Hawaii Five-0 s07e20 Episode Script

Huikau na makau a ka lawai'a (The Fishhooks of the Fishers Become Entangled)

1 STEVE: Previously on Hawaii Five-O Danny, what are you doing here? Uh, this is my partner, Steve McGarrett.
Steve, this is my lovely ex-wife, Rachel.
Rachel is moving back in with Stan.
The baby's his? Turns out, uh, she's further along than she thought.
Um she's gonna try to make it work with Stan, for the-- for the kid's sake.
I'm sorry, Danny.
You had no right to do that.
You understand that? You had no right to keep that from me, that I got a son.
What about Stan? What does he know? He knows now.
Hey, Five-O.
Show me your hands.
Hands! STEVE: Got a piece.
We ran your prints, your name's Harry Brown.
30 years with the HPD, huh? A highly decorated officer.
And if I might add, poker buddies with your old man.
STEVE: Hey, you could take all the modern technology you want, it's never gonna replace a gut instinct and good old-fashioned police work.
Well, it's good to know that's not gonna go out of style.
(Muzak playing) (muffled yelling) (muffled yelling) [Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x20 Huikau Na makau a ka lawai'a font color="#D90 I saw you there, standing under the mango tree Beautiful woman, looked so fine to me She had all the things that I've been searching for Hey.
Am I, uh, am I crazy or is it my day to pick up Charlie, I thought? Oh, um no, you're right.
Uh, my mind is, um I'm gonna-- I'm gonna come in.
What's going on? You all right? Yeah.
Yeah? I don't believe you.
(chuckles) No.
Not really.
Um I'm getting a divorce.
I'm beginning to think I'm not very good at this whole marriage thing.
No, no, 'cause, you know, it takes two people to wreck a relationship.
I know that.
You guys, y-you, um, you tried to talk to somebody? Get some help? Yeah, we've been seeing a therapist, but do you know what they said? Uh-uh.
Get a divorce.
Okay, so you got the wrong therapist.
It's not the therapist, Danny.
It's just not working and the truth is, it hasn't been working for a while.
Did you, um tell the kids? Not yet.
That's it? There's no fixing it or Stan says it's what he wants and I don't know what more I can do.
(sighs) Okay.
Here comes Charlie.
Hi, Charlie.
CHARLIE: Hi, Mommy.
Hi, Danno.
You want these? I don't need 'em.
You see, my boating days and my dreaming-about-boating days are over now.
Yeah, that's right, my friend, those dreams have been scuttled.
Wrecked, ruined.
Laying at the bottom of the ocean.
What are you talking about? (sighs) Well, Samantha went and got herself accepted into Northwestern.
That's fantastic.
Lou, congratulations, that's terrific.
Oh, yeah.
That's fantastic for a man with no dreams of boat ownership.
Or maybe a multimillionaire.
But for my soon to be broke ass, now I'll have to just settle for being a land-captain.
You know that stupid Internet says that this thing is gonna cost me 70 grand.
But then, they only set aside three grand for “other expenses.
” Seems a little low to me.
Damn right it's too low.
You seen them college textbooks, man? Them things is thick as a phonebook.
You know how expensive this is gonna be? I guarantee you I won't see change from $150,000.
Which is more than me and Renee paid for our first house.
It's a good school, this one that Sammy got into, right? So it's gonna be a good degree, right? If it's a good degree, she's probably gonna get a good job.
Good money, right? You can guilt that kid into buying you whatever you want.
Yeah, except for by then, she'll be sitting where I'm sitting, with her own damn kids to send to college.
Look, don't get me wrong, I'm proud as hell of Samantha; she graduated high school with honors and as far as I can tell, she don't have a boyfriend.
But let me tell you what else that means.
That means I won't be walking around here spouting off any Williams-style retirement talk.
I'm in this for the long haul.
I'm riding this wave all the way to the beach, and by beach, I mean cemetery.
(phone rings) Good.
Copy that.
Copy that, we're on the way.
Security situation downstairs.
Sir, I want you to stay right where you are.
Do not move.
What's going on? He set off the metal detector.
Guy had a concealed weapon on him.
Says he knows you.
DISPATCHER (over radio): 10-32, signal 10-13.
Hiya, kid.
Yeah, he knows me.
