Hawaii Five-0 s07e10 Episode Script

Ka Luhi (the Burden)

1 You're safe here, Reese.
Let my voice be your guide as you feel the tension dissolve from your muscles, and your eyelids grow heavier and heavier until they close.
Now, I'd like you to imagine you're at the top of a tall staircase.
As I count back from ten, I would like you to take one step with each count growing more and more relaxed.
Ten nine eight Keep going.
When you get to the fifth step, you will enter the water.
Walk into the water.
Let it surround you.
By the time you reach zero, you'll be completely submerged.
Completely relaxed.
Reese, you're now in a hypnotic trance.
In this state, I'd like to explore the source of your anxiety.
In your nightmares, tell me what you see.
The woods.
(breathing heavily) What is it, Reese? No, no, no! What's there? What do you see? There! OFFICER: Let's go! Lock the area down.
Lock it down.
I got something.
Reese, don't! Did I do this? Mom Dad Did I do this?! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x10 Ka Luhi (The Burden)/f @elderman STEVE: Okay.
So, which one's your sister? I'm looking.
Since when do insurance agents get to have this much fun? I wouldn't worry about it, buddy.
If she's anything like you, I'm sure she's having a miserable time.
She's nothing like me.
I mean, she's like a bucket of sunshine.
Glass is always half-full with her, you know? That's my sister right there.
MAN: I got it.
WOMAN: What are you doing? Right, right, right, right, right.
We're going too far left.
That's your sister? Yeah.
You got it.
Go, go, go, go! Dig! Dig! Yeah, she's she's pretty cute.
What's the matter with you? That's my baby sister.
Why don't you tell him that? That guy's getting a little handsy.
I thought you said she was married.
She is married.
He's spotting her.
He's doing the thing.
He's-he's spotting her? Yes.
That is a man who just rounded first base and is getting ready to slide into second.
That-that's my sister.
You're sick.
You got it! You got it! Go, go, go! (whoops) Well played.
Bridget! Hey.
Uh, I'll be right back.
Look at you, on a paddleboard.
I'm very impressed.
(laughs) Hey.
Oh, man, I love Hawaii.
You know it's snowing back in Jersey? Bridget, this is Steve, my partner.
And this is my baby sister, Bridget.
- Hi.
It's great to finally meet you.
- Welcome to Hawaii.
- Great to meet you.
- You know, I've heard a lot about you.
I hope, uh, at least some of it was good.
Mm, yeah.
What's that? What's Mostly.
Well, my mother called you a catch.
I love your mother.
(laughs) By the way, while I have you, it's a little late, but thank you very much for the cookies you sent Danny and I when we were, uh, recovering in hospital.
That was very sweet.
Oh, yeah, no problem.
How's the new liver? It's good.
Thank you very much.
But I have been reading in these medical journals that sometimes the recipients of organ donations start taking on the traits of the donor, so I'm a little concerned about that.
Ooh, yeah, let's hope that doesn't happen; one Danny is more than enough.
Oh, look at that, what you guys did.
You got something in common, that's so nice.
(phone ringing) Excuse me for a second, please.
It's McGarrett.
Okay, copy that, I'm on the way.
Guys? Hey, uh, listen.
Huh? I'm really sorry, I got to rain check brunch.
Okay? But you stay, have a nice visit.
Enjoy yourself.
Yeah, I'm sorry you're gonna miss out.
Me, too.
I hope I I hope I get to see you again before you leave.
Yeah, same here.
MAN: Bridget! We got to go.
(mouthing) Yeah, yeah, one sec.
MAN: All right.
STEVE: Bye, guys.
CHIN: So, when you get the message, please give me a call back.
Thank you.
Hey, cuz.
Oh, everything okay? (sighs) You know, I don't know.
Sara and I usually talk every day, but I haven't heard from her in almost a week.
I keep leaving messages for Jorge and Maria but-- I can't help thinking that they're distancing us on purpose.
Well, you know, um, she's at a new school, making new friends.
That's probably all it is.
Why don't you try that again and maybe, uh, this time look me in the eye? Cuz, you don't really want to know what I think.
Actually, I do.
I think you might have taken things too far.
Multiple background checks, having a judge delay the adoption.
