Hawaii Five-0 s06e25 Episode Script

Ke Ali'I Wale No Ka'u Makemake (My Desire Is Only for the Chief)

1 Come on, Raintree, tell me the truth: when you were flying those commercial buses, how many times you fall asleep on the job, huh? You give a man a hot meal, a comfy chair, an autopilot I defy anyone not to take a nap.
Man, I knew it! Yeah, I like flying, buddy.
That's why I like this.
Less sleeping, more piloting.
I don't miss the heavies.
Except maybe the flight attendants.
Yeah, I miss them.
Hey, you ever fly Swissair? Blonde, tall, always friendly.
Huh? Sure.
We got a bogey at eight o'clock.
Yeah, I got him.
DEA? I don't know.
There's no markings.
Take her down, just in case we have to dump.
Down! Buddy Buddy Oh, geez Oh, no.
Oh, no Buddy Oh (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 6x25 Ke Ali'I Wale No Ka'u Makemake @elderman Turn around.
Commander, you understand why this was necessary.
You don't want me to know I'm at a CIA black site in Morocco.
Come on, boys.
17 hours on a C-5 Galaxy, the smell of saffron and cumin as we drove through the market, the call to prayer from the minaret, and then one of your drivers was speaking in Berber to his wife, apologizing for something he said last night.
I just hope that whatever you got on the other side of this door is worth it.
Come closer.
So, you do know who I am.
You have your mother's eyes.
And her resolve, so I'm told.
Why am I here? Forgive you? For killing Wo Fat? Yeah.
He said he understood.
Said that his son's obsession with revenge was his ultimate undoing.
So you-you flew all that way for a fortune cookie quote? They don't got phones in Morocco or what? Clearly, it was important to this old man that he looked me in the eye when he said what he had to say.
Did he mention Doris? Yeah.
Yeah, he mentioned Doris, briefly.
He said that despite my mother's betrayal, he still loved her.
The fact that she looked after his son for as long as she did, whether it was out of guilt or pity or-or a sense of duty he said he was grateful for that.
Steve! Hey.
Hey, hey, hey, hey! Sorry, Commander, he just went right by my desk.
No, it's okay, I-I know him.
I got it, Chief, I got it.
Nahele, what's wrong? C.
was respiratory failure brought on by acute methamphetamine overdose.
I'm waiting for toxicology, but I suspect they will merely confirm what seems to be painfully obvious: that this is yet another victim of the same batch of fentanyl-cut crystal, making him the 11th victim in the last two weeks alone.
This thing's an epidemic.
I found him in the locker room.
He was passed out.
He wasn't moving.
I had no idea Makaio was doing drugs, you know? He was my friend.
I just didn't know.
You remember when I told you I was never gonna let anybody hurt you? Well, I made the same promise to the people of this island when I put this badge on.
Now, these sons of bitches who are selling this stuff, they don't know it yet, but I'm a man of my word.
Get up.
You all right? Better than him.
See this guy? He's dead.
So is this woman.
And this guy, in the $1,000 suit.
But I really want you to look at this one.
Look at the kid.
This kid was just 16 years old.
We all gotta go sometime, don't we? Yeah, okay.
So the stuff you've been putting in your body, it's cut with a powerful opiate called fentanyl, and most of the people who've been using it, they don't live to try it again.
I guess that makes me special, doesn't it? No, it makes you lucky.
You're alive because of dumb luck.
You've been putting a loaded gun to your head, you're just getting clicks.
But here's the thing: I think we should put another bullet in that chamber.
You only shot half the bag.
Let's use the other half, huh? I mean, you just said it yourself: "We all gotta go sometime.
" But you're lucky, right? You're a lucky guy.
You're special.
You just said so yourself.
You're insane, man.
What the hell do you want? What do I want? I want the name of your dealer.
Angela? Michael? First-time user.
My friend recommended you.
Well, you got a good friend.
Anytime you need me, you just hit that rainbow and like a leprechaun, I'll be at the end of it.
I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that.
See you around.
I'm sure.
What the? I mean, I gotta give you credit.
I gotta give him credit.
Using a mobile app to deliver drugs? It's genius.
Well, you know, they really do have an app for everything.
There really is an app for everything.
Smart thinking.
Well, it is smart, but it's also very risky because, you see, now we have a list of everybody that you sold drugs to.
- Oh! - Look, man, we know this meth isn't being made on this island.
Okay? I mean, the level of purity-- there's an industrial process going on here.
And Oahu is too small to run that kind of operation without attracting attention.
