Hawaii Five-0 s06e16 Episode Script

Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a (The Solid Cornerstone)

1 Don't go away, when you know that it feels good Why don't you stay 'cause you know what we could do Baby We could get hazy Hand in hand Dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.
Barbers would make house calls and nobility.
the way back to Come on.
I'm serious.
They found hieroglyphics in the pyramids showing pharaohs getting their hair cut.
Okay, and you're carrying the legacy for all barbers? Exactly.
Why go out when your hair maintenance man can come to you? Huh.
Truthfully, the whole thing has been liberating.
Not having insurance on the shop turned out to be a blessing.
I'm saving a fortune on rent, electricity, water.
Yeah, right, low overhead, right? Must be good for profits.
Well, actually, I'm still just barely getting by.
Go figure.
But, uh, I'm not complaining.
Catching waves, cutting hair.
What else does a man need? You said it, pal.
All right, let's take a look.
(whistles) Buddy.
Thank you, it's perfect.
That's what I want to hear.
Anything else I can do for you? Yes.
I didn't just call you down here for a haircut.
I need a favor.
That's my cue to say good-bye.
Where you going? You haven't even heard what it is yet.
Last time I did you a favor I opened my shop early, I spent the rest of my day dodging bullets.
So if you don't mind, I'd like to leave now with my cash for services rendered and, uh, a generous tip.
And I will see you again when things get unruly upstairs.
Odell, if I had another choice, I wouldn't ask, but I don't.
My friend needs a lawyer, right now you're my only option.
Well, as you can see I'm not a lawyer.
Yeah, but you were a lawyer.
You passed the bar when you first moved to the island, which means technically you can still practice.
(chuckles) That was ten years ago, man.
I only took the bar because I needed a loan to open up my shop and my father wouldn't give me the money unless I did.
Just out of curiosity, what's your friend being, uh, accused of? What is it, DUI, a B and E? Murder.
I'm really not interested.
He's innocent.
The public defender is ready to throw in the towel.
The guy, he wants to take a plea bargain.
Well, don't take the deal.
Get a better lawyer.
We can't.
We tried.
No one wants to touch this.
Well, if everybody's saying it's a losing horse, then, uh, maybe you better step away from the window.
Odell, this guy's a Five-O asset.
If he says he didn't do it, we believe him.
Unfortunately we're part of the minority.
Now, he's been in front of this judge before.
This guy has it in for him.
He's-he's accelerated the trial.
Till when? This Monday.
(laughs) That's three days from now.
I know it's three days from now.
(sighs) Who the hell is this guy? (buzzer blares, door unlocks) Oh, sorry, this room's taken.
You're gonna have to interrogate this haole somewhere else.
Sang Min, meet Odell Martin, your new lawyer.
Seriously, McGarrett? This is the best you can do? Huh? What happened? Pizza delivery guy wasn't available? Hey, Big Trouble in Little China.
You want my help, ease up on the digs.
Ho, ho, ho, yeah.
You must be some lawyer.
Huh? What, are you going all out for casual Friday? Are you sure you don't want this guy locked up for life? 'Cause I do.
He grows on you.
I promise.
I bet he does, like a bad fungus.
And if this is gonna happen, first thing I'm gonna need to do is cut whatever that thing is growing out of his head.
You touch my hair, and I'll be going to jail for your murder.
This is gonna work out great.
I can feel it.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x16 Ka Pohaku Kihi Pa'a (The Solid @elderman (buzzer blares) ODELL: No, no.
Absolutely no way am I representing that cartoon character.
Good luck.
You didn't pay me for the haircut.
You know, maybe your old man was right.
Do me a favor, don't ever bring up my old man.
All right? My bad, sensitive subject.
I get that.
Must've been tough on him, too, though.
Putting all his hopes and dreams into his son who would one day follow in his footsteps and, you know, reside over the family practice I know what you're doing.
Is it working? It's annoying.
Odell, I know it doesn't seem like it, but that man in there is innocent of this crime.
And I need you.
I'm trying to free myself from the binds of responsibility and you want to put a man's life in my hands.
But if you say no to me, an innocent man goes to prison.
(buzzer blares) Come on.
Oh, let me guess.
You couldn't find the elevator.
Must be a bitch getting old.
Would you shut up, please? He's taking the case.
Well, what if I decide I don't want him? You go to prison for the rest of your life.
He can represent me.
Hey! Well, your gratitude is appreciated.
STEVE: That's great.
