Hawaii Five-0 s06e13 Episode Script

Umia Ka Hanu (Hold the Breath)

STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O RENEE: They are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary.
I know.
So? RENEE: Baby, you don't think they want to spend it together? STEVE: Looks like she fell from up there.
GROVER: I've talked to hundreds of victims who've lost their loved ones, but there's something about the way he's saying it It just doesn't seem genuine.
being a cop, and your instincts have never steered you wrong.
You're under arrest for murdering your wife.
LeAnn Stockwell.
Women you've been having an affair with? I talked to LeAnn, Clay.
She told me you wanted to leave your wife and be with her.
You know, that's a great story, Lou.
The thing is you can't prove it.
GROVER: He did this.
I know it.
(horn blows) (sighs, groans) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) North Shore That's where I like to be In the wintertime North Shore What a thrill it will be When you go down the line How you holding up, by the way? I mean, I miss her already.
I don't blame you.
Your aunt Deb was a special lady.
STEVE: She sure was.
Well, that was kind of awesome.
Well, North Shore in January.
Nothing comes close.
Yeah, but today was especially good.
Off-shore winds, perfect overheads-- it doesn't get much better.
Yeah, I'd say it could get a little bit better.
What are you talking about? You were smiling out there.
STEVE: Nah, he wasn't.
That was more like an anemic grin.
DANNY: Ha-ha.
(chuckles) Well, let me explain that, uh, “anemic grin.
” That is because you, my friend, are a wave hog.
Excuse me? I'm a wave hog? That's right.
Wave hog.
The man has a point.
DANNY: Thank you.
Yeah, you weren't, um, the most patient in the lineup out there, boss.
See? You're a wave hog.
Okay, fine.
All right? No, I'm fine.
Let's talk about this.
You want the truth? You want to know why I was doing the party wave thing? It was for his benefit, in case he got into trouble.
I see.
I see.
So you-you being a pig out there, stealing everybody's waves, that's, uh, that's for my benefit? Yeah, it was so you didn't drown, okay? Listen to me.
You want me on that wave.
You need me on that wave.
I see what you're doing there.
That's, uh he's doing Jack Nicholson.
He is.
It's good.
And it's very appropriate, too, because the last six years of my life have sort of been like The Shining, which is a film that, if you'd seen, you would know that Jack Nicholson spends the whole movie torturing a young boy named Danny.
Like you're torturing me now? Gentlemen, as much as I'm enjoying this-- and I am enjoying this-- we should probably get going before traffic gets bad.
You're absolutely right.
Wave hog.
Party wave.
What's up? Traffic's jacked already.
Kamehameha's like a parking lot from Wahiawa all the way through Pearl City.
We gotta take the 83.
No, I don't want to take the 83.
Drive all the way around the whole island? It's a nightmare.
Okay, we It's another it's another half an hour driving or another hour sitting in traffic.
What do you want? Yeah, at least it's more scenic.
I got a shortcut.
All right, I'll take the shortcut if it gets me out of the car with him earlier.
We cut through the coffee fields in Waialua.
Wait a minute, the service roads? Mm-hmm.
What, are you crazy? One wrong turn up there, we'll be back here.
It'll be midnight by the time we get home.
No, it's it's a maze up there.
Well, maybe for a haole.
But I used to ride those trails on my dirt bike, when I was a kid.
Oh Oh! Hey, we're gonna be back home before you guys even reach Turtle Bay.
Cuz, I think you just threw down.
Oh, oh, yeah, he threw down.
You care to make this interesting, my friend? What did you have in mind? Little wager.
First car to the Palace wins.
The losers pay for dinner and drinks at Side Street.
How 'bout that? I like it.
We're in.
Whoa, hey, hey.
Cool your jets, Turbo.
There's some rules in this game, okay? Okay.
First one: no speeding.
Second one: no sirens.
Next rule: no HPD escort.
He's gonna break all these rules.
(laughs) Hey.
Right here.
You got it? Mm-hmm.
Okay, fine.
We all good? On your mark, set, go! See, he's cheating already.
He Bo & Luke'd that.
