Hawaii Five-0 s07e03 Episode Script

He Moho Hou (New Player)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O Yesterday morning, we finally managed to locate your niece's aunt and uncle in Mexico.
They've retained a lawyer and are taking steps to adopt Sara.
Chin: How long before it's finalized? No more than a month.
Mahoe: So, this guy murders four people within days of each other, at the same hotel, then turns up dead? - What is that? - Noelani: I have no idea.
Danny: Dr.
Brown, you were a behavioral analyst with the FBI for 15 years.
You profiled a lot of serial killers.
Hein, Larsen and Shaw all had something in common.
Each one of them was being investigated by an HPD homicide detective named Philip Lau.
Lau shot and killed himself six months ago.
Don't underestimate this person, Detective.
(screaming) Looks like we've got another chess piece, Commander.
Bag it up.
You okay? (sniffs) He knows that you came to me for help.
So he's put me in his game.
I promised myself that I wouldn't get involved.
Now I have no choice.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) One more night One more night This one is called "white crane spreads wings.
" I call this one "watching crazy cousin.
" Come on, we agreed we was gonna get in shape together.
I walked over here.
From the parking lot? 54 steps.
Two calories.
Two more on the way back.
How many you expect me to do in one day? Chin: So, I finally had my talk with Sara.
Kono: Oh, yeah? When did you tell her? A couple days ago.
How'd she take it? She was hurt.
Why do I have to go live with someone else? No, sweetie.
They're not just someone else, they're family.
You belong with them.
But so are you, right? You're family.
I want to live with you, Uncle Chin.
I'm sorry.
It's okay, it's for the best.
Still, it doesn't make it hurt any less.
You know, have you thought about maybe Fighting it? Yeah, I have.
But I don't want to put Sara in the middle of all that.
Poor kid's already been through enough, you know? Besides, what grounds would I have? Background check on her family turned up zero red flags.
Her uncle is an attorney.
Her aunt works for a pharmaceutical company.
They both volunteer at church.
They're everything that Gabriel wasn't.
Well, you know, I could always go down there and plant something.
Get the judge to put the brakes on the adoption.
(laughs) I appreciate that, cuz.
I appreciate it very much.
- (phone ringing) - Thank you.
Just give me the word.
- (phone beeps) - Hello.
Of course.
I can be there in 20 minutes.
(phone beeps) Everything okay? - - (lock buzzes, latch clicks) Unis picked her up last night on a D & D.
When she woke up, we gave her a phone call and she asked for your number.
Rosey Valera.
I haven't thought about her in ages.
How do you two know each other? PJN.
We used to compete against each other.
Rosey was one of the best surfers on the tour.
Open one.
- (door buzzes) - Last one on the left.
Thanks, Duke.
(indistinct radio chatter) Rosey? Kono.
Thanks for coming.
I'm sorry.
I heard you were a cop now and I didn't know who else to call.
It's okay.
Come on, let's get you out of here.
Hey, I heard about your morning.
How's Brown doing? Well, for a woman who's spent her entire adult life hunting serial killers, she's pretty shaken up.
She's invested now, which is good, 'cause we need all the help we can get.
What about the guy in the bed? - You I.
him? - Ben Rhodes, transient.
He's in the system for a couple of minor felonies.
HPD's retracing his steps, but the M.
seems to think he was killed inside the house.
We're gonna know more after the autopsy.
What's up with the crime scene? CSU processed, it's clean.
They can't even find evidence of forced entry.
See, here's what's interesting to me, okay? The guy's not a killer, not as far as we know, so why the pawn in the mouth? That should not make sense.
Well, it could.
Check it out, pawns aren't always used for attack, okay? Sometimes we sacrifice pawns for a purpose, no? What if the killer sacrificed Rhodes to send a message? Like the game is still on.
All right, what's going on here? Oh, well, this is the former homeowner.
His name is Akamu.
Cause of death, single gunshot wound to the chest.
Okay, call said there were two bodies.
There are two bodies.
Second body is upstairs.
