Hawaii Five-0 s07e09 Episode Script

Elua La Ma Nowemapa (Two Days in November)

1 I took my girl for a surfboard ride E lei ka lei lei The surfboard huli and she huli makaluli E lei ka lei lei (horn blows) Cha, cha, cha Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha Cha, cha, cha Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha Aikane sake, tonight you make E lei ka lei lei Tonight you bring one ding-a-ling (typewriter clicking) E lei ka lei lei (typewriter dings) Cha, cha, cha (cranks) Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha Cha, cha, cha Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha All right, just my girls I took my girl for a surfboard ride Hi! Aloha.
E lei ka lei lei The surfboard huli and she huli makaluli E lei ka lei lei Cha, cha, cha (girl shrieks) Oh, my goodness! Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha Cha, cha, cha Ra, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha Ah, ah, ah, ah.
(applause, whistling) Hey.
(indistinct chatter) (rotary whirring) (operator speaking faintly) Operator.
I need to place a long distance call.
Dallas, Texas.
JERRY: Just thinking about that moment gives me chills.
I mean, that one phone call, 53 years ago, that may have changed the course of history, and it happened right here.
The single greatest conspiracy of the 20th century and this hotel had a starring role.
That's awesome.
What, you don't believe me? That you step into a box to make a phone call? Not really.
It's called a phone booth.
You know, like the TARDIS? Whatever.
The point is, this is hallowed ground.
In fact, there really ought to be a plaque here.
"That on November 21, 1963, "an important person-to-person phone call was initiated by the ambassador to Vietnam, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr" Actually, it was South Vietnam.
We didn't normalize diplomatic relations with a unified Vietnam until the mid-90's.
You must be Susie.
And you must be Jerry.
At last, we meet.
(chuckles) Welcome to Hawaii.
Seriously? I think I rate more than a handshake.
Bring it in.
(chuckles) I can't believe we're actually meeting face-to-face.
You look every bit as good as your avatar.
Oh! Thanks, I think.
(giggles) So, how's the research going? Amazing.
Yeah? Yeah.
Come on.
I have a lot to tell you.
SUSIE: The past 48 hours have been incredible.
The people I've been interviewing, the evidence I've uncovered I'm close, Jerry.
Closer than anyone has ever been.
And it all supports your theory? Yeah.
Except won't be a theory much longer.
I'm finally on the verge of proving once and for all who was behind it.
The Holy Grail of conspiracies.
53 years.
Hundreds of books.
Two government investigations, and one very long, albeit mildly entertaining movie.
And Susan A.
Freeling will go down in history as the one who cracked it.
Oh, I haven't done it yet.
I still have to run down a few more leads, but once I've pulled everything together You just slide that evidence over to Five-O's Special Consultant, and I'll have them launch a full investigation.
Thank you, Jerry.
Just give me a shout-out in your book.
Eh, done.
I like that.
(gunshot) (grunts, people screaming) Help! Somebody help! Help me! Help! Help! Help! Somebody help! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x09 Elua La Ma Nowemapa (Two @elderman Yo.
So, we got a sniper shot.
Center mass.
Vic was dead before she hit the ground.
HPD's conducting a search for the sniper's nest now.
Where's Jerry? (quietly): Okay.
Just so you know, I tried talking to him earlier, but he's pretty shaken up.
Maybe you'll have better luck.
All right.
It couldn't have been that one (muttering indistinctly) Maybe that one Jerry They killed her.
She got too close.
She was gonna tell the world.
They killed her.
"So close"? She was chasing the big one.
Jerry, I don't know what the big one is.
You're talking about the Kennedy assassination? Yeah.
She solved it.
She was right all along.
It wasn't CIA.
It wasn't the mob.
The order came from inside the White House.
What are you talking about, "inside the White" Members of the Cabinet.
Some of the Joint Chiefs.
They're the ones who was behind it.
Susie figured it out.
And she got killed to keep it secret.
JERRY (distant): Help me! Help! Somebody help! Help! Help, somebody! Help! CHIN: All righty.
Careful, it's hot.
