Hawaii Five-0 s06e18 Episode Script

Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O I got eyes on Clark! Hey, where the hell is he going? Buying himself some time.
Can you believe this? She's been in Hawaii 15 minutes, and she's already getting sworn in.
I've been here for years.
Well, pump your brakes there, Mulder.
She's not official Five-O.
We're just swearing her in on a temporary basis 'cause she's shadowing us for a couple of weeks, that's all.
This task force has crossed the line before.
And they will again.
You just need to be there when it happens.
So this is the guy who's after us? Yeah.
Who is he? Rex Coughlin was an IA detective who investigated me a few years back.
If it is an investigation, Robert's gonna have people working for him.
I've been under for months now, and I haven't seen anything to warrant disbanding to indicting members of Five-O.
Are you sure your relationship with Chin Ho Kelly isn't clouding your judgment here? You're gonna go back to Five-O, and you will stay under until you get something.
Is that clear? Left you a couple messages.
Is everything okay? Chin, there's something I need to tell you.
Aah! Stop! Don't move.
Well, this is a situation.
Put down the gun.
Or what? You gonna shoot me in the leg, too? From what I seen, your aim ain't too tasty.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x18 Kanaka Hahai (The Hunter)/font @elderman They do the Honolulu rock-a-roll-a Honolulu rock-a-roll-a Come and see them a-rockin' away On the beach at Waikiki You'll love the Honolulu rock-a-roll-a Honolulu rock-a-roll-a Hula hula girls a-swayin' away When you get to Waikiki When you get to Waikiki Say hi in Hawaii for me When you get to Waikiki.
Was that fantastic chicken or what? What you do, you saving this for later? Huh? Next time we'll get you a box.
Come here.
What did I tell you? It's the best chicken on the island, right? It's just chicken, Dad.
Just chicken? What are you talking about? That's like saying Joe Namath was just another quarterback.
Who's Joe Namath? Who's Joe Namath? You're breaking my heart, Grace.
Football! That's right, football.
What's, uh, what's the matter with you? Are you upset because I made you leave your phone in the car? We had a deal-- we agreed that this would be a no-phone zone, right? Nice family time, right? I didn't agree.
I don't understand, what's so good about your phone that you'd rather sit staring at your phone than having these moments with us? This is a father-daughter moment.
We should cherish this.
Well, that's why I need it-- to Instagram the moment and preserve the memory.
Oh, preser See, 'cause, listen, when I was a kid, I didn't even have a phone, and despite this handicap, I still have vivid memories.
You know, the brain does a lot of very interesting things.
You know, remembering stuff is one of the things it does.
You should give it a shot sometime.
Moani Rose says if it's not Instagrammed, how do you know if it happened? Huh.
Is this Moani, uh, a philosopher? No, she's in my jazz tap class.
I see.
Charlie, I got to tell you, this entire generation-- the phone is everything.
They-they sit at a restaurant, they stare at their phone.
They go to a movie theater, they stare at their phone.
You know, if you picked your head up out of your phone every once in a while, you might see a much bigger, better picture out here in the world.
Huh? Most of the time.
Let's go, get your plate.
Come on.
Look at your sister.
She can't wait to go plug back into the matrix.
Get over here right now.
I'm gonna use your head to smash into this car, all right? Brace yourself, brace yourself, huh? Bang! Wow, your car is gone.
It's magic.
I don't think it's, uh, magic.
I think somebody stole Daddy's car.
Wow, that sucks.
And you just got it fixed.
Yes, I did.
You know, if I had my phone, we could call the police.
Come on in.
I'm sorry, Steve.
When I found out what this was all about, I told Coughlin I couldn't do it anymore.
I lied.
To you, to everyone.
Yeah, you did, but you had an assignment-- you were following orders.
No one blames you for that.
We all understand how it works.
No, I-I actually, I really mean that, Abby.
By now, I'm pretty sure I know what type of person you are.
I can see your integrity, and on top of that, I think you're an outstanding cop.
You know the crazy thing about it? The whole cover story they made up-- shadowing your unit, seeing how you do things, why you've had the success you've had-- it worked, because it's the truth.
And what you're doing with Five-O, you're making a difference.
What are you gonna do now? I don't know.
I was under Coughlin's supervision.
San Francisco PD considers what I did an act of insubordination.
If I go back, they'll take my shield.
Reassign me to patrol.
I guess you better stay here then, help us.
Why don't you think about it? I will.
Thank you.
Oh, by the way I'm pretty sure we'd all like that.
I'm sorry.
Somchai, land! Land, Somchai.
