Hawaii Five-0 s07e01 Episode Script

Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani (Ready to Play)

1 (grunting) (panting) (panting) (panting, grunts) (grunting) (grunts) (grunts loudly) (groaning) (metallic creak) (rhythmic squealing) (yelling) I'm gonna die, Danny.
No, you're not.
Just hang in there.
You're gonna be all right.
(sighs) (wooden creaking) Oh, I'm sorry.
I didn't realize anyone was in here.
That's all right.
Hey, I can leave if No, it's okay.
I I can use the company.
My wife's in surgery.
Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
She beat cancer a few years back, and put up with me for 45 years, so this should be a walk in the park.
What happened to you? Work related injury.
If you don't mind me asking, what type of work do you do? I'm, uh I'm in law enforcement.
Five-O task force.
What? I was a cop, too.
Long time ago.
Okay, I'm sorry.
You were a cop? You've been married for 45 years? What's your secret? No secret.
I just met the right gal.
What about you? You married? Girlfriend? No.
Well, I'm sure the right woman's out there for you somewhere.
What if I already met the right woman, and, uh, and I couldn't hang on to her? Then she wasn't the right woman.
Yeah, see, I'm not so sure about that.
Sometimes it feels like this job of mine has taken everything good from me.
I've been wearing the badge for six years, and I'm really starting to wonder whether whether any of it's worth it.
Son, what we do can't be quantified.
Your worth is measured in the closure you bring, the people you save.
That's your real legacy.
And the best legacy a man can leave behind is the people whose lives he's changed.
Trust me.
(birds singing) CHIN: All right, one more flip ought to do it.
(clears his throat) Here we go.
We're ready.
You ready to guess? All right, here it comes.
This is gonna be too easy, way too easy.
Okay, guess.
Italy? Italy? No, no, no, no.
That's a T-Rex.
You see, that's the mouth, and that-that little chocolate chip there-- that's-that's the eye.
Right? I thought that was Venice.
That How do you even know where Venice? May have a point there.
You know what your problem is? You're just a little bit too smart, I think.
You just got no pancake game.
(laughing): Is that right? Like I said (doorbell rings) Okay, small bites, easy on the syrup.
I'll be right back.
Can I help you? Lieutenant Kelly, I'm Ailana Read, Child Services.
May I come in? Yes, of course.
It was my impression that Sara could stay the weekend, no? That's not why I'm here.
Yesterday morning, we finally managed to locate Sara's aunt and uncle in Mexico.
And? They've retained a lawyer and are taking steps to adopt Sara.
I understand you two have gotten close, so I thought it would be best if I told you in person.
I appreciate that.
Um, how long before it's finalized? It's being expedited by the Mexican courts so we believe no more than a month.
You still hungry? Good, because you know, I save my best characters for last.
I sure hope so.
What?! All right, now it's on.
You just wait.
(elevator bell dings) Oh, yeah, that seems like a real good idea.
On your right! On your right! (people gasping) Yeah, later, Ricky Bobby.
I got ten bucks on Super SEAL.
Oh, sister, you got yourself a bet.
Hideaway wings, push in on the button Yo, yo, yo, yo! Karma's a bitch.
(gasping) DANNY: Watch out.
Watch out! 'Cause if you get too close You know I'm gone like a cool breeze Now you can't catch me It's over partner.
It is over.
Over, you hear me? 'Cause if you get too close You know I'm gone like a cool breeze.
That felt really good.
KONO: You can't call it “victory” if you cheat.
I did not cheat.
I did not Che-- (mocks tone) I did the same thing he would've done, only sooner.
Besides he was drafting off me the whole time.
Where in the rule book does it say I can't do that? I don't know.
It's probably right next to the page where it says, “You're an idiot if you challenge somebody to a wheelchair race.
” Bigger idiot if you accept Kono, I know what you're trying to do, and you ain't getting your money back.
