Hawaii Five-0 s07e18 Episode Script

E malama pono (Handle With Care)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O That car was being used to transport radioactive material.
Namal could be looking to build a dirty bomb.
He's already passed that uranium off to somebody else.
Whoever that someone else is, they now have enough of that stuff in their possession to kill half the population on this island.
(tires screeching) Moving.
- Clear.
- Clear.
Well, we got some bad Intel.
All right.
Let's pack this thing up and get out of here.
DANNY: All right, let's pause right there and recap.
Let's talk about what went wrong here, all right? Making a safe entry is very important.
Maintain situational awareness at all times.
You need to expect the unexpected.
That is one of the, one of the main keys to executing a successful raid.
Communicating your actions, your intentions, this is critical, all right? Saves people's lives.
But above all, trust, all right? You've got to be able to trust, 100%, your team members.
Uh-huh, yeah.
Well, you want to Got something you want to add, Detective Williams? No.
I-I want to make sure that that's what you-- 'Cause I-- that's what I think.
I think that trust is the bedrock of any solid relationship.
You got to trust the person you're working with, right? Yeah.
Like I said.
I'm gonna actually keep going, if that's all right.
Um, to piggyback what you were saying, trust also is not just for tactical situations, but it's also very important all aspects of the job.
Personal relationship, trust with the people that you work with is very important.
Do you, uh, you agree with that, or what? Really? Really, what? What, what? You know what.
I-I'm just making a point.
Look, for the third time, I wasn't snooping, all right? It was right there on your desk.
My desk that is in my office that is my private stuff.
That's snooping, that's snooping, right? A show of hands.
Just a show of hands.
No, no, no, no.
Don't involve these young people.
This is a teach This is a teachable moment.
Teachable moment.
Show of hands.
Anybody who would have a problem, uh, trusting their partner after they snuck into your office and looked at all your stuff.
Why'd I go in your office? I don't know.
I needed a pen, okay? I didn't think I needed security clearance for that.
Do you need security clearance to read my personal private information? You need security clearance for that? I glanced at a list that you had called “The Things I Like,” you'd scrawled on the back of a Zippy's receipt that's sitting there on your desk.
My interest was piqued.
I don't see what the big deal is.
Of course you don't see what the big deal is, because you're not the one who has an issue-- I do.
And by the way, I'd never seen this guy use a pen in seven years.
He uses crayons.
Like, uh, like, uh, like a little kid.
Little kid.
Says the one throwing a temper tantrum.
Maybe you should take a time-out.
I'll take a time-out if it gets me out of here, gets me away from you, I'll take a time-out.
Okay, okay.
What? I think, uh, we can all agree that we learned a lot today.
Mahalo, Commander McGarrett and Detective Williams.
You're overreacting, a little bit.
You invaded my privacy.
I have a right to be upset, okay? It's not snooping if something's out in the open.
That's the rule.
That's not a rule.
Are you serious? If it's not hidden, it's not forbidden.
You never heard of that? No.
I never heard of it, because you just made that up.
First of all, it's ridiculous to me that you would even write a letter like that, but second of all, the fact that you're getting so worked up about it, it tells me, it informs me, that this is not just about this.
It's something else deeper.
I know you.
It's deeper.
So why don't you tell me what's going on and we can talk about it.
You invaded my privacy! That's it, okay? Don't tell me, that's fine.
Can we drop it, then? Mm-hmm.
If it's not put away, looking's okay.
It's another one.
Just take me home.
Please, take me home.
I beg of you.
Well, of course the “plain sight” rule applies.
It was right there on his desk.
It was out in the open.
I didn't go in there to snoop, Chin, you Listen, Chin.
I'm not asking you to take my side.
I'm asking you to, you know, agree that I didn't do anything wrong, is what Hey, hey, hey.
I got to call you back.
(panting) Sang Min.
Hey, McGarrett.
Sorry about the mess.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x18 E mālama pono (Handle W It's a through-and-through.
Appears to have missed the brachial artery.
