Hawaii Five-0 s07e16 Episode Script

Poniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy in Love)

1 Everything is beautiful All right Everyone is beautiful Tonight Everything is beautiful All right, all right All right, all right All right, all right All right, all right All right, all right All right, all right All right, all right, all right (dance music continues) Hey, can I ask you a question? Uh sure.
Do my hands look like they're different sizes to you? I don't know.
No, see, look, when I put 'em together like this, like, it's clear one is slightly larger than the other, right? I really don't know.
Am I crazy or does everyone have differently shaped hands and I've never noticed? (chuckles) What about you? Um I guess I've never really thought about it.
(chuckles): Well, I think you should think about it.
Yeah, look, this one is definitely larger than this one.
Really? Yeah.
It's probably because you favor it when you're, you know, like, writing and drinking and opening doors and stuff.
Speaking of which, what are you having? I need a drink before this conversation goes any further.
Vodka tonic.
All right.
Hey, uh, two vodka tonics, please.
No problem.
I'm Jeremy, by the way.
Do you want to shake with the bigger one, Vanessa? (laughs) It's very nice to meet you, Vanessa.
It's nice to meet you, Jeremy.
(dance music continues) (both moaning) (truck beeping) (whirring) (truck creaking) Whoa! Brah! Stop the press! (Hawaii Five-O theme song plays) Hawaii Five-O 7x16 Poniu I Ke Aloha (Crazy Thank you.
All right.
With the fruit basket.
You sprung for the suite.
Happy Valentine's.
Happy Valentine's to you.
I'm just glad you could get the day off work.
Yeah, me, too.
Staying local was a good call.
Right? All the benefits of vacay without the hassle of traveling.
I'll tell you what, I'm just happy to be away from work for a minute.
You know what I'm saying? Spend a little quality time with my lady friend.
There'll be plenty of time for that later.
Why don't you grab yourself a beer, check out the view.
I'm gonna unpack real quick.
If you insist.
Why? Okay, something tells me this is not an accident.
Melissa! Lynn! Melissa! Hey, look who I found.
(giggles) How'd you get ov over there? We got adjoining rooms, huh? Got adjoining rooms.
MELISSA: You know how you're always talking about how we should all hang out? Uh-huh.
Well, Lynn and I finally decided to make it happen.
Surprise! Hey, I'm-I'm (whoops) Couples trip.
(whoops) C-Couples trip.
DANNY: All right.
All right, we got a lot of fun stuff planned.
So You guys finish your beers.
Melissa and I are gonna go get ready for the beach.
Come on.
Get out of here.
Let's go.
(giggles) (door closes) I know what you did.
I know what you did.
Yeah, you.
You told Melissa we need to hang out as a group, didn't you? Yeah.
But I didn't mean it.
That is what you say to your girlfriend when you don't want her to think you're an antisocial weirdo.
You are an antisocial weirdo.
That's the whole point.
I don't want her thinking that.
No, smart move.
Hide your true self from your girlfriend.
I'm sure that's gonna be great for your relationship.
This is a disaster.
Are you crazy? Look at us.
We got baller suites, killer views.
We're drinking beer at 10:00 in the morning.
It's awesome.
First of all, don't say “baller” ever again in your life.
Why? Just trust me.
That's why.
Don't say it.
Okay? That's number one.
Number two, I am, uh, supposed to be romantic this weekend with her.
You're-you're aware of that, right? So what's the problem? The problem is that you are here, and I do not need you judging me.
I don't need your judgy eyes, your judgy face, your judgy everything.
I don't need that while I'm trying to be romantic, you understand? First of all, I'm very aware of your issues, of your intimacy issues, and-and the last thing I would want to do is make you feel uncomfortable.
- Uh-huh.
- Here's what we're gonna do.
If at any stage my presence makes you feel uncomfortable, makes you feel like you can't quite get to the romantic, intimate place you need to get to, you say the word, I'm out.
All right? Like a safe word? Yeah.
I say the word, whatever it is, and you, uh I leave.
What's the, what's the safe word, then? Uh, “chicken salad.
