Hawaii Five-0 s07e21 Episode Script

Ua malo'o ka wai (The Water Is Dried Up)

1 REBECCA: Mayday, Mayday! This is the sailing vessel Mokulaii, out of Honolulu.
We have suffered reef damage, taking on water.
I repeat: we are taking on water.
Mayday, Mayday! This is the Mokulaii out of Honolulu.
Can anyone hear us? Mayday, Mayday! Hey! I see a a Maritime Patrol Cutter up ahead! (laughs) I think I can get to it! The lights! Come on! A little more.
Oh, my God.
Here we go.
Here we go.
CHARLES: Hello? Anybody on board? CHARLES: Hello? Hello? Anybody? Hello? Hello? I don't understand.
Where is everyone? CHARLES: Keep looking.
(grunts) Hello? Anybody on board? Oh, my God.
They're all dead.
[Hawaii Five-O theme song plays.]
Hawaii Five-O 7x21 Ua malo'o ka wai (The W STEVE: Stop.
Would you be doing this if Charlie was here? - No.
- No.
Because that would be setting a bad example.
Now if you would please do me this one favor.
No, I will not bend over and cough, with your cold hands.
It's not that kind of test.
Just look that way.
It's something I've always wanted to do.
Could you do me a favor, please? (sighs) Thank you.
Wait a minute.
Oh, funny.
Nothing in there.
(German accent): There's nothing inside.
Nothing? Nothing.
No, no, come here, come here, let me do it.
Easy, easy.
It's What do you mean? Be-- It's delicate in there.
I know.
I don't know why, but There it is.
There's the brain on Steve McGarrett.
Yeah, you see it? Looks like a pea or, like, a little bean.
You're an idiot.
Get off, off.
KOHASHI: Commander McGarrett.
I couldn't get a sitter for my kid, I'm sorry.
I had to bring him along.
Detective Danny Williams.
Hey, uh, why don't you wait out there so the adults can talk a little bit? Actually, this is gonna be pretty quick.
Gonna be pretty quick, so.
According to your tests, you everything looks good.
Your post-op recovery is a little slower than I expected, but your new liver is doing well.
Well, that's great news, right? Any, um, signs of radiation poisoning? Radia radiation? Is he kidding? Did he bring that up? Why would you bring that up? Well, I'll tell him.
We, um we were exposed to uranium, uh, a few weeks ago, and we had to defuse a dirty bomb, which was gonna take out half the population, so we were doing a good thing, but anyway, he strapped on a, um, a car battery to protect his vitals.
I just wanted to make sure.
Now that we know we're good Okay, is that it? Yeah.
Just keep taking your anti-rejection medication, and I would say you could slowly start to resume normal physical activity.
Uh, just when you say "normal physical activity," you mean, uh What do you mean? A little cardio, some light weight training.
Light weight training.
So, uh, hand-to-hand combat or parkour, jumping out of airplanes, that's-that's out.
So you know.
That's good to know.
(laughs) What's so funny? Nothing, nothing.
(phone rings) Uh, excuse me for one second.
What you doing? Milking a cow.
What does it look like I'm doing? Ha.
(chuckles) Yeah, I remember when I was young and sarcastic.
Those were the good old days.
See, back then, your grandfather would've rewarded my sarcasm with a couple of loose teeth.
You, on the other hand, won't be seeing any parts of a driver's license unless you change your misguided ways.
Sorry, I'm packing.
That's what you told me to do, right? That's more like it, and yes, I did tell you to pack.
For the weekend, not for the month.
Son, the key to travel is keeping it light.
We do not want to be waiting around for some underpaid O'Hare baggage handler to take our bags from the plane.
Trust your old man when it comes to these things.
What you really want in travel is total control, and that is where the carry-on comes in.
See, then it's just grab and go from the time the plane connects with the Jetway.
When you overpack, all you do is kill the vibe of the vacay right from the beginning.
Dad, you're not gonna use words like "vacay," are you? "Hey, hey, hey, Dad, c-can I borrow the car? I want to take Grace to the movies.
