Hawaii Five-0 s07e19 Episode Script

Puka 'Ana (Exodus)

1 (siren wailing) 22-year-old male.
GSWs to the posterior neck and lower abdomen.
BP's 90/60, pulse is 91.
Page Walsh.
Get him down here.
Go! On it.
Tanya? Tanya Morrison? Let's go.
Come on.
NURSE: Can you show me where it hurts? Here.
I'm just gonna listen to your lungs now, okay? That's interesting.
Take some deep breaths for me, please.
(winces) Does it hurt more when you breathe in, or when you breathe out, or about the same? Same.
And when did the pain start? Uh, I uh Right after she fell.
She fell? Yeah, at our house.
How'd you fall, honey? Um EMILIO: Coming down the stairs, right? She was going too fast, missed a step.
Is that right? You tripped? Yeah.
Is this gonna take long? Well, I'm pretty sure they're broken, but we'll need some X-rays first to make sure.
Tell you what, why don't you head back to the waiting area or go get a cup of coffee, and I'll come get you It's all right.
I'll stay.
All right.
Be right back.
All right.
(door closes) Hey.
I need you to notify Family Services.
I think the girl in Exam 3's been abused.
This is Kailani in E.
I need Family Jan, the girl who was just back here, you see where she went? Sorry.
Hey! (siren wailing) Get in! (engine starts) Hey! (tires screech) Wait! [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x19 Puka 'Ana (Exodus)/fon STEVE: So I got a phone call from the director of the Phoenix Foundation.
She told me that you guys did a hell of a job.
Well, it was a team effort.
Oh, yeah? Mm-hmm.
You know your friend Jack-- he's a lot like you, huh? I'm don't know if that's a compliment.
(laughs) I'll just leave it at that.
So, I know you didn't invite me over to pat me on the back.
So what's up? Oh, I just wanted to check on you.
See how Adam's doing.
Oh, yeah, he's, um, he's good.
Yeah, he's hanging in there.
I heard he's, uh, having some troubles finding a job since he got out, is that right? Yeah, that part hasn't been easy, that's for sure.
Yeah, anything, uh, that he did before he went to prison, all the successes, they don't count for anything once you have a record.
And also, if we want to start having a family, he wants to know that he can do his part, right? Right.
I just want you guys to know, both of you, if you need anything I know.
(doorbell rings) Yeah.
Hey, excuse me for a second.
Good morning, sir.
I'm Sara Diaz, I'm seven years old, and I am selling the most delicious cookies for Aloha Girls Troop 1138.
Would you like to buy some? (whispers): Don't forget to smile.
Yes, I would like to buy some.
Please come in.
SARA: We have Caramel S'mores Mm-hmm.
Chocolate Mint Wafers Mm-hmm.
Coconut Oatmeal, and my favorite, Hawaiian Shortbread.
That's my favorite, too.
I'll take four boxes, one of each flavor, please.
You're doing good, little one.
Now hit him with the look.
What's the matter? If my troop doesn't sell 500 boxes, we won't be able to afford our gymnastics equipment.
500 boxes? That's a lot of cookies.
I better take eight boxes.
Detective Williams bought 12.
Detective Williams is in Jersey visiting his sister.
How'd he buy 12 boxes of cookies? (phone ringing) Bruddah put his order in before he left.
That true? Well, I'll buy 13.
How about that? 13 boxes, please.
You were right.
I told you they were competitive.
This is Kono.
Three, five, that's six.
Hey, you know what? You're lucky Auntie Kono's here.
She's good for at least a dozen boxes.
Hey, hey, actually, I already bought mine.
Yeah? You know what? I am loving those Caramel S'mores.
They're my number one seller.
KONO: I bet.
Good work.
Hey, so, I just got a call from Noelani.
She wants me to go visit her.
Is everything all right? Yeah, she's fine, she just needs some help with something.
I'll, uh, fill you in later.
KONO: Love those cookies.
Hey, Noelani.
