Hawaii Five-0 s07e02 Episode Script

No Ke Ali'i Wahine A Me Ka 'Aina (For Queen and Country)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O AILANA: I'm Ailana Read, Child Services.
Yesterday morning we finally managed to locate your niece's aunt and uncle in Mexico.
And? They have retained a lawyer, and are taking steps to adopt Sara.
CHIN: How long before it's finalized? AILANA: No more than a month.
MAHOE: Are we sure these murders are connected? Everything's pointing towards this being serial.
So this guy murders four people within days of each other at the same hotel, then turns up dead? What is that? NOELANI: I have no idea.
Hey, show me your hands! Get out! STEVE: We got another one.
Those carvings are modeled after 11th century chess pieces.
Pawns, to be exact.
Maybe whoever knocked off Hein and Larsen thinks this thing is a game.
It's from the same chess set as all the other pieces.
Which tells me that whoever compelled Anthony Lee Hein, David Larsen, and, more than likely, Pierre Shaw to kill on their behalf, that they're still out there.
And I take it you're here because you want my help? Yeah, I mean, you were a behavioral analyst for the FBI for 15 years.
You've profiled a lot of serial killers.
I'm also retired.
Um, hmm.
That chess piece you're holding is our only solid lead.
We have allocated absolutely every available resource to this case.
It's been a week, and, well, we, uh we have nothing.
Well, that's not unusual in cases like this, where the killer suddenly goes to ground.
That's when it becomes a waiting game.
Patience, that'll be the key.
Patience is definitely not his strong suit.
He left that in my house.
In my house.
What, is he taunting me? Help me understand, please.
On the contrary.
Commander, I, uh I think that the killer admires you.
The knight is the protector of the realm.
In chess, that is a very powerful weapon in close positions.
I think he sees you as a potentially dangerous adversary, unlike the victims, who were mere pawns, expendable foot soldiers.
This is just my opinion, but I think that the chess metaphor, with the people moving around and the thing with I don't, uh I don't buy it, personally.
No disrespect, Miss Brown.
Maybe this guy is not as smart as you think he is.
And yet, here you are in my home asking for help.
Don't make the mistake of underestimating this person, Detective.
He doesn't just have people killing for him, he has them sending him pictures, evidence of his work.
That is a highly sophisticated form of manipulation.
The government of Hawaii has empowered us to do whatever is necessary to, uh, to catch whoever's responsible.
So I need you to tell me what it's gonna take for you to come and work for us, temporarily, of course.
I'm sorry, Commander, but I'm I'm retired.
Do you understand that innocent people are dead? Innocent people with families.
That's got to mean something to you.
It does.
My answer's still no.
Good luck.
We'll let ourselves out.
Thank you.
That was a waste of time, huh? (car engine revs) (elevator bell dings) Your baby's falling You know I'm talking now You know I'm dancing Enjoy your evening, sir.
You know I'm racing 'round No, no, you're so juiced You said you'd kick the booze You know I'll get bruised You know I'm just a boy Come back, baby Don't you cry Don't you drain Those big blue eyes I've been crawling Come back, baby Don't you cry Just you say The reason why I can calm you (lock clicks) (electronic beeping) We have a situation.
Leaving so soon? Well, I have an appointment in the morning, so I have to be up early.
Well, just let me know what time.
I'll make sure to nudge you.
You're rather forward, aren't you, Mister Call me Harry.
And you are? MAN: Search him.
What, no foreplay? Easy on the goods there, old boy.
Tear the place apart.
I want it found.
Then get rid of him.
What did you do with it? (silenced gunshot) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x02 No Ke Ali'i Wahine A Me Ka 'Aina font color="#00FF @elderman CHIN: I've got to be honest, I don't really know what I'm doing.
But I don't think this is a French braid.
It's a Hawaiian braid.
Yes, it is.
I guess it is.
(chuckling) (grunting playfully) Hold on.
What do you think? CHIN (laughs): All right.
I hope I can remember how to do this tomorrow.
