Hawaii Five-0 s06e23 Episode Script

Pilina Koko (Blood Ties)

1 (woman laughing, indistinct chatter) (sighs) (laughter and chatter continues) (laughter) ABBY: Yeah.
Mmm! (laughter) (Chin groans, sniffles) (sighs) (laughter continues) (sniffles, sighs) (indistinct chatter) JERRY: and then I ate 'em.
(Abby laughs) JERRY: and then come back again.
ABBY: Okay JERRY: Three times.
Oh, there he is.
Hey, Chin, get in on this, bud.
No, I'm just gonna get a drink.
This double fudge is totally rocking my world, Jerry.
Seriously, dude, get in on this.
ABBY: Mmm! Your taste buds will thank you.
I'm going back to bed.
ABBY: Oh, come on, Kelly.
Just a couple spoonfuls.
Yeah, Kelly, come on.
All right.
How awesome is this? I love having roomies.
Take the money and run, run, run Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh Take the money and run, run, run Got a fever banging in my head Can't break it, can't shake it Give us one more pill to ease the pain hah It's all yours, Hirsch.
'Cause opportunity don't come knockin' in a war Just put that metal to the floor Take the money and run, run, run Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh Take the money and run, run, run Don't you dare turn around Take the money and run, run, run Oh, oh-oh, oh, oh Take the money and run.
(sighs, groans) Hey-o.
Second responder.
Yo, dude, you didn't carry that all the way up the stairs, did you? You know there's a dumbwaiter, right? No, I did not.
Thank your uncle for not mentioning that.
So, uh, what happened here? Homicide.
Somebody popped the homeowner last night.
Vanessa Diaz.
Poor thing.
Her and her daughter Sara just moved here from Mexico, a few months ago.
Yeah, McGarrett and Uncle D think the killer was waiting for her when she got home.
She fought him off, he chased her up here.
The house has a panic button.
She activated it, HPD got here in under four, but even then, it was too late.
Dropped a net over the whole area, but still somehow, this guy slipped away.
What about the little girl? She was at a, uh, sleepover at a neighbor's house, luckily.
All right, I gotta bounce.
This house has video cameras everywhere, but there doesn't appear to be an FTP server on the premises, so the footage must back up to one off-site.
Anyway, I gotta go find it.
Hopefully, the cameras caught something.
Tag out.
(imitates explosion) All right.
(upbeat pop intro plays) Whoo! Yeah, yeah Uh-huh, uh-huh Yeah, yeah yeah! I don't want to work I want to bang on the drum all day I don't want to play I just want to bang on the drum all day.
(scatting) (hollow knocking) (hollow knocking) (solid knocking) (clack, whoosh) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x23 Pilina Koko (Blood Ties) @elderman (computer trilling) (beep) All right, thank you very much.
All right, Hirsch got a little bump on the head.
He's gonna be okay.
As soon as they let him out of the ER, we'll sit him down with a sketch artist.
What are we thinking, buddy? Okay, we are thinking that, uh, our killer heard the sirens last night, uh, figured he didn't have time to get out of here, so he dips into this room.
Uh, he's thinking that he can lay low until everybody clears out, uh, make an escape, but lucky for us, he runs into Hirsch.
And lucky for Hirsch, he didn't put a bullet in him like he did the victim.
Right, I'm thinking that he figured HPD was still in the neighborhood, didn't want to risk somebody hearing a gunshot.
All right, got a live feed of every security camera in the house and a dedicated server, which means the footage wasn't uploaded to an off-site location, like I thought.
The backup was done here.
And unfortunately, the entire server's been wiped clean.
So no footage? No.
Well, what about physical evidence? There's gotta be something.
ERIC: You got it.
STEVE: Help me out with something.
There was 15 cops in this room earlier, right? Including you and me.
Never once did any of us guess that there was a safe room.
So how did the killer know? Exactly.
Right, so either Vanessa was on her way in here when she got clipped, or the killer had some inside information about this house.
I think it'd be helpful to speak to the daughter.