He'll be okay, but he's lost a lot of blood.
I didn't lose it.
I've been sitting in it for hours waiting for McGarrett to get back from, you know, dance class or something.
Yes, very funny, you know.
What you're saying there, it sounds like a complaint, but I'm gonna take it as gratitude for turning my kitchen into an O.
, how about that? NOELANI: I don't mean to be out of line, Commander, but a house call like this is a little irregular.
This man should really be at a hospital.
Yeah, Noelani, I understand that.
But the thing is, hospitals have to register and report GSWs, all right? And our friend Sang Min here is an ex-human trafficker, smuggler, prison escapee, who was put on trial for murder last year.
They got the wrong guy.
I was acquitted.
My point is, I have to figure out what's going on first, all right? Yeah.
Don't worry.
You with the Five-O now.
We make our own rules, baby.
Ain't that right, McGarrett? Please.
Would you shut up and tell me what's going on? All right, look.
I've been out of the trafficking game for a while.
You know that.
But an old friend of mine called me up and asked me for a favor.
Said he was trying to get a refugee family onto the island.
A mother and her two keikis.
And being the, you know, humanitarian that I am, I agreed to help.
Only, I was played.
There was no family in that container.
All right, so what next? What happened? We rubbed each other with Tiger Balm.
What do you think? I got my skinny ass out of there.
You believe it? You try to do a mitzvah, and you end up catching a bullet.
So what you're telling me is that you do not know who this human cargo was or where he might be headed.
Is that right? What about this friend of yours? Xander.
What can you tell me about him? Uh, you know, back in the day, he was, uh a logistics man for certain kinds of people, you know? He could hook you up with a safe house, fake documents, transpo.
I thought he got out of the game years ago, but I guess I was mistaken.
I'm gonna send a team down to the harbor to process, and I'm gonna take you home.
Sounds like a plan, Stan.
Then what, boss? Then-- no, no.
Then nothing.
Your skinny ass is gonna stay put until I say otherwise.
House arrest.
Got it.
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Maybe call Spicy.
You tell her to come babysit this, you know, hunk of a man.
You single, sweet cheeks? (ship horn blares) (car door closes) CHIN: What do we got, Lou? Well, Xander's body was found inside the container.
Obviously, it was put there so it wouldn't be easily found.
Our shooter was careful.
All right, so CSU just lifted some prints, ran them through Live Scan and got a hit.
The man we're looking for is Desmond Abati.
He's a Nigerian national.
He's one of Interpol's most waned.
He's been connected to numerous IED attacks throughout the Middle East.
He's a bomb maker? According to this, he's more than just a bomb maker.
Latest Intel says he was training the top guys over at ISIS in Boko Haram.
This guy's one of the world's most dangerous terrorists.
Someone went to a lot of trouble to sneak him onto the island.
GROVER: Well, if Interpol's onto him, he could be looking to disappear.
But what if he isn't? GROVER: HPD found a laptop at Xander's house.
We had Eric go through it; he found e-mails and payments to Xander from this guy, Nadim Tahan.
He's a resident of Kalaeloa.
Now, the FBI's had him on their terror watch list for a long time, but up until now, he's not been taken as a serious threat.
All right, so this is the guy that hired Xander to bring Abati into Hawaii.
KONO: Yeah.
And Eric also found this.
It's a map of Waimea Falls jungle that Xander shared with Tahan.
And the area that's circled is just over an acre in size.
All right, so maybe this is where they set him up, like a safe house.
That's a pretty remote location for a safe house.
There could be another reason that Tahan was interested in this particular spot.
The reason he showed up on the Fed's radar to begin with is from an online post that floated the idea of starting up a terrorist training camp on U.
Well, that makes more sense for a safe house now.
DANNY: So what you're saying is that they're potentially up there teaching people how to build bombs.
Maybe, or he could be with Tahan in Kalaeloa.
Or anything.
I mean, at this point, we don't know what it is.
All right, Chin, you and Kono go have a look at Tahan's place.