ODELL: Okay, look, we only got three days to prepare, so we can't afford to waste any more time, hmm? Okay, Perry Mason not.
You know, but I draw the line at cutting my hair.
You know, it took me almost a year to grow it back after skipping out on Halawa.
Can I talk to you for a second? Yeah.
You do know that a defendant who escaped from prison is probably gonna be somebody that a jury finds hard to trust, you know? Yeah.
Kind of, kind of destroys his credibility a bit.
Yeah, so that's why it's really important you make sure it doesn't get brought up while we're in court.
Only way for that to happen is keep him off the stand.
Can you do me a favor and tell him that, please? Um look, i-if you don't testify, the jury will only hear facts pertaining to this case.
As far as the court of law is concerned, any crime you committed in the past has no relevance.
No, no, no, no.
I have to testify.
No, you don't.
Yes, I do! You don't.
No, you don't.
Okay? You get on that stand, they're gonna attack your character.
Everything you've ever done-- ever done-- is admissible, okay? And it's a long, long list.
I didn't shoot that guy, but there are no witnesses who can back up my story.
The jury has to hear the truth from me.
Hey, it ain't my life on the line.
You want on the stand, have at it.
But don't say I didn't warn you.
Okay? We got that cleared up? Yeah.
Let's start at the beginning.
Tell me exactly what happened, step by step.
Well, it started, uh last year.
I was lending my, uh, services to Five-O.
STEVE: At that point, the human trafficking game on the island was up for grabs.
Two guys took it over.
We knew the identify of one of them, James Lam, but the other, we did not.
That's why we took Sang Min out of prison again ten days ago.
SANG MIN: Lam and I go way back, you know, I gave him his first job collecting unpaid debts, so I set up a face-to-face.
But when I showed up, the guy was, uh, lying on the ground with a bullet in his chest.
(footsteps) (grunts) What happened next? Oh, let's just say I was caught in a (sirens approaching) unfavorable position.
OFFICER: Hands up! ODELL: Let me get this straight.
We got no witnesses to corroborate your account of what happened, and we got no leads on tracking down the real killer.
Just the word of a man who's spent the better part of his life either in jail or being pursued by the cops.
Piece of cake, right? Whoa-ho.
This place is money.
We can stay here till the trial? Yep.
Oh, that's correct, counselor.
You know, they don't call it the King Kamehameha suite for nothing.
We're gonna live like royalty, baby.
(door opens) KONO: All right.
So the floor is secured, place is locked down.
Whoa! Every king needs his queen and here she is.
You know, I didn't realize you cared so much about my safety.
I'm, um, I'm deeply touched.
You know, I'd feel a lot safer if you were by my side until the trial starts.
KONO: Okay.
You know what? I'm glad your lawyer's here, because I'm gonna hit you, and I want proof that it was provoked.
Oh, you know, give me your best shot, Spicy.
You know, because it's been a long time since I felt a woman's hands on my body.
Is he always this creepy? KONO: Yes.
Yeah, pretty much the whole time we've known him, mm-hmm.
Take off your dress so I know you're not wearing a wire.
You know, for the record, I knew you were a cop.
I just wanted to see you, you know naked.
Let me hit him, please.
Hey, yo, McGarrett.
All right, so, the results came back from that sketch artist composite that the mullet gave us on the shooter.
Photo imaging system says no hits.
(chuckles) Well, any gangsta worth their salt wouldn't be in any system.
(phone ringing) You were.
I got hate coming from every direction, huh? Where's the love? I thought we were 'ohana.
Yeah, Max? (knocking at door) I'll be right there.
I got to go.
Oh, if that's room service, I'm starving, man.
That's for me.
(knocking continues) What's happenin'? You're early, for once.
Yo, you didn't tell me Five-O was gonna be here.
Everything all right? Everything's fine.
The guy's got the wrong room.
Sorry, pal.
STEVE: Excuse me.
You're lying.
I'm lying.
Come on, man.
This is my friend Bones.
I do his dreads.
He manages my dreads.
Bones is a shaper from the west side.
Why didn't you just say that? We got to tell 'em.
GROVER: Tell us what? Uh, okay.
Bones might not be what you call a legal citizen of the United States.
KONO: Okay, let me guess.
Your friend here has connections to the human trafficking world.
That's why I called him.
With Bones' street cred, I think he's gonna be able to help us out.
But if my man comes on board, I expect him to have a green card waiting for him when this is all over.
Win or lose.
