Hawaii Five-0 s07e13 Episode Script

Ua ho'i ka 'opua i Awalua (The Clouds Always Return to Awalua)

1 You're kidding me, right? No, I'm not kidding you.
You've been here three-quarters of your life, and you never once, not even once, dipped your malasada into your cup of coffee? Why is that so strange? I mean, I'm not saying it's strange as much as it is just sad.
I mean, you're on this island, which is sitting on the best coffee in the entire world-- 100% Kona coffee.
Now, how do you expect to enjoy the fusion of the flavors, the sweetness of the dough up against the bitterness of the coffee, it's just, it's heaven, man.
You know what? I'll tell you what.
- Just observe.
- Okay.
(moans) (moaning) All right.
I'm gonna do it.
Okay? You ready? Oh.
All right, I'm going in.
Yeah, roll that around in your mouth.
Huh? Hmm? That's pretty good.
(laughs) Damn right it's pretty good! It's pretty good, man.
Yeah, I told you.
Hey, wait, whoa-whoa-whoa.
Wait a second, whatcha doing? What are you doing? Are you double-dunking? Uh I'm gonna let that slide, 'cause I know you didn't know, okay? But you never double-dunk.
Never double-dunk.
When you double-dunk, now you're messing with the coffee-to-cake ratio.
You're risking oversaturation, and that can lead to the dreaded free dive.
Free dive? No, you don't want no part of the free dive.
That's where a chunk of your malasada breaks off and just sinks right to the bottom of your cup of coffee.
And then you don't see that nasty, soggy thing again until you're down to the last sip.
And let me tell you something.
Soggy malasada-- nobody's friend.
Nobody's friend.
Got it.
Got it.
All right.
I got to tell you the truth, man.
I mean, I don't know who it was that invented this damn thing, but in addition to being a genius, the man had to love coffee-- I mean, look at it.
These babies are the perfect size for dunking.
Circumference is spot-on.
This thing is engineered to fit into any coffee cup.
You've spent a lot of time thinking about this, haven't you? (laughing) And that brings me to the last item on this morning's brief-- this weekend's Honolulu Police Expo.
Organizers are expecting almost 5,000 officers from around the country.
That means additional patrols.
Five-O resources if we need them.
Now, officially, these mainland cops are coming here to share techniques, to attend workshops and test out new equipment and firearms, hmm? But unofficially, we all know that this is an opportunity for our brothers and sisters in blue to have a good time, to let off a little steam.
(laughs) GROVER: Why doesn't he just call it what it is? Spring break for cops.
- If it's anything like last year.
- Oh MEN (chanting): Get the goat! Get the goat! LUKELA: Obviously, we want our fellow officers to have a good time up to a point.
(chuckling, murmuring) But more importantly, we want everyone to go home safe.
(laughs) (chuckles): You think that's funny, huh? All right.
That, I believe, is five times in a row.
(laughs) You rig this thing? No.
Are you sure? 'Cause if you didn't rig this thing, then it is designed specifically-- engineered-- to humiliate adults.
'Cause nobody can be that lucky.
Again? Yeah, 'cause I need more whipped cream flung up my nose.
This time I'm going first, okay? Mouth.
There you go.
This time I'm getting you for sure.
All right.
Ready? Mm-hmm.
You're not gonna get away with it.
(both laugh) Really? I mean, look at this.
This is ridiculous.
(explosion in distance) Daddy, what was that? I don't know, buddy.
Sit right here.
I'll go find out, all right? (car alarms blaring in distance) (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x13 Ua ho'i ka 'opua i Awalua font color="#D900D NEWSWOMAN: The explosion devastated the offices of local law firm, Hadley and Becker.
Rescue and recovery teams Oh, hey, let me give you a hand there.
Gently, please.
The cause of the blast is unknown, but we are hearing reports of at least one casualty.
Much easier with two people.
(sighs): Ah.
Mahalo, Jerry.
No sweat.
Here are the boxes you asked for.
I got another half dozen in my van if you need them.
Um, actually that should not be necessary.
Um, if my calculations are correct, the rest of my possessions should fit perfectly in these seven remaining boxes.
