Hawaii Five-0 s06e15 Episode Script

Ke Koa Lokomaika'i (The Good Soldier)

1 CHIN: Previously on Hawaii Five-O Chin, what's the matter? You know this guy? Yeah, his name is Gabriel Waincroft.
He's my brother-in-law.
What I should do is throw you off this damn roof! I should do the same to you for not protecting my sister.
(grunts) You murdered my father, you son of a bitch.
Tell me why! (doorbell rings) Delivery.
STEVE: You see, this is a chess game to him.
He just sent us a very clear message that he is moves ahead.
I'd like to, uh, introduce you to Inspector Abby Dunn.
San Francisco PD is putting together a task force based on what we do.
I like you, Chin, I (gentle laugh) I really like you.
I like you, too, Abby.
But I'd much rather have this conversation in person.
Except I'm in San Francisco right now.
Work stuff.
Okay, it's-it's all there.
Let me see my brother now.
Deal's a deal.
(exhales) Matty.
Matty, it's me.
Want to take him with you? Or would you prefer that we ship him? There's my boy! Come here.
Mama! Hey, Ma.
Hello, handsome.
Mm, so good to see you.
(lively surf guitar music playing) MAN: We all deserve nice things.
An escape from the bland, the mundane, the vanilla.
What you've seen here today can be your escape.
The Mau Loa Vacation Club is offering an exclusive opportunity for timeshare ownership.
And if you sign up with us today, you, too, can live the dream.
Shall we? He's very good.
Yeah, yeah, he's great.
You know, “timeshare ownership” is kind of like an oxymoron.
(laughs) You know, you basically get a fancy hotel room with a mortgage payment-- that's all it is.
Does someone have a question? No, no, my husband was just remarking on how beautiful the place is.
Hmm? Let me paint this picture for you.
The sun's melting into the Pacific.
You've got a bottle of Domaine Chandon Etoile Rosé on ice, and this beautiful wife of yours in your arms.
Can you imagine anything more romantic than that? No, no.
You-you can put the paintbrush down for a second.
Honey, I need to speak to you alone if that's No, no, don't be rude, sweetheart.
It's okay.
Just-just carry on.
We're re we're good.
Clara, now.
I need to speak, I got to speak to her right now, you understand, right? See? Come on.
Excuse us.
We'll be right back.
Ma? Yeah? Make it stop.
It's over.
Please, I don't want to do it anymore.
You promised.
Yeah, I did.
I promised.
I promised that I would pretend I was Dad so you could get tickets to a cruise.
To where, I have no idea.
Okay, but you-you promised me that it would only take one hour.
We've been here for four hours.
Four hours is nothing.
Do you know how long I was in labor with you? 36 hours! Mm.
Not to mention, every Saturday, all those Little League tournaments.
Remember those? Driving all over the tri-state area? I sacrificed for you.
So man up and pretend that we're married, because I am not leaving here without that cruise-- got it? Mm-hmm, I got it.
You're gonna be on a cruise, I'm gonna be in therapy, Ma.
About time.
Ma? (tires screeching) (onlookers murmuring) (grunting with effort) (gasping) Fix him.
Please? (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x15 Ke Koa Lokomaika'i (The Good S @elderman Hey, what do we got? So, our victim's a John Doe.
He was brought in DOA, multiple gunshot wounds to the chest.
What about the guy who brought him in? His name is Neil Palea.
CSU swabbed his hands.
No trace of GSR.
Doesn't look like he's our shooter.
Well, what's his connection to the Vic? Mm, he wouldn't tell me.
What, he's refusing to cooperate? Not exactly.
(indistinct page over intercom) (rapid scratching) Hey, Neil this is Commander Steve McGarrett.
Remember I told you about him? He needs to ask you a few questions, okay? My uniform is stained! I can't show up for work like this.
I need to go home and change! Okay.
No problem.
“Neil” like Neil Armstrong? First man on the moon.
Commander Armstrong's left boot hit the lunar surface at precisely 2:56 Coordinated Universal Time.