You know what, McGarrett? I thought when you had your near-death experience and your man gave you part of his liver that you'd become closer, but now that that's been blown to hell, we'll settle it like this, have another wheelchair race next time you're both in the hospital.
That-that should be very soon.
All right.
Knowing this genius.
GROVER: You're good.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x01 Makaukau 'oe e Pa'ani @elderman Vic's name is Anthony Lee Hein, 32 years old.
He did six months community service on a stalking charge two years ago.
Now according to his probation officer, he works at a Quick 'N Easy Auto Shine, it's a car wash in Pearl City.
All right, family? Mother lives in town.
Make the notification.
Be sure to let her know that we're handling the case, okay? All right.
Oh, Abby? Yeah? Badge looks good on you.
Welcome to HPD.
Noelani, what do you got? I'm seeing obvious signs of asphyxiation, bruises and fingernail scratches on the neck, contusions around the throat, petechial hemorrhaging.
He's got blood around his mouth.
That's not unusual during suffocation.
Victims will often bite down on their tongue during the attack.
What is that? I have no idea.
ERIC: Okay, so this thingie you pulled out of the victim's mouth is hand-carved, made of walrus ivory.
STEVE: Sale of walrus ivory's heavily regulated now, so that's either an old pre-ban piece or black market, right? Or a legally purchased native Alaskan carving.
I'm still running tests to determine the exact age.
All right, any idea what it's supposed to be? Besides ugly? (snorts) Could be folk art.
Still working on that, too.
DANNY: What about the bag we found around the victim's head? Looks like dry cleaner plastic.
No way to determine the origin though 'cause it's pretty much used in every dry cleaner in the U.
STEVE: Anything else? Yeah! What about the new M.
? I mean, is it just me or is she kind of like the female Max Bergman? - But way hotter, you know what I mean? - Okay, that's enough.
You're being inappropriate.
We got to go.
Oh, come on, morgue girl's kind of cute, right? She's got that sexified island thing and a brain.
Means heavenly mist.
Parents got that one right.
Plus a little birdie told me she just got out of a relationship and is very single.
(phone hangs up) Guys? Guys! I apologize.
Blood relative.
Isn't he? Yeah.
If-- look, there's no reason that specifically is not a reason to keep him around.
(chuckles) If you want to send him back to New Jersey where he can offend people over there, I'm fine with that.
All right.
What's that? What are you doing? Taking my meds.
(clicks tongue) Ah.
I don't know why you're gonna bother doing that.
You're not gonna follow any of the other post-op instructions.
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm not gonna pull over and take a nap right now.
(inhales sharply) Yeah, you know, Five-O task force.
“Force” being the operative word, right? It means that we have the manpower to take care of certain situations if you got to sit on the sidelines, you know what I mean? Hey, buddy, you want to sit this out, it's okay.
- That's - It's okay.
- You know that right? - No, see, see It's not a problem.
I'm not the person who almost died, okay? That was you.
(clears throat) And you heard what the doctor said, you are still in the evaluation period.
That's two to three months, okay? Mm-hmm.
You're not supposed to even be driving a car.
You're not supposed to operate any machinery.
Oh, no, no Uh, no, that's a suggestion.
That's-- they make suggestions.
Oh, yeah? Let me tell you something.
If your body rejects my liver because you're not taking this seriously, I'm gonna be very upset.
You're gonna be very upset if it takes or not.
Six hours.
“Six hours”.
Six hours I laid on an operating table, while a team of doctors picked at my insides and took out a vital organ to give to you.
Be grateful.
Don't be ungrateful.
Here we go.
Here we go.
“Here we go,” what does that mean, “Here we go”? This is donor's remorse.
“Donor's remorse”? It's-it's classic donor's remorse.
What are you talking-- I'm just saying show some respect! Have some genuine respect for my liver, okay? And follow the rules, that's all.
(mutters): Your liver.
Let me tell you something, all right? Possession is nine-tenths of the law, okay, buddy? And now since your liver is in my body, Mm-hmm.
you got no say in how I treat it, how about that? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard in my entire life.