See? He looks a little confused.
He does, doesn't he? Let me straighten you out, in case you haven't figured out what your part in all this is.
You're gonna tell us how it's getting here.
You're gonna give us the name of the person who's bringing it onto the Island.
All right? Or you can spend the next 30 years of your life living in a box, putting that back together.
Might need to run it by Earl Scheib first.
Listen, I'm just transpo.
Three times a week, I fly out to the Green Island atoll, pick up the cargo and bring it back.
Well, that cargo's killing people, okay? Last week, there was a 16-year-old boy, he's supposed to go to his junior prom this weekend.
Well, you look surprised.
What, were you, uh, too busy counting your money to think about what this garbage does to people? Who do you work for? We want names.
Look, if I tell you-- No, no.
No negotiation.
His name's Dae Won.
He's the only guy I deal with.
Dae Won.
All right.
Here's what's gonna happen You're gonna call Dae Won.
And you're gonna tell him that you can't make this next run.
And right after that, you're gonna recommend this pilot.
A great pilot; you trust him with your life.
You're gonna recommend him.
That's not gonna work, man.
Dae Won's gonna know something's up-- what do I tell him? Why don't you tell him you can't fly? And why's that? You broke my arm! Well, the good news is you don't have to lie now.
You can hear the nurses lookin' for a brand-new man Hey, Nate.
This is the guy I was telling you about.
I'm-a gonna try to catch him Gonna try to catch a brand-new man A man How you doing? I'm Evan Raintree.
That's Dave Carson, my mechanic.
I just need a pilot.
Wait a minute, did you talk to this guy? Talk to me about what? That's my mechanic.
I don't fly without my mechanic.
We're a package deal.
If you want this job, you make an exception.
Okay, all right.
I don't want the job.
Why you got to waste my time, Nate? All right, wait, wait, wait.
Francis knows you.
I don't.
But if you check out-- the both of you-- job's yours.
Oh, I told you-- they're clean.
Well, is this gonna be a problem? Running your prints? No no, it's not gonna be a problem.
You're next, partner.
Maybe we should be checking you out, huh? Hands.
Yeah, yeah, knock yourself out.
Got it good? I'll be in touch.
That went well.
You know, he won't care if you're cops.
If you don't check out, he will kill you.
No worries.
Your guy works fast.
He's already run your prints.
Also got chatter on the Dark Net.
Okay, how solid are these I.
's that you created for us, Jerry? They're solid so far.
As long as he doesn't dig too deep, we're good.
I think.
He thinks.
I'll go get my will sorted out.
He's kidding, right? I have faith in you, Jerry.
Thanks, McGruff.
So you had a sit-down with Wo Fat's father, huh? Yeah, it, uh it was not what I expected, I'll tell you that.
You know, if he was kept off the grid for 40 years, how did he even know that you were the one who killed his son? I have no idea.
But his handlers monitored the meet, and, uh, I don't know, it was clear to me that I was just there to listen.
So I take it you never even got a chance to ask him if he knows where your mother is? No.
But what I did get from the conversation is that he has not seen Doris for, at least, a couple of decades, and the people detaining him are making sure those two don't connect.
Well forgiveness is the last thing I would ever expect from that bloodline, so trust me-- take it, move on.
Well, it worked for you and Abby, right? Well, seeing as she's back in San Francisco getting her things, uh yeah, I guess you could say that.
How do you feel about that? Well, let's just say I'm getting used to the idea that I'm gonna have a lot more throw pillows in my life.
But I'm good with all of it.
How about your niece? Sarah.
She's still with Child Services.
You know how long that can take, right? It's not just about finding a home, Steve.
It's about finding the right home.
I see that look on your face.
Don't think it hasn't crossed my mind.
Yo! We got the call.
We're on.
There's trouble on the street tonight I feel it in my bones I had a premonition that he should not go alone I knew the gun was loaded But I didn't think he'd kill But everything exploded And the blood began to spill I'm sorry it went down like this And someone had to lose It's the nature of the business Mayday! Mayday.
I'm in a Cessna aircraft en route to Oahu.
And I have a serious, serious problem.
Mayday! Mayday! Our pilot has been shot.
Request immediate assistance.
This is Honolulu International Control.
We read you.
Go ahead.
This is, this is Detective Danny Williams with the Five-O task force.
I need help landing this plane.
You're a cop? Hey, put down the gun! You put yours down! Put down the gun-- I'm not gonna ask you again.
Not gonna happen.
It's really bad.
