Hawaii Five-0 s07e17 Episode Script

Hahai i na pilikua nui (Hunting Monsters)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O According to your own words, serial killers are predominantly male.
ALICIA: Obviously, things have changed.
(groans) Did you ever think of getting help? What about you, Alicia? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? Sienna, your daughter.
And she ends up dead at the hands of a serial killer.
She'd still be alive if Mommy, the control freak, hadn't pushed her into the FBI, but Mommy always won.
Shut up.
Isn't that right, Mommy? Never play psych games with a shrink, Ms.
STEVE: All right, so, she drives my truck out here.
She torches it.
Then what? The only way out of here for her is either on foot or maybe she hitchhiked.
Either way, she couldn't have gotten far.
We'll find her.
No, she's gone.
(softly): Please Please, I think something ter-terrible has happened.
Call Five-O now.
(breathing shakily) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x17 Hahai i nā pilikua nui Got to say, I'm impressed.
I know you're taking a step back, letting Flippa manage his own truck.
A lesser man wouldn't have given up that much control not to mention, the limelight.
You know what they say, good men do, great men delegate.
STEVE: Oh, Nahele! Oh.
What's up there, quarterback? How are you? NAHELE: Good.
Very good.
Good to see you, man.
You look good.
Thanks, bruddah.
Check this out.
What a turnout.
Pulled out all the stops, huh? Special celebrity guest may have helped.
Who knew there were so many Springsteen fans on the island? You've got Max Weinberg, the drummer from the E Street Band? How'd you do this? My uncle Chuey's dating a friend of his manager.
When I found out that Max was gonna be in Hawaii, I put a word in through him, let him know we need somebody here to cut the ceremonial ribbon for the opening.
Max Weinberg agreed to cut the ribbon to open one of your shrimp trucks? Uncle Chuey's got pull, brah.
Let's go say hello.
Come on.
Let's go.
Thank you so much, Mr.
This way.
My name is Danny Williams.
I'm from Jersey, so I'm obviously a very big fan.
Jersey? What brings you out to Hawaii? My, uh my ex, my ex-wife, she-she came out here.
Uh, she brought my daughter.
So I joined the HPD.
Wanted to be close to her.
My wife Not my wife, my ex.
You know what I mean.
I wanted to be with her.
My my daughter, not my ex-wife.
I don't really like my ex-wife that much.
Now we're getting personal.
We don't needall this information.
I just want to say I'm a fan.
I'm Steve.
Hey there.
I'm-I'm Danny's partner.
How you doing, Steve? Sorry about Danny.
He doesn't usually get awkward like this.
Eh, it's all right.
- It's Jersey.
It's Jersey.
- Yeah.
DANNY: Listen, man, it's-it's, um it's-it's really great to meet you.
I just want you to know I saw you in the Garden.
Tunnel of Love Tour.
You know that, obviously.
And I snuck in with my buddy, uh, Ricky Schwartz.
We couldn't afford tickets, so we snuck in through the loading area.
You and Ricky snuck in? Ah.
I thought the box office was a little light that night.
That was us.
That was you.
Yeah, yeah.
I feel guilty about it still today, so maybe I could, uh, take you to lunch? Uh, thanks, that'd be great.
But, you know, lunch is part of my appearance fee deal.
And, uh At least I think it was.
Chuey, you know, he wasn't so clear on the details.
We'll talk about that later.
Max, can I get a photo of you guys together? Yeah, absolutely.
Bring it up here.
Come on.
Go for it.
All right.
- Two Jersey boys.
- Great, man.
All right.
Look at this.
That's nice.
That's a keeper.
Thank you, brother.
My pleasure.
Nice to FLIPPA: Okay! Okay, okay.
Gather round.
Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for turning out for our grand opening.
(whooping) We got a great time planned for you all, with lots of good grindz, face painting for the keikis.
And in a little while, I'll be performing some live music with our special guest of honor, my good friend, Max Weinberg of the E Street Band! I never agreed to that.