I really appreciate this, Officer Kalakaua.
I know Five-O doesn't usually handle matters like this.
So how do you and this nurse know each other? We went to Oahu State together.
After graduation, I went to med school, and Anna went into nursing.
Anna, this is Officer Kalakaua from the Five-O Task Force.
Thank you for coming.
Yeah, Noelani filled me in.
So the girl came here last night? Yeah.
The guy she was with said he was her uncle.
I left them alone for a minute, came back, and they were gone.
Do you, by chance, have the paperwork that they filled out when they were checked in? Yeah.
Did she have any other noticeable bruises? None that I could see, but I didn't get the chance to give her a thorough exam.
I know how this might sound, but I've seen this kind of thing before.
Okay, where's your security office? I'm gonna need to see all closed-circuit footage that they might have.
(elevator bell dings) So I ran the names that Tanya and her uncle gave the hospital.
Nothing came back on either one of them, but the contact info they left was fake, so I'm thinking that their names were, too.
Is there any chance that Nurse Anna got a plate from the car they left in? Unfortunately not.
JERRY: Oh, good timing.
Hospital sent over the security footage.
I was about to run facial rec on the uncle.
Won't be surprised if he's in the system.
Why do you say that? The way she's sitting.
I think she's afraid of him.
I see Sara worked her magic spell on you, too, huh? Oh, I can't.
Please, you got to help me eat these.
Thanks, but I'm a Chocolate Mint Wafer man.
Got two boxes in the freezer.
I guess I was wrong.
Do me a favor, Jerry, run facial rec on the girl.
What are you thinking? I don't know, got a hunch.
What do you know.
Moani Amosa.
Age 15.
Disappeared six weeks ago.
Believed to be a runaway.
Okay, so who's this guy she was with? Could be her kidnapper.
Maybe, but what kind of a kidnapper brings his victim to the E.
? Do you recognize this man? No.
I mean, who is he? We don't know.
But he was spotted with your daughter at King's Medical last night.
The nurse who was treating her thinks that she may have broken some ribs and she suspects that this man may be responsible.
I don't understand.
Why didn't Moani say anything to anyone? Well, it's possible she was scared.
Does your daughter have her own laptop or computer? She has a laptop, but, I mean, the police already checked it.
We'd like to have another look.
GROVER: So I heard about your run-in on the Big Island.
You and Kono back in one piece, that's good.
Yeah, thanks to a little help from some guys from the mainland.
Jack Dalton and Angus MacGyver.
Yeah, those guys were something else.
Angus? Like beef? (chuckles) That's an interesting name.
Trust me when I tell you that's the least interesting thing about him.
I got three bodies inside.
House is a sober living home.
All three vics are male.
Two were recovering addicts, the third was a drug counselor.
Doesn't look like a robbery.
Two of the guys still have their watches on.
There's a laptop and a TV in plain sight.
Who found the bodies? Girlfriend of one of the vics.
Stacy Holden's her name.
She's outside.
STACY: I stopped by this morning with coffee and donuts.
Todd wasn't exactly having the easiest time with his recovery, so I try to stop by once a day.
Stacy, can you think of anyone who might want to hurt Todd or these other two men? It may be nothing, but a few times that I was here, a couple of guys came by.
They didn't say much.
They just went and talked to Mark, uh, the counselor here.
They never stayed long.
Ten minutes, tops.
And Mark said that they were recovering addicts and that he was trying to help them, but But you didn't think so.
(voice breaking): They didn't seem like former users.
I mean, trust me, I am one myself.
All I can tell you guys is that they looked like trouble.
And now he's gone.
Excuse me.
Hey, Sanoe, answer me this.
Don't you think it's a little unusual to have four dehumidifiers in a little bitty room like this? Yeah, now that you mention it, it is a little weird.
Someone obviously wanted the air in this room to be as dry as possible.
You got something, Lou? Yes, I do.
We got four dehumidifying units in this room, secret compartment in the wall here, and moisture-absorbing packets inside.