Yes, sir.
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.
” “One small step for a man.
” Acoustic analysis confirmed the missing syllable.
Really? Did you know that? No.
I didn't know that, either.
You know, Neil, I really just wanted to, uh, ask you about the guy you brought into the hospital today.
Was he a friend of yours? What was his name? Mark.
Thank you.
(rapid scratching) You know what his last name was? I already told you his name.
We're late for work.
Oh, you and Mark worked together? Ah, where was that? Hey, Neil, Mark was, Mark was hurt.
Real bad.
He died.
And I want to find the person who did it, so I need you to tell me what you saw.
Do you know who hurt Mark? Okay, Neil, that's okay.
(indistinct page over intercom) Neil came to us about five years ago after his mother passed away.
He's highly functioning and capable of a lot, but like anyone on the spectrum, he's had his difficulties.
Social interaction, for example.
Neil doesn't really have friends.
That's why Mark was so important to him.
You know, I'm wondering if, uh, the reality of Mark's death has actually sunk in yet.
Well, Neil processes trauma differently than you and I.
His routine is very important to him.
And Mark was part of that routine.
Every day, Neil would take the bus to Mark's house and they would drive to work together.
And on Saturdays, they'd play Konane.
A disruption of that routine may be more difficult for him than Mark's death.
Hey, Neil.
You know, Janet was just telling me that, uh, you go by Mark's house every morning before work.
Did you go there today? Yes.
He was hurt.
Can you take me to Mark's house? No.
I'm one hour and 47 minutes late for work.
I'm gonna be in trouble.
Neil Remember what we talked about.
Sometimes schedules can change.
Now, Commander McGarrett needs your help.
No! I have to leave! I have to close P-2 at 9:00 p.
Very important! How about this, Neil? What if we make a deal? What if you show me where Mark's house is, and I promise you I will get you to work before 9:00 p.
Number six bus.
At the coffee shop, make a right.
It's the house with the blue mailbox.
Blue mailbox.
All right, buddy.
Hey, Kono, uh, stay with Neil for a minute? Yeah, copy that.
Five-O! Clear! Clear.
CHIN: Valuables are untouched.
This wasn't a robbery.
It was an execution.
Vic's name is Mark Walker.
Looks like he was heading to Los Angeles.
And he was planning on taking Neil with him.
One way tickets purchased this morning.
These guys were in a hurry to get out of town.
Yeah, but who were they running from? (sirens wailing, helicopter flying over) Neil, how you doing? You okay? You promised you would take me to work.
You can't break a promise! Nope.
No, you're right.
I'm not gonna break a promise, Neil.
We're gonna go to work, okay? We're going to work.
I just, I gotta ask you one question.
Did Mark say anything about you guys going to Los Angeles today? No, no more questions.
You told me you would take me to work.
Okay, all right.
Okay, let's go to work, Neil.
Come on.
Let's get you to work, buddy.
All right? Neil, I gotta just say good-bye to my friends over here.
Is that okay? Okay? Um All right, we get anything else on the Vic? Yeah, we found out that Mark has an ex-wife and a daughter on the island.
We'll reach out, see if they know anything.
Yeah, but until we find out who murdered Mark or what he was into, we're gonna have to assume that Neil's in danger.
All right.
Look, I promised I'd take him to work, okay? So I'm gonna I'm gonna hang with him for a while tonight, see if I can maybe build up some trust.
Maybe he'll tell me a few things and fill in the blanks, you know? CHIN: Yeah.
Why does the crime scene clean-up guy look like Gerard Hirsch? CHIN: Because it is Gerard Hirsch.
Hirsch, what are you doing? What-what is this? Well, since you took away my livelihood, I've had to adapt.
After seeing how busy you all were, I figured I should, uh, feed off the teat, as they say.
Thanks for that image.
STEVE: I see you've been in business since '82, huh? There's nothing wrong with a little white lie.
My customers like to feel that they're in experienced hands.
