Hawaii Five-0 s06e17 Episode Script

Waiwai (Assets)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O It's not that I don't love you.
I do.
But I have to go away for a little bit.
How long? The truth is I don't really know.
So you're going back to Afghanistan? No, Nepal.
If you leave today, I can't I can't wait for you.
Not anymore.
I'll always always love you.
MAN: Where are you? On my way.
What about your cover? Didn't question it.
Are you sure you can do this, Lieutenant? Absolutely.
(cell phone rings) Hello.
(phone hangs up) What makes you think it was Catherine? Well, it was an international number, but there was no country code, which means the call probably came from a satellite phone.
Plus I got two other calls just like it recently.
Detective Williams.
I'm Special Agent Kang with the FBI.
You and your brother are close.
In fact, you were the last person to see Matt before he fled the country.
With all the resources at your disposal as a member of Five-O, you'd have done everything in your power to locate and assist your brother.
This is definitely not about my brother.
This is about me, this is about Five-O, this is about the people that I work with.
Am I right? Hmm? It's okay.
Don't answer.
You got something you want to ask me, just come on out, ask me, okay? WOMAN: This isn't going anywhere.
Maybe not.
But this task force has crossed the line before.
And they will again.
You just need to be there when it happens.
Yes, sir.
(”Hold Tight” by Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich begins) EMS responding to pedestrian versus auto.
25-year-old male.
BP 140/90.
Tachy at 160.
ETA two minutes.
Just ride my roundabout And hold tight, shut your eyes Girl, you suit me for size Forget the other guys You'll never fall each time you call Hold tight, hold tight All right, what are we looking at? About 14 hours in this guy.
So cancel your dinner plans.
Patient is a 24-year-old male.
Broken femur, one cracked rib.
Patient's bleeding internally from a ruptured femoral artery.
Thank you.
So you're the new pro they brought in from the mainland.
(chuckles) Long way from Cleveland General.
Welcome to paradise.
Okay, I'm good.
WOMAN: Ready when you are.
Then let's get going.
(screams) Got to stay close by me And hold tight, sing and shout Just ride my roundabout And hold tight, shut your eyes Girl, you suit me for size Forget the other guys.
(heart rate monitor beeping rapidly) (song ends) (heart rate monitor flatlines) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x17 Waiwai (Assets) Orig @elderman So this is the guy who's after us? Yeah.
Who is he? He's Federal Prosecutor Robert Coughlin.
Coughlin? STEVE: Coughlin.
Yeah, he's Rex's brother.
Recently transferred here from Boston.
ABBY: How do we know him? Rex Coughlin was an IA detective who investigated me a few years back.
What for? Cash that went missing from the evidence room.
Which Chin was exonerated for.
And then more recently, he accused me of protecting Gabriel Waincroft.
So what you're saying is you had no idea that you gave a free ride to the kid who would become a ruthless cartel drug lord? All I knew was that two years after my dad died, Gabriel told Malia that he was leaving to take a construction job on the mainland.
Did you or your wife have any contact with Gabriel after that? Malia stayed in contact with him for a few years, but, over time, it was just too hard to get a hold of him.
So you're telling us you neither saw nor heard from him after he left for this so-called job off the island.
Yes, that's what I'm telling you.
CHIN: The whole thing was a witch hunt.
In Coughlin's eyes, I was guilty until proven innocent.
He was so desperate to bring Chin down, he made a deal with the devil to do it.
What do you mean? KONO: Rex cut a deal with Gabriel, in exchange for Gabriel agreeing to testify against Chin.
STEVE: Right, but while the deal was still being hammered out, Rex made the mistake of having Gabriel temporarily transferred out of Halawa.
REX: It's all there, just as we agreed.
All it needs is your signature.
So what do we do about this guy? Well, first of all, we need to figure out if this is an official investigation or just a personal vendetta.
If it is an investigation, Robert's gonna have people working for him, right? (cell phone rings) We need to figure out who they are.
All right.
We're on our way.
STEVE: Talk to me, Duke.
Got three dead: two hospital staff and one patient.
Three more seriously injured, including the real surgeon who was found unconscious in the doctors' lounge.
Operating theory is that this was a hit.
The guy on the table was the intended target.
Everybody else was just collateral.
So who's this guy? Tommy Luana, age 25, unemployed, no family.