Okay, then let the packing commence.
Where do you want me? Oh, um yeah, you could start on those shelves over there.
(popping bubbles) (continues popping bubbles) (laughs): Oh.
What have we here? Max, what are these? Oh, um, those are my daily journals.
What? Get out.
You keep a journal? Yes, since I was eight years old.
You're like John Doe in Se7en meets Doogie Howser.
What do you write about? Anything.
My thoughts.
Insights into the human condition.
Really? D-Do you mind if I If it'll keep you quiet, please.
(engine turns off) (indistinct radio chatter) CHIN: DHS just left.
No sign of radioactivity.
Whatever caused this, it doesn't appear to be connected to our missing uranium.
That's a silver lining, I guess.
DANNY: Except for the fact that the stuff's still out there.
Tell us about the body they found, Chin.
Well, rescue and recovery team had dogs scouring the rubble looking for survivors, and they actually picked up a scent.
Except that the body that they found wasn't actually someone who was caught in the explosion.
Who was it, then? He's a police sergeant from Milwaukee by the name of Miles Barton.
He's in town for the convention.
According to HPD, there are over a dozen out-of-town cops in from all different cities here to help search for survivors.
Barton was one of them-- except his C.
was a deep stab wound.
No such thing as an off-duty cop.
Body's actually down there.
CSU found gravitational blood spatter on the ground, so the thinking is he was knifed up here and then tossed into that hole.
To stall discovery of the body.
All these other volunteers, nobody saw anything? Nothing yet.
But we're still questioning people.
All right, thanks, Chin.
Take a look.
(panting) Noelani.
What do you got? (sighs) Well the shape and depth of the wound indicate the victim was definitely stabbed with a knife.
There's also some trauma to the body, fractured skull, some broken ribs.
But, given the nature of the contusions and the position of the body, I believe these injuries were sustained when he fell down here.
Got it.
Yep? Anybody from your team been down here yet? Not yet.
STEVE: Danny, come here for a minute, will you? What do you got? Fresh tracks.
Someone came all the way down here after the building came down.
Maybe somebody looking for survivors? I don't think so.
(indistinct chatter) The vault's used to store my firm's most important files.
Ones relating to open cases, as well as documents that are sensitive in nature.
Can you think of anybody who'd want to get their hands on those files? It would certainly be valuable to opposing counsel.
Or someone who wanted to gather information on a client, I suppose.
I wish I could tell you exactly what was stolen, but from what I've been told, it could be some time before it's deemed safe to go in.
And even then we're talking thousands of files.
It could days, if not weeks, to do a full inventory.
STEVE: All right, listen, thanks very much.
We appreciate your time.
Of course.
And if there's anything I could do to help with your investigation, please let me know.
Yeah, man, we will.
This is obviously not an accident.
No one watches a tower come down and sees an opportunity to steal a bunch of files.
So the fire inspector confirms that the explosion was caused by a gas leak, but he thinks it wasn't just a simple accident.
Okay, what do you got? They found drilling equipment underground.
So it looks like there was actually a heist crew that was tunneling toward the basement, they hit the gas main, and that's what caused the explosion.
So whoever did this obviously took off when their plan went sideways, and they came back this morning.
They could have been dressed as volunteer rescue workers.
As soon as they get underground, they go after what they came here for in the first place.
Our Vic sees them as they're coming out.
Gunshot would have drawn too much attention, so instead they knife him, toss him in the hole.
Well, security cameras are obviously buried, so that's not gonna be any help.
Wait a minute.
Every news channel on this island had a camera crew right here an hour after the explosion.
Yeah, it's possible that one of them could've seen our perps as they were leaving last night.
I'll go over and talk to them, see if I can get you copies of their footage.
All right.
The shockwave from the blast was felt for miles around the Honolulu area.
Damage to the building is extensive (surfboard bangs) and will run well into the tens of millions of dollars.
Witnesses at the scene describe (chuckles quietly) (chuckles) Much obliged.
Frank Bama.
Man, I didn't know you were in town.
Well I had a little problem with a client turned out to be a budding warlord.
Threatened to cut my head off if I didn't fly for him.