Hey, if you're down a man, I beat a mean drum, bruddah.
(laughter) Stand by.
Stand by.
All right, folks, move aside.
Without further ado, I present to you our newest venture Flippa's Shrimp Wagon! (cheering and applause) No! No, no! It's just a hunch, but I'm guessing you don't like the new logo.
What the heck is this? I never approved of the name or the artwork.
Just showing you some initiative, cuz.
You did say it was my truck.
KAMEKONA: Yes, to manage and operate.
Not to paste your ugly mug on it.
You're diluting my brand! What brand? You got two trucks! Exactly.
And they're buying the food because my face is on the truck.
(phone ringing) I'm pretty sure they eat the food in spite of his face being on the truck.
(beep) Yeah, Chin.
CHIN: Turns out that call you got from your friends at the Phoenix Foundation wasn't wrong.
Gray is on the island.
So, what, she just walked in here and surrendered herself? Not exactly.
Believe it or not, she's claiming to be a tourist from Wisconsin named Lauren Parker.
That's her, all right.
You said she had blood on her hands? Yeah.
She also says she has no idea how it got there.
In fact, she has no recollection at all of the last 24 hours.
We sent a sample of the blood over to the lab for DNA testing.
We could be looking for a body.
(door opens) (door closes) I didn't think I was gonna see you again.
I'm sorry, have we met before? Oh, that's right.
You don't remember me.
You're not Madison Gray.
You're, uh Who are you again? Uh, Lauren Parker.
I'm Lauren Parker.
Lauren Parker.
From Wisconsin.
Eagle, Wisconsin.
I came here two days ago on vacation, and Right.
Why don't you believe me? Why doesn't anyone believe me? Well, we don't believe you because you're lying, Dr.
I'm not For the last time, I'm not I'm not this Dr.
Whoever that is.
I'm I'm Lauren Parker from Eagle, Wisconsin.
And I have no idea what's going on or how this blood got on my hands.
And I'm scared.
(crying) I need to ask you a question.
Yes? Do you really think that I'm gonna fall for this? Do you think that anyone is gonna fall for this? I don't know what this Dr.
Gray did to hurt you and I am sorry, I really am, but that wasn't me.
I'm-I'm Lauren Parker, and I need somebody to help me figure Can you help me, please? Can you help me? Can you help me? Can you help me, Mr What I-I don't know You never said what your name was.
What's your name? I don't know what kind of sick game you're playing, but I promise you I'm gonna figure it out.
No, no.
No, no, plea please don't leave me in here.
You have to believe me.
Wait, wait, you can't leave me in here.
Please don't leave me in here.
No, no! MAN: Are you currently taking any prescription medications? GRAY: No.
Do you ever suffer from bouts of depression? No, I consider myself to be a pretty upbeat person.
You've reached Alicia Brown.
Please leave a message.
Do you have a temper? Hey, Alicia, it's Steve McGarrett calling.
Listen, we got her.
We got Madison Gray in custody at HPD here.
Give me a call when you get this.
Let's talk.
I hope you're doing good.
Just left a message for Alicia Brown.
You know, I figured she should know what's going on.
How's she doing? I don't know, to be honest.
Left her a bunch of messages, but she kind of went into isolation after everything that happened.
Well, now that we have Gray in custody, hopefully it brings her some sense of closure.
How's the psych eval going? Should be done soon.
How we doing on the blood? It'll be 24 hours until we have a full DNA analysis.
But I spoke to the lab, and, uh, they're gonna get us prelim results as soon as they can.
Does it strike you as odd? The blood? I mean, Madison Gray's entire M.
has been to get other people to kill for her.
And now she gets her own hands dirty? Maybe it's because her circumstances changed.
As a fugitive, she may have felt that using a proxy posed too great a risk.
Yeah, but then she turns herself in.
I don't It doesn't make any sense to me.
Where are we at with the alias? Kono's working on that.
Seems that Lauren Parker established residence in a town called Eagle, Wisconsin, four months ago.
