Hawaii Five-0 s07e04 Episode Script

Hu a'e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile (The Fire of Kamile Rises in Triumph)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O CHIN: Child Services found Sara's family.
KONO: And you're doing your own background check.
CHIN: Her uncle is an attorney, her aunt works for a pharmaceutical company, they both volunteer at church.
(loud crash, Alicia screams) NOELANI: Looks like we found another chess piece, Commander.
He knows that you came to me for help.
So he's put me in his game.
Hein, Larsen, and Shaw all have something in common.
Each one of them was being investigated by an HPD homicide detective named Philip Lau.
He shot and killed himself six months ago.
Detective Lau was seeing a police shrink.
If he talked about his cases, then she might know something (echoing): something.
Motive is usually based on psychological or sexual gratification.
Lust, thrill, power.
These are what drive the serial killer.
Now, as you can see from the faces up here, serial killers are predominantly male.
Now, there has been a lot of research and speculation as to why there have been so few female serial killers.
Women deal with their emotions better than men, women are less violent, even when psychologically impaired, but the fact of the matter is, is that women are less likely than men to commit any type of violent crime.
Is it accurate to say that when women kill, they do so to defend themselves from male aggression? It is accurate, yes.
So, if the very term “serial killer” is defined by sexual motivation and the desire for power over their victims, that would alleviate almost all female murderers.
That is a very astute observation, young lady.
(distorted): What, may I ask, is your name? My name is Sienna Brown, ma'am.
You know me very well.
I'm your daughter.
(students chuckle) (panting) (groans) STEVE: Alicia? Alicia? Steve! (muffled yelling) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x04 Hu a'e ke ahi lanakila a Kamaile font color=" @elderman Alicia.
What's the matter? (door opens) My apologies, I've been running a little behind today.
You must be Alicia.
And you are? Commander Steve McGarrett.
Of course.
I've heard great things.
I'm Madison Gray, so how can I help you? Oh, we wanted to ask you a couple of questions about an ex-patient of yours, Detective Philip Lau.
Yes, tragic what happened.
Please sit.
STEVE: Thank you.
We, uh we've been trying to understand it ourselves.
Tell me something, did Detective Lau discuss any of the cases he was investigating with you? Well, we primarily discussed his personal issues, his relationship with his ex-wife mostly.
Detective Lau was working three separate multiple homicides and getting nowhere fast.
He never discussed those? Not to my recollection, no.
I find it hard to believe that he wouldn't share those frustrations with you.
Detective Lau was struggling through a very painful separation.
And that might explain his inability to clear those cases.
It is what caused him to take his own life.
Except he didn't kill himself.
He was murdered.
We exhumed his body earlier this week and confirmed Ms.
Brown's theory that this was, in fact, a homicide, which means we're gonna need to see those session notes.
(soft chuckle) Of course.
I can get you everything by tomorrow morning.
STEVE: Yeah, you don't play poker, do you? I don't believe in games.
I put my cards on the table and I see if they blink.
Well, she didn't blink.
She will.
We shouldn't have left without those notes.
Listen, just because there's a book on chess in there on the bookshelf, doesn't make her a serial killer, you understand that, right? You're a cop.
You know this job.
When you're on a case, it's all you can think about.
And that goes double when you're investigating a serial murderer.
You have to get inside their head, think like them, anticipate their moves - I understand that, okay? It becomes your life.
Sometimes to a dangerous point where you almost start to identify with the monster you're chasing.
There is no way no way that Detective Lau went to see a shrink and only talked about his ex-wife.
I'm gonna brief my team.
All right, we're gonna start with the handwriting sample, run it against the note we found on Hank and the one we found at the Larsen crime scene.
What shall I do next? You're gonna stand down until I tell you otherwise.
I bet you my pension that she calls tomorrow morning and says that she can't find the notes.
You know, I read your book.
According to your own words, serial killers, predominantly male.
You know, I've been on the sidelines for years.
Obviously things have changed.