Yeah, so I decided it was time for a little R&R.
Good thinking.
So, your boss, uh, offered up his couch.
It was economically desirable, so here I am.
Well, it's good to see you.
Hey, you don't mind if I leave my gun over there, do you? No.
Okay, yeah, I'm gonna go across the street and get a little poke.
Fine by me.
All right.
Oh, look at that.
That's some big-time destruction right there.
That have anything to do with that, uh, missing uranium? Hey, how'd you know about that? Um, I might've overheard McGarrett saying something about it on the phone this morning.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
Well, stop overhearing stuff.
And whatever you do, please, do not mention the words "missing uranium" to anybody.
Keep it on the QT.
Roger that.
You know, my hearing's not what it used to be, anyway.
- Good.
- Too many hours with my keister parked next to a turboshaft engine.
Good to see you, big man.
You, too, Frank.
- All right, bye.
- All right.
Take care.
(chuckles softly) Well, I'm glad that you find my intimate recollections so engrossing, but I was under the impression that you came here to help pack.
Yeah, yeah, I'll get right on that.
This is amazing stuff.
I mean, it says here McGarrett was a fugitive for a couple days? Ah, yes.
That was an unfortunate misunderstanding.
Whoa, hold up.
He came to you for help? That is correct.
Hey, I'm sorry I broke into your house.
I, uh I didn't really have anywhere else to go.
No apology is necessary.
In fact, I'm quite humbled that you feel comfortable enough to come to me.
However, I am curious as to how you acquired that wound.
I'm guessing that it was a crudely sharpened piece of unsterilized metal I got shanked in prison, Max.
I suppose that one might have a problem with a fugitive seeking shelter in their home.
But truth be told, I was moved.
Up until that point, our relationship was strictly professional.
Commander McGarrett was taking a huge risk.
I was a sworn member of law enforcement, and I was duty-bound to turn him in.
He knew that, yet he still came to me.
He trusted me.
I saw him as a colleague, but he saw me as a friend.
Wow, that's touching, dude.
Is that the dead guy from the explosion? I assume so.
Something wrong? Hmm? Um, no.
I just realized that this might be the last postmortem I get to conduct.
Hope it's a good one.
HIRSCH: Crime Clean.
Cleaning up the streets one crime at a time.
Thanks, man.
Not interested.
Oh, but you should be.
Sadly, as well as you guys do your job, we will always have crime.
Upside? There will always be crime scenes.
This is a guaranteed revenue stream.
In fact, not only is my business recession-proof, I actually do a little better in downtimes.
Oh, well, what do you know, it's Commander McGarrett and Officer Kalakaua of the Five-O task force.
I work a lot of their crime scenes.
In fact, you could say we're practically work colleagues.
We have no affiliation with this man.
He's, uh he's very sorry to bother you officers, and we hope that you enjoy your stay in Hawaii.
I was just about to close that sale.
No, you weren't.
Listen, we need some information.
KONO: Look, with all the crime scenes that you troll looking for work, have you ever come across a stringer that goes by the name G Stealth? Oh, sure.
I know him well.
Oh, excellent.
We believe he sold footage of that building explosion last night to a local news station.
So we're gonna need his real name.
That I don't know.
How do we get ahold of him? Couldn't tell you that, either.
You-you you literally just said you know him well.
Okay, maybe not that well.
But we do bump into each other at the occasional double homicide.
Sometimes we even knock back a few afterward.
You know, to wind down.
Hey, you know what, one time, we hit up this karaoke place.
Stealthy pounded a few too many sake bombs, and I had to give him a lift home.
STEVE: Okay.
You remember where you dropped him off? Hmm.
I'm not sure.
But you know what might jog my memory? What? Uh, if you guys offered me an exclusive contract to clean up Five-O's crime scenes.
That's an idea.
Or how 'bout this one? If you cooperate, we won't shut down your sales booths or fine you for operating without a permit.
That's really good advice.
Let's go.
You want to take a right up here.
Th-This definitely looks familiar.
You said that an hour ago.
Well, I'm quite confident that this is the general area.
Let me tell you something.
