Hawaii Five-0 s07e14 Episode Script

Ka Laina Ma Ke One (Line in the Sand)

1 (panting) (grunts) (panting) (grunts) Got a suspect.
Male, early 30s, on foot, headed east.
MAN (over bullhorn): Stop right there! (guns clicking) HPD! Drop your weapons! Move away from the fence! We're in pursuit of a suspect.
Stand down.
We can't do that.
Your suspect is no longer in the United States of America.
(Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x14 Ka Laina Ma Ke One (Line Dit Du Du Da da da do do Dim duh did doo Did did did Doo dim duh dum did doo Do do Sure would like To have a little pad In Hawaii Hmm, hmm Good Morning.
Good morning.
Commander McGarrett? Yes, ma'am.
Says here you've never renewed your license since returning from active duty.
DANNY: That's correct.
That's correct.
Seven years, this man has been driving without a license.
I-I would say that that is grounds for permanent suspension, or an expulsion.
Don't you think so? And you are? DANNY: I am, uh Annoying.
very, eh, annoying, yes, but also, very excited to see if you survive this man's driving test.
This is my partner, Detective Danny Williams.
Uh, I don't even know why he's here.
If you could, uh, do me a favor, ignore him, maybe we can we get started? Hold on.
I got some questions.
Just one quick thing before you get started, uh You guys are go gonna go over speed limits, correct? WOMAN: It's a comprehensive road test, covering all the driving laws in the state of Hawaii.
Good, “comprehensive” meaning, uh, like, driving on sidewalks, popping curbs, going under semi-trucks.
Stuff like that? Shut up! Is he serious? No.
He's not serious Well, kind of, but I, look, but I would only I would never do anything like that unless I absolutely had to.
He would never do anything like that.
Go away.
Just go away.
I will not go away.
Get Would you get out of here, please? Sir.
You be safe, okay? And you, your best defense would be two hands up on the dash, at all times.
(Danny chanting in foreign language) STEVE: Go away, please.
Vamanos, uh, hibiscus, or whatever they say.
Thank you.
Go away.
That's not how he would do it normally, just so you know! (horns honking) Eyes on the road, please.
That was a, uh, yellow light, that we just went through, for the records.
Just focus on the road.
Don't even worry about what I'm writing.
Not worried.
Luckily, I'm used to being judged from the passenger's seat of this vehicle, Oh.
so it's, it's fine.
(exhales) (phone ringing) What are you writing? What? (mouths): Okay.
Bumper cars, Honolulu County Fair, that's last time I saw Grace behind a wheel.
Drove in reverse the whole time, pinned a car up against the, uh You know, point is I got to come back here, two years, give my blessing for her to operate a 3,000-pound machine that can kill people; it's capable of destruction.
Especially, you got maniacs, like her uncle out there, who think that the road is, a, you know, like a roller derby.
(engine revving) (tires screeching) Maniac.
BOY: Do you know him? DANNY: Unfortunately, I do.
Very nice.
Fail already? Duke called.
Get in.
(birds chirping) (engine approaching) (car doors opening) What's up? What's up? How your driving test go? Oh, I killed it.
He didn't kill it.
He tanked it.
What are you talking about? I didn't tank it.
I Well, it was interrupted, so I got an incomplete, technically.
I didn't tank it.
The woman survived, so I guess it did go okay.
What's up, Chin? So, here's the situation.
on the other side of that gate is an ex-con by the name of Kanuha Noe.
He's a suspect in an open murder investigation.
Now, HPD went to question him last night, but he got combative, and he took off.
Chase ended here, when he crossed over into the Nation of Hawai'i.
Now they're refusing to hand him over.
Why's that? 'Cause they think he's innocent.
So? Look, I hang a “Man Cave” sign in my garage, that don't stop my wife from barging in there whenever she wants something.
Whoever's holding this guy is holding a murder suspect.
Why don't we just go in there and just snatch his ass up? Because the land this guy's on is sovereign territory.