Let's go.
(engines revving) GROVER: Wakey, wakey.
Come on, Clay.
Wake up.
(grunts) (sighs) Hell you doing, Lou? Ugh I need to go to the ER.
Shut up.
You all right.
Giordano's? Must be Thursday night.
Whatever the hell you're doing, Lou, forget it.
Hang on, let me guess.
Half pepperoni, half mushroom.
Like I always said, only three sure things in life: Death taxes and Clay Maxwell ordering Giordano's on a Thursday night.
I would've shared my pizza with you, Lou.
You didn't have to go through all this trouble, man.
No trouble at all.
Matter of fact, we can end this thing right now.
All you gotta do is tell me you murdered your wife.
Now, you know that's not gonna happen.
Well, I got some bad news for you, brother.
I didn't fly all the way here for this deep dish.
I'm here to get a confession out of you and I'm not leaving till I get it.
Ball Cannonball Cannonball Cannonball Cannonball Cannonball It's not what you do it's how you do it Be anything you want to be It's not what you got, it's how you use it DANNY: What happened to the rules? You made the rule, no speeding.
What about that? I'm sorry, have you seen a sign since we left the park? I haven't seen a sign.
Let me explain something: Just because you have a badge does not mean you get to speed.
I'm not speeding.
You got the soul You are a child.
Just relax, all right? Enjoy the view.
It's beautiful.
It's green.
What view? I got, uh, jet stream.
There's no view.
(engine roaring) DANNY: Wow, that's loud.
You can make it You got the soul (Danny clears throat) Do me a favor.
Pull over, would you? What, are you out of your mind? No, I'm not out of my mind, I gotta pee.
Can you please pull over? You didn't pee before we left? No, I that's why I gotta pull over.
And I'm the child? And I'm the child.
Could you stop the car for two seconds? I'm not stopping the car.
I'm not stopping the car.
You're unbelievable.
You don't even care-- I might get an infection in my kidney and you don't care, as long as you get free wings.
I'm getting drinks, too, okay? All night.
I get drinks all night.
You cheap son of a bitch.
Pull the car over.
I'm not pulling the car-- here.
Here, all right? I'm not peeing in a bottle.
Are you nuts, you animal? Well, you pee out the window, then.
I'll hold on to the back of your pants.
How 'bout that? Okay.
That's nice.
(engine revving) Wow, I haven't seen that in awhile.
Seen what? That look on your face.
Today was exactly what I needed.
Thank you, cuz.
You know, we got guards looking out for him.
And with good behavior, this time next year, Adam's gonna be home.
He's gonna be fine.
I know.
I know.
Speaking of significant others, what's, uh, what's up with you and Abby? What are you talking about? Are you serious? (clears throat) You guys are hooking up.
Everyone knows.
What? What are you talking about, everyone? Who's everyone? Everyone we work with.
(groans) (laughs) It's that obvious? Yes! It's very, very obvious.
(laughs) It's ridiculous.
All right, all right, all right.
Not to be a bummer, but what happens when she goes back to San Francisco? Uh, yeah.
I'm trying really hard not to think about that right now.
So now we gotta get the variable to one side.
And remember, whatever we do on one side, we what? That's right, that's right.
We do on the other.
So we subtract.
Now you should have 16 = 4k.
Therefore, “K” is what? That's my boy.
What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? You know what? Your old man is good with numbers, but you're gonna be even better, 'cause you're smarter than me and you're better-looking than me.
All right, listen you have any more problems, you just give me a call.
All ri Hey, hey, hey, hey.
No screens of any kind till you finish all your homework.
All of it.
All right.
I love you.
All right.
(chuckles) (sighs) I bet that hurt with that mustache, huh? You're crazy, man.
You know that? This is seriously messed up.
Yeah, so's stepping out on your wife of 20 years and throwing her off a cliff.
You are certifiable.
You need to let this go, man.
There's nothing you can do to change what happened.
And how am I supposed to let this go, hmm? How am I supposed to let go of seeing my friend go in the ground? Knowing that the man she loved, the man she trusted, a guy who used to be my best friend, put her there.