Danny and I are gonna check this location out.
How are we gonna check out that location? There's no roads in, no roads out.
Why did I agree to this? It's like you said, there's no roads in or out of here.
This is so dumb.
This is dumb! Just relax, all right? You're gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine.
When this light goes green, we're gonna jump, okay? No, I-I don't want-- You know what? I don't want to do it, 'cause if I die, I don't want to be strapped to you like an infant.
(beeping) All right, here we go, buddy! (Danny yelling) (Danny groaning) I don't like it.
Just breathe, Danny.
I hate you.
I hate you.
Wasn't that something? I hate you.
STEVE: Try opening your eyes, buddy.
Look at how high we are.
(laughing) Why don't you just admit it, huh? Admit it, you loved it.
Who doesn't love skydiving? In fact, I'm willing to bet that skydiving is gonna go on that list of yours.
Right after baseball and hoagies and complaining and Pretty sure hoagies and complaining was not on my list.
No, it was not on the list, but it should've been.
Instead that list was full of things that you've never shown any interest in in your entire life, like travel.
DANNY: What are you talking about? I love to travel.
Danny, every time you're on a plane with me, you moan and groan the entire trip.
That's because every time I am on a plane with you, there's a good chance I'm gonna die when I land, okay? Wh-What is your obsession with this list? Leave it alone.
No, I don't have an obsession.
I have a mild curiosity, all right? That you would A, write a list like that in the first place, and B, be so hypersensitive about it.
So that means you're not gonna leave it alone.
Is that right? You've known me for seven years now.
What do you think? Okay.
(clears throat) Okay, hey, hey, hey, okay, listen.
Stop for one second.
You want to know? Yeah.
Okay, I'll tell you.
That was a list of things that I'd like to do when I retire, okay? You happy now? I said it.
Now we can continue.
After you, please.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Retire? That's what I said, when I retire.
I'm coming up on 20 years.
Okay? I'm gonna pension out very soon.
I got to think about what comes next.
You're serious right now? I'm absolutely serious.
No, I want to do this for the rest of my life with you.
Unlike you, I don't want to do this.
All right.
I just want to get it straight, all right? You retire, you retire, and then, uh what? (smacks lips) I don't know, maybe open a restaurant.
- Open a restaurant? - That's right.
A nice Italian restaurant.
You know, like a, like a, like a little neighborhood kind of joint.
You know, use my grandmother's recipes.
It'll be, uh it'll be very Ni Where am I going? Italian restaurant on Oahu.
Oahu could use a nice Italian restaurant, don't you think? Anyway, that's what I'd like to do, and you are now free to mock me all you want.
No, I'm not gonna mock you.
- No? - No.
I'm gonna tell you that 80% of restaurants fail in the first six months, though.
(chuckles): Yeah? Okay, we don't have to talk about this anymore, then.
Clear! OFFICER: Clear! Clear! Clear! Copy that, copy that.
That was Chin.
Him and Kono just finished clearing Tahan MAN: Don't move.
STEVE: You smell that? DANNY: Bleach? STEVE: Yeah, they're cooking TATP.
A lot of it.
Those yellow things on their belts are dosimeters.
They measure radiation exposure.
Good news is we found our missing uranium.
STEVE: And our missing bomb maker.
Don't stop.
(grunts) (grunts) Hey! Move! (gunfire continues) Abati's getting away! Danny.
STEVE: Hey! Hey, hey! (beeping) Hey! (steady beeping) Where's the uranium? Where's the uranium? (steady beeping) Okay, all right, we got an hour.
Can you defuse it? If I had an instruction manual, maybe.
Getting no cell service.
And this satphone here with the bullet hole in it, I'm pretty sure the warranty's void.
So, please, tell me you have something.
What do you got? Huh? I got a lot of countermeasures here.
I got a lot of fail-safes, I got a lot of decoy wires.
I'm thinking Abati's the only person who could defuse this bomb, all right? Now, I could try to disarm it, but if I make a mistake, I'm not just gonna kill you and me, I'm gonna kill half the population on this island.