Get up, Harry.
(stapler snaps) (Grover and Steve groan) STEVE: Did one of our security boys downstairs give you this? This? No, this is a preexisting condition.
Um, please try and stay still, Mr.
Are you thinking about getting a boat? What, are you out of your mind? You should do it.
Nothing like being rocked to sleep by the ocean.
NOELANI: All right, well, I closed up the wound, but he's gonna have to remove these staples in a week or so.
Noelani, thank you very much for coming up.
We really appreciate it.
As I mentioned before, Commander, I'm very happy to help out whenever I can, but are these house calls gonna become a regular thing? Because emergency medicine isn't really what I do.
What do you do? I normally deal with dead bodies.
Well, you take much longer, you may have another one on your hands.
STEVE: No, I think this'll be, uh, the last for awhile.
Are you feeling dizzy? Any nausea? Only when I drink tequila.
I'm trying to establish whether or not you have a concussion.
I don't.
Trust me.
You know, I'm a original leatherhead.
I played fullback from Pop Warner all the way through college.
Real skull cracker.
This? This is just a little ding on the dome, is all.
Very well, then.
Well, thanks again, Noelani.
We guarantee your next body will be a dead body.
(chuckles) I promise.
Feel better, Mr.
Thanks for looking after me, doc.
Thanks again.
You want to do us a favor and tell us what happened here? I got coldcocked.
The guy came at me from behind.
GROVER: Well, presumably, Harry, the man hit you for some reason.
STEVE: I see you got a new piece poking out of your jacket.
You back in the P.
game, pissing people off again? Let's just say I made a couple of bad investments.
I needed some cash.
So, I un-retired myself and took a job.
Supposed to just be recon.
It was an older guy named Thomas Stratham.
Was married to a younger broad named Celine.
Old Tommy, he's loaded.
Also got himself a chronic case of the green-eyed monster.
Wanted me to look into his wife, see if she had a little something going on the side.
GROVER: Well? Did she? No.
Followed her for a few weeks.
Was gonna give my report to Stratham, but, you know, he's paying my day rate plus expenses, I didn't see the point in jumping to any hasty conclusions.
(laughs) So, I was still tailing her this morning.
Right after she gets her 7:00 a.
medium skinny chai whatever, she's grabbed.
Right in front of me.
(tires screeching) Of course, instinct kicks in.
You know what it's like, Steve.
All right, stop! Before you know what you're doing, you're in a situation.
Guy blindsided me.
(tires screeching) Did you get a look at these guys' faces? Well, they were wearing masks.
It all happened so fast.
But I did get a partial plate on the car.
You call HPD with that? No, I called Mr.
You know, I mean, the crew had already reached out with their demands.
Plus, the usual speech about “no cops,” but, you know, once Five-O, always Five-O, right, Steve? But I have to admit, I was feeling a little bit out of my depth with a kidnapping deal.
A few years back, that punk never would have gotten the drop on me.
Would you do me a favor? Cut yourself some slack, all right? You did the right thing coming up here to talk to us.
Look, we should go see Stratham.
He's expecting another call with the details of the exchange.
Uh, yeah, just pump the brakes there, chief.
You got a head full of staples.
You sure you're up for something like this, Harry? I like this guy.
STRATHAM: What? No! They were very clear-- no cops.
Have you ever heard of “misprision,” a felony? I can't go anywhere, even if I want to.
Stratham, I understand your anxiety, but you need to know that you're ten times more likely to get your wife back safely if you let us help you than if you go after this alone, all right? We know the playbook.
We have resources at our disposal that private citizens do not have.
We're up on all the phones.
Thank you.
This is Officer Kalakaua.
She's gonna be here to run a trace when those kidnappers call you back.
You have any idea who these people are, Tom? No, no, no.
The voice on the call was distorted.
Look, all I know is I got to get a million together in three hours, so, please, you have to get her back, okay? Celine I don't know what I'd do without her.
Okay, and you-- you have to let us do what we do, okay? - Please.
- Why don't you come with me? All right? (chuckling): Hey Oh.
Hairdo, long time.
How are you, buddy? I'm doing good.
Yeah? Good? What about retirement-- no? Eh turns out sitting around at home watching old cop shows may work for some people, but I'm not one of 'em.
I guess this life's in my blood.