We have been through this.
I told you, I didn't kill Diane.
You know, I'm gonna turn this thing off.
Come on.
Come on, it's just me and you now.
No cameras, no recording, no nothing.
It's just you and me.
It's just two cops talking story.
You need a hobby.
You my hobby.
You know, I'm no art critic, but this damn thing is terrible.
Hey, wait a second.
Didn't you have another pi? You used to have another picture up here.
You had a picture of you and Diane on your wedding day.
What happened, your girl made you take it down? It made me sad to look at it, Lou.
Yeah, I'll bet.
Where is Miss Sweet Cakes, by the way? Where's LeAnn? She's out of town.
Oh, well, that's too bad.
I was hoping I'd get to see the look on her face when you confessed to killing your wife.
I'm afraid you blew your airline miles for nothing, Lou.
Because that's never gonna happen.
I kind of figured you'd say that.
(sighs) I gotta give you your props.
When you left Hawaii, you moved real fast.
Went right into damage control.
Circled the wagons back here in Chicago, got in front of things, got your little story.
What'd you tell them? Well, whatever cock-and-bull story you told them, they bought it, 'cause that blue wall went straight up.
Nobody'd talk to me, nobody'd tell me a thing.
It took a few months, but eventually I had to wrap my head around the idea that I was never gonna be able to nail you for murdering your wife.
But you know me.
And you know I ain't gonna let you walk for it, neither.
And then it occurs to me.
Hell, I don't give a damn what you go to jail for, as long as you go.
So I'll get you on something else.
I don't know what it could be.
But then I was cleaning out my gutters last week, and it hit me.
That address sound familiar to you? I'm drawing a blank.
That's funny.
A stash house in Little Village.
We busted it five years ago.
Yeah, well, we raided a lot of stash houses back then.
Oh, not like this one.
See, this one, you was primary through the door.
And the perp drew a weapon, I don't remember what it was.
A nine or FN-5-something.
I don't remember.
Anyway, he didn't give us a choice.
We filled him full of holes, and we dropped him.
When the smoke cleared, everybody split up to search the place, and lo and behold, what did you find? You found two bags each with upwards of $250,000 in cash.
Any of this coming back to you? It's starting to.
Then you'll be wanting to hear the rest of the story.
'Cause if you remember all the serial numbers on those bills were sequential.
Well, I'm sorry, almost all of them.
That is, until the money got turned into evidence, where they discovered a huge gap in the numbers.
You remember? Everybody started talking about how there had to be at least a bagful of that cash that went missing.
How could that be? And nobody ever found it.
But you know what? I think I know exactly what happened to that money.
So what are you thinking, I found the bags and squirreled one away before you got there? Well, if you think that's the case, why the hell didn't you turn me in?! Because you were my partner, that's why! I trusted you! I'd have believed any story, other than that one, to be the truth.
You murdered your wife.
Now I see everything different.
So now I'm a murderer and a thief.
Well, we both know you're a murderer.
But a thief? Yeah, you're a pretty exceptional thief.
Maybe the best I've seen in 25 years wearing the badge.
Yeah, well, if I'm that good, why am I still living in Hyde Park? Why? Because you're smart, that's why.
You move to the Gold Coast, that's gonna look suspicious.
So you stay here.
Living with this horrible art in this neighborhood, the same neighborhood where everybody sees you, everybody knows you, and as far as they're concerned, you're still the same neighborhood guy, same stand-up guy, old stand-up Clay.
You have got some vivid imagination, Lou.
Yeah? Yeah.
And just where do you suppose I put this mythical money? Safety deposit box? You're too slick for that.
You're too careful for that.
No, I think you've got that paper hidden right here in this house.
More to the point I think they're right up in some of these walls.
You remember that do-it-yourself project that I came over to help you with, when you put up the new drywall in your basement? And then you got the bright idea to hide some of your poker winnings behind that drywall.
You even had a stupid little name for it.
“Yeah, man, this is my my 'break drywall in case of emergency' fund.
” You remember that? I remember that.
So you're in luck.
I ain't gonna need any confession.
That money's gonna lock you up.
