Hawaii Five-0 s06e19 Episode Script

Malama Ka Po'e (Care for One's People)

1 Mmm.
(muffled): I'm telling you, man.
They have the best.
They have the best pancakes on the Island, hands down.
These pancakes are the bomb.
You know what it is? There ain't even a close second.
It's a combination of maple and this haupia, this coconut syrup they have.
That combo is crazy.
You know what Danny does? Hm? (tapping) (groans) Boysenberry.
It's disgusting, right? Mm-mm! See? It's so wrong.
Can't have no fruit on top of pancakes.
The only fruit I'm putting on top of my pancakes is coconut.
Well, coconut's not a fruit.
It's a drupe.
It's a what? A drupe.
It's any fruit with an outer skin, pulpy middle and, uh, you know, seed inside of it.
I just remembered.
What's that? I don't care.
'Cause I'm eating pancakes; I'm not writing a dissertation.
You're welcome.
I love that.
Hey, speaking of old Detective Sunshine.
Yeah? What'd he go to Vegas for? Well, Danny is actually, uh, chaperoning Grace's cheerleading team to a competition.
(laughter) You gonna make me choke on my food.
(laughing) You mean to tell me Danny Williams is down in Vegas with a bunch of 13-year-old Beliebers? Uh-huh.
Oh, man, I wish I could go down there and see that.
Well, you know what, I tried.
I checked Grace's Instagram, but she's got all her dad's buddies blocked.
So I couldn't see any pictures.
Well, what the hell you think we got a crime lab for? You should get a techie right on that.
Otherwise, Williams is gonna skate from this scot-free.
You know what? I'm gonna call Eric after breakfast.
That's right.
The minute I walk out of here, That's right.
I'm gonna call the kid.
That's a good idea.
Oh! Hm? One more thing.
Not that it'llvecop, but if my wife asks, you don't tell her I had this stuff.
You tell her that I had the diet plate.
That's the turkey burger with no bun and a scoop of cottage cheese.
Why would your wife ask me that question? Why the hell would the Red Sox sell Babe Ruth for $5,000? I don't know! Don't ask me to explain marriage to you.
I just need to know you got my back.
Uh, yeah, of course.
Of course I got your back.
All right.
Thank you, thank you very much.
I got you, man.
What just happened? Did Steve McGarrett just pick up a check? That's correct.
What, you win the Powerball or something? You feeling okay? Yeah.
I'm gonna call an ambulance.
You don't look too good.
Oh, that's not necessary.
You are forgetting something, though.
What? You owe me 20 bucks.
For what? The Bulls-Clippers game, last week.
And frankly, Lou, I got to say I'm a little disappointed that I have to ask for it.
Huh? See, I'm sitting here thinking you just my man, so you're gonna buy me breakfast.
That's all right.
No, that's okay.
Hey, let me see that.
I am paying for breakfast.
Thank you.
With my money.
No, correction, correction.
This was your money.
I won it in a bet.
Now it's my money.
You are welcome.
See how that works? (groans) GROVER: Yeah.
STEVE: Thanks, chef.
(chuckles) (phone chimes) Cheapskate.
Good morning, Ona.
Good morning, Commander.
You look beautiful this morning.
You've been saying the same line to me for six years.
And I meant it every time.
(giggles) I thought you Navy boys were all action.
You just talk a good game.
Excuse me, Ona.
What about your change? (door bell jingles) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x19 Malama Ka Po'e (Care for One' @elderman STEVE: It was weird, man.
He went outside, talked to this guy, then just disappeared.
You try his cell phone? Yes, it's going straight to voicemail.
He's not responding to texts, either.
All right, what about Renee? Tried her, too.
No answer.
Yeah, I'm sure everything is fine.
Yeah, well, I'm not.
You didn't see what I saw, okay? That conversation that Lou was having, it was pretty heated.
All right, well, what about the other guy? You recognize him? No, I never seen him before, but I could tell Lou definitely knew him.
(phone rings) Hey, Chin, hold on a second.
I got Kono.
Go, Kono.
You got me and Chin.
Go ahead.
I just pinged Grover's cell.
Looks like he's at home.
CHIN: If he's at home, then why isn't he picking up his phone? Chin, meet me there.
(siren wailing) Lou? Renee? (TV playing indistinctly, in distance) REPORTER: well back in the dry sand.
And the waves will come up again.
It's a dangerous situation.
FEMALE NEWS ANCHOR: Welcome back to Sunrise.