(drinks) Is this water Distilled? Yeah.
I know how you feel about tap water.
Susie didn't share my views about fluoride in the tap water.
Genetically modified foods, on the other hand, she was all over that.
She even got the school that she taught at to ban GMOs from the cafeteria.
Ah, she was a schoolteacher? High school history.
She wasn't your typical CT.
What's a CT? Conspiracy Theorist.
She was the one person on the conspiracy boards who actually got her hands dirty instead of hiding behind a computer screen.
She looked into things.
Dug up evidence.
She wasn't satisfied just to have a theory.
She wanted to prove it.
And I guess this time, it cost her.
(tapping keys) (knocks on door) DANNY: Come in.
What's up? What's happening? How's Jerry? Ah, Jerry, man.
He's taking this thing hard, boy.
(exhales) You, uh You getting comfortable? Well, yeah.
I mean, look I I think, uh Well, I think we should kind of have a little chat.
Little heart-to-heart, you know? I mean, uh, make sure there's no no weirdness, between the two of us, you know.
You mean, because our kids are dating? Well, yeah.
I mean you do want to be on the same page as far as how we handle things going forward, right? I mean, I'm sure you have some concerns, and (claps hands) You know, actually, I, uh I don't, uh I don't have any concerns.
Uh Really? Yeah, yeah.
Will is a is a good kid.
Grace could do a lot worse.
I'm working on letting go a little bit.
I've been, uh thinking about it, and I'm, uh I'm good.
If they want to if they want to hang out, I'm okay with it.
You're not, uh on the same page? No, no! No, I mean, it's just well, I-I guess, maybe, I have some concerns.
So, what are your what are you concerns? Well, you know.
I mean, they're both high school freshmen now.
It's ninth grade, now everything counts, you know you getting ready for college and everything.
and and Will, you know, he's got JV baseball now, you got to lock it in, get focused.
You know what I mean.
I don't, uh I don't get it.
What are you saying? No, I'm just saying, you know, this is an important time.
You know, I don't want Will to just, you know, have all these distractions, and whatnot, you know, I mean, this little (chuckles) first time, puppy love relationship can't just consume every waking moment, you know.
I get it.
Do you, um I mean, tell me, if there's a do you think Grace is needy? What? No.
You don't think she's a bad influence? What? Who said she's I didn't say that.
Grace, uh she-- as far as I'm concerned-- could date any boy at that school-- and she chose Will, so So, so She "chose" Will? Like Will couldn't have girls just lined up and down the block in front of my house.
I mean, the boy is a starting shortstop on the baseball team.
JV, he plays.
It's JV, so what? What, what, what's that mean? "JV"? What's that mean? No, nothing Ba I played varsity when I was a freshman in high school.
Oh, so you Derek Jeter now.
I didn't say Oh, well, you should be in the Hall of Fame.
What you doing behind this desk? I didn't say that.
(door opens) STEVE: I'm sure this is about uh, Grace and Will, and though I I look forward with great anticipation to seeing how this plays out, we got a case to work, so if you wouldn't mind (sighs heavily) To, uh be continued.
KONO: I checked Susie's e-mail and phone, and I also contacted her family in Baltimore.
On the surface, there's nothing strange going on.
No threats, no apparent enemies.
Well, looks like, for now, we're still just stuck with Jerry's JFK theory.
Which I hope we can all agree is ludicrous.
All right, all right, look, Jerry said that Susie was here investigating the Kennedy assassination.
Right? Then all of a sudden she turns up dead? You don't find that timing a little bit suspicious? Okay, let's say you believe in the conspiracy theories, which I do not, it was still 53 years ago.
Right, anyone involved would either be dead or pretty close to it.
STEVE: I agree.
But it's the only lead we have.
We got to run it down, don't we? I thought you guys might need a hand.
Hey, Jerry.
STEVE: Jerry, you sure you're, uh, you sure you're feeling up to it? Yeah, I want to help.
Let's see what you got, buddy.
(electronic beep) All right.
On November 22nd, 1963, we all know what happened.
President Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas and the world is told that the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, acted alone.
But here's something you probably didn't know.
On the 20th and 21st, a large number of high-ranking members of JFK's administration were all here on Oahu.
(computer beeping) These included most of the Cabinet, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and several other top officials.
For two days, they gathered behind closed doors at Camp Smith for what was deemed to be a conference on Vietnam.
And when the shots rang out that Friday morning in Dealey Plaza, most of them were on a plane bound for Asia.
I did not know about this.
Any of you know about this? News to me.
I had no idea.
So what, their, uh, conference was a cover? Without question.
Susie had posited that these men, some of the president's closest, most trusted advisors, were all behind the assassination.
And they'd come to Oahu to put the final steps of their plan in motion.
Just time out for a second, Jerry, okay? I can understand pointing the finger at the the CIA, even the mafia, okay? But you said it yourself, these were JFK's closest and most trusted advisors.
Why would JFK's own people want to eliminate their commander in chief? Communism.
Most of them thought that Kennedy was too soft when it came to the communist threat.
They wanted to invade Cuba, escalate the war in Vietnam.
Some of them even wanted to launch a preemptive strike against the Soviet Union.
But Kennedy preferred to use diplomacy over force, which put him at odds with most of his inner circle.
But up until now, there's never been any proof that they were involved with his death.
And that is what Susie came here to get.
For the last few days, she'd been conducting interviews with the locals who came into contact with these men in the days leading up to the assassination.
And, right before she was killed, she told me that she was close to proving once and for all that the LGT was crap.
"LGT?" Lone Gunman Theory.
Let's just suppose Susie found something during her investigation that actually did get her killed.
Now, we need to find out what that is, which means we need to retrace her steps.
I can help you out there.
According to the calendar (electronic beeps) on her phone, she had two interviews the morning that she arrived.
The first was with this gentleman, George Sellers.
I want to go back George? To my little grass shack (bell dings) Take this telegram to number six.
Double time.
MAN: I've been to beaches all over the world.
Nothing compares with Waikiki.
Telegram for Mr.
Easy, fellas.
I don't believe the Reds are sending us spies quite this young.
I can hear old guitars a-playing On the beach at Honaunau I can hear the Hawaiians (dramatic music plays) Go on now.
Call for the car.
He left a few minutes later.
I never saw him again.
Must've been a pretty urgent telegram.
Yeah, I'm not so sure about that.
Why would you say that? (chuckles) Well, you have to understand, he was the most important man I'd ever met.
I'm afraid I couldn't help myself.
I can hear the old guitars playing On the beach at Honaunau I can hear the old Hawaiians saying Komo Mai no kaua I ka JERRY: That's all it said? "Joseph Eastman looking for a sure bet at Pimlico?" Yes, sir.
I guess this Eastman fellow was playing the ponies.
And you shared all this with Susie? Oh, yep.
She seemed just as interested as you two.
JERRY: There's no way someone as powerful as Rusk would get that bent out of shape over a horse race.
You think that telegram was a coded message.
Of course.
Considering what Rusk and his buddies were plotting, it makes sense that any written communication would have to be encrypted.
You know what, first of all, we don't know where that message was from.
Second of all, we're talking about Dean Rusk, the Secretary of State.
That could've been a sensitive message about any number of topics.
For all we know, it had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination.
You don't buy Susie's theory, do you? You know what, Jer? I got to say I don't.
At least not yet.
MAX: Now, gentlemen, if you'll kindly gather around (electronic beeping) All right.
Based on the position of the exit and entry wound, Ms.
Freeling's height, and knowing the direction that she fell, we could accurately determine the bullet's point of origin.
DANNY: All right, well, that explains why HPD didn't find a sniper's perch.
Yeah, 'cause the shooter didn't have a perch.
All right, I'm thinking a vehicle, right? He pulls up to the curb, waits for a shot, takes it and leaves amid the confusion.
I will have Sgt.
Lukela (laser powers down) pull the traffic footage.
There also seems to be an ATM camera across the street, perhaps that could be of help as well.