There's gonna be a crime scene cleanup in this truck if you don't remember which house it is, all right? Wait.
That-that's it.
The one with the hula girl mailbox-- I'm sure that's where I dropped him off.
All right.
Okay, how sure? HIRSCH: Eight Ni ninety-five percent.
Works for me.
Oh, by the way, this should go without saying, but you do not leave this vehicle, you understand? Got it.
Oh, and I should warn you, uh, Stealthy has a couple of, uh, outstanding warrants on his head-- just trespassing and whatnot.
He might not be so happy to see you.
Okay, and you wait until now to mention this? Uh, sorry.
Small oversight.
G-Stealth! Five-O! Open up! Five-O! (sighs) (clacking nearby) (exhaling) Oh.
Not good.
(honking horn) G-STEALTH: Hirsch? What the hell are you doing here? Hey, buddy.
You son of a bitch.
- You ratted me out? - Uh well Whatever.
Just go! Drive! Now! (car alarm blaring) Oops.
(alarm continues blaring) Nice going, Hirsch.
G-Stealth's footage give us anything yet? We're just going through it now.
It's about 40 minutes of tape.
What about you? Well, I looked into that drilling equipment that was recovered from the scene, but unfortunately, it was a dead end.
Those tools were stolen from a construction site a week ago.
(siren wailing) Hang on a sec.
Guys, look at this.
You see these rescue vehicles arriving on scene? Check out the one in the back.
STEVE: Those are taillights.
He's pulling out.
Doesn't look like a first responder vehicle, either.
Could be the perp's fleeing the scene.
Yeah, I'm gonna enhance it and see if I can get a look at that plate.
Who's it registered to, Kono? Jimmy Rorke.
He was pinched for grand theft and B&E.
We got an address on this guy? Guys, come on back here.
Apparently, Rorke had an accomplice-- but from the looks of things, he must have sustained these wounds in a blast.
Obviously, Rorke didn't want to take him to the hospital.
(sighs) No I.
All right, let's run this guy's prints through the system.
Get CSU down here to tear this place apart so they can find something to tell us where Rorke is.
Jerry (shushing) It's getting good now.
Well, I'm sorry to disturb you, but if you're not gonna help me pack my belongings, could I at least ask you to try to stay out of my way? Hmm? Hmm? Oh.
The way you and Sabrina met, it was classic-- it's, like, right out of a Rom-com.
Yes, I believe they call it a "meet-cute.
" I'm right at the part where you're about to ask her out.
WOMAN: Next please.
Window three's open.
Next customer, please.
Aloha, Max.
Aloha, Sabrina.
Another deposit? Must be Friday.
You know, Max, you can always set your account up for direct deposit, and that way you won't have the hassle of coming in the bank every week.
Your time-saving assessment is quite correct.
I've had this thought myself, but eventually decided against it.
Oh, yeah? Why's that? FBI crime data shows a spike in Internet banking fraud, most notably in direct deposit scams, which is turning out to be quite troublesome.
Here I thought the reason you came in every week was to see me.
It is.
Oh! Uh I-I-I I mean, uh, uh, y-yes, you are the reason why I come in.
I was just looking, uh, for a the right moment to ask you for your for your phone number.
I'm free on Saturday.
I was thinking maybe we could get some sushi? Yes.
Uh, how would 8:00 be? I know of a great sushi place, uh, serves r-raw fish, (distorts, echoes) uh, with rice Wow, so you just went for it.
I did.
Truth be told, I wasn't aware I was capable of such bravery.
Yeah, me, too.
So where'd that come from? Actually, Officer Kalakaua-- she suggested that I man up and put myself out there.
So I followed her counsel to a T, and the results exceeded my wildest expectations.
Of course, Sabrina got shot moments later and nearly died.
However, the experience did bring us together.
Okay, first of all, spoiler alert.
But second, you owe Kono big-time.
I I suppose I do.
Now if you'll excuse me, I need to see what happens next.
CHIN: So, CSU just finished going through the trash.
They found two pairs of coveralls.
Wait a minute.
Rorke had two accomplices.
And we just got an I.
back on the guy in the van.
His name is Leo Stein.
