Hawaii Five-0 s06e24 Episode Script

Pa'a Ka 'Ipuka I Ka 'Upena Nananana (The Entrance Is Stopped With a Spider's Web)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O Vanessa Diaz? I don't know anyone by that name.
Vanessa Diaz's full name is Vanessa Diaz Waincroft.
She was Gabriel's wife.
She was shot in their home last night, and Jimmy Brigante pulled the trigger.
Now, you already know all this, because you're the one who sent him over there to get information.
If I knew where to find Gabriel Waincroft I would tell you.
The man killed my father.
I want to see him punished as much as you do.
I think that you'd rather see him dead than in prison.
When the officers came to pick her up, Sara told them that she had an uncle in the police department.
She said his name was Chin.
And no one's told her about her mom yet, right? No.
Sara your father, is his name Gabriel? Do you know my Daddy? She's just a little kid.
You let her go.
That's not gonna happen.
Is she all right? Yeah.
I know someone who would love to say hello to you.
Where's my mommy? You did the right thing.
Child Services will find a good home for Sara.
Morning, Doc.
Do we know her name? Anna Duncan, 37.
HPD found her with half a gram of crystal meth in her possession.
Looks like another OD victim.
That's the third one this week.
Yeah, HPD's calling this new strain of rainbow meth "The Plague.
" Looks like we're gonna need to order more tables.
I'm sorry.
Ah! Listen up And don't say nothing You know I can't believe you You say a lot But you mean nothing I learned to lie I let you Wow Here I go Same dream I'll ever know Enough It's not enough Enough It's not enough Wow Here I go Same dream I'll ever know It's not enough Check it out.
Be careful with that thing.
What the? We gotta take this to Manny, see what he'll give us for it.
Vince? Vince! Vince? Oh, God.
Oh, God, stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Please, please stop! Stop! Vince! Vince! You're not What the hell are you doing here? Something's wrong.
He needs help.
Put my gun down, and I'll call an ambulance.
Call now.
He's not gonna make it.
I just need you to put the gun down first.
You're scaring me.
Put the damn gun down, or I'll kill you too.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x24 Pa'a Ka 'Ipuka I Ka 'Upena Nananana font color="#0 @elderman They've got the Million buck hotels Girls on the beaches In bikinis They've got the Little man who sells Salted pistachios And weenies They've got those Flirty, flirty dollies That are sitting on their blankets In the sun In Honolulu In Honolulu In Honolulu.
Max, shouldn't you be giving this to your boss at the M.
's Office? That would be the appropriate protocol, yes.
But I wanted you to read first.
How long will you be gone? Well, the sabbatical will last approximately three months.
However, rest assured you'll be in the capable hands of Dr.
Shaw while I'm gone.
What brought this on? An epiphany.
Yeah? Yeah, it was during the ill-fated test run of Kamekona's Catamaran Tour.
When Flippa set the sails ablaze with a flare, we found ourselves adrift at sea.
That's when I realized that I was gonna die without having fulfilled my lifelong dream of joining Médicins Sans Frontières.
Which in the stateside is known as Doctors Without Borders.
Yeah, I've, uh, I've heard of them, Max.
Thankfully they are eager to accept volunteers who have medical training.
So, now, I get to fulfill my lifelong dream and make a difference to the ambulatory.
I mean, we're gonna miss you, but this will be an incredible experience.
I'm proud of you, man.
Thank you, Commander.
Would you stop with the handshake, Max? Come on, we're 'ohana.
Bring it in.
Let's go.
However, I feel that a sentimental bro hug might be a tad bit premature, considering I haven't left yet.
That's I'll be here until we apprehend the people behind the burgeoning meth epidemic.
What, we got another OD? When? This morning.
Female, 37 years old.
was respiratory failure brought on by acute methamphetamine overdose.
Toxicology report showed that it was a lethal mix between fentanyl and crystal meth that was used to kill our previous eight victims.
911 caller recognized Gabriel from his picture on the news.
Says he's been living here for the last couple of weeks.
Keep it tight in there.
On me, all right? Abby, post here.
You got rear security.
Keep eyes on this door, in case he doubles back.