Hard job to do, harder still to let go.
How about that? You should listen to this guy.
He knows what he's talking about.
He put you up to saying that.
I know he did.
He wants me to die on the job with him instead of retiring, huh? I got no idea what you're talking about.
Okay, uh, what's going on? I got a theory, all right? What if it wasn't a coincidence that Celine got grabbed where she did? I mean the location and the exact time.
Harry, you were tailing her a couple of weeks.
What if whoever grabbed her was watching her at the same time you were? I wish I could tell you something useful, but the lady was like clockwork.
Every morning she hit the gym, same time, same coffee shop.
Okay, okay.
Think of tiny details.
I mean, it could be a little bit of minutiae in there.
Something out of the ordinary.
Can you think of anything? Is that a thought or just that's how you look? It's probably nothing.
A couple of days ago, Celine was having lunch with another woman.
The conversation got a little heated.
I mean, I didn't think much of it at the time.
I just figured it was a couple of friends going back and forth.
You know who this woman was? I have no idea.
Didn't seem relevant to my case at the time, so I didn't ID her.
All right, how about a description? I can do better than that.
I got a picture of her.
A picture? You got it on you? Yeah.
What is this, Harry? Old school.
I got to tell you it's quite the buzz to meet another fan of analog tech, mm-hmm.
So what do you shoot on? Pentax, Nikon, Hasselblad, Canon? What do you got, some kind of weird license plate fetish? Oh, no, I just keep a record of all the cars that park outside my house.
And you are, again Jerry.
Jerry Ortega.
Five-O special consultant.
You on medication, Jerry? No.
Why? No reason.
Yeah, I mean, these days with high-res camera phones and all the filters, everyone's a photographer, right? It's cool that you still do it the old-school way.
You know, with f-stops and ISOs.
I mean, it's not just an aesthetic choice for me.
These days, you can't be too careful.
I mean, digital files can be hacked and manipulated and shared.
You know that, and that's why you work on film.
You know, to keep all the sensitive P.
information safe.
(chuckles) Well, I hate to pop your balloon, cuddles, but if I could work out what all those little buttons do, I'd switch to digital in a heartbeat.
You've got to be insane, or very, very single to want to spend this much time in a small, dark room inhaling these fumes.
HARRY: There she is.
Good job, Jerrymundo.
STRATHAM: Her name is Natasha Baron.
She's, uh she's an old friend of Celine's.
You, uh, you seem surprised.
I am, I am.
As far as I knew, they had some kind of falling-out a while ago.
I didn't even know they were still in touch.
What happened between them? I have no idea.
So, what, you think Natasha is involved in this somehow, or Well, you know, they had a heated argument, and then, 48 hours later, your wife ends up kidnapped.
All right, it makes Natasha somebody that we need to go and talk to right now.
So, hopefully, I'll have some answers for you soon, Tom.
CHIN: So Natasha Baron is a freelance graphic designer She runs her business out of her home, and according to the U.
Census, she lives alone.
I'm gonna upload her address to your GPS now.
Thank you.
(beeps) Why are you pouting? What's wrong? Nothing.
No, no, not-- not that.
You have got the face-- staring out the window thinking about things you don't want to talk about face on today.
I can't, uh, adjust my face, 'cause this is the only face I got.
HARRY: Well, it makes sense to me.
I mean, if he had any choice in regard to faces, why would he go with this one? That's pretty good.
Just tell me what's wrong.
Okay, I, uh I spoke to Rachel this morning.
Who's Rachel? His ex-wife.
And? You know, come to think of it, I don't we don't need to discuss this now in front of, uh What, you mean me? Yeah, you.
HARRY: Listen to me, muscles.
I gave my name to three different women, only to have it thrown back in my face.
So if anybody can give you good advice in the world of ex-wives, it's me.
Well, uh, Rachel and Stan are gonna get a divorce.
What? Stan and Rachel, they're they're finished? Mm-hmm.
HARRY: Now, wait a second.
I'm a little confused here.
You're upset because your ex-wife is getting a divorce from another guy? What's the big deal? Well (chuckling): Oh, I get it.
You and the former Mrs.
Do are thinking of having another go.
Then why the sad face? Well, I don't have a sad face.
I have a concerned face.
