Hawaii Five-0 s07e11 Episode Script

Ka'ili Aku (Snatchback)

1 Previously on Hawaii Five-O AILANA: I'm Ailana Read, Child Services.
Yesterday morning, we finally managed to locate your niece's aunt and uncle in Mexico.
And? AILANA: They've retained a lawyer and are taking steps to adopt Sara.
Crime lab processed that Cali cartel guy's cell phone.
Turns out one of his contacts is the family that Sara's gonna live with in Mexico.
Doesn't mean they're in the drug business.
You wouldn't be here if you didn't think they were.
I wanted to talk to you about Sara.
Her mother's family back in Mexico is taking steps to adopt her.
You run background on them.
I did, and they came back clean.
But now some evidence has come to light that suggests otherwise.
You're a U.
You've worked with the Federales in Mexico.
I'm guessing your contacts over there are much stronger than mine.
What are their names? Jorge and Maria Morales.
They're from Juarez.
I'm gonna miss you, Uncle Chin.
I'm gonna miss you, too.
Whoa, you know, you know, you know, you know You must have been a beautiful baby You must have been a beautiful child When you were only startin' To go to kindergarten I'll bet you drove those other Childs wild Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah When it came to winning blue ribbons (applause) WOMAN: Happy birthday, Chin.
Yeah, I bet you taught the other kids how Well, I can see the judges' eyes as they handed you SANG MIN (over video): My man, Chin, just think, you could be in the ground right now if it wasn't for me saving your skinny ass way back when.
As far as I'm concerned, that's the gift that keeps on giving.
Which is why, you know, I didn't get you no card or nothing.
Okay, laters.
Wait! You tell Cousin Spicy, huh, that I said “aloha.
” All right.
Hey, I just wanted to say Hauoli la hanau to my favorite nephew.
You're also my only nephew.
(laughs) But still, enjoy yourself, Chin, eh? What's up, Brother Chin? Hauoli la hanau.
From all of us here at the dog pound, we'd like to thank you, bruddah, for keeping this rock safe.
Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, you must have been a beautiful baby MAN: Chin, this is your old buddy Manny from the mainland, wishing you a very happy birthday.
MAN 2: Man, we surely want to wish you the happiest of birthdays.
What? Seriously? You have no idea what I'm staring at? Oh, this.
Cousin's making all his employees wear elf costumes during the holidays.
I just didn't have time to go home and change.
Um, let me give you a little advice.
Unless you like being humiliated, I got a word for you: union.
(party horn blows) All right! Hau'oli la Hanau to my good friend and my loyal customer, Chin Ho Kelly.
Who loves ya, baby? (laughter, applause) Thank you, brother.
(cell phone ringing) (phone beeps) Hey, sweetie, just in time.
CROWD (distorted): Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday Dear Chin Happy birthday to you.
Chin! Chin! (tires screeching) (car horn honking) Chin! Chin! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x11 Ka'ili Aku (Snatchback) (horns honking) (tires screeching) Chin! Yo! Pull over.
Pull over! (tires screech) Chin, what's going on? It's Sara.
What about her? I got to get to Mexico.
Mexico? What are you talking about? She was kidnapped, Steve.
By who? I don't know.
I don't know.
I just got a call while we were at the party from Maria.
They grabbed her when she was coming home from school.
I-I got to find her.
Give me 30 seconds.
30 seconds.
Listen to me.
We are behind you 1,000%.
We will do everything in our power to get this girl back, okay? It's gonna take at least an hour to arrange a flight.
Let's use that time to call the DEA.
They got people on the ground there who know what's going on.
Okay? Let's be smart about this.
Let's do it right.
For Sara.
You understand? - All right, all right, let's go.
- Okay? I'll meet you at the office, all right? Be safe.
We've been in contact with the family, and I spoke the bodyguard, who's being treated at a local hospital.
He was driving Sara home when they were set upon by four kidnappers in an SUV.