Ah, instead of the hands of an ex-art-forger- turned-Waikiki- caricature-artist.
I don't see your better half.
Where is the lovely Inspector Abigail Dunn? Don't tell me you two have broken up already.
She's in San Francisco on business.
And don't change the subject.
How did you know that we were here? I got a police scanner.
The early bird gets the blood splatter.
It's “spatter.
” Whatever.
Point me to the carnage.
STEVE: Yeah, uh, early bird.
You're too early, okay? CSU hasn't even finished processing the scene.
When they finish, we'll call you, okay? (car honks twice) Who's the new guy? I got to go, all right? Yeah, me too.
All right.
Well, uh, give me a call when the place is ready to be cleaned.
Or for any other, uh needs you may have.
Are you implying sexual needs, Gerard? Um, sure.
I'll pass.
For now.
I don't know how many ways I can say no.
He-he just doesn't listen.
I know, they're all the same, they're all the same.
They lure you in with a prize, and then they hit you with the hard sell.
and Mrs.
Williams, it's your lucky day.
(clears throat) I bet.
I just got off the phone with my manager.
and he's agreed to release that primo third-floor unit at a special discounted rate.
But we need to lock this deal up tonight.
Okay, look, um, uh, we really appreciate the effort.
Uh, you're doing a fantastic job.
The pocket square's phenomenal.
But, anyway, we're not gonna No timeshare.
We're not gonna get involved in it, uh, today, tomorrow, anytime.
No timeshare.
So, uh, if we could get those cruise tickets and end this very long day, that would be fantastic.
Williams it's clear to me why your wife loves this place.
She's a sophisticated woman with impeccable taste.
Do you really want to disappoint her? If we get the cruise tickets, yes, I can live with that.
I have to say, I am surprised.
I mean, you struck me as a kind of man who would do anything to keep his wife happy.
I mean, think about it, Mrs.
(sighs) Every morning, waking up with the Pacific Ocean calling out to greet you.
The warm, salty air tickling your naked skin.
Okay, that's enough.
That's my mother.
No more, okay? What? DANNY: (clears throat) Yeah, my dad couldn't make the trip.
It's not a big deal, but that's that.
It's, uh, it was all a sham, okay? It's over now.
CLARA: Daniel.
What? Seriously? Uh-huh.
But you still have money, right? We split up about six months ago.
Mark had a bad gambling problem.
He bounced around jobs for a little while, and that's why he ended up working at the garage a year and a half ago.
(sniffles) No one else would hire him.
Did he ever talk about Neil? Yeah, they were pretty close.
He liked the fact that Neil didn't judge people.
Did he ever mention anything about taking Neil on a trip to Los Angeles? Not to me.
(sniffles) We were barely in touch until a week ago.
And what happened a week ago? Mark showed up.
Wanted to tell me about some trust that he was setting up for our daughter.
(clears throat) Ma'am, if you don't mind my asking, how much money did he leave your daughter? Well, I haven't gotten any paperwork yet, but, knowing Mark, it couldn't have been that much.
GROVER: Ooh, boy, was his ex-wife wrong.
I looked into that trust.
Mark wired a hundred grand into his daughter's account.
STEVE: All right, well, that's a lot of money for a guy who makes 12 bucks an hour.
Maybe maybe he's coming off a big gambling win or something.
Uh, no chance, his ex-wife said he was addicted.
If he was still in the game, he'd be in it till he was broke.
Okay, well, wherever he got that money, it could be what got him killed.
GROVER: All right, I'll call you back.
What's going on, Neil? It's 8:58, and it takes me two minutes to walk down to P-2 and set up the cones.
What's going on, Neil? Why are you closing this down? NEIL: I can't talk about it.
I have to go.
They're gonna be here.
Who's gonna be here? Neil, who are you waiting for? Mark said not to talk about it.
It's top secret.
Well, I'm impressed.
This definitely took some skill.
Yeah, whoever did this tunneled at least 20 yards, then had to get through three feet of steel-reinforced concrete, and that was before they got to the five inches of solid steel.