The reason I have a concerned face is because this guy, uh, has been like a second father to my children.
HARRY: They got kids.
There's there's a unit, a family unit they got going over there, and I don't think it's a good idea that it gets broken up.
You want to hear my two cents? No, I don't.
Hey, what about therapy? They try therapy? It worked for us.
I don't know, it seemed pretty definitive.
He's the one who wants the divorce, not her.
Did you just say “us”? You know what you need to do? You need to call Stan.
Man to man, talk to him.
See if you can convince him to give it another shot.
Wait a second, you two lovebirds have a therapist? Yeah, we got a therapist.
That's a terrible idea.
I agree.
What do you agree Okay, you got something better to offer, let's hear it.
No, we don't got to hear it.
Well, the way I figure it, in the end, life will go on.
Because nothing stays the same.
Which is gonna be pretty sad when the good times stop rolling, but it's what gives us hope when we're in the pit of despair.
Just remember one thing, hairdo.
No matter what happens, the sun will rise tomorrow, and you're gonna put your pants on one leg at a time.
That's good.
Three three ex-wives, you said? Yeah.
'Cause it makes sense.
(doorbell rings) (doorbell rings) (doorbell rings again) I'm coming.
(doorbell rings) (screams) (screams) LUKELA: We got a neighbor heard screams.
Then a car speeding away.
Obviously not a coincidence.
They must have kidnapped her, too.
But why? Sure.
Sure, boss, I'll let him know.
That was Commander McGarrett.
Natasha Baron has been abducted from her home.
Oh, my God.
It's likely connected to your wife's kidnapping in some way.
Do you have any idea why they'd want to take her as well? Mr.
Stratham? Oh, uh, yeah, sorry.
I It's just, you know, it's a lot to process.
I, uh I have no idea.
(phone vibrating) Is that them? No.
No, no, it's it's work.
(computer chimes) Are you sure about that? Why are the kidnappers sending you this photo? 'Cause you're having an affair with her, aren't you? Yes.
- Hi.
- So, shortly after we received the proof-of-life photo of Natasha, this comes through.
Nice guy.
This keeps getting better and better, doesn't it, Tom, huh? DANNY: “Now will you pay?” You mean, like you didn't before, or what? It means Tom's been lying to us.
Isn't that right, Tom? Let me take a crack at this.
The first time those kidnappers called you and said they had your wife, they gave you a where and a when for an exchange, didn't they? Didn't they, Tom? All right, I think it's safe to assume that Tom's silence here is confirming that he blew off the first ransom drop.
You degenerate.
(grunts) Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
We don't do that.
Not usually we don't.
You all right? This guy wants me to look after his wife, and all the time, he's the cheat.
What happened? Was Celine onto you, is that what happened? You were so desperate to find out if she was having an affair, because if she was, you could divorce her and avoid a payout-- isn't that right? Except I didn't find anything, did I, Tom? You were about out of luck, and then the gift of all gifts happens.
Somebody kidnaps Celine, and all your shady little prayers are answered.
DANNY: Okay, I'm just curious.
Were you hoping that the kidnappers killed your wife, so you could be with Natasha? You kidding me? Of course he doesn't care about his wife, it was a shock they grabbed his girl.
No, I just want her back safely.
What'd you say? You better pray that we get both these women back safely, or you're gonna be on trial for an accessory to murder.
You make a noise, and we come down and we gag you.
It's your choice.
(panting) (door closes) Try not to panic.
Just take deep breaths.
(inhales) What am I doing here? What do they want with me? Well, what do we both have in common? I told you the other day.
There is nothing going on between me and Tom.
Well, then, we could be in trouble.
What do you mean? Tom wouldn't pay my ransom, Natasha.
They came in here, and put a gun to my head.
They were gonna kill me.
So I told them, if that jackass won't pay for his wife, maybe he will pay for his girlfriend.
Oh Oh, my God.
CELINE: So I hope, for both of our sakes, that you are lying, and that Tom cares a lot more for you than he does for me.
To me, that could be any one of a dozen brands.
See over there? Only Kona has that kind of detail on the label.
Well, clearly, I am in the presence of a craft beer savant.
STEVE: Hey, yo.
We got something? HARRY: Oh, we sure do.
Our man with the two first names done cracked this puppy wide open.