Ah, don't go up there, you don't want to see that.
Cause of death of victim number two? 10,000 foot high dive, right through the roof.
The M.
managed to get a print off of what was left.
Print belongs to Special Agent Hank Evers.
- Special Agent? - DEA.
We're trying to get in contact with the supervisors now.
All right, what do we think happened here? Not exactly sure, but I think this whole thing could be connected to a plane crash that happened on the North Shore about two hours ago.
- How do you figure? - Because the NTSB said that the pilot of that plane was shot dead before the plane went down.
And get this, the caliber bullet used to kill that pilot, same caliber bullet used to kill this guy.
You're thinking the same shooter? - Yeah, looks like it.
- Chin: Guys, over here.
Got a parachute.
It's freshly buried, I'm guessing it belonged to our shooter.
So this guy, he throws Evers out of an airplane then he shoots the pilot, jumps out with his own parachute.
He shoots a witness as soon as he gets to the ground.
Sounds about right.
Our shooter went through a whole lot of trouble to make sure he wasn't on that plane when it landed.
Makes you wonder what was waiting for him.
Rosey: I don't think you ever met my father.
Only your mom.
She used to come to all the events.
My dad didn't care much for surfing.
He was in the Army for 25 years.
And any career out of the service was just something he couldn't understand.
After 9/11, he looked at me differently.
Like I was some big disappointment.
A year after you blew out your knee, I left the circuit and enlisted.
Two years later, I got sent to Iraq.
I was part of a convoy escort.
One day we were cutting a path through East Ramadi when our unit was attacked.
We took an alternate route.
Drove right over an IED.
And here I am.
Hey, what ever happened with Kimo? (chuckles) We never officially broke up, but I heard he got married a few years ago.
Lives in Haleiwa with his wife and two kids.
Everybody was right about him.
- Yeah.
- But he was so hot, right? All the girls wanted him, but he was yours.
Hey, uh are you hungry? Starving.
You know what, I know a chill spot - just up the beach.
- Sounds great.
(thunder rumbles) Agent Evers was with the DEA for 16 years.
He had a wife, a daughter.
He was one of those guys that didn't say no.
How long was he undercover? Almost 18 months.
Thanks to his efforts, we were about to take down this guy Hector Frontera.
He's the Cali cartel's representative in the Far East.
Man's a serious player.
He and Evers were flying in for a meet with Frontera's U.
counterpart, Armando Sanchez.
That was scheduled for tomorrow night.
The plane was due to land at Kalaeloa at 8:00 a.
We were on site to take Frontera into custody when we heard about the crash.
The fact that Frontera knew you were waiting for him suggests to me you got a leak.
It also explains why Frontera was traveling With $10 million cash with him on the plane.
According to Evers, Frontera's meeting with Sanchez was to discuss a new drug pipeline across Europe.
He was gonna use that money to disappear.
That's what we're thinking.
So one of your own guys dimes out Evers, Frontera now knows an arrest is imminent, so he pulls a D.
Yeah, except D.
Cooper disappeared.
Frontera won't.
(car horns honking, tires screeching) Armando Sanchez, Five-O! (tires screech, horn honks) Really? It's a gun.
See? A gun.
Steve: Hey! Whoa, whoa.
What? All right, let me just remind you, six weeks ago you were in the hospital near death, okay? - You remind me every hour.
- I think you're exaggerating.
Okay, every minute.
Never mind, forget it.
Go ahead, I give up.
You said that yesterday when you found out I went for a swim.
Who goes for a swim after a liver transplant? You.
You know why? 'Cause you're an idiot.
- I gotta go.
Can I go? - Please.
Okay, Spider-Man, I'll see you down there.
(Muzak playing) - Move! - Hey! (Muzak playing) (elevator bell dings) (tires screeching) I got it.
We're good.
("Can't Stop" by Red Hot Chili Peppers playing) - - Announcer: Another beautiful day on the North Shore, ladies and gentlemen, and we're in for a hell of a match-up.