Won't you come along with me To Waikiki Waikiki, Waikiki Silver sands run down to the sea Placed by a diamond, yet called Waikiki (on radio): Where the wind plays music In the palms above So what you think? The boy that I love What's in it? Ground shrimp.
(gags) What was that? You put shrimp in a donut? Malasada.
Oh, excuse me, malasada.
Hawaiian donut.
Fried cake batter, tropical waffle.
I don't give a damn what you call it, you just can't put seafood in it, big fella.
Trust me, I'm a cop.
I know a little something about donuts.
And, you know what, Kamekona, if you're gonna be shipping a taste of Hawaii to the mainland, maybe you should just stick with the staples.
You know, nothing fancy, just the same grindz that we eat.
Kamekona Club is a food of the month club.
If I don't expand my menu, I'll be out of options by December.
Creative expansion is the key to success.
Yeah, but giving your customers anaphylactic shock is the key to bankruptcy.
KAMEKONA: Maybe you just don't have a sophisticated palate.
You know, I think my palate is sophisticated enough to eat off a truck.
(sighs) Hey, brother.
No way.
Otis Wilson? That's me.
Otis Wilson, number 55 linebacker for the Chicago Bears in 1985? Chicago Bears, greatest team in NFL history? Otis Wilson? That'd be me.
Oh! What's your name? I'm, uh I'm, uh I'm talking real loud.
(chuckles) Lou! Lou Grover.
I'm Lou Grover.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, it's a pleasure, my man, it's a pleasure.
I work with local law enforcement, the Five-O task force here.
But-- uh, but don't worry, man, you could tackle anybody on the beach, I wouldn't even arrest you.
Well, I appreciate that.
All right! Yeah, by the way, have you eaten here before? Oh, yeah, all the time.
What's good on the menu? Everything.
But don't ever, I mean ever, order one of them shrimp donuts.
Shrimp I know.
in a donut? Yes, sir.
So I heard your man's getting out early.
Yeah, Adam's lawyers leveraged what he did during the prisoner escape.
Uh, the fact that he helped Five-O round up the fugitives got him an early parole.
He comes home in a couple of days.
That's good, sistah.
You two deserve to be happy.
Faster? (with accent): You are very difficult woman.
(both chuckle) Perhaps so, Your Majesty.
(chuckles) Uncle Chin, can we watch another old movie tonight? Sure.
As long as you eat all your dinner, brush your teeth, and say your prayers.
(with accent): Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
(chuckles) I promise.
(chuckles) Hey, boo, I think it's time we head in, okay? Okay.
Uncle Jerry! Hiya, sweetheart, give me some sugar.
Hey, Sara, honey, will you do me a favor and go get our towels? Sure.
Everything okay? I don't know.
Crime lab processed that Cali cartel guy's cell phone.
Turns out one of his contacts is the family that Sara is going to live with in Mexico City.
Now, it doesn't mean they're in the drug business.
You wouldn't be here if you didn't think they were.
(camera shutter clicking) Heard they sometimes do ten weddings a day here.
Yeah, whoever said love is dead clearly never heard of this place.
How's Abby liking her new job? So far she's happy.
And from everything I hear, HPD's really happy with her.
Glad to hear it.
So, thanks for coming.
I wasn't sure whether you would.
Well, your message said it was urgent.
I have to admit, I was a little surprised to hear from you, I didn't know where you and I stood.
Look, as far as I'm concerned, we're good.
In fact, we may even owe you one.
If it weren't for you, that thing in Chinatown-- that might've ended very differently.
Well, I'm glad we cleared the air.
Me, too.
So, what's going on? What did you want to talk about? I wanted to talk to you about Sara, Gabriel Waincroft's daughter.
I don't know if you know, but for the past six weeks, she's been living with me.
But recently, her mother's family back in Mexico has taken steps to adopt her.
Before I let her go, I just wanted to be 100% sure she was going to a good home.
You run background on them? I did, and they came back clean, but now some evidence has come to light that suggests otherwise.