" "I'm afraid not, son.
You see, you don't have a driver's license.
" "Oh, yeah, I remember, I was talking all smart and stuff when I was supposed to be packing for Chicago.
" Vacay it is.
All right.
(claps hands) Now that we got the ground rules set, let's get this boys' trip on the road, all right? Oh, and one more thing.
Please do not be texting Grace every five minutes.
Okay? This is man time.
Bonding time.
Hmm? What-what about when you're in court? That's only gonna be for a couple of hour-- son.
Come on, man.
Be cool.
As fine as your mother is, you think I'm on the phone with her every five minutes? And I got people out here shooting at me.
You can wait for three days to text little Miss Grace.
It's three days.
You'll live.
Now finish packing; your mother's taking us to the airport in ten minutes, now.
All right, what you are looking at here is an HMP Cutter out of Maui.
Lost contact 36 hours ago, and then, early this morning, shows up on our North Shore.
It was discovered by a couple requesting an S.
They boarded the vessel, discovered the whole crew dead.
Now, last transmission reported a commercial fishing trawler out of Japan, entering U.
Little far from home.
Right, now when the trawler didn't respond to radio contact, the Cutter engaged.
We're thinking they were surprised and overpowered, 'cause they killed everybody.
Suggests to me they couldn't afford any witnesses.
Sounds like organized crime.
JERRY: You're exactly right.
Ballistics already matched slugs pulled from the boat to a Yakuza family.
DANNY: Michelle Shioma? Wasn't she on the run? Apparently not.
JERRY: I was able to pull satellite surveillance from the area surrounding the crime scene, and managed to track that suspicious trawler to a spot five miles south of Polihua Beach on Lanai.
STEVE: This place is supposed to be abandoned.
Only, it shows activity.
If Michelle Shioma is involved, she's back in business and running her drug operation right under our noses.
Not anymore.
All right, guys, I'm gonna put it down at, uh four klicks from the location we saw on the satellite image.
We'll hike the rest of the way.
You know, no one can understand you when you say stupid things like "klicks.
" Danny, "klick" stands for kilometer.
Each one is 0.
62 miles.
All right.
Teacher's pets, the both of you.
Nobody likes teacher's pets.
Look at this, look at this.
The trawler is exactly where Jerry said it would be.
You there? JERRY: Roger that, Commander.
Special Consultant Ortega, aka your eye in the sky is on the line.
STEVE: All right, listen.
Jungle canopy's pretty thick.
You may lose us at some point.
Copy that.
STEVE: Keep an eye on that trawler.
If it moves, I want to know about it, all right? You got it.
Chi city, yeah Chi city I'm comin' home again Do you think about me now and then? Yeah GROVER: See that? What I tell you? 45 minutes from O'Hare Airport to the Hilton hotel.
Now, if we had big luggage, we'd still be at the airport right now, waiting on it.
And not carrying any heavy bags means I don't have to go broke tipping people.
So that's another helpful travel hint from your old man.
Dad, can we get some room service? I'm starving.
Room serv What you want to order room service for? Room service is for tourists.
In a few minutes, we're gonna go down to Georgie's, have us some deep dish, then we gonna go over to Ferrara's, have a little cannoli Look, Dad.
Mom made me promise not to let you go crazy with the eats.
Boy, I hope I'm there the day you let me do something.
I let you into this world.
Let me tell you something, I made you.
I'll make another one look just like you.
Won't nobody even know you was missing.
So, remember, what happens in Chicago stays in Chicago.
So you want me to lie to Mom? No.
Ain't nobody say nothing about lying, just, you know, I mean, if she doesn't ask you then there's no need to, uh, volunteer information.
Okay, if she does ask me? Well, I mean, we gonna be here for a couple of days.
You-you-- maybe you forgot.
Yeah, she gonna buy that.
"I forgot.
Mom, I forgot.
" (knock on door) To be continued, wise-ass.
Captain Grover.
That's my name.
What can I do for you? I'm Officer Bennett.
I've been assigned to you.
Assigned how? My captain thought it might be a good idea if I chaperoned you while you're in town.