Two local favorites Rosey Valera and Kono Kalakaua are going into their second day of head-to-head competition.
Both vying for the top spot.
To the reservation Defunct, the pistol that you pay for Next up is Kono Kalakaua.
She's had some great waves today, but so has her rival, Rosey Valera.
East Side love is living on the West End (cheers and applause) Don't die, you know the truth is, some do Go write your message on the pavement Rosey: Yeah, I remember that day.
I saw right through that fake smile.
Kono: I really thought I won that day.
To be honest, I hated seeing you with that trophy.
We were supposed to hate each other.
We were competing.
Winning and losing was life and death at that time.
We could never be friends then.
Well, I guess that's why we never had a real conversation before.
You know I always thought you were better than me.
Come on.
You made me better.
When I won it was only because I was afraid to lose to you.
I knew it was somewhere.
Rosey Valera charging and carving.
Look at you! That was a long time ago.
- You mind signing it, champ? - Sure.
And these T-shirts.
Kamekona Don't be jealous, little sis.
Well, can you at least wait until she's done eating? It's fine.
I'm done anyway.
Can you make it out to Kamekona, purveyor of the best shrimp on the Island? - You got it.
- Or world's greatest shrimp truck.
Or the king of shellfish.
Any superlative would be fine.
You got it.
All right! I have no idea where Frontera is.
You know, in my experience, usually, when, uh when somebody who looks like you Fancy shirt, expensive suit, nice haircut Tells me that he can't help me, then I think that he is lying.
It's the truth.
- Oh, it's the truth.
- Danny.
- Yeah? - Come here for a minute.
What's up? Just pretend you're disagreeing with me for a minute.
Won't be very difficult, but why? That's very funny.
What are you doing? - What do you mean? - What are you doing? This is the rendition room.
You're embarrassing me.
You think he's gonna say something or what? Well, listen You gonna make friends in here, is that what Well, I do what I do, you do what - How about I do what I do? - Would you stop? Would you? What, are you nuts? Hey, are you nuts? - Danny: You gonna kill that guy? - Steve: Take your hands off me.
- You gonna kill him? - No, I'm not gonna kill him.
- It's that big of a deal? - Shoot him in the leg, all right? - Stop.
Would you stop, please? - What are you talking about? Please stand over there and let me do what I do.
We need information.
Can you let me do this? Please stop.
Two minutes.
You got two minutes.
- Two minutes.
- Put it away.
(lock buzzes) (sighs) Okay you know who we are, right? - Five-O.
- You know we're not the cops, right? We can keep you here indefinitely, nobody's gonna ask any questions.
You're aware of that, right? On my children, I'm telling you the truth.
I believe you.
That's the thing.
I do! But, unfortunately, my very impatient partner does not.
Okay? So if you don't start talking soon, he's gonna take over, and you don't want that.
You don't want him to get involved, because when he gets involved, things get messy.
Expensive suits get ruined.
- The drain gets clogged.
- Drain? Yeah.
What do you think you got a drain between your legs for? All right, just forget about him for one second.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Let's say you get out of here, all right? Where you gonna go? Huh? I mean, the DEA, they already put the word out on the street that you've been picked up.
What do you think's gonna happen? What do you think's gonna happen when your friends in Mexico find out that you have become a liability? Buddy, you've got an expiration date.
In fact, the-the-the milk in my fridge has got more time than you do.
Here's the thing, though.
I can help you.
I can protect you, I promise nothing will happen to you.
But you gotta help us find Frontera.
But I told you.
I-I understand, you don't know where he is.
But maybe you know somebody who does.
Somebody he trusts.
Maybe the person who told him that Evers was DEA Th There is a person.
You sure your intel's good? Because Armando Sanchez is not the most reliable source.
Yeah, well, it's in his best interest to cooperate with us.
All right, so how long was Agent Raine on the Frontera case? She was there from the beginning.
Started as Evers' handler until he gained Frontera's confidence.
Once he was inside I took over.
But she was still in the loop.
She had access to all our intel.
She knew we were gonna move on Frontera today.