Right around the time Gray disappeared.
She got herself a driver's license, even took out a credit card.
Now, according to, uh, “Parker's” travel records, Gray really did arrive on Oahu two days ago.
We're still trying to figure out where she's been since she got here.
Why Wisconsin? Well, she was trying to lay low.
Eagle only has about 2,000 residents.
Practically zero chance that she would be recognized.
There's thousands of towns like that.
Why'd she choose this one? Why Eagle? Every move this woman makes has a purpose.
Looks like they're done in there.
MAN: Gentlemen, I just finished my evaluation of Ms.
Doctor, Lauren Parker is an alias established by our suspect, Dr.
Madison Gray, about four months ago.
We're still trying to figure out for what purpose.
There may be no criminal purpose.
As far as I can tell, the woman you have in custody is suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, a condition where multiple personalities coexist, each unaware of the actions of the others.
You do know who she is, right? Madison Gray is a highly intelligent serial killer whose M.
is to manipulate people.
And you're implying that she's manipulating me, that she's faking her condition? Doctor, with all due respect, if anyone can pull it off, it's her.
Well, I I certainly can't rule that out.
But I have researched D.
Studied many patients who experience it.
And in my professional opinion, the person in there genuinely believes she is Lauren Parker, a tourist from Eagle, Wisconsin.
Thank you very much for your time today, Doctor.
We'll be in touch.
I guess if that's the case, she won't have any problem passing a polygraph.
I'm going to ask some questions.
Please respond truthfully to the best of your ability.
Where are we right now? In a police station.
Where is that police station located? Honolulu.
Or, or did you mean H-Hawaii? Either is fine.
What is your name? GRAY: Lauren Parker.
Parker, have you ever gone by the name Madison Gray? No.
TECHNICIAN: Have you ever worked as a psychiatrist for the Hawaii Police Department? No.
Have you ever willfully committed a criminal act? No.
TECHNICIAN: Have you ever conspired to commit murder? (exhales) God, no.
DANNY: All right, so she passed the polygraph.
She's a sociopath, we knew that.
Why did she turn herself in? Well, she probably got tired of running.
She's got to know it's got to be either us or some other agency's gonna catch up with her.
It's only a matter of time.
So she comes in on her own terms and invents this, uh, dissociative psychobabble, whatever it is, and that paves the way for an insanity defense.
Makes sense.
We may not be buying this whole multiple personality act, but a jury might.
I don't buy that.
Because it's still, it's a huge risk.
And if this risk didn't pay off, she would spend the rest of her life incarcerated in an asylum.
No, no.
I don't think that's the reason she came back.
You know what? I think she wants something from us.
I think she wants something from you, specifically.
I think she misses you.
Yeah, that's funny.
I'm not joking.
Think about it.
This woman likes to play games, right? She, uh, she likes a challenge.
She needs an adversary.
She's still down one from the last time you beat her by surviving, so maybe she wants a rematch.
CHIN: You're saying that Gray turned herself in because she was bored.
Wait a minute.
That wouldn't be the craziest thing she's ever done.
GROVER: So the lady wants a rematch.
All right.
What's the game gonna be this time? That's what we need to figure out.
So I just heard back about the blood that we sent over to the lab.
They're still running a full analysis, but preliminary results show that we have partial match to someone in the system.
(knocking) Alicia.
It's Steve.
Alicia Brown.
Alicia, it's Steve.
Alicia? Alicia, you here? Alicia.
I haven't found any blood, and there's no sign of struggle.
Could be it didn't happen here.
(gasps) Oh, my God.
(through earbuds): You be the deejay What are you ? And I'll be the driver What are you doing here? Lauren Parker? Are you kidding? Afraid not.
Why? This is obviously a trick.
Well, yes, of course, and no one is falling for it for a second.
Yeah, well, she never thought you would.
She's highly intelligent, and the last thing she's gonna do is underestimate her opponent.
GROVER: Well, maybe she's desperate.