Let me guess-- you want me to look into them? I know it's a big ask.
But you're a U.
You've worked with the Federales in Mexico.
I'm guessing your contacts over there are much stronger than mine.
What are their names? Jorge and Maria Morales.
They're from Juárez.
Give me 72 hours.
I appreciate it.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
ALICIA: It's her.
I told you, we got her.
Alicia, slow down.
What are you talking about? Dr.
I'm in her house.
You're what?! You need to get out of there right now! She's got three files on the serials she murdered.
And two more we had no idea about.
There's a reason that that book was in her office.
Stop and listen to me! You broke into her house.
All that evidence is tainted.
I'm not a cop anymore.
Remember? Just come and arrest me for B and E, and you'll happen to stumble onto this stuff.
We need more than files.
You know that.
Well, how about an 11th century chess set with seven pieces missing? Seven? We received four pawns and a knight and now the king and queen are missing, too.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) Alicia? (shouts) Hey, Steve, it's me.
We're all here.
Where are you? Still not picking up? Yeah.
You tried Danny? GROVER: Yeah, I spoke to him.
He said he hasn't talked to Steve since he left for Jersey.
(sighs) I don't know.
It's been two hours.
That man is never late.
Did he say what he wanted? He said that he and Alicia may have a suspect, and that he would update us when he got here.
Kono, can you run a trace on his phone, please? Yeah.
We'll find him.
(grunting) (screams) (panting) Has anyone told him anything? I'm gonna ask this one more time, as it is critical.
Has anyone here mentioned that this suspected victim is missing, unaccounted for, AWOL, anything? No, ma'am.
We said nothing.
I'm going in alone.
Edward Sears is not like anyone we've had in here before.
I'm not comfortable with you doing this one on one.
Your comfort's not my concern, Warden.
And I work alone.
Buzz me in.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) (man humming) There she is.
The preeminent mind hunter.
The queen tracker of serial killers.
What do you have for me today, Agent Brown? Just checking in on you, Edward.
Seeing how you're doing.
You're lying, Alicia.
I know why you're here.
Your daughter.
Your only child.
You know, it's sad when our loved ones don't live up to our high standards.
What do you know? What do I know? I know young Sienna isn't half the agent her mother is.
That if she were, her career might've lasted a little longer.
(water running) How'd you get those men to kill for you? Detective Lau was looking at them as suspects in three open homicides.
But I want to know how how you convinced them to kill for you.
Did you threaten to turn them in? That what you did? You make a deal with them? Your silence for a little blood? They served their purpose and you got rid of them.
You're a smart woman, Dr.
Gray, I'll give you that.
But I don't think you really thought this through.
Oh, I've thought about it, trust me.
Here's the thing.
Your crimes, your crimes consist of killing some pretty bad men.
Serial murderers.
But killing cops.
Not gonna look too kindly on that.
Are you saying that I shouldn't kill you two? That's what I'm saying.
Okay, then I won't.
She won't engage with logic.
She doesn't think that way.
It has nothing to do with logic.
The game isn't over yet.
STEVE: That's right.
Not until you get the king and queen, right? So, why don't you tell me, Doctor, who are the king and the queen? Alicia? Alicia? Alicia, stay awake.
Do not pass out.
(grunts) How's the signal? Still strong.
Stay north.
Guys, McGarrett should be right in front of you.
You sure about that? Positive.
He's moving.
He's heading right for you.
(tires screech) (siren wailing) Out! Get out! Hands where I can see them! Steve McGarrett-- where is he?! I don't know who that is.
I'm gonna check the back.
Where is he?! I don't know.
I'm telling you the truth, I swear.
Turn around.
Well, do you have him? No, it's just a mail truck with a bunch of packages.
You sure about this? Hang on a second.
Jerry's calling his phone.
(phone ringing) (line ringing) (phone ringing) (louder ringing) Where did this come from? I don't I don't know.
There's no return address.