No priors, but his prints were in the system because he used to clerk for a federal judge.
How does somebody like that become a criminal? I don't know, but here's the best part.
Until very recently, he worked at the law offices of Hadley & Becker.
Which means he could have known what was in that safe.
Maybe he was the inside man.
I just got back Rorke's phone records.
You ready for this? Yeah.
8:00 this morning, he makes a 40-second call to Brian Hadley's cell phone.
So Rorke and his partners steal something out of Hadley's safe, and then they call Hadley.
STEVE: Yeah, which, uh, Hadley conveniently forgets to tell Danny and I when we spoke to him.
So, then, is it just me, or is this starting to look more like an extortion attempt? That's ridiculous.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
No one has attempted to blackmail me or any of my clients.
We have phone records that suggest otherwise.
Why don't you just let us help you? All right, we can help you.
If it were up to me, I would let you, but my client doesn't want to involve the authorities.
They'd prefer to resolve this on their own.
Which, by the way, is perfectly legal for them to do.
Okay, look, why don't you just tell us the name of your client? We'll go talk to them, gently persuade them.
I'm sorry.
I can't do that.
Attorney-client privilege prevents me from shar Wait.
Attorney-client privilege? A cop was murdered.
You understand that, right? Yes.
And I'm sorry that that happened.
Believe me, I want to help I don't think you are.
I don't think you are sorry, all right? You're obstructing an investigation.
You understand that? Why don't you just tell us what the hell is going on? (sighs) Again, that information is confidential.
Not only am I within my rights to protect my client's interests.
I could be disbarred for cooperating with you.
All right.
I understand.
Book him, Danno.
Come on.
(scoffs) I'm afraid I'm gonna have to take that.
Oh! Five more minutes! Jerry.
(groans) Well, look at that.
We're done.
I got to say, reading some of your diaries, I see Max Bergman in a whole new light.
But there's something I've been dying to ask you.
You mention your prehistoric fossil collection and your DS9 action figures a few times.
They were obviously important to you.
That would be correct.
So why did you sell 'em? It was a sacrifice for a larger purpose.
Well, don't leave me hanging.
Very well.
(engine revving) (indistinct crowd chatter) (squeaking) (car alarm chirps on) Gentlemen.
What are you doing here, Max? Got a new car.
Yes, I did, and thank you for noticing.
Unfortunately, in order to purchase a sweet ride like this-- it necessitated me to sell off my entire prehistoric fossil collection and my DS9 action figures.
However, I feel it was well very worth it.
Why'd you go with a Camaro? Well to be honest, it was because of Detective Williams.
What do you mean? Well, I guess in some ways, you can say I've always looked up to him.
- Really? - Yes.
Detective Williams may have a gruff exterior, but underneath is a very caring individual.
I mean, considering the sacrifice he made for his daughter by moving out here, or the fact that he gave up a piece of his vital organ without hesitation in order to save Commander McGarrett.
And at times, he can be quite witty.
Max, can I ask you something? Of course.
Have you ever mentioned any of this to Detective Williams? No.
That would be inappropriate.
What? Sharing your feelings? Telling the people in your life what they mean to you? How is that inappropriate? Well, perhaps you're right, but it's just something I'm not comfortable with.
Oh, I get that.
It isn't easy for you, but you're going to have to get past that.
You're not going to be working with stiffs anymore.
You're going to be interacting with living, breathing people on a daily basis.
Gonna have to learn to open up and share your feelings.
Trust me.
It's a good thing.
GROVER: Well, I think we've just I.
'd the blackmail target.
Meet Edward Gabler.
This guy withdrew $2 million in cash from four different banks this afternoon.
Plus, he's also been trading calls with his lawyer Brian Hadley all day long.
Okay, we know where Gabler is now? HPD went by his house.
His car is there, but he's not, so BOLO's out now.
All right, what else we know about him? Well, Gabler's a former weatherman who was accused of stabbing to death his girlfriend Heather Mayfield in his North Shore vacation home eight years ago.
Hadley represented him.
Now, in the trial, the jury deadlocked, the judge declared a mistrial.
Prosecution decided not to refile.