You know this woman.
She gonna go quietly? Amy Raine's one of our top agents.
If she doesn't feel like going to jail, you can expect a fight.
Let's get it.
- (gunshot) - Gun! Move in! Agent: Clear! Agent 2: Clear! Clear! Clear! Clear! Steve: Frontera! Frontera must have seen us coming.
He calls Raine from the bedroom, - puts a bullet in her head, - (gunshot) then grabs his cash and bounces out of the window.
DEA Special Agent: He used her as a distraction.
Yeah, but he dropped the cash.
So now we got a lone cowboy out there with no money, no friends, and no local contacts.
And he's not afraid to kill law enforcement.
That's why we're gonna catch him before he puts anybody else in the ground.
(engine starts) - Hey.
Hey! - (tires screech) Looks like we're not the only ones looking for Frontera.
Kono: Okay.
This is it, right here.
Nice place.
It's pretty nice.
Uh, can I help you inside? No, I'm fine.
I just want to thank you for today, Kono.
For coming to get me, for talking story the yummy plate lunch.
Just being a friend.
I'm so glad you called.
Can we do this again? I'd like that.
Okay, cool.
I'll call you next week.
- Shoots.
- All right.
Take care of yourself, Rosey.
Yeah, you, too.
(engine starts) Rosey: Hey, Maria.
Hi! Hi, Auntie.
Lookin' good, sistah.
- Hey, guys.
Wait up.
- Hey, Jerry.
It was the day before Thanksgiving, 1971, travelers were headed home for Turkey Thursday.
This particular flight was out of Portland, headed for Seattle.
Okay, uh, Jerry, what are you talking about? Stay with me.
He was wearing a dark suit and a black tie.
Who? Johnny Cash? Don't ignore him, he'll get worse.
Okay, it was not Johnny Cash.
It was a different man in black.
Will Smith.
Tommy Lee Jones.
I'm gonna disregard your advice and ignore him.
It's fine, just, maybe if you finished the story, it'll help.
So, this man in black, who was not Johnny Cash, Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones, is midway through his flight to Seattle, when he shows a suitcase with a bomb inside to the stewardess, and hijacks the plane.
Actually, he called himself Dan Cooper.
The media, for some reason, mistakenly referred to him as D.
This has never been explained.
Nor has what happened next.
Upon receiving a ransom of $200K, he dons a parachute, and somewhere north of Portland, he jumps.
- Into a parallel dimension.
- We got to go.
Okay, you can't jump into a multiverse.
You need a gateway or a portal.
- I thought you were ignoring him.
- Right.
- Go ahead.
- Where was I? Uh, a guy was jumping out an airplane.
So fast-forward nine years later.
A young kid on a camping trip discovers three bundles of cash in a sandpit.
Totaling $5,800 with serial numbers matching the cash from the hijacking.
This is the only evidence ever found in the case.
What's the point? Why didn't you tell me that we had a copycat here in Hawaii? I'm something of an expert on D.
I could be of assistance.
I'm sure you are, but we-we have a suspect.
Authorities always think they have their man.
No, we're pretty sure we got our guy.
But how can you really know? Well, because when we showed up, uh he ran, and we found a dead DEA agent that he shot.
- Okay, that does strongly imply guilt.
- Right.
We really appreciate your enthusiasm, as always, but the alternate theory thing is not gonna - (phone beeping) - It's okay.
We got this.
- McGarrett.
- Roger that.
But if it does turn out to be a copycat If we hear anything, we'll beam it over to you, okay? - Okay, you can't beam a thought.
- Hold, hold, hold Only matter.
And you realize you're not as funny - as you think you are.
- He's right about both counts, uh - Hey, yeah.
Go ahead.
- DEA Special Agent: Steve.
My guys are reporting a lot of chatter coming out of Mexico.
Seems Frontera reached out to his employers and he's asking for an extraction off the island.
Explains the two guys in the SUV.
(tires screeching) Yeah, unfortunately, we can't get a fix on Frontera's current location.
We don't need that, we just need the extraction point.