According to an agreement with the government, it's not the United States.
Let me get this straight.
You're saying if we cross that gate, we're invading another country? As far as they're concerned, that's exactly what we'd be doing.
Chin, you talk to Bumpy yet? No.
I thought it would be best to wait until you got here.
Well, let's get him down here.
I'm sorry we have to meet again under these circumstances.
Us, too.
Look, HPD seems to believe that the man you're harboring may have committed a murder, but you're, uh, convinced he's innocent.
Tell us why.
Because he told me so.
He told you so.
He also ran from the HPD when they tried to question him.
That should tell you something as well.
Maybe he's simply afraid of the police.
Look, Bumpy, right now, Kanuha, he's a suspect, okay? And if he's innocent, he's got nothing to be afraid of.
But in order to find out, he has to let HPD question him.
With all due respect, Commander, I've seen too many times how this can go wrong for Native Hawaiians.
Hold on, HPD is one of the finest police forces in this country.
Yeah, who is also capable of making mistakes.
Isn't that how you were labeled a thief, Lieutenant Kelly? Or how I spent ten months behind bars after an HPD officer falsely accused me of pointing a gun at him.
The Makapu'u lighthouse occupation.
I can't get that time back, but I can make sure that no other injustice happens to anyone else.
This guy is not even a part of your community.
He's outside of your protection.
He's still Kanaka.
CHIN: Then where was he during your protests? Your occupations, your community meetings.
He's only here because it's convenient.
He's using you, Bumpy.
STEVE: You need to understand that you're risking the safety of everybody in here-- the entire nation-- behind somebody you don't know.
That's where you're wrong, Commander.
I know a thousand Native Hawaiians like him.
“Pu'uhonua o Waimanalo,” translates to “City of Refuge.
” That means refuge to anyone.
I still recognize your laws.
If you can prove Kanuha Noe is a murderer, the Nation will hand him over.
Hey, how'd it go with the governor? She's concerned, man.
She wants to, uh, get this resolved quickly and quietly.
She made that clear.
So she's okay with the Nation harboring a fugitive? No, she's not, but what's more important to her right now is to, is to get this thing sorted out as peacefully as possible.
Oh, this must be Kanuha's alleged victim, huh? This here is Lance Akemoto.
He was a former locksmith from Waimalu, who was found in Manoa yesterday by a hiker.
Cause of death, single gunshot wound to the neck through and through, no slug.
Noelani thinks that he's been dead for about 36, 38 hours.
Process the crime scene yet? Well, there's no crime scene to process.
Noelani seems to think that the body was moved.
Why is HPD so convinced that Kanuha's good for this? Well, there's not any physical evidence connecting him to this crime, but these two guys had a lot of bad blood together.
Back in the day, Kanuha and Akemoto used to be partners in the burglary business.
Allegedly, they committed a whole string of them till 2009 when HPD caught them in a house.
These two guys went to trial.
Kanuha was convicted, but Akemoto skated on a technicality.
And when he did, he found religion.
He left his life of crime, and he went completely legit.
Meanwhile, Kanuha did seven years in prison.
“Seven years”? Okay, so HPD thinks he had a grudge.
Well, considering the fact that Kanuha's only been out of prison for six weeks, and then the timing of this thing? A little suspicious.
What about HPD? Did they, uh, get anything from this guy before he took off? Just a denial that he'd been in contact with Akemoto at all in the last six weeks.
(cell phone chiming) STEVE: All right, boys.
Looks like we just found our primary crime scene.
(indistinct radio transmission) The van's registered to Akemoto.
CSU recovered a slug from inside the vehicle.
Lab's running ballistics.
They also found a pair of tire tracks nearby.
All right, so, it looks like Akemoto entered this location into his GPS, and got directions from his shop in Waimalu.
Okay, so Kanuha, he lures Akemoto out here.
Calls him, tells him that he needs help getting into his car.
Akemoto shows up.