You said the C.
was a stab wound? Yeah.
They ever find that murder weapon? No, but they had plenty of other evidence.
What? Just go with me on this for a second, all right? What if that's what was in the safe? You mean the knife that was used to kill Heather Mayfield? I do.
Check it out.
Rorke and his accomplice-- they go, they grab it, right? Our victim sees them, they panic, they use the same knife to kill our Vic.
DANNY: Uh-huh.
So you're saying Gabler-- instead of, uh-- I don't know-- throwing the knife in the ocean or something, he gives it to his lawyer? That's right.
Yeah, I can almost hear O.
right now saying, "Damn.
I wish I'd have thought of that.
" It's a pretty wild hunch there, boss.
Yeah, maybe.
Why don't we talk to him and find out? (lock buzzes, latch clicks) HADLEY: What is this? Round three? STEVE: No.
We're done sparring.
You see, uh, despite your best efforts to stymie us in this investigation, we figured out who you were covering for.
Edward Gabler.
Right? You know what else we figured out? We figured out what was stolen from that safe.
It was the knife that Gabler used to kill his girlfriend, Heather Mayfield.
We know that because we pulled her autopsy report.
And our M.
compared her stab wound to the victim's stab wound, and confirmed that it was the same blade.
DANNY: Oh, somehow Leo Stein figured out that you had that knife.
I don't know.
Maybe wanted some cash.
Came to you.
All right, so here's the thing.
Counselor, you got one move left, and that's to cooperate, all right? We already have you on obstruction of justice, and now possible accessory to murder, but you already know that, right? For the record, I never thought this would play out as it did.
Right after he killed Heather, Ed called me up in a panic.
I got to his house just before the police did.
That's when he asked me to dispose of the knife.
But it was evidence, so I couldn't destroy it.
But I couldn't exactly turn it over, either.
So I stuck it in our safe, and I tried to forget about it.
And for years I did until Leo came to see me.
He said he had reason to believe the firm had the knife.
He threatened to go public.
He told me he wanted justice for Heather.
It wasn't about the money for him.
He was-- I don't know-- an idealist.
Oh, so you fired him just in case he did go public.
Nobody would believe him.
They'd think he was just upset 'cause he got laid off.
It's good.
It's smart.
I'll tell you what's gonna happen now.
You're gonna tell us exactly where we can find Edward Gabler.
He's on his way to pay the blackmail.
I'm not sure where.
But he has my car, which has GPS.
GROVER: Oh, hey.
Look, we got a hold of Leo Stein's e-mails.
You ain't gonna believe this.
Seems for the last several weeks, he's been in touch with Heather Mayfield's brother, Alan.
Now Gabler has a restraining order on Alan Mayfield.
He's had it for several years, because Mayfield threatened to kill him.
Where-where is this guy? He's on the island? Yeah, according to travel records, he got here last week.
STEVE: So Alan Mayfield is the third player in this? That's right.
And I'll bet you this.
He don't give a damn about money.
Just wants to draw Gabler out so he can kill him.
This is a revenge play.
Gabler? You bring the money? It's in the backseat.
That's close enough.
Let's see the cash.
It's all here.
Two million.
So where is it? (blade clinks, air whistling) (grunts) (gunshot) (click) Remember me? RORKE: You were supposed to wait till I was gone.
Look, I don't want any part of this, you understand? Then go! You got what you wanted.
(engine starts and revs) Look.
Don't do this.
I have more money.
I can pay you whatever you want.
I just gave away $2 million.
You actually think I care about money? I'm doing this for Heather.
You killed my sister.
That's him, it's Rorke.
It looks like he's alone.
All right, Chin, we're going after Mayfield, you take Rorke.
I'm on it.
(breathing hard) Now get on your knees.
I (grunts) Listen, p-please.
I Out of the truck.
Let me see your hands.
Show me your hands! (car approaching) (siren chirping) Alan.
Put the gun down, Alan.
He's not worth it.
DANNY: Listen, you've got the evidence in your hand.
They got to retry the case.
Don't throw your life away 'cause of this guy.
What life? My life is over.
An innocent man was killed this morning.