Hang on Mayday request, do you copy? Please switch to channel 17 for immediate assist.
Don't you answer that.
If I don't answer it, we're gonna die, both of us.
Either we shoot each other or this plane goes down-- you understand that? Does that make sense to you? Mayday request, do you copy? Please switch to channel 17 for immediate assist.
Stay awake.
Steve All right, you know what? You know what? You want to shoot me, shoot me-- go ahead-- but who's gonna fly this plane? Uh, well, apparently you can't fly it, either.
That's true, but the people on the other end can, all right? You want to shoot me, come sit in my lap, be my guest! Do it, all right? Huh? Look I promise you I land this plane safely, you and I will pick up right where we left off, okay? All right?! Huh?! Fine.
All right, good.
Steve Switching to channel 17.
You're all right, Steve.
I'm gonna die, Danny.
No, you're not.
Just hang in there.
You're gonna be all right, all right? Again, this is Detective Danny Williams.
I am in a Cessna aircraft.
I'm headed your way.
Our pilot, my colleague, has been shot.
He's got multiple gunshot wounds.
I need EMT standing by right when we get this thing on the ground, which I have no clue, zero clue how to do.
Copy that, Detective.
Approach is good.
We just need to slow you down a little.
Okay, all right, slow us down-- h-how do I do that? Between you and the pilot Steve.
are three pull levers.
The furthest to the left is your throttle.
Push it down to 25%.
Okay, done.
Now keep both hands on the control.
Check your level.
Dead center to the pilot.
Make sure you don't dip below the horizon line.
And keep your compass heading between north and the number three.
Okay, north and number three-- got that.
Buddy? Oh, no! Steve? All-all right, you.
I need you to do something for me, all right? You focus on getting the plane down-- do not talk to me! Listen, do what I-- do what I tell you to do or I'm gonna drop this thing in the water-- you understand? What do you want? I want you to put your hand on his neck, and tell me if you feel a pulse, okay? I-I don't know! What do you mean, you don't know? Keep your hand on his neck! Either you feel a pulse or you don't! Uh, Control, I got, I got an alarm, and I don't know what it is.
Check your gauges-- what do you see? What do I see? What do I see? I see a lot of gauges! What's your airspeed? Uh, air-airspeed is 155.
What about altitude? Altitude Altitude's 500, but falling.
Fuel? Fuel no good.
Uh, needle's right at zero.
All right, you're running out of fuel.
We need to get you down as soon as possible.
Well, it's fine-fine with me.
The Coast Guard has been notified.
Stand by for emergency ditch procedure.
Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-What does he mean by "ditch"? I don't know.
What do you mean by "ditch"? Detective, based on your current altitude, airspeed and available fuel, you're never gonna make the runway.
Kono? Just got a call from Honolulu HIC.
Somebody attacked our transport mid-flight.
Steve's been shot.
Shot? Is he okay? He's not responding.
Who's flying the plane? What are we gonna do? He said we have to ditch.
Yeah, well, we're not ditching.
Control, we just lost both of our engines.
All right, Detective, beneath the dash is a large red handle.
Pull it to feather your prop.
Don't try to fight gravity.
Uh-huh, large red handle.
Do not fight gravity, copy, got that.
All right, Detective, next to the radio controls are your landing gear settings.
There's a switch labeled "up water.
" Flip it.
Lower your flaps one more peg to the landing position.
Okay, done.
Now you're gonna have to put her down on the water.
Adjust your course to 175 degrees, and let yourself glide.
Ah Ah All right, uh, control, that's not gonna work, okay? My partner, he's he's unconscious.
If I put this thing down on the water, I'm not gonna be able to get him out of the plane and he's gonna drown.
You don't have a choice, Detective.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I-I-I got a choice.
I-I'm gonna put this thing down on the beach, okay? Detective, we strongly advise against that.
I understand your concern for your friend, but consider yourself.
Your best chance of survival is a water landing.
Listen, I'm not gonna put it down in the water.
I'm putting this thing down on the beach, okay? Clear the beach, I'm coming in.
Hold on, Kono.
All right.
Here we go.
You're gonna kill all of us.
Shut up.
Shut up.
We have a plane coming in for an emergency landing.
We need an immediate evac of Waikiki to Kuhio Beach.
Emergency personnel only.
Come on Hey, Steve, listen to me.
I know you've never been any good at listening to me, but right now, you got no choice, you stubborn son of a bitch.
Do not die.
Hey! Listen to me, do not die, okay? I'm not landing this thing for you to die on me! You understand? Huh? Good.