They exchanged gunfire, the bodyguard took a couple hits.
Says he took out one of the kidnappers.
CHIN: Agent Navarro, Maria said there'd been no call or ransom demand.
That's still the case-- no contact as of yet.
Is that unusual? Not the norm.
Has the dead kidnapper been I.
'd? No.
His partners retrieved his body, escaped from the scene.
Okay, so what are the local cops doing about it? They don't know she's missing.
GROVER: What do you mean they don't know? Little girl gets snatched up in broad daylight, and they have an O.
Corral shootout in the middle of the street, and the cops don't know a thing? Believe me when I tell you it's a good thing.
If the kidnappers got word that the police are involved, chances are Chances are what? K&R is a business down here.
There were tens of thousands of “secuestros” in Mexico last year.
Only about a thousand or so were reported, for good reason.
If local cops get involved, people get twitchy.
Most times, the gangs just cut their losses, move on to the next payday.
The best hope you have of getting Sara back is keeping the police out of it.
We're not the police.
(tires screeching) JORGE: Thank you for coming.
Don't worry.
We're gonna get Sara back.
(sighs) Sir.
We're gonna need access to all the phones on the property-- land lines and cells.
Okay, Five-O team, let's gear up to start tracing calls as they come in.
This way, please.
Thank you.
(speaking Spanish) Ciao.
They found the SUV used in the abduction.
It's been torched.
My contacts at Juarez PD said there was a badly burned body inside, most likely our dead kidnapper.
They burned the body? Is that normal? To be honest, they usually dump them at the side of the road.
They burn the body so we can't I.
Because if we can I.
'em, maybe they're gonna point to whoever did this.
Where's the body now? Being moved to the morgue fotopsy.
Trouble is, things move very slowly in Juarez.
Well, I-I don't care.
Right now we got to do that.
if they can move it to the top of their to-do list.
Look, I don't mean to sound negative, Detective Williams, but things get done here the way they get done.
Well, that's all we got.
We don't got a ransom call, so right now the dead kidnapper's our only lead.
STEVE: All right, listen, is there anything about this kidnapping that points to the M.
of one particular group? Could be one of dozens of gangs.
Since the Sinaloa cartel won the turf war here, murders are down but kidnappings are booming.
There's way too many players to count.
Who's at the top of the food chain? Raphael Ramirez.
Yeah, he's the king of K&R in Juarez.
We're gonna go talk to him.
If he didn't do this, he's gonna know who did, right? I appreciate your confidence, Commander, but you don't just go and talk to a man like Ramirez-- not unless you have a death wish.
Tres, dos, uno! (laughing) Otra vez, Papi! Otra vez! (speaking Spanish) (laughs) Permiso.
Con permiso.
(speaking Spanish) RAMIREZ: You realize had my son not been here, you'd already be dead.
Well, in that case, I'm very glad your son is here, sir.
(chuckles) I hope you have an equally good plan for your exit.
Because soon Hector will go inside to do his homework.
I understand.
My name is Commander Steve McGarrett.
I'm with the Five-O task force out of Hawaii.
(laughs) Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai-yai-yai.
(chuckles) That's a pretty badge.
My son has something similar.
It's a little tin star.
It says “Sheriff” on it.
If you think this guarantees your safety, or entitles you to act without fear of consequences, without respect you're very mistaken.
Oh, no, no.
I-I respect you greatly, Mr.
I know what kind of man you are.
By the way, you got something on your robe right there.
(laughs) Guero Loco 36 hours ago, a young girl by the name of Sara Diaz was kidnapped on her way home from St.
Martha's school.
Silver SUV, four guys.
One guy was killed at the scene.
So far, there's been no ransom call, no demands made.
Are you implying I had something to do with this? Not implying anything.
I'm asking you if you have Sara.
If I had taken her, I would've been paid by now, or she'd be dead already.