We'll focus on getting that to you, and we'll let you know when we have something.
Grover: Gentlemen.
You're gonna want to see this.
So, while processing the place, CSU found a burner phone.
We had Eric just go through it.
Turns out, Agent Raine was texting with somebody about a half an hour before we showed up.
"He's here.
" And this popped up a few seconds after.
"Don't let him leave.
" Raine slept with Frontera to keep him there.
Steve: All right, whoever those guys were, casing that house, they weren't there to extract Frontera, they were there to kill him, right? Hey.
I got your message.
- Thanks for coming.
- Yeah.
What's going on? I had Detective Lau's body exhumed.
What? Why? Remember how I told you Lau was investigating the three pawns our UnSub used to commit murder? - Yes.
- Well, I think that the UnSub was afraid that Lau would eventually get onto him so he took him out before that could happen.
Wait Whoa, whoa, wait You're trying to tell me - you think Lau's suicide was staged? - I know it was.
Lau's autopsy proves that his GSW was not self-inflicted.
Even if that is the case, there's nothing about Lau's death that fits the M.
I mean, there was no chess piece - found with the body, right? - Well, actually, the chess piece is the killer's signature, it's not his M.
The reason why he didn't leave a piece behind is 'cause Lau wasn't part of the game.
And he wouldn't want us looking into Lau's death.
- That, too.
- Okay.
All right.
I'm gonna reopen it.
But I need you to tell me something first.
- What's that? - You're a private citizen.
How on earth did you get the coroner to exhume this body? I told them that the order came from you and I might have signed a couple documents with your name on it.
- Okay.
- Great.
Can I help you? Mrs.
Valera? I'm Kono.
Of course.
I remember you (sighs) What did she do now? Oh, no.
It's not that.
I was wondering if you knew where I could find her.
I was hoping to catch up.
Have you tried the local jails? Look.
I'm sorry.
But Something happened to Rosey over there and she didn't come back right.
Your daughter was blown up, Mrs.
I'm saying she lost more than her legs.
Stuff you don't see.
If I hear from her, I'll tell her that you stopped by.
You don't have to.
I know where she is.
Then why are you here? I wanted to understand a few things.
You think her father and I gave up on her? We didn't.
Where do you think Rosey lived after she got out of the hospital? With us.
But every night, she'd disappear into a bottle.
Get abusive.
And she even hit her father a couple of times.
It got to the point where we just had enough.
Thank you for your time, Mrs.
Where's McGarrett? M.
's office, why? Agent Halanu just called.
According to their sources, the cartel instructed Frontera to be down at Victor Wharf in Pearl City 30 minutes from now.
All right.
He doesn't even know he's being set up.
All right.
What do we got? Frontera's people told him to wait inside this building.
They should be arriving any minute.
Steve: All right, fine.
Chin, Lou, grab SWAT.
Secure the perimeter.
I want this access road locked down.
- Copy that.
- (gunshots) Looks like they came early.
Steve: Move.
(gunshots continue) (engine revving) Métete.
See ya.
All right.
Explain Hey-hey, where you going? Where am I going? Well Cartel's got Frontera.
Probably gonna kill him if they haven't already.
We probably would have done the same, so I say, problem solved.
I'm-a go home.
Maybe take my kids to Zippy's.
That's good.
That's good.
Tell me your satellite was able to follow them.
Can't get the signal to realign.
We lost them.
All right, we're going to assume Frontera's dead, but this is not over.
All right? I want to know how that cartel hit team got on this island, and I do not want them getting off.
We're on it.
Auntie, do you know where Rosey Valera is? Why? Is she trouble? No, we're friends.
Back there.
Thank you.
(indistinct conversation) Rosey? Kono.
What are you doing here? Can we talk a minute? Please.
Hey, you don't have to live here.
I have a spare bedroom, you can come stay with me.
This is only temporary.
I appreciate what you did for me, but I don't want to be your personal full-time reclamation project.
Do you know what your problem is? Well, off the top of my head, I got no home and no legs.