Kanuha kills him dumps him in the back of his car, takes off.
Dumps him in Manoa where he hopes no one will find him.
Well, we should have some answers soon, 'cause HPD impounded Kanuha's car, and they're processing it now.
Kono, where's Kanuha been living since he got out of the joint? 3118 Pukele Avenue.
I got the address right here on Akemoto's GPS.
Kanuha lied to HPD about seeing Akemoto since he's been out.
Looks like it.
If he lied to you about that, then what else isn't he telling you? Bumpy, you got to let us talk to him.
If-if you think he's innocent and the Nation can exonerate him, we need to hear his side of the story.
Commander McGarrett gave his word that no one will step foot on this land until you prove his guilt.
I'm not “no one,” right? I'm not “no one.
” You know me.
I went to school with your niece.
My father helped you build this guard house.
Officer Pua.
Yes, Lieutenant? Keep them handy.
Yes, sir.
I'm not asking you to trust a cop.
I'm asking you to trust me.
Let him in.
(traditional Hawaiian vocal music plays) Okay, I lied.
I knew HPD was looking at me for this murder, so I figured it was best to distance myself from Akemoto.
All right.
And when he came to see you, what did you guys talk about? Money.
He was lending me some to get by.
Can anyone corroborate that? I don't know.
I mean, maybe he told someone.
(sighs) All right.
Any chance you have an alibi for the night of the murder? No.
Kanuha, you got to understand what this looks like.
You just did seven years in prison when your partner didn't even do a day.
You had to have been angry about that.
I was.
For awhile.
Then I realized, it could just as easily have been him in there and me going free.
Just the way things shook out.
I didn't blame Akemoto for what happened.
I doubt you ever been in my situation, where no matter what you say you're gonna be accused of being a liar.
Yeah, okay, thank you very much.
Okay, the lab just finished processing Kanuha's car.
There was no traces of Akemoto's blood or DNA in the trunk.
Plus, the tires on the car don't match the tracks at the crime scene.
Well, that doesn't exonerate him.
He could've stolen a car.
He could've borrowed a car.
The-the problem is there's still no hard evidence linking him to Akemoto's murder.
You got a visitor.
John Berris.
He's Kanuha's P.
He just came down here, said he wanted to see you.
When I heard about Kanuha, I honestly, I couldn't believe it.
The guy's been a model parolee since he got out.
All your model parolees, Mr.
Berris, do they run from the cops and lie to them beforehand, stuff like that? No.
They usually try and get their lives back on track, which is exactly what Kanuha was doing.
He's been staying away from trouble and hasn't missed a day of work since he started.
Where is he working? Berris Hardware in Kapolei.
Berris Hardware? That's my brother's place.
Kanuha was having trouble finding work, so I asked my brother for a favor.
So far, no regrets.
Let me ask you something.
Did Kanuha ever mention Lance Akemoto? Yeah, the name came up a few times.
I got the feeling he harbored a little resentment, sure.
But he also talked about wanting to get on with his life, and I believe he was sincere.
All right, so you think he's innocent.
Detective, I've been doing this for awhile.
And there are parolees that you just know are going back inside.
There are also a handful that you believe are gonna make it.
Kanuha was one of them.
That's all I'm saying.
(knocking) All right, look, we, uh, really appreciate you coming down today.
Thanks for your time.
If I can help in any way, let me know.
I'll see myself out.
All right, man.
Lab called.
Ballistics on the 9mm slug that was found in Akemoto's car were matched to a Glock 29 belonging to this guy: Dylan Turner, lives in Kailua.
Any connection between Turner and our Vic? Not that I found so far.
Except that Turner owns the gun that killed our victim.
GROVER: Clear.
Found an open safe with an empty Glock case inside.
All right, well, according to the calendar on his fridge, Turner's been in Tahiti for the last six days.
GROVER: There's an alarm panel near the back.
Looks like it's been bypassed.
Okay, so either the perp broke into this house and stole the murder weapon or he bought it off whoever did.
