apparently, it turns out, right? (sighs) You ever hear of the power of positive thinking, Danny? Yeah, well, it works the other way, too.
It's the power of negative thinking.
Bad things happen to negative people.
See example 1A-- you.
How is? You basically crippled me going after this girl.
And somehow it's my fault? Loraine said we're not allowed to go to bed unless we resolve our arguments, all right? So, fine.
I'm sorry, okay? Okay.
Okay, good, 'cause my head has a date with this medium medium-firm goose down.
Let me ask you a serious question.
You really think I'm that negative? Steve? (quiet snoring) Steven? (loud snoring) (phone chimes) (tires squealing) (horn honking, tires squealing) (horns honking) What are you doing? Making sure we're not being tailed.
(horn honks) Hey, guys.
They just stopped in the middle of the highway.
Well, if we stop, we're gonna blow Kamekona's cover.
We don't stop.
Kona, we don't stop.
Just blow right past 'em.
KONO: You got it.
(engine revving, tires squealing) (engine revving, tires squealing) (engine revving) Change of plans.
Seller wants us to go to him.
You trust me, right? Of course.
Where is he? Where's my brother? We haven't booked him yet, but that will happen, unless you can talk some sense into him.
How long has Levi had you running for him? Kanoa, listen to me.
You got pinched with two bricks of H.
That's 20 years mandatory.
And there's only one way out of it.
Go ahead.
Say it.
You got to give up Levi.
Tell them he put you up to this.
I'm no snitch.
(buzzer sounds) KAMEKONA: You want Levi, you got him.
But my brother-- he don't get charged.
KEREN: I just want to feel like I'm a priority to him.
Even when we're making love, I feel like he's not really present.
Maybe that's because I have to schedule an appointment with you to be there.
I'm sorry I'm so busy juggling a job and raising your two children.
Maybe if you valued that, I'd give it up more often.
Danny, you haven't exactly been participating.
What's your take on all this? Uh, my take on, uh, this is, um-- sorry-- it's stupid, and I'd like to just go take a nap if that's okay.
So you don't see the value in anything we do here? I-I don't.
Personally, I don't, and I'll I'll tell I'll tell you why.
Um, my-my folks-- they've been married for 40 years.
And, uh, they fought a bunch, but they never went through anything like this, so Danny, this isn't about your parents.
This is about you and Steve.
This is not about me.
This is Let me let me let me just say something, okay? Just me.
My opinion.
I don't know when it became so important to overanalyze everything in our lives, to talk about everything in our relationships, okay? You guys love each other.
That's enough.
To me.
All right? You know? You are there for her, she is there for you.
That-that's commitment, right? But this, this, everybody's poking at everybody.
Poke, poke, poke.
It's like an open wound.
You know? And eventually what you're gonna do is you're gonna say something that you cannot take back.
All right? You're just You're chipping away at all the good.
And at the end of the day, there's gonna be nothing left but the bad.
And then let me tell you what happens.
You are sitting alone in a one-bedroom apartment putting a futon together for your daughter coming over every Wednesday night.
You got pizza on speed dial.
Bad pizza.
Okay? And that's not a place that you want to be.
Trust me.
(sighs) STEVE: Well, guys, I, uh I really feel like we made some progress here this morning.
That was really good.
Really good stuff.
(engine revving) GROVER: Hey, come on, Kono.
We need to close some distance here.
We're falling way too far behind.
Hey, I'm pushing this thing as fast as I can.
Hold on.
They're pulling in somewhere.
It's a hotel.
I don't like this.
Why the hell is Levi calling an audible this late in the game? Kanoa? Hello, brother.
Kanoa, what is this? This? This is just business.
See, while you were slinging shave ice, me and little bro here launched an enterprise of our own.
I hooked him up with a connect out in Cali.
Got him working the distribution lines so there'd be product to move when I was released.
He returned the favor by letting me know that it was you who snitched me out.
So if you knew it was me, why take out Remy? Because, way back when, that punk disrespected us.
I couldn't let it slide.
Before you put me out to pasture, you figured you'd squeeze me for whatever you could.
Use me to put together some quick cash.
You always were the smartest man in the room.
But you're wrong about one thing.
I'm not gonna kill you.