I mean, you even used Sara to recon their house.
If I was them, I wouldn't want you in Sara's life.
Cuz, I love you.
But you're gonna have to make things right with that family if you want to have any kind of relationship with Sara.
(sighs) You know what? You're right.
You're right.
Thank you.
So, why are they hypnotizing this kid again? His therapist was trying some New Age mumbo jumbo.
According to her, Reese suffered from a lot of blackouts.
There'd be like-like whole chunks of his day that he couldn't remember.
Oh, excuse me.
I'm sorry, just to, just to be clear, you're telling me that an emotionally disturbed teenager who's been having blackouts now all of a sudden knows where a body is buried? Yeah.
I mean, obviously, we got HPD sitting on him until we know more, but yeah.
Gentlemen, what I have here are the remains of an adolescent female, estimated to be 16 to 18 years of age.
Unfortunately, due to the extent of the soft tissue decay, I cannot actually determine the time or cause of death.
However, based on the compound fractures to the torso, and the blow to the anterior of the skull, I can safely say that our victim died an extremely violent death.
You have an I.
? Not yet, but I did send bone marrow samples to the DNA lab for processing.
Oh, and, uh, I found this CD.
This was inside her jacket pocket.
“I'm sorry.
Meet me at nine.
Our spot”" Well, maybe we should run that over to Eric, see if he can pull some prints off it.
maybe match it to Reese.
Guys, we got a hit on that bone marrow DNA in the Missing Persons' Database.
You're not gonna believe it this is Maggie Reed.
Maggie Reed? Are you sure about that? 100% match.
Who's Maggie Reed? Maggie was a star softball player at Kukui High.
Ten years ago, she-she left the house one night.
She never came home.
It was a huge case.
Half the island was looking for this kid.
You say ten years ago? Yeah.
Well, that would make Reese only eight when Maggie was killed.
Yeah, I think it's safe to say he didn't do this.
Well, then how the hell did he know where the body was buried? I don't know.
So, at the moment, we believe your son witnessed somebody burying Maggie Reed's body in the woods ten years ago.
Now, according to your therapist, Reese, at that age, seeing something like that, it's possible you could've blocked it out as a way to cope.
GROVER: Thing we're having a little difficult time understanding, though, is how an eight-year-old ends up out in the woods that time of night, you know, in the first place.
Well, we used to live in Maunawili, so those woods were behind our house.
We used to go camping there sometimes.
And Reese played in those woods almost every day.
All the neighborhood kids did.
Even at night? Well there were a few times I snuck out after dark.
I had this, um, this little fort that my friends and I built.
I'd hang out there when, uh if you guys were fighting.
GROVER: So, then it's possible that you went out there during an evening or something, or maybe you snuck out while you went camping, either-either way, you just wandered out in the woods and you happened to stumble on somebody digging a grave.
I-I guess.
Reese, why don't you describe the person that you saw? I already told you everything I remember.
The flashlight.
Any sounds you remember? Maybe you heard this person's voice? I don't think so.
Need you to, uh to try to think back, Reese.
Try to remember.
I am trying! I'm sorry.
It's okay.
MAN: Look, Commander, our son's been through a lot today.
STEVE: Of course.
You guys should go home, get some rest.
I'll show them out.
Folks, this way.
How's the kid holding up? He's pretty shaken.
Tell me you got something.
I do.
Eric processed the CD found on Maggie's body.
If there were any prints, they've long since degraded.
But he was able to recover the data.
(clears throat) It's an old school mixtape.
“Without You,” “Used To Be My Girl.
” “How Can You Mend a Broken Heart.
” We know if Maggie had a boyfriend? Actually, I'm thinking it came from an ex.
Songs aren't just about love.
They're more about heartbreak and regret.
All right.
So, we need to dig into Maggie's personal life.
Where were we with the old case files? HPD's on it.
I was also able to track down Maggie's parents on the mainland.
I'm gonna reach out to them now.
Yeah, good.
After ten years, they deserve to know what happened to their daughter.
BRIDGET: (laughs) Mmm.
That is so good.
I got to learn how to make that.
What are you grinning about? What am I grinning about--? What are you talking about? I'm happy! I'm happy you're happy, that's all.
You got a new job, everything's going good, I'm happy.