” “Chicken salad”" Yeah.
“Chicken salad.
” Okay.
Well, yeah, I'll just figure out a way to casually slide “chicken salad” into a normal human sentence.
Weave it in.
(phone ringing) Chin.
Well, we caught a homicide.
Also, happy Valentine's Day.
How's the hotel? Well, it's crowded.
So, uh, you guys in on the surprise? Oh, yeah.
In fact, Lou and I have a bet on which one of you's gonna check out first.
Oh, yeah? Hey, you need help with the case? We can, uh-- I'll get out of here right now.
No, no, no.
Don't be silly.
Enjoy yourself.
We got it covered.
Tell him.
Tell him ten minutes we can be there.
We're not doing nothing.
Go ahead.
They're good.
All right, listen, enjoy your Valentine's Day.
Keep us posted on what happens.
And, uh, you know, hope you get home to spend some time with Abby for Valentine's.
Yeah, you and me both.
All right, have fun.
All right, so this is what we have.
32-year-old Jeremy Holden, software developer from Palo Alto.
His body was discovered in a Dumpster behind Vortex Nightclub in Waikiki this morning.
He's definitely dressed for a night out.
Also, check this out.
What is that, lipstick? Looks like our Vic got lucky.
Yeah, luck ran out pretty quick, though.
His watch and his wallet were taken off his body.
We think that lipstick may belong to the killer.
All right, so she hooks up with him inside, lures him outside, and then robs and shoots him.
KONO: Exactly.
And then there's this.
Found it in his jacket pocket.
It looks like Holden was in town for a conference called the Method; it's one of these courses where men discuss these ridiculous techniques how to pick up women.
All right, Lou, why don't you head down to that club, see if you can get any more information on that woman Holden was with.
Either she's our perp or, at the very least, a witness.
Got it.
BLAKE: You see, gentlemen, venue is fundamental, right? When you run your game on these women, you got to own the place.
You want to feel native.
You are the lion prowling his savanna.
What you don't do is stand there like a vegetable.
(dopily): “Uh, I don't know.
“I don't know what I'm doing.
I hope I meet somebody tonight”" No way.
You engage that crowd, right? You cheers people.
“Hey, what's up, man? Cheers! All right!” You get some fist bumps going with this guy.
My best friend.
(chuckles): I don't know that guy.
You laugh at this guy's joke.
(laughs) He didn't even tell a joke! It doesn't matter.
You want to seem like the life of the party.
But never forget your primary objective, gentlemen: that woman.
Because you never know when your target is gonna walk through that door.
And that's your target.
Case in point.
Can I help you? Blake Stone? Oh, man.
Jeremy was a solid dude, you know? He'd really grown.
He responded to the course material really well.
See, a lot of people think this is just about sex, but it's not.
What I do is help people feel better about themselves.
You mean men feel better about themselves by objectifying women.
Now what was that you called them? Targets.
Look, nobody respects women more than me.
So I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you were with Jeremy at the club last night? That's right, yeah.
We'd gone on a little field trip to practice our sarging.
“Sarging”? You know, socializing with the intent of finding and seducing a woman.
BLAKE: It was rough for Jeremy.
Everybody wobbles a little a bit when you take the training wheels off.
Don't lose faith.
Trust the process.
Now, what's the golden rule of The Method? Stop caring what women think about you.
Yes! Exactly.
Rejection is just a step along the path to scoring a ten.
Now, check it out.
All alone at the bar, red dress.
She's yours for the taking, brother.
Wish me luck.
You don't need luck.
You got The Method.
But the kid did good.
20 minutes later, Jeremy had run his game on this girl, and he was leaving the club with her.
And I take it you don't know her name.
Nah, of course not.
Of course not.
But I'll tell you this.
When Jeremy left that place, he looked like the happiest dude in the whole world.
KONO: Well, I wouldn't be too proud of yourself, because shortly thereafter, he was taken to the back alley, robbed and murdered.
Which means you may have introduced him to his killer.
All right, babe, babe! Set! (groans softly) Don't let it go.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, honey! Aah! (whoops) It's all good.