You know, so many people are talking about those huge waves that are coming in to the North Shore.
Lou? CHIN: Steve? Up here.
Tell me the front door wasn't open when you got here.
(sighs) What do we got? Dust void.
It's the shape of a suitcase.
CHIN: Found the same thing in Will's room.
(sighs) This family strike you as the type to have go-bags under their beds? (microwave beeping) (sighs) Bring your phones! Come on, give me your phone.
Let's go.
They're going off the grid.
But why? What could've happened? I don't know, but I'm thinking whatever that guy told Lou outside the coffee shop, spooked him enough to run.
And they were ready for it.
Go straight to the truck.
Don't stop.
KONO: Anything? Still no word.
Yeah, we checked with the kids' schools.
Both of them were no-shows this morning.
Okay, well, the GPS in the family car has been disabled, so they're definitely in the wind.
What about the, uh, mystery man outside the coffee shop? Nothing on the traffic cams, but check out Lou's phone records.
Okay, so the last entry is an incoming text at 7:52 a.
Okay, that's exactly when we left the Wailana.
Just two words.
“It's time.
” That's it.
That make any sense to you? No.
Who sent the text? It's registered to Frank Zagar.
Philadelphia area code.
Philly? Run it through NCIC, see what we get.
It says he's FBI.
STEVE: That's the guy.
That's the guy that was outside the Wailana.
What would a Fed want with Lou? Maybe he's in trouble.
Well, if he is, why wouldn't he call us? SAMANTHA: Where we gonna go? We just have to get off the Island.
That's all.
What if they find us? Nobody is gonna find us.
We're just doing this to be safe.
Mom? Sweetheart, you heard your father.
This is just a precaution.
Then why do we have to leave the Island? Why can't we just move to another town? Because if they find us, they're gonna kill us.
GROVER: Would you stop it? What? Will, that's not true.
Your father would never let anything happen to us.
GROVER: That's right.
Nobody's hurting anybody in this car, okay? I can promise you that.
(sighs) All right, listen, family.
I know this is difficult.
But we have to remember that we knew that this day might come.
The most important thing right now is that we all stick together.
And stop scaring your sister.
What does the FBI want with Lou Grover? SAC: Special Agent Zagar's working on his relocation.
What are you talking about, relocation? He's relocating my guy? Why would he be doing that? Your guy was a high-value asset in an important undercover case that went down back in '89.
Agent Zagar was his handler.
So all this is blowback for that op, and now Lou's on the run? We believe so.
All right, I need to speak with Agent Zagar.
Commander, you know the protocol.
This is a dark extraction.
Grover's been compromised.
You're just gonna have to trust that Agent Zagar has the situation under control now.
I'm sorry, but there's nothing more I can do.
Yeah, right.
Thanks for taking our call.
Does he really expect us to sit back and do nothing while Lou and his family run for their lives? Well, if the FBI can't help us, I know somebody who can.
(Renee sighs) How you doing, honey? You all right? I will be.
Once we get to where we're going.
(sighs heavily) Hey.
I knew what I signed up for when I married you.
Renee, I know you did, but the kids the kids never had a choice.
No, no, no, no.
Don't put all this on your shoulders.
It isn't your fault.
You're a good wife.
I love you.
I know.
I love you, too.
All right, you gotta get back in the truck.
I don't want the camera to see your face.
How's your family holding up? Well, Frank they're having their lives uprooted for the second time in less than three years.
I don't know.
What do you think? Lou, we're going to make this transition as smooth as possible.
We're gonna do everything we possibly can to insure their safety.
You got my word on that.
KONO: “Sean Darius.
” Looks like that was Lou's deep cover alias.
Multiple arrests for criminal assault, manslaughter, armed robbery Wow.
Bureau put together a pretty impressive rap sheet.
It had to be impressive, so he'd be attractive to these guys.
This is the Philly Black Mafia.
According to Joe White's contact, these guys were a street gang who controlled vice, drugs, even some cops.
The FBI put together a task force, went in, dismantled them from the inside out using undercovers.
Okay, but how does a Chicago cop end up in an FBI op in Philly? Well, the Bureau pulled Lou fresh out of the academy in Chicago.
CHIN: Actually, it's a perfect choice.
No one would know Lou in Philly.
And once the op was over, Lou went back to Chicago and resumed his life.
Why didn't he tell us? CHIN: Well, probably too worried about retribution.