Do you know where she is? Let me let me give you some advice, Commander Steve McGarrett.
Your big John Wayne act may work in your little island, but here in Juarez, you're just gonna get yourself and that little girl killed.
I-I'm sorry.
I'm a little confused.
I was led to believe that nothing happens here without you knowing about it.
Many opportunists out there these days.
It's hard to see everything that's going on, even from the top of the mountain.
Papi! Mirame! (laughs) Increible! Increible! Muy bien, mi hijo! (chuckles) Muy bien.
That's a beautiful kid you got there.
Ramirez, I, uh I really mean no disrespect, I just want to get this little girl home to her family safely.
You understand? The people who did take her are using a different playbook than mine.
That makes them unpredictable and very, very dangerous.
So when they call you-- and they will-- keep your gun in your holster and your sheriff badge in your pocket, and do exactly what they say, to the letter.
For you, it's family.
For them, just a payday.
And if they have to dump this one, they will, because in Juarez, there's always another victim.
Now it's time for you to get the hell out of my property.
(speaking Spanish) GROVER: One more thing.
You do speak Spanish, right? DANNY: Eh, I barely speak English.
Look, man.
“Soy Americano.
” That's it.
That's all I know.
That's good.
Oh, how about this? Tienes una sonrisa muy hermosa.
Why didn't you just say you were fluent, man? What does that mean? (chuckles) It means, “You have a beautiful smile.
” Oh.
Well, that's not it, is it? Yeah, that's it.
What do you mean, that's it? You just said, “Soy Americano.
” At least I got a full sentence.
You rolling R's and stuff, I thought you knew what you was doing.
Excuse me.
Amigo, uh Soy Americano.
That's good.
Well, I'm not gonna use my Spanish.
I speak English.
Oh, good, good.
We're both here to identify a body.
You probably got this body in the last four of five hours.
It's very badly burned.
You You need to submit an official request.
All right.
That's no problem.
That's fine.
How long is this gonna take? The whole thing? One, maybe two weeks.
Oh, no.
That's-that's no good.
Uh, my friend and I here are in a rush; uh, it's very important.
Mucho importante.
I'm sorry, señor.
There are protocols.
GROVER: Well, um, why don't we just have a little conversation with my, uh, good friend Mr.
Benjamin Franklin.
Can, uh, relax those protocols.
Go ahead.
Get that up in here.
What do you say? No.
You ain't got to be all stank about it.
All right.
Well, I got, uh, some other names that might help, uh, twist your arm a little bit, all right? (sighs) GROVER: Mm-hmm.
Turn your nose up at Mr.
Franklin, you end up with Mr.
Heckler and Mr.
(sighs) Those German guys can be pretty persuasive.
In here.
After you.
Come on, man.
This is the one.
Obviously, we haven't conducted an autopsy yet.
That's one of the reasons we don't have the information you need.
That's it, for sure? Yes.
Hey, whoa, whoa.
Where you going? Go sit down.
Don't move.
All right.
We found what we're looking for.
Now what? I don't know now what.
Uh, I got an idea.
(phone rings) Good morning, this is Dr.
Max Bergman.
Danny who? Williams.
I am in Mexico.
More specifically, I am in Juarez.
I'm standing in the middle of a morgue.
I need to ask you a very important question.
Hypothetically speaking, if I needed to identify a body that's been burned badly, how would I go about doing that? Six years of medical school, four years of residency, a yearlong fellowship, get board certified All right, that's funny, Max.
I obviously cannot do any of those things right now with you on the phone.
How would I do it? Max.
I'm thinking.
He's thinking.
Oh, boy.
How severe is the burn trauma on the cadaver? How severe is the burn trauma? Well, how the hell should I know? I don't know.
Maybe you're gonna have to look.
(unzipping) Ugh! Mm-mm.
(groans) Ooh.
Let me put it like this.
Um, last weekend, I let Will do the barbecue.
This is how the meat came out.