I mean, after all, she's completely out of her mind.
She's both of those, which is what makes her all the more dangerous.
STEVE: Yeah, there's something else.
When she turned herself in, she had blood all over her hands.
It was your blood, Alicia.
What? A-A-Are you sure? GROVER: Pretty sure.
We had it DNA tested.
How is that possible? H-H-How I mean, how did she show up with my blood on her? I was thinking it is possible she collected it when she attacked us.
GROVER: Hang on a minute, now.
To plan something this far in advance, collecting your blood four months ago STEVE: Lou.
That's exactly the type of forethought this woman has shown she's capable of.
ALICIA: Okay, w-well, putting aside the how Why? Why is she showing up with my blood on her? What are you thinking? Oh, she's obviously not done with me, yet.
Brown, I know what this woman put you through, but she's locked up now.
She's in jail, she's not getting out.
You think that because she's behind bars I'm safe? Any of us is safe? She gets other people to do her killing for her.
STEVE: Alicia.
If you want a protective detail, we'll organize that, okay? You want to relocate to the mainland, we'll make that happen.
I want to go and see her.
All due respect, Ms.
Brown, you really think that's a good idea? If there's one thing I've learned hunting monsters you can't outrun 'em.
She's playing another game.
I need to find out what the rules are.
I'll be fine, Steve.
I'm going in there with you.
You wanted to see me.
GRAY: Oh, my God.
That's her.
That's the woman who tried to kill me.
Don't let her near me, please.
(breathing hard) It's funny you never mentioned that before.
It's all com coming back to me just now, as I saw her face.
She tried to attack me this morning.
I had to fend her off with her own knife before she ran away.
That's where the blood came from.
I'm remembering now, I'm remembering.
You're lying.
She's lying.
(crying): No.
We're done, here.
Let's go, Alicia.
Come on, come on.
GRAY: Wait.
I cut her on her forearm, about midway up.
Her right forearm.
Check it if you don't believe me.
I went hiking yesterday, and I slipped and I cut myself on a rock.
- Can anyone ver - No, no one can verify that because I was on my own.
We really should detain her, a-at least long enough to take a statement.
STEVE: No, it's okay, Pua.
I'm gonna talk to Ms.
Brown myself.
I personally guarantee her cooperation in this.
GRAY (crying): No, you're not, you're not gonna just let her walk out of here, are you? Let's go, Alicia.
GRAY: You can't let her walk out of here, please.
Did you see that? She just smiled.
Calm down, calm down.
And what She must have she must have seen me on the hike.
She must have been watching me.
She must have seen me fall and cut myself.
- Alicia.
- Steve, why is she doing it? Why? If she wanted me dead, then why didn't she just have someone kill me? Because she's messing with you.
She's trying to get in your head, and it's working.
Oh, God.
You have to stop letting her get in your head.
We want to figure out what's going on and what she's up to? I need you on your game.
Do you understand? Gray's not going anywhere, so I'm gonna come by tonight and we're gonna talk about this.
Okay, well, that's nice and that's sweet, but I I don't need anyone to look after me, okay? Fine.
I'm still gonna worry, all right? So, please, just do this for me.
Come on.
If I'd known that you were such a good cook, I would've asked you over a long time ago.
Well, slow down, you haven't tasted it yet.
Seriously, though, Steve.
Thank you.
This is nice.
I'm, uh glad that you're here.
You sound, uh, you sound surprised.
I am.
I mean-- No.
Don't-don't-don't take it personally, I mean.
How could I possibly take that personally? No, it's just that I'm (sighs) just used to being alone.
Yeah, well You don't have to be.
I can even stay here tonight.
That's pretty forward of you, Steve.
No, no, no, no.
I-I'm-- I-I can st-- I would stay on the couch.
I'm so sorry.
(laughing): I know what you mean.
That was nice.
(laughing) That's nice.
(laughs): Oh (sighs) I prefer it.
What? The solitude.
Since my daughter, and and then my marriage fell apart, it's-it's easier.
