Hawaii Five-0 s06e14 Episode Script

Hoa 'Inea (Misery Loves Company)

1 Everybody loves somebody Sometime Everybody falls in love somehow Something in your kiss Just told me My sometime Is now Everybody loves somebody Sometime And although my dream was overdue (grunting) Your love made it (grunting, gasping) Well worth waiting (gunshot) For someone (gunshot, woman screams) Like you Everybody loves somebody sometime.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x14 Hoa 'Inea (Misery Loves Compan @elderman All right, so, I got it.
You selfishly punched yourself in the eyeball so that I didn't get to do it.
Is that right? No.
Not even close.
You know, buddy, if it's something that's, uh, embarrassing, something you don't want to share with us, you know, we understand.
CHIN: Yeah, we totally understand, Steve.
The last thing we would want to do is make you uncomfortable.
You can tell us when you're ready, boss.
You guys suck at reverse psychology.
GROVER: Well, then tell us the damn story, why don't you? STEVE: All right, you all know that I've been trained by the U.
government to resist interrogation, right? That's fine.
So we'll just keep taking bad guesses, then.
How 'bout that? Okay.
You were opening a bottle of champagne and the cork exploded in your face.
Black eye.
All them damn bullets you've been dodging for years, and you end up gettin' hit in the face with a cork projectile.
See, now that's what you call ironic.
Hey, you know what? You don't get to make jokes when you show up to work in a suit that's been MIA since 1972.
Get down, get down Get down, get down Get down, get down Oh! (Steve laughs) I'm having a dream.
We're all at a Temptations concert.
Oh, yeah, that's funny.
You joke, but there's a very sad story that goes with this suit.
Whoo! Oh, I bet.
If you paid money for it, it's definitely a sad story.
STEVE: You gonna tell us what happened, here? I'll tell you what happened.
Right after you tell me why you rockin' the panda eye.
All right, Grimace.
No, Steve, come on.
We want to know how a Navy SEAL gets a black eye on a date, huh? (laughs) (indistinct radio communication) Hey.
What up? Whoa, you guys look, uh terrible.
Right? You, too.
You look terrible, too.
You don't.
You look fantastic.
Beautiful, as always.
Thanks, Danny.
We were just talking about who had the crappiest Valentine's Day.
Sorry, Kono.
It's okay.
I get to see Adam in a couple of days.
Why don't you tell Kono what happened to, uh, with the eye shadow? Why don't you tell him? Yeah, go ahead, champ.
Make her feel better.
Is there a crime scene here? CHIN: Maid arrived about an hour ago.
Found a woman, Launa Cruz, unresponsive on the bathroom floor.
GSW to the chest.
EMTs detected a faint pulse.
They took her to Kuakini.
She's in critical condition.
Clearly, there was a struggle.
One shot went into the wall, one went into our Vic.
She went into the tub.
The killer must have left, thinking he, uh, he'd done the job right.
Okay, so what do we know about Ms.
Cruz? Married to a contractor named Jack Cruz.
They live on the North Shore.
DANNY: She's a long way from home.
What about this place? It's owned by a company called Purview Properties.
Established five years ago.
Uh, they rent houses and apartments to people having affairs.
It's like a sex pad.
No paper trail.
No questions asked.
Purview Properties.
Bustin' up marriages since 2010.
We'll reach out to them, find out whose name is on the contract.
GROVER: Looks like little Ms.
Cruz was stepping out on her husband.
Where, uh, where's Jack Cruz? Anybody know? Haven't been able to reach him.
Well, what a shock.
So we're thinking that, uh, Mr.
Cruz found out Mrs.
Cruz was having an affair, came here and tried to kill her? Or something went down with the person that she was meeting.
Well, whatever the case may be, I think we can all agree that Launa Cruz is having a far worse Valentine's Day than any of us.
Oh, my Daisy, what have they done to you? What have they done to you? They changed you.
Ooh Wow! She hasn't changed a bit! (laughing) Come on! You take any longer and they are gonna need to cut the grass.
You have someplace you'd rather be? Busiest night of the year tonight.
Yeah? Why's that? It's Valentine's Day.
What? It's Valentine's Day.
Busiest day.
What?! You can still save a par here.
Forget par, Chef.