Hey, you okay? Why do I have to go live with someone else? Oh, sweetie, they're not just someone else, they're family.
You belong with them.
So are you, right? You're family.
I want to live with you, Uncle Chin.
Listen, listen (sighs) Come here, you.
I'm gonna visit you as soon as I can, okay? That's a promise.
Vic's name is Casta Mitchell.
She's a 22-year-old student.
She's on the books of a local modeling agency.
Excuse me.
(police radio chatter) Forced entry.
KONO: Apartment was tossed.
Vic had cash and jewelry that was left behind.
Still, obviously, perp was looking for something.
Body's in here.
COD was strangulation.
DANNY (sighs): Well, I assume there's no chess pieces, so that's something, right? Looks like she was dressed for an evening out.
Kono, see if you can find out where she went.
Yeah, well, this might help.
This was found in her purse.
The symbol on it's called the Eye of Horus.
It's an Egyptian charm.
It's supposed to bring good luck.
STEVE: Yeah, only not for her.
NOELANI: Your girl fought back.
She did this to herself trying to remove her attacker's hands, but in addition to her own skin tissue, I also found foreign DNA under her fingernails.
We get an I.
? Not initially.
But after broadening my search, I got a hit in an unlikely place Interpol.
Interpol? His name is Harry Langford.
And from what I gather, he's an MI6 agent with a “kill or capture” notice on him.
Okay, so he's a British spy running rogue.
He took a huge risk stepping out of the shadows with that kind of heat on him.
Seems like whatever he was looking for in Casta's apartment was pretty important.
STEVE: All right, reached out to MI6.
Here's what we know on Langford.
Guy was former British SAS.
He joined the agency in 2006, served with distinction until a few years ago when he was caught selling state secrets.
See that? Train a guy to be all underhanded and sneaky, and what does he do? He ends up being all underhanded and sneaky.
Well, Langford was disavowed.
He's been on the run ever since.
I ran facial rec against the TSA database.
He came into Hawaii two days ago under an alias.
There's now a statewide APB on him.
Let's hope we have better luck than British Intel.
Every time they get a bead on this guy, he vanishes.
Hey, I ran Casta Mitchell's cell phone.
Check out this text she got yesterday.
GROVER: “The Eye will get you in.
Dress appropriately.
As always, discretion is key.
” Text traced back to a woman named Lucy Mitsu.
She runs a local agency that books girls for high-end parties and local events.
Oh, that don't sound shady at all.
I'm guessing, uh, Casta is one of her models.
Okay, so where was this party? It was at the private residence of this guy.
Lucky Morad.
Oh, he seems fun.
Egyptian-born businessman with a net worth in the nine figures.
And by all accounts, he spends much of that money living the hard-partying life of an international playboy.
I got to get some new friends.
Anyway, I ran Langford's picture by Miss Mitsu, and she confirmed he was at the party.
She said that our guy was involved in some dustup with Morad's security.
She heard there was a robbery, but when they searched Langford, they came up empty.
Okay, what happened to Langford after that? Well, security took him away, and no one saw him again.
But this is where it gets interesting.
Right before they caught up to Langford, he was talking to Casta, and the vibe was very flirtatious.
Picked a hell of a time to push up on this girl.
Well, maybe he did steal something, and he was using her to get whatever he stole out of the party.
And then Langford tracks her down later, kills her, and takes back whatever he stole from Morad.
CHIN: Well, Morad seemed to want to keep this robbery a secret, because according to HPD, he never filed a police report.
Well, I think that means that whatever was stolen from Morad was either embarrassing as hell or was illegal.
Probably rule out a sex tape.
Unless, of course, this guy wanted a reality show for himself.
Think about it, a guy like this.
But then, of course, he would have put it out himself.
Just some thoughts.
(cell phone rings) STEVE: Yeah? No, no, no, let her up.
Let her up, I know her.
Miss Brown, what a nice surprise.
Is it, Commander? You left this on my coffee table.