Not good, Max.
Not good at all.
Well, then taking pictures of the victim's fingerprints won't work.
No, no, no, no, no.
Max, I don't want to bust your chops, but we kind of got to get moving on, so if you got any ideas, please let us know.
Well, given your extremely limited technical skills, little or no recourse to lab analytics, which rules out DNA or dental testing, and given your aforementioned time pressure, it is quite difficult to come up with a Max.
Shut up.
Yes or no? Help or not? (mutters) I do have a solution.
If your victim has a tattoo, we may be able to I.
the body.
See, uh, if he's got a tattoo.
A tattoo on what? This whole thing is Cajun-style, man.
You saw this thing.
It's, uh the whole thing is CBR.
It's CBR.
What's CBR? You don't have a grill? Charred beyond recognition.
It's charred beyond recognition, Max.
Well, CBR or not, together we can do this.
Trust me.
(sighs) CHIN: We're still waiting on the call.
Please tell me you got somewhere.
STEVE: As far as I can tell, this is not one of Ramirez's plays, and he didn't bring anybody else in the frame either, but listen.
He said some stuff about the whole K&R business down here, and my gut is telling me we really need to rethink our tactical approach on this one.
How so? Usually, I'd say the ransom is irrelevant, right? We're just gonna sit back, wait for the call, and then take this crew out at the drop, but it's different here.
It's too dangerous, buddy.
No matter how good our plan, we're gonna be risking Sara's life; that's the bottom line.
KONO: I think the best thing we can do in this situation is make sure things are done as smoothly as possible, with no problems.
Which means we get these guys whatever money they ask for, and we get Sara the hell out of there safely, okay? Okay.
You hear from Danny? No.
No, not yet.
We'll be back soon, all right? Sit tight.
Well? (sighs) No new information.
I don't understand.
Why haven't they called? There must be something more that we can do.
I should've never let Sara come down here.
You say that like you had a choice.
The courts decided.
We are her closest blood relatives, Lieutenant Kelly.
She's exactly where she Where she should be?! Where is that?! Where is that right now, Mr.
Morales? Are you saying this is my fault? I'm not the one with the drug dealer's number in their cell phone.
He is a client at my law firm.
And that is it.
Is it? Say it.
Go ahead, say it, Lieutenant Kelly! Say what you really think of (phone ringing) (crying): Is it them? It's-it's an unknown number.
CHIN: Listen to me very carefully.
Stay calm.
Keep them on the line for as long as possible.
Ask for proof of life.
We need to hear Sara's voice.
(phone beeps) Hola.
MAN (distorted): Mr.
Morales, we want one million dollars in nonsequential, unmarked bills.
You have three hours.
We will contact you again with instructions for the exchange.
If you call the police, if you fail to answer the phone when we call again, if you deviate from my orders in any way, we will kill Sara.
Do you understand? I understand.
Can I talk to her, please? I-I just need to hear her voice.
You can (line clicks, dial tone hums) (tapping keys) CHIN: Damn it.
(sighs) It's not long enough for a trace.
(crying): Sara.
Okay, all right.
We have three hours, right? How long do you need to get the cash together? Jorge! I-I can't pay it.
I don't, I don't have the money.
What? The court custody papers said that you two were wealthy.
I did have it.
But I don't have it anymore.
What are you talking about? About a month ago, I won a big case for a client, and he wanted to settle his legal fees with cash.
So I was in the car; I was going to the bank to deposit the money when I got pulled over by the police.
They stole the money.
CHIN: How did they even know about the payout? The police-- they have wiretaps on all the law firms that have clients of interest.
They do it so they can build cases against the cartels.
But they also do it to try and shake down individuals, which is why I was very careful not to use my work phone, but That means all of your phones are tapped! It's the only way they knew that I had that kind of money on me at that time.
It was over $700,000.
If I had that money, plus our savings, we would make the ransom.