I forgot Valentine's Day.
Listen, Chef, I need a favor.
You can use your influence and-and get a table for me and Renee tonight, right? (laughs) No.
So we have been booked solid for a month.
I'm a dead man.
What about your par? You win! Thank you! Sorry! (doorbell rings) Can I help you? Hey, hey, happy Valentine's Day, baby.
Oh, okay.
I-I see.
You-you thought, you thought I forgot.
But you got played, 'cause I wanted to be able to give you a real, genuine Valentine's Day surprise, baby! Ah.
Oh! Oh, so you-you didn't forget.
Hell, no.
Oh Like you “didn't forget” my birthday last year? And you “didn't forge”" our wedding anniversary the year before that? See, why you gotta bring up old stuff? Hey, come on, now.
Why can't you see this for what it is? Your man is home, standing in front of his beautiful wife, offering you these flowers and these-these chocolates as a token of my love.
Oh oh, no, I see You know, I see what this is.
I knew you would.
Oh, yeah, no, no, I see.
I see a man, Yes, you do.
- mmm.
who ran out, mm-hmm Mm-hmm.
and bought the last sorry bunch of Gerbera daisies from the convenience store over there on Durely Street.
How you know that? You didn't even take the sticker off.
And I see the suit that I brought to the dry cleaners last week because I was going to donate it to the Salvation Army.
What? And I see Ooh, ooh, I see a man, mmm still wearing his golf shoes.
Oh, yeah.
Hey, I taught you well.
You really are a cop's wife.
And you, Louis Purnell Grover Huh? are in the doghouse.
24 hours, no parole.
What? Mm-mm! Hey! That man (laughing): Oh, no.
(laughing) GROVER (over radio): Yeah, yeah, yeah, laugh it up.
Okay, so what does a night in the doghouse look like? I'll tell you what it looks like.
Me in a janky motel on a horrible mattress stuffed with nails and a wafer-thin wall with some freaky couple on the other side of it trying to set a new sex endurance record.
Lou, why didn't you come to my place? Huh? I mean, mi casa su casa, you know that.
GROVER: Oh, I came to your house, but it was completely dark.
I figured you were in there romancing, so I went over to Danny's house.
DANNY: Right.
Well, the romance was definitely not happening over at my place.
GROVER: Yeah, it looked like he was in there playing charades or something.
STEVE: Charades? You were playing charades or something? I was not playing charades.
Melissa and I had a, um, what do you call it? An exchange of opinions.
An exch Oh! Okay, yeah.
Us married folks call that a fight.
So then I just went to a motel.
What about my place? Were you even at home? Nope.
Well, then! All right, that's my sorry-ass Valentine's Day story.
Come on, now, McGarrett, come on.
Time for you to share.
Why is everyone so obsessed? I don't see how a humiliating story about me is gonna make anyone feel any better.
You know, it just might.
Okay, fine, I'm happy to oblige right after Chin steps up, how 'bout that? Okay, fair enough.
Guys, there is absolutely nothing to tell.
(sighs) Hey, Abby, it's me again.
Listen, I-I just wanted to say that you know, whatever you're going through, I hope you know that you can tell me.
Okay? Just give me a call me back.
Got voice mail again? Yeah.
Hey, you know, silence doesn't always mean something bad's going on.
I'm sorry, Kono.
Here I am, blabbing about my situation, and you've got Adam in prison.
Oh, no, it's all right.
At least I didn't humiliate myself at the Kahala last night.
You don't have to remind me, okay? (chuckles) Speaking of which-- will you do me a favor? Don't let the guys know about my nightmare, okay? Because if they do, I'm just gonna be a punch line between now and December.
Got it.
Thank you.
Chin, it was, uh very good to see you last night.
So what's the latest? Mrs.
Cruz is in a coma.
Doctors are doing everything they can.
It's not looking good.
All right, well, once she's stable, let's get CSU in here and collect some evidence.
Of course, but there's something else you should know.
KONO: All right, so according to Duke, Launa Cruz contacted HPD yesterday to report her husband missing.
The thing was it was less than 48 hours, so no official investigation was opened.
Well, that changes things.
CHIN: There's more.
Cruz had a clear abrasion between her thumb and forefinger.