STEVE: All right, it says here that he was struck by a vehicle this evening.
Is there any possibility that wasn't an accident? Not a chance.
Why you say that? 'Cause it was one of our patrol cars that hit him.
One of ours? Luana just ran right in front of it.
Nobody knows why.
Officer behind the wheel tried to stop, but it was impossible to avoid the collision.
All right, what else do we know about this guy that could tell us why somebody wants him dead? LUKELA: Not much.
But you might be interested to know that he was booked on a 5:00 a.
flight to Hong Kong.
We found the boarding pass in his patient's belonging pouch.
Well, those travel plans are either the world's biggest coincidence, or Luana knew somebody was after him, tried to get out of town.
Duke, was there a cell phone in that pouch too? LUKELA: Yeah.
All right, let's get that down to the lab right away, see what they can pull off it.
Copy that.
All right, Max, what do you got? Well, in the case of Mr.
Luana, it appears the C.
was asphyxiation.
The killer elected to simply just disconnect his ventilator.
And left unattended, he quickly expired.
Well, at least the guy died peacefully.
MAX: There is something quite puzzling though.
Please note the four-inch incision along the abdomen.
According to the nurse's report, this wound was sutured when Mr.
Luana first entered the O.
, which suggests that he recently underwent surgery, however, you can see that Killer opened him back up.
Now, why the hell would they do that? I have no idea.
However, X-rays would probably have been taken when Mr.
Luana was first admitted to the hospital.
Perhaps those images can tell us something.
(keyboard clacking) (computer beeping) GROVER: What is that? It appears that until the time of his murder, Mr.
Luana had a small object implanted near his abdomen, just below the surface of his skin.
Well, add that up with his travel arrangements, I'd say Mr.
Luana was some kind of a mule.
This wasn't a hit, it was a robbery.
The question is: what was this guy carrying inside of his body that was worth taking out a whole room full of people? We weren't supposed to meet for another 72 hours.
Yeah, well, couldn't wait.
Okay, so what's going on? Five-O knows about you.
Yeah, well, I suppose that was inevitable.
The important thing is they can't know about you.
They don't.
But they're smart, they'll figure it out soon enough.
Only if you slip up.
And I have faith that won't happen.
Inspector, this changes nothing.
You just keep doing what you're doing, and sooner or later, we're gonna get something solid on these people.
Uh, no, I don't think so.
Why's that? I've been under for months now, and I haven't seen anything to warrant disbanding or indicting members of Five-O.
Any of them.
Yes, they're aggressive, but they stay in bounds.
“Stay in bounds”? These guys keep moving the boundary to where there's no line anymore.
This is a different country than it was when this task force was created.
Now, we're in a civil war.
The civilians versus anyone with a badge.
And-and men like Steve McGarrett have helped erode the trust between what we do and the people who need us.
Then establish an oversight.
It's too late for that.
These people have operated by their own rules for too long now.
And in my experience, free reign leads to gross misconduct.
Well, I haven't seen any.
Are you sure your relationship with Chin Ho Kelly isn't clouding your judgment here? Now, I understand it's gotten personal for you.
Well, if you feel that way, why don't you pull me out? Oh, I see.
You've got eyes on me.
In case I withhold Intel, you still get it anyway.
Well, once it got personal, I had no choice.
(laughs): Sir? With all due respect, this operation is a witch hunt.
Excuse me? You're looking for anything to bring them down.
Any speck of impropriety.
Because this entire operation is all about your brother.
I know about that.
And I'm sorry, I'm not gonna be a pawn in some personal vendetta.
I think your forgetting your place, Inspector.
You're not the one calling the shots here.
Now, this is what's gonna happen.
You're gonna go back to Five-O, and you will stay under until you get something.
Is that clear? And if I refuse? You're, what-- gonna write me up for insubordination? When the San Francisco PD agreed to participate in this investigation, it was with the understanding that you would be under my sole supervision.
Wh-Which means you work for me.
So either you do your job or you surrender your badge and gun.
Your choice.
JERRY: So, we're pretty sure this is our suspect.
She was seen entering the hospital about ten minutes after Tommy Luana was brought in.
Nice job dodging the cameras.
I pulled every single angle.
Eight cameras-- not one of them got a clear shot of her face.
Here she is entering the doctor's lounge.
And there she is leaving.
Now, this is where it gets interesting.