DANNY: Oh, what about, a what about a weapon? I actually have some information on that as well.
The bullet that killed Ms.
Freeling appears to be a 7.
62x51, an ammunition that's consistent with M40.
That is correct.
DANNY: What? What about it? M40 is a it's standard issue for all U.
military snipers.
So, is the implication that, here in broad daylight, in front of dozens of people, our government kills a citizen over something that happened 53 years ago? I don't know, man.
Can I help you gentlemen with something? Those are her clothes.
Make sure we get those.
Whoa, whoa, what are you doing? You can't just Actually, we can.
Agent Ward.
I'm gonna need you to turn over all evidence in the murder of Susan Freeling.
What are you talking about? This is Five-O's case.
Not anymore.
We'll see about that.
(phone dialing, then rings) Yeah, Uncle D, you want to get down here right away? I got people in my lab seizing evidence.
Maybe I wasn't clear.
This is now an FBI investigation.
Do yourself a favor and don't get in our way.
(tires screeching) (tires screech to a halt, car horn honks) Get back in your car, Commander.
No, I don't think so.
Why don't you tell me why the FBI's taking over this case? It's a local matter.
Actually, it's a federal one.
No, the victim was, uh, not a federal employee.
So this is a straight-up murder case.
I'm not sure why you think I'm obliged to share any information with you.
Hey, listen, pal, one of our people watched his friend get shot and killed this morning.
So you're gonna have to do better than that.
Actually, I don't.
Unless you want to face federal charges for obstruction of justice, you'll stand down right now.
(engine starts) Buddy, you-you handled that with the utmost maturity and professionalism.
I was very, very surprised.
We're not gonna, uh, stand down, are we? Nope.
Why am I not surprised? They're gonna try and cover this up.
Wait a minute.
You've been saying this whole time that it was the CIA and the Joint Chiefs who were behind the assassination.
They were, but the FBI were the ones who processed the evidence out of Dallas.
And if they bungled the investigation, or part of the cover-up, that's something they wouldn't want to get out.
Like ever.
That's why they're all over this.
They were probably in Susie's hotel room.
Bet you anything they got her laptop.
All right, what do we know about this guy Mauli? Only that he's been shining shoes in this hotel since, like, before Hawaii was even a state.
(rotary phone dialing, then dings) Another shine, sir? No, but I need you to do something for me.
If that phone rings, you answer it, understand? You tell the person on the other end to wait, then come get me in my room.
Got it? Yes, sir.
MAULI: And that was the last time I saw Mr.
Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
Was there anything else you told Susie? No, I'm sorry.
That's all she wanted to know.
CHIN: I'll admit it's curious.
Just curious? Lodge had a phone in his room.
The hotel had several house phones.
The only reason you use a pay phone in the lobby is 'cause you don't want a record of the call.
Well, still, all we know for sure is that we got a couple of Cabinet members who were working really hard to keep their communications private.
That's hardly a reason to kill somebody.
Okay, I guess you have a point there.
We got to find out who else Susie talked to other than Mauli and George.
You know what? Let's do this.
Let's put ourselves in their shoes, all right? So, she found the beach club where Rusk was hanging out.
She visited the hotel where Lodge was staying.
If you're her, where else do you go? Camp Smith.
Where the conference was being held.
They didn't just hold the conference there.
That's also where they all stayed.
Except for Lodge.
Sounds like it's worth checking out.
(car engine starts, motor revs) What is it? I've been hanging out with you too long.
Is that a good thing or bad thing? Both.
KONO: All right, so I went through the ATM and traffic footage from the area around Kapiolani Park, and I think this is the vehicle that our shooter used.
It was parked on Kapahulu and it took off just after Susie was shot.
It's perfect.
Spacious, tinted windows.
This could definitely be a sniper's hide.
Yeah, and that's not all.
I just checked-- the owner reported it stolen this morning.
Okay, you got HPD on this? I just put out the BOLO.
All right, listen to me, the sniper would've dumped it somewhere nearby, okay, so you make sure they comb every square inch of every block around that park.
I mean, every lot, every parking garage.