That's it.
It's good.
I mean, don't get me wrong, it's great to be a stay-at-home mom too, but it feels really good to be outside in the world again.
Hey, look, if, uh, discussing actuarial tables and, uh, dismemberment and accidental death, if that brings you joy and happiness, (laughs) then I'm happy for you.
Thank you.
Everything's good at home? Sophie's still playing Little League, please No.
She's not.
All she cares about is Minecraft, and chasing Pokémon, hanging with her friends.
And Ted? Ted's, uh, he's good? Ted, yeah? Yeah.
He's good.
You know, he's just really busy, ever since he got the promotion last year.
Lot of hours in the office, and business trips, all that.
But on the plus side, I get the TV all to myself at night.
MAN: Bridget! Hey! There you are! Hey.
Uh, this is Spencer.
He's got the bigger office next door to me.
Yeah, but you got the better view.
Oh! Sorry.
Spence, this is my brother, Danny.
Oh! The, uh cop/father of two.
That's me.
It's nice to meet you, man.
Good to see you.
So, Bridge, we have a seminar in seven minutes.
(groans) Another seminar? Actually, you know what? Good, I could use the nap.
We got to go.
- But we're still on for dinner tonight? - Yeah.
Uh, 5:00 p.
Bali Steak and Seafood.
No, no, no.
I got this.
Come hungry.
All right? Thanks.
You're the best.
I love you.
Love you, too.
See you later.
Take care.
Nice to meet you, man.
Day drinking, now? (laughs) (laughs) So fun.
What have you Ben up to? Uh just working a little bit.
Oh, you mean managing your fantasy football team? Oh! You know me.
You know me! STEVE: Thank you.
Bye, bye.
Think you might be right.
Well, that's very good news.
Care to elaborate? Okay.
The guy, uh, the goofy kid on the paddleboard with my sister? I think something might be going on.
Are you kidding me? How do you know? Well, I-I don't know for sure.
But I was sitting there, and I was I was having drinks with her, and this guy comes in, and they had this very strange vibe.
And then, he called her “Bridge.
” which made me want to throw up.
Then they go to leave together, and he, as they walked away, put his hand right on her back.
(exhales) Then what? That's it.
He put his hand on her back? Yeah.
Just for me.
Uh He, he put his hand on her back, and you thought, that's it.
They're on, that's No.
That's how you put your hand on my back.
That's not, this is this, this is this and this is how he touched her.
Feel the difference? Yeah.
It's very different.
Right? I can come back.
(sighs) Uh, I just, uh, I just talked to Duke.
It turns out the case file on Maggie Reed was checked out years ago by a detective, Pearson Yang.
He was on the original investigation, and he's now part of the Cold Case Department.
Oh, that's great.
Danny and I will go talk to him now.
Thanks, Kono.
Let's go.
I'll walk you out.
Get your hand off me.
Just do me a favor and shut up, okay? Just shut up.
What, am I breathing too loud? No, I can hear you thinking.
Oh! You-you are thinking that I am overreacting.
That I'm being ridiculous, about this thing with Bridget.
Okay? I know these things, all right? Just like I knew that Grace had a boyfriend, I know this.
Maybe nothing has happened yet with Bridget specifically, and Spencer, or whatever, but it's-it's on its way to happening.
Okay? Trust me.
I know.
I am her brother.
You're also a cop, and gut feelings can be wrong.
(phone beeps) You know that, too.
Yeah, I know.
Oh, look at this! What a coincidence.
She's got to cancel dinner, now.
Because a work thing has come up.
We're gonna have drinks now, instead.
Danny, nothing's happening! Her whole thing is a work thing.
I know it's a work thing, and it called S-P-E-N-C-E-R.
Meet Travis Wilson.
High school dropout, a couple stints in juvie some bar fights.
Maggie, on the other hand, was a straight-A athlete with two very successful, very strict parents, so naturally, she fell head over heels for this scumbag.
Detective Yang, why do you think he killed her? Well, they kept their relationship a secret, but the rumor was, she dumped him two days before she disappeared.
Did you, uh you question this Wilson kid? He denied they were ever dating.
I could never prove otherwise.
All I had was high school gossip.
And did Wilson have an alibi? No.