Add that up with what Stacy just told us, and this place is a hell of a lot more than just a sober living house.
A stash house.
Yeah, the two shady types Stacy was taking about, they got to be dealers; this was a robbery.
ERIC: Officer Kalakaua.
Aloha and salutations.
What brings you to my lab? That's a little formal, isn't it? Yeah, well, Uncle D says he'll drop a dime on me with HR if I say, “Yo, what up,” one more time.
Oh, I believe it was, “Yo, what up, honey cheeks.
” I don't always say it like that.
But, yeah, I'm on verbal lockdown.
So how can I help you today? I need a favor.
Ah, hit me.
Hey, hey, wait, let me guess.
Did you forget your password again? This actually belonged to a 15-year-old girl that went missing six weeks ago.
So, we think that she might have run away; we're hoping that there's something on there that might give us some leads.
Sounds serious.
I'm on it.
Yeah, all right, thanks.
Hey, hey, wait, wait, wait.
You seem like a Caramel S'mores type of woman.
You might be right, but Sara's already hooked me up.
I am fully stocked.
Man, kid's good at slinging sugar.
Four, three, two, everyone, let's go Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Whoo-ooh, everyone, let's go Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Whoo, ooh, ooh, ooh-ooh-ooh Oh, your boy's got some skills, Makoa.
Everyone, let's go.
I know you? No, we've not been formally introduced.
You see, Five-O has a new outreach program where we try to introduce ourselves to all of the local drug dealers on the island.
So how you doin'? How'd you know where to find me? Oh, it wasn't too difficult, considering your son posted a picture of you two on Instagram a half hour ago.
Outed by social media.
You're a very busy man, clearly, so we'll get right to the point.
We know it was your stash house that was hit in Kapolei this morning; we know this because you're the guy that's been paying the electricity bills on the place.
By the way, Makoa, sober living house doubling as a stash house? Well done, my man.
It's the perfect cover.
Will you be making this point of yours anytime soon? We don't care that you stashed your inventory at Clear Path.
At least, not for today.
But what we do care about is catching whoever gunned down three innocent people in pursuit of that inventory.
So, who ripped you off, Makoa? What makes you think I know? Oh, come on.
You're a smart guy.
A criminal mastermind like yourself, you must have some kind of a theory.
How about a rival gang or something? I got no idea who did this.
And we don't believe you.
So, you can either give us a name or we will bust that ass right now for using Clear Path as a stash house.
I'll beat that, and you know it.
You know, you might.
But we'll make sure the prosecuting attorney takes it all the way to trial; and by that time, the damage will be done.
You'll be radioactive.
And then, good luck trying to make a move anywhere on this island.
You're gonna have to pack up your tent and go somewhere else.
Or give us a name.
Then you can go back to filming your kid doing his triple lutzes or whatever it is.
I managed to recover a bunch of deleted messages off of Moani's hard drive.
Before she went missing, she was in contact with some dude named Jonah.
Think he could be the guy you're looking for.
Okay, so how did they connect? Social media.
Looks like he has a couple fake user profiles.
They started DM-ing each other.
He paid her some compliments.
Eventually, she sent him a picture.
After that, they had plans to meet at the Waikele Outlets.
All right, did we manage to get this guy Jonah's IP address? Not exactly.
But I was able to approximate his physical location.
I think he's at a house in Waimanalo: 4128 Poalima.
Property records indicate the place has been in foreclosure the last four months, so I'd say he was probably squatting there.
STEVE: I don't get it.
It doesn't make sense to me.
Moani seems like a bright kid from a stable home.
Yeah, yeah.
But you know, 15, it's a rough age for a girl.
I mean, you're awkward and insecure.
You don't think you're smart enough, pretty enough or popular enough.
And then, suddenly someone pays some attention to you.
Sends you a nice message or some compliments.
Suddenly you feel like somebody gets you.
Like they care.
Whoever this Jonah guy was, obviously understood that and used it to his advantage.