I don't care what it takes, we need to find that minivan.
Copy that.
Your friend came here looking for any footage of the Cabinet that may have been shot for the Armed Forces Network.
Said she would file a Freedom of Information Act if she didn't get it.
So since I was the base's cameraman back then, brass tells me to get over here and dig it out.
Well, I may be retired, but I still can't refuse an order.
Yep, here we go.
JERRY: There's Rusk.
And that's General Taylor, Kennedy's chairman of the Joint Chiefs.
CHIN: Okay, I see 'em, but how are we suppose to know what they're saying? "Juicy rhymes met "Captain Kirk That's a dope pantsuit.
" We might need a lip reader.
JERRY: "Taylor: 'I still don't like what I'm hearing "about the operation'' "Rusk: 'You never like what you hear about operations "'you don't directly oversee.
"'You're just going to have to trust our team "to get this done'' "Taylor: 'Just promise me it won't come back to bite us'' "Rusk: 'I give you every assurance, General.
"'When the world reads his obituary all the blame will fall on the Cubans.
'" Busted! Right? I think I need to sit down.
You are sitting, Jer.
Then I need to stand up.
I mean, this has to be it.
The smoking gun.
This is This is the evidence that Susie told me about.
You realize what we have here, Chin? This is a game-changer.
They're gonna have to rewrite the history books.
Like, all of them.
All right, well, just explain something to me.
If they pulled off the assassination and planned to blame the Cubans, then why was the public told that Oswald acted alone? Ruby.
You mean Jack Ruby, the guy who killed Oswald? Yeah, Ruby blew the whole plan.
See, a week before the assassination, Oswald actually visited the Cuban embassy in Mexico.
I bet you anything that was just a ruse.
That way, after they caught him, he could pretend to crack under the interrogation, yell, " OahuViva la revolución!" and boom-- the Cabinet and Joint Chiefs have everything they wanted.
And the U.
has an excuse to invade Cuba.
But Oswald was shot to death by Ruby, and those bastards had to cut their losses.
JERRY: Chin, what is it? CHIN: I think that guy's been following us.
Stay here.
Hey! Who was that guy? I don't know, but he was outside the hotel earlier, too.
Well, whoever he is, he left this.
Come alone.
" Please take me with you.
Come on.
Morning, gentlemen.
Welcome to Duke's.
So who are you? My name is Drake.
Please, sit.
Can I get you a drink? It's a little bit early for us.
Aw, this used to be more fun.
Anyway, I'm sorry for all the theatrics, but meeting with this young man in public has proved detrimental to one's health lately.
So Susie contacted you? We never met in person, but somehow she got the word that I was the man to see about decoding an encrypted message from 1963.
Breaking old ciphers is something of a hobby of mine.
Well, I politely declined, hoping she would drop the investigation.
She obviously didn't.
When I heard what happened, I thought it best to come forward.
This is the message about Joseph Eastman and Pimlico? Yes.
But once deciphered, it was a warning.
A warning? About what? Me.
From '61 to '72, I was Hoover's man in Honolulu.
You worked for the FBI? Not officially.
Officially I was the manager of Duke Kahanamoku's nightclub.
But the Bureau recruited me because everyone we were spying on passed through Duke's when they were in town.
Mobsters, foreign dignitaries.
You know, politicians.
All right, so then I'm guessing the Cabinet avoided Duke's when they were here, right? Quite the contrary.
See, the message was light on details.
All it said was, "FBI has a spy on Oahu.
Take precautions.
" And apparently the Cabinet did take some precautions.
But they just weren't quite as careful as they should have been.
Tiny bubbles In the wine Make me happy Make me feel fine Tiny bubbles Make me warm all over With a feeling that I'm gonna love you Till the end of time Bring Secretary Rusk and the VIPs another round.
On the house.
And here's to the silver sea And mostly here's a toast To you and me Tiny bubbles Tiny bubbles Make me warm all over With a feeling that I'm gonna love you Till the end of time Tiny bubbles Hu'a li'i In the wine I ka waina (light knock on door.