Really? Yeah.
Or, of course, it could have been a mistake or a not-so-subtle ploy to keep me thinking about your case.
That's definitely the sort of underhanded thing that he would do.
STEVE: No, I Yeah.
Well, it worked.
So just to be clear, my position hasn't changed.
I'm retired.
Yes, ma'am.
I did some digging.
As it turns out, Hein, Larsen and Shaw all had something in common.
Each one of them was being investigated by an HPD homicide detective named Philip Lau.
Wait a minute, this is this is brand-new information.
I don't see how that didn't come up.
It wasn't an official investigation.
As far as I can tell, no reports were filed.
He was looking into them on his own.
All right, um Okay.
I'll get in touch with Duke, and I'll tell him we need to have a sit-down with this guy.
Yeah, that's not gonna happen.
Lau shot and killed himself six months ago.
We need to go through his files, pull his notes.
Yeah, I already have.
There's not much there.
Lau was looking at each of the men for various open homicides, cold cases.
Hey! There was just never enough evidence to arrest.
Sorry to interrupt, but HPD's got eyes on Langford.
Good luck, Commander.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) (siren continues) (car horn blares) Hey, you want to see what I had for breakfast? Keep driving like a jerk.
Would you man up once in your life? Man up? Man up.
Man up! You talking to me to man up? The guy who saved your life going through life-threatening surgery? Oh You gonna talk to me like that? God, with the liver again? How long you gonna hold that over me? Forever.
Or until we die in a spectacular car crash three minutes from now.
(siren wailing) (car horn blares) (tires screeching) Hey, hey! (car horns blare) (tires screeching) (tires screech) Everybody down! Five-O! (grunts) (cries out) Hey, hey, hey, hey! Hands in the air.
Hands in the air! Yes, you.
Back away.
Well I guess we can call that a draw.
Cufflinks with GPS transponders.
The sunglasses are tricked out with infrared night vision, and the watch has a built-in cellular jammer.
Pretty sweet.
What about this? That's for holding money and credit cards.
I've got to talk to McGarrett about upgrading Five-O's equipment.
Oh, I haven't I haven't worked out the hidden feature in that yet.
(acid sizzling) You're welcome.
(sizzling) DANNY: I know I'm in the minority, but Roger Moore was my favorite Bond.
Oh, yeah? I mean, I grew up watching him, so that's probably why, but you you seem like the, um the Daniel Craig type, right? I suppose we can't all be Sean Connery.
Well, how about this? (McGarrett exhales) That's $20 million worth of diamonds right there.
I bet that's more than an MI6 pension.
Commander, we both know I'm not going to be here for long.
My government will insist that I be extradited.
In the meantime how about a cup of tea? Milk and sugar.
DANNY: That's pretty funny.
Um, do you recognize this girl? You should because your DNA was found under her fingernails.
There's a simple explanation for that.
(passionate moaning) STEVE: You had sex with her.
Doesn't mean you you didn't kill her.
(sighs) Look, I'm telling you this because time is of the essence and I need to get out of here as soon as possible.
That file your partner's holding is entirely fabricated.
For the past three years I've been infiltrating the illegal arms market in order to track down a high-value target.
So what you're saying is MI6 disavowed you just to legitimize your cover.
Is that right? Obviously, I regret ever involving Casta.
She never knew she had the diamonds on her, but she was alive when I left her apartment.
If you're looking to make an arrest, I suggest you focus your attention on Lucky Morad.
If you want further verification that what I'm saying is true, call the director of the CIA.
He's fully briefed on this operation, which is a matter of international security.
And extremely time-sensitive.
I'll make the call.
If your story checks out, we'll release you.
But there's a caveat.
Go on.
If you're gonna be operating on this island, you do it under our supervision.
What, exactly, does that mean? DANNY: It means that whatever you're doing, we are now involved.
Uh, so why don't you let us know what we're dealing with here.
This is Nashid El Hamadi, (computer beeping) mastermind behind the bombing of the UK embassy in Madrid in 2012.