(groans) You said nothing was taken? Cash is all accounted for.
Safety deposit boxes were all untouched.
They literally walked in, hit the emergency release, and walked right out the door.
Who breaks into a vault to get inside a bank? As crazy as it sounds, it does make sense.
See, our security office is right outside the vault.
From there, you can shut down the bank's entire alarm system without tripping any surveillance cameras or motion sensors.
Yeah, all right, Mr.
Fuller, we're gonna need to see all the, uh, security footage, please.
That's not possible.
The thieves deleted it.
Well, do either of you have any idea what they were after? We have customer records and files, but we checked, and everything's accounted for.
What about the private offices? Miss Koha and I checked both ours.
Nothing's been disturbed.
And the employees in all the other offices say nothing's missing.
Okay, and how many people know about the security layout in here? Maybe a dozen people.
All right, we're gonna need to question all of them.
We're also gonna need full inventory of-of the bank offices.
Of course.
Hey, guys.
Yeah, uh, keep us posted, please.
So it looks like Mark used his key card to let the crew in every night at 9:00 p.
for the last six nights.
Any cameras in the garage? Yeah, but every night from 8:55 p.
to 5:00 a.
, the cameras at the entrance and on P-2 were conveniently down.
I think I might have an idea where Mark got the money for his daughter's trust.
Right, he was their inside man.
For 100K, he gave 'em access to the garage and a guarantee that he would look the other way when they dug their tunnel.
Probably made assurances that he could keep Neil quiet too.
I'm thinking, at some point, Mark must have realized that he and Neil were both loose ends and that the crew was gonna clip them once the job was done.
Which is why Mark wanted to skip town with Neil.
All right.
Am I in trouble? No, no, you're not in trouble.
You were given a set of instructions, you followed them, end of story.
What story? KONO: Uh, no, what he means is-- that's it, there's nothing more to say.
Then why don't you say that? I don't know.
I, uh I don't know, you're right.
Neil, you're right, and-and I and from now on, I will say that.
But right now, we need to ask you about the guys who have been coming here every night.
I'm not supposed to talk about it.
Yeah, I know, I know, but, you see, the thing is we really need you to.
KONO: Neil, we think those are the same men who killed Mark.
We need to find them before they hurt someone else.
Are they gonna hurt me? No.
No, no, no, no.
No one's gonna hurt you, Neil.
No one's gonna hurt you, but, uh, you see, the thing is you're the only one who's seen them, so we need your help.
Can you tell us how many of them there were? Four.
All right.
Do you know their names? No.
Can you describe what they look like? He broke the rules.
Who broke the rules? Every night he'd smoke in the stairwell.
I told him once, “It's not allowed.
” He got very angry.
After that, Mark said I should not talk to him.
Okay, can you tell us what that man looked like? (groans) STEVE: It's okay.
What about the cigarettes he smoked, Neil? Can you tell us what kind of cigarettes he smoked? I-I picked them up after my shift, but I didn't throw them away.
I thought someone could see them and report it.
Yep, well, you did the right thing.
Can I have those? Thank you.
Thank you.
Would you get these to Eric right away, see if he can pull some DNA? Mm-hmm.
You did real good, Neil.
You did real good.
Thanks, Ma.
It's, uh it's an interesting, um sandwich there, Ma.
There's no, uh, there's no condiments-- no mustard, no mayo.
You didn't, uh, cut off the crust, like you know I like.
Ma? I see.
You're, uh, you're upset with me 'cause I blew the, uh, cruise tickets and now you're giving me the silent treatment, right? Just stealing a page out of your playbook, sweetheart.
What-what does that mean? Well, when you were growing up and I did something that you didn't like, you froze me out.
I-I mean, I was a little child.
You're an adult woman.
It's very mature, though.
Yes, well, how does it feel? How does it feel? I don't know.
Definitely doesn't taste good, though.
(knocking at door) Detective Williams.
I'm Special Agent Kang with the FBI.