- Okay, what's the good news? - Didn't say I had any good news.
We got to contact the bomb squad.
By carrier pigeon? I'm just curious, 'cause I just told you that my cell phone doesn't work and that thing clearly doesn't work I heard you, Danny, but, look, we have a truck, all right? And the bomb is already loaded on the truck.
All we need to do is drive it to the drop zone.
We get to that clearing, we have cell service.
Okay? We're gonna take a shortcut so we can get there before this timer runs out.
And in the meantime, every cop on the Island is looking for Abati, no? So, hopefully, hopefully, he's in custody by the time we get to the clearing.
If not hopefully, somebody from the bomb squad can talk us through how to deactivate this thing, okay? Just so I'm clear, you want to drive a truck with a dirty bomb made out of uranium and TATP-- which you personally told me was the most unstable explosive on the planet Earth-- you want to drive that through the jungle through this jungle, on-on, at best, uneven terrain.
That's is that that's what you've come up with? We're gonna drive real slow.
Find the keys.
(exhales) (door slams) Don't slam it! (door closes gently) (sighs) (inserts key into ignition) (sighs) What? If this doesn't work, I just Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Don't don't don't say that.
Don't say anything, okay? I don't need to hear it, okay? I'm just saying, all right, this is an old truck, it's gonna vibrate once the engine's turned over, all right? I didn't need to hear that, Steve.
I didn't need that in my life.
Okay? Just start the truck, please.
(gear shifts) (breathes deeply) I love you, bro.
(ignition grinding) (pumping pedal) (engine starts) (exhales) (clears throat) (exhales) Everything okay, sir? Uh, yeah.
I just lost control of my car.
Ran right off the road into a ditch over here.
(”Slow Ride” by Foghat playing) Whoa, oh Slow ride Take it easy Slow ride Take it easy Slow ride Take it easy Slow ride Take it easy I'm in the mood Okay, easy, easy, easy.
All right! You know what? Your saying “easy, easy, easy” every five minutes is not helping, helping, helping.
- You understand that? - Okay, all-all right.
I just want to make sure that you don't go over a ditch or a rock and I end up in a bunch of pieces, okay? You know what it's gonna say on my tombstone? Yeah, I do.
It's gonna say “Here lies Danny Williams, beloved curmudgeon.
” That's funny.
It's gonna say, “Here lies Danny Williams.
“We think.
We're not really sure because we could not find all of him.
” Danny, I'm keeping it under eight miles an hour, here.
All right? It's not a school zone.
I'm not worried about getting a ticket.
Dude, if I go any slower, inertia is not gonna be on our side, and these bumps are gonna get a whole lot worse, and you know what that means, okay? If I don't maintain this speed, we're not gonna make it to the clearing in time.
How we doing on bars? Do you not think that if I had bars I would inform you of that, huh? No.
You know what? Do you not think that that's what I would do? You know what? We need to stop, we need to calm down.
We need to talk about something else and distract ourselves.
That's what we need to do.
I-I couldn't imagine what you'd want to talk about.
Oh, actually, you know what? Just explain something to me, all right? You've never mentioned retirement ever, ever, ever since I've known you.
Now it's lists and it's plans and restaurants, you know.
Why? Why? Where's it coming from? I told you.
I'm coming up on 20 years.
So what? So what? So what? - Doesn't mean you have to retire.
- Okay, okay.
It's not mandatory.
Why is it on the table? Okay.
Grace got an assignment at school, all right? Her guidance counselor told her to write a list of all the things that she would like to do in life, and that she should pursue one of them.
So it got me thinking, all right? Then I-I decided to make my own list.
And as I made my own list, I started to think some more, and I started to think about Charlie.
What about Charlie? Well, the guy thinks that I am a superhero, okay? And that I'm indestructible.
Guess what-- I'm not indestructible, but he doesn't know that yet.
Soon he will know that, just like Grace found out.
Right? And he's gonna get worried.