It's the kind of injury typically associated with the slide of an automatic weapon as it catches the skin when it goes back.
Wait a minute, she fired the gun? Well, here's the thing: Her prints aren't anywhere on the champagne glasses.
Okay, well, maybe we got this whole thing wrong.
Maybe Jack Cruz was the one having the affair.
He was using that house to do so.
Launa shows up to confront him, they wrestle over the gun.
All right, so our victim started out as our perp.
Well, the good news is we were able to figure out whose prints were on the champagne glasses.
Now, lab matched them back to a Natalie Jacobs.
She's in the system for solicitation.
She's also in the books at a high-priced escort agency.
Two grand a date.
Yeah, if my husband was having Valentine's Day with a hooker, I'd show up with a gun too.
And I thought I messed up.
This guy's got to be a lock for husband of the year.
STEVE: This is the man you spent Valentine's Day with.
Okay, Natalie, we found your prints at a crime scene on Ocean Drive.
I'm not denying that I was at that house.
I'm saying that's not the guy that I was with.
Okay, who-who's the guy that you were with? He said his name was Robert.
But my guess is that's a lie.
And he wasn't at all like your guy.
Robert looked older, had silverish hair and brown eyes.
Okay, have you done business with Robert before? He was a first-time client.
Best kind, too.
Paid for the girlfriend experience but was done in under an hour.
Okay, uh, do you know anything else about the guy or? He was sweet.
Made an effort to make it romantic.
Even bought me a Valentine gift.
That's, uh uh, Victoria's Secret, right? You know your lingerie.
(lock buzzing) (door opens) So, what, you believe her? I don't know.
I guess, I guess.
I want to see what turns up with the, uh with the composite.
What are you looking at me like that for? “You know your lingerie”" Yeah, I know my lingerie.
I like women in lingerie.
Is that, uh, is that a crime? No.
You, you probably you probably don't even notice what a woman's wearing before you, uh before you, you know Wh How's it about me now? What are you trying to say, by the way? What am I trying to say? Yeah, what are you trying to say? You know, I mean, you're not the most patient guy in the whole world.
What are you s I'm not a romantic? Is that what you're saying? Buddy (clears throat) when I was, um, about 12 years old, I saw, uh, two sea lions mate at the, uh, Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
And I'm-I'm pretty sure that there was more romance in that encounter than any date you've ever had in your entire life.
(cell phone rings) Let me You know what? What? Chin.
CHIN: Well, we can throw another theory out the window.
There's no way that Jack Cruz could have been at the crime scene.
Oh, yeah? How can you be so sure? 'Cause we're standing over his dead body.
GROVER: I can't believe I shared my pain and bared my vulnerable soul, and Mr.
Chin Ho Kelly can't even tease us with a little tidbit.
STEVE: Come on, Chin.
You know, hey, we're your family, buddy.
There, uh, there's no there's no judgment here.
There's no, uh No, it's your safe place, babe.
STEVE: It's your safe place, we promise, come on.
Come on, it's only fair now, brutha.
You know they're not gonna let this go.
All right.
All right.
Okay, so Abby and I had an amazing dinner at Morimoto.
Hang on a second.
When-when'd you book that? CHIN: It was a last-minute thing, you know? Abby wanted to try the braised black cod.
You know how good it is.
So I called the chef, he made it happen.
He was like, “Anything for Five-O,” you know? Is that a fact? So, anyway, I book a room at the Kahala.
Um, I'm lying there in bed, and I'm pouring the champagne, I'm waiting for Abby to come out of the bathroom.
You can fast-forward over those parts.
I don't want to hear about these gory details.
What's wrong with the details? Uh, well, that's the sad part, Lou.
We didn't even get to the part where we do the grown-up stuff.
(”Amazing Day” by Coldplay playing) That's not quite the entrance I was imagining.
I I can't.
Uh What do you mean? What's going on? I'm sorry.
Wait a minute.
Are you lea? Abby? Abby! Abby, are you? Your hand in mine Abby, hold on! CHIN: Abby! Look, I made a mistake.
I can't.
(elevator bell dings) Abby.
What the heck is going on? A? And time Seemed to say Forget the world No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
(sighs) (handle rattling) STEVE: Ooh.