Hey, listen, I thought it was gonna be all Mani and pedis this weekend, and I'm having a really good time, but I really don't want to lose.
Okay, I'll be miserable if we lose.
Oh, we're winning this, baby.
No doubt about that.
I love you.
Come on.
LYNN: My bad.
It's a friendly game.
Don't worry about it.
It's all good.
We got this.
Want to switch the teams up a little bit? No, I don't want to switch the teams.
He wants to switch the teams.
Are you serious? It's just an idea.
I'm trying to be a good sport and mix it up.
DANNY: It's eight to three, and this is the highlight of my weekend, beating you-- I mean, aside from spending time with you, obviously.
So sweet.
You ready? Come on.
It's a strange anticipation Knock, knock, knocking on wood (shouts) DANNY: Sorry.
Boom! Bodies working overtime It's man against man And all that ever matters is (Danny laughs) That was the tomahawk.
Funny but it's always the same Playing Serve.
Playing with the boys Oh, oh-oh, oh (grunts) After chasing sunsets (grunts) One of life's simple joys Is playing with the boys (grunts) (whoops) (shrieks) DANNY: Oh, oh.
Bingo! How about that? Pal, let's go.
What are you talking about? It's a, it's a do-over.
We do the point over.
Give me it.
Huh? It's my disk.
Yeah, I know.
Your disk just came and hit my girlfriend in the butt.
Yeah, I really pulled that last scoober.
Accidents happen when you're shooting for greatness, right? Yeah, I don't know what that means, but you should apologize.
“Sorry, lady.
I'm sorry, miss.
” Dude, get over yourself.
It was an accident.
(winces) Okay.
All right.
Well, go long.
I'll get you on the, on the scoober.
I'll scoob you out.
Go ahead, scoob.
Here you go.
(chuckles) My bad.
That was an accident.
That was, like, really mean, dude.
My hero.
STEVE: Okay.
Five, 13.
You serve.
LYNN: No, no.
That was our point.
Trust me, don't agitate him when he gets upset like this.
Sure, he was here.
Drank vodka tonics, ran up quite a tab.
And somehow left with the hottest girl in the club.
She sat right here most of the night, drinking for free.
You know, it was kind of entertaining watching all these guys hit on her, only to flame out in a few minutes.
So what'd this guy do different? Well, for starters, I can tell you that the watch on his wrist looked to be worth ten grand easy.
He flashed a pretty healthy wad of cash.
Yeah, that'll do it.
So it wasn't his winning personality that closed the deal.
Let's just say I've seen every which way a guy and a girl can get together, and, um, this woman seemed very professional.
You trying to say she's a prostitute? Well, based on my 15 years in working places like this, that would be a yes.
GROVER: So after pulling all the solicitation arrest records over the past 12 months based on our bartender's description of the suspect, I was able to narrow things down to these lovely ladies.
Okay, was he able to I.
our girl? Yeah.
Vanessa Lancey.
She was caught in an HPD john sting a few months back.
Well, looks like she wasn't out of action for too long.
Yeah, HPD went by the, uh, last known address, but she doesn't live there anymore.
Fortunately, we had another lead.
Cordelia Martin posted her bail.
Cordelia owns a high-end escort service here on the island.
You know this through personal experience? (French accent): But of course.
(normal voice): See, when I was with SWAT, we knocked down her door on more than one occasion.
Well, then she'll be thrilled to see you again.
Oh! Feels good to cool off, right? Very nice.
After a loss like that, it's good to Yeah.
bring the body temperature down with some cool water, right? You're not gonna let me live that one down, are you? No chance.
It's just winning.
It's something I like to do, you know? I know.
You like to win.
Like, part of my I think it's important from now, you know, occasionally for you to get a win.
Yeah, yeah.
It's good for your self-esteem, you know? Yeah.
Hey, we got to go.
The girls are waiting at the spa.
What's the matter? My sunglasses are gone.
You sure? Yes, I'm sure.
Really? Look at that kid with the Frisbee.
Again? Just the balls on this kid.