Where are we at with next of kin? HPD's working on it, but, uh, Vanessa's got no relatives on the Island, and as far as we know, Sara's father is not in the picture, so it's gonna take a little time.
Well, where's the kid? She's next door, at the neighbor's house, where she stayed last night.
Um, HPD's gonna pick her up when Social Services assigns a caseworker.
Anybody told her about her mom yet? No, not yet.
Speaking of people who need looking after, the killer saw Hirsch's face, so until we catch this guy, he's gonna need some protection.
Yeah, who's, uh, who's gonna be in charge of that? Officer Kalakaua.
When they told me I was getting protection, I was hoping you'd volunteer.
I didn't.
You can thank McGarrett for this.
I'll be sure to do that.
Question: If it comes down to it, would you be willing to take a bullet for me? No.
But I might have to shoot myself to get out of this assignment.
Hey, you ready to go? After you, my dear.
You first.
If you say so.
But, uh, no leering at the caboose.
You're supposed to be on the lookout for threats.
Unless, of course, you want to.
Oh, this is gonna be fun.
I know, it's a dump.
I used to have a six-bed in Kailua.
5,500 square feet.
Wine cellar, infinity pool.
It was Xanadu.
My own Shangri-La.
And then I met you, and it all went away.
So what's your poison? Espresso? Cappuccino? Macchiato? Just water.
Really, Hirsch? Uh, where are you going? Uh, I have to check the bedroom.
Wait, is that absolutely necessary? Because Oh, my God.
Uh, I swear, that was here when I moved in.
All right, that's a lie.
But for the record, I painted that long before you were ever engaged to what's-his-name, back-back when I thought you and I still had a future.
Still creepy.
(cell phone chimes) You actually should be flattered.
Out of all the women I could have chosen as my muse, I chose you.
I'm honored.
The sketch artist is on her way.
A sketch artist? What for? So you can give a description.
Of the murder suspect.
The same one that put you in the emergency room.
My dear, save your money.
I can do the sketch.
We'll leave it to the pros.
I guarantee you I'll do a better job.
Hirsch, a composite sketch is not like one of your caricatures.
It's an important forensic tool.
We need to have the most accurate description possible.
And the sketch artist has ways of helping people remember exactly who they saw.
Honey, that painting of you in there, and all the other ones I keep in my clo done from memory.
Trust me, I got this.
There are other paintings? There better not be nudes.
STEVE: I mean, I got to admit, this actually looks like the work of a pro.
Except for the part where he signed it.
“To my Five-O-hana.
All the best, Hirsch.
” What a putz.
(all laughing) Anyway, we ran this composite through facial rec.
We struck out there.
But there was some good news.
Eric managed to pull some of the suspect's DNA off Hirsch's clothing.
And while the guy isn't in the system, we did get a hit on the same DNA on a couple of unsolved burglaries.
Now, both these houses are on the North Shore, upscale homes, and both of 'em hit within the last six weeks.
All right, so our suspect's a thief, right? Uh, I'm guessing this-this was a burglary turned violent.
CHIN: Yeah, and we may have a lead already.
It turns out that our vic's house and the two houses on the North Shore have something in common.
They were all on the market recently.
We think our prowler has a very specific MO.
He recons his targets by posing as a potential buyer.
That's smart, right? Go to go to all the open houses, case the joint up close, check out all the security stuff.
That's how he knew about Vanessa's safe room.
All right, good, let's get Hirsch's sketch to whoever held the listings for these houses, see if anybody recognizes this guy.
(sighs) And lunch is served.
Wow! I got it.
Thank you.
What is this? Oh, it's, uh, bronzed sea bass in a lemon shallot butter.
It pairs nicely with this lovely Chilean Chardonnay.
Uh, y you do get that I'm working now? Huh.
I won't tell if you won't.
I'll stick with water.
If you say so.
More for me, then.
What? Don't think I can't see what you're doing.
What am I doing? Oh, come on.
This whole setup, the lunch, the wine-- you're totally turning this into a date.