But I must've picked it up on my route.
What's the route? Uh, Kahala primarily.
Uh, Diamond Head to Kealaolu.
That's got to be three square miles.
(Alicia groans) You you like everything perfect.
Don't you? (grunts) (yelps) Who doesn't? Yeah.
But you're like a total control freak.
Look at this house.
It's like a museum.
You just can't stop cleaning things even though everything's already clean.
I mean, everyone's got a little OCD, but you're like off the charts.
You think you know me? Yeah, in fact, I do.
I mean, I think you, I think you had it tough growing up.
I think that one of your parents was bipolar and the other one was completely under their sway.
And that made you terrified, didn't it? Yeah.
I think it was your dad.
I think that he's the one who taught you chess.
In your room.
With the door locked.
But he'd never let you win.
He just couldn't let go of that control.
Which was one of the reasons that you hated the game.
But it wasn't the only reason, was it? Because you didn't just play chess.
Did you? Ah, the profiler at work.
(scoffs) Psychologically traumatic events are overrepresented in those afflicted with OCD, true.
Especially those with contamination obsessions and cleaning compulsions.
They call it comorbid posttraumatic stress disorder.
Did you ever think of getting help? You know, so, um so you could deal with it.
I am dealing with it.
(laughs) Really? By slaughtering murderers and leaving souvenirs and notes at the crime scene? That's how you're dealing with it? What about you, Alicia? How do you deal with it? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Sienna, your daughter.
You send her to Quantico, speak at her graduation, get her a job as a profiler, and she ends up dead at the hands of a serial killer.
No! No! You think you're safe behind there! You think you're safe! You are not safe from me! I am gonna get you! You are not safe behind there! You're not safe from me! I am gonna come for you! Tsk, tsk.
I guess she just didn't live up to Mommy's high standards, did she? She'd still be alive if Mommy, the control freak, hadn't pushed her into the FBI.
But Mommy always won.
Shut up.
Your little princess was always looking for your approval.
She would have done anything.
Isn't that right, Mommy? Never play psych games with a shrink, Ms.
(whispering): Oh, God.
Oh, God.
It's Donald and Mallory Witten.
The FBI's been looking for them for over ten years.
That's the king and the queen.
Remember when I said I wasn't going to kill you? Well, I'm not.
They are.
(whispering): Oh, God.
Guys, where are we? JERRY: Still running homeowners on the delivery route.
Nothing stands out.
GROVER: Oh, Jerry! Go back! Go back one.
Go back one.
Madison Gray.
Madison Gray.
Hey, Kono.
Madison Gray.
Isn't that the same police psychiatrist that was treating Detective Lau? Steve said that he and Brown were gonna see her the other day.
What's her address? (siren wailing) (tires screech) Dr.
Gray? Five-O.
Lou, Jer, find Dr.
(groans) You know what she's doing, don't you? Dr.
Gray is setting you up.
You take care of us, she takes care of you.
I would stop talking if I were you.
Oh, no, I want to hear this; it's amusing.
We kept this out of the news to avoid any kind of widespread panic.
But Dr.
Gray has already killed three others just like you.
Like us? She uses people to kill for her and then, once they've served their purpose, she buries them.
Oh, we're not doing this for Dr.
Gray, Commander.
You look confused.
Well, maybe you should ask Agent Brown.
It's because of me.
Tell him why.
I arre I arrested Donald years ago.
Mallory helped him escape.
We've been looking for an opportunity to reconnect.
So sorry about your daughter, Alicia.
You know, our first thought was to spend time with her, but damned if Edward Sears didn't beat us to it.
We have something very special for you, though.
Commander, did you know that Agent Brown has a phobia about drowning? Imagine that.
A woman who spent her entire career hunting monsters is afraid of a little water.
KONO: Neighbor saw Steve's truck out front earlier today.
They also noticed a green van.
No plates.
Both vehicles left around the same time, about five minutes before we got there.
HPD is on alert now.
They're putting birds in the air now.