(birds chirping) Any idea when Turner's house was broken into? CSU's processing now.
All right, we also have to reach out to Turner to get a list of exactly what's missing; see if any of those things are at Kanuha's place.
If we can prove that he broke in, we can tie him to the murder weapon.
(sirens wailing) Something's going on here, Steve.
I'm gonna need to call you back.
All right.
Who's in charge here? CHIN: I am.
Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly, Five-O Task Force.
Deputy Marshall Wes Lincoln.
Consider yourself relieved of your duties, Lieutenant.
This situation is now a Federal matter.
(birds chirping) And I see for question 23 on the roommate compatibility questionnaire, you answered “false” in regards to whether we actually went to the moon.
Oh, so you're of the school of thought that NASA faked the moon landing.
I don't believe that the moon exists.
Go on.
An overwhelming amount of evidence suggests that there's a high probability that our reality is just a simulation.
We are all merely avatars being controlled by other creatures.
Sorry, Doug.
It appears our time has come to an end.
But it was great meeting you, and I will be in touch.
The hell was that all about? I'm interviewing potential roommates.
When I agreed to take over Max's lease I didn't realize how expensive it was.
You know, M.
's make a lot more than special consultants.
Well, there's that whole medical school thing, Jerry.
Anyway, I need you to look into this Turner robbery.
Sure thing.
Oh, you think you'll run a few background checks on potential roomies? You want me to use Five-O resources for your personal matter, Jerry? I don't think McGarrett would mind.
And how do you know that? Okay, right.
I don't.
But if I can't find a roommate, then I may have to go back to sleeping on the sofa in his office, and I can't imagine he'd like that.
Fair point.
Come on.
(engine humming) (turns engine off) They brought an army for this? Look, Bumpy, I don't know what to tell you.
We didn't know they were coming, all right? McGarrett! We trusted you, and this is what happens? Bumpy, listen, we had nothing to do with this.
Somebody else must have alerted the Feds.
There are children in this village! I-I know.
I know.
They're all frightened.
We're gonna figure this out, all right? I got this.
Deputy Lincoln, my name's Commander Steve McGarrett.
I already told Lieutenant Kelly the state of Hawaii no longer has jurisdiction over this.
Why are the Feds involved? We have this situation under control.
If that were true, I wouldn't be here.
But to answer your question, the DOJ caught wind that an armed group is harboring a fugitive.
If they decide not to hand him over, we're prepared to go in and take him by force.
I don't think you understand what's going on here.
What I understand is that on the other side of that gate is an ex-con and murder suspect who, at the very least, evaded the police and resisted arrest.
And now those people are protecting him.
So tell me what I'm missing.
What you're missing is what this land means to these people-- it's all they have left.
And any attempt to cross that border will end in violence.
STEVE: What he's trying to say, sir is that these people will die to protect it, okay? Now, right now, we're in peaceful negotiations.
No one's gotten hurt.
No threats have been made.
No one is in any danger.
Now, do you really want to explain to the attorney general why you took action without provocation? (sighs quietly) I'll give you until sundown to resolve the situation peacefully.
After that, we're going in.
DANNY: His mouth has not moved in three and a half minutes.
CHIN: You know, maybe she's got him on hold.
His nostrils are flaring.
He's pacing like a maniac.
And he just switched the phone from his right hand to his left hand, which means he wants to punch something.
Well, you know your boy well.
Governor says it's out of her hands, and the marshals are in charge now.
Okay, well, you seem to be taking that well.
We got until sundown.
Let's work with that.
(alarm blaring) GROVER: Okay.
Got your Jerry Alert-- what's up? Ah, so you're adding some security to your bunker.
What, this? Please.
Everyone knows the best way to store important items is to bury them underground.
Yeah, I think I learned that from the family dog.
All right, you mock me, but safes are anything but secure.
Allow me to demonstrate on one that happens to be the exact same model as the one found in Dylan Turner's home.