Some days I don't even have the energy to deal with people.
I, uh I like my alone time, too.
I thought I could handle it.
I mean, I thought that I was ready for her.
And then there she was, and I just Alicia, it'll get better.
You know, it's gonna take time, but it'll get better.
Yeah, 'cause time heals all ills, right? Except it doesn't really.
No, it doesn't, not all of them.
And this is why I shouldn't be around people.
Because I bring the mood down.
No, no, don't worry.
I have very low standards for companionship.
It comes from having Danny as a partner.
You haven't had to spend eight hours in a car on a stakeout with that guy listening to him complain about a Reuben sandwich, okay? Wow, that sounds unpleasant.
Unpleasant is an understatement.
This right here, this is downright tolerable.
To tolerable.
To tolerable.
To tolerable.
(laughs) There you go.
(crickets chirping) (light clatter) (quietly): Alicia? Alicia? Alicia? ALICIA: Thank you for accommodating me at such short notice, Officer.
- Isn't 4:00 a.
an unusual time for this kind of interview? Ever heard of catching someone with their guard down? I'll be right outside.
No screaming this time? You're not afraid of me anymore, hmm? Well, you should be.
There's no one recording this.
There's no one in the other room watching.
It is just us.
You're not gonna hurt me, Alicia.
There's a guard right outside that door, and they pat you down before they let you in here.
They did.
Just not well enough.
Shall we try this again, because I don't care what kind of game it is you're playing-- it ends now.
You are gonna tell me what is happening, or I am gonna slit your throat right here in this room.
It's not that easy, Alicia.
It takes a certain type of person to take someone's life.
I don't know if you have it in you.
Shall we find out? (gasps) (blade clatters on floor) That's okay, I have something you can do.
You can unlock these handcuffs.
Why would I do that?! 'Cause I have a secret.
One that will change your life forever.
And unless you do exactly as I ask, you're never gonna know what it is.
You're a liar.
That's a verbal reflex without any real consideration of my actions.
Think about it.
Why would I go to all this trouble-- turning myself in, the blood, getting you to come to me? Don't you think there was a reason? Last chance, Alicia.
You walk out that door, you're never gonna know my secret.
(softly): And trust me, you're gonna want to know my secret.
STEVE: According to our officer, right after this, Alicia made her uncuff Gray, switch clothes with her, and then locked her in Gray's holding room, and the two of them walked right out the front door.
Did the officer hear them say anything about where they were headed? No, unfortunately not.
We've issued a BOLO for both women and Alicia's car, but nothing yet.
Bottom line is Gray's gone, again.
Well, anybody track Alicia's cell phone? No, we tried, but it's turned off.
Alicia's too smart for that.
Smart? How could you call her smart after what she just did? I guarantee you there is an explanation for this.
Oh, he guarantees.
You want to throw something out? Yeah, sure.
Let's start with yesterday.
When Alicia and I went to see Dr.
Gray, she was provoking Alicia the whole time.
She was trying to get in her head.
All right? Obviously, Alicia took the bait You're telling me an ex-FBI profiler gets mind-gamed into putting a razor to a cop's throat? STEVE: This is Madison Gray we're talking about.
All right? It's what she does.
She manipulates people.
Yeah, bad people, crazy people.
Alicia's neither of those things, all right? So clearly right before this moment something has happened in this room-- Gray has said something, she has done something to make Alicia want to get her out of there.
Like what? What could she have possibly said? That's the key.
We figure that out, we figure out where they're headed.
Can I talk to you for one second, please? Fine.
Kono, let's run Alicia's credit cards.
See if she made any purchases over the last two hours.
All right.
I'll check on the BOLO.
I know that you and Alicia have history.
You go back, you almost died together, I get it.
- There's a lot there.
It's heavy.
- Oh, now you think you think that prevents me from being objective about her, right? No.
No, I-I just think there are certain possibilities that we have to consider.
Like what? Like that this woman, Alicia, just snapped.