See this tattoo? Yeah, it looks like a monarch butterfly.
Mm-hmm, now take a look at this.
This is dash-cam footage from the patrol car that hit Luana.
It's about a minute after impact.
Look at that.
Same ink.
Our suspect was at the scene.
Mm-hmm, not only that.
HPD canvas turned up a witness who says she saw a woman in a hooded sweatshirt running after Luana right before he ran into oncoming traffic.
All right, I'm thinking Tommy Luana was trying to flag down the patrol car.
Mm-hmm, except he was reckless and got hit instead.
Meanwhile, our suspect hangs around, finds out what hospital he's being brought to and follows him there.
I already ran the tattoo through the HPD database, came up empty.
All right, so the lab just pulled location data off of Tommy Luana's cell phone.
I think we may have a lead.
So yesterday afternoon, Luana visited an herbal medicine shop in Chinatown.
Owner's name is David Yang.
This guy used to be a big-deal plastic surgeon, until about 20 years ago when he got popped for selling oxycodone prescriptions and lost his license.
But here's the interesting part.
Yang's actually been on HPD's radar for a while, because the word is Yang does backroom surgery for cash.
Mostly underworld clientele.
Oh, so you're thinking that whatever was embedded inside of Luana, that Yang put it there.
Yeah, Luana can't just walk into a health clinic and ask for that procedure.
All right, Danny and I are gonna check out this Dr.
If we can find out what Luana was carrying, it might help us I.
our killer.
(clears his throat) Oh, boy.
What's with the eye roll? You got poop in a jar.
“What's with the eye roll”? This is not poop.
This is black mushroom.
This is a, uh, this is a very, uh It has a lot of healing properties, this particular fungus.
Hmm, I don't get how people buy into this new-age science crap.
Whoa, whoa.
I don't understand.
Traditional Chinese medicine has-has been around for centuries.
It's hardly new-age science.
It's hardly science.
I don't know about that, actually.
I took some cat's claw once as a pain reliever.
It worked pretty good.
Almost as good as aspirin, I'd say.
I-I will stick with the aspirin.
And you can waste your money and time on this voodoo medicine peddled by, uh, quacks.
(laughs) Dr.
Yang is no quack.
Yang is a healer.
Of the mind, the body and the soul.
Yang is also in big trouble for implanting small foreign objects into people's bodies.
I think I should talk to my lawyer.
Your lawyer? What you want to do that for? We just want to have a friendly conversation.
DANNY: Tell me, do you, uh, recognize this guy? No.
Nice try.
We know he came here.
We know he left with something implanted in his body.
We want to know what that something is.
Doctor/patient privilege.
Ask him.
Well, he's unfortunately dead, so we can't ask him anything, unless maybe you got some magic potion that can bring him back to life.
I'm sorry, I really don't know anything about that.
Look, we know you're not responsible.
All the same, I want to talk to my lawyer.
No, no.
Trust me, you want to, you want to talk to us, 'cause if you don't talk to us, we are going to tell everybody, uh, that you are snitching for Five-O.
We're gonna put the word out on the street that you've given us the name of every single scumbag that you ever stitched up in this place.
Imagine what they'll do to you.
YANG: Okay.
This guy needed a temporary implant.
All I did was the needle work.
What you implant? (grunting) A flash drive.
DANNY: Okay.
What was, what was on the flash drive? I don't know.
And I didn't ask.
All right, how'd you guys hook up? He was sent here by another man.
A customer who had been here a few times before.
This man even paid for the job.
Good, okay.
What, what was his name? KONO: Chris Dalton, 32, no record.
According to LinkedIn, he's a cyber strategist at Sillex Labs.
It's a computer company with offices here on the island.
I'm uploading the address to your GPS now.
Okay, question.
What's a cyber strategist? Yes.
Basically, his job is to protect computer systems from hackers.
I also ran Dalton's financials.
And in addition to the 5K he paid Dr.
Yang, he also slipped ten to Luana and bought his plane ticket to Hong Kong.
And it looks like Dalton was gonna follow him there, too, because he's booked on a flight that leaves the day after tomorrow.
Not anymore he's not.
You gonna keep looking at your watch every ten seconds? They said five minutes ten minutes ago, all right? Um, th-they said that.
Gentlemen? Gentlemen, I'm sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm Elliot Brenner.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Dalton is unavailable at the moment.