) That was an excellent set earlier, Kamele.
The coda on Alika, that was your best yet.
Now, are you ready for the real show? Make me warm all over You remember how this works, right? Three flicks to start, one to stop.
Good girl.
Just make sure you leave it on the table when you step away to do your next set.
When you're finished, head back, have another drink with them, and then get out of there.
I'll see you out there.
(Hawaiian instrumental playing) Gentlemen, I hope I'm not interrupting.
Not at all, my dear.
Please join us.
(inaudible conversation) Such gentlemen.
KAMELE: So, what are we drinking? MAN: Mai tais.
KAMELE: Oh, when in Rome, I suppose.
- Mm-hmm.
And that was the last I ever saw of her.
So what'd the Cabinet talk about that night? I wish I could tell you.
See, my role was just to provide surveillance.
I didn't handle collection or analysis.
Kamele was supposed to hand off the tape to someone else.
Who? I couldn't tell you that either.
What I can tell you is that she never did.
Wait, what? That's what I heard.
Obviously, there must have been some unhappy people at the Bureau.
All right, you know where we can find her? I'm afraid she isn't gonna be able to help you.
CHIN (on phone): So it turns out that Kamele Hale died eight months ago-- natural causes, no next of kin.
She'd been renting a house in Ewa beach, but before that she'd moved around a lot.
She even lived under a few aliases.
STEVE: Okay, that means whatever secrets she was able to learn that night have gone to the grave with her.
JERRY: But we know now that the FBI was spying on the Cabinet.
Which means they may have had advance knowledge of the assassination, which means they let it happen.
They were complicit.
All right, hold on a second.
Look, I know how it sounds, but Hoover had it out for the Kennedys since before JFK took office.
Jer, are we really saying that the FBI actually killed Susie because she was getting too close to the truth? Yes.
STEVE: Hang on, guys.
HPD found the minivan.
It was towed from the parking garage of a building downtown to an impound lot on Frenchman Street.
Okay, tell the impound boys not to touch it and have CSU meet us there.
If we're lucky, the shooter left us a little something to help ID him.
All right? Copy that.
Guys, listen, we may have a lead on our shooter.
Call me back if you find anything else.
CHIN: Copy.
JERRY: According to the executor of her estate, your store purchased all the possessions left behind by a Ms.
Kamele Hale.
Is that right? Hmm, the name sounds familiar.
Let me check on that for you.
I don't know, Jer, this place seems like a long shot.
Wouldn't get your hopes up.
Chin, the FBI had Kamele spy on the Cabinet.
The next day, JFK is killed and she immediately goes into hiding.
Obviously, she was afraid for her life.
So it makes sense she didn't hand over that tape.
She probably figured that recording might've been her only leverage.
All right, let's see.
This is her stuff that didn't sell.
Uh, I was gonna donate it to Goodwill.
Uh, let me know if you need anything else, okay? Thank you.
No way.
Feds took all the evidence that we had.
Now took all the evidence that we were gonna have.
I'd say screw it, let's go get a couple beers, but they'd probably show up and take those, too.
STEVE: Danny.
DANNY: I see it.
Stop! Get out of the car.
That's right, keep your hands where I can see them.
Put your hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
Turn around.
All right.
I knew you wouldn't let it go.
- Yeah? - Well done, Commander.
I already had you on obstruction of justice.
Now we can tack on a few more charges.
You had us on obstruction? That's, uh that's funny.
That's evidence in a federal investigation.
You can't touch that.
She died on your watch and you did nothing to stop it.
Turn around.
I don't want to live with STEVE: Why were you following Susie Freeling? Play this out, Commander.
You've detained a federal agent without cause.
In what universe does that end well for you? Without cause? How about you sitting on your ass, snapping photos, while an innocent woman gets shot to death in broad daylight? How about that for cause? I asked you a question.
I'm gonna ask you again.
Why were you following Susie Freeling? Had she done something wrong? Was she in some kind of danger? Oh, okay, all right.
How about this then? I don't care who you work for.
Right now you're in a bunker four stories underground.