DANNY: Oh, yeah.
No, I've seen this movie.
And then the nuns come running around the corner, right? (Danny chuckles) I wish that happened, because then they could've called down to the front desk for me.
Lieutenant Kelly? Duke.
What's going on? You remember my wife Nalani? Yes, of course, it is lovely to see you again, Nalani.
Well Uh, have a lovely evening.
STEVE: Oof, poor Duke.
Poor Duke? Poor Mrs.
What about poor me? (laughs) You know, I still have no idea how things went south so fast.
DANNY: Well, I-I-I can help you with this one, I think.
In my experience with women, it is either something that you said or did, or both, that she, uh, she took the wrong way.
It's probably some little microscopic teeny-tiny thing that's so damn small no man could recognize it.
Are you saying that women are irrational? (imitates speech broken by poor signal) GROVER: You breaking up.
So what happened? You call her? CHIN: Ugh, yeah.
I left her a bunch of messages.
And Kono's been trying to put a positive spin on it all day.
Maybe she got a little spooked how fast things were moving.
Yeah, or maybe she's got someone back in San Francisco.
You know, I never asked her.
She's got a life there, and one she's supposed to be heading back to soon.
Yeah, well, uh, you know, she could be on social media.
I'm saying you do a little recon.
That would be stalking.
And she's not.
I checked.
(wry groan) Oh, greetings, Lieutenant Kelly, Officer Kalakaua.
Ah, finally, someone's in a good mood.
Indeed I am.
It is entirely due to the lovely evening I spent in the company of my inamorata Sabrina.
Sounds like things are still going strong.
Actually, it was an anniversary of sorts.
So we decided to return to the place where our love first blossomed, commissary at King's Medical Center.
We even ordered the exact same turkey Swiss sandwich and reminisced.
Well, it's good to see that romance isn't dead.
MAX: No, only our victim.
was a GSW administered at close range to the anterior skull.
Ballistics do not match the Launa Cruz case.
What about time of death? Uh, according to liver temperature, Mr.
Cruz was murdered sometime between 10:00 a.
and noon on February 13.
February 13.
That means Jack Cruz was dead at least 24 hours before his wife went to that house on Ocean Drive.
So why did she go there? So two days ago, Jack Cruz responded to an e-mail from a potential new client asking to view a spec house he was building on the North Shore.
We think he was being lured there by his killer.
We tried to trace the e-mail, but it was a bogus account.
Okay, where was Launa Cruz at the time? Oh, she was at her usual therapy session on the other side of the island when her husband was shot.
Okay, hold on.
First we thought that Launa Cruz's husband was trying to kill her.
Then we thought she was trying to kill him.
Then we realized just now that he's dead, so who was Launa Cruz trying to kill? We think she might have been trying to kill this guy.
KONO: This is the artist composite of the man that Natalie claimed that she hooked up with at the house on Ocean Drive.
We ran his face through the databases but got no hit.
All right, we need to find out who this guy is and what his connection to Launa Cruz is too.
I hope she comes out of that coma, otherwise we got nothing.
DANNY: The bra.
What about the bra? The, uh, the bra that this guy bought for, uh, Natalie.
Oh, the Victoria's Secret? Yeah.
Don't ask.
(”Adventure of a Lifetime” by Coldplay plays) Turn your magic on Umi, she'd say Everything you want's a dream away DANNY: This way.
We are legends every day Hello.
Detective Williams! Nice to see you again.
It's very nice to see you, as always good to see you.
How'd that purchase work out? Yeah, how did it work out? He won't, um, tell me.
No, uh, I-I don't think that you want to hear about my terrible Valentine's Day experience.
Oh, she didn't like the perfume? Perfume? You bought perfume from here.
Yeah, I did.
STEVE: Hey, excuse me for a second.
I thought you said you liked women in nice lingerie.
I do like women in nice lingerie.
Okay, carry on.
Detective Williams bought a beautiful corset a few weeks back.
Did he? A corset? Yeah, it was it was, uh That is specific.
Uh, it's a Easy there.
We don't let him out of the house too much.
I got to ask you a question.
Um Do you, uh, by any chance recognize this guy? That's Michael Foxton.
He comes here a lot.
Knows what he likes.