Somchai! Somchai, wake up! Somchai! Where were they found? Makaha Beach.
Two men were clinging to a floatation device.
One of them was dead with a gunshot wound.
The other one's in ICU.
When they pulled him out of the water, they found a revolver on him.
And we don't think that's the shooter? No, ballistics weren't a match.
All right, I'll check in with the Coast Guard, see if they had any distress calls or shipwrecks in the past couple of days.
Guys had to come from somewhere.
Although our victim sustained a gunshot wound, cause of death was ventricular fibrillation-- cardiac arrest-- as a result of hypothermia within the last 24 hours.
Any idea who he is? Based on prints, I was able to establish our victim's name is Somchai Wattana.
However, according to Thai government reports our victim was executed by firing squad at Bang Kwang Central Prison in June, 2009, on drug trafficking charges.
That's over six years ago.
How is that possible? I don't know, but apparently, this isn't the first time our victim has died.
Why can't we just use the restaurant's phone and call a cab? You got $1,000? That's what it would cost taking a cab back into town, all right? With the traffic.
We're in the middle of nowhere, all right? What about Uncle Steve? What about Uncle Steve? Maybe he can come pick us up.
You always talk about how much he loves driving.
We don't need to bother Uncle Steve with this.
More importantly, Uncle Steve does not need to know that this happened to my car ever.
You understand? Besides, this is good.
It's good for both of you.
You know? When I was a kid, I rode the bus all the time.
It's good for you.
It's character-building.
Know what I mean? It's good for the environment.
You sit on a bus, you relax, maybe read a book, meet interesting people and Come on, stand up.
Come on, buddy.
Detective Williams! Hey, Mamo.
Howzit? What's up, buddy? How you doing? Long time! Yeah.
Good to see you.
What happened to that nice car of yours? Uh, that's a that's a very good question.
Uh, does this bus go to Waikiki? Last stop.
All right.
Here you go, buddy.
Enjoy the ride, brah.
See? Nice people.
Maybe not him.
See? This is gonna be fun, right? Right? Daddy, I think I'm going to throw up.
Don't do that.
Huh? What's the matter with you? You're right.
This is gonna be so much fun.
Here's what we know so far.
Our survivor in the ICU is Edward Torres.
Interpol Missing Persons has a yellow notice out on him from 2013.
So I ran him through the system, but unlike our dead guy, Mr.
Wattana, Torres has no record.
He's a family man.
Member of his local church.
If he's such a Boy Scout, what's he doing hanging out with a death row felon like Wattana? I don't know.
We reached out to his family, let them know that he's been found.
Maybe they can fill in some of the blanks until he's well enough to talk to us.
I just hung up with the Coast Guard.
They have nothing.
No distress calls, no shipwrecks within the last 72 hours.
Okay, so where did these guys come from? Well, let's break this down.
We know they had a gun.
We know somebody fired at least once at them.
We know they went overboard.
Maybe pirates hit the ship.
Maybe-maybe it was a drug deal gone bad.
We know Wattana had narcotics charges against him, right? Yeah, about that: I also spoke with the consulate.
The Thai government is sticking with their story.
According to them, Wattana was executed at Bang Kwang Prison in 2009 and they ain't helping us with this.
Well! Hold the front page.
We got a Jerry Alert.
Did you see the article on hoaxposed about the Philae Lander? Billions of dollars to land on a comet? I don't think so.
What was it, then? An alien artifact.
That makes so much more sense.
Right? Aloha.
- Say good-bye, Jerry.
- Gotta go.
She just called.
I just was It's fine.
I'm actually glad to see your little romance is, uh, taking off.
Oh, you know, we're just keeping it casual.
Uh, anyway, that floatation device that those men were found clinging to the boys in the lab were able to clean it up and pull a serial number, which I ran through various maritime databases, and it belongs to this ship.
The Sea Falcon.
When was that taken, Jerry? And here's where it gets a little bit Stephen King.
This was taken in 2005, at the dry dock in Bangkok where the Sea Falcon was decommissioned.
Wait a second.
You're telling me that this thing has been in the boat graveyard for the last ten years? Ship-breaking, as it's referred to, actually happens at a scrap yard.
But yes, I'm saying this boat's been out of commission for ten years.
So we got a ship that doesn't exist and a Vic that's been dead for six years.
Kind of makes sense, though, doesn't it? Ghost crew, ghost ship Let me break this to you: Ghosts and ghost ships do not exist.
I have to respectfully disagree.
The Marie Celeste, the Flying Dutchman, the S.
Valencia, the Baychimo, the Octavius I could go on.
Please don't.