Every time I put my gun in my belt, he's gonna be worried about me.
And I can save him from that worry if I retire, okay? Your father was a cop.
You got worried about him, right? (Steve taps on dashboard) What? What is that? We got a problem.
I understand that.
What is it? Look at the fuel gauge.
So what? We got enough to get there.
No, you don't understand-- this thing was three quarters full when we left.
I got to pull over.
(grunts) All right.
We got a hole in the fuel line, all right? Looks like a bullet must have ripped a hole in it.
I got to fix it.
Okay, good.
How you gonna do that? There's a repair kit under my front seat; I saw it.
It's gonna have a couple of flares in it.
Grab those, grab one of the rubber floor mats as well.
Bring them out here.
Wait a minute.
What are you gonna do with a flare? I'm just curious.
I'm gonna melt some of the rubber floor mat over the hole in the rubber hose and it should seal it, all right? It should be easy to fix.
Oh, good.
You're gonna use a flare, fire, underneath the bomb.
Is that-- I just want to make sure that that's what you're saying? That's a very good point, okay? - Thank you.
- Why don't you go find a big piece of wet tree bark, I'm gonna-- you're gonna hold it for me.
You're gonna hold it between the fuel line and the undercarriage of the truck.
It should insulate the heat.
Come on, man.
One, two, three.
(flare sizzling) All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Just-just a reminder.
I know you know this, but gasoline's flammable, okay? All right, the engine's off; there's no gas in the fuel line.
There's no Ga where'd you take shop? I mean, there's always gas in the fuel line, unless you do a complete flush.
What's the matter with you? Fine.
You want to nitpick? There's a couple of drops in the fuel line.
How about that? Well, yeah.
I kind of like to nitpick, 'cause it's my life.
So I'm gonna nitpick a little bit, okay? Okay, look.
We should be all right.
Don't say “should”" don't say “should”.
It's uncertain, it's not a good verb, okay? I'm hoping for the best here, Danny.
Don't hope.
Ju Just stop talking.
Well, you trust me a little bit, then.
Tell me you're not gonna miss this.
Really? GROVER: Hey.
CHIN (over speakers): Yeah, Lou.
I just found out a little while ago that a guy matching Abati's description jacked a police car a little while ago.
He shot the officer and left him for dead on the side of the road.
I'm trying to track the cruiser now.
What about Steve and Danny? Any word from them? No.
No word, and they're not picking up their satphone, either.
All right.
Keep trying.
All right, we got a problem.
What now? My cell's down to 30%.
Where are you at? I don't think it's gonna matter-- look.
What are you doing? Don't sl slam it.
It's too deep.
All right, uh we don't have a lot of time.
Maybe, maybe we find another place to cross, huh? No.
We're gonna use, we're gonna use the boards on the back of the truck and we're gonna build a bridge.
Can I ask you a question? Do you, do you take into account that I'm here, too? Do I have a say in anything we do? Or you just make decisions all by yourself? Oh, that's rich coming from you.
Wh-What do you mean by that? What do I mean by that? You didn't feel the need to include me in your decision to retire.
It's my retirement.
Why would I include you in something like that? It's got nothing to do with you.
I don't know, Danny.
(groaning): Maybe Maybe Easy.
because it's a big decision that affects me, too.
Did you think about that? Huh? I mean, you want to talk about trust.
Well, I trust you to bring me in on big decisions like that.
And quite frankly, it hurts my feelings when you don't.
Oh, you have feelings? Well, you know what? It hurts my feelings when you roll your eyes when I tell you I want to make a restaurant.
That hurts my feelings.
Okay, let me ask you a question.
If you were still married to Rachel, and you made a decision like this, a big decision that affected her, how would she feel if you didn't tell her about it? Are you comparing my failed marriage to our relationship? Are you gonna answer the question? She'd be upset.
Thank you.
Okay, grab this.
Grab the thing.
Thank you.
(tires screeching) Looks like he ran a name.
(typing) Oh, my God.