What's going on? Nothing, Will.
Just give us a minute.
Please, go back and tell your captain that while it's sweet, and I appreciate it, I'm good.
I don't need a babysitter.
Okay? Well, my captain disagrees.
He's concerned for your well-being.
Well, he needn't be.
Clay Maxwell's in jail.
And after tomorrow, he will have exhausted all of his appeals.
I got no reason to be looking over my shoulder.
It's not Clay my boss is worried about.
Well (clears throat) you probably too young to know who Clay Maxwell is.
He was my ex-partner and he killed his wife of 20 years so if somebody down at the force has a problem with me going after him, then perhaps they shouldn't be cops.
Well, he's not in prison for murder, though, is he? No, he's not.
He's in prison because he stole some money from a crime scene, and he wasn't as good at covering that up as he was about covering up killing his wife.
No, he's there because you turned him in.
Look here, young fella.
Your youth is showing right now.
See, you look confused about the code between guys like us.
That code doesn't apply to guys who murder their wives in cold blood.
That code doesn't apply to a guy who would send a dope dealer and a bent FBI agent after his ex-partner and his family to kill them.
That's right.
That was a special day out in the jungle, probably could've used a tough guy like you.
Maybe you'd have learned something.
See, now my wife and my kids, they have to spend the rest of their lives wrapping their mind around the fact that their friend, a man who my kids considered to be an uncle to them, wanted them dead because he was pissed that he got caught and now he's sitting in jail.
But since we're speaking frankly, let me say this about that.
I don't give a damn what you or any other rank-and-file cop thinks about me.
'Cause they don't know me.
And they damn sure didn't know Clay.
You let that sink in.
Now, me and the boy, we're gonna go down to Georgie's, we're gonna have some deep dish.
If you should happen to be there, by all means, please come over to our booth, sit down and enjoy a slice.
And don't you open your mouth for anything other than shoving food into it.
(birds fluttering) Looks like someone gutted these guys and then just left them to die.
DANNY: Sure the birds appreciated that.
STEVE: Seem to know a lot of things about this.
This could be Shioma's handiwork.
Sent some photos to Noelani.
Maybe she can help us out.
(quiet thump) Cover! Commander, you there? Detective Williams! Anyone? Easy, easy, easy.
SOLDIER: Get up.
You're trespassing.
I'm pretty sure this is a private island, so, uh, makes two of us, right? SOLDIER: Hold on to these ropes.
All of you.
They're gonna kill us.
Shut up and keep moving.
NOELANI: Judging by decomp, I would estimate they've been dead six months.
And yes, one of them looks to be female.
Hmm, six months.
That's after she disappeared, so it definitely could've been her doing.
Whose doing? What are you talking about? All right.
Cunha, I'm about to bring you into the circle of trust, which means that anything I tell you cannot leave this room.
What's up? All right.
Right now, Five-O is on Lana'i, hunting down a badass Yakuza boss named Michelle Shioma.
They were closing in on her position when we lost communication.
Now, it could be nothing Do you think something's happened? I don't know.
Thing is, this operation was off the books.
No one's supposed to know they're there.
Under the circumstances, though, maybe you should call Duke.
See, McGarrett didn't want to get HPD involved 'cause he thinks that Shioma might still have someone on the inside on her payroll.
Well, from what I can tell, Duke is 'ohana first, HPD second.
That's true.
Maybe I should call Captain Grover, get his advice.
Thing is, I don't know for sure something's wrong.
I mean, what if I'm just getting worked up over nothing? I mean, maybe Five-O went dark because they thought Shioma and her people were monitoring them.
Or maybe they're in some kind of trouble.
To call or not to call, that is the question.
"Commander Steve McGarrett.
" Five-O.
Michelle Shioma was afraid you'd find us one day.
Where is Shioma? At the end of your rope.
(speaks Japanese) So, what happened? There was a mutiny here? It was time for a change.
(speaks Japanese) This place is burned.
We can't stay here any longer.
We got to pack up, cover our tracks.