Okay? I don't think that goes for, uh, organ donations, okay? I don't think it applies! But if it does, I think that we should change the law.
In the meantime, I'd like my liver back please.
(tires screech) What are you doing? (seat belt alarm beeps) We're switching places.
(groans) Let's go.
You're gonna let me drive? No, I'm gonna shut you up, is what I'm gonna do.
Let's go.
I can't drive.
What? I just-- I can't drive.
Can't drive? No.
All these years you're on at me about driving and now you say no? (clicks tongue) Yeah.
Doctor said I can't drive for about a week.
Okay, well, I guess we'll just backburner this case until then.
That's obviously not an option.
Very good, what do you suggest we do? (sighs) Oh, this thing handles great.
(engine shuts off, doors open) Door left open.
Clearly signs of a struggle.
He could've been killed here.
DANNY: Steve.
Yeah? Got a torn dry cleaning bag.
(glove snaps) (gasping) Chin was right, this is our primary crime scene.
This guy Hein, he, uh, worked at a car wash, right? Wh-why's he got a hotel uniform? I got two keys here from the Palekaiko Resort and Spa.
This one's got blood on it.
All right, guys, the manager just confirmed the keys we found belong to two rooms currently occupied.
All right, let's go.
All right, we'll check out the 12th floor.
You guys hit 21.
(elevator bell dings) Let us know what you find.
(phone rings) Lieutenant Kelly.
What was that about? Child Services found Sara's family in Mexico.
And you're doing your own background check.
I know, I know, I'm being overprotective, but she's 'ohana now, right? You got the bug, cuz.
(elevator bell dings) What are you talking about? Sara's given you a taste of fatherhood and now you want a little one of your own.
I'm not gonna lie, it has crossed my mind.
Well, now that Abby's here for good, what are you waiting for? Auntie Kono.
Ooh, I like the sound of that.
(chuckles) (softly): Okay.
and Mrs.
Goodman? STEVE: My name is Commander Steve McGarrett, I'm with the Five-O task force.
and Mrs.
Goodman, you mind if we come in and ask you a few questions? (beeps) WOMAN (on TV): Aloha.
I'm Keiko Mahoe, newly elected governor of Hawaii.
And I am here to personally welcome you to a Oahu, the third largest of the Hawaiian Islands.
You're not just a tourist, (phone rings) you're 'ohana.
With over 250 properties Chin, what do we got? We got two dead bodies here.
They've each had their eyes gouged out.
We got exactly the same thing here.
Anthony Hein was a serial killer.
You know, maybe whoever murdered him knew that before we did.
MAHOE (on TV): When you come to Hawaii, you're not just a tourist, you're 'ohana.
Are we sure these murders are connected? Yes, ma'am, they're the same M.
(indistinct radio chatter, camera shutter clicking) We believe it's the work of this man.
Who is he? I'm sure you heard about the body we found at the Palace this morning.
That was this guy? Yes, ma'am.
Lab found traces of all four victims' blood on his clothing.
It doesn't appear that either of the couples knew each other.
There were no valuables missing at either of the crime scenes.
So far, everything's pointing towards this being serial.
Why the eyes? We believe it has something to do with the fact that they were tourists.
Here to admire our beautiful island.
Yes, ma'am.
(Mahoe sighs) So this guy murders four people within days of each other at the same hotel, then turns up dead? What's going on here, Commander? We're not sure.
Could be a vigilante, maybe this guy had a partner who turned on him, we just we don't know yet.
We need to keep what happened here from the press.
If people think they can't be safe in their hotel rooms, we jeopardize the one thing this island relies on the most.
We cover this up and another tourist is killed, then what? What do we do then? Commander, Governor Denning told me two things when I moved into this office.
The first was, “Never go to an event without two copies of a speech.
” The second was, “Don't ever underestimate the Five-O task force.
” That's why I'm here, to tell you that you have my full support.
So do your job and make sure this doesn't happen again.
ERIC: CSU recovered Hein's cellphone from his house.