Come on! (laughs) (man talking over TV) Oh, he got the fish! He got the fish! (knocking on door) (groans) Where's the fire, huh? Oh, go get that big fish.
(knock on door) Ah.
Yeah? (grunts) Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.
(groaning) Nice to see you again, too, huh? So you gonna introduce yourself, or you gonna just go straight to the part where you try to kill me? You got me on this island, now you're gonna get me off.
(chuckles) Okay.
All right, man.
You know, this, uh, slice of paradise isn't for everyone, you know? The heat, the traffic.
But a good exfil takes patience, planning, you know, financing.
I cannot just snap my fingers and make it happen, huh? (grunts) Like I was saying you want a boat or plane? Whatever's faster.
(grunts) (groans): That's good.
(sighs) That's good.
You drive.
Oh, now I get to drive? Yeah, yeah, I got to guide you on the thing, all right? So you don't fall off.
Let's go, let's go.
(engine starts) All right, to your right a little bit.
(boards creaking) Good, come to me.
Move it that way.
Yeah, right there.
Right there.
Keep coming.
(board creaking) (board snapping) What's going on? What's going on? Oh, we're good.
We're good, buddy.
You got to keep coming.
Give me a second.
Just give me a second.
We're good.
We're good.
You got to keep coming, Danny.
Danny, listen to me.
It's gonna be all right.
You got to keep moving, Danny.
You got to keep moving.
Keep moving.
Come on, come on! (board snapping) Come on! Go, Danny, go! (board snapping) Come on! Come on! (engine revving) Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! All right, Danny! Good job, buddy.
SANG MIN: That's your ride, man.
We take that to Hawaii Island, and you got, uh, you know, you got the jump seat on a cargo plane to Asia.
Is it always this quiet around here, man? Oh, you know, that's, uh, that's why I picked it, you know.
You trying to keep a low profile, right? (yells) Come on out.
Come out right now or I kill him.
Five-O! Abati, drop the weapon.
Drop the weapon! Come any closer, I'll kill him.
Then kill him.
We're not gonna stand down for a convicted felon.
Huh? I thought we were ohana.
Come on.
Move to your left.
Anything? Huh? No.
Hold on, hold on.
All right, I got a bar.
Let's go.
All right.
Dial Chin.
CHIN: Steve, where are you? Hey, Chin, listen.
We're at the drop zone.
Danny and I are currently standing next to an active dirty bomb that's set to go off in less than ten minutes.
Abati built this thing, he could tell us how to defuse it.
Please tell me you have him in custody.
We have him, Steve.
But Abati's dead.
You ever see anything like this? AUKAI: No.
And while there are ways to defuse it, I wouldn't try any of them in the field.
And certainly not without equipment.
STEVE: Okay, so what you're saying is this thing's going off, is that right? Yes.
But there may be a way you can minimize the damage.
If you can remove the uranium canister from the device and get yourselves outside of the blast radius before it detonates, then you'll be okay.
Okay, so you're saying that we can remove that without-without setting off this bomb? Yes.
But there is another issue.
That canister holding the uranium is lead-lined.
Right now it's protecting you.
It's the only thing protecting you from the radiation.
The problem is, if you try to Yeah, we got, we got to remove the uranium from the canister to get to the screws that are holding the canister in place.
Your guy was smart.
To unscrew the canister, you first have to remove the uranium rods.
Once the canister is off, then you can put them back in and close it up again.
Hold, hold.
How long do we have before we are microwaved while doing that? Not long.
It's gonna be fast.
I got an idea.
Grab the phone.
Grab the phone.
All right, hold on.
Car batteries are made of lead, right? What's going on? Wh-What are you doing? Look, the lead in the car battery can protect me from the uranium, like the bib you get in the dentist's office before he does an X-ray, you understand? Uh-huh.
AUKAI: Except there's no reason for both of you to risk exposure.
Removing the canister isn't a two-man job.
Want me to do it? I'll do it.
I'll do it.
This thing goes off, we're both screwed anyway.
Besides, you know I'm a control freak.