Good, all right, here we go.
Everyone clear the beach! Evacuate the beach immediately! We have an emergency situation! Off the beach now! Move as fast as you can! Clear the beach! Let's go! Let's go! Okay, sweetie, come on.
Sweetie, come here.
A plane is coming down on the beach! Go with this officer right here, okay? Move! Get off the beach! Move! Everybody off the beach now! Here he comes.
Hold on Hold on.
Hold on! We gotta take cover.
Come on! Steve.
Come on, he's still alive! Uh-uh.
Come on! Come on, we got to get him out of there.
We gotta get him out.
Come on, come on.
I got you.
Ready? Come on.
Come on.
Grab his legs.
All right, I got him.
Come on.
EMTs, get over here now! Over here.
Yeah, come on.
You got him? Multiple gunshot victim, male.
Code three to Tripler right now.
Here we go.
No, I'm all right.
It's just some busted ribs, thank you.
Danny hey! Where is he? They just rushed him into surgery.
EMT said he lost a lot of blood.
You know Steve's as tough as they come, Danny, okay? He's not gonna go out without a fight.
Hey, where you going? You need to get yourself checked out.
I'm fine, come on.
Danny! Danny! I think I need to see a doctor.
Who were the guys in the helicopter, huh? Huh? Were they business rivals? I want a name.
You need to give me a name.
Do it.
Go ahead.
Danny Do it.
What is it? It's Steve.
Come on.
Hey, Doc, what's going on? I'm afraid it's not good news.
Commander McGarrett has suffered a devastating trauma to his liver.
A bullet has cut it into multiple fragments, making the entire organ inoperable.
If he doesn't receive a new liver in the next few hours, he will die.
Uncle Steve was hurt pretty bad.
The doctor says he needs a new liver.
But they said there's not enough time to wait to find a donor either on the Island or in the mainland.
I'm in.
Me, too.
Same here.
We can certainly run some tests and determine which, if any, of you are the correct tissue match for Commander McGarrett.
Let me, um, just save everybody some time.
Uh, Steve and I are the same blood type.
Um, so just-- let's use mine.
Doesn't my dad need his liver? You know, I didn't know this, but the liver is actually an amazing organ.
It can completely regenerate.
So, they're gonna take half of your father's liver and give it to Uncle Steve, and then, in time, both livers will grow to normal size.
Doc, do me a favor.
Let's just go in there and get it over with, huh? Okay.
All right? Will do.
Thanks, Doc.
Hey, what are you doing, Monkey? Hey.
You know I got a broken rib, right? What are you doing, huh? What are you upset for? Everything's gonna be all right.
I promise.
Wipe those tears away.
What are you doing? Hey.
How are you holding up? First you, and now McGarrett.
I'm just tired of us getting shot at.
When the night Has come And the land is dark And the moon Is the only Light we see No, I won't Be afraid No, I won't Be afraid Just as long As you stand Stand by me So darlin', darlin' Stand By me Oh, stand By me Oh, stand Stand by me Stand by Oh, come on.
You've not even gonna give me my money? Lou I'm trippin', man.
I'm sorry.
I We're all feeling it, Lou.
You know, when I first met McGarrett, I couldn't stand his ass.
And if you would've told me that the day would come when I'm in a hospital corridor torn up inside, almost to the point of tears, because my man is in a room, with his life hanging in the balance and I swear, man, I'd gladly take his place.
I'd have told you, you was off your meds.
Damn, that man can get under your skin! Yeah, yeah, he can.
You know, when I first lost Malia, as you might imagine, I was in a pretty dark place.
But McGarrett it was like he knew I wasn't sleeping.
This guy would call me up in the middle of the night and be like, "Yo, Chin, what are you doing?" I'd be, like, "Nothing.
" Nothing? He would say, "You want to go grab some coffee?" So we'd go to this place near me.
And we'd just sit there.
Sometimes we would talk, other times, we wouldn't say much of anything.
And this went on for weeks.
Now, he never said anything to anybody.
He never mentioned it.
This was something he did because he knew I couldn't bear to be alone.
You know, he was there for me, like, when my father died, John McGarrett was there for me.
Two times in my life, I really needed a friend and both times that friend was named McGarrett.
They're gonna be okay.
Thank you, Doc.
Hey, boss.
Why is it that people never say what they want to say until something like this happens? The day I met you six years ago, at Waimea Bay you changed my life.
You gave me more than just a job you gave me a family.
And I never told you how much I appreciate it all.
"Get your tuchas out of bed, tough guy.