(scoffs) That is silly.
The first time Ever I (phone rings) Saw your face Oh.
Go for Gerard.
I thought the sun I see.
Rose I'll take care of it.
In your eyes Uh, thank you.
(sighs) Everything okay? We gotta go.
What? Date's over, toots.
I have an urgent situation downtown.
This is not a date, and we're not leaving the apartment.
I am.
That was the retirement home where my father lives.
Apparently, there's some issue.
If I don't fix it today, they're gonna throw him out.
MAX: Gentlemen, uh, as the English statesman and poet George Villiers once famously wrote, “Ay now the plot thickens very much upon us.
” Oh, yeah? Okay.
What'd you find out? Well, during my autopsy, I found some fresh DNA underneath the victim's fingernails.
It appears that Ms.
Diaz scratched her killer during their struggle.
That's not an unusual thing, Max.
That is correct, Commander.
However, that DNA was different from the sample that Detective Williams' nephew found on Mr.
Hirsch's clothing.
Okay, so what, there's, uh, two thieves? Or two crimes.
Please note, in addition to the bruises that she suffered at the hands of her killer, she also sustained injuries that were consistent with CPR.
And furthermore, the DNA that was found on Mr.
Hirsch's clothing was also found on your victim's lips.
Our thief tried to save her? That is correct.
So that also probably means he didn't try to kill her.
STEVE: Maybe he's on a job at the time that the killer and Vanessa came back to the house.
Right? He doesn't want to get involved, so he hides in the safe room.
He comes out when he tries to help, and then, uh, then he goes back in when HPD shows up.
DANNY: Well, if that's the case, our burglar probably saw her murder on the monitor, which means that we have an eyewitness.
An eyewitness who will do anything he can not to get found.
GROVER: Well, now that Max's autopsy has revealed no sexual assault, I've been digging around in Vanessa's background to see if I can figure out why somebody would want her dead.
We got any ideas? Unfortunately, no.
The people who are looking after little Sara say that Vanessa was good people.
She had strong ties to the community, and she was active in her little girl's school.
(sighs) What's her occupation? Well, she told her neighbors she was into finance.
Said her expertise was in emerging Latin American markets or some such thing.
She hadn't managed to find a job on the Island anywhere yet, but she said she was interviewing.
I also spoke with the Mexican government-- I figured maybe there was something she was into over there that followed her over here, but they said they didn't know anything about that.
But here's what they do have on her.
Vanessa was born in La Tuna, which is a small town in Sinaloa.
Both her parents were farmers.
They're deceased now.
But she may have had a cousin.
The Mexican government's (phone rings) looking into that.
Chin, what do you got? One of the Realtors we spoke to recognized our thief.
She says the guy's name is Doug Morrow.
They met at an open house recently.
Now, apparently, Morrow told her he that was from the mainland, but he never said from where.
The Realtor also said that Morrow was interested in a pocket listing she has coming up.
He left a cell phone number to contact him at when the place was ready to be shown.
I'm texting you the number right now.
(computer dings) Got him.
Windward side of the Island.
All right, me and Danny will go pick him up.
Thanks, Chin.
(instrumental Hawaiian music playing over P.
system) Forget it, Benny.
She's married.
I already asked.
(phone chimes) Excuse me.
(knocking on door) HIRSCH: Yes? Excuse me, Hirsch? Yes, uh, what is it? Good news.
We got the guy.
Oh, that-- Superb, great.
So I'm gonna be Yeah.
You should get going now.
Gerard, who is it? Uh, no one.
Just a friend.
She's leaving.
Well, tell her to come in.
Uh, she's-she's in a rush, Pop.
A rush? Everyone's always in a rush.
I want to meet her.
Uh, may-maybe another time! Another time? I could be dead tomorrow.
Dad! Look, it's fine.
I'm Kono.
My, aren't you gorgeous.
Uh, how do you do? Leo Hirsch.
It's good to meet you, Mr.
You're with them.
Uh, you're Five-O.
Gerard's told me all about you.
Sounds like my boy's been helping the team.