But he's here, well, you, well, you're gonna have to make him available.
Well, he's in the middle of something very important.
Can I ask what this is about? It's about a homicide that we're working.
And we think he's connected, so we'd like to see him.
He's in here.
Open it.
You keep him locked up? He's sequestered right now.
Dalton is currently the subject of an internal investigation.
What he do? I'm not at liberty to talk about it.
Guess Chris didn't want to talk about it, either, huh? Where's he park his car? Over here.
STEVE: How many ways in and out of this area? Just one.
He's gone.
Danny, get an alert out right away.
Have Kono and Grover check Dalton's house, all right? Let's try this again.
What exactly did Dalton do? Our company manages computer systems for the NSA.
Because Dalton was on the account, he was given top-level security clearance.
We believe he used it to download classified material.
What kind of material? Black ops Intel.
Files on active non-official cover agents.
We're not sure why or what he planned to do with it.
We were about to question him when you guys showed up.
Is there any chance that Dalton could've put that information onto a flash drive? We're still running diagnostics on his hardware, but, yeah, that's the most likely scenario.
Look, uh, this woman? She killed three people this morning, trying to get her hands on a flash drive that Dalton was trying to smuggle out of the country.
Too late.
You need to contact your NSA liaison right now and tell them exactly what happened.
This woman, she could be working alone or she could be working for a foreign intelligence service.
Either way, those agents are now compromised.
They need to be pulled out of the field immediately.
All right? You got it.
OFFICER: Clear! OFFICER 2: Clear! GROVER: Clear! Clear.
Kono, help me out with something.
Dalton's job is to safeguard classified information, State secrets.
What would make him load all that stuff onto a flash drive and try to sneak it out of the country? Money.
America's got plenty of enemies.
Maybe Dalton was gonna sell those secrets to the highest bidder.
All right, fine, everybody likes money.
But I don't know.
He looks like he's doing all right for himself.
And the guy seems to be a pretty patriotic guy.
Look at him.
He's flying an American flag at his front door.
He's a boy scout.
You actually think this guy is willing to sell out his county for a couple of bucks? He might, if the price was right.
Honestly, though, the bigger question is how did our killer find out about the flash drive? Well, perhaps the good Dr.
Yang told her about it.
Yang's gotta figure this little plastic stick's a high-value item, seein' as how Dalton's willing to shell out all this cash to have Luana mule it out.
He tells the killer, she hightails it down and tries to take it, with dollar signs in her eyes.
Or maybe she found out from Dalton.
Butterfly tattoo.
KONO: So our killer's name is Anna Novick.
According to Dalton's neighbors, the two have been dating for about six months and living together for the past three.
What else do we know about her? GROVER: Well, for starters, she told her neighbors she was from Seattle, Washington.
But records show she's from someplace else.
She's from St.
Petersburg, Russia.
She came here two years ago on a short-term student visa and liked it so much she decided to stay.
All right, so what do we got? We got a nerdy government contractor with, uh, access to confidential information.
Uh, we got a pretty Russian girl who is also a trained killer.
Uh, I'll take a guess.
She's a she's a spy.
She honeypotted Dalton and talked him into stealing some files for her.
STEVE: All right, I'm with you on the spy part, okay? But there's something about this that still doesn't make sense.
If Anna talked Dalton into doing this, then why why isn't he giving her the file? Why is he trying to smuggle it out? Well, it could be that Dalton went rogue and had plans of his own.
Somehow Anna finds out and wants the files for herself.
CHIN: I'm not so sure about that.
I pulled Dalton's cell phone records and about a minute after he escaped, turns out he texted Anna.
KONO: “Need help.
Iwilei and Pacific.
One hour.
” When did Dalton send this message? About 52 minutes ago.
Well, if these two aren't working together, this boy just signed his own death warrant.
I'm screwed.
What happened? Brenner knows.
I didn't cover my tracks well enough.
Take a breath.
It's okay, we'll figure it out.
Can't go back to my house.
(siren wails) No, no! No, no! (tires screech) Chris Dalton! Anna Novick! Get out of the car and keep your hands where we can see them! Okay.
Just get out and play dumb.
Shut up.
(speaking Russian) What language was that? Who were you talking to? (indistinct radio chatter) GROVER: Driver! Out of the car! STEVE: Hold your fire.
Stay down.