I'd like to speak to your mother Clara.
About the timeshare? No, it's about your brother Matthew.
My brother Matthew? Matthew's been dead for over a year.
What, uh, what do you want to talk to my mom for? Just need to ask her a few questions.
Uh, okay, uh but now is, um, not a good time.
My-my kids are on their way over.
Later today is fine.
See you then.
All right.
Give you a call.
Do you have any idea why the FBI would want to talk to you about Matty? Matty? Uh-huh.
No, I have no idea.
All right.
One orange soda with a blue straw.
I like your models.
Thank you.
You know, I, uh, I actually served on this one a few times.
The USS Enterprise.
Got a lot of fond memories.
We called her the Big E.
That was her nickname.
You know, Neil, you probably already know this, but this ship was a tracking station for For the Friendship 7 space capsule.
It was used in the third Mercury mission.
Astronaut John Glenn was the pilot, and on that mission became the first American to orbit the Earth.
That's right, Neil.
Can I pick it up? You're supposed to ask permission before you touch someone's things.
Have at it.
That's pretty cool, huh? (knocking on glass) Hey.
Our stairwell smoker.
We got an I.
on him.
All right.
(sighs) Hey, Neil, can you, uh can you do me a favor? Okay, so, Eric processed the cigarette butts that Neil collected.
We got a DNA hit on this guy-- Tyson Vargas.
He did two years at Halawa for robbery.
Was paroled six months ago.
Hey, Neil, is that the guy that, uh, that you saw smoking in the stairwell? Yeah.
CHIN: Nothing to indicate they fought back.
These guys were taken by surprise.
I got Vargas over here.
Neil said there were four men.
I'm thinking this is the entire heist crew.
Or maybe there's a fifth man and this is a double-cross.
If not, then whatever they stole from the bank really pissed somebody off.
Liver temperature puts TOD at approximately 11:00 a.
this morning.
As for the cause of death, well that should appear obvious.
Additionally, our victims suffered extreme abrasions and various premortem contusions.
Well, if they were tortured before they were executed, maybe they already gave up what they stole.
You know what, that supports your fifth member of the crew theory, and if that's the case, that means Neil still might be in danger.
Kono, do me a favor.
Take him back to his apartment and have HPD put a full security detail on the place until all this is done.
Copy that.
Max, we gotta I.
these guys right now, please.
MAX: Sam Liliha.
Leo Cruz.
And finally, we have Paul Koha, in our system for armed robbery and aggravated assault.
Paul Koha.
You recognize that name? STEVE: Yeah, the assistant manager at the bank, Ella Koha.
Well, I'm guessing that's not a coincidence.
STEVE: Ella, your brother was part of the crew that robbed your bank.
All right? Which means you had to have been involved.
(crying): It wasn't like that.
(mock crying): It wasn't? (gruffly): Then tell us how it was.
I found out that Mr.
Fuller was laundering money for a client.
Which client? I don't know.
I swear.
The funds were spread out across dozens of falsified accounts.
I found out he was keeping records and account numbers in his office safe.
I told my brother about it and he said we'd be taking money from someone who probably stole it themselves.
No one would get hurt.
We could drain the accounts and my manager, Mr.
Fuller, wouldn't be able to report it to the police.
Well, that explains why they ignored all that cash in the vault.
They'd have to carry all that money.
The account numbers would be worth more.
How much money did your brother and his crew steal, Ella? $94 million.
Where's the money now? I transferred it to an offshore account.
All right.
So whoever executed the crew is looking for that money.
Was Mark a bad person? No.
Sometimes people make bad decisions.
It doesn't change the fact that Mark was your friend and that he cared about you.
STEVE: Wait a minute.
What could the FBI possibly want with your mother? I have no idea.
Why do you think I'm calling you? Did you ask her? Of course I asked her.
What kind of stupid question is that? Whoa! Why you getting mad at me? 'Cause I don't have time for the obvious, okay? I gotta drop my mom at the Feds in 20 minutes and I have no idea why.