He's bought the same lingerie seven times in the past month.
I don't suppose he used a credit card for any of those purchases? Only one time from memory.
I-I imagine that was for his wife.
Can we get a copy of that, of that transaction, please? Yes, you may.
STEVE: Thank you.
I Love Victoria's.
How you doing? Mrs.
Foxton? Yes? Hi, we're Five-O.
Is your husband around? Uh, no, Michael.
He-he's away on business.
That's, uh, that's not him jumping over the hedge over there? DANNY: It's him, right? Have a seat.
Okay, why don't you tell us, uh, why don't you tell us about this woman that you killed? Uh, her name was Launa Cruz, by the way.
Did you know that? No, I didn't know that was her name.
And before yesterday, I'd never seen that woman before in my life.
Okay, what about her husband? Yeah, what about her husband? You kill him, too? She came for revenge or what? What? No! Look.
I'm not a good guy.
I cheat on my wife.
But I don't know these people.
That's the truth, I swear.
All right, why don't you tell us what happened at that house? I partied with this girl Natalie.
She left.
I heard a sound.
I thought it was her coming back for something.
It was that woman.
She had a gun.
We struggled.
It went off.
It was self-defense.
I panicked, but I swear I was gonna turn myself in right when you guys showed up.
You know what's crazy is the amount of people that tell me that right after we arrest them.
Look, it's true.
Can I get a glass of water, please? Look, if you tell the truth, you can have anything you want.
Look, I'm telling the truth! (groaning) He's having a heart attack, Danny.
Come on.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) Come on! (growls) Monster.
You're gonna give yourself a heart attack you drink any more of those-- you know that, right? That was the last one.
No, I mean, that's the last one.
I'm all out.
Yeah, I've been awake for, uh, 56 hours now.
And I am trapped in this automobile with you, this very small space, and I'm supposed to stay awake.
And I'm listening to you talk, which is the equivalent of eating sleeping pills, listening to you talk.
And I'm supposed to stay awake somehow, so I-I don't know what to do.
You could tell us your Valentine's story.
Be pretty hard for you to fall asleep while you're talking.
Although, my wife says I did it once.
Come on, Danny.
Okay, all right.
I'll-I'll tell my, uh, my Valentine story.
So, like a gentleman, I was the, uh, epitome of romance.
I took romance to the next level.
Huh? You did this for me? Yeah, who else am I gonna do it for? Come on.
These are so adorable.
STEVE: A bunny napkin? What the hell is wrong with you? Yeah, I made a bunny napkin.
What do you want? Is there something wrong with you? I think it's cute.
DANNY: Thank you.
Would anybody like me to continue my story? ALL: Yes! Okay, so she was very impressed.
She was very happy with the situation.
She loved my flowers.
She loved the-the perfume I got her.
She loved the risotto alla milanese that I made for her.
She thought it was fantastic, delicious.
We're sitting there.
Everything is great, right? And then, the mood kind of, uh Well, we-we exchanged cards.
What? CHIN: She didn't like the card.
No, she did not like the card, not particularly.
What did you write in the card? I wrote, uh, simply, “Happy Valentine's Day, Danny.
” You're an idiot.
GROVER: Wait a second.
You didn't even write, “Love, Danny”? No, not love! I mean, I did, uh, at the end I did XOXOXO, bunch of XO's.
Dude, you blew it.
What do you mean I blew it? What are you talking about? I did all these nice things.
I did a bunny with the ears.
and the flowers and the perfume and the risotto-- what-what-what else? What do I got to do? I think we're all Team Melissa on this one.
I need you to tell me that you want me to stay.
Okay, I want you to stay.
(laughs) Not just tonight.
Look, look, I-I-I-I care about you very, very much.
Okay? I-I love spending time with you.
I-I don't understand what the problem is.
(chuckles) You can't say it, can you? I can say it! I can s-- Look, people say it all the time.
They say it a million times a day and it doesn't mean anything! I say it, it means something! Oh, right, okay.
Well, you've never said it to me.
That is not true.
Is that--? That's actually true? Is that true? Is this about Rachel? No! This is about how much time you make for me! About whether or not I'm a priority! You are a priority.
You are a priority.
You are a priority, okay? You are! You're not listening! I am! You are a priority.