And it turns out he recorded both hotel murders and sent the recordings to someone via e-mail.
You know who? No, not yet.
Hein used a secure e-mail provider to send the files, so everything's encrypted.
McGarrett thinks he may have had a partner, so maybe that's who he sent the recordings to.
Something else.
The hotel murders weren't the only recordings stored on the phone.
There was a third recording.
Another murder? Sounded like two different screams.
Could be two more victims out there.
I also heard some noise in the background.
Waves crashing, maybe a plane overhead.
You both have very good ears, Lieutenant.
Based on the acoustic analysis I'm thinking that recording took place underneath the Honolulu Airport flight path.
Probably in a house near Ewa Beach.
Talk about a needle in a haystack.
(softly): Yeah.
Chin? I see it.
WOMAN: Can you believe this view? Amazing, right? Wish you guys were here.
Wait, Justin wants to say hi.
KONO: I talked to the company that rents the house.
Vics are Justin and Michelle Lowe.
They're from Bloomington, Minnesota.
Two more tourists.
Yeah, M.
estimates that they were murdered five days ago, so we have to assume that they were Hein's first victims.
Right, unless there's other bodies out there.
STEVE: Tell me you got something.
Struck out on identifying who Hein sent the e-mails to.
But I did manage to figure out that the recipient opened the account two days before the Ewa Beach murders.
Well, that's not a coincidence.
Whoever opened that account was expecting those e-mails.
All right, so maybe you were right.
Hein has a partner.
I'm going worldwide with it, Chicago.
It's time to spread that aloha.
I'm calling it the Kamekona Klub.
For a very low subscription rate, you get a new island delicacy every month.
Malasadas, garlic shrimp, local grown coffee, shave ice.
Ooh, shave ice.
Sounds delicious.
How you gonna ship that? Well, it's still in R&D.
Which is what I'd be using your capital for.
Let me explain something to you, big fella.
I have not one, but two kids that have to be put through college.
All of my capital is going right into that bottomless pit.
Bruddah, if you had a chance to get in on the ground floor of Google, you would of taken it, right? Yes, and what does that have to do with you? This is gonna be bigger.
Bigger than Google? The most valuable company in the world? For now.
For (laughs) I got to hand it to you, big fella.
I tell you what-- let me think about it.
Okay, but don't take too long.
This friends and family offer won't last long.
Yeah Captain Grover.
Yeah, have a seat.
Give us a minute, big fella.
You got it.
I don't have much time, I'm on a deadline.
Yeah, about that.
Um look, I know your plan to run with what happened at the hotel.
On behalf of Five-O, I'm here to ask you to hold off.
And why would I do that? Well, for starters, you're gonna create a panic.
(scoffs) Or maybe you're worried that it would embarrass your task force? I'd be happy to include your statement for the record.
That's not what this is about.
(sighs) Captain, Five-O has investigated over a hundred homicide cases.
The only reason you'd be trying to suppress this is because it's more complicated than just four dead tourists.
Okay, Mr.
Reporter, (recorder beeps) you're right.
It is more complicated.
Which is why I'm here right now, asking you to just hold off for a little while.
When this thing is over, I promise you, we will give you everything you want.
(car alarm beeps) Hey, show me your hands! Buddy, do you want to get shot? Get out! STEVE: We got another one.
What the hell is the killer trying to say to us? I'm afraid I can't help you with that.
(scanner trills) But I did get a hit on this guy's prints.
David Larsen.
(tires screeching) (gasping) Call the M.
's office.
Tell her we might have another body.
(exhales) (flies buzzing) (muffled breathing) Oh, my God.
We're hearing that a total of eight bodies were found in the basement of this house in Manoa.
However, HPD is not responding to questions at this time.
It's all over the news.
Every station.
Networks on the mainland have picked up this story.
Multiple airlines are reporting And what happened at the hotel.
that many travelers are now cancelling their flights to Hawaii.