You've used one of these before.
Actually, it's my first time, but it seems pretty straightforward.
The attack left six dead, dozens injured, and propelled El Hamadi to the top of my government's most-wanted list.
We've known for some time he's been planning a large-scale attack somewhere in Europe.
Then two weeks ago we intercepted comms between him and Morad discussing a deal for the Greystone.
Okay, what exactly is the Greystone? It's a next-gen decryption tool capable of cracking any computer network.
So you're saying there's gonna be a potential cyber attack? We don't know the specifics.
My plan was to intercept the Greystone before El Hamadi's courier took possession.
But when I got to Morad's penthouse to cracked the safe, the device was gone, and in its place were the diamonds.
Payment for the device.
The trade had already been made.
I was too late.
Now El Hamadi's man is in the wind.
Hey, there.
Jerry Ortega.
I'm special consultant for Five-O.
But of course you are.
So is it “Mr.
Langford,” or is there a “double-O” number I should be using? Harry is fine, thank you.
Well, here's your stuff.
Thank you.
Did you fiddle with this? Maybe.
Well, it's a good thing you brought it back to me when you did.
Another three minutes and this building would have been reduced to rubble.
I'm kidding, old chap.
You're good.
Can we get back to the Greystone, please? Right, as I was saying, El Hamadi's courier has it.
I imagine he's on his way to him as we speak.
Do you know who the courier is? Unfortunately, no.
My next play was to approach Morad, offer him his diamonds back in return for the courier's name, then grab him before he could make delivery.
I like it.
Where's Morad now? Actually, he's due to attend a black tie event downtown in less than two hours.
All right, a big party like that, Morad's bound to have heavy security.
If he doesn't want to go quietly, there's gonna be a lot of collateral.
Chin's right, this needs to be a surgical op.
Hope you got your tux pressed.
Whoo Speak up, overdrive Bent down, feet up in the sky Heart races to the beat, like Boom, boom, boom, boom You're makin' me come alive Windows down, turn the music high Strap in, baby, let's take a ride Let's fly Whoo Swing into overdrive Yeah, the way you move Got me comin' alive My heart is racing Boom, boom, boom I wanna see you sweat.
(mid-tempo jazz music playing) DANNY: Is everybody enjoying themselves this evening? I don't know, man, I think the dry-cleaner shrunk my damn tux.
CHIN: I hear that happens a lot.
CHIN: We got eyes on Morad.
We're in position.
GROVER (over radio): Good.
HPD's got all points of egress covered.
We are good to go.
All right, you're on.
Wish me luck.
Oh, you don't need any luck, not looking like that.
Thank you.
Can't a girl buy a man a drink? And who might you be? Melissa.
I'm Lucky.
(music ends, applause) Yes, you are.
Tell me, Melissa, do you like to dance? Only with men who know what they're doing.
(tango playing) That's what I like about American women.
You're not afraid to make the first move.
You like your women to be forward? If they look like you sure.
Well, let me cut to the chase.
I have your diamonds.
If you want them back then meet me on the patio in two minutes.
(door closes) I misjudged you.
You're not confident, you're stupid.
You think you can come down here and shake me down? And here I was thinking that we'd have some time to ourselves.
You never said to come alone.
No, I didn't.
You really have to stop crashing my parties.
Lucky Morad, you're under arrest.
for the murder of Casta Mitchell.
But before we put you away, you're gonna tell us who you gave the Greystone to.
I sense there's an “or” coming.
(screaming, whimpering) No! What do you got there? Lobster.
Lobster? Where'd you get that? Is it any good? Yeah, it's pretty good.
Can I try one? (Morad panicking) STEVE: Huh? Okay, okay, I'll tell you what you want to know! Hold on.
Hold on.
That's incredible.
Yeah, right? (whimpering) I enjoy good shellfish as much as the next bloke, but I'm losing my grip here.
All right, get him up.
come here.
I'll tell you what you want to know! STEVE: Come here! Stop crying! He's Moroccan.