Well, yes, he has.
Actually, because of him, we have a good shot of clearing the case we're working.
Just like the other times, right? HIRSCH: Uh we-we don't need to talk about that.
Gerard's told me about what he did for you.
Taking time off from the gallery to help you catch a couple of people? Even volunteering to put himself in danger a couple of times.
I'm so proud of him.
He's a good boy.
He's, uh, he's special.
I wish there was more like him in the world.
Well, um, Officer Kalakaua really has to get going.
And-and come to think of it, she's my ride, so, I have to go, too.
I'm gonna come see you in a few days, Dad.
I put it down in your calendar.
And I'll bring some new paint and brushes with me.
Okay? (kisses) Oh, and promise you won't give your nurses any trouble about taking your meds.
I'll try not to.
Good meeting you.
(door closes) So, I take it he doesn't know about About my former life as a criminal? No.
Thanks for playing along.
I appreciate your discretion.
I was in the master bedroom when I heard the front door unlock.
So I go check the cameras.
The guy sat her down.
Started going through her phone.
Then he started questioning her.
About what, I have no idea, since there was no audio.
I don't think she was giving him any answers, 'cause the guy was getting pissed.
He had to hit her a few more times before she started talking.
Okay, what happened next? MORROW: The guy made the mistake of turning his back on her.
After she got free, she ran for the bedroom.
And when I realized where she was going, I I locked myself inside the safe room.
She hit the panic button, grabbed a gun out of the dresser.
She wasn't fast enough.
Guy came in and shot her before she could pull the trigger.
After that, he picked up the gun and took off.
I waited till he was gone, then I came out.
(sirens approaching) I tried to help her, but it was too late.
Then I heard the cops coming.
(sirens getting closer) I was afraid if they found me, they'd think I did it.
You got to believe me.
There's nothing more I could've done.
So, Morrow took these pictures off the monitors in the safe room? Yeah, he wanted evidence to back up his story.
The resolution's obviously not very good.
Well, good enough, though.
Here's our murderer: Jimmy Brigante, 36 years old.
Convictions for assault and weapons possession.
Yeah, but nothing here seems to connect him with our Vic.
Wait, wait, wait.
Look at that.
Known associates.
This guy's suspected of being one of Michelle Shioma's top soldiers.
So how does a single mother living in Kahala get herself mixed up with a Yakuza boss? Maybe Vanessa Diaz was more than a single mother from Kahala.
Let's think about it.
She's got no job.
She's got no spouse.
She's got no money coming in, yet she lives in a 5,000-square-foot house in one of the Island's most expensive zip codes.
It doesn't sound like a regular citizen to me, all right? And-and let's not forget the town she's from, it's in Sinaloa.
Right, the narco capital of the world.
So what, you think she's part of a drug cartel? Well, I don't know, but I mean, the background in finance, i-it could be a cover.
Something to explain why she has money.
Well, if you're right, then Vanessa's murder just might be another one of Shioma's power moves, like she did with Adam.
All right, let's contact the DEA.
See if they got anything on Vanessa.
And let's get an alert out on Brigante.
Um, thanks again for before.
Oh, you know, your dad seems really sweet.
Seems like you have a good relationship.
That wasn't always the case.
When-when I was growing up, I was closer to my mom.
After she died, uh, my dad and I drifted apart.
It's really just been the past few years that we've patched things up.
Well, he's lucky to have you looking after him.
Tell you the truth, it-it hasn't been easy.
His, uh, health is failing.
Not sure how much time he has left.
It's been, uh difficult to watch.
I know what you mean, actually, 'cause my mom suffered a brain aneurysm a few years ago.
And she can't speak.
She needs constant care.
It's been rough on everyone.
I'm sorry.
Well, I should let you get back to actual police work.
You know, you're a good egg, Officer Kalakaua.
That Adam is a lucky man.
(phone rings) JERRY: McGarrett asked me to see if I could verify Vanessa's finance background, so I checked with all the brokerage houses on the Island, and none of them have ever interviewed a Vanessa Diaz who specializes in emerging markets in Latin America.