Okay? She lost her daughter-- you think you ever get over something like that? You don't.
Not to mention, she's been profiling psychopaths her entire career.
She's trying to get into their heads, she's trying to think like they think.
All right? There is a very thin line, you know? Danny, please.
I was with her last night.
All right? We had dinner.
We talked a lot.
She's not crazy.
Okay, forget what I just said.
You don't have to be crazy to want revenge.
You think this is about revenge? It could be.
Maybe that's what she's been doing, looking for Gray.
That's why you haven't been able to get in touch with her the last four months.
Okay, so what you're saying is you-you think Alicia actually did attack Gray like Gray said she did yesterday.
It would make sense, wouldn't it? I mean, it would explain the blood, it would explain the cut, it would potentially explain why she went in and broke her out of jail.
Maybe she's taking her somewhere to kill her, I don't know.
(knocking) Yeah.
Come on, we got a hit on that BOLO.
So, Alicia's car was spotted at the airport.
The two of them got on a plane together.
They went to Madison, Wisconsin.
Flight landed 30 minutes ago.
That's all we know.
Wisconsin-- that's where Gray spent the past four months.
Kono, run a search on Alicia Brown's background, okay? Biographical information, schooling, case info, everything you can find.
Look for anything that significantly connects to Wisconsin.
Okay, running it now.
Edward Sears.
Edward Sears is locked up in Wisconsin.
That's that serial killer that Alicia Brown locked up? Didn't she say that he was somehow connected to her daughter's murder? She was convinced that he orchestrated the entire thing from inside his prison cell.
You! You! You think you're safe behind there! You are not safe from me! What if Madison Gray relocated to Wisconsin so she could be close to Sears? All right.
Well, then the question is, why? Sears was connected to Alicia's daughter's murder, but did they ever find the actual killer? No.
No, we did not.
Did they like anybody for it? Bring up the report, Kono.
KONO: Okay, so there are no viable suspects.
Looks like the case is cold.
STEVE: Yes, but if Sears knew who did it, Danny Gray probably knows who did it also, which means they're not going to see Sears.
GROVER: Gray could have convinced Alicia that she was gonna get a chance to confront her daughter's actual killer.
Which would explain why Alicia took the chance of breaking her out of jail.
STEVE: This has got to be it, the endgame.
I mean, we all know Madison Gray convinces others to kill bad people for her.
She's gonna turn Alicia into a killer.
And we have to catch her before that happens.
We got to figure out who killed Sienna Brown.
SEARS: When I heard that I was receiving a visitor from Hawaii I so hoped it was my old friend, Alicia Brown.
Maybe you recognize this old friend, Dr.
Madison Gray-- you might know her as Lauren Parker.
According to the log, she visited you here once a week for the past four months.
They can never get enough.
STEVE: You orchestrated Sienna Brown's murder from inside this prison.
Madison Gray came to visit you to get the name of your accomplice.
I'm guessing you gave it to her.
I assume you've met Dr.
She can be very persuasive.
Well, you know what, we can be pretty persuasive, too.
So you're gonna need to give us that name.
Whatever you have planned for me can't be any worse than what they've put me through in here.
I don't know about that.
You see, there's only one way this thing ends, and that's with you giving us the information we came for.
Send in paper and a pen.
I'll give you the name.
That piece of paper will be the evidence I cooperated.
You have pen and paper? Thank you.
No, no, no Guard, get me in there.
Get me in there right now.
Let's go.
Get me in there! (alarm blaring) Come on, come on! Go, go! No, no, no.
No, no.
(Sears choking) (dying groan) Won't be long now.
If you're lying to me if this is all a game I'm gonna kill you.
You see the way Sears looked at us? The guy knew.
He enjoyed taking that secret with him.
GUARD: There you go, Commander.
Come on.
All right, there's got to be something in here.
There's got to be a clue.
Something somewhere.
Guys like Sears, they like reminders of their handiwork, to relive what they've done.
Hey, Chin.
I got something.