And that night, he was unaccounted for between 8:30 p.
, when he got off work, and 10:00 p.
, when he showed up at a bar in Waimanalo.
Meanwhile, Maggie left her house around 8:15.
She told her parents she was going out to study with a friend, who told us they never made plans.
So, you think they met up.
I just couldn't prove it.
But it all fits.
Maggie drops him.
Wilson's angry, humiliated.
So, he lures her out of the house somehow, and kills her.
All right.
Um, you should probably take look at this, we, uh found it amongst Maggie's remains.
This is Wilson's statement.
Look at that, Danny.
S's are the same.
9's the same.
Same handwriting.
Travis gave this CD to Maggie.
I was right-- they were seeing each other.
Maggie left her house to meet him, and the lying bastard killed her.
(birds chirping) YANG: Hey, Travis.
You ever think of giving up on that piece of crap? Aren't you a few months early? “A few months early”? What's he talking about? This guy shows up every year on the day that Reed girl disappeared.
Wants me to confess to something I had nothing to do with.
Who are you guys? Five-O.
You recognize this? Where'd you get that? DANNY: We, um we found it with Maggie Reed's remains.
Never thought we'd find her, did you? (exhales) Travis, clearly, uh Maggie meant something to you.
Was she your girlfriend? We talked about running away together.
Just thought, maybe she went without me.
So, you finally admit it.
Only took about a decade.
You've been lying to me for years.
I lied to you because I knew you'd never believe me.
Come on.
I know how this goes.
Guy like me's never gonna get a fair shake from the cops.
You lied because you killed her.
I loved her! I had nothing do with this.
If you had nothing to do with this, why don't you tell me how things happened with you and Maggie.
We'd been seeing each other for a few months.
Kept it quiet.
It was cool at first, but after a while I didn't want to hide it anymore.
But she said we had to.
I thought she was ashamed of me.
It turned into this huge fight.
I-I was being a jerk.
I wanted to tell her I was sorry.
So, I-I made her that CD and left it outside her bedroom window.
DANNY: Um, on that CD, uh, you said “our spot.
” Where was where was your spot? It was this part of Sherwood Beach no one ever went to.
We would always go and hang out.
But Maggie never showed up that night.
Now I know why.
Yeah My fault.
She never would've left the house if I didn't give her that CD.
KONO: I showed Reese Travis Wilson's picture, but it didn't jog his memory.
STEVE: All right, so the kid can't say one way or the other whether Wilson was the guy in the raincoat.
Is that right? No.
But he thinks it's because he wasn't under hypnosis long enough to get a look at the person's face.
The good news is that Reese is feeling better and wants to help.
He's willing to go back under and have you guys observe.
Well, all right.
Well, it's worth a shot.
I'll set it up with his therapist.
Thanks, Kono.
(beeps) (sighs) What's the matter with you? You're still thinking about your sister? You remember I told you about Grace Tilwell, right? Yeah, your partner from Jersey who got murdered? Yeah.
What about her? (exhales) Well, uh, about a year into, uh my marriage with Rachel, uh, we started having some problems.
Work was heavy, bills were piling up, uh, loans, all kinds of stuff.
Grace was the only person that, uh, that I was talking to at the time.
Only person I confided in.
Only person I laughed with, did everything with.
Every day I was with her, right? One day, I come to work, and I notice I'm-I'm looking at her a little differently.
Know what I mean? I do.
Point is this, okay? The way that I saw Bridget looking at Spencer, that whole thing? I recognized it.
Why? Because I went through the same thing with my partner.
I had no idea, Danny.
I'm sorry.
All right? Well, it wasn't the best moment of my life, okay? Nothing happened.
You know, Rachel said that she wanted to have kids, and I realized what I would be destroying if I, if I went forward with this, so I stopped it before it even started.
Once again, the point is I see what Bridget is going through, because I went through it myself.
“Okay,” what? Okay.
You got to talk to her.
SILVER: When you reach the bottom, you'll be submerged, floating, completely relaxed.
Three two one.
Now drift.
Let it all fade away, except for the sound of my voice.
Come with me, Reese.
Come with me back to the woods.
(crickets chirping) This time, Reese, go slow.
Pay attention.