We're just gonna have to steal it back.
Gentlemen, that indeed looks like a tattoo.
You see this guy looks like a piece of beef jerky, Max.
We don't have any fingerprints.
How are we gonna lift the tattoo? Well, despite popular belief, bodies actually do not burn that well, even when doused in accelerants such as gasoline.
DANNY: Okay, well, Max, this body is definitely burned well, all right? But whatever.
Let's just do this.
And by “us,” I mean you.
What?! You better be playing.
- You got to do it.
I can't.
- Mm-mm.
Well, how am I gonna do it? I don't know what the hell I'm doing.
You're gonna figure it out, 'cause I can't do this.
Actually, this procedure will require both of you.
One will be holding the limb over the heat source, and the other will be peeling the epidermis away.
I'll hold the limb.
I called it.
This doesn't seem like a good idea.
I mean, heating this thing up? Don't you think that's just gonna cook him further? When you're looking at a person's tattoo, you're actually seeing the ink through the epidermis, which is the outer layer of the skin.
The ink is actually on the dermis, which is the lower layer.
The cells of the dermis is actually far more stable than the cells of the epidermis, so it is my hope that the perpetrator's distinctive tattoo ink will be visible after the epidermis is stripped away, which you will do by heating it and peeling it off.
Oh, man.
(sizzling) Oh, man.
This-this ain't right, man.
This ain't right.
(muttering) It's sizzling.
What you waiting on, man? Get to, get to scraping! (groans) (Danny and Grover groaning) Danny, I don't feel good.
Can you please hold it still? Can you please hold it still? I think I'm gonna throw up.
Just hold it still.
Don't throw up.
Stay on target, Detective.
Oh, come on, man! You can see it.
Take the picture.
This is so awful.
Max, all right, listen, I'm gonna send you some photos.
Just, please, the second you get an I.
, send it to us as soon as possible, all right? Roger that.
(groans) Come on.
Hurry up, man.
I'm off meat.
I'm not eating meat anymore.
(camera clicks) We're good, we're good.
Oh, man! (groans) STEVE: What, nothing? No.
No, no, no, no.
Okay, thank you.
Listen, just keep pressing, all right? Please.
Just keep pressing.
All right.
Navarro's meeting crazy resistance trying to I.
the cops that shook down Jorge.
It looks like the police are closing ranks to protect each other.
Steve, we only have two hours until we need to make the exchange, and so far we're nowhere.
I know.
And if Max doesn't come up with something soon, we're never gonna know who's behind this.
Without the name of this dirty cop, we can't even make the ransom.
I got an idea.
I love order.
I like things in the right place.
Because order is predictable.
You get to make plans, know your future.
Mess and anarchy are bad for business, bad for life.
You are like this, Commander.
You are chaos.
You really should meet my partner.
You guys would get along great.
(chuckles) I would like very much to see you back on your little island, disturbing someone else's peace of mind.
So here's my proposal to you.
Before you go butting heads with the local police, let me give you the million dollars you need for the girl.
Make the exchange, get on a plane, and never come back to Juarez again.
Very generous offer, Mr.
But you and I both know if I take that money from you, I'm gonna get a call from you at some stage in the future-- might be months, might even be years from now-- and you're gonna ask me for something that I can't give you.
(laughs) As you wish.
What? Detective Quintanilla.
Good-bye, Commander.
I'm just gonna say this for the record.
I don't know what Max is pulling down, but whatever it is, he deserves a raise.
You're not still nauseous, are you? He couldn't possibly have anything left in him.
GROVER: Oh, okay.
At least I didn't keep my eyes closed the whole time.
(chuckling) What are you laughing at? I got to tell you, of all the stupid, dumb, ignorant, dangerous ideas you've had, this is definitely the dumbest.
Is that right? Is that right? You got a better dumb idea? - No.
- No, I didn't think so.
Actually, it was my dumb idea.