You want me to come down there? I'll come down there, all right? No, that's very nice of you, but you got your hands full.
Hey, you know what? You could use those-those cruise tickets and flee the island.
Huh? That's very funny, Steve.
I actually would do that, except for the fact that I didn't get the cruise tickets.
Hey, well, listen, I-I gotta go.
Before my mom ends up on America's Most Wanted.
Okay, listen, you need me, I'm here, all right? Thank you very much.
APB is out on Fuller.
We got units stationed at his home and at the bank.
The thing is, his car is parked at his house and his cell phone has been turned off.
Seems he knows we're looking for him.
Well, we're not the only ones.
I mean, whoever Fuller was laundering money for is now out, just under 100 mil, so I'm pretty sure they'd like a word with him, too.
Ah! Aloha, colleagues! That's a stretch.
Hirsch, what are you doing? You're not supposed to be here.
Rules are meant to be broken.
I've spent my entire life in an industry where conventional wisdom is constantly challenged by the avant-garde.
What are you talking about? I'm not really sure, to be honest.
But I-I did find something that might interest you.
First, I need to know that I'm “your guy”" I wet your beak, you'll wet mine.
Just to be clear, did you just threaten to withhold evidence unless we give you a “first call” guarantee? Is that what just happened here? Your words.
Not-not mine.
Well, here's a few more words: obstruction of justice.
Message received.
Um While I was cleaning the Tyson Vargas crime scene, I discovered this laptop.
The lid was closed.
Your geek squad just dusted it.
Got some unusable partials, but the real prize was inside the Cracker Jack box.
What does that even mean? Check it out.
On the outside, spotless.
But inside beaucoup blood.
That computer was open when that crew was executed.
CHIN: So the shooter comes in looking for his money.
He checks the laptop and sees a zero balance.
STEVE: Right, which means there could be some usable prints on this thing.
I'll have the lab process the inside of the laptop.
Oh, I hate saying this: Good work, Hirsch.
Oh, what do you know-- a compliment.
GROVER: Hey HPD just grabbed Fuller at the airport.
They're bringing him in.
All right, good.
Williams, on April 19, 2011, agents from the New Jersey field office paid you a visit.
Your son Matthew had been on the run for months and the FBI wanted to know if he had made contact with you.
And I'll tell you what I told the agents then.
I had not spoken to Matty for well before he disappeared.
Are you aware that lying to a federal agent is a felony? (sighing): What What-what-what is this? Ask your mother.
She should recognize it.
It's a bank statement showing a balance of nearly $50,000.
So what? Detective, your brother opened this account in your mother's name after he became a fugitive.
We've been monitoring it ever since.
We had no proof that she was aware of the account until a couple weeks ago, when she withdrew $700 to purchase a plane ticket to Hawaii.
Williams, the only way you'd have known about this account is if you had been in contact with your son.
That's not true.
Then how do you explain this? Because a couple of months after we lost Matty, the bank called and told me about the account.
I don't know when he deposited the money or how he even got it.
I only used it so that I could come and visit my son and my grandchildren.
All right, Ma, you don't have to say anything else.
Look, she didn't know.
I'll pay back the $700.
That's it, we'll call it a day, okay? While that's a generous offer, Detective, it doesn't change the fact that we can still arrest your mother for obstructing justice.
WhatFor A-Are you kidding me? My This case should have been closed when my brother was murdered.
What-what is what is what's going on? What is this about? Mrs.
Williams, I'd like a minute with your son.
You're free to go.
No, I-I'll walk her out.
Come on.
I'm so sorry.
Ma, not here.
Come on.
You would have made me turn him in.
I know, I know.
It's okay.
I would have done the same thing if it had been you.
I know.
You did the right thing, okay? And I promise I would have done the same thing.
It's okay, Ma, come here.
I love you.
I love you too.
STEVE: Okay, one more time, Mr.
Fuller-- Who were you laundering the money for? Okay, when you were planning your little getaway, our techs did some digging into the bank security system.