What do you see? Yellow stripes.
It's cold.
I want to go home.
Keep going, Reese.
You're safe.
She's dead.
What else do you see? REESE: There's blood.
Blood on her face.
Blood in her hair.
SILVER: Reese, listen to my voice.
You're safe.
You're warm.
No, no.
There's blood everywhere.
She's dead, she's-she's dead.
I need to go home! I want to go home! Reese, the person in the raincoat-- did you see their face? Do you see anything else? Always fresh, always cold.
Always fresh, always cold.
Always fresh, always cold.
Always fresh, always cold.
Always fresh, always cold.
Always fresh, always cold.
That's the last thing he remembers.
You know, one night recently, I had a little too much cheese and then I drank a little too much scotch.
Well, the dreams I had after that made more sense than this.
Right, yeah.
He came to and had no idea what he was talking about, either.
Hang on a second.
I knew that sounded familiar.
Uncle Icy was a big deal ten years ago.
I mean, they had a shop off Kapahulu, but that truck went everywhere.
CHIN: You know, there was a road about a hundred feet from where Maggie's body was found.
Maybe the Uncle Icy truck was there that night.
Yeah, Reese could've spotted it while he was moving through the woods.
STEVE: Kai Mahelona? Five-O.
Eh, Five-O.
So what can Uncle Icy do for you? Uh, Uncle Icy can tell us everything he knows about Maggie Reed.
I don't know any Maggie Reed.
Think back, 2006.
Teen girl went missing.
Oh, yeah.
Big-time athlete.
What's this got to do with me? Well, the thing is, we just found her body, and we have reason to believe that your truck was near the crime scene.
No, that's not possible.
Can you prove your whereabouts the night Maggie Reed disappeared? Come on, brah, what you think? What was that, ten years ago? (phone ringing) Why don't you have a seat, please.
STEVE: Yeah, Lou.
Drop whatever you're doing and get down to HPD right now.
What's going on? Travis Wilson just confessed to the murder of Maggie Reed.
STEVE: Yang.
What happened? What happened is two hours after we left him, Wilson comes through those doors and says he wants to confess to killing Maggie Reed.
Okay, I just after ten years, all of a sudden, he decides to come clean? It's different now.
There's a body, the CD.
He knows he was caught in a lie.
Decided this was his only move.
I was certain he didn't do it, but I guess I was wrong.
Must feel good.
Ten years, get your guy, huh? You're damn right it does.
Buddy, I am very impressed.
I'm very impressed you admitted you were wrong.
That is called personal growth, and I'm very proud of you.
Thank you.
Appreciate that.
You going to see Bridget? Uh, yes, I am.
Give you some advice? I give you one compliment and now you're Buddha with the life lessons? What? Never mind.
No, no, I want to know.
Please, tell me.
Just go easy on her.
Don't be a cop about this.
I'll give you a ride to the Hilton.
Oh, in my own car you're giving me a ride? That's very nice of you.
Congratulations, buddy.
Nice work.
DANNY: You, uh, got time for an appetizer maybe? BRIDGET: Yeah, yeah.
So, uh, how was the, um the seminar with, uh, Spencer? It was good? You guys have fun or what? You want to talk about family deductibles? I mean, if that's interesting to you, we can talk about family deductibles.
Or we can discuss these jumbo lump crab cakes.
He, um, he seems like a nice guy, Spencer, right? Yeah, he is.
So you want to split them? Sure.
Uh, what about, uh, what about Is he married? Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay.
You? I mean, I'm just asking a question, that's all.
Asking what? Asking what, Danny? He's a colleague.
I know.
He's just a colleague.
I know what he is.
You have something to say, just say it.
Okay, I'll say it.
Whatever's going on, you need to stop it now.
Oh, you think you know what's going on? I do, yeah.
You know that every morning I wake up and I watch the ceiling fan? And I just feel the-the air on my face, and I love that moment.
Because then the dog needs to be let out, and I need to make breakfast for the kids, and get them off to school.
And then when school's done, I got to race back.
I have to make dinner, make sure their homework's done, walk the dog, and then it just starts all over again.
I'm doing it all by myself.
Ted's never around.
I mean, our parents are never in town.
And if they are in town, they need something.
Guess who's handling all that.