(soldiers speaking Japanese) It's a good thing HPD knows we're here.
Oh, that's right.
They don't know we're here.
You know, it's gonna take them a little while to strike the camp, so that at least buys us a little time to figure out how we're gonna get out of here before they do.
Any ideas? Yeah, I got an idea.
You're a Navy SEAL, right? You know how to pick a lock.
No, I know how to rig a C-4 charge, all right? They taught me how to be a soldier, not Houdini.
GROVER: Sweet home Chicago.
(bell dings) Yes, sir.
We home, boy.
Back in the day, me and the guys, Georgie's, this was our spot.
Dad, this soda tastes funny.
It's 'cause it didn't come out of a can that's been sitting on a shelf since the last time the Cubs won the World Series.
You've gotten too used to drinking those high-fructose concoctions that's filled with all kinds of chemical preservatives to give it that good "drink till eternity" spoil date.
(phone vibrates) What you drinking here, my boy, is hand-drawn seltzer with pure syrup, the way the good Lord intended.
Dad, I just got a text from Grace.
Can I just? Come on, Dad, please.
Come on, man, this supposed to be father and son time, all right? Well, father, son and police escort time, but no matter.
Male bonding time is in full effect.
I-I But I haven't talked to her all day.
Boy, are you familiar with the phrase "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"? You and Ms.
Williams can stand a little time apart, if you ask me.
Besides, it'll only make her miss you more.
Trust me.
I know about these things.
Is this another one of your travel tips? It is not.
This is one of your dad's romance tips.
Hey, hey, turn around.
See that guy pulling up to the bar in a dark suit? WILL: Yeah.
GROVER: You recognize him? Mm-mm.
That's Richie De Santo.
Richie De Santo that used to coach your Little League teams? - Oh, right, yeah.
- Right.
Yeah, I'm-a go down there and say hello to him.
I'll be right back.
Stick 'em up.
Richie De Santo.
I thought that was you, man.
How you doing? - Lou.
- Yeah.
Look at you in your civies.
You got a Gold Star, man.
You got that promotion, huh? Yeah.
Good for you, man.
How's Katie and the kids? You know this place still delivers, right? Yeah.
Yeah, I thought I'd come down to Georgie's, though, see if I can run into some old friends.
You don't have any old friends in Chicago, Lou.
Not anymore.
Like I was saying, if the Hawks bow out in the first round again, it could be time to retool.
OFFICER: Yeah, but the real problem is Toews.
If him and Crawford get hot, look out.
(money shuffling) Grab your coat.
We're leaving.
We didn't even get the pizza yet.
Will, we're leaving.
You still want pizza, they're telling me the place delivers.
Let's go.
(door bells jingle) (soldiers speaking Japanese) Guys, looks like they're almost finished.
If we're gonna make a move, we need to make it now.
Hey! Yeah, you.
Come here.
I need to talk to you.
Come here for a second, won't you, please? What are you doing? Ordering room service, what do you think? I got an idea.
I'd like to hear it.
Hey, hey, listen.
I need to talk to Matsu.
That's not gonna happen.
No, trust me, I got something.
He's gonna want to hear this.
(whispering) So, you're looking to buy your freedom, is that it? How much money are we talking about? $20 million.
At least.
You expect me to believe Michelle Shioma left that kind of money on Oahu? Listen, your boss left in a hurry.
Maybe she figured she was gonna go back for it someday.
$20 million? That's right.
I take you to the money.
Once you take possession of it, you release my team.
WOMAN: He's lying.
You look like you've seen a ghost, Commander.
Although, under the circumstances, I guess you have.
We need to leave.
(grunts) I wish you didn't do that.
Take him back to his cell.
SOLDIER: Get up! (soldiers grunting) (punches landing) (groans) (gun cocks) (soldiers speaking Japanese) (grunts) KONO: Are you okay, Steve? Come on.
Yeah, yeah.
All right.
(panting) Michelle Shioma's alive.
What? Yeah, we were just having a little catch up.
They said she was dead.
Well, she wanted us to believe that.
DANNY: Okay, great news.