KONO: Move.
On me.
STEVE: Move.
(lock smashes) (gasps, whimpers) KONO: Hey, we're-- we're the police.
It's okay.
Hey, it's all right.
It's all right.
We're gonna get you out of here, okay? (girl whimpers) We're gonna get you out of here.
It's all right.
I'm gonna take your gag off, okay? It's okay.
We came here to get you.
We're gonna get you out of here.
(whimpers) You're coming out.
(sobs) It's okay.
(sobbing continues) It's okay.
How is she? She's malnourished and dehydrated.
Numerous instances of physical and sexual assault.
I saw similar trauma on the girl who was brought in last night.
All right.
Can we talk to her, please? This girl has been sex-trafficked for the past four months, Commander.
She's traumatized.
STEVE: I'm sorry, you said trafficked? What-- what do you mean? She's a local girl.
Grew up in Manoa Valley.
We understand that she's been traumatized.
But for all we know, the man that we're after, he still has Moani.
And if he's a trafficker, then there are other girls, too.
Who knows how many? Okay.
But I think it would be better if Officer Kalakaua went in alone.
STEVE: Yes, of course, I understand.
Kelsey? I'd like to ask you a few questions.
If that's okay with you.
I know how hard this must be.
No, you don't.
You're right.
I don't.
But I need your help right now.
And so does Moani.
You know her, right? How do you feel about getting outside this room for a few minutes? Just for a little bit.
When was the last time you saw him? At the house, last night.
Besides Moani, are there other girls? There's three.
Do you know where they are right now? I just know they took off.
I'm not sure why.
I overheard Tori saying that Emilio wasn't coming back, so they all had to leave.
Tori-- is that one of the other girls? No, she I don't know, keeps us in line, I guess.
She's the one who locked me in the closet.
Why would she do that? Said I was mouthing off.
Can you tell me how you met? You and Emilio.
I was at the mall.
And he came up to me.
Said I should be a model.
Said if I wanted, he could take some pictures.
After that, I started going over to his place.
You know, just to hang.
But then, pretty soon he's he's pressuring me to have sex.
He said he loved me.
And I believed him.
Even after he started bringing his friends around.
They'd pay him after.
(sniffles) He said he was saving it so that we could go away together.
Did you try to leave? I said I wanted to go home, but he said if I did, he'd go after my little sister.
And do to her what he was doing to me.
(sniffling) (exhales) After that, he he put me with the other girls.
We get moved around a lot.
Different houses, but the guys just keeping coming by.
Were they all friends of his? Most of them were tourists.
A few locals.
Sometimes, we go to hotels.
If we don't let them do what they want, Emilio would hurt us.
Did you call my parents? They're on their way.
Please Please don't tell my dad what they did to me.
I really don't want him to know.
(horn honking) (continues honking) MAN: Come on, lady, move! What's the matter with you? Move your ass! (horn honking) Seriously? I ain't got time for this.
Get back in your car and get out of my way.
The hell's your problem? (horns honking) (alarm beeps) Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
I talked to Kelsey.
Think we might have a lead.
She told me about one of her regulars.
She's, uh she doesn't know his real name, but he's a high school teacher.
Coaches swim.
You reach out to HPD? They're looking into all the high school swim coaches on the island; can't be more than a few dozen.
They'll put together a photo array for Kelsey to look at.
Then we'll track down the john and flip him for the pimp.
You sure you're okay? I know it's not a good thing for a cop to get angry.
To get emotional.
But I can't help it.
It's fine to get angry.
(exhales) You want to sit this one out? No.
(elevator bell dings) Thanks, Tony.
I'll take him from here.
This way.
Look who's here.
Hey, I got a couple of those.
Nice hardware.
That's not for you.
All right, Makoa.
You told the sheriff you had some information for us.
Yeah, we'll get to that.
First we got to talk ground rules.
I'm gonna need some assurance that whatever I tell you won't be used against me.