Is it is it just me or does he actually sound like a lawyer? No, it ain't just you.
A green card.
Green card.
It's a deal.
There you go.
What'd I tell you? What'd I tell you? Okay.
Irie, bruddah.
The victim's approximately 25 years of age.
He was discovered floating off Waikiki Beach this morning.
Cause of death-- gunshot wound to the head.
Okay, and what's this got to do with Sang Min? Quite a lot, actually.
The slug I pulled from our victim was a ballistics match to the gun that was used to murder James Lam.
Which mean Lam's competitors killed both men.
If we are to believe Sang Min's account of events, then yes.
STEVE: All right, but if T.
was before we took Sang Min out of prison, then that would create reasonable doubt.
Well, unfortunately, the condition of the body makes it very difficult to determine the precise time of death, however, I can confirm it was within the last 72 hours.
Well, that's within the timeframe when Sang Min was released.
Yeah, it doesn't help our case.
Who is he? His name is Carlos Sarte.
Uh, his prints showed up in the National I.
System for the Republic of the Philippines.
However, there were no records of him actually entering the United States.
Well, he could've been smuggled into the country illegally.
All right, we need to track down his family in the Philippines, find out who his connections are here in O'ahu.
And see if we can figure out who brought him into this country.
If we do that, maybe we can I.
our shooter.
Thanks, Max.
(whoops) Oh, where was I? You were telling about the time you almost killed Five-O.
Oh, yeah.
CHIN: Gun! Anybody hurt? Good! Good! (tires screeching) (car alarm wailing) Out of the car right now! Promise me you will not-- under any circumstances-- repeat that story while you're on the stand.
Do you understand me? Not a word.
They instigated it! What did I just say? I can't hear.
I got bubbles in my ear.
WOMAN: Oh! (crying) I'm sorry.
We know that you and your brother came into this country illegally.
We need to know who brought you in.
CHIN: Andrea, this information could help us find out who killed your brother.
Now, we know you're scared.
But anything you could tell us would be helpful.
The man who brought us called two days ago asking for more money or he would report us to immigration.
Is this the man? (sniffles) No.
Can you, uh, can you describe him to us? He's, um, Korean, I think.
Tattoo on his neck and, uh, long black hair.
Is that him? Yes.
He's the one who called us.
That man killed my brother.
Who is he? Carlos Sarte.
Our victim's sister just I.
'd you for his murder.
Yeah, she said you brought her and her brother over from the Philippines.
Well, how am I supposed to do that when I've been locked away in a cement hole for the past year?! You can relax.
We believe you.
Look, someone must've gotten to her.
Made sure that she I.
'd Sang Min for her brother's murder.
STEVE: Yeah, the shooter.
Right? He knew the bullet that killed Lam would lead us to Sarte.
ODELL: Okay, look, I'm glad everybody here thinks the career criminal is telling the truth, but we got a bigger problem now.
You just gave the prosecution their star witness.
You know, I could have her in a crate back to the Philippines in seven hours.
What? I thought we were problem solving.
Okay, buddy, yeah.
Okay, I'll talk to you soon, bye.
That was Danny.
He just landed in Jersey.
He and Clara headed to the bank.
And then Danny's gonna take Matty's money to the FBI.
You think he's right? That this whole thing dragging Clara and Danny in was just a ploy to rattle our cage? Yeah, I do.
I think somebody has us in their sites, and I got a feeling this is just the beginning.
(reggae music playing) BONES: Yo, what wrong with you? No, I tell you already! I never even talked to that bobo! No, no need to get bad mind! You're all that I want! There's nobody else! Sure.
Anyway, we talk later.
Miss you, too.
Thank you, brother.
Anything else I can do for you, brother? I mean, I'm driving you around.
You're using my damn phone.
You want me to stop by a restaurant, get you some lunch? It's all right, man.
I'm not really hungry right now.
Maybe later.
(sighs) All right, Bones.
Now, tell me about this guy we're going to see.
Rory have the hookup on bringing people into the island.
Then him keep a low profile.
But him hear everything that's going on in the trafficking game.
If you are looking for a major player in that world, him would know who it is.
Only one thing, though.
What's that? Him don't like the po-po.
What a shock.
Straight up.
Just follow my lead and everything irie.
Oy vey.
(sighs) Bones! What's going on, man? Yo.
Been a long time, brother.
Too long, Rory.
(chuckles) Everything irie? Can't complain, man.
Nice, nice.