If you're planning on visiting the islands, you should probably ask yourself, “Is it really worth the risk?” What the hell is going on here, Commander? Were Larsen and Hein working together? So far, we have no evidence of that.
Right now, the only thing connecting them is whoever killed them and dumped their bodies in our lap.
Commander, is there a vigilante on the loose? We're not sure yet.
But both killers were murdered the same away.
Both asphyxiated.
That's a pattern, right? Well, we can't rule out a serial killer murdering serial killers.
You said you found photos on Larsen's phone.
Tell me about those.
David Larsen photographed all eight victims before and after he killed them.
Also, we believe that all of these vics were local.
Why would he take pictures? For his own amusement? It's possible.
These images were graphic, ma'am.
Much like the audio recordings that Anthony Lee Hein made.
And like Hein, we believe that Larsen was sharing these images with somebody, possibly the person who murdered him.
But you can't be sure? No, ma'am.
But it's safe to say we have a serial killer on the loose who is targeting people like himself.
And somehow, he's onto them before our own damn police department.
Like I said, ma'am, we believe that he was working with these men.
Which would explain how he knows.
Commander, I just spent the last three hours with my cabinet, discussing putting a quarantine on this island.
But if I do that, it'll be years before people think it's safe to come back here.
So, before I bankrupt this place and put the fear of God in our locals, do for me what you did for Governor Denning and make problems like this go away.
Yes, ma'am.
Just in time.
Jerry says he's got something on those ivory carvings.
What do you got? After much digging, I've come to the conclusion that those carvings are modeled after 11th century chess pieces.
Pawns, to be exact.
Chess? GROVER: Maybe whoever knocked off Hein and Larsen thinks this thing is a game.
Or, he was somehow using both men to commit murder.
Maybe he considered them as instruments.
His pawns.
Right, and after they served their purpose, he got rid of 'em.
JERRY: Hold that thought.
There's more.
In the course of my research, I came across an open case from eight years ago.
A young Kahala couple-- Steve and Marissa Blake-- disappeared, along with several high priced items, including an 11th century-style walrus ivory chess set.
Look familiar? Yeah, those are identical to the ones we recovered.
Any suspects in this case? One, a Pierre Shaw, 32 years old.
Recently paroled for possession of stolen goods.
(sobbing): Please don't hurt me.
Please, I'll do whatever you want.
(sobbing): Please.
(breathing shakily) That's interesting, Steve.
(knocking, door opens) Sorry, I was on the phone.
Can I, uh, help you guys? Yeah, Five-O, Mr.
Just wondering if we could ask you a couple of questions.
Now's not really a good time.
I was just on my way out.
It won't take long at all.
Couple questions.
I'm kind of in a rush.
Maybe we could do this later? The conditions of your parole allow us to drop in whenever we want.
We want to drop in right now.
Is that gonna be a problem? (softly): No.
Anybody else here besides you? No, sir, I live alone.
(chains rattling, whimpering) Look, I really don't know why you guys are here.
I've been clean since I got out.
(muffled crying) Steven and Marissa Blake.
Young couple, went missing about eight years ago.
You were a suspect in the case.
Yeah, that's right.
(woman grunting) HPD accused me of ripping 'em off, and making 'em disappear.
But it was crap.
And they never found no bodies or any of the stuff that went missing.
(chains rattling) Yeah, till now.
STEVE: Yeah, one of the things that went missing was an ivory chess set.
And that right there is one of the pieces.
(muffled crying) Somebody! (pounding) Help! I'm in here! Danny! (woman screams) You okay? Okay, hey.
(inhales sharply) Hey.
You're safe, okay? You're safe.
I'm with Five-O.
Everything's gonna be all right.
I'm gonna get you out of here, okay? (grunting) (grunting) Ah! Guys! Shaw's on the move.
(tires screeching) I got him! Lou, see if you can cut him off.
(engine revs) (grunting) Chin, go around.
Got it! (panting) (grunts) (tires screeching, horn honking) (grunting) (horns honking, tires screeching) Chin, head him off! (siren wailing) Get to the roof.