(imitates whirring) That's the Cone of Silence.
Go ahead, you can say whatever you want now.
What's that? Oh, it basically means that whatever you say here will stay here.
How does Cone of Silence mean that? Oh, brother.
I got this, gentlemen.
It comes from the iconic television comedy Get Smart.
The Cone of Silence was a Plexiglas enclosure which was lowered over the heads of two or more individuals who wished to engage in private conversation.
The thing isn't rea-- you know, I should've never said it.
CHIN: All right, you know what, Makoa? You have our word.
What do you got? That crew I told you about? Did some research.
They didn't have anything to do with what's going on.
Then, about an hour ago, I get a package.
This was inside.
Open it.
“Want it back? Keep this handy.
We'll be in touch.
” MAKOA: I've seen this play before.
Someone hits the house, then ransoms the product back for 20 cents on the dollar.
So why are you giving it to us? Mark, the counselor at the home, we grew up together.
I want you to catch whoever killed him.
Can I help you? Joe Cardiff? I'm Commander Steve McGarrett, this is Officer Kono Kalakaua.
We're with Five-O.
Do you know her? Uh (coughing) I wasn't really asking.
She picked you out of a photo array.
What about this guy? Look at him.
STEVE: I'd do what she says if I were you.
You're gonna help us find him.
(dog barking) I'll do whatever you guys ask.
But please, not here.
My wife's gonna be home any minute.
Can we just We're doing this now.
I have a family.
You got much bigger problems than explaining to your wife what you like to do to little girls, pal.
You're going to prison, you understand me? How long for depends on how cooperative you are right now.
Make the call.
Put it on speaker.
WOMAN: Leave a message.
Yeah, hi I'm, I'm looking for a date.
How long till they get back to you? A date.
Is that what you call it? How long until they get back to you? A few minutes.
Sometimes longer.
Help me out here.
What's a guy like you, with everything-- a good job, a nice home, a loving family-- what compels that guy to make that call? I'm just curious.
Look at me.
Kelsey's not much older than some of your students.
Would you do to them what you did to her? Hey.
She said she enjoyed what she did.
She said that.
And you believed her? Do you think those girls do what they do out of choice? Or out of survival? They're slaves.
They're beaten and brutalized like slaves.
They're branded like slaves.
Girls as young as seven.
Made to service a dozen guys like you every day, seven days a week.
(phone chimes) Oh, we got it.
Hotel on Nimitz.
So, Eric was able to pull the location data off the prepaid phone that was sent to Makoa.
According to him, it was first turned on in a convenience store in Waikiki.
HPD talked to the manager there.
They checked the sales record and the security footage and were able to I.
the buyer.
Well, look at that.
You guys know her? Yeah.
GROVER: Stacy.
GROVER: You're a pretty smart girl there, baby Stace.
'Cause as far as we can tell, none of the folks who came through Clear Path had any idea there was meth in the walls.
But you figured that out, didn't you? What'd you do, see all those dehumidifiers and the two guys and put it together? Or did you just, uh, hear a little something through the grapevine? The trouble is, you may be an ex-junkie, but you're not a killer.
Which is where your boyfriend comes in.
And we're not talking about Todd.
We're talking about Calvin.
We know you've been seeing him on the side while Todd has been trying to put his life back together.
I got some bad news for you, Stace.
Five-O! Freeze! (grunts) Calvin didn't make it.
CHIN: And we found a bunch of guns in the house that lab is running ballistics on right now, and if one of those weapons is the murder weapon, you're going to prison as an accessory.
You know, I got to hand it to you, though.
That was pretty smart calling us in.
Deflect suspicion from yourself.
But then when you buy a prepaid burner phone that we could easily trace I mean, you can do better than that, Stacy.
That's an amateur move.
I got something.
I got something, guys.
Everybody, stand by.
Could be them.
If it is, we wait until the girl is safely out of the vehicle.
Nobody move until she's out of the vehicle.
You got eyes? Mm-hmm.