Okay, I always love a demonstration that starts with a large metal hockey puck.
When I started looking into the robberies, I came across a string of home invasions from all over the Island, all which shared a similar M.
-- three of the homes had safes, and in each case, the thief was able to open the safe without damaging the lock or leaving any fingerprints.
A tough thing to do, unless (clicking) you have access to a neodymium magnet.
GROVER: Okay, so where do you get one of these, uh, Neo Neodymium.
Magnets, yeah.
It's an industrial-strength magnet, difficult to come by in a strength powerful enough to move safe tumblers, unless you're in the locksmith business.
Oh, wait a minute-- Akemoto used to be in the locksmith business for years.
Okay, so what if Akemoto and Kanuha were back in business.
And then they get into a disagreement and one turns on the other? Exactly what I was thinking.
That's nice work, Jerry.
Oh, hey, do either of you know who I turn expenses into? The safe and the magnet weren't cheap-- cost me about $750 all in.
You spent $750 on a visual aid? Well, at least the sock was mine.
GROVER: Yeah, so is the safe and that fancy-ass magnet-- why don't you see if you can draw some money out of the bank with that thing.
KONO: See you later, Jerry.
(Grover chuckles) That's a great theory, but do we have any evidence that Kanuha and Akemoto were pulling jobs again? (line beeping) Kono? What did you do? Cutting off communications helps to contain the situation.
If you need to make a call, we have a sat phone.
You really think this is the best way to resolves things peacefully? (horn honking) What's going on here? Sir, we told him he's not allowed to cross over.
I've got four ice chests full of Ono back there.
If I don't go in, my family doesn't eat.
Tell your men to let him through.
This is a standoff, Lieutenant.
They can't come and go as they please.
Turn him away.
You don't get to walk away from this.
I can't let them call the shots.
In 15 minutes, we're cutting the water and power as well.
You said we had until sundown.
I plan on keeping my word, but until then, I have other options and I'm going to use them.
To do what-- provoke them? Make them give you the excuse you need to throw them all in jail? I'm trying to get them to see that protecting a murderer isn't worth it.
That decisions like this have consequences.
Believe it or not, Lieutenant, I do want a peaceful resolution.
I still can't read your mind.
Excuse me? You get that look on your face like I'm supposed to know what you're thinking, but I-I-I don't.
You know, it's funny.
There's two things on this earth that I am very grateful for.
one is that you cannot read my mind; the second is this seat belt right here.
Only two? Just two? Just-- Not the birth of your daughter or getting to know your beautiful little boy? Just me not having a superpower and your seat belt-- that's it? Right now, yeah.
Well, be glad you can't read mine.
No, no, I-I can read yours.
Oh, you can read mine? Oh, yeah.
What am I thinking? You're-you're hungry.
Very hungry.
You're thinking about wings.
Wondering if I have my wallet in my pocket.
You're also probably thinking about that new issue of Guns & Ammo that you got in the mail this morning, huh? Other than that, it's pretty echo-y in there, I'm guessing.
Used to when I met you, you were funny.
I actually thought you were funny.
You didn't, you didn't say I was wrong.
Okay, Daniel, if I could read your mind Daniel If you could read my mind, you would know that I was thinking that Lou was right.
We should've just rushed in there this morning, and the Feds wouldn't be doing our job for us.
You're wrong.
We needed to show them respect for their land.
It was the only way we could avoid people getting hurt.
I don't know, I don't know.
It seems to me now a lot more people are gonna get hurt and it's all over a fugitive.
And Bumpy and his, uh, group, they are the same people that took over the palace a couple of years ago.
Anybody else you would label as stone-cold criminals.
I don't see (phone ringing) what the difference is.
The difference is it was their palace first.
Kono, what do you got? Dylan Turner just got back to Oahu.
He was able to give us a detailed list of all the items that were stolen from his house.
One of the items was a tablet with mobile broadband-- we were able to ping it and get you a location.
Great, where is it? So, the manager I.