I've been a Waikiki beach boy all my life, but when the waves are flat in the winter, I drive this baby.
I get to see the island, meet new people.
I love this bus life, brah.
She may be old, but she runs like a Swiss watch.
And no one keeps their ride cleaner than me.
I gotta tell you, this is without question the cleanest bus I have ever been on in my life.
What are you doing? Stop that.
Stop that.
What are you, nuts? See, I go at it even after the clean-up crew have done their work.
Not everyone has the same standard, you know.
Listen, uh, I am all for a tidy vehicle which is very hard to keep when you gotta share your car with a Neanderthal, you know? Come on! Get in! There's Daddy's car.
All right.
Mamo, follow that car.
Someone could be hurt back there.
No, they got people there that can help.
You got a cell phone I could borrow? Sure Thank you.
but we're in a black hole.
No service.
Gas station's got a land line.
We could go there, call it in.
No, no, no.
Look, we need to stick with this car until I can get in touch with HPD, all right? All right, brah.
All right.
Excuse me, everybody.
If I could have your attention, please.
Uh, my name is Detective Danny Williams.
I'm with Five-O.
I'm very sorry to interrupt your trip, but I need to take this bus and follow that car that we just saw flee the gas station.
So if everybody in the front could, please, move to the back, please.
Thank you.
Just have a seat and try to relax.
All right.
Thank you.
Your phones.
Everybody, please, take out your cell phones.
Let me know if anyone has service.
Don't look at me like that.
You know, Jerry might be onto something with his ghost theory.
I mean, everyone in the service knows about the U.
The what-what? It was an aircraft carrier that helped sink the Yamato in 1945.
But in her 27 years of active service, over 300 people lost their lives aboard that ship.
Some people now claim it to be the most haunted place in America.
In fact, some people even claim to have actually seen the Dress White Ghost.
Well, what's the “Dress White Ghost”? Oh, it's this sailor in his dress white uniform.
He just roams the corridors as if carrying out orders from another time.
For real? Gotcha.
All right, so I got the toxicology report back from the lab.
Both men had extremely high levels of mercury in their systems.
Their vitamin D levels were so low that the lab said it looked like they hadn't seen the sun in years.
And both sets of lungs also had evidence of poisoning from diesel fumes.
So I'm thinking, whatever boat they were on, they were on it for a very long time.
They were below deck or working at night.
Right? That would explain the vitamin D deficiency.
It would also explain why they were breathing diesel fumes from the ship's engine room.
And if the only thing you're eating, day in, day out, is fish, yeah, you could definitely get mercury poisoning.
So these guys were fishermen.
Yeah, but the kind of working conditions they were in What kind of a fishing vessel were they on? The kind of vessel that doesn't care about the people working on it.
I don't think they were fishermen.
I think they were slaves.
For three years, we were on that ship.
Lights out! No more! You make nets, then you eat! Not once did I see land, or daylight.
His name was Somchai Wattana.
That was the first, not the last time, that he would save me.
We worked from sundown to sunup, seven days a week.
If we weren't fishing, we were repairing nets.
There wasn't much else to do on our floating prison.
The work kept our minds occupied.
It was the only way to keep from going insane.
But if you stopped, you were punished.
Khun tun! Some days, we were beaten just to remind us that we were their property.
When I slept, I dreamed of my wife, Tala, and the child she was carrying.
I dreamed I would see her again.
See the face of my son or daughter for the first time.
Somchai and I kept each other strong by trying to think of ways to escape.
How did you escape? When our freezers were full of fish, the ship would anchor offshore and another boat would sail out to collect the haul, to sell in the local market.
Do you think you could I.
that boat? No.
Our captain always kept us locked in the cage below deck during the handover.
We knew, at these moments, we would never be closer to land.
Making it to shore seemed like a million-to-one shot.
But one day, it seemed like the only choice.
Hey! Decha! For three days and nights we swam and slept and swam and on the third day, I looked up and I saw it there, like a beautiful promise on the horizon.
I tried to wake my friend but he was gone.
At that moment, I had never felt so alone.
My arms and legs were burning with tiredness.
I felt how easy it would be to let go and slip beneath the waves.
And then I remembered the promise I made to my friend Somchai.
Not to let him become a ghost of the ocean.
It takes a lot to survive an ordeal like that.
You make that? For my child.
It's beautiful.
We contacted your family.
They're on their way out here to see you.
Thank you.
Edward, do you know, um, how many other men were held on that ship? There were 14 others.
All right, so this Captain Decha, okay, if he's got any sense at all, he's out of here, right? Two of his men go overboard.