"You got six months to get into game shape for the Turkey Bowl.
With love and aloha, Nicky 'The Kid' DeMarco.
" Did he, uh did he mention me at all? Uh No.
Just Steve.
Here's one from Governor Denning.
"Commander McGarrett, on behalf of myself "and the entire State Capital 'ohana, "we wish you best wishes on a speedy recovery.
Sincerely, Governor Denning.
" It's nice, isn't it? Is that it? Mm Yeah.
You know, I'm sure there's one in here for you.
Let's see Here's one.
Uh, no, it's for Steve.
You can read it, anyway.
I think it's from Sang Min.
The handwriting is terrible.
Sang Min? "I woulda offered you my liver, McGurrett, but we both know it's no god.
" I guess he meant "good.
" Aloha, everybody.
S'up, party people? Hey, guys.
Sorry we're late.
- Hey, guys.
- Wow.
You know, if a stranger was to pass by this room, they'd get the impression you two boys were a couple of rock stars.
Yeah, yeah.
Him, not me.
I'm just the roadie, I think.
Well, we have some good news.
We, uh, leveraged Dae Won into giving up his contact on the Korean side.
There's a DEA task force in the process of shutting down his entire operation.
All right.
Thought you'd want to know.
That's excellent.
Good work, everybody, good work.
As reluctant as I am to bring attention to the outstanding matter of my going-away party but unless we are at Rumfire in 23 minutes, I will lose the reservation.
No, I get it.
Listen, if I had a choice between a cold beer and sitting around here with us, I know what I'd do.
Well, since you put it like that All right.
You heard the man.
Let's leave 'em alone.
We'll see you back soon, all right? Thanks, buddy.
Thanks, man.
Thanks, Chin.
Good work.
So, uh, Adam's out four months and he's got it in his head that you guys are going surfing.
So rest up.
Don't worry about him.
I'm gonna take it easy on him.
He'll be fine.
He'll do great.
We'll see.
You are indestructible.
I love you, man.
I love you right back, buddy.
Stay out of my fridge.
Okay, let's go, Deputy Dog.
I'll get you home.
Hey, do me a favor.
Don't get used to that nickname, all right? Or him, for that matter.
Go ahead.
- Bye.
- Bye, Charlie.
Where's the, uh Uh, channel 36.
There's a game on.
No, I want to watch this.
You're dangling the Senate seat like You're gonna make me to watch a soap opera? A game's gonna keep me up.
I want to go to sleep.
This'll put me to sleep.
You want to go to sleep? I could bounce this lamp off your head; you'll go right out.
You want me to turn it up? Whoever's idea it was to have me share a room with you to help me with my recovery is a complete idiot.
You realize you didn't have to give me your liver.
Where were you gonna get one, Steve? At the supermarket? Of course I had to give you my liver, what are you talking about? I'm gonna have to listen to this for the rest of my life, aren't I? I'm gonna have to listen to this forever, this-this-this speech about the selfless sacrifice you made on my behalf.
No, no, no, 'cause Steve, I am not like you, okay? I give without the expectation of thanks.
All right? And do me a favor, please.
Try to take care of the thing.
I had it for 39 years.
It means a lot to me, okay? You'll probably wreck it in two weeks.
How am I gonna wreck it? I don't know.
You like getting shot at.
What do I know? I like getting shot? You think I chose to get shot? How about this? If I hadn't have taken those bullets for you, it'd be my liver in your body.
How 'bout that? Hold on.
Hold on You didn't save my life, Steve.
You were on the wrong side of the plane when we got shot at.
Okay? That's "A.
" "B", there is zero chance, if the roles were reversed here, you'd be giving me a piece of your liver, okay? No chance.
How can you say that? You sayin' I'm not generous that way? No, you're not generous.
I've never even seen you take your wallet out of your pocket.
There's no way you're giving me one of your vital organs.
Oy If this liver comes with your negative attitude, I swear to God I'm gonna cut it out myself.
That's crazy.
That's crazy.
It's not like I'm asking for a "thank you," Steve.
I'm not saying give me a speech or a gift or anything like that, but you you're just you're a big, giant ingrate.
You know? My son, who I gave bone marrow to, he was more grateful than you are.
But come to think of it, he's four years old and he's more emotionally mature than you, so it makes complete and total sense.
He's a kid.
I promise you, Danny, you give him time, he's gonna grow up to hate you just as much as I do.
Okay, that's enough.
You do realize the curtain doesn't block sound, right? I know you can still hear me.
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