Actually, we took a closer look at the proof of life photo of Natasha Baron.
Take a look at this.
Now, the logo on that bag there is from Rainbow Valley Supermarket.
There's only one on the island.
And then there's this.
According to our local craft beer expert, that's a case of Kona.
Big Wave Ale, to be exact.
All right, we know the timeframe when Natasha was kidnapped, so we just need to narrow down the store's CCTV footage and find the guy who bought a case of this beer.
Actually, we already pulled the store's security camera footage over the last 12 hours and we're processing it right now.
Great work.
Uh, let me know when you get something else.
All right.
What's up? Can you, um, can you come in here for a second, please? Yeah.
All right.
You all right? Yeah, I'm fine.
Um, despite, uh, the little voice in my head that is constantly telling me to never listen to you, I ignored it, and I went and I called Stan.
Didn't go well, huh? No, it did not go well.
Didn't go well.
Are you sure that you did it right? I mean, I'm just Some-- occasionally, you can be a little It wasn't the delivery.
No? What'd he say? He said a lot of things.
He said that he is, um he's leaving, and that he hung in as long as he could, for the kids' sake-- which I appreciate, I give him credit for-- but he can't take it anymore, and, he ishe is on a plane to Las Vegas.
When? Tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Yeah.
That's it? No.
That is not it.
Um he, uh, he told me that he thinks that Rachel's still in love with me.
HARRY: Oh, boy.
What? What-- this is a private conversation.
Rachel's still in Obviously.
Hey, you got to admit, I called this.
When are you and the ex gonna get back together? No, Harry, we're not gonna get back together, uh, for a lot of reasons.
Most important being that I have a girlfriend that I like very much.
Okay? I didn't hear the word “love,” did you, Steve? Harry, you know what? You don't know anything! Huh? Dude, this is crazy.
You don't know the, the specifics and you're not, you don't, just butt out, please.
Okay, w-what, okay, so i-is that's it.
No, that was not it.
Do you not think that Charlie has a lot to do with this? Because he can't get over something like that.
Every time they get into a discrepancy, that's gonna be I mean, he can't forgive her for that.
Right? What's the deal with Charlie? Charl-- look.
Danny, Danny got Rachel pregnant when Rachel and Stan were having a break, right? And Stan thought the kid was his for the longest time and then Charlie got sick, he needed a bone marrow transplant.
Hey, he's fine, okay? Guess who the only matching donor was, right? So the truth came out, it got crazy.
(sighs) Oh Doesn't need to know any of this.
(knocking on door) Hey.
We got something.
Thank God.
CHIN: We found our mystery shopper.
Ran facial rec and got a hit.
Meet Gary Fallon.
Several priors, including robbery and aggravated assault.
Also pulled the parking lot footage.
Natasha's in the trunk.
Ran the license plate, and it came back to an address in Wahiawa.
Live satellite images confirm that the car's currently parked outside the property.
Got to be where they're holding the women.
(sirens wailing) Thermal imagery indicates four bodies inside.
STEVE: Looks like two hostages, two hostiles.
Everybody look sharp, We got somebody moving to the front door.
(crying) Lou, get the bomb squad out here, right now.
On it.
Move back.
Move back! Pull the perimeter back, right now.
We got more movement inside the house.
Celine, stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Celine, stop.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Please, let them go or they're going to kill me.
Hold your fire.
Back off.
Nobody do anything stupid.
I got a shot.
He's got a dead man switch.
We light him up, that bomb goes off, everybody is dead.
STEVE: Get those cars out of here, let these vehicles through, right now.
Get those cars out of here.
(tires screeching) Lou.
Get helos up, track that vehicle.
Got it.
This is Captain Celine, look at me.
Look at me.
Give me your hand.
Celine, give me your hand.
That's right, that's right.
Look at me.
(exhales) We got a bomb tech coming out right now.
We're gonna get this vest off of you; look at me.
I'm right here with you, okay? We're gonna breathe together.
You're doing great.
(sniffles) All right, go, go.
Go, go.
You're okay.
You're okay.
You just went through a hell of an ordeal, but this very time sensitive.
Right now, I need to ask you some questions, okay? Of course.
We IDed this man as one of the kidnappers.
Do you recognize him? No.
Um, they were wearing masks.