Nobody knows you're here and you're not getting out until you tell me what I want to know.
All right.
You want to know what this was all about? I'll tell you.
Steve get anywhere with Agent Ward? He's working on it.
All right, bring it in, everybody, come on.
(ukulele playing) So, I say to Elvis, I say, "King, why don't you try my ukulele?" And he says, "Don, you know what they say about entertainers with small guitars.
" (laughter) I don't really follow politics, but I did watch that debate.
That poor Nixon, sweating under all those hot lights.
Looked like he was gonna pass out.
(laughter) And the president, you know, so handsome, so confident.
Will he be visiting Hawaii again? I'm not sure.
He barely won this state the first time.
All the more reason to come back.
Oh, I'm on again in five.
Better go powder my nose.
You already look like a dream.
And you look like you could use another Mai tai.
(laughing) Make sure mine doesn't go anywhere.
I'll be back.
MAN: We'll be here.
(whistles) She is a looker, that one.
Can we please get back to business? So, what did this general say? Just more of the same.
The chiefs have little faith in the CIA's ability to pull off a clean assassination.
They're about to be proven wrong.
Yes and God willing, years from now historians will look back and say Operation Mongoose did more to ensure this country's security than the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
They fondly say to me GROVER: Wow.
Operation Mongoose, so that's the op that killed Kennedy? No.
(music stops) Operation Mongoose was the Cabinet and the Joint Chiefs' campaign to remove Fidel Castro from power.
It wasn't Kennedy's assassination they were planning at all.
It was Castro's.
She died thinking she'd solved it.
I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
She died knowing that she had a friend who would finish what she started.
(cell phone vibrating) Steve.
Yeah, I'll tell him.
Agent Ward gave up everything.
Susie was targeted for something else she was looking into.
Not only that, they already ID'd the shooter.
They know who killed her? Yeah, and they know where he is.
STEVE: Five-O! Stop! (groans) Ronan Scuderi, you're under arrest for the murder of Susie Freeling.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) We brought the shooter in.
That's a strange reaction.
People around here are usually, uh happy to see a killer brought to justice.
You closed one murder.
There was a reason we were sitting on him.
We were building this case for months! That's right, you were.
A case you would never have had if it wasn't for Susie Freeling.
That chemical company she was looking into? They weren't even on the FBI's radar, were they? You told me yourself, she came to you, told you what they were up to.
If it wasn't for her, you would never have had it.
Did he tell you anything? Yes, he did.
He told me everything.
Then he gave us his CEO.
He said he was told that Susie was getting too close.
She needed to be silenced before she could go public.
Unfortunately, she trusted you instead of going public.
If she hadn't had done that maybe she'd still be alive.
(lock buzzes, door opens) KENNEDY: A very, uh, warm aloha at being back here in Hawaii.
And to tell you that I come from another part of the United States, 6,000 miles away and we are proud of this city and this state.
(sighs) I just, uh I just wanted to swing by, see how you're doing.
You all right? You know.
I'm just really gonna miss her.
She was the only person I could talk to about the things that the rest of the world would think were crazy.
The Bilderberg Group.
Paul McCartney's decoy.
Apollo 11.
Although, we did have some major disagreements on that one.
Let me guess.
Susie thought we actually did go to the moon? No, she just didn't think that Kubrick was involved in faking it.
Well, I'll tell you what, Jerry, I'll make you a deal.
Next time you feel like sharing, coffee's on me.
All right? Now listen, I can't promise I'll-I'll agree with you ever, but I, uh, I won't think you're crazy.
Thanks, Commander.
Yes, sir.
Is that from his visit? Yeah.
Did you know he was the first president to visit the Arizona Memorial? I did.
Did you know that every single president after him followed his lead? Mm-hmm.
He was quite the man.
Yeah, he was.
on a matter which concerns us all, and that is how the American people can live more happily and more securely together.
And there is no place where it is more appropriately said and understood than in this part of the United States, here on this island.
(crowd cheers and applauds) Reaching into the Pacific, this part of the United States, this island represents all that we are and all that we hope to be.
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