(gunfire) Danny! (man speaking Russian) Get out! Move, move, move! Danny! (screams) Got him! Keep moving! Ah! Get your hand off that rifle! (groaning) (siren wails) ANNA: Get down! (siren wails) OFFICER: This way! They're over here! (indistinct radio chatter) (tires squealing) (grunts) What's up? You and your girlfriend are in a lot of trouble, Chris.
She's not my girlfriend.
She's not your girlfriend? That's not what your neighbors said.
You don't understand.
I thought she was somebody else.
I don't know who this woman is.
Oh, so you're telling me you, uh, you didn't know she was a Russian spy? What? No.
What? Okay.
I think I see what's going on here.
Anna's an very attractive woman.
You were taken with her, she seduced you and convinced you to download classified information.
You're wrong, it wasn't like that.
Then why don't you set me straight? I just wanted to make my country a better place.
By compromising its national security? No! I just wanted things to be different! How? No more mass surveillance.
No more spying on Americans.
When I met Anna, she told me that she felt the same way.
I said that I wanted to do something.
She said that if we had leverage, we could force change.
If we had secrets that the government didn't want revealed, we could extort them.
But instead of money, we would demand change.
She said that we would be patriots.
She saw an opening and she-she exploited it.
You understand? She made you feel like stealing those files was a noble act.
She probably figured she'd just grab them afterwards.
That was never gonna happen, because I told her once we had that information, we had to leave the country.
But they might be onto us, so we had to be careful.
Smuggle it out.
She said she'd do it.
She practically begged me.
But I told her I would handle it, because I didn't want to put her at risk.
No, but you put Tommy Luana at risk.
He doesn't know what he's carrying.
If he's stopped, he can plead ignorance.
He's not gonna plead anything.
Okay? Tommy Luana's dead.
Anna killed him and two other people to get her hands on that flash drive.
Anna has the drive? Yeah, Anna has the drive.
And here's what I don't understand, here's what I can't figure out.
Anna has the drive, but she still came for you.
Now why would she do that? Why? Why, why? Because she needs me.
How does she need you? I encrypted the flash drive.
I didn't even tell her I was doing it.
The key isn't written down anywhere.
It's all in my head.
I'm the only one who can unlock those files.
Anna probably tried to open them, and when she couldn't, she must have realized what I'd done.
You're a smart kid.
So without you, the drive is useless.
Is that right? And that's why she came running when I texted.
Where is she right now? You know where she's going? No.
(phone ringing) What about people she might reach out to? No.
Yeah, I'm coming up now.
(lock buzzes, clicks) (door closes) DANNY: Hey.
The patrol car that Anna took off in was found abandoned on Castle Street.
Uh, HPD canvassed the area, but nobody saw her get in.
We did ID one of her associates, though.
The guy Kono clipped.
His name's Oleg Larionov.
He's former Russian FSB turned private contractor.
He's in surgery now, but they think he's gonna pull through.
Yeah, when he gets out, we're gonna move him to a secure wing and then post SWA outside his door.
All right, good.
Also, you got a visitor.
Sorry to barge in like this, but this couldn't wait.
Oh, no problem.
What's up? Our engineers were able to identify which files Chris downloaded.
The good news is any field ops that have been mentioned have been shut down.
Most of the agents have been recalled.
The bad news is there are still a few deep cover operatives who, at the moment, can't be reached.
All right.
Well, you'll be happy to hear that Dalton took steps to encode those files on that drive in such a way that only he can access them.
So for now, the information is safe.
That is good to hear.
Of course, no encryption is foolproof.
The people that are behind this will throw everything they have into breaking it.
I'm sure you're right.
But at least we've bought ourselves some time to find them.
At the very least, time to find those operatives who were potentially compromised now and pull them out of the field.
Actually, that's why I'm here.
You might be able to help with that.
How so? Your name came up in connection with one of the operatives.
The CIA's been desperate trying to reach her, but they've had no luck.
I think everyone's hoping you might have a direct line.
All right, Brenner.
I I don't know where Doris is, okay? I'm not talking about your mother, Commander.
I'm talking about Lt.
Catherine Rollins.
What? Apparently, she's called you a few times from a sat phone.
Yeah, she's, uh, she's doing aid work in South Asia.
According to the information that we have, she's involved in a clandestine operation in Kiev.
Ukraine? Yes.