You didn't mention you were bringing someone, man.
This is Walt, man.
My boy is some cool.
(Jamaican accent): Everything irie, man.
Relax, man.
Me and the Bones been doing business a long time.
Me grew up in Jamaica with him father.
Oh, yeah? Where you from? Where? Hey, Bones, why you not tell me the man gonna give me a quiz when I get here.
Just talk to the man, man No cast no suspicion upon me.
Me not like that.
You see me 100% Jamaican from the root to the fruit.
And me born in Surrey, just like him father.
Now, come now, man.
No need for get vex.
We have a pile of money.
You want some of it? Just like I told you, Rory.
Remember that deal I was telling you about? I got some friends in the Ivory Coast.
Been looking to bring some people Stateside.
Won't be cheap, brother.
(chuckles) Well, good thing them people have plenty cash.
I will need someone with your connections can, you know, secure the transportation.
Make sure them arrive safe.
Just one little detail.
We may have to take a small percentage for we.
A good piece.
I might know someone who could help you out, man.
I'll hook you guys up with a sit-down, all right? Sound good, sound good.
We cool, man.
(no accent): That's perfect, man.
That's all I need.
Bones! Aw, don't get mad at ol' Bones.
He got more charges than my wife's credit cards.
He'll do anything to get out of them.
That's entrapment, man.
Won't hold up in court.
You know it and I know it.
Oh, you think I'm a cop.
Oh, I'm not a cop.
No, see, um, I'm Five-O.
So, what, him fess up? You better quit popping up like toast in other people's cars.
That's how you get shot.
(phone dialing) GROVER: I just met with Bones' contact He I.
'd the sketch that Sang Min provided.
The guy's name is Graham Clark, and guess what? He's bringing in a shipment of clients this afternoon.
Where? (gunshots) Chin, watch your lines-- we got people in that container! Copy! (people screaming) I got eyes on Graham! Hey, where the hell is he going? To buy himself some time.
Chin! We're gonna get wet! I'm right with you! Cover me! Do your thing.
I got you! (clanks) (squeaking) (coughing) (coughing) (gasps for air) We're good.
Okay? Everybody all right? Yeah.
Come on.
We got everyone but Graham Clark.
I've got all my men searching, Steve.
We'll find him.
All right, continue with the compressions.
(garbled radio transmission) All right, head's good.
Hey, yo, McGarrett? (siren wailing) So this mutt in the ambulance just confirmed that Clark killed James Lam.
Will he testify? If he comes out of surgery.
(sirens wailing) Your Honor, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the prosecution is going to present evidence Objection.
ODELL: Jerry, it's my opening statement.
You can't object.
I just always wanted to do that.
Yeah, while we're on the subject, I also object.
To what? Well, according to the Constitution, I have the right to be tried by a jury of my peers.
And neither of them are my peers.
That hurts.
I must remind the jury it is against the rules to interact with the defendant.
Relax, Judge Ito.
My fellow juror was just responding to a character attack.
Hey, where you get those? Mini bar? ODELL: Hey, you can't eat.
You're on the jury.
KAMEKONA: We could be sequestered for days.
It's a mock trial.
(knocking) MAN: Room service.
Who the hell ordered room service? KAMEKONA: That would be me.
And I object to your use of language, 'cause this is a place of law.
Order's been cancelled.
(door closes) A man's life hangs in the balance, okay? I'm asking just for a couple of hours to work on some things before going into court on Monday.
So how about we show a little professionalism? Yeah, you heard my lawyer-barber.
Show some respect.
KAMEKONA: I'll participate, but only in silent protest.
Me, too.
I appreciate that.
Max, would you please? The defense may call upon their first witness.
Once is enough with that.
Uh, Defense calls Officer Kono Kalakaua of the Five-O Task Force.
All right.
Ooh! (clicking tongue) My beautiful sister, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the sweet truth? Uh, I think you're butchering that, but I'll say yes.
That work for me.
Officer Kalakaua, everybody knows the Five-O task force has had run-ins in the past with my client.
You could say that.
Yet even with your history, you stand here today in defense of my client, believing him innocent of the crime.
Is that correct? Yes, it is.
Well, that is quite the turnaround, no? I mean, you did arrest him.
People change, Counselor, and I can honestly say, in all my time on the Five-O task force, no one has changed more than Sang Min.
JERRY: That might be true, but these photos are mug shots taken of Sang Min for crimes committed during his illustrious career as a criminal.