Got another OD victim.
Guys, blood trail.
Shell casing.
Stop! Stop right there.
Roll over, keep your hands where I can see them.
Show me your hands.
Gabriel Waincroft, you're under arrest.
Oh, you believe this, Chin? After everything we've been through, I'm gonna die by the hands of some dumb junkie.
Yeah, well, here's another little irony-- we're gonna save your life.
And then I'm gonna enjoy watching you rot in prison.
You guys got any signal? Got a signal here? No signal, I just checked.
Me, neither.
Abby we got Gabriel.
He's got a GSW through the abdomen.
We need an immediate medevac out here.
Abby, Abby.
Abby, you copy? So we're going to hold our breath, and we hold our arms like this.
You're doing great.
There's a situation.
Five-O beat us here to the building.
If they take Gabriel Waincroft into custody, he'll be protected.
You need to make sure that doesn't happen.
You're talking about a lot of collateral.
Listen to me, I want Gabriel Waincroft dead.
Do whatever it takes.
Even if you have to kill them all.
We got company.
At least 20 hostiles headed up the north stairwell.
Who are your friends, Gabriel? I don't have any friends.
You killed them all.
Abby, do you copy? Abby? Hey.
My condolences.
Shut up! You're done talking for the day.
Listen to me, all right? We hold our ground and then we go find Abby.
Move! Move! Okay, that's gotta be Shioma's people.
Well, that makes sense.
She's been looking for Gabriel for weeks.
Which means they're not gonna stop until they get what they want.
Is there a back entrance to this place? No.
Huh? You sure? What are you doing? Trying to find the open HPD channel.
Got it.
HPD dispatch.
It's Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett of Five-O.
I need an immediate patch through to Captain Lou Grover.
This is Captain Grover.
Captain, I have an emergency patch-in from Commander Steve McGarrett.
All right, put him through.
McGarrett, what's going on? We got Gabriel, but Shioma's people hit the building and we're under fire; we are under fire.
How the hell does she even know he was in there? I don't know.
They've jammed our cells, okay? I need you to grab SWAT.
Send HPD to our location right now.
I'm on it.
Take at least ten minutes to get here.
We can't stay in the stairwell, we're too exposed.
She's right.
We gotta go to the roof.
All right, let's get it, fellas.
Like old times.
SWAT to the rescue.
Let's go, baby.
What are you doing? Abby, the exfil's been moved to the roof.
Do you copy? Abby Abby, do you copy? They're on the roof.
We're on our way.
Hold your position.
Make sure no one gets out of the building.
What about the girl? Get rid of her.
Still no word from Abby.
We gotta go back.
I wouldn't worry too much about her, Chin.
I'm sure she's fine.
Hey, what'd I tell you about talking? I'll go back with you, Chin.
I'm not risking Abby's life for his.
Nobody is.
Nobody is, okay? But no one's going anywhere.
We gotta stay together.
We gotta stay on this rooftop.
We leave this rooftop, we lose the only tactical advantage that we have.
We stick together, we wait for Grover, all right? Chin, I promise you, we're not gonna leave Abby behind.
All right.
All right? Grover, you copy? Yeah, I copy.
What's your ETA? About five minutes out.
Hang on, we're coming to get you.
Oh! We're taking fire! Lou.
Lou! They had to know help was coming.
Okay, all right, we're on our own.
Check in.
Ammo report.
What do you got? Low.
Very, very low.
Access to the roof is off the south stairs.
They know we're up here.
We can't hold them back.
Watch out.
All right.
We're gonna jump.
What'd you just say? You mean, jump? We're gonna jump.
What do you mean jump? We can't jump.
That's ten feet across.
It's the only way off of this thing.
Besides, this building is taller than that building.
It's gonna cut the jump by, like, three feet.
So it's fine.
Oh, really? Oh, really? Doctor? Well, I'm not so sure about your mathematics, Steve.
Would you trust me, for once in your life? Trust you? Steve, we might be able to make that jump.
There's no way that he can.
Well, he has to.
I can do it.
Look at it this way, I come up short, I die.
You get what you want.
I make it take me to prison.
You still get what you want.
All right, we got to go.