GROVER: This is Captain Lou Grover.
I need air support right away.
Suspect is headed to a rooftop on Nuuanu and Merchant Street.
(groans) (grunts) (groaning) Chin, I lost him.
He's headed west.
I got him.
(panting) Hey! GROVER: That's him! (tires screech) I got him.
Go! GROVER: I'm going around to cut him off.
(tires screeching) (police siren trilling) (tires screech) Hey! CHIN: Come on.
Duke, we have a suspect in the Pua Lei.
We need a perimeter set.
Bring everyone you got.
(sirens approaching) Five-O.
We need to seal the hotel.
No one gets in or out.
Excuse me? Did you hear the man? Pick up the phone and call security right now.
Gentlemen, I have 1,500 guests in this hotel.
What do I tell them? You tell them if they want to enjoy the rest of their vacation, they go back to their hotel rooms, lock their doors and stay inside until we say it's safe to come back out.
(sirens wailing) WOMAN (over P.
): Attention all guests.
On orders from HPD, please remain in your rooms with the doors locked until further notice.
What's happening is almost unimaginable.
A suspected serial killer connected to the murders of 14 people, including half a dozen tourists, is loose inside a popular hotel with 1,500 guests trapped inside.
How's the girl? Locked in a room for five days.
How do you think she is? Listen, you should go to the hospital and get that looked at properly, okay? I'm fine.
You're fine? That's good.
I'm gonna put that on your tombstone.
“He said he was fine.
He was wrong”" What's the matter with you? Do me a favor.
Give us a second, would you? What's the matter? I love you.
I love you, too.
Okay, then, give me a break.
Would you give me a break? You want a break? All right, I'll step aside, watch where you get yourself killed.
Is that what you want? Not trying to get myself killed.
No? Are you sure? No.
Because it's a relief.
Because it seems like, for the last five, six years, that's that's been the goal.
Again, I think you're being a little overdramatic.
You know what? Forget about it.
Good luck.
Good luck! Hey, hey, wait.
Wait for what? What do you want? Danny - What? Thank you.
You're welcome.
All right, building's secure.
We're going in.
All right, where's my vest? What do you mean where's your vest? Where you going? Where am I going? I'm going across the street for a cappuccino Where am I going? Where do you think? What about the talk we just had? It was a very nice talk, and I meant everything I said.
I didn't say I was gonna stand down.
You're an idiot.
I'm done.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait a second.
Before you strap up, listen.
We got more more than enough guys in here.
These guys are right.
You know what? Save your breath, 'cause he's determined to have my noble sacrifice be in vain.
Don't give me that look.
That's good.
You know what? If you need anybody else's organs, talk to Chin, 'cause I'm done.
(indistinct police radio chatter) GROVER: Detective Dunn, good to see you.
Thought you guys could use a hand.
KONO (over radio): All right, guys, I have eyes on every floor.
LUKELA: My guys have been checking the elevators.
They say a service car is not responding to the call button.
KONO: It's empty.
What was the last floor it was on? 17th floor.
Chin, check the service elevator on the 17th floor.
(grunting) I got him two flights up.
(hinges squeaks) Hey! (helicopter approaching) Hey! Eh, here we go again.
Steve! Don't do it! (screaming) (thud) Didn't see that coming.
Well, I don't know about you guys, but I could sure use a beer.
Oh, we're in.
Yeah, I'm in, too.
How about you two? No, we can't drink.
We can't drink.
Yeah, doctor's orders.
A couple months, can't drink.
Makes sense.
You each only have half a liver.
How about we get you some wings from Side Street? That sounds good.
Tell you what, you guys have at it.
I'm gonna, uh I'm gonna head home.
Eh, I've broken pretty much every post-op rule there is to break.
I think I'm gonna go rest up a little bit, you know? Might even take a couple days off.
GROVER: What? (Abby chuckles) You two.
(laughter) (quiet thump) (loud bang) @elderman
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