You are (crickets chirping) Okay, so what-- it's over? I don't know what it is.
I don't know.
I got called to the crime scene yesterday, and then she was still in bed when I left and that's that.
All right, so what are you gonna do about it? I don't know.
You better hope we never solve this case, so you don't have to go home again.
Mmm! What? Look, I appreciate the support, but don't you have something shrimp-related to do? Hostility's out of character.
Maybe your blood sugar is low.
Look, if I'm cranky, it's 'cause the clock is ticking.
I need to find a connection between these two men.
The team's counting on me.
You want to know how real pressure looks like? It's like playing Russian Roulette with chocolate.
You throw away the guide.
Then you pick a candy.
If you get the fruit center, game over, brah.
You got the stones to play? Thanks.
But no.
This is my Valentine ritual.
Every year I get the same box of chocolates from a secret admirer.
What secret admirer? Don't know.
That's why they secret.
You know, I could probably find out who they are.
You know, using my detective superpowers and this computer.
Well, mainly this computer.
Thanks, but nah.
The key to romance is mystery.
(computer chimes) The secret to our mystery is right here! Oh, what is that? You just got the bullet, my friend.
(laughs) Oh! (spits) Oh, Commander! You wanted to find a connection between Cruz and Foxton? Well, here it is.
Both men are members of the Makai Country Club.
So they're golfing buddies.
Except I spoke to the manager of the pro shop, and Cruz and Foxton never share tee times.
But here's the thing: The wives had lunch with each other at the club five times in the past month alone.
All right, so there's attempts on both the husband's lives within a 24-hour period, and both the wives have rock-solid alibis.
Two strangers in unhappy marriages agree to kill each other's spouses with no apparent motive.
It's Strangers on a Train.
Gentlemen, Michael Foxton is stable, so you can talk to him now.
But there's something you should know.
It wasn't stress that caused his heart attack.
I told the doc I took my heart pills.
Well, you sure about that? Because he just said the medication wasn't in your system.
That's why you went into cardiac arrest.
It's impossible, 'cause Tessa gave them to me last night at home.
Your-your wife, who you are presently cheating on, she controls the medication that determines whether you live or die? Yeah.
Okay, whatever your wife gave you wasn't your heart pills, all right? Okay, so, we, uh, got a couple angry wives having a bunch of lunches and, uh, a doctor's word against Tessa's that this guy took the right medication.
She could've given him aspirin, right? And what's she gonna do? She's got plenty of money.
She's gonna lawyer up.
And she'll walk.
Is everything all right? Mrs.
Foxton, your husband, uh, he had a heart attack in custody.
(gasps) What?! He-he's all right, though; he's stable.
And the doctors think that he's-he's gonna be just fine.
Oh, oh, thank God! There is some good news.
Launa-- Launa Cruz has come out of her coma.
Yeah, it's just a matter of waiting for her to, uh, regain enough consciousness so we can question her.
Just, you know, to make sure that her story matches up with your husband we're good.
(door opens) (car starts) Thought she wasn't gonna take the bait.
Target's on the move.
(engine revs) I got eyes on the suspect.
She's headed inside.
I'm Tessa Foxton.
I'm here to see my husband Michael.
Third floor.
(elevator bell dings) (elevator bell dings) (footsteps approaching) I'm sorry.
It's over, Tessa.
(gun cocks) I'm sorry to say that Launa didn't make it.
She passed away earlier this morning.
TESSA: They said she was alive.
KONO: And we were right.
You came here to silence the one person that knew you killed Jack Cruz.
(indistinct radio communication, siren approaching) He used to beat her, you know.
Watch your head.
(engine starts) (doors close) DANNY: Well, I guess we can put an end to the argument on who had the worst Valentine's Day, right? Yeah, you know, I was just about to suggest we all go home and get a good night's sleep, and then I remembered McGarrett.
It's time, boss.
Not here.
Been standing in a corner Studying the lights Dreaming of escape Will keep you up at night But someone had put the flares up Got me in the rays So Guess I better stay Hey, Jer.
What's with the getup? I don't know what you're talking about.
He's got a hot date.
Ah Or not.
Depending if she shows.
Oh Thanks, big guy.
Helpful words.