DANNY: Can I wait in the car? No, you can't.
Let's go.
(men shouting) Vamos! Vamos! Everybody in the corner right now! (shouting in Spanish) Detective Quintanilla?! Yes? Where's the money you took from Jorge Morales? I have no idea what you're talking about.
You sure about that? Guns don't scare me.
Yeah, right.
Turn around.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
(whistles) (prisoners shouting) Move.
Move! (shouting continues) You tell us or you're going in there with them.
CHIN: Got it.
STEVE: You guys want a dirty cop? You wouldn't dare.
STEVE: Last chance.
Here we go.
QUINTANILLA: Okay! Okay! STEVE: Come on, come on! Let's go.
Zip it up.
Let's go.
STEVE: Chin! You put a wire on Morales.
His home, his cell.
I want those tapes.
What tapes? Guns don't scare you.
STEVE: Chin.
Chin! (shouts) CHIN: Next one will do more than take off your toenail.
STEVE: All right, Jorge.
You're gonna walk over there really calmly, you're gonna hand them the money, and you're gonna carry Sara back to the cars.
All right? Nobody's gonna panic.
We're all gonna get out of there okay.
We're gonna have your back the whole time, all right? Okay.
That area's really exposed.
- I was about to say the same thing.
- Yeah.
What other choices do we have? Okay.
Listen, I need you to do something for me.
Since you're staying here with Maria, I need you to go over those recordings.
The ones from Quintanilla? I got a hunch that there's a smoking gun in there.
Something that's gonna prove Jorge's involvement with the cartels.
Of course.
One way or the other, I'm bringing Sara back home with me.
(horn blares) All right, Jorge, you're up.
(phone ringing) Yeah, Kono.
KONO: Chin, there's something's wrong.
On the tapes, there's contact between the Moraleses and the kidnappers before we arrived.
They were told to lure us down here.
Chin, it's a trap.
(automatic gunfire) Chin! Jorge, take cover! You got a plan B, I'd like to hear it! STEVE: Yeah, why don't we try killing these bad guys before we run out of bullets?! (grunting) (shouts) Take 'em down! (screams) Wait a second.
Is it just me or does that feel less like hostage exchange and more like ambush? ¿Dónde está Sara? ¿Dónde está? ¿Dónde está? (grunting) Was this you? STEVE: Chin? Was this you?! I don't know what you're talking about! (groans) Chin? Chin, what are you doing? What are you doing? Why don't you ask Jorge? Ask me what? What did I do?! Kono listened to the recordings! You used Sara as bait.
They were never after the money, Steve.
They were after Five-O.
What's he talking about? - I have no idea what he's talking about! - What's he talking about?! - I'm gonna ask you one more time.
- Wait! Stop.
Did you set this up? Are you working with the scum who took Sara? I know nothing about this! The first time I heard about the kidnapping was when Maria called me and told me that Sara had been taken! I I'm telling the truth.
I swear.
Why didn't you tell us?! (crying): After Sara was taken, they called me.
They told me to get ahold of you, Chin, to get Five-O down here.
They said if I mentioned this to anyone-- Jorge, the police-- that they would kill Sara.
What choice did I have? I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
Maria, you keep saying “they.
” Who's behind this? I have no idea.
I only ever talked to them on the phone.
Guys, I got a call from Max.
We got I.
on the tattoo.
The dead kidnapper is a known member of the Diego cartel.
Oh, my God, this poor little girl's a pawn.
This whole thing is nothing but a revenge play.
NAVARRO: Wait, wait, wait.
You guys have dealings with the Diegos? Yes.
Caught a case a couple of months back.
Juan Diego was killed in a shootout.
Juan Diego's brother, Carlos, is the head of the cartel.
Okay, this is blood for blood.
It's called “Ajuste de cuentas”" Settling scores.
CHIN: We didn't get Sara.
They didn't get their revenge.
Why would they even keep her alive? They won't, which means we need to move right now.