Amir Rabbab.
He has the Greystone.
Okay, what's he plan on doing with it? I don't know.
You're lying.
I swear! The man that he works for, El Hamadi, he's committed to making his next move bigger than the Madrid bombing.
Where do we find Rabbab? It's too late.
He just took a plane to Europe this morning.
You alright? I see, he's very upset.
That you have your own jet, and he doesn't get to fly it.
Just shut for a minute, will you.
You realize you drop 5,000 feet, you would probably knock off 15 minutes off your flight time.
We could do the same by lightening the load.
You look to be about 14 stone.
Care to volunteer? You got to uh, excuse him, see he's got uh control issues.
I don't have control issues.
Okay, I like to drive, unlike you, who likes to be chauffeured everywhere.
No, I don't No, I don't like to be chauffeured.
I kind of don't have a choice.
And besides, why would you ever want to fly an airplane again after what happened last time? Not my fault.
What happened? What hap Well, let's just say that I am half the man that I used to be in the liver department because of him.
Again, it's not my fault.
It wasn't my fault.
DANNY: You know what else he is, besides a putz? He is a, um a bullet magnet.
I wish you'd have mentioned that before I asked you two boys to come with.
(phone rings) You're getting a call from home.
Langford here.
You're on with Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams.
(over phone) Guys, it's Chin.
We just intercepted a call from Rabbab; he's in Prague.
He's got a meeting set in Stare Mesto.
It's the old city, one hour from now.
All right, how soon can we get there? Maybe 90 minutes.
No, that's not good enough.
You might want to buckle up.
(engines revving) (tires screeching) Amir Rabbab, get on the ground right now.
Show me your hands! Right now! (people screaming) STEVE: Get down! Don't move, don't move, or I'm not gonna kill you, all right? Where is it? Where's the Greystone? He hasn't got it.
STEVE: Travel documents, fake passport.
Looks like somebody was getting ready to skip town.
Look at this guy.
He already unloaded the Greystone.
Is that right, Amir? Where's your boss now? Where's El Hamadi? Why did he arrange for the handoff to happen in Prague? What does he have planned? (door opens) Commander? There's an urgent call for you.
Okay, thank you.
CHIN: Steve, we just heard from Interpol.
Nuclear sites across Europe are reporting sudden loss of command and control functions over their reactors.
How many? GROVER: At least a dozen so far.
It gets worse.
In the last ten minutes, each reactor's coolant systems have been compromised, and now core temperatures are spiraling out of control.
We made a model of the nuclear fallout, and given there's no time for evacuations, we're looking at immediate casualties in the thousands, with millions more affected.
Paris, Munich, London.
Steve, this is gonna be Chernobyl times a hundred.
DANNY: Okay, so this was El Hamadi's plan all along.
He's weaponized Europe's nuclear plants, turned them into bombs.
According to Interpol, the hack is coming from the east side.
We'll have coordinates within the hour.
STEVE: No, it's not good enough.
We don't have that kind of time.
We need to break Rabbab.
We're gonna do it right now.
What's this? What are you doing? (panting) Mr.
Rabbab, we have, unfortunately, run out of time.
Which means your opportunity to engage in a civilized exchange is no longer on the table.
And because I am bound to specific rules of conduct, our parley has come to an end.
Unfortunately, for you, those same rules don't apply to my friend from the United States.
Last chance, Amir.
Where's the hacker with the Greystone? Cheers, then.
(electricity crackles) Wait.
I'll tell you where he is.
(explosion) (gunshots firing) STEVE: Stay down! He's dead.
The first reactor's gone critical.
We've got less than three minutes.
LANGFORD: Well, that didn't work.
DANNY: Whoa, oh.
What are you doing? Stop.
Let somebody else do this.
Like who? I don't know, like who.
Some kind of person who is qualified to do things with computers.
Okay? Anyone Hey! I realize you Americans like to solve your problems with brute force, but there's an easier way.