And I'm an accessory.
STEVE: Alan, you're not like him.
All right, you're not like Rorke, either.
You're not a killer.
You put that gun down.
Let us take him in.
He'll be convicted this time, you understand? Alan, you want justice for Heather, you put the gun down right now, let us take him in.
Drop the knife, drop the gun.
You, hands behind your head, and lock your fingers right now.
Edward Gabler, you're under arrest for the murder of Heather Mayfield.
Get up.
Let's go.
(siren wailing) Just take me away for a while, yeah Just take me away for a while, yeah Just take me away Just take me away Just take me away for a while.
GROVER: Yeah, all right! (all cheering, clamoring) STEVE: Yeah, buddy.
All right, Flip.
(applause) Very nice.
Hey, everyone.
Friends, Hawaiians, countrymen.
And women.
Lend me your ears.
Is he lit? Hammered.
I don't know you very well.
But you seem like a good egg.
And you're you're obviously well-loved.
I mean, look at this turn out.
Anyhoo, I wanted to wish you luck.
Rumor has it, you're heading to Madagascar.
Never been myself, but hear it's lovely.
So, uh, I want to wish you safe travels.
I wish you health and happiness.
A-And, uh, may the odds be ever in your favor.
Oh, and if any of you are interested in acquiring a Crime Clean franchise You're done.
Okay, all right, Th-that's all.
Oh! And l'chaim! L'chaim.
(all cheer, Grover laughs) (Grover shouting in Hawaiian) (laughter) Speech! Speech! GROVER: Come on, Max.
Come on, Max.
(all talking over each other) I haven't prepared anything.
GROVER: Come on, say a few words.
Speech! (Kono yips) Oh.
Well, um, thank you, everyone, for coming out tonight.
And a very special mahalo to Kamekona for hosting tonight's festivities.
Also, I want to reassure my, now, former colleagues that the M.
's office will be in very capable hands.
Noelani Kunha is more than up to the task.
However, if you ever need consult on open or prior investigations, of course I am available by e-mail or text.
So please contact me at any time.
So with that, uh, I just wanted to say mahalo.
It's been a honor and privilege to be working with the HPD and the Five-0 Task Force.
Thanks, man.
(applause) GROVER: Hey! (applause, clamoring) But, what I will miss the most is is my adopted family.
And by that I mean you.
Commander McGarrett.
As you know, I grew up as an only child.
And I always wanted a big brother.
And when I started working with the Five-0, I finally got one.
Mahalo, Max.
Detective Williams.
This might be a surprise to you, but I always considered you as something of a role model.
That does, that does surprise me.
(laughter) Surprises us all, Max, but go on.
I've always been on the receiving end of your sarcasm, but, truth be told, it never bothered me.
I always took them as a token of affection.
I'm going to miss your little quips.
I hope that you would consider texting me one of those from time to time.
To you, buddy.
Lieutenant Kelly.
Nobody understands the meaning of ohana more than you.
And for that reason, among many others, you are gonna make an amazing father to little Sara.
And from what I've already seen, you already are.
Mahalo, brother.
Without you, I would've never married my beautiful Sabrina.
And Detective Williams is my role model as an individual, but your loving relationship with Adam is something that Sabrina and I hope to emulate.
Love you, Max.
Sergeant Grover.
I'll miss your smile.
Yes, that one.
(chuckles) I know a part of you will always belong to Chicago, but Hawaii has claimed you as one of its sons, and I truly believe that the islands are a better place because you are here.
Oh, damn it, Max.
MAX: Jerry.
Thank you for being a friend and all your counsel.
You've changed me in many ways, and allowed me to grow in ways I never could've imagined.
All of you will be ohana to me.
I love you.
STEVE: Oh, Max.
To Max! (applause) (all cheering Max) (chuckles) All good things Got to come to an end Thrills have to fade Before they come round again The bills will be paid Pleasure will mend All good things Got to come to an end God, I wish I was home Laying round with my friends Call of the wild Caution thrown to the wind Fall of the child (laughing) Where the longing begins All good things Got to come to an end Got to come to an end All good times All good friends All good times All good friends Got to come to an end.

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