And I'm gonna find that money if I have to break every wall in this house, starting with this one.
(Chin turns off engine, sighs) This doesn't look like a coffee field.
Check the GPS again.
I can't.
I have no signal.
(groans) Okay, go ahead, say it.
I was not gonna say that Steve was right.
(scoffs, chuckles) I swear.
I was thinking it about 15 minutes ago when you passed that hoop pine for the fifth time, but I'm kind of over it now.
Oh, you're so funny.
Oh, yeah, and you're gonna be picking up the Side Street tab unless we get out of here soon.
KONO: You see that car? Maybe they can navigate us out of here.
Well, they can't be far, the engine's still warm.
(shoveling in distance) Over there.
Looks like there's a clearing.
CHIN (quietly): What's he doing? (gun cocks) Hey, Jeremy! Looks like we got some help.
Okay, I think you already checked there.
MAN: Watch your mouth.
(chuckles) You're wearing his ring too.
Isn't that nice? Let's have 'em.
Don't give it to him.
She can give 'em to me, or I can just take 'em.
One way, she bleeds.
It's okay, Chin.
Where are your wallets? They're in the car.
If it's as nice as your woman, I'm gonna enjoy riding that.
(snickers) Me, too.
All right, put 'em to work, little brother.
JEREMY: Let's go.
Get in, it's your time to dig.
Get in! Grab a shovel.
You too.
You're wasting your time, Lou.
Even if I did take that cash, you think I'd be dumb enough to hide it in my house? Yeah.
Yeah, that's exactly what I think.
Breaking and entering.
Assault, kidnapping.
You know you're gonna go to jail for this.
Yeah, well, it'll be me and you.
I got dibs on the bottom bunk.
You think this is funny? I wish it was.
Oh, well.
Back to work.
(car approaching) (gun cocks) You lying son of a bitch.
It's Leann.
I thought you said she was out of town.
All right, smart guy.
(groans) (panting) You better listen to me very carefully.
If you give a damn about that woman you're gonna want to do everything I tell you to do.
Or what? You gonna kill us? LEANN: Clay? (quietly): You keep saying that I'm crazy.
See, that's the thing about crazy people-- they don't know they're crazy.
See, I left my wife and my kids on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean to fly on a plane for nine and a half hours in coach to get a confession from a guy who I know is never gonna confess to me.
And now (gun cocks) now I got a gun to your throat.
I don't know if I'm crazy, but if you don't give me what I want I swear I'm gonna burn this place to the ground with both of your dead asses in it.
Clay, you home? (phone rings) (chuckles) I'm here.
Where are you? Hey, babe.
I had to run an errand.
I'm sorry, I should've told you.
I saw your car outside.
Figured you were here.
Well, the block heater broke.
She wouldn't start, so I took a taxi.
(mouthing) Why don't you meet me at Finn's for a drink? If you get there before me, just order me the usual.
(giggles) Okay.
I'll see you there.
All right, I love you.
Oh, love you, too.
(phone clunks) Hello? Hear that? Hear what? Silence.
Silence is the sound of victory, my friend.
Chin and Kono are not here.
We beat them, which means winner, winner, Side Street dinner! You're such an idiot.
You're pathetic.
I'm pathetic? You peed in a bottle.
Please don't tell anybody about that.
Where you going? I'm gonna go get the bottle-- I left it in the car.
Okay, that's disgusting.
(sighs) (inhales) (sighs) (sighs) I need one of you to come with me.
I'll go.
But you got to promise me nothing happens to her.
You do as I say, and nothing will.
Where are we going? Just move.
All right, all right.
To the trunk.
(alarm chirps) Who is he? Doesn't matter.
Well, he's not just gonna climb out of there himself.
Let's go.
(groaning) He's a cop.
He's what happens when you put your nose in other people's business.
Now move.
Your brother's not gonna make it-- you know that.
What the hell are you talking about? Prison.
I know a guy who went in for manslaughter.
Within six months, they found him hanging in his cell.
You know, you, you'll be fine.
But your brother he's not you.
Well, I guess were gonna have to not get caught then.