Well, Steve was right.
Job was a cover story.
Good work.
Jer, I was thinking You have a stable job here now, right? Yeah, I mean, still no badge, but (chuckles) Right.
But, uh, you're employed, got some money in the bank.
I got a little green.
Actually, most of it's gold now.
Started converting it last year.
Think we're going back to the gold standard.
Right, right, I remember you telling me.
Well, seeing as you have a job and some money, I'm wondering if it might be time to get your own place.
You want me to move out? Is this 'cause I don't pay rent? Because I pitch in in other ways.
I mean, cooking, cleaning, laundry.
No, no, uh, it's not about the rent.
Is it me? Am I doing something? No No, this is actually more about me.
I see.
It's not me, it's you.
(sighs) Or is this about her? Well Look, I'm not an idiot, okay? I can see with Abby in the picture how I might be cramping your style.
I mean, (sighs) a little? Sure.
You want your alone time.
I got that.
But, you know, for the record, any time I hear any noises, I slap on some headphones.
You know, unlike the NSA, I respect your privacy.
I appreciate that.
Uh, but s-still.
You want me gone.
(sighs) Look, we don't have to decide anything right now.
I just wanted to start the discussion.
No, no, no, no I get it.
(phone rings) Lieutenant Kelly.
I'm sorry? (elevator bell dings) When the officers came to pick her up, Sara told them that she had an uncle in the police department.
Said his name was Chin.
Is that all she said? Yeah.
And no one's told her about her mom yet, right? No.
Social Services wants to give us more time to track down the next of kin.
All right.
Let me have a few minutes with her, okay? Hi, Sara.
My name's Lieutenant Kelly.
Is it okay if we talk for a few minutes? Okay.
What's her name? Newton.
He's a boy.
Of course he's a boy.
How did I not know that? He's very handsome.
And you have a rabbit bracelet, too.
You must really like rabbits.
My mommy gave it to me.
She said I should never take it off.
That's a good idea.
You just moved here, right? Do you know about a place called Manana Island? We also call it Rabbit Island.
Do you know why? (chuckles) Because there used to be wild rabbits that used to run all over the place.
And if you look really closely, you can see that the island even looks like a rabbit head.
(laughs) That's weird.
Yes, that's so weird.
Sara, can I ask you a question? The nice officer told me that you said that you had an uncle in the police department.
Is that right? How do you know that? 'Cause that's what my mommy told me.
Did your mommy say anything else about this uncle? Uh-huh.
She said he was married to my aunt.
And I was named after her.
Okay, so your aunt is named Sara, too? No, my middle name is my aunt's name.
(gasps) Oh.
What's your middle name? Malia.
Sara, your father, is his name Gabriel? Do you know my daddy? STEVE: Gabriel must have met Vanessa when he was living in Mexico.
He probably kept her and Sara a secret because he knew they'd be targets for his enemies.
Yeah, well, Shioma must have found out somehow.
That's why she sent Brigante to question Vanessa.
She figures if anybody knows where Gabriel is, it's her.
Okay, I guess the question is: what did Brigante find out? What's gonna happen with Sara now? Well, for the time being, HPD's gonna take her to a safe house.
I'd like to be there with her.
Of course.
All right, we, uh, we should go talk to Michelle Shioma.
Yeah, we should do that now.
Thanks for coming back.
KONO: Yeah, you said, uh, it was urgent.
I got a little concerned.
But you didn't say anything to Gerard, right? No.
Malasada? They're a little stale but still pretty good.
No, thanks.
Hirsch, is everything all right? No, ev-everything is fine.
I just wanted to talk to you about my son.
Just the two of us.
Look, I know the truth.
I know what he's done.
The stolen paintings, the forgeries, prison.
He tries, but he can't fool me.
I don't understand.
If you know about everything, why do you pretend not to? Because it's important to Gerard to believe that I'm proud of him.
I-I-I don't know where I went wrong with him.