In the back of his mind, he had to know that was possible.
That's why he kept his bags packed.
So the question now is, “Who caught up to him?” All right, well (touchpad beeping) this is an organizational chart of the command structure, which ultimately consisted of these 12 guys.
Now, most of these guys are either dead or still in prison.
But these two these two had the most to lose.
Now, that is Aaron Barnes and his son, Aaron Jr.
When the old man went away, it was the Philly equivalent of taking down John Gotti.
KONO: Well, it says here that Barnes Sr.
died in prison, but his son was released last year.
CHIN: Okay, so Junior gets out of prison looking for revenge.
It takes him a little while, but eventually he tracks Lou down.
Okay, but how? How? If we didn't know about this, who did? Oh, man.
What? Frank, I just picked up a unit.
What do you want me to do? (siren whoops) Pull over.
I thought we weren't stopping for anybody.
(over radio): Just pull over.
Stay put.
Let me handle it.
(siren whoops) Oh, Lou, honey Baby, relax.
It's just HPD.
Doesn't mean a thing, Renee.
Barnes can get to anybody.
Nobody talks but me.
GROVER: How you doin', Officer? OFFICER: Captain Grover, are you okay? Yes, sir.
Why? What's the problem? Five-O has an alert out for you.
If you don't mind, will you please step out of the vehicle? That's not happening, Officer.
I'll meet you at the extraction point.
(engine revving, tires screeching) Over to the car, now.
Hands on the hood.
You said we were going to the airport.
We are going to the airport, little mama, we're just taking off from Moloka'i.
Okay, and flying to where? We're going to Utah.
We're going to Provo, Utah.
Seriously? Utah? It's not forever, honey.
Just take it down.
It's okay.
WILL: Dad Yes, son? When this is all over, we can come back to Hawaii, right? Dad, I'm starting shortstop this year.
SAMANTHA: You really don't get it, do you? We're never coming back.
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Don't say that to your brother.
You don't even know that Did I say that? You didn't have to! Stop! Stop it! That's enough.
RENEE: Look this family has been through tough times before and we know how to deal with it.
And the way we do that is just what your father said: by sticking together.
Look at me.
Look at Will, baby, look at me.
Will We are going to love and support each other no matter where we live, what school we go to and what position we play on the baseball team, baby.
Come on, now.
The only team that matters right now is this team.
Right here.
In this car.
You understand me? Hmm? Good.
All right.
What'd you do? Bought us some time.
Not much.
Thanks, buddy.
Let's go.
RENEE: Come on.
Will, help your mother with her back.
WILL: Okay.
Yeah, get me my bag? All right.
Thank you.
GROVER: Come on, little mama, let's go.
ZAGAR: Watch your step.
Oh, thank you.
I got it.
All right.
Go on inside, little mama.
(boat engine starts) Guys, an HPD officer spotted Grover on the 83.
He pulled him over, he gets jumped by a guy resembling Agent Zagar, who then cuffs him to the cage in the backseat of the patrol car, leaves him there.
Why would Grover and Zagar evade HPD? If anything, they could help him out.
Well, I would do exactly the same thing.
In a situation like this, you never know who you can trust.
What about Barnes? We got any leads on him yet? No, not yet.
But we think we may have found out how Grover was compromised.
Take a look at this.
We ran the phone records of everyone with known ties to Aaron Barnes Jr.
, including his attorney, Benjamin Rusk.
Now check out this phone call.
Collect, from Marion, Illinois.
There's a Federal prison there.
Yes, and within 24 hours, Rusk shows up for a visit.
Okay, who'd he see? Well, that's the point.
Rusk doesn't have a client in Marion.
He had a sit-down with Clay Maxwell.
Clay Maxwell gave up Grover.
I had the prison send over the visitor logs.
Rusk met with Maxwell for 20 minutes and then he got on a flight right back to Philly.
And the next day, Philly PD surveillance unit confirmed that Rusk met with Barnes Jr.
So this whole thing, this whole thing is about payback.
Son of a bitch.
Clay turns on Grover because Grover had him arrested in Chicago.
“This too shall pass.
” My father used to tell me that when things got tough.
You know what it means? That someday things will get better.
Yeah, that's right.
Listen I grew up in North Philly.
I-It's kind of a rough part of town.
There were gangs, fights after school almost every day.
My-my father uh, he drove a truck.
You know? So he wasn't always around to protect me.