Do you have any way of reaching her? My understanding is she's not scheduled to check in with her handler until the end of the week.
Of course, the fear is that by then it might be too late.
Commander? Do you have a direct line to Lieutenant Rollins? No.
No, I don't.
(buzzing) Tell me again.
Tell me again you're the only one who knows how to unlock those files.
What? What what?! Listen to me, all right? Somebody very important to me is at risk because what you have done.
Now, tell me you're the only one who can unlock those files.
Yes, yes Are you sure? Are you sure? Yes.
I encrypted the file with a 128-bit AES key, and I, uh, tacked on a few additional security measures.
Tr-Trust me, it is secure.
I am the only person that, um Trust me, it's, uh Hey.
I'm the per What the hell's the matter with him? Chris, hey, hey.
(moans) Hey, hey.
(moans) Steve (clears throat) Danny.
(coughing) (buzzing) (groaning) Oh, my Danny, you all right? (groans) What the hell happened? I don't know, I'm thinking I'm thinking it must have been fentanyl.
The Russians used to use it.
They must have put it into aerosol form and piped it in through the vents.
Hey, take it easy, take it easy.
It's been 40 minutes.
They're long gone.
Dalton might be halfway off the island now.
GROVER: Use your legs, use your legs.
Yeah, that's right.
Okay, okay.
Hey, you guys all right? No.
Same thing happened to you? Feel woozy.
What about the people downstairs? I'll check on 'em.
Dalton's gone.
What? Kono, pull up the Palace security cameras.
What about Jerry? Anybody check on Jerry? JERRY: Dudes! Kono! The craziest thing just happened to me.
Yeah, we know, Jer.
The same thing just happened to us.
What? The same thi We were all asleep, Jerry.
KONO: All right, so it looks like she came alone.
I'll pull up the surveillance footage from outside the Palace as well as nearby traffic cams, see where they went.
We got to find her before she forces Dalton to decrypt these files.
Danny, grab some earplugs.
DANNY: Why? 'Cause you're gonna need 'em.
That's not really an answer.
I totally thought I was being abducted.
I was so happy to wake up in my bunker and not some alien mother ship, but also, same time, a little bummed it didn't happen.
I, uh I need a minute with Oleg.
That's fine with me.
How's everybody doing? Good? (gun fires) (man screams) No, uh, everything's fine.
At ease.
Uh, he's got it under control.
I'm pretty sure, okay? (man shouting in Russian) Thanks.
See? You get it? Yeah.
Hey, he, uh, he needs a doctor in there.
(”Sweet Emotion” by Aerosmith plays) PILOT: Commander McGarrett, this is SWAT team Delta.
We are en route to your location.
ETA less than one minute.
Sweet Emotion Talk about things, and nobody cares Wearing out things that nobody wears Calling my name, but I got to make clear I can't say, baby, where I'll be in a year Oh, don't be that way, honey.
It was just business.
Was any of it real? Well, definitely not the orgasms.
(buzzing) ANNA: What happened? DALTON: I don't know.
ANNA: What did you do?! DALTON: Nothing.
STEVE: Don't do it.
GROVER: Clear! Let's go.
Where's the information? Where's the information? Is it safe? Give it to me.
Give it to me.
(indistinct radio chatter) Hey.
Catherine's safe.
Well, I mean, she's on a covert op in the Ukraine.
I don't know how safe she is.
Well, you can contact her, right? Nope, not while she's in the field.
DANNY: You gonna be angry 'cause she lied to you again or what? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm angry.
You know something, Danny, if I'm honest with myself, I also understand why she did it.
I mean, given the circumstances, I probably would have done the same thing.
Yeah, see, 'cause I think that maybe she just didn't want you worrying about her.
Little hard not to now.
Huh? I think that she is gonna be fine.
She's gonna be fine.
She's a very tough lady.
She can handle herself.
Everything'll be okay.
(”Letting Go” by Saint Raymond begins) Thanks, Danny.
Ooh This is the time You know that it's right I'm letting go In love and in life There's no turning back I'm letting go Ooh Before the sun is set Time to forgive, forget Whoa Whoa Whatever happens happens But it ain't happened yet Whoa Whoa I'm letting go.
(sighs) Hey.
Left you a couple messages.
Everything okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I heard about today.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to help.
No, it's all right.
Are you sure everything's okay? No.
Chin, there's something I need to tell you.
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