How long you think you'll be able to keep a secret? I think you better shut up.
Just trying to help.
(grunting) (grunts) That's far enough, cop.
Drop it.
Drop it! Or the next one won't miss.
What's up? You hear from Chin or Kono yet? No.
Why? Well, 'cause they're not answering their phones, and they should've been here by now.
(sighs) Maybe they, uh, got car trouble.
Yeah, but why wouldn't they answer their phones? Well, that's what I mean.
You know, you warned 'em about those service roads.
Maybe they got car trouble and they got no signal up there.
Well, if you're worried about it, we'll go up there.
We'll drive back up to North Shore and find them.
You know what, let's do that.
All right.
Drop him right there.
Hey, dig.
Everything all right? No, everything's not all right.
They're cops.
What? Wait, he told you? He said squat.
They got an undercover car back there.
What are we gonna do? Just relax.
CHIN: Listen, it's not too late to change your mind.
You saw my car.
The keys are in it.
There's no way we'll be able to follow you.
I don't want you to talk.
I want you to dig.
And make sure there's room enough for three.
(engine revving) This is, this is ridiculous.
They could've taken any one of these roads.
Yeah, then we take them all until we find them.
(sighs) (sighs) (scoffs) Boy, you got to be a real dumb ass, using your badge number for your safe combination.
Yeah, well, at least I didn't use my birthday.
Yeah, I tried that first.
Remember these? Your wife's rings? What's the matter, you didn't have time to go pawn them yet? How many times I got to tell you? You're not gonna find what you're looking for, Lou.
It doesn't exist, never has.
It's here.
It's here and I know it.
I feel it in my gut, just like I felt it when I knew that you murdered your wife.
And I'm gonna find that money, and when I find it, I'm coming up here, and I'm lighting a big, fat, Cuban cigar and smoke it with a smile on my face, and then I'm going right down to Cook County Criminal Court, and watch them perp walk your black ass right up them steps! So you hold onto that, partner.
Defense lawyers don't come cheap.
There's no getting through to you, is there? No penetrating that thick skull of yours.
Man, after all this time, you still don't have one shred of proof that I killed Diane.
Doesn't that tell you anything? Please! You had a woman on the side! You're sleeping with this girl, and telling her you're gonna leave your wife for her.
And now your wife's dead! And now you're with her! So that tells me something.
Been over that.
What I told Leann was Pillow talk, yeah.
pillow talk, right.
I was never gonna leave Diane.
Yeah, not the easy way.
Let me ask you something, partner.
If I was thinking about bailing on my marriage, don't you think I would've called my best friend first? Talked to him about it? Anything big, anything important, we told each other.
Like Philly, for example.
What'd you say? Anybody ever say anything about what happened there? Say something else about Philly.
Say something else about Philly, I swear, I'll knock out all your fronts.
Don't you ever bring that up again.
Struck a nerve while I was making a point.
Huh? Because we shared things in confidence.
We were each other's priests! If I was gonna leave my wife, you would've been the first to know.
Would I be the first to know that you planned on pushing her off a cliff? (grunts) You have an answer for everything, don't you? Are you done? No, go ahead.
Swing your hammer.
Take this place down to the studs.
Rip up the floorboards.
Hell, you can burn it down to the ground for all I care, because after all this, nobody's ever gonna believe that you might've been right about Diane.
(car door shuts) (car alarm chirps) (footsteps approach) Run! Hey! Come here! LeAnn, get out of here! Run! Hey! Come here! Help! Help! Let her go, Lou! Clay! GROVER: I got her! I got her! Leave her alone! Let her go! I got her! LEANN: Clay, help me! Shut your mouth.
Shut your mouth.
We are gonna find them.
What “yeah”? That's twice now that you've said that.
What? “Yeah.
” Oh, that's you pretending to be me, is that what that is? Yeah, that's-that's you doing me, all right? Doom and gloom does not suit you, all right? Look, I-I can't help it.
At the moment, I can't I can't stop thinking that maybe this has got something to do with Gabriel.
Would you stop? Just stop.