But he gave me this, and he said, “When you're alone, this'll make you feel safe”" And he was right.
I was thinking maybe you could hold onto this for me.
You're welcome.
This private charter left Philly nine hours ago.
There was no passenger manifest and the pilot won't respond to ATC.
Barnes could be on that plane.
Based on descent rate and glide path, it's heading for a private airstrip on the North Shore, used primarily for agricultural planes-- you know, crop dusters.
How long until they're wheels down? Based on current airspeed, it could be less than an hour.
(siren wailing) Come down slowly! Hands where we can see 'em! Got him? Yeah.
KONO: Hands behind your back.
It's empty.
Go and check the cargo hold.
You bet.
Where is everybody? Where are all your passengers? They paid me to fly here empty.
No passengers, no payload.
Who? Who paid you? A man named Barnes.
He arranged the charter.
Cargo hold's empty.
There's no one aboard the plane.
This was the decoy.
Then where the hell's Barnes? (engine rumbling) So, these are Agents Kheel and Strauss.
They're on loan from the Honolulu field office.
This is Captain Lou Grover.
It's his family.
Renee, Samantha, Will.
Thank you so much.
I can't tell you how much I appreciate what you're doing for me and my fa Thank you.
All right, guys.
Watch your step, but we got to move.
Airstrip's on the other side of the island.
comen, let's go.
Give me your bag.
Airstrip's on the other Ohu, baby.
ide of the island.
All right, kids, let's go.
Lou? Everything's gonna be all right.
You kids buckled up back er Yeah.
Of course.
(gasps) Lou, honey, what are you doing? Honolulu field office, my ass.
Those two guys look like they've been living underground.
There's not a tan line on either one of them.
Oh, my God! We're gonna die! Girl, please, I told you.
Didn't I tell you that nothing's happening to anybody here in this car? Dad! Dad, tree! Tree! What?! What? No! You do you think Zagar knows? Does he know? Baby, he's in on it.
What? Go! Go! Go! Go! Go! (engine revs) (siren chirps) (indistinct chatter) Thank you.
Duke, where are they? Over there.
That dozer operator was leveling the area when he found them.
Head shots.
They were executed.
Are we 100% on these I.
's? Yeah, we ran a fingerprint scan.
They both came out FBI out of the Honolulu office.
Agents Kheel and Strauss.
So you're telling me that Agent Zagar and the FBI's relocating Grover and his family, and now two agents show up murdered? You think Barnes is taking out Zagar's detail? (phone ringing) I don't know.
Chin? Steve, I'm looking at another private plane that departed from Pittsburgh about two hours after our pilot left Philly.
It's the same situation.
They've cut off all radio communication.
Where's it heading? Looks like Moloka'i.
They're on track to land there in about ten minutes.
If Barnes is on that plane and he's heading for Moloka'i, we got to assume that's where Agent Zagar is taking Grover and his family.
Daddy, they're behind us! I see 'em, little mama.
Everybody, hold tight! (engine revs) Get ahead of it.
Cut 'em off.
(grunting) Lou! Aah! (tires screech) Five-O! We're gonna need a chopper! Get out! All right.
You got me? Copy.
Let's go.
WILL: Tree! Daddy! (screams) (grunts) (grunting) (groans) (grunting) What's the matter? Put your head down.
Kids, get low-- everybody get down and stay down! Let's go! CHIN (over radio): Steve, a plane just landed on a private strip near Ha'upu Bay.
I'm trying to get a satellite reposition, but it's gonna take some time.
All right.
Looks like we're gonna do this the old-fashioned way.
(engine revving) Lou! (Grover grunting) Whew.
Yeah You okay? Baby? SAMANTHA: Yeah.
RENEE: You okay? All right.
That's it, everybody.
End of the line.
Car's no good.
Will, give me your hand.
Give me your hand.
SAMANTHA: What? Come on, let's go.
RENEE: Come on.
Come on, follow me this way.
On me, on me! We're not gonna make it very far on foot! Yes, we will! We got a quarter-mile head start, let's go! Go, little girl, go! Run! Go! Let's go! Let's go! Tire tracks.
Watch your step.
We gotta move! We gotta move! It's all clear.
Over there.
I got the plane.
No sign of Barnes.
They can't have gotten too far.
(phone buzzing) Yeah.
: You're late.
He made us.
No, no.
He didn't make us.
He made you.
If you lose him, it's your damn problem.
I paid you a lot of money to deliver this guy.
I'll get him, Mr.