We got to go right now.
Chin, on me.
Guys, we got to go right now.
Well hey.
Right now.
Hey! Hey! How about we don't commit suicide, and we stand here and we shoot all the bad guys when they come out the door? How about that? Oh, yeah, Danny, what about when your ammo runs out? What do you got, four bullets left, huh? What are you gonna do then? All right, fine.
Steve, you win, but I hate it and it's a stupid idea, okay? It's a very stupid idea and you are going to apologize to all my family members at my funeral, you understand? Yeah, no problem.
It'd be a pleasure, okay? Kono, you and Danny first.
Let's go.
No, you go.
You go first.
It's your stupid idea, you be the guinea pig.
Danny I'll hold the door! Danny, go.
I don't want to go! Danny! Kono! Go with Danny, I got Gabriel.
I love you, buddy.
Good luck.
I hate you so much.
Go, go.
Pick your shots.
Conserve your ammo.
We made it! Here they come.
I'm going for Gabriel, cover me.
See you on the other side.
Gabriel's across.
Go, Chin, go.
Go, go! Let's go.
I need more ammo.
Man down! Move it! Come on! I got you.
Cover! They're gonna be coming.
If we want to find Abby, we gotta move right now.
Okay, let's go.
Contact front! Get off the street.
Off the street! Everybody down! Five-O! Get off the street! Everybody get safe! Get safe right now! Danny One, two three.
Move in.
Kono, grab the AK.
You got it.
Got him? This is Captain Lou Grover.
We got an ambush at Beretenia and Lisbon.
I need back up now! Now! Danny, check the Cruze.
Chin, check the dead guy.
- You got him? - Yeah.
Get out of here.
Not going anywhere in the Camaro.
Same here.
Guys I got Abby's comm.
Get the car.
Hey, you guys did so good.
Stay here, Mommy will be right back, okay? Is it done? No, we lost them.
They're somewhere in Chinatown.
But with all the gunfire, HPD will be here any minute.
We need to stand down.
You stand down, I won't just kill you, I'll kill everyone you love, and I'll do them first, so you've learned your lesson before you die.
Reinforcements are on their way.
Forget HPD; I've taken care of them.
Just make sure you find Waincroft.
Come on.
His pulse is weak.
Lou, do you read me? Come in.
Kono, you get any signal? There's still no signal.
They must be jamming the network in the whole area.
All right, this is not right, all right? Even though cell phones don't work, HPD would be flooded with calls right now.
They should be here, huh? Unless HPD's communications have been compromised.
KONO; Maybe Shioma has someone on the inside, making sure the calls don't get through.
Well, that would explain how they knew about the 911 call and Gabriel.
And that Grover and SWAT are on the way.
There was talk Shioma had a mole inside HPD.
Guess it was true.
Guys, it's Abby.
Do you read me? Abby.
Hey, where are you? You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm with Lou.
We're both okay.
SWAT got hit pretty hard.
How about you guys? We're fine.
For now.
Are you getting any cell phone signal? No, cell is down in the entire area.
Grover radioed for HPD backup and an ambulance, but they haven't shown up yet.
Yeah, well, they're not gonna show up.
We think that HPD's been compromised.
Abby, it's Steve.
Listen, I need you to reach out to Coughlin.
See if he's been investigating any dirty cops with ties to Michelle Shioma.
I doubt they'll talk to me, but I'll give it a try.
Listen, I'm gonna hand you off to Grover.
I'll keep you posted if I find out.
You guys Lou, hey.
You all right? Barely.
Abby saved my ass.
Listen, give me your location.
I'm coming to you.
No, forget about it.
We're not sticking around.
You know I'm not gonna sit this one out, right? I'm not asking you to.
Listen to me, Lou, get to a landline, contact Duke on his cell phone.
Have him mobilize ESU.
But make sure he circumvents the normal communication channels.
What are you gonna do? I'm gonna find some transportation and get Gabriel to a hospital.
All right, fine.
Two words you never listen to, ever: Be careful.
Transportation, that's, that's a fantastic plan.
What about the Yakuza death squad that's outside waiting for us? How are we gonna get through them? I'm still working on that.