(chuckles) JERRY: What? What? Look, we met online and neither of us wanted to do the cheesy Valentine's Day thing, so, you know, we're just gonna GROVER: Jerry Jerry, it's not that I'm not interested.
I'm not.
But, uh, that's not it.
Right now, the campfire session belongs to McGarrett.
Oh, he's gonna explain the black eye? Yes, sir.
So, uh, it all started on Valentine's Day morning.
You mind if I borrow a shirt? What do you want a shirt for? (laughs) Yes, you can borrow a shirt.
Second drawer down.
DANNY: She found your Phil Collins T-shirt and that was it.
She was done.
STEVE: Very funny.
She found the ring.
GROVER: What? Wait, the ring? STEVE: Yeah, the ring.
She found the ring that I bought for Catherine, the engagement ring.
That is an “oof.
” Yes, it was, it was definitely an “oof.
” Okay, so what was it doing in your dresser? You know, the funny thing is that was the question Lynn asked me.
What is this? STEVE: She felt that I'd been hiding something from her.
CHIN: Uh, well, you were.
The ring.
STEVE: Yeah, and with the seriousness of-of my relationship with Catherine, the fact that I was gonna ask her to, uh, to marry me.
She doesn't want to be part of a rebound thing, which is understandable, and, uh, she thinks my head's not in the game.
Okay, so how did it end? STEVE: Um, not well.
She left.
She was very upset.
That's terrible.
Sad story.
Listen, uh, I came here to hear about the black eye.
I got it.
She hit you with the ring.
No? GROVER: Okay, all right.
How about this? You were rooting around in the closet looking for something baseball falls off a shelf, hits you right in the eye.
Got hit in the head with a coconut.
You dropped a practice grenade on your face.
You walked into a tree.
You fell into a doorknob.
Got kicked by a horse.
Yeah, I don't know why I said that.
Now, can I just? Just settle down, okay? We went to Morimoto's, the private room.
The private room? Yeah, I called the chef.
The restaurant was at capacity, so he put me in the private room.
So I pulled out all the stops, beautiful dinner, we had a lovely evening, she was very happy.
All was forgiven, all right? We get back to my place, everything's going very well.
(”You Can Leave Your Hat On” begins) Lynn decides to make it up to me.
Little mood music.
That's a good move.
Baby, take off your coat Real slow That's it? You got hit in the face with a lady heel? That's that's that's it? A “lady heel”? This thing, this thing it was like a four a five-inch wedge.
You seen those things? It's like a it's like a tomahawk.
WOMAN: Um, hi.
Which one of you is BadWarlock82? PeaceMaiden53? Yeah.
I got shrimp allergies.
GROVER: I got a lady waiting for an apology.
KONO: I should put that laundry in the dryer.
CHIN: I need to finish some paperwork.
DANNY: I gotta go fix something.
STEVE: There's something I need to do.
Take it easy.
(”Everglow” by Coldplay intro playing) Hey, hey, hey Well, they say people come Say people go This particular diamond Is extra special And though you might be gone And the world may not know Still I see you celestial Like a lion you ran God his hero Like an eagle you circled Perfect of all So how come things move on How come cars don't slow When it feels like The end of my world When I should but I can't let you go But when I'm cold Cold When I'm cold Cold There's a light that you give me (laughs) When I'm in shadow There's a feeling of ever Everglow Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, hey Oh, oh-oh, oh So if you love someone You should let them know Oh, the light that you left me (phone ringing) Will everglow.
ABBY: Chin.
Are you there? Yeah, I'm here.
(sighs quietly) I need to apologize for my behavior.
I know we never talked about what this meant or where it was going.
I didn't expect to feel the way I do.
I like you, Chin, I (laughs quietly) I really like you.
What I did was You know what? It's okay.
You don't have to explain.
But I'd much rather have this conversation in person.
Me, too.
Except I'm in San Francisco right now.
In case you're wondering, it's work stuff.
All good.
I really ruined both our Valentine's.
(groans) You know what? You really did.
(chuckling): You have no idea how much.
Well, maybe when I get back to the Island in a couple days, you'll let me make it up to you.
Maybe I will.
I'll call you.
Maybe I'll take the call.
Bye, Chin.
(phone beeps off) @elderman
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