You have too much pride.
Come to my place.
I may not get back on a board ever again, but I'm gonna do something with my life.
I just got to do this part on my own.
That's just it.
You don't have to do this on your own.
Yes, I do.
And if you're truly my friend, you'll understand that.
But make me one promise.
- (phone rings) - Duke, what's up? Steve, we got someone on the line asking to be patched through to you.
They say it's about Frontera.
All right.
Put them through.
Man: Is this Steve McGarrett? Yeah, who's this? This is the man who has Hector Frontera.
Well, since you're calling me, I presume he's alive.
For now.
What are you waiting for? I thought you might want to consider a trade.
Frontera in exchange for the $10 million you recovered at Agent Raine's house.
I see.
You-you want us to pay a ransom for a murderer? Mr.
Frontera is not just a murderer.
He is also a very important member of the organization I work for.
He can provide a lot of information that would prove very valuable to your DEA.
I see.
Can you hold on one second, please? (phone beeps) Can you believe this guy? He's gonna sell out his own people for a payday.
He's making a retirement move.
What about loyalty? Loyalty? Loyal Bad guys today, Danny, they got no loyalty.
There's no code, there's no honor, - there's nothing.
- There are kingpins right now that are rolling over in their graves.
Better believe it, buddy.
But I'll tell you what, he's right about Frontera.
The guy's got a head full of intel.
We get him back, Evers didn't have to die for nothing.
Right? Right? - Yeah.
- (phone beeps) Yeah, you got a deal.
Where and when? (phone rings) Kono.
I'm on my way.
Take your gun out.
Drop the magazine.
Drop the chamber.
Toss it.
Where's the money? I don't see Frontera.
The money please.
The back of the truck.
That's close enough.
Drop it.
Now open it.
(sighs) What were you expecting? A bomb or something? Just wanted to be sure.
We good? Let's go.
(shouts) (grunting) (groans) You stay.
Please don't ever ask me to do that again.
Well, I'm alive Your blood is pumping through these veins I'll catch you by surprise I'm coming back to take the reins Now you're free and wild Just give it a while Time will tell Put you under my spell, oh (phone rings) There ain't no runnin' from me Yeah.
I'll be right there.
No, no, no According to his captain, Detective Lau was seeing a police shrink.
Primarily for work-related issues.
Job stress mostly, but if he talked about his cases, then she might know something.
But she's not gonna hand her notes over to me.
I'm nobody.
Okay, good.
Let me know.
All right, that was CSU.
They're almost done processing your place.
Well, you can tell them to take their time.
I'm not going home.
I've checked into the Hilton indefinitely.
You know, or at least until this job's over, so when you get the bill for the robe, just pay for it.
I deserve it.
Okay, I was gonna offer you my couch, but now that I know you're a klepto, that's off the table.
That was mildly amusing.
I thought, anyway.
What are you doing, Alicia? My apologies.
I've been running a little behind today.
You must be Alicia.
And you are? - Commander Steve McGarrett.
- Yeah, of course.
I've heard great things.
I'm Madison Gray.
How can I help you? I don't know about this.
I haven't been on a board in over ten years.
You made a promise and I'm holding you to it.
If you're scared, you know, we could always head down to the South Shore, try out some of those knee slappers.
And after all, I wouldn't blame you 'cause you did say that I was better than you.
(laughs) Get those guns off the roof, sister.
You're on.
What treasure waits within your scars And my soul will dance On the wings of forever Find me here at your feet again Everything I am Reaching out, I surrender Come sweep me up in your love again And my soul will dance On the wings of forever My heart beating, my soul breathing I found my life when I laid it down Upward falling Spirit soaring I touch the sky When my knees hit the ground My heart beating, my soul breathing I found my life when I laid it down Upward falling Spirit soaring I touch the sky When my knees hit the ground Find me here at your feet again Everything I am Reaching out, I surrender Come sweep me up in your love again And my soul will dance On the wings of forever Upward falling, spirit soaring I touch the sky When my knees hit the ground.

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