Hey, hey, no.
Danny, no! DANNY: Hey! Hey, hey, hey, you with the Frisbee.
Come on, hand 'em over.
What are you talking about? The glasses-- they're mine.
Dude, I don't have your glasses.
These are mine.
All right, well, look, uh, we'll settle this.
Uh, my glasses-- they got a little scratch on the inside right lens.
Give me those, and, uh, we'll see what's what, huh? Help! Help! Somebody help me! This man is touching me inappropriately! Help! Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
You nuts? I got to ask you a question.
The-the glasses-- were they expensive? No, 20 bucks at the ABC Store.
20 bucks.
Well, listen, God knows what the girls spent on these spa treatments, so let's not be late.
Let's go up and meet them, and if after this relaxing spa experience, if you're still bothered by this whole sunglasses situation, I'll spring for a new pair.
How about that? Captain Grover, so nice of you to use the doorbell this time.
Yeah, I missed you, too, Cordelia.
I'm here to talk to you about one of your girls.
I'm not sure where you've got your information, but I'm not in that business anymore.
Come on, Cordelia.
Who you think you're talking to? You might've changed your operation a little bit and learned to be more discreet, but, uh, from the looks of these fancy bottles and artwork, I think you're still in business.
(sighs) Cordelia, if I was here to arrest you, I'd have handcuffs.
And not for what you want 'em for.
So what do you want? A date for Valentine's? Oh, that's funny.
I want to talk to you about this girl.
She may be involved in a murder.
(sighs) It's Valentine's Day, Cordelia.
Damn! I'm trying to get home to my wife to give her the Valentine's Day she deserves.
Would you stop playing and help me out, please? Her name is Vanessa.
And regrettably, she's no longer in my employ.
Why? What happened? She was my best girl.
(sighs) Always in demand, that one.
But about a month ago, she decided she could make more money with someone else, so she left.
Oh, that's too bad.
So, do you happen to know who she might be in business with? It's my birthday No, it's not But I still look good, though High comb hot I bet you want an autograph For you and your friends BLAKE: All right, Richard, let me ask you a question.
Do you have ten million dollars? RICHARD: No.
And where do you think you fall in the looks department, on a scale of one to ten? Six.
Okay, let's call it a five.
But me, too.
My point is this.
Guys like us-- if we're gonna score a ten, we got to bring it in other areas, right? So here's what I want you to do.
I want you to think of the funniest thing that's ever happened to you, and play that scenario over in your mind as you walk over to that chick in the yellow bikini right there.
And she's gonna see you coming, bro, with that smile on your face, and she's gonna think, “Hey, that guy-- “he's got great energy.
“He's happy, he's confident.
I want that”" All right, dawg.
Go get her, go get her.
Back Uh! Show her how to lay it back Mmm Show her how to lay it back, now Ow Ooh, it's gonna take some work.
All right.
Blake Stone.
Oh, I was hoping I'd see you again.
Same here.
Hey, I like where this is going.
Hands behind your back.
What? Whoa.
What's going on? See, we figured out how you've managed to guarantee success for your clients.
You've been paying escorts to hook up with them.
Is that a crime? Oh, yeah.
Very much so.
It's called solicitation.
With a bit of good old-fashioned fraud thrown in.
Let's go.
(gentle music playing) Pretty relaxing getting pampered like this, Danny, huh? Yeah, it's amazing.
It's relaxing.
(sighs) (clears throat) Mmm.
(clears throat) Excuse me, uh, spa lady, is there jasmine in this product? Hon, you're ruining my Zen.
MELISSA: The narration-- it has to stop.
STEVE: Okay, sorry.
Sorry, sorry.
One last question, guys.
Excuse me.
Is this good for crow's-feet? 'Cause I noticed some lines Babe, zip it, seriously.
Okay, you know what.
I'm done.
I can't deal with it.
Can you just Uh, uh, babe, I'll see you in a little bit.
I'll catch up with you guys later.
Where is he going? DANNY: Look, I-I know we got off on the wrong foot, okay? And I, um I apologize for my part.