These are all postmarked Wisconsin.
All this handwriting's the same.
“Your humble servant, Benton Jones”.
What's the earliest date you got on those letters there, Chin? Got one August 2, 2012.
That's right around the time Sienna Brown went missing.
Check this out.
“I think “you will be very pleased.
No one will ever find her.
” This guy Benton Jones-- he has to be our killer.
Yeah, we need to find him before Alicia Brown does.
This is it.
It's in the glove compartment.
Looks like we're 15 minutes out.
We might not have 15 minutes.
(car engine starts) (clock chimes) (floorboard creaks quietly) (indistinct voices on TV in distance) (floorboards creak) (phone rings) Lou.
The final DNA report just came in from the lab.
The blood we found on Dr.
Gray-- it's not Alicia's blood.
What are you talking about? Whose is it? You're not gonna believe it.
Mom? Mom! Oh! You're alive.
My baby's alive.
Oh He's gonna come back.
We've got to go.
Wait, wait.
I've got you.
Hold on to me.
Okay? (gasps, grunts) Mom! Ah! Come on, Mom! (shrieks) Ah! (grunting) (gunshot) STEVE: Alicia? Steve! Steve.
It's okay.
You guys all right? Yeah.
You okay? Yeah.
Ooh, child Things are gonna get easier Ooh, child Things'll be brighter Ooh, child Things are gonna get easier Ooh, child Things'll get brighter Someday, yeah We'll put it together And we'll get it all done Someday when your head Is much lighter Someday, yeah We'll walk in the rays Of a beautiful sun Someday when the world is much brighter ALICIA: So you're sure that I-I can't get you anything? No, I'm I'm fine.
I just came to check on you guys, see how Sienna was doing.
Well, I-I'll tell her that you stopped by.
Um, I just I just don't want to wake her up, if that's okay.
No, please, let her rest.
That's fine.
I know that she really wants to thank you herself and tell you how grateful she is, so you know, m-maybe, when she's up for it, we could, um y-you know, all go for dinner or something, or Wh All three of us-- you mean, like, in a restaurant or something? Yeah.
It's just, it's very social.
and I wouldn't want people getting the wrong idea.
(laughs) Okay.
Hey, uh I'll keep you posted on the search.
All right? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
We'll find her, Alicia.
You're gonna find her when she wants to be found, Steve.
We'll see about that.
Take care of yourself.
Stay in touch.
I will.
GRAY: Hello, Alicia.
Aah! What do you want? To finish the game.
Go on, then.
Shoot me.
I didn't think so.
I didn't think that you had what it takes, either.
That's why you have other people kill for you-- so that you can feel powerful and in control.
But the truth is you just don't have the guts.
I like a challenge, don't you? Having people kill for me-- that was a good game, but not much of a challenge.
You, on the other hand-- moral, virtuous, you've spent your life putting killers behind bars-- turning you into a killer now, that would really be something.
You think I'm gonna kill for you? Going to jail, I suppose, could be hard.
And after such a happy reunion with Sienna.
But she will visit you.
Certainly more than you visited her.
I'm not gonna kill anyone for you.
Oh, you will.
Here, you'll need this.
Don't move.
Don't move, or I will shoot you.
I think this time, you actually will.
(dialing) What are you waiting for? Pull the trigger.
You're insane.
“Control issues,” is what I believe you called it.
You know, they say taking one's life is the ultimate act of control.
Personally, I think it's getting somebody else to take it for you.
What's your emergency? Alicia Brown.
I need you to send officers to my home right away.
And I need you to contact Commander McGarrett of Five-O.
Ma'am, what's the nature of your emergency? You're gonna put me in jail? Come now, Alicia.
Do you really think that's gonna put an end it? Did it put an end to it when you put Ed Sears in jail? Ma'am? Hello? There's only one way to put an end this and to make sure that your precious Sienna is safe forever.
Hello? Are you still there? I'm here.
What's the nature of your emergency? I have to I need to report a murder.
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