He's working on it.
Jerry, we good to go? Yup.
Navy Intel just patched me into their Titan 4D satellite, and FYI, it's totally awesome.
All right, Jerry, did you make sure that we are communicating on the secure channel? Please, I've been working radio frequencies since I was six.
High chatter routes, from Honolulu to Roswell, so trust me when I tell you that the president himself couldn't listen in on our comms.
Okay, good.
Then get us the hell out of here.
On it.
Okay, according to the architectural blueprints of the Hawaii Theatre, there should be a door near the back right of the stage.
That is your egress point.
I got it.
Get him up.
We're out of here.
Let's go.
Head down the alley Hang a right.
Should be a lot of traffic.
Jerry, where is everyone? Uh, Max, now's not a real good time.
I'm helping the Five-O navigate the streets of Chinatown so they don't killed by a bunch of Yakuza madmen.
Well, is there anything I can do to help? Not unless you have an AK-47 and a jet pack.
Unfortunately, I do not have either of those items.
Hey, guys, we got two bogeys coming in your direction from the alley up ahead.
Call of Duty, my ass.
Good work, Jerry.
Oh, shh! Red alert! Two SUVs just pulled away, headed in your direction.
We got to get off this street.
Jerry, now what? If you cut across that parking structure, there's a bus about to make a stop.
You can catch it if you run.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Go, go, go! Stop! Stop! Hey! Hey! Five-O! Five-O! Hey, stop.
We need your bus.
You know I have, uh, experience driving one of these, right? Yeah, yeah.
On a highway in the middle of nowhere.
City driving is a different animal.
Hey, Jerry, I need a 20 on those SUVs.
Three blocks and closing.
Two blocks.
Steve? Yeah, I got 'em I see them.
You think they know we're on the bus? I think so.
Guys, get down and brace! Get down and brace now! Great driving.
Guys, they're coming towards you! Get out of there now.
Chin! Get Gabriel to the rear doors.
Let's move! Let's move! You got two bogeys approaching from the rear.
Kono, handle it! Yeah, got it.
Save your ammo, sister.
I got 'em.
Yeah! I told you I wasn't sitting this one out.
Nice timing, Lou.
I finally got a hold of Duke.
RDF is on their way to SWAT's location.
They're stuck about ten blocks from here at Beretenia and Lisbon.
Chin, this alleyway on the right, that's our alley, okay? Take Gabriel up there.
We'll cover you.
What about you guys? We're gonna catch up.
We all move up that alley at once, we're easy targets.
You ready? Does it matter? Be careful.
Come on, Chin, I got you.
One, two three, go! Jerry, you there? Like Al in Die Hard, buddy.
Just hang a left on Fort Street Mall and head toward Beretenia.
Path's all clear.
My office said you needed to see me.
You got five minutes.
We think Michelle Shioma has a mole inside HPD.
I need to know if you're looking at anyone connected to her.
So it's "we" now? I sent you in there to help me take them down, Abby, not become one of them.
We have Gabriel Waincroft in custody.
Five-O was extracting him, when Shioma sent in a team to assassinate him.
They're literally under attack, as we speak.
What the hell are you doing here? Trying to save my friends.
Whoever Shioma has inside HPD is blocking communication, so we can't call for backup because we don't know who we can trust.
That's why I need your help.
Robert if you ever want to see Waincroft stand trial for the murder of your brother, you'll get me a name.
Give me a half hour to cross-reference all my cases.
If Shioma's got someone on the inside, I'll find them for you.
Thank you.
I'm not gonna make it.
Get up.
Get up! You're making it to the hospital, if I have to drag you there myself.
Don't turn right.
Don't turn right.
They turned right.
Thanks, Max.
I can see that.
Chin, you got a bogey heading your direction.
Gotta get off the street.
Like, now.
Any thoughts on that, Jer? I'm working on it.
Okay, there's an apartment building across the street.
Glass doors, gold trim.
You see it? Got it.
Call box code's on file with the city: 3149.
Come on.
You still on her? Yes.
She just got home.
Call me if she leaves.
Will do.
Yeah, who is it? Sir, my name is Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.
I'm with Five-O.
This man has been shot.