See? He obviously knows how to work a computer.
DANNY: “Uh-oh”? What is that? Is that, uh, is that British for “everything's okay” or what? There's a bug implanted.
It won't let me shut down.
Watch your eyes.
DANNY: Oh! What the hell is the matter with you?! STEVE: I fixed it.
You fixed it?! Look at the computer.
Why would you do something like that? I'm standing right here.
I just fixed that.
I just fixed that.
You're gonna shoot bullets at a computer?! What'd I do? What are you, a mechanic?! You fixed LANGFORD: Chaps.
What? Huh.
Reactor's stable.
He had n you had no idea that that was gonna work.
He said he needed to shut it down.
What did I do? I shut it down.
Just say it.
You're-you're a caveman and God bless you.
You're welcome.
I just spoke to Chin.
Told him we're on our way home.
Let's go.
Come on.
You know, I was thinking, maybe we, uh stop over in London.
London? Yeah, there's this, uh this little pub Rachel took me to on our first anniversary.
They got the best fish and chips you ever had in your life.
I really don't think i-i-it's a good idea.
You want a victory lap of all the happy memories of you and your ex-wife.
It sounds disastrous.
What are you talking? It's fish and chips.
Yeah, and a whole bunch of memories that are gonna make you sad.
I don't want that.
I don't like you when you're sad.
Well, that-that-that's why y-y-you're gonna make me happy.
Just seeing you drive on the wrong side of the road will bring a smile to my face.
Right? What's he doing? DANNY: Very strange.
Hey, Langford! (car engine starts) Klára.
Where's the Greystone? Agent Langford said you had it.
You don't have it? DANNY: No.
Son of a bitch.
He played us.
I'd offer you a drink but I know it's against your beliefs Unlike killing thousands of innocent civilians.
(scoffs) Do you have it? Password.
(typing) I assume you will be wanting your compensation now, Mr.
Keep the money.
I just want to have a chat with your boss.
No funny business, you understand? (speaking Urdu) (speaking Urdu) (speaking Urdu) (speaking Urdu) (speaking Urdu) (speaking Urdu) LANGFORD: I suppose I should be surprised to see you, Commander.
How'd you do it? Jerry Ortega put a little something-something in your watch.
It's a very small GPS tracker.
You wouldn't even have noticed.
Clever lad.
We know what you're doing and we know why you're doing it.
Really? The Madrid bombings, 2012, you failed to mention an important detail.
One of the victims was your wife, wasn't it? Joanna Wallace.
DANNY: Revenge.
This thing is all about revenge? You're gonna, you're gonna walk in there where certain death and potentially give up the Greystone, just so you can settle the score with El Hamadi? STEVE: Sorry, Harry.
I can't let you do that.
We have a kill or capture order on El Hamadi.
He's a high-value target to our government, too.
Which is why we're coming with you.
(grunts) (groans) You should be the first one through this door.
(grunts) (speaking Arabic) You killed my wife.
Hey, hey, hey.
(explosion) Hey.
STEVE (distantly): Langford.
No! No! (birds chirping) She was the only one I ever really let in.
I got one of those.
Where is she now? I don't know.
Any chance of getting her back? No.
DANNY: Hey, uh should, uh, probably get going.
Do you think, uh-- I don't want to be insensitive-- do you think she'll have, uh, fish and chips? (chuckles) Sorry, mate, I don't think that's really her thing.
All right.
Oh, well.
(”God Save the Queen” plays) Shoulders back, Williams.
My shoulders are back.
How's my tie? Fine.
It looks just like it looked the last two times you asked me.
My suits all right? Please don't ask me about your tie Shh, shh, shh.
MAN (British accent): The George Cross.
Commander Steven McGarrett.
Detective Daniel Williams.
Commander Harry Langford.
(”God Save the Queen” continues playing) Thank you, Your Majesty.
Thank you, Your Majesty.
(chuckles) Thank you, Your Majesty.
Gentlemen, on behalf of a grateful nation, we thank you.
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