He's got to assume, however unlikely, it's possible they made it to shore and alerted the authorities about this operation, right? He's not gonna stick around and get caught.
Right, but if that's the case, his ship could be anywhere.
His connect is on O'ahu.
Somebody here's buying that fish.
And they got to have ship-to-shore comms, so they can set up the buy.
We find that somebody, maybe we can find Captain Decha and free those slaves.
Listen, I got nothing to do with no suspect merch.
I got a brand to protect.
Quality produce.
Ethically sourced from local wild shrimp.
Would you relax, big fella? Nobody's even suggesting that you're working with these people.
We just figured you might know a little something about who is selling this cheap fish.
That's right, look-- our best shot of getting these guys off of this boat is to locate the buyer here on the island.
All right? There's a mano down at Maunakea Marketplace-- Pika-- he always comes under market price for his fish.
Well, you think he's getting his merchandise off of these slave ships? I can't tell for sure.
But if you're always coming in cheaper than everybody else, you're saving your money somewhere.
I don't get it.
Why aren't those lolos going faster? They think they got away.
They're driving casual so they don't attract attention.
You do the same thing.
Stay close, but not too close, all right? You got it.
All right, how we doing on phones-- anybody, service? No? Yes? I want to get off.
I understand.
I have things I have to do.
I know.
Listen: I just gotta get in touch with HPD, and once I do, we can get off this bus.
Can you remain calm for just a little bit longer? Mamo, stop! Stop! Stop! You said follow that car.
Yeah, I also said drive casual.
You ever seen a bus drive on a dirt road? You think they noticed? I'm thinking yes.
All right, everybody, off the bus now, let's go! Let's go! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! Quick! You heard the man-- everybody get off the bus! All right, listen, I want you to take everybody and my kids, and go hide in the fields, all right? Let me borrow your cell phone.
You got it.
Danno? I want you to listen to Mamo and do what he says.
All right? Do not take your eye off your little brother.
Okay? Keiki, come.
Come, come, keiki.
Go on, buddy.
Thank you, Mamo.
How do you drive this stupid thing? Into the bushes, let's go! We're all made of water.
Hello? Yo, Mamo, howzit, brah? Wea u stay? I don't understand anything you're saying and I have to use this phone! Me gotta say-- ma wahine a went make me one Loco Moco and it went broke da mouth! I have to go.
Thank you, good-bye.
Steve! Hello? Steve, can you hear me? Son of a bitch.
Of course they took the phones.
Hey! It's Aloha Friday No work till Monday How's it going? Hey, I'm, uh, Detective Danny Williams.
I'm with Five-O.
Got a badge to back that up? No, I-I don't.
Not on me.
Do you have, do you have a cell phone that gets service here? People today are too obsessed with their phones.
I don't like it-- I come out here to connect with nature.
You feel me? Yeah, I do, uh How about a gun? You got a gun? I do not.
You don't have a gun? What is that, road kill? I work hard all week long I can't wait to get away, you know, down like the beach What are you doing? You shot that thing with a bow and arrow? Any lolo can hunt with a gun.
This takes real skill.
All right, I'll take it.
Whoa, not so fast, friend.
You even know how to use this thing? Yes, I know how to use this thing.
I went to archery camp in the Catskills; two years in a row.
I was nine years old, but, uh, it's like riding a bike.
Look, buddy, I'm sorry to have to do this to you, but there are two men-- they are armed and dangerous.
Okay, let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
“Let's go”-- what do you mean “let's go”? This is an $800 bow.
You think I'm letting it out of my sight? Think again.
Plus, I know these woods.
You go in there, you'll be stumbling lost in two minutes.
My name is Vance.
Here's your ammo, cowboy.
All right, come on, lets go.
They went this way.
How do you know that? Heel strikes.
Chin said you caught a case.
I thought I'd pitch in.
I'm glad.
Look around.
A lot of competition here.
So you thought you had to cut corners? Look, I'm a businessman.
Just trying to make the best deal I can.
I call when I want fish.
I pay the guy.
I don't ask questions.
That's how it works.
Who do you buy from? You can tell us here or from behind bars.
His name is Rand.
Look, I swear I-I don't know where he gets the goods from.
I deal with him.
And that's it.
Okay, where do we find him? Hey.
How's it going? I think we're making some real progress.
Oh, good.
Hit it.
Aye-aye, Captain.
You can't do this! It's illegal, man! Can you believe this? This bird is actually complaining about his rights.
You know, coming from a man who profits from slavery, that's a little rich.
I say we rinse him again.
No! No! No! Okay! I'll tell you what you want to know.