I didn't mean to throw the Frisbee in the water, and I'm sorry about the incident on the beach.
Um, I think we should just wash our hands, start fresh.
Just give me back the sunglasses.
Dude, I do not have your sunglasses! But here, take my towel.
You can use it to wipe that disgusting crap off your ugly face.
Thank you.
(boys laughing) Thank you.
Thank you.
KONO: You know, I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed.
You know, besides being a misogynistic scam artist, obstructing a murder investigation, that's just a whole other level of douchebaggery.
You really should've told us about your connection to Vanessa.
Look, I'm sorry, okay? It's a trade secret.
I was protecting my business.
Before we judge, can we just talk about the people that I'm helping, okay? These are really lonely men with tragically low self-esteem.
And The Method gives them the self-confidence that they need, you know, often for the first time in their whole lives.
You done? Yeah.
'Cause this is what I think.
The stuff you teach these guys doesn't work-- it never did.
That's why you rely on girls like Vanessa to help from exposing what you really are, a con artist.
Yeah, she's got a point.
You're really nothing more than a glorified pimp.
You take desperate, vulnerable men, and then you hook them up with prostitutes.
Sooner or later, this was bound to happen.
BLAKE: Look, I know how this looks, okay? But Vanessa's no thief, and she's definitely not a murderer.
KONO: Maybe.
Maybe not.
She was the last person seen with Jeremy before he died.
So if she's not involved, where is she? I don't know.
I tried calling her this morning, but it just went to voice mail.
You know where she lives? Yeah.
I've been by there to drop off money.
Then it looks like we're all going for a drive.
LYNN: How you doing there? Good.
Really? (grunts): Yeah.
Sure about that? Yeah.
(chuckles) (whispers): See I'm smiling? Seems like you're struggling a bit.
I'm not struggling.
It's awesome.
Maybe we should switch up the teams.
(grunts) There's not there's no teams in yoga, Lynn.
Yeah, I understand what just happened.
I just see what you did there.
You were referring to the, uh, comment I made on the volleyball court.
I didn't mean to, I didn't mean to upset anybody.
At least your boyfriend's here.
(chuckles) (straining): I don't think I can hold this.
(mutters) Okay, you know something, I'm gonna go.
I'm gonna go check on Danny.
Seems like a good idea.
Your concern for him must be affecting your concentration and balance.
(Melissa and Lynn laughing) Excuse me.
Officer Kalakaua, can I ask you a question? Do you believe that there's a thin line between love and hate? Because the way that you were laying into me back there, that was so over the top, I was like, “Wow, maybe she likes me.
” I don't.
Fair enough.
Fair enough.
Hey, just so you know, I go for more of the uninhibited, free-spirited types.
(chuckles) Yeah, I know what you're doing.
It's called negging.
Right? Yeah, you're betting that my self-confidence is so fragile that I actually care about what you think of me.
You prey on women's insecurities and vulnerabilities, and then you exploit that.
Wow, Blake.
That didn't go so well.
Actually, I'm super turned-on right now.
Oh, heads up.
It's the second building on the left up there.
And they say chivalry is dead.
Not so fast.
What the Oh, come on.
Really? We'll crack a window for you.
AIKANE: Vanessa didn't come home last night, which isn't unusual.
But when the afternoon rolled around and I still hadn't heard from her, I got worried.
Okay, how long has she lived here? Only a couple weeks or so.
She had this client who was obsessed with her.
The guy wouldn't take no for an answer, and Vanessa didn't feel safe at her house anymore.
CHIN: This client-- was he someone she met through that pickup seminar? Yeah.
But Vanessa never mentioned his name.
VANESSA: Neil, listen to me.
You are not a bad person.
You didn't mean to kill that guy.
Things just got out of control.
And that's what I'll tell the police.
No, no, there's not gonna be any police.
We're just gonna wait here until everything dies down.
Then I'm gonna get us a couple of tickets and we can get out of here.
Neil, this isn't going to work! - Don't say that! - You need to do the right thing now.
Don't tell me what I have to do! God! (grunting) (shrieks) (panting) It's okay.