'd a photo of Kanuha Noe, but he rented a storage unit under a different name.
Let's see what's behind door number one.
A room full of stolen merch.
Flat screen TV's.
Wireless speakers.
Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.
I always wanted one of these.
You ain't gonna use that, are you? (buzzing) What if belonged to some big greasy biker with hair on his back? I'm kind of a hairy man with a little bit of hair on my back.
See, that's just nasty.
(buzzing stops) Glock 29.
Looks like we found our murder weapon.
(animals chirping, chittering) CHIN: Kanuha, we know you rented the storage unit.
And right now our lab's (punches wall) running ballistics on the gun we found inside to confirm it is the murder weapon! So you can stand there and tell me you're innocent all day long, but we both know you're lying! KANUHA: All right, all right! (panting): I stole all that stuff, including that gun, but I didn't kill Akemoto.
Why should I believe you? Because it's the truth.
Here's the truth-- a man was murdered and you ran, and every single thing that we've discovered since then points to you as having pulled the trigger! Kanuha.
Come here.
Look in my eyes.
Tell me you didn't kill Akemoto.
I didn't kill Akemoto.
I believe him.
I believe that you and your partner were pulling jobs again.
The two of you got into a beef and then you shot him.
No, no! Akemoto had nothing to do with those robberies.
You stole his tools, he confronted you, and then you killed him! No, he loaned me that stuff.
Believe me-- I'm telling the truth.
There's no way that gun's the murder weapon, because I didn't kill Akemoto.
Why didn't you tell me about those robberies? I was afraid you'd give me up.
And then you guys would try to pin the murder on me.
I've done a lot of bad things in my life, but not this.
I'm being set up! Chin, hele Mai.
He's lying to you.
Just like he's been lying from the start.
I want you to know we have every intention of handing him over.
Our Nation will never protect a criminal.
But we agreed to hand him over only after you proved he murdered Akemoto.
You haven't done that yet.
Until then, I'm going to protect Kanuha and my people.
MAN: All right, let's keep moving.
Everybody into the shelter.
Kanuha confessed to the robberies.
Then where the hell is he? He's still maintaining his innocence as far as the murder goes.
Let me get this straight.
Those people are now openly harboring a criminal? There's a big difference between a thief and a murderer, as far as they're concerned.
They will surrender him right after we find out who murdered Akemoto.
Storming this place right now is gonna get a lot of people hurt on both sides.
The sensible play here is, is to hold off, and close this case.
I'm sending units to take positions along this compound's perimeter.
The Nation has less than an hour before my men go in.
And when they do they'll only have themselves to blame.
Kono! Hey.
I just got off the phone with the lab.
Ballistics got a hit on the gun you found.
They confirmed it is the murder weapon.
They also pulled a partial print off of it that belongs to Kanuha.
All right, there it is there.
We're done.
But I'm not so sure that Kanuha's our guy.
Hear me out.
While I was waiting for ballistic results, I pulled the surveillance footage from the storage facility.
I was hoping to catch Akemoto on camera to confirm he was involved in the robberies.
When I didn't, I pulled the access records and I noticed that someone typed in the unit's gate code earlier today.
Wait, hang on-- Kanuha's been holed up in his compound since last night and Akemoto's been dead for two days.
So who got into the unit? I'm thinking it was this guy-- Devon Berris.
Traffic cam footage shows his car pulling into the parking lot of the storage facility a few minutes before the gate code was entered.
Berris, Berris-- as in, uh, Kanuha's parole officer.
Yeah, so Devon Berris is John's brother.
He owns a hardware store.
Yeah, we know.
He, uh, he came by.
Yeah, he gave him a job.
Yeah, so I'm thinking that Kanuha did a lot more than just work at the store for him.
What do you mean? If Devon Berris knew about Kanuha's storage facility, Yeah? well, then he had to have known that he was back in the robbery game.
Wait, wait, you think all three of them are in this together-- Devon Berris, Kanuha, Akemoto? Maybe.