I never saw their faces.
Okay, were you able to hear any of their conversations? Anything about an endgame, or how they were gonna get off the island? No, no.
Uh, the only thing they said was that I was supposed to drive to this abandoned factory, wearing the vest, and that I was to wait for you guys to show up with the money.
HPD's got a bird in the air, but we lost visual.
(exhales) Well, y-you have to get her back.
We're gonna do everything in our power.
You don't, um, understand.
I was the one who told them about Natasha.
All right, listen, to me, Celine, I'm sure you didn't have an option.
You don't blame yourself now, okay? Right.
I'm not the only one to blame here.
CELINE: So now we know what I am worth to you.
STRATHAM: Celine, I am so sorry for what I put you through, and for this thing with Natasha, I Save it.
And just do the right thing.
Because whatever else Natasha has coming to her, she doesn't deserve to die just because she made the mistake of getting involved with you.
KONO: Blocked number, this has got to be it.
Remain calm.
You keep them on the line as long as you can, Tom, all right? Stay calm.
All right.
You ready? Hello? KIDNAPPER 2 (distorted): You're testing our patience, Mr.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Look, I-I had nothing to do with the, the police showing up at that house.
Look, I have the money KIDNAPPER 2: I talk.
You listen.
You have one shot at this.
You screw it up, and Natasha will die.
Put $1 million in non-sequential, unmarked hundred dollar bills into a metal briefcase.
A taxi will stop outside your house.
Get in.
CHIN: The cab is heading east on Ala Wai Boulevard, Steve.
STEVE (over radio): Copy that, Chin.
We're on our way.
Where are we going? Hey.
Can you hear me? They told me if I talked to you, they'd hurt my family.
Just let me get you there, please.
Still in visual contact.
STEVE: Uh, I got a visual.
They're headed downtown.
HPD and SWAT should be standing by to deploy.
Hold perimeter on my command.
JERRY: Roger that.
Looks like the taxi's slowing down.
DANNY: Stratham just went in an apartment building, 2524 Kamani Street.
GROVER: This is Captain Lou Grover.
HPD and SWAT, I need you in position right now.
Set up one block perimeter.
(sirens wailing) STEVE: Got a visual.
Guys, he's on the roof.
I repeat, he's on the roof.
There's, uh there's no one here.
Hello? KIDNAPPER 2: Look down.
At the base of the wall you will see some binoculars, pick them up.
Across the street, corner unit, three floors down.
TOM: Okay, look, I-I got the money.
Ju-Just don't hurt her, all right? Just tell me what you want me to do.
Look over the wall.
Yeah, I can see it, I can see it.
Place the metal clamp through the handle on the case, and release it.
All right, team, listen up, our suspect is in a hotel room across the street.
Make that the 15th floor.
Northwest corner unit.
Suspect is in a room, floor 15, in a hotel room.
Grover, Danny move in.
Move on that room.
Move, move.
What's he doing with that bag? Whoa! STEVE: They're headed inside with the case.
We're good.
Okay, you-you have your money.
Now, just-just let her go.
You really should've paid the ransom the first time.
Please! Please.
Don't hurt her! Please! Please, don't hurt her! Steve, the gunman looks like he's ready to pull the trigger.
You got a shot? KONO: Negative.
Gonna bring it down, hold on.
All right, Chin, take the elevator, Chin, me and Grover will take the steps.
Taking fire, we're taking fire, we're taking fire.
Hold position.
Okay, take your shot, Kono.
(grunts) (screams) Gary? Gary? I lost visual on the second kidnapper.
He's in the building.
We've lost visual on the second suspect, guys.
He's still in the building.
Five-O! Hold it CHIN: Danny, suspect is headed to you.
Northeast corridor.
All right, this is Detective Danny Williams.
I need SWAT to send a unit down to the utility basement room.
Our perp just went down the laundry chute, and I guess I'm going in after him.
Whoa! Oh! Whoa! (grunts) (Danny grunts) I'm beginning to think you guys just have a phobia of hospitals.
If you're gonna staple his head, can I? No, no, ho, ho.
Please, no staples.
What the hell is Harry doing back there? STEVE: Oh, yeah, it's a thing he does, and he does this.
And it says it helps him think.
I don't know.
Well, I think better with a cigar.