Shioma's alive.
I don't suppose you got us invited to the welcome home party, huh? No, but I did one better.
(panting) I got this.
DANNY: Oh, that's why you went out there, to get a bullet.
Great, now maybe you can go back out there, get your ass kicked again and get a gun to put the bullet in.
How 'bout that? I'm gonna use the gunpowder inside of this to blow the lock.
Is that gonna work? I hope so.
All right, Will, I'm gonna be gone most of the day.
So, you get hungry, you pick up the phone, you call room service, order whatever you want, okay? Got it.
(TV playing quietly) You scared? Scared? Scared for what? You know how many times I've been in court testifying? Nothing to be scared of.
It's gonna be a cakewalk.
Really? 'Cause you didn't sleep all night.
And how do you know that? You didn't snore.
Oh, yeah, that's your mother talking.
I don't know, though.
Maybe it's some good cop deductive reasoning.
Perhaps you have the gene.
Well, take that gene and that tool and stick it back on your tool belt, 'cause you won't be needing it where you're going, which is the operating room.
Dad, I'm gonna be a chef.
(chuckles): Yeah.
Yeah, that'll pass.
So, um what happened last night with those cops? Son, why are you such a young person and worry about every little thing like an old person? You can't be worried about every little thing.
It was nothing, okay? Do you still think you made the right decision? I mean, that was your friend.
That was your friend, you know.
That was Uncle Clay.
Your Uncle Clay sent some people to kill us, too, you remember that? Yeah.
Son, I've make plenty of mistakes.
And I'm not ashamed of 'em, I don't deny 'em.
Made a lot of mistakes.
I'm just like anybody else.
However putting Clay Maxwell where he is now was not one of 'em.
Okay? Son, let me explain something to you.
The time is coming in your life where you're gonna have to make a lot of important decisions.
Decisions that are gonna make you unpopular sometimes, decisions that are gonna make people not like you.
Decisions that are not gonna make you feel good.
As a matter of fact, a lot of those decisions are gonna make you sick to your stomach.
But you got to make 'em anyway.
You know why? Because if you don't, you'll never be able to live with yourself.
You understand? Yes, sir.
You're a good boy.
I love you.
Love you, too.
Hey, don't go crazy on this room service.
All right? This ain't Home Alone and you ain't Macaulay Culkin.
Yes, sir.
All right.
(door opens) GROVER: Well, good morning, Officer Bennett.
You ready to go? Yes, sir.
But you're not coming.
Excuse me? You heard me.
My voice carries.
I'm going down to the courthouse.
You're gonna stay here.
Look, all right, I got my orders I don't give a damn about your orders.
I'll be fine.
But that's my boy here in this room.
Okay? Now, he and the rest of my family have already been put in harm's way once before, behind this same thing.
He's been through a living hell.
You know where he had his bar mitzvah? In the jungle, getting chased and shot at, thinking his old man was gonna die.
He didn't deserve that.
Nobody deserves that.
Least of all, him.
He's 15.
After that whole ordeal, I'm thinking this whole thing with Clay Maxwell, it's over now, but it's become clear to me that it might never be over.
So get this and get it straight: if anything and I mean anything happens to my boy because somebody's got a problem with something that I did, I will come back to this city and I will rain down holy hell on the Chicago Police Department, the likes of which they've never seen.
The first person I'm coming after is you! Because you're gonna stand in front of this door and you're gonna look after my boy.
And when I come back when I come back, you and me we're not gonna see each other anymore.
You understand? Listen, kid.
Thank you.
LUKELA: Got your message.
Everything all right? Uh, no.
Okay, look, Five-O went to Lanai yesterday, chasing a lead on Michelle Shioma, and I haven't heard from them since.
They could have gone dark for security reasons.
I don't know.
(computer beeping) These satellite images show activity in a supposedly abandoned area five miles south of Polihua Beach.
I believe those figures to be Yakuza.
And it looks like they're getting ready to roll out.
Look, McGarrett said not to tell anyone what they were up to, but I don't care.
I don't care if I get fired over this.