Looks like an evolutional chart.
Only, it's going the other way.
JERRY: Do you recall what offense you committed when this mug shot was taken? Why don't you tell me, Paco? I'd be happy to.
It's from your early years as a criminal mastermind.
When you and James Lam were arrested for extortion.
Only, Lam never went to prison.
And you did.
For a whole year.
That, my friends, is motive.
Ah, take it easy, Matlock.
Yeah, I hated him, but I wouldn't kill him.
No, death just ain't my bag, baby.
Well, if James Lam were here today, I'm guessing he'd disagree with you.
Well, seeing as he's dead, I guess we'll never know, huh? How very convenient.
The prosecution rests.
McGarrett should've called Saul.
Maybe we should take the deal.
Thank God.
Please, tell me Clark's guy pulled through and he's willing to testify.
He died in surgery.
Well, what about Clark? Can we find him? I don't know.
He's in the wind.
(sighs) It's up to you, bruddah.
Time for you to shine.
What are you doing? Odell, the judge just put you on the clock.
You got you got, like, four minutes to get in there.
I don't need any more pressure, McGarrett, okay? I'm panicked enough as it is.
What are you panicked about? You got this.
You're gonna be fine.
Yeah, well, I'm-I'm glad you think so.
What are you talking about? Look, I promised myself I would never be like my old man, and now you're asking me to just break that promise.
I'm sorry.
You know, it's funny, my, uh my dad and I didn't talk for a long time.
Years and years.
I regret that time in my life more than pretty much anything that's ever happened.
I don't know what's going on between you and your dad, Odell.
It's not my business.
But whatever it is, you gotta resolve it.
Or you gotta let it go.
Right now Right now, there's a courtroom full of people in there, and there's an innocent guy waiting for you, so what do you want to do? "E ho mai ka Ike Mai Luna Mai e.
" "Come, come bring us knowledge and wisdom from above.
" You only said half the prayer.
I only know half of it.
Better than nothing.
Better late than never, Counselor.
Tell you what.
You win this case, I'll let you cut my hair.
My client, Sang Min Sooh, is innocent.
He did not kill James Lam.
He was acting as a confidential informant for the Five-O Task Force when the, uh, incident in question occurred.
Now, we all know the Five-O, and-and-and-and we know all the hard work they do, protecting this great island of Oahu.
Their investigation into human trafficking led them to James Lam, and they needed Sang Min Sooh's help to bring him to justice.
And Sang Min was more than willing to help.
He didn't waver.
He didn't he didn't worry about his own safety.
He just said yes.
He just said yes.
Most people would call that heroic.
Thank you.
(sighs) Not bad for a barber.
And you're 100% certain Sang Min Sooh fired the murder weapon? Our crime lab technicians conducted a gunshot residue test on scene.
The result was positive.
The slug that was pulled from James Lam matched the gun that Sang Min was in possession of at the crime scene.
Was Sang Min Sooh wearing a wire? No, uh, it was too risky.
We needed to give him some space to protect his cover.
Which means you didn't have eyes on him at all times.
So then you have no proof Sang Min Sooh didn't kill James Lam.
No, but we No further questions, Commander.
Prosecution rests.
Counselor Martin.
Counselor Martin? Yes, yes, yes.
You may call your first witness.
(clears throat) Uh The defense calls Sang Min Sooh.
Aloha, Judge.
Sang Min, you're the only person in this courtroom that knows the truth about James Lam's murder.
Yeah, that's right.
Okay, well, that-that would explain why, uh, you were holding the murder weapon when HPD arrived and why you tested positive for GSR.
That's the fact, Jack.
ODELL: Um, Your Honor, defense would like to present exhibits A and B to the jury.
Thank you.
(mumbles) Uh, these These photographs are of the shell casings found at the crime scene.
One is near the body, as you see, but the other was found by the inventory of the warehouse.
That's where Sang Min said he encountered the shooter.
So the-the locations of these shell casings corroborate his story.
Counselor is speculating.
Your objection was more convincing, bruddah.
Shh! Sustained.
Um, thank you.
Um Can you tell us the name of the man you fought with at the crime scene? Graham Clark.
Your Honor, I'd like to show the jury exhibit C.
Thank you.
This is a mug shot of Graham Clark, who is a suspected human trafficker.
Is this the man you fought with? Yeah, that's him.
PROSECUTOR: Your Honor, I object.
Clark's not on trial here.
Sang Min Sooh is.
JUDGE: Sustained.