Believe me, I didn't set out to raise a crook.
I'm sure you did your best.
For what it's worth, he seems to have really turned his life around.
Yes, that's true.
But I know it isn't easy for him.
My son has a real affection for the finer things, and I know he misses that stuff.
Look, I know we don't know each other, but I need to ask a favor.
Will you keep an eye on him for me? Help him to stay on the straight and narrow? Of course.
Thank you.
MICHELLE: Vanessa Diaz? I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone by that name.
Okay, what about Jimmy Brigante? You know him? That sounds familiar.
Uh, think he may have been one of my daughter's tennis coaches.
Or, uh, was it swimming? All right, Vanessa Diaz's full name is Vanessa Diaz Waincroft.
She was Gabriel's wife, she was shot dead in her home last night, and Jimmy Brigante pulled the trigger.
Now, you already know all this because Jimmy Brigante works for you, and you're the one who sent him over there to get information.
At the moment, Brigante's in the wind, but we are gonna catch up with him, and when we do, he's gonna roll on you.
Look, here's the thing.
You-you got kids, right? You got-- your daughters are, what, eight and ten years old? The way things look right now, you're probably gonna go away and not get out until the young one's about 30 years old, right? But if you help us, maybe we can guarantee that you get to see, uh, the young one's high school graduation.
Look, all we want to know is what Brigante was able to learn about Gabriel's whereabouts.
That's it.
Gentlemen, if I knew where to find Gabriel Waincroft, I would tell you.
The man killed my father.
I want to see him punished as much as you do.
DANNY: I-I believe that.
But I think that you'd rather see him dead than in prison.
I'm sorry, I just can't help you.
Well, we'll just have to see what Brigante's got to say when we catch up with him.
(chuckles) Why is that, uh, why is that funny? It's just that you guys seem pretty confident despite your track record.
I'm sorry, “track record”? Oh, meaning Five-O hasn't had a whole lot of success getting people to open up about me.
You talking about the prison guard from Halawa? That guy was he was terrified of you.
But Jimmy Brigante, he's a tough kid.
I mean, I guarantee you, he's gonna give you up in a second if it means less prison time for him.
(door buzzes) Her lawyer's upstairs.
How you doing in there anyway? Really good, really good.
She's, uh, she's about to break any second.
Got a lead on Brigante? Not a thing.
All right, Steve, we got to we got to let her go.
We got nothing to hold her on.
No? (door buzzes) I can't believe it.
CHIN: Yeah, well, you and me both.
Do you think Malia knew about Vanessa? CHIN: It's possible.
I know she was in touch with Gabriel when he was in Mexico.
Okay, so what's she like? Sara? She's a sweet kid.
The fact is, she's Gabriel's blood.
Having a hard time wrapping my head around that.
Yeah, well, she's Malia's blood, too.
Listen, I should go.
Okay, I-I'll talk to you later.
(tires screeching) (Sara screaming) No! No! No! (grunts) Stop! No! (grunts) (tires screeching) Abby, find Sara.
The bracelet.
Her bracelet.
What? What bracelet? I don't understand.
Sorry, we need to go.
KONO: Steve! He's okay.
Listen to me.
He's gonna be all right.
Two shots, through and through, no vitals, okay? He's gonna be okay, all right? All right, MAILE AMBER Alert is out.
HPD is pulling traffic footage.
STEVE: All right, what about the dead guy? We get an I.
? Yeah, his name's Raymond Murata.
And, uh, he's got, uh, ties to the Yakuza.
This has Shioma written all over it.
Okay, what is her endgame anyway? I mean, this isn't a ransom play.
Is she really thinking of killing Gabriel's daughter out of revenge? GROVER: I think that might be over the line, even for her.
If that was the plan, they would've done it right here.
It's got to be about leverage.
It's leverage.
What do you mean? I'm sure Gabriel didn't tell Vanessa where he is, okay, but what if, what if she knows how to get in touch with him? Maybe that is what Brigante got out of her.
And now that Michelle has Sara, she can reach out to Gabriel and offer him a deal.