GROVER: You know, they found out, apparently, you were telling the truth about the surveillance video being scrubbed.
What you neglected to mention was that you were the one that scrubbed it.
Almost three hours after the break-in.
STEVE: Right, you saw the video of the break-in.
You recognized Ella's brother.
Then you send somebody to execute him and his crew and get the money back.
I want a lawyer.
Oh, he wants a lawyer.
GROVER: Oh, well, the best lawyer in the world ain't gonna keep you from spending the rest of your life in jail.
(lock buzzes, clicks) Guys Crime lab got a print off that laptop.
Belongs to Gabriel Waincroft.
(grunts) Lucky day! This is gonna go quicker than we thought.
All right, so we now know that you've been laundering money for Gabriel Waincroft, which means we also understand why you haven't been telling us anything, because you're scared of him.
GROVER: And you should be.
So, go ahead, you can play tough guy with us all you want.
He's gonna kill you.
STEVE: He's gonna kill you.
Soon as he finds you.
And even jail won't protect you from that.
STEVE: He's right.
Unless we get to him first, though.
How do you think you're gonna do that, huh? Well, that's where you come in to it.
GABRIEL: Where the hell have you been? Tracking down your cash.
My assistant manager Ella has it.
Where is she now? I just spoke to her.
She's at home.
Send me her address.
I can get your money and I can meet you anywhere you want.
That's not necessary.
Just give me the address.
I have everything under control.
I'm not gonna let you guys use me as bait.
Okay, Ella, the guy you stole from, uh, he knows who you are.
And he can get to you anywhere.
You want to stay alive, you help us catch him.
Steve I got her.
I think she's right.
Listen, no one wants to catch Gabriel more than I do.
But we ran this play once before, and the bait ended up getting stabbed 28 times.
We're tracking Gabriel.
We got a lock on his cell.
I say we go in now.
That's too risky.
That's too many variables that we can't control.
All right? But we bring him to us, we have the tactical advantage.
(engine revving) All right, Kono, we're in position.
KONO: All good here.
ETA on Gabriel? He's heading south on Punahou, a block away from King.
Should have visual in a few seconds.
Hold on, guys.
The signal just went dark.
Hey, if Gabriel killed his phone, that means he must know he's walking into a trap.
KONO: Guys, I have a visual on our target and four hostiles moving on your location from the east side.
Gabriel knows we're here.
STEVE: All right, Kono, hold your position.
Copy that.
Lock yourself in the bathroom, lie down in the tub and stay there.
No matter what happens out here, don't come out unless I tell you.
Guys, we're gonna go floor by floor, split this building into thirds, shoot anything that moves.
(gunfire) (gunfire) Don't do it.
Don't do it! (grunting) (gunshot) (cracking) Aah! (gunshot) Girl I love you! Love you, too.
(grunting) (grunting) (grunting) Hey.
(weakly): Hey You okay? (panting): I will be.
Where is he? Where's Gabriel? He's where he belongs.
You have been asking me the same exact questions for the last two hours.
My answers are not gonna change, okay? I was not in contact with my brother and I did not help him in any way.
I find that hard to believe.
Yeah, I know.
You and your brother were close.
In fact, you were the last person to see Matt before he fled the country.
And with all the resources at your disposal as a member of Five-O, you'd have done everything in your power to locate and assist your brother.
Smile all you like, Detective Williams.
We both know it's true.
No, I'll tell you what we both know: is that you, my friend, just showed your hand.
This is not ab about a bank account.
Someone's pulling the strings here, I'm just I'm just not sure who.
This is definitely not about my brother; it's about me, it's about Five-O, it's about the people that I work with.
Am I right? Hmm? It's okay.
Don't answer.
(over speaker): You.
You got something you want to ask me, just come on out, ask me, okay? ABBY: This isn't going anywhere.
Maybe not.
But this task force has crossed the line before and they will again.
You just need to be there when it happens.
Yes, sir.
You all right? Yeah, I'll make it.
(panting) We had him.
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