That a boy, Nemo.
Nah, you can keep your guns.
Nothing beats seeing your reflection in the blacks of an animal's eye.
Holding your nerve.
Letting it get close enough to make the shot.
They came this way.
This grass has been crushed underfoot recently.
Those guys who sit 200 yards away with their rifles and their 9X scopes, they're not real hunters.
Okay, look, listen to me.
You don't understand that this would all be fantastic if we were hunting a deer, but we're not.
We're going after men that have a semiautomatic pistol.
Heel strike.
See? No.
This way.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, oh.
That's got to be them.
Holed up in that house.
You got a plan, right? Not really.
- Okay, we're good.
- You're up.
Look, Decha's real jumpy right now since two of his crew went overboard.
I bet.
So why don't you be very convincing and make him feel safe coming back to Oahu waters, all right? Yeah? Decha, how's it going? Rand I don't got time to chat.
What do you want? Another load.
You had a pretty big haul the other day, boss.
What can I say? Demand is high right now.
So let's strike while the iron's hot.
It's what this is all about, right? Look, you want to make money or not? It's risky.
Don't know if the juice is worth the squeeze.
You don't have to worry about those men you lost.
News said they washed up dead yesterday.
So what do you say, partner? You down for making more green or what? Keep the money.
Use it to get me three new guys.
Tell Clark I want healthy, strong workers.
Not the crap you sent me last time.
Will do.
We got him.
See you soon.
So you know our friend Graham Clark.
Looks like we've got an even bigger fish on the line.
We look forward to seeing Clark again.
He got away last time.
Slave owners and human traffickers.
You got some choice in friends.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, man.
Sit down.
We're not done with you yet.
Yo, get over here and help me find the keys.
I got 'em.
Hope they filled the tank too.
I thought you said you could use that thing.
Okay, so it's not like riding a bike.
Listen to me.
I want you to go try to get in the house, find a phone and call for help.
Can you do that? What are you gonna do? Try to shoot them before they shoot us.
All right, go, go, go, go.
Stop! Don't move.
Well, this is a situation.
Put down the gun.
Or what? You gonna shoot me in the leg, too? From what I seen, your aim ain't too tasty.
Finally, a decent shot.
First time, I aimed for his head and I got him in the leg.
Second time, I went for the, uh, the leg Found a landline inside, called the cavalry.
Oh, good.
Hang in there, cowboy.
Graham Clark! Hands up! You're under arrest for human trafficking and violation of the Mann Act.
I thought you boys were gonna run.
Where are the new ones? In the hole.
Expecting someone else? Police.
Step back.
It's over, okay? It's over okay? All right, let's go.
Feel like I need a tan.
A tan? I look a little pasty.
- Well, why don't you get some sun? - It's Daddy! You have, like, an East Coast glow.
You live in Hawaii, you know that? Danno! You're hurt? No, I'm not hurt.
Do I look hurt? I'm just getting sympathy from you.
Go, sit down.
Buddy, thank you very much for taking care of my kids and looking out for everybody on that bus.
Did a good job.
Not just a hero on the board, huh? Anybody could have done the same thing.
Hey, how's my bus? Uh, it needs a little TLC, but it's fine.
Just a little ish.
Heard you been fraternizing with the competition.
What's he talking about? The huli huli chicken? La, la-la-la-la-la! Don't say that name around here.
I apologize.
I didn't, I didn't mean to upset you.
I'm not upset.
My feelings are just hurt.
Okay, I don't defend Danny unless I absolutely have to, but, big guy, chicken? Really? Chicken's not competition for shrimp.
Surf and turf are very, very different things.
It was an either-or sort of thing.
It's not the chicken, it's the disloyalty.
That I understand.
And, anyway, I'm gonna be big on this.
I'm gonna let your indiscretion pass this one time.
You're a very generous man.
I'm a fool to myself.
Just out of curiosity.
I mean, you know I don't ever want to taste the stuff myself.
Was it as good as people say? You got nothing to worry about.
You guys all suck at lying.
This is your father.
I made this for you.
So, listen I was thinking Uh, me too.
Oh, okay.
Uh, you first.
Uh You asked me what I was gonna do next.
Am I gonna like where this is going? Depends if you'd be happy if I stuck around for a little while longer.
“Little while longer.
” Uh, look, I realize things got off to a really bad start here.
In some ways.
In other ways, things were really great.
You know what I mean.
Look, anyway I totally understand if you feel like I've ruined whatever chance we have of making it work because of my assignment, but, look, I really like it here, and a big part of that, the biggest part of that, is you.
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