Or maybe the brother of a parole officer was taking advantage of an ex-con.
Steal for me or else.
Or else I tell my brother that you crossed the line and he puts you back in jail.
Okay, fine, let's say I buy all that-- why kill Akemoto? Let's go ask Devon Berris.
(birds chirping in distance) (heavy whirring) What are they doing? It's aerial surveillance.
They're preparing to move in.
You could stop them by giving up Kanuha.
You know I can't do that.
Excuse me, Chin.
That gentleman he asked to speak to you.
Says it's urgent.
Thanks, Duke.
How can I help you? Lieutenant Kelly.
I'm Devon Berris.
I believe you've been in contact with my brother John.
You're Kanuha's boss.
That's right.
I heard what was going on.
I thought maybe I could help.
How so? I think I can convince Kanuha to surrender.
Look, I've gotten to know Kanuha.
He's not a killer.
I just want to talk to him.
Let him know that he's got my full support.
He needs to know that he's got friends on the outside.
Me, my brother-- we'll make sure he gets a fair shake.
What do you think? Yeah, I need to be connected to the U.
marshal's outpost immediately, please.
Yeah, I'll hold.
Here's what I don't get.
When we got Kanuha on those robberies, why didn't he give us Devon Berris then? Because, just like you and Kono said, the guy's been under this other guy's thumb.
He's too scared to say anything.
Yeah, I need Lieutenant Chin Ho Kelly.
This is Danny Williams, please.
I want you to post two men on every sniper.
I want 'em to feel HPD breathing down their necks.
Copy that.
Lieutenant Kelly.
Commander McGarrett on the line for you.
Hey, Steve.
Yeah, Chin, listen, we need everybody to stand down immediately, all right? We're currently on the way to question a new suspect, Devon Berris.
Berris? We just let him inside to see Kanuha.
What? He's there now? Yeah, he showed up two minutes ago.
(engine revs) What have you told them? I barely told them anything.
And nothing about you.
Let's keep it that way.
But they still think I killed Akemoto.
Except we both know it was you, wasn't it? You were smart to keep your mouth shut.
Like anyone's gonna believe me.
Yeah, you got that right.
Why'd you do it? 'Cause I had to.
Couldn't trust your partner to keep his mouth shut.
You never should've told him.
He was my friend.
He wasn't gonna say anything.
You're wrong.
He told me that he was gonna go to HPD, okay? Both of us would've gone down.
I did what I had to do.
Here's what's gonna happen now.
You're gonna tell them that Akemoto approached you after you got out, talked you into doing those robberies.
They'll believe that.
I mean, it was his equipment that you used, right? Then you'll say that you tried to walk away, but Akemoto wouldn't let you.
There was a struggle.
You grabbed the gun in self-defense.
I'll talk to my brother.
Get him involved.
You can plead down.
He'll take care of you on the inside.
Line up a early release for, uh, good behavior.
Are you listening to me? He came to you, huh? What? Akemoto wanted you to let me go, didn't he? He was trying to help me.
He felt guilty for what happened all those years ago.
And he was trying to make it right.
You think Akemoto cared about you? He went on with his life while you were rotting away-- (shouts) (both grunting) Freeze! He attacked me.
We know what you did, Berris.
CSU's processing the car right now, and I'm betting they're gonna find traces of blood in the trunk.
It's over.
Look at me! Look at me! Put the gun down.
(siren wailing) All right, let's wrap it up.
We're going home.
Mahalo for keeping your word.
This is our home A land we rightfully own Give from the highest throne, yes This is our home Stand here with me And open your eyes and you'll see The reason we fight to be free, yeah It's our destiny This is our home A land we rightfully own Given from the highest throne, yes This is our home Stand here with me And open your eyes and you'll see The reason we fight to be free, yeah It's our destiny It's beautiful.
Thank you for respecting my home.
Our home.
This is our home A land we rightfully own Given from the highest throne, yeah This is our home.

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