What about Dr.
Gray? There's plain-clothes units sitting on her house in case she comes back, but if she doesn't, I think it's safe to say she's in the wind.
Let's take a walk.
(grunts) Please don't do that again.
(grunts) (gasping) (grunting) (Alicia screaming) (both panting) I got you.
(gasps) Give me your hands.
It's all right.
It's okay.
Listen to me.
Listen to me.
Look at me.
There's got to be a way out of here, okay? We got to find a way out of here.
It's gonna be okay.
(screams) (Steve grunts) Pull! (screams) (shouts) (gasping) Alicia.
It's okay.
Listen to me.
The tide is gonna keep coming up.
Okay? You got to stay with me, you understand? Do you under? - You have to stay with me.
- I ca Alicia, I got you.
Hold on.
(shouts) I got you.
(hyperventilates) Look at me.
Look at me.
(gasps) You're okay.
It's all over.
(hyperventilating) Are you okay? Okay? I'm gonna get us out of here.
(phone ringing) Jer, what do we know? Got a report of a green van headed north on the 72 in Waimanalo-- there's a chopper heading there now.
KONO: So are we.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) I've got to go find us a way out, okay? Okay.
I'm gonna go back under, and I'll be back.
All right? You're not gonna go anywhere, right? I-I don't think I'm going anywhere.
All right.
Good girl.
Steve I'm right here.
I'm right here.
Steve I'm right here.
I'm sorry.
Don't do that.
You can make it up to me when we get out of here, all right? Okay.
(takes deep breath) Okay (crying out, gasping) (gasping) Alicia? Alicia.
Alicia! (gasping, coughing) STEVE: I got you.
I got you.
(coughing) I got you.
You're gonna be all right.
You're okay.
Okay, I'm gonna climb up there.
Once I get to the top, I'm gonna help you climb up, all right? Okay.
Okay, in the meantime, there's gonna be a wave.
I need you to get under that ledge, hold your breath when it comes, okay, you just hang on-- you got it? Okay.
(cries out) (Steve grunting) (grunting) (grunts) (siren wailing) (gunshots) KONO: Step out of the van! Hands where I can see them! Go! (grunts) Come on, Alicia, climb! (straining) Cover me.
(gunfire continues) Come on, Alicia, come on! Come on.
(gasps) Come on.
Come on.
Steve! Steve! You guys all right? KONO: You good? Yeah.
Take her.
Let's get you dry.
Yeah, we got Steve and Alicia.
(over radio): They're okay.
Here you go.
Thank you, brother.
All right, here we are.
Thank you.
You all right? You saved my life.
I told you I'd get you out of there.
(sighs) Uncle Chin? It's so late, sweetie.
You should be asleep.
Let me tuck you back in, all right? Hmm? Almost forgot Lulu.
(chuckles) There you go.
Are you sad? Not anymore.
(clicks tongue) I had a dream about my aunt and uncle in Mexico.
I think I'm gonna like it there.
You know, you've got school tomorrow so let's get you to sleep, okay? I'll say good night.
Sweet dreams.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
You order the well-done truck? She cooked this thing pretty good.
JERRY: I'm sure insurance will cover it.
I mean, you might want to mention that you were tied up and stabbed before you noticed the vehicle was missing.
And you should probably mention the attempted drowning.
Your agent will know what to say.
I can't tell if you're joking or serious.
Absolutely serious.
This is a fileable claim.
All right, so she drives my truck out here, she torches it-- then what? She disappears.
Did she have help? I don't know, there's no tracks leading out of here, so the only way out of here for her is either on foot, maybe she hitchhikes.
Either way, she couldn't have gotten far.
We'll find her.
No, she's gone.
We'll never find her.
(jazz playing) Nancy? You must be Desmond.
Great to meet you.
I've been lookin' forward to this.
Well, when you wrote on your profile that your favorite fairy tale is Jack the Ripper, I knew immediately that was a woman I had to meet.
(laughing) @elderman
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