He is.
(gun cocks) You still don't see him for who he is, do you? He had you running drugs when you were a kid.
Had you do Remy for him so he didn't have to.
And now you're gonna kill your own blood for him? You've been dead to me for a long time.
May as well make it official.
If that's how it's gonna end, go ahead.
I still love you, baby brother.
That's really touching.
(gunshot) Five-O! Get down on the ground now! Put your weapon down.
CHIN: Give me your hands, Kanoa.
KONO: He's dead.
KAMEKONA'S MOTHER: Kamekona, you can't be late for school again.
I know, I know.
But baby brother needs his breakfast.
I love you, Kanoa.
(indistinct police radio transmission) (siren wailing) (indistinct police radio transmission) P.
agreed to the deal.
You keep your nose clean, you'll be out in two years.
Look, Kamekona, second chances for guys like you are pretty rare.
So the question is, what are you gonna do with yours? Now, personally, I'm inclined to believe that if you just put your head to it, there's nothing you can't do.
(door buzzes, opens) Shave ice.
What about it? Big margins.
Water's free, flavoring's cheap.
You start a shave ice company, I'll be your first customer.
(door shuts) (Hawaiian folk music playing) What's up, good-lookin'? WAITER: Can I get you something? Hey, buddy.
Can I, uh I'll just have what he's having.
And a big glass of water.
Sure thing.
Coming up.
Lots of water.
Keep it coming.
You got it.
(grunts) Hey.
Thought you were gonna see Alissa.
Uh, yeah, I was.
But I, uh You know, I blew it off to, uh to come and hang with you instead.
You didn't have to do that.
I'm fine.
Well, I didn't do it for you.
No, look, you see all these people, all these nice people sitting around? You know how much money they spent to have this dream vacation experience? I personally don't think it's fair that their experience be marred by the sight of a gimpy-ankled man sitting here eating a $20 hamburger by himself.
It's just not right.
So, you know, for their sake, enjoy my company.
See, I thought you were just concerned for me.
Want to hear something crazy? I don't know how crazy it is, but when Rachel and I started having our problems, she suggested that we go see a marriage counselor together.
I, of course, said no.
I figured, “Look, we got problems, we'll figure it out ourselves.
” But, uh, we never did that, did we? Well, you think therapy would've saved your marriage? No.
Probably not.
You know, we had a lot of problems.
Some hers, some mine.
But the point is, is that she, um she was willing to do whatever it took to save our family, and I guess I guess maybe I wasn't.
And that kind of sticks with me, you know? You left everything and moved to Hawaii so that Gracie would have a father in her life.
And still you question your commitment to your family.
Don't do it.
No one can question your commitment to your family.
I know.
I just You know, it's hard not to think about the fact that things maybe could've been different had I gone to see that counselor with her.
I don't know.
Things would've been different, maybe you would never have met me-- how about that? One can dream.
Yeah, well, I got to tell you, man.
Your ankle aside, look around you right now, I mean, there are there are much worse places a failed marriage could land you.
You got to admit it.
Look at this place.
I agree.
My failed marriage brings me to Hawaii, and (chuckling): my dysfunctional relationship with you brings me here.
We even screwed this up.
Yeah, we didn't get that right, either.
Didn't get this right.
Where's my burger? I'm starving, man.
Here, have half of this.
I'll eat your other half.
I feel my stomach eating itself.
Have that one.
All right, thanks, pal.
It's good, huh? This is the best hamburger I ever had in my life.
Worth the 25 bucks.
It's unbelievable.
This place really has everything.
I used that artisanal soap.
Forget about it.
Unb What'd I tell you? My hands have never been so soft, not in my entire life.
Can I feel? Yeah, feel this.
Huh? Crazy, right? Right? Feel.
Oh, that is nice.
So Really g-give it a rub.
That is so soft.
Feel up in here, too.
You washed your arms? Like that? That's like the like That's a doctor.
You're like a surgeon.
Like, the fur is now like, um It's like down.
It's like down fur.
It's like it's like the pillows! (door buzzes, opens) (sighs) (sighs) Before you think of saying anything, know this: I have people outside your house right now.
And if they don't hear from me in exactly ten minutes, she's dead.
What do you want?
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