It's okay, it's okay.
I'm sorry.
Uh We're both upset right now.
This long-distance thing was never gonna work.
You just needed to see me.
I promise everything will be okay from now on.
What are you doing? Sit down.
Sit down, please.
What am I doing? What are you doing? I'm doing a little recon.
(talking quietly) Can I ask you a question? Uh-huh.
What-what recon? He doesn't have the glasses with him.
I know that.
I know where he put the glasses.
He thinks he outsmarted me, but he didn't.
I know where the glasses are.
Something you should know-- I think it's important I tell you-- you have completely separated from reality right now, all over a pair of $20 glasses.
You understand that? It's not about the money.
It's not about the money? No, it's the principle.
You mean pettiness, huh? (boys chuckling) (sighs) I think we should, I think we should talk about Shut up, please, okay? I'm going in.
Just relax.
What do you mean, going i-in? Where, what's, where-- In where? Hey, hey, hey.
I got it.
No, no, no, no.
Come on.
I'm gonna go with or without you.
I'm going.
I'm not-- Well, without me.
All right.
Stay there.
Yeah, I will.
Damn it.
CHIN: Neil Ware.
43 years old.
Flew in from Dayton, Ohio, a few weeks ago.
Looks like he's still here.
GROVER: Okay, Blake, you recognize this guy or what? Yeah, I remember him.
Yeah, for sure.
He came to me a couple months back.
He'd just been dumped by his fiancée, right? Guy was a real mess.
Like, crushed.
I gave him a TCB.
Total Confidence Rebuild.
Well, it looks like this ex-fiancée filed a restraining order against him.
So this guy has a history of not taking no for an answer.
So let me guess.
What'd you do, hook this guy up with Vanessa? Yeah.
Okay, so I got a credit card charge on a vacation rental service.
Make the call.
We need an address, and we need it fast.
You say that you love me, Neil.
And if you do, you need to let me go.
You don't really want that.
You're just saying it because you're scared, but, hey, remember what it was like when we met? It can be like that again.
I need to tell you something.
What? That night when we met at the bar Blake paid me to be there.
What do you mean? He paid me to talk to you and to flirt with you.
Y-You're lying.
I am sorry.
I am so sorry.
I'm not who you think I am.
For me, this was just about the money.
I loved you.
And you you you and Blake, you used me.
And I bet you both laughed about it all, huh? (crying): No.
It doesn't matter now.
You're gonna pay for what you did! Both of you.
(yells) (groans) (sirens wailing) (Neil groaning) (doorknob rattling) (pounding on door) NEIL: Just open the door! Open it! Help! Help! Somebody help me! Help! (sobbing) Help! (grunting) Help! (sirens wailing) (tires screech) Clear.
Neil Ware, this is Five-0! Come out with your hands up! VANESSA: Help! Last chance, Neil Ware! (Vanessa sobbing) Are you okay? Is he gone? Yeah.
It's just us.
You're okay.
You have to find him.
He is crazy.
We have every cop on the island looking for him, okay? He's not gonna get far.
No, you don't understand.
I told him everything.
And he said that we were gonna pay.
Both of us.
He's going after Blake.
BLAKE: You guys, when you're talking to your target, you're telling a story-- the story of you.
And it can be long or it can be short, but one thing it cannot be is boring! Right? Here's a secret.
Before I was Blake Stone, I was a sad, lonely, insecure loser Derek Sanders.
Derek Sanders, right? Oh, man.
Right? I hear what you're saying.
You guys are like, “Blake Stone, I'm not that awesome.
” But look at me now.
No, please.
(gunshot) (Neil grunts) (men shouting) MAN: Oh, my God! They shot him! MAN 2: Is he dead? MAN 3: They shot him! CHIN: Neil Ware, you're under arrest.
STEVE: Okay, you know what? - You're off the reservation now.
- Shh, shh.
You understand? Yeah.
- On your way to crazy town.
- Excuse me, miss.
We're, uh, police officers.
Oh, no.
It is, uh, very important that we get into room 1204 immediately.