We need to find Carlos Diego, and we need to take him out.
That's a fine idea in theory, Steve, but Carlos's compound is what we call a black zone.
The military won't even go in there.
Show me.
Show me his compound.
NAVARRO: Setting aside the risk that you go in and he's even there, you still got to get in.
And he's a man who lives under a million crosshairs.
He's got alarms, motion sensors, cameras everywhere.
And over 100 military-grade armed guards.
GROVER: So this guy's the real Scarface? STEVE: I got an audience with Ramirez.
You told me all about his security, too.
NAVARRO: Ramirez is a tiger shark.
Carlos-- he's the great white.
Now I'm not saying it can't be done, but in my opinion That's a suicide mission.
I got to get some air.
Give me it.
Let me see it.
There's one way in and one way out.
I should've listened to you.
You were right to be so worried about Sara.
I'm sorry, Chin.
Kono, I was wrong.
Turns out that the biggest threat to Sara wasn't the Moraleses.
It was me.
It was because of our dealings with Diego that Sara was taken.
You can't blame yourself for this, Chin.
Can't I? This job, the risks we take Why is it that we're always putting the ones we love the most in harm's way? But you also know that we're the good guys.
That every day we fight to do the right thing.
And I know deep down you wouldn't have it any other way.
(birds chirping) I need you to look after Sara.
That little girl-- she's our blood.
So it's the only way we can do this.
Well, I take back what I said earlier.
This now is the dumbest, dumbest, dumbest thing you've ever come up with.
Yeah, you know what? I agree with you.
Danny, Lou-- you both got kids.
I don't think you should be a part of this.
Would you stop with that, please? Just stop it.
We're family, man.
Kono, what? I went to find Chin.
I looked everywhere.
He's gone.
What do you mean he's gone? He's gone.
(phone ringing) (line ringing) You've reached Chin Ho Kelly.
Please leave a message.
(line beeps) Nothing.
Still going straight to voice mail.
(door closes) GROVER: All right.
Well, not only did Chin take Jorge's car.
He also yanked the spark plug wires out of Navarro's SUV.
Most of our gear is missing.
The SMGs, the grenades.
All we have left is small arms and some ammo.
He's trying to do this alone.
We got to go after him.
I'll call the field office.
I'll get a car here, stat.
Do it.
Tell your boys we need all the firepower we can get.
You got it.
(horns honking) We got about another five miles to Diego's compound.
(phone ringing) Maria? Chin! Chin, where are you? I'm at a crossroads five miles east of the two.
Get here quick.
Sara will be here.
What?! How'd he find her? STEVE: Maria's cell.
Maria's cell had the kidnappers' number, and he must have made some kind of deal with them.
Chin, what have you done? Kono, you knew.
I needed to make this right.
And I'm not gonna put this on anyone else.
This is on me.
And I want you to know I'm proud of you, cuz.
Love you guys.
Chin? Chin? Chin? He's gone.
Lou? GROVER: You're gonna make a right up here.
Then you got about three and a half miles to go.
(engine revving) Hey.
Hey, sweetie.
I knew you'd come, Uncle Chin.
Did you? Yes, because you promised.
I did.
Now, we don't break our promises, right? Hey, listen.
Do you see Uncle Jorge's car right behind me? Guess who's waiting inside for you.
I'll give you a hint.
It's your favorite bunny.
Newton? Mm-hmm.
Now I want you to walk over to the car, okay? Get inside, then lock the door, okay? And in a few minutes, Uncle Steve and Auntie Kono will be there, and they're gonna take you someplace safe, okay? You'll be there? I will always be there.
Promise? (voice breaks): I promise.
(sniffles) You better get going, okay? But do me a favor.
Don't look back.
In a few minutes, Auntie Kono will be there, and everything's gonna be okay.
(sniffles) (engines start) Kono? Got her.
Chin Ho?! Chin?! Chin?!
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