I'm not gonna argue with you.
You want to do it, you do it.
Do me a favor.
Little bit of rope on the back tray-- grab that.
STEVE: All right, all right, I got to breathe.
You want it to come off while you're doing it? Don't be a baby.
Good? Yeah, I'm good.
Go take some cover, buddy.
You, uh, you got no protection from this thing, and I don't want to give your liver back.
Hold on, whoa, whoa.
I'll see you in a minute.
Hold on.
(sighs) I don't have anything.
I'm sorry.
Good luck.
AUKAI: All right, Commander, let's go to work.
Pull the cap and remove the rods.
(canister hisses) Got one.
That's two.
That's the last screw.
You're almost there.
Okay, Danny, I got it.
It's safe.
Come on out, buddy.
We got to get the bomb off the back of this truck.
All right, Sergeant, we're hanging up now, okay? Good luck, you guys.
Thank you.
(steady beeping) (panting) Easy.
Just go easy, please.
One, two, three.
(metal groaning) One, two, three.
Okay, come, come, come, come.
We're good.
(engine starts) All right.
Look, I'm sorry, I should've told you.
It's okay.
I'm sorry, too, Danny.
What are you sorry about? For what I'm about to do.
Hang on to something, buddy! (groans) Are you crazy? (thumping) (steady beeping) DANNY: What the hell is the matter with you?! You want to live, get out of the truck and get behind the engine block.
Let's go.
Grab the canister.
(groaning) Danny? What? (groans) If you open that restaurant, I want you to seriously consider calling it “Steve's,” please.
Steve's? Yes, because then if we're not together, we'll still, you know, we're still gonna we'll be together still.
Very sentimental.
All right? So we good on the name? (groans) Danny, you all right? Yeah.
Huh? How's the canister, man? I That's it, I'm not gonna retire anytime soon, but if I do, I can't name the restaurant Steve's! The restaurant? Yes! The restaurant! Steve's! (laughing) No.
What? Hey! Aw.
It means a lot to me, man.
No, I can't I can't hear anything! I can't hear anything, either! (indistinct chatter, laughter) Whoa, slow your roll there, Bad Hair Day.
Toss me one of them carbs.
What? What, this? Yeah.
Well, okay.
My pleasure.
GROVER: No, you did not just kill my dinner roll.
Killed it like you were trying to kill me.
You talking about this afternoon at the dock? You still mad about that? For the third time, I just did it as a distraction.
Hurt my feelings.
You know, for a hardened ex-con, you're a little overly sensitive, don't you think? I still didn't hear an apology.
(phone ringing) You ain't gonna hear one until you refresh my bread plate.
I got to take this call.
All right, next course, Grandma Arlene's secret meatballs.
Pass 'em around.
Everybody good? So far good? Huh? KONO: Amazing.
Tutu had skills, brother.
STEVE: Danny, they smell unbelievable.
You know what I'm thinking, pal? I think this, uh, this dish might be one of the hits at, uh, Steve's.
You know, I've been thinking of adding a shrimp meatball dish to my menu.
You can't just go and change the menu.
There's nothing in our written agreement says I can't.
It's implied.
Why would you mess with greatness? No meatballs for you? No, I'm a vegan.
Vegan? Excuse me? You kidding me? No, I'm not kidding.
You know, I'm trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.
'Cause my, uh, body's a temple.
DANNY: Charlie, what do I say that you're supposed to say when I give you something you don't like? You get what you get, and you don't get upset.
DANNY: He's a child; he's got more class than you.
You know, with customer service like that, don't expect me to go to your restaurant.
Hey, you're not allowed in my restaurant.
I got a “no mullet” policy, okay? Yeah, thanks.
(laughter) Hey.
Everything all right? That was HPD.
You remember the emblem that was on that truck-- K&L Construction? Yeah.
K&L Construction was contracted to do some renovation work in Waikiki tomorrow right across the street from the Palace at the same time the governor was scheduled to be there.
The governor and Five-O, HPD That's right.
We were the target.

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