Can you help us out? (lock beeps) This is so stupid.
We're committing a crime now, okay? We're criminals.
Why am I in here? Hello.
What are you talking-- We've got immunity and means.
What are you, nuts? And if you'd stand up and help me, this would go a lot quicker.
Excuse me? Stand up and help you what? Break the law? Put my fingerprints on everything like you're doing right now? I can't be a part of this, Danny.
I can't be a part of it.
Do you want to order some food? Great.
You got your glasses.
Let's go.
Can we go? Yeah, we can go.
These aren't my glasses.
Excuse me? They're not my gla-- They're not your glasses.
Hi, guys.
How's it going? How's it going? I'm Steve.
Nice to meet you.
This is Danny.
We're cops.
Say hi, Danny.
Well, the good news is that Danny's gonna buy you guys dinner tonight.
Just wanted to come by and let you know.
He's gonna pay for it.
Oh, yeah.
(indistinct police radio chatter) Hey.
“Hey”? That's a pretty weak opening line for a master of seduction.
(chuckles softly) Can I be serious for a second? Please.
Go ahead.
Thank you.
You saved my life.
Well, don't let it go to your head.
I was just doing my job.
I'm ready to get serious about my life.
You know, I want a committed relationship.
And you seem like someone I could maybe go the distance with, Kono.
You are so beautiful.
You're way too beautiful to be hidden away on this island.
So maybe we could get together, you know? Travel the world.
Maybe have kids.
I don't know if you noticed, I'm married.
But even if I wasn't, the answer would still be no.
That ring is not necessarily a deal breaker.
Take care of yourself, Blake.
You look fantastic.
Don't move.
Did you find your sunglasses? I did not.
I'm sorry.
Well, dinner is in, uh, 20 minutes, so we should get ready.
Hey, uh, listen.
I am Sorry I got all goofy and blew off the rest of the afternoon.
I know you put a lot into making this weekend nice.
I'm sorry I got goofy over a pair of sunglasses.
(chuckles) It's okay.
I know what I signed up for.
Besides, we still have tonight.
(chuckles) Okay.
(sighs) (exhales) ANNOUNCER: Fourth and goal.
(metal crunches) See the way he walks into the room And then he speaks Champagne? Yes.
Every word from his lips is like honey I know he loves me LYNN: Well, I'm impressed you were able to talk your way out of that.
STEVE: Oh, no.
They're very nice people, the Garson family, very nice.
I mean, considering we, uh well, we broke into their hotel room, I suppose, uh, they were very-- I think they were very reasonable.
Reasonable? I wouldn't say reasonable.
They picked the Bali Steakhouse to go to dinner.
The kid ordered the Wagyu surf and turf.
That was after he had the king crab leg appetizer.
I wouldn't, I wouldn't say reasonable.
Well, I mean, they were very expensive sunglasses, though, Danny.
Yes, they were.
LYNN: Well, I'm sorry you lost them.
And I hope they turn up somewhere.
MELISSA: Well, thank you, boys.
This is a very nice gesture.
STEVE: Well, actually, this whole thing was Danny's idea.
Um, I-I want to apologize for, uh, being a little distant this afternoon.
Uh And I want to tell you that you, um I want to let you know, um You know, I can feel you.
It's like you're on my face.
I can-- it's-it's like you're judge-y.
- You're judging me and I can - What? No.
It's, like, right here, okay? It's No, I got you, I got you, I got you.
DANNY: You got what? STEVE: I got you.
What Danny is trying to say, is that we wanted to show you guys how much we appreciate you both, so here here's to you two.
And thank you.
Thank you.
How was that? Thank you.
All right.
Good job.
Good job.
That's very nice.
Good choice, good choice.
This has been fun.
STEVE: I agree, I agree.
It's been great, right? I think actually, Melissa, I think we should do it again.
What do you say? I'm just saying, let's do it again.
And Danny and I will, uh, you know, we can, we can organize it next time.
Chicken salad.
You want the chicken salad? Chicken salad.
Chicken salad.
Chicken salad.

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