Um, I withdraw the question.
Do you wear prescription glasses? Huh? Do you wear prescription glasses? Glasses? Yeah, glasses, eyeglasses.
Do you wear them? I'm the perfect package, bruddah.
(laughter) No imperfections here, huh? Yeah, well, maybe you're not so perfect.
Do me a favor.
Read the Hawaiian state seal right over there.
Don't look at me.
Read the seal.
Go ahead, read it.
You can't read it, can you? No, I can't.
Huh?! Now why don't we, you know, get back to the regular scheduled program, huh, Judge? Have you ever suffered a head trauma? Does this head look trauma'd to you? Sang Min, isn't it true that Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly of the Five-O Task Force hit you across the face with an ash tray the first time he met you? I don't remember! Judge, please instruct my client to answer the question.
The witness will answer the question.
Lieutenant Kelly hit me.
But to be fair, eh, probably deserved it.
I'm gonna sue you for entrapment.
And when I'm done collecting, I'm gonna find that little hottie you sent in here, and this time, I'm gonna be less of a gentleman.
I have no further questions for the witness, Your Honor.
McGarrett, your man is leaking oil.
He's doing something.
Hang on.
(whispering): Okay, I need you to do something for me.
Uh defense calls Dr.
Max Bergman once again to the stand.
The bullet that struck Mr.
Lam hit center mass, and there was no starring around the entry wound, which would suggest that the shot that killed Mr.
Lam was fired at a distance.
Okay, and now in your expert medical opinion, is it possible to suffer long-term vision problems after sustaining a head trauma like the one my client received at the hands of Lieutenant Kelly? In my expert medical opinion, blunt ocular trauma is known to cause myopia, which in layman's term is nearsightedness.
ODELL: Officer Kalakaua, is it true that you're an expert in marksmanship? Yes.
Okay, the murder weapon used was a Beretta model 86 Cheetah .
Now, how accurate would you say that gun is? The Beretta model 86 has a short barrel, which means if fired at a distance, it's highly unreliable.
Highly unreliable at a distance.
So what would you say the probability is that a man with poor eyesight who hasn't fired a gun in over a year could shoot a man dead center mass with a Beretta model 86 from 60 feet away in a dark environment? I'd say it's nearly impossible.
It is mandatory for every inmate to receive a physical exam before entering a prison in the United States.
I pulled Sang Min's records from Halawa.
He did a short stint in 2008, at which time his eyesight was 20/20.
However, his most recent exam earlier this year showed his eyesight to be 20/100.
(courtroom chattering) Apparently, Mr.
Sooh was offered spectacles at the time, which he declined.
With my client's poor vision, there is no way he could have fired the shot that killed James Lam.
Thank you, Commander.
You're welcome, Counselor.
ODELL: My client has a checkered past, littered with bad decisions, but this case isn't about the past.
This case is about the here and now, and the truth regarding the here and now is this-- there's no way anyone can say beyond a reasonable doubt that my client is guilty.
And if you believe the word of the Five-O Task Force that the true killer's still out there, well then you cannot in good conscience convict an innocent man.
(sighs) Mahalo.
Madam Foreman, has the jury reached a verdict? WOMAN: We the jury find the defendant not guilty on all charges.
(clapping) (gavel bangs) (sighs) (laughter) Ooh, I'm back, baby.
Hey, uh, I thought you weren't a lawyer.
Piece of cake, right? "Piece of cake.
" (sighs) Hey, Pop.
It's me.
It's Odell.
Uh, yeah, I know, it's been a while.
You got some time? I was thinking that maybe we could talk.
I found a place Was that the last pair in the shop, bruddah? Hey, what do you know about fashion? Your face is on your T-shirt.
(others laugh) Makes an excellent point.
Hey, you know, I think I think it makes you look smart.
Oh, smart's as good as sexy.
I knew you'd come around, Spicy.
The ladies always do.
No, I take that back.
How's it? GROVER: What's up? KONO: Hey.
KAMEKONA: All right.
Time to make good on your deal, buddy.
SANG MIN: Oh, no, no, no.
I was only kidding.
You know, the prospect of going away for the rest of my life, you know, clouded my judgment.
ODELL: Eh, sorry, a promise is a promise.
Seriously, guys, I thought we were 'ohana.
Oh, we are.
(laughing) CHIN: Do it! Hold still, I don't want you to get hurt.
SANG MIN: Spicy, help me.
(scissors snip) @elderman
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