They're probably sitting on the side of the road with their car, uh, broken down, they can't use their phone, no cell service, all right? I understand that your instincts are telling you that things are terrible-- because that's who you are-- but let's be positive.
That's all, positive.
(engine roaring) Leave her alone, Lou.
I'm sorry I have to do this to you.
What do you want from us? CLAY: He still thinks I killed Diane.
I told you, he's obsessed.
Aah! You're hurting me.
You should have stayed at the bar.
You were fine at the bar.
I didn't want to get you involved in this.
CLAY: Just do as he says, LeAnn.
All right? He's digging his own grave.
One count of kidnapping's not good enough for him.
He wants to double-down, so let him.
LEANN: Listen to me.
You're wrong about Clay.
You gotta let this go.
Please, leave us alone.
Clay did nothing wrong.
LeAnn I got a wife.
I got a beautiful wife and two beautiful kids.
I got a lot of friends.
I got a big fat pension.
I even have an honorary membership at the Waialae Country Club.
I'm really blessed.
And you think, with all that, do you think I'd just throw that into the garbage if I had even a scintilla of doubt about what he did? Hmm? He didn't You know he did it.
He killed his wife.
On their anniversary.
He pushed her off a cliff and watched her head crack open on some rocks for you.
What are you gonna do when his game just rewinds? What are you gonna do when he finds the next LeAnn? Will he do the same thing to you? I'm gonna leave you two now.
You look like you could use a little alone time.
Don't let him get in your head.
You know me, baby.
You know I would never do anything like that.
Right? All right, you're done.
Drop the shovels and get out.
Move! Move! You too, sweetheart.
Go! Let's go! Move! Turn around.
Turn around! (three gunshots) (both grunt) (sighs) You all right? Kono, you okay? Where's that money?! (yells) Aah! (panting) GROVER: You know, man, for the life of me, I cannot figure you out.
Answer me this, buddy: Why do you have this beautiful, brand-new car sitting in the driveway in the middle of winter in Chicago? I mean do you just like scraping the ice off your windshield every morning? And-and starting your car and having to let it run for 15 minutes before you go to work? I mean here you have a brand-new car Where are you taking him? sitting in your driveway and you got a old rust bucket, get-out-and-push, that belongs in a junkyard somewhere, sitting in your garage just suckin' up heat.
Explain that.
I been working on it.
Been working! You haven't done a damn thing to this car in ten years! Ten years ago, I took a picture with you at a barbecue at your house-- this car was right next to us.
It looks exactly the same! And you got this thing in here all toasty warm, and a brand-new car in the driveway in midwinter? Man, that's as crazy as two left shoes! There can only be one explanation for it.
This ain't a car-- it's a safe! What the hell you think you're doing? GROVER: I told you I'd find it, didn't I? Hmm? I told you I'd find it.
What's the matter? You run out of smart little pithy comments? Huh? Well, congratulations, Lou.
Let's think about this.
There's almost a quarter million dollars in cash in there.
What if you just took it and-and walked out? (chuckling) That's where we're taking it now? After what happened in this house tonight, you offering me a bribe? You are some piece of work, brother.
(sniffs, sighs) No, think about it.
I mean seriously think about it.
Right? With that cash you could put Samantha and Will through college and still have some left over for your retirement.
You got an opportunity here, Lou.
Don't be stupid.
(sighs) What are you doing, Lou? Lou! Hi.
Good evening.
This is Captain Lou Grover from Hawaii Five-O Task Force in Honolulu, Hawaii.
I used to be the SWAT commander there at Who is this? Man, what are you doing answering the phone? (chuckles) A promotion?! For what? You never did nothin'.
(laughing) I'm good, man.
I'm fine, I'm fine.
Yeah No, actually, I'm here in town.
Listen, you know, uh, Sergeant Clay Maxwell? Yeah.
Yeah, that was a shame about his wife.
Listen, I need you to send a couple of detectives No, no.
Everybody's fine.
He's just tied up right now.
Yeah, I need you to send a couple of detectives from Internal Affairs.
And, um, send a police union rep, too.
No, I know.
No, there's no rush.
We ain't goin' anywhere.
(phone beeps off)
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