Yeah, me.
Because you guys left years ago.
I have no support.
I have no one to turn to.
Honestly, I feel like, every day I get closer to completely disappearing.
Until one day, I walk into work, and someone actually sees me.
Spencer's a friend.
Okay? He's he's there for me.
I-I don't understand.
Do you want my blessing or? For what? Nothing's even happened.
Nothing's happened yet.
(sobs softly) (sniffles) God knows you're a saint, Danny, but if you could just be a human being for one second.
Can you even hear me? I am lonely.
I am so unhappy.
What am I supposed to do? I don't know.
Go try therapy, get separated for a little while.
Well, I'm sorry, unlike you, I can't just walk away from my children.
(smacks lips) You know, my, um, my children can look me in the eye and they can know that I never lied.
Can I start you two off with some cocktails? No, thank you.
How'd it go? I don't want to talk about that right now.
What the hell's going on? What'd you do, dig a grave? Yeah, I did, actually.
Wilson didn't do it.
You need to stop, okay? The kid confessed.
It is over.
It's not over, Danny.
I leave you alone for two seconds.
What is the matter with you? Hear me out.
Would you, please? All right, now the night of, Wilson's coworkers say he left work, what, 8:30, right? And we got witnesses that put him at the bar in Waimanalo at 10:00 p.
Which means Wilson had to leave work, drive to Sherwood Beach, meet Maggie, kill Maggie, drive Maggie's body back to the woods, dig a three-by-five-foot hole, bury the body, clean the evidence off the car, clean the evidence off himself, all in an hour and a half; which I can tell you right now is impossible, because I just tried it.
Yeah? What if their spot was actually in the woods, and it wasn't in the beach? He lied about that? Doesn't matter.
I did a bunch of different equations, none of them make sense, none of them fit for the timeline.
None of it works.
Okay, what if he pre-dug the hole? Pre-dug the hole? That close to the road? And three feet deep? I mean, that's some pretty poor advance planning.
Wouldn't you say? Not to mention she was beaten to death.
Somebody caved this girl's head in.
That-that's a crime of passion.
It's something that happens in the moment.
Premeditation almost always involves a weapon.
All right, let's say this all that makes sense, we have one major problem.
What's that? Kid confessed.
Come on, man.
Wilson broke the moment we showed him the photo of Maggie's remains.
He blames himself for her death.
As far as he's concerned, Maggie wouldn't have even left her house that night if it wasn't for him, all right? So the guilt of that, plus Yang harassing him for ten years, I swear, man, the kid just wanted it to be over.
(sighs) All right, so now what? Back to Uncle Icy? No, Uncle Icy didn't do it, either.
Turns out in 2006, he didn't even have his truck.
But I got something else, we got to go for a drive.
(car engine stops, door slams shut) Okay, so the crime scene's about 100 feet into the woods this way, right? I'm walking back to my truck when I see that.
All right? So I call Uncle Icy, and I ask him if he's ever done any advertising in this area.
And he sends me this.
“Always Fresh, Always Cold.
” So the kid did not see his truck, but he saw that sign.
Correct, but here's the thing, you can't see that sign from the grave site.
You got to be on the road.
Right, so what is an eight-year-old kid doing on the road at night? He's in an automobile.
He's got to be in a car.
So I think, “What if Maggie Reed was on this road, too?” I checked, there's a bus stop about a mile down there.
And that bus stops at Sherwood Beach.
STEVE: Now that, along with Max's report that said Maggie Reed suffered compound fractures.
Right, injuries that she could've gotten if she was hit by a car.
A car that eight-year-old Reese Holland was a passenger in the back of.
So, in theory, whoever was the driving that car, killed Maggie Reed.
(car engine revving) (tires screech, Maggie screams) KONO: I pulled Reese's family's DMV records.
And it turns out that Reese's dad filed an insurance claim on his car in 2006.
He said he hit a boar.
But according to the M.
, if he was going about 30 miles an hour, and hit a 200 pound boar, there would've been a lot more damage.
Whatever he hit was more like 120.
Which was roughly Maggie Reed's weight.
GROVER: We also found that the height of the bumper with this car was consistent with Maggie's injury.
When was this claim filed? KONO: That's the thing.