He hands himself in, she lets the kid go.
Look, I don't give a damn if we got proof or not, we need to drag Michelle Shioma in and get her to tell us where Sara is.
I don't-- she's not gonna say-- tell her what? She's not gonna say anything.
STEVE: He's right.
She's not gonna talk, but if we keep her out there, we can monitor her and maybe get a lead.
GROVER: And what if we don't, then? How are we gonna find Sara? Her bracelet.
What about it? Chin just said something about Sara having a bracelet.
So? I worked a kidnapping case years ago-- a young daughter of a wealthy family.
The only way we could find her was thanks to a GPS chip in her necklace.
Parents thought she might be a target, so they made her wear it all the time.
And maybe Vanessa took the same precautions.
Maybe Sara's bracelet's a tracker.
Okay, Abby, get in touch with every security company on the island that does GPS monitoring of children.
Let's do that right now.
(steady beeping) (tires screech) No! No! No! (Sara screaming) No! (grunting) (rapid beeping) (groans) (several different beeps) (grunts) Chin was right about the bracelet.
Vanessa used a company called Hawkeye Security to track Sara's movements.
They just sent us the GPS coordinates.
She's being held in a house in Waimanalo.
(sniffling) GROVER: All right, so I got four infrared bodies.
Looks to be three hostiles and little Sara.
DANNY: So, she's just sitting right out there in the open.
We rush in there, she can get hit in the crossfire.
(car engine humming) (door opens) Chin.
Steve, don't ask me to stand down.
The little girl's my niece.
(Sara sniffling) I'm gonna check the perimeter.
Target in sight.
(gunshots) Steve, we got another one! ABBY: Infrared didn't pick him up.
He must have been downstairs.
That's close enough! (Sara whimpering) Brigante.
Please stop! Please let me go! She's just a little kid.
You let her go.
That's not gonna happen.
Let her go.
Three seconds! One.
Put the kid down! Two.
(Sara gasps) I got her! (Sara crying) Sara, it's Lieutenant Kelly.
I got you, okay? I got you.
Is she all right? Yeah, I'm gonna take her out.
All right, here we go.
(grunting) You okay? Sara, I'm taking the blindfold off, okay? Okay? Hey, you okay? All right, come here.
It's okay, everything's gonna be fine now, okay? All right.
This is Officer Kalakaua.
She's gonna help us, too, okay? You're safe, okay? We got you.
Let us take these off.
Oh, damn.
This guy was our best shot at nailing Shioma.
But saving that kid out there? That's all that mattered.
(harmonic chanting) Like when I close my eyes And don't even care if anyone sees me dancing Like I can fly And I don't even think I'm touching the ground, yeah Like a heartbeat skip, like an open page Like a one-way trip on an aeroplane It's the way that I feel when I'm with you Brand-new (harmonic chanting) I feel brand-new I still don't know why I agreed to this.
Because surfing is awesome.
And you're gonna get a free, one-on-one lesson from a former pro.
Yes, but I hate the water.
And other than getting to see me in a bathing suit, I don't know what you get out of it.
It's my way of saying thanks.
You've been a big asset to Five-O.
You've helped us close four cases in the past year.
And I want you to know that we appreciate it.
And you.
I'm moved, Officer Kalakaua.
Of course, I could think of some other ways you could show your appreciation.
Really? Uh, that-that wasn't a sleazy come-on! It's just that I abhor the sea! There's sharks and jellyfish and stingrays and coral reefs.
If God had meant for man to swim, he would've given us flippers.
Hirsch? I got your back.
I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.
(quietly): Okay.
Let's go.
Okay, first thing, this is your surfboard.
Where's the seat? Funny.
When you get into the water, you're gonna want to lay down on it like this and paddle.
Will you give me mouth-to-mouth if I drown? Seriously? Okay, I'll shut up now.
(steady beeping) Mommy? Hey.
You slept a long time.
You okay? Oh.
I know someone who would love to say hello to you.
Say hi.
Where's my mommy? @elderman
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