This is a temporary situation.
Grover's just one man dragging his wife and kids through the jungle.
He won't get far.
You better be right.
Let's split up.
Come with me.
I got a building on the left, Steve.
I see a smokestack.
Looks like an old sugar mill.
Two SUVs in the front.
Got to be Barnes.
Hold on, I'm gonna peel off so they don't see us.
Stay on me.
Come on, keep moving.
Come on, kids, I know you're tired I know you're tired, but you got to keep moving.
Come on, short stuff, let's go.
Come on, little mama.
Let's go.
We'll find them ourselves.
Five-O! Drop your weapons! (automatic guns firing) (groans) GROVER: Sit down; you can rest for a little bit, all right? But don't get comfortable, because we're gonna be moving again soon.
(quietly): Not you.
RENEE: What? GROVER: Listen.
RENEE: What? There's no way in the world we're gonna be able to outrun Zagar and his men.
Well, what are we gonna do? We're gonna have to do something that they're not gonna expect us to do, okay? Renee, I need you to stay here with the kids.
No, no Look, Renee, this is life and death.
Hold that pistol like you know how to hold it.
Now, you know how to use that thing, right? You remember.
You aim for the biggest part of the body.
Center mass.
Baby, please Sweetheart, listen to me.
You think I'd do this if I had another option? I don't have another option.
I'm gonna end this thing.
I'm gonna end this thing now, you understand? Okay.
Okay, um, guys Yeah, this is good.
Okay, listen, I'm gonna need you to stay here with your mother, understand? Wait, wait, where are you going? I gotta go head these guys off.
I gotta find these guys before they find you Come on, Dad.
and your sister and your mother, okay? Dad, you can't leave us here alone.
Hey, listen to me! You think I want to leave you? You think I want to leave my little girl? Now, I don't have a choice.
So I need you to promise that you're gonna stay close to your mother and stay hidden.
And you, you're my son, and I know you, all right? Look at me-- I'm not playing.
I don't care what sound you hear or what you think in your mind, do not come and look for me.
Dad Dad (sniffles) Lil' mommy's gonna be fine, okay? GROVER: All right, do what I told you to do.
I gotta go.
WILL: Dad.
GROVER: Yeah? You might need this.
You're a good boy, Will; you're a good boy.
Look, it's all gonna be fine.
I got a corkscrew, I got a toothpick.
I got some scissors.
(laughing) Everything's gonna be fine, all right? Okay.
Listen, you can do this.
u cado ts.
You're tougher than me.
You don't believe me? Ask the kids.
They both know ared of you.
I love you so much.
I love you.
I love you.
Baby, your heart is pounding.
Babe my heart's been poundie ever since I met you.
Hey, hey, smile.
I'll see you soon.
Be a good girl.
All right.
Babies, come here.
Come here.
It's okay.
It's all right.
Come here.
Will GROVER: That's my boy.
It's okay, Mom.
(automatic gunfire blasting) Move in! (grunts) (gasping) You should have stayed in Philly.
I'll give Lou Grover your regards.
(gunfire echoing) Mom, we have to do something.
No, remember what your father said.
We stay here.
We don't move, no matter what happened.
(distant gunfire) Get back.
Go, get in, get in there.
(gun fires, bullet ricochets) (gun clicks) ZAGAR: You're out of ammo, chief! Don't make this harder than it already is! Mom! Mom (grunts) (gasping) Mom, it's okay.
It's okay, Mom.
Come here, baby.
Come here.
Lou, put it down! (groans) (gun fires) (groaning) Lou Come on.
Put the gun down, all right? Money.
You sold me out for money.
Geez, Lou.
I ain't gonna kill you.
It's too easy.
I'm just gonna make you wish you were dead.
You're gonna pay for what you did.
You want to kill me? Fine, come and get me.
What you put my family through-- my family! Get up.
Honey take the kids and find cover.
Stay down and don't move.
Your friends? Honey, we're good.
Come on.
It's McGarrett.
It's okay.
Come on.
Sure, now you show up.
Well, it looks like you got things under control.
GROVER: We managed.
Let's go.
(Grover sighs) You all right? I'm good, man.
Huh? Yeah.
Kids, you all right? Everybody all right? Thank you.
Hey, listen What about Barnes? Yeah, you don't have to worry about Barnes.
Never again.
You my man, you know that? I know.
Come here.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Go hug your family.
GROVER: All right, who want to go home? @elderman
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