He needs medical attention.
Sir, it's okay.
I'm with Five-O.
Please go back inside your home.
What's the latest? Chin and Gabriel are holed up in an apartment building.
Shioma's men don't know where they are.
What about everyone else? Well, someone gave them bad advice about boarding a bus.
Yeah, but it's not important who.
Okay, it was me.
But you see the dead bodies all around it? We won.
Well, I guess Shioma's gonna need some more bad guys.
This car's basically undriveable.
This one, too.
Jerry, how far is that apartment? Half a mile.
Half a mile Let's go.
You're wasting your time.
Get it through your head: you're not dying today.
You son of a bitch.
Please Damn it.
Max, are you there? Yes, Lieutenant.
Max, I can't stop the bleeding.
Well, I suggest you cauterize the wound.
Yeah, how do I do that? Ambroise Paré, the French barber surgeon, who was a pioneer in battlefield medicine, used to cauterize wounds with gunpowder.
Okay, how much do I need? How big is the wound? About an inch.
Half a round should suffice.
Uh, Jesse, right? Yes.
Jesse, I need uh, uh, a pair of pliers and a-a box of wooden matches, okay? Coming right up.
I can't go to jail.
You don't have a choice.
Chin I'm sorry about your father.
I need you to do something for me, Chin.
I need you to look after Sara.
I know that you saved her, and I know what happened to Vanessa.
If you knew what happened to her, then why didn't you ever see your daughter? Because I knew you would've been waiting for me.
You know she looks just like Malia.
Don't do it for me, Chin do it for my sister.
Malia would have been Sara's aunt.
That little girl she's our blood.
Here you go.
Bite on this.
Hey, Chin, that SUV from earlier just did a loop around the block and stopped outside your location.
They're close.
How far away is McGarrett? Three blocks.
Might as well be 30.
Excuse me.
Did you find anything? Yeah, officer by the name of Natalie Ochoa, works in HPD Communications.
Her name cross-referenced with Solomon Tuasopo.
He's the guard from Halawa.
He's on Shioma's payroll.
That's right.
Ochoa's personnel file revealed Tuasopo's her brother-in-law.
looked into her but didn't find anything.
It's got to be her.
I'm on my way to see her now.
I'll meet you there.
Honolulu Police Department, District 1.
What's your emergency? Two men just forced themselves into my neighbor's apartment across the hall, and I think I recognized one of them from those wanted posters all over the Island.
Uh Gabriel Waincroft.
Sir, what's the address? 220 Beretenia Street, Apartment 2D.
Please, stay inside your residence.
I'm dispatching a unit immediately.
They know we're here.
Five-O, stay down, stay down.
Don't move! You, you, down! Hey, hey, hey, hey! Forget it, cowboy.
Don't move! Squat down, hands behind your back.
Hands behind your head! Right now! Did your boss give you some bad Intel, huh? Chin, it's over.
We got them.
You hear me? We got them.
Good work.
Slug's still inside.
He's lost a lot of blood.
Jerry to Five-O.
Roll call time.
We all alive? Yeah, we're all accounted for, Jerry.
Good work.
Ortega! Couldn't have done this without you, buddy.
Good work.
You didn't get us killed.
I'll give you that, Jerry.
Mahalo, Jerry.
I feel a badge coming my way.
Still inside.
Clear! Clear.
- Clear.
- Steve.
Looks like she knew we were coming.
A tunnel.
El Chapo must have designed her bathroom.
Call the FBI.
Tell them we got a fugitive.
Michelle Shioma's gone.
She's in the wind.
The FBI's on it, but, uh, she's got the resources to disappear.
Yeah, she does.
Any word on Gabriel? He went into cardiac arrest in surgery.
He didn't make it, Steve.
You know, it's strange.
I thought I wouldn't feel anything.
Hey, buddy you could never have changed that guy, okay? You tried-- Prison wouldn't have even changed him.
You need to know that.
He wants me to look after Sara.
Just because he had a kid did not make him a father, all right? And you and I both know the best thing for that little girl is that Gabriel gets put into the ground.
At least now she's got the chance at a normal life.
I'm not ready to be a dad.
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