Fred Holland filed it the day after Maggie went missing.
Son of a bitch.
Ten years I was chasing the wrong guy.
What kind of cop does that make me? It makes you the type of cop that cares.
All those years weren't wasted.
You kept Maggie's memory alive, and now you get to call her parents and tell them that we found her killer.
DANNY: This is all really good.
I like this, but unfortunately this evidence is circumstantial.
How we gonna get Fred Holland? I got an idea.
(clock ticking) SILVER: That's good, Reese.
Your body is numb.
You're completely relaxed.
(door opens) What's going on here? Why didn't we know about this? Sir, your son is 18-years-old, he consented to this session, okay? And you know that our son is not well.
W-Why are you putting him through this again? He's told you everything he knows.
Well, that's-that's the thing, he may have told us, but you have not.
What's that supposed to mean? Ten years ago your car was in an accident, the very night that Maggie Reed died.
We know that 'cause you filed a report.
You said you hit something.
Yeah, yeah, I remember that.
It was, it was a boar.
Except it wasn't a boar, was it? What are you implying? What we're implying, sir, is that your son is not well.
That he's not well because he saw something so traumatic he couldn't process it.
Commander, this is all a mistake.
Honey, let me handle this.
Don't pretend that you care about him.
You're just using him.
Excuse me, sir.
Maybe your wife's right.
Maybe this is a mistake.
Why don't we find out? Okay? Humor me for one minute.
Doctor, if you could ask Reese about the car, please.
Reese, let's go back to that night in the woods.
And then, farther back.
Back to a car.
Where are you, Reese? Our car.
The backseat.
(emergency lights clicking) (seatbelt clicks) Who else is with you? No one, I'm alone.
(singing softly) (grunting) (panting) Mommy? I see my mommy.
She's all dirty.
You told me that was a boar.
You told me that was a boar.
Now, now tell them that this is nonsense.
Holland (crying): It was an accident.
I'd, I'd had some wine that night.
Too much.
We'd been fighting.
We were in such a bad place then.
I was upset.
I had to get out of the house, so I I grabbed Reese and I took your car.
We were gonna go to a hotel.
(both scream, then crash) Why didn't you just call the police? YANG: Because that's not how she died, is it? Maggie had a skull fracture, except it wasn't from being hit by a car.
I was so afraid they'd take Reese away from me.
I panicked.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
(sobbing) STEVE: All right.
What are you gonna say to her? I don't know.
You want me to pick you up? No.
Uh, in fact, once again, I could've just driven myself.
Yeah, I know.
All right.
Thank you, though.
Just call me if you want me to pick you up.
I don't want you to pick me up.
(sighs) What do you want, Danny? Uh I-I don't want, uh, I don't want anything.
I just want you to know that I love you very much.
And I obviously do not have all the answers.
If I did, I'd probably still be with Rachel.
I'm f-far, very far from perfect.
Bridget, if you do this, you cannot take it back.
Maybe it'd make you happy for a little bit, but, at the end of the day, it's just it's just gonna make things worse.
And all that stuff about you being alone is not true because I am here for you always.
Always, you call me, I pick up the phone.
No matter what.
Okay? Forever.
Hmm? Thank you.
That's it.
That's all I got.
Do you want to come in? No, I don't want to interrupt anything.
I mean, you're all dressed up.
(chuckles) Get in here, you jerk.
Wait a minute.
This this is what you flaked on me, for a cheeseburger? Yeah, well, plans changed.
Oh! You're watching Smokey and the Bandit? Yeah.
Without me? We watched 6,000 times when we were kids.
I know, I still love it.
Burned out the VHS tape.
I'm in.
You know what? What? Steve kind of reminds me of the Bandit.
Why? 'Cause he's reckless and arrogant? (laughs) SHERIFF BUFORD: Let me have a Diablo sandwich, a Dr.
Pepper, and make it fast.
I'm in a damn hurry.
BRIDGET: Remember when you tried to grow that mustache? Yeah, don't tell Steve about that, please.
I'm serious.
10-4, good buddy.
Come on.
You must be in a hell of a hurry, huh, Sheriff? BUFORD AND BRIDGET: Bet your ass on that, boy.
(both laugh) Uh-huh.
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