Can I start smoking in the office? Well, so we got an ID on our missing perp.
HPD recovered a cell phone from the body of Gary Fallon, our dead kidnapper.
When they dumped the phone, they found multiple messages from this guy.
Who is he? CHIN: He's our fugitive, Colin Hanson.
He's got a record for robbery, and he did time with Fallon.
STEVE: Get this guy's photo to all air and sea ports.
Make sure he doesn't leave the island.
CHIN: Copy.
(doorbell rings) (screams) No! Please don't! (car engine starts) I-I have money! I have money! What the hell am I doing here? For starters, I wanted you to know what it really feels like to be kidnapped.
To be grabbed, and hooded, and thrown into a trunk of a car.
Was that scary, Celine? I have no idea what you're talking about.
HARRY: You see, there was something about the way that you were abducted that gnawed at me.
When they put you in the car, they put you in the back and you just cooperated, like a good little girl.
Now, Natasha, on the other hand, when they grabbed her, she was struggling.
Fighting for her life.
(Natasha screams) She put up the kind of commotion that people take notice of.
(Natasha screaming) So they put her in the trunk where nobody could see her.
And then there were the ligature marks on her wrist, put there by the kidnappers.
See, they tied that rope tight around her wrists so that she couldn't get away.
But you, Celine, they knew you weren't gonna get away.
They just had to make you look like you were a victim.
Do you have any idea how crazy you sound right now? I got to be honest, I was skeptical at first, too.
Then we got the report back on that bomb vest you were wearing, and it turned out one of trigger wires wasn't even connected to the battery, so that thing was never gonna go off.
And why go through the trouble of having myself kidnapped? I already have the money.
I was married to it.
Love, greed.
Maybe both.
You knew I was tailing you, that's why you acted like a good girl.
You made sure I only saw what you wanted me to see.
The kidnapping, not the boyfriend.
What boyfriend? Well, Colin Hanson.
Well, if he's not your boyfriend, he's pretty confused.
(handcuffs click) When we picked him up about an hour ago, outside terminal three, Honolulu International, he was waiting for you.
So we got his phone.
We found texts, voicemails, pictures of the two of you.
That is you, right? HARRY: You knew that if Tom found out about you and Colin, that would trigger the fidelity clause in your prenup, and you'd end up with nothing.
I gotta say, it was a, it was a smart plan.
I mean, who would ever suspect the woman who was also the victim? HARRY: The lying, scumbag husband and the scheming, cheating wife.
How could this relationship not work out? STEVE: Come on.
(door buzzes open) (sighs) All right.
I got to tell you, buddy that was well done.
If you say so.
What now? Ah, I'm getting too slow for this, Steve.
In my prime, I would've seen all the angles.
You were the one who did see all the angles, all right? If it wasn't for you, we'd still be trying to figure this thing out.
Now listen, relax, come with me, I'm gonna I buy you a couple of beers, you can tell me some stories about my old man.
What do you say? I got a better idea.
I got a poker game to got to tonight.
There's an empty seat if you want in.
Really? Bunch of old-timers who knew John.
That way you get to hear the stories, and I get to take your money.
Oh, you-- oh, you think you're gonna take my money? Well, if you play anything like your dad, I will.
All-In”" “Mr.
All-In,” huh? (both chuckle) (knocking at door) Hey.
What are you doing here? Can I come in? Yeah.
Yeah? Sure? (chuckles) Hey, hey, hey, hey.
You, uh Tell them? No, not yet.
I was actually just working myself up to it.
I know that you spoke to Stan.
I hope I didn't cause any trouble.
No, it was a nice thing to do.
Didn't change anything, but, uh You can't change the way things are with Stan and me.
No, but I thought, uh, you know, give it a shot.
Not that-- change anything.
You know what I mean.
I just feel that I contributed to the problem, so No, this is, um it's not your fault, Danny.
Anyway, uh, I was, uh, I was at home, and I was, uh, I was thinking about, uh when you and I had to tell Grace that we were splitting up.
And I remember it being, uh, pretty awful, uh For me, it was about the worst day of my life.
And I don't want you to go through that alone, so I am here for you, if you want me to be here.
I am here.
I can leave, I can stay.
I'd like to stay for you, if that's what Thank you.
(both chuckle)
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