It's got to be them.
Go, go, go.
- HPD, hold.
- Stay right there, stay right there.
No, no.
You're coming with me, you're coming with me.
Come on, let's go.
Move, move, HPD.
Go, go, go.
(tires screeching, sirens wailing) (tires screeching) (breathing heavily) (faintly): Hold.
Let me see your hands.
Right now.
Sit down.
Aren't you gonna take me to the doctor or something? Oh, yeah, that's, uh, that's one of our top priorities.
You're Emilio's right hand, aren't you? What do they call women like you? Bottoms, right? You help turn those girls out, keep them in line.
20 years.
20 years is what you get for sex trafficking.
You help us, though, maybe we can, uh, chip a bit off that for you.
Just giving a friend a ride.
That's all.
What she does with her body is her business.
That's not what she says.
Well, doesn't matter what she says today.
She got to go into court to say it.
I know how this goes, honey.
Those little bitches never testify.
It's just too scary, too humiliating.
STEVE: Let me ask you a question.
You remember Kelsey? Sure you do because you took a belt to her, didn't you? And then you locked her in a closet to starve, but we found her, and you know what? She's a tough kid.
She's gonna testify and after she does, all those other girls, they're gonna follow suit.
KONO: Let me break it down for you, Tori.
Tonight you're gonna stay at the women's correctional facility.
We know a lot of inmates there.
Some of them owe us favors, other ones looking to get on our good side.
You see where I'm going with this? Those women will do to you whatever we ask, and the guards will look the other way.
So, this is how you want to play it, that's fine 'cause tonight you're the one that's getting the beatdown.
You're the one that's getting turned out.
1245 Kaiaka.
Jump in, jump in, goin' for a ride Get some tonight, we gonna get high Playin' these, these Politic these broads, stay treated, treated I just roll up all Where we off to next? Hey! Five-O! Show me your hands! Hands.
Where's Emilio? Don't know, man.
Huh, where is he? I swear, man, I don't know.
Where is he? Where is he?! All right, go find the girls.
I got it.
We got a locked door.
GROVER: Get down on the ground on your stomach.
Hands behind your head, interlock your fingers.
Get down on the ground or you're gonna be wearing one of these bullets.
(all scream) Okay.
We're police officers.
Okay? CHIN: It's okay.
Are you okay? CHIN: It's all right.
I'm from Five-O.
KONO: We got you.
Are you Moani? Okay.
GROVER: Hey! I got eyes on Emilio! He's headed next door! Kono.
You got 'em? Freeze.
Pick it up.
Do it.
Come on.
You like hurting girls, don't you? I'm a girl.
(grunts) (grunts) (groans, shouts) (grunts, shouts) (groans) (grunting) He had a knife.
So, they're gonna take the girls over to King's Medical and get checked out.
You know, you might want to head over there yourself, get that hand looked at.
So, how long will the girls stay? A couple of days, but the social workers and case managers will arrange services before they go.
It'll be hard to reintegrate.
They'll need a lot of support.
How's Moani doing? About what you'd expect.
She's with her parents now.
After she's discharged, she'll spend some time at Pearl Haven.
Pearl Haven? It's a place for underage girls who've been sexually exploited.
Kind of a sanctuary, actually.
It's run by a group called Ho'ola Na Pua.
So, is it possible to come back from something like this? Yes but it won't be easy.
Sorry, I just wanted to check on her.
MAN: I-It's okay.
Would you like to come in? Hi, Moani.
How are you doing? Thank you.
Well, if it's all right with you, I was wondering if I could visit you next week.
Maybe take you out for lunch.
You must be Moani.
Welcome to Pearl Haven.
I know you want to get settled, but you want to meet some of the girls first? Okay.
Here, let me get this.
Thanks for bringing her.
Of course, of course.
(girls laughing) Hey, so, I'll, um, I'll see you next week? Okay.
And, uh, you have my number, so, if you ever need anything, call me anytime.
I'll see you soon.

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