Something's happened, Five-O's in trouble.
I just know it.
Then we better get over there.
Yeah, the thing is, McGarrett believes that the Yakuza may still have moles inside HPD.
Not the guys I go to.
You sure you can trust 'em? Trust with my life.
Let's go get our friends.
All right, guys, get in the back, hug the cage.
(groans) (neck cracks) We're under fire! SOLDIER (over radio): I repeat, we're taking fire! (gunfire in distance) Raise anchor.
I'm not leaving my men behind.
We're leaving.
(gunfire continues) (gun clicks empty) I'm out.
Me, too.
Flank them, now! Steve, we got to fall back.
(gun clicks empty) I'm out, too.
Welcome to the club.
We can fall back, but are we gonna outrun their bullets? Whoa, whoa, whoa! (speaks Japanese) (helicopters approaching) (soldiers grunting) OFFICER: Drop your weapon.
Get on your knees.
Put your weapon down! All right, everybody move in.
Let's go! Freeze! Hands on your head! Get down on the ground.
There they are.
Jerry, we got 'em.
Yes! (sighs) Duke, you there? Go ahead, Steve.
Mahalo, buddy.
We owe you big-time.
Really, uh, you want to thank Jerry for this.
Jerry, you on the line? Uh, this is Special Consultant Ortega, over.
STEVE: I don't know what to say, Jerry.
I mean, you, uh, you disobeyed a direct command.
I know, but so did a man named James Tiberius Kirk in a little movie called Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
And, like him, I'm prepared to accept the consequences.
But right now, you guys got a trawler to catch.
Don't worry about that.
My guys are already in pursuit.
(door buzzes) You know something, I think your men were wrong about you, Michelle.
I think you're much smarter than your father.
DANNY: Absolutely.
I agree.
Sticking around instead of taking off somewhere else to hide, that was very smooth.
She wasn't just hiding, she was operating under our noses for almost a year.
Anyway, look, there's something I came in here to tell you-- I think it's important.
I know for a fact that you're planning on going to the U.
District Attorney's Office.
Cut a deal, give 'em some information about other clans, get a lighter sentence.
Whatever it is, you need to know that I'm gonna do everything in my power to stop that happening.
There's not gonna be any deals, okay? You came after us, and you came after our families.
And for that, you get to die in prison.
Maybe, maybe not.
Most of the people I threaten in this room, they back down at least a little bit, but not you, huh? It must be a gene you Shiomas have.
Luckily, it skipped a generation.
With your daughters, I mean.
Oh, you didn't think we'd find your daughters? And the family that you hid them with is very eager to cooperate with us, as long as the girls are left out of it.
Maybe you are planning on cutting a deal.
You may even be thinking about breaking out.
But I think that for the sake of your daughters and the fact that maybe they get to grow up outside of a government institution you're not gonna do that.
Good to see you.
(door buzzes) (door slams) Go ahead, pick it up.
It's mine? Does McGarrett know? Does McGarrett know? About what? Oh, yeah, yeah.
Yeah, I know about it.
You saved our lives, Jerry.
It's been a long time coming.
You deserve it.
(winces) Here, let me help you.
Let me help you.
(light applause) STEVE: You earned it, Jer.
All right, buddy.
Way to go, Jer.
(door bells jingle) Sorry, but we're not open yet.
Hey, Georgie.
Heard you were in town for a court appearance.
You probably shouldn't be here.
You know how the boys feel.
Hey, Georgie, can you give me a minute? Please? And throwing in just probably two tablespoons or so of (door opens) Hey.
How'd it go? You know, it was fine.
I need to, um I'll be out in a couple minutes.
(sighs) (knock on door) WILL: You okay, Dad? I'm fine, son, I'm fine.
I'm just in the bathroom.
I'll be out in a minute.
(sniffles) (exhales) I ordered some extra room service.
You know, I-I got you some cannolis, and What happens in Chicago, right? (chuckles) That's right.
I'm really proud of you, Dad.
I mean that.
